Subscription Satelite: Glam Bag Plus September 2021

        Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with another post!

Ipsy GB Plus September 2021

        The final bag is my Glam Bag Plus! I’m glad to get this last and it seems to be slightly better than my Glam Bag. This is going to be $28 a month starting next month and you get five full-size prestige to luxury brands in the drawstring bag. You also get to select three out of the five items on top of it. Let’s see what I got this month!

Il Makiage Color Boss Quad in Make Moods

        First up is another item from Il Makiage and it’s from their Color Boss Squad line and this time it’s an eye shadow quad. I remembered getting full-size singles from this brand and now I have a full-size pallet. I wished they described the shades in this since it only talked about how to apply on the page since you can go either wet or dry. I will use these since I already enjoy them and glad to have them in a quad.

Murad Clarifying Oil-Free Water Gel

        Murad’s back! Back again! I love this brand even if I must wait until it’s on sale during 21 Days of Beauty, which I will have a haul for that and in Hot Cash, stay tuned for those! This product is a moisturizer that helps acne prone skin and doesn’t cause pores to clog. What I like about this brand is that it’s amazing for sensitive skin. This is a day and night moisturizer which I can’t wait to use it. I am using two different moisturizers for day and night.

Nabla Shine Theory Lip Gloss in Renaissance

        Next up is a lip gloss from Nabla Cosmetics. I never tried these guys until I got three face products from them through Ulta recently. I decided why not try out their lip products. This is a lightweight formula that is not sticky nor gooey. Also, it’s a champagne shade that gives the lips a wet look. I was excited about this one since I heard good things about this brand through YouTube. So, essentially, yes, I had a YouTube made me pick it moment. I will be enjoying this!

Pretty Woman Fall Trio Polish Set

        My second item I picked was from Pretty Woman and I had a hard time choosing among the items in the first group until I finally decided this. I love nail polish and this is a trio of fall colors. The shades are a beige shimmer, a dark honey, and a burgundy in this set. At first, I didn’t want to pick due to not always wearing the beige and honey colors but I don’t mind trying new items. I will report back if I like these shades. I have tried this brand before and they do claim they are chip resistant but not on my hands!

Shades by Shan Bronzer in Walnut

        My final item is a bronzer from Shades by Shan! I do enjoy bronzers, especially the lighter colors. This is an easy to blend bronzer that is supposed not to look cakey. I will use this to try out something new. Hoping it does blend in well!

            That’s all for this post! I’m glad to try new things in my bag and happy to have Murad again since I love their skin care items. The Il Makiage product makes me super happy since I have a quad to play with. I will use the lip gloss on the weekends. Next up, will be my review on the makeup I used during RangerStop & Pop. Stay tuned!

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