Subscription Satelite: Ipsy Glam Bag September 2021

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with a new post!

Ipsy Glam Bag September 2021

        My Glam Bag had arrived a day or two after my Allure Beauty Box. This bag comes with five deluxe samples and sometimes full-size items and costs $13 a month. Let’s see what I got this month!

BRTC Vitamin B Velvet Mask and Vitamin A Velvet Mask

       First up are a pair of sheet masks! I love sheet masks and glad to get these in my bag since it’s been a long time since I got sheet masks! These masks have Vitamin B5 which this one helps with sensitivity while the other with Vitamin A helps with moisture. I have to say is that I am glad I got these this month since my skin has been showing some sensitivity and dryness lately. I think it’s due to the weather since it’s been super wet lately and humid, so I will be using these to see how they help.

Ciate London Wonder Wink Mascara

        Next up is a mascara from Ciate London and it’s their Wonder Wink mascara. This mascara does the usual volumizing, curling, lengthening, and apparently defining the lashes. Also, this is great for all types of lashes, even the stubby ones. I can’t wait to use this and see how well it keeps my lashes long and voluminous.

Iby Beauty Carry on Two Face Pallet in Bon Voyage and Auberge

        Next up is a product that I did get the full product through Offers but I got this duo in my bag before buying the item. This duo contains a rose gold and a mauve shadow that also is good for the lids with rose hemp oil. I have used products from IBY Beauty for a while and even purchased their pallets through Ipsy and glad to get these to use if I want to do a two-shadow look or just break into the full-size pallet since that comes with nine shadows and fave products. I will see

Cokie Cosmetics be Bright Illuminous Concealer in Medium Beige

        Next up is a concealer from Cokie in Medium Beige. I think this is a bit dark so I may use it as eye primer instead. I did change my profile back to Light for my skin tone since they don’t have Light Medium as a choice. This item is supposed to be used to cover up dark spots and blemishes and the luminous elements are supposed to help with the blending and hiding. Again, I feel this is a bit dark so I will be using this for eye primer. Id di used to use foundation and CC Creams for that but will see how this goes since those were hard to put shadow on top.

SLMiss Glam M 15 Marble Blending Brush

        Final item is my choice and it is from SLMiss Glam I love these brushes because not only they are pretty but I do love the feel of them on my eyes and face. This one is a blending brush for the eyes and glad to get this one since I do love marble patterns. It is very soft so I will make sure it will be put to good use.

        So, that completes my bag! At first, I thought it was kind of okay but now looking at the items I am really liking the choices with the other items. I did change my profile so will see what October brings. I will try the face masks and the shadows for the most part. I will have to see how well the mascara works. Next up will be GB Plus! So, stay tuned!

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