Beauty Quadrant: Travel MakeUp Review

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe. I am back with a new post!

Makeup I Used in Atlanta Review

         It’s been a while since I’ve done a true makeup review on here and I will be doing it on some of the items I took with me to Atlanta. I felt that August was all about purchasing items to use that were mini and easier makeup since doing a full face can take an hour. I did take some of my items from some of my boxes and past Ulta makeup bag gifts to use while on the trip. So, let’s see what I used but first…


         This review is based on thoughts and opinions on the products used during the trip. Please respect the thoughts and opinions of the writer.

Sonya Kashuk Makeup Bag Travel Set

         First off is the makeup bags I took with me. I realized I did not unpack my makeup bags from Hot Topic since those were one of the first items I packed during the move. I didn’t find the box that they were in now, but I know they’re somewhere in the apartment but did get some replacements for the trip. I got a set from Sonya Kashuk that contains four makeup bags. One huge one to carry the toiletries, one large one for my makeup items, a medium-size one to carry my shower caps and my headband for makeup, and a small one for my brushes and sponge. It was a good thing to carry since I was relying on travel-size items due to TSA regulations and we were just staying for three nights at the Westton Buckhead and having something to use for things like my floss picks, sunscreen and other things helped even with the nesting idea. I was glad to pick this up!

Coppertone Sport Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 Lotion

         I never thought I would review sunscreen, but I’ve been wearing it a lot more lately due to how much harsher the sun has been, and I figured if we’re going to be outdoors in the hot Atlanta heat I should be protected. I found this was less greasy than the Blue Lizard one I have been using here at home and I remembered Coppertone being a great brand when it comes to sunscreens in general. I may have to use this when I travel or even at home if I haven’t gotten anything in my subscriptions. I will use this more.

HEMPZ Body Lotion in Jasmine and Rose

Next up is a product from HEMPZ and it’s their travel size lotion in Jasmine and Rose. While looking around for travel size items on Ulta, I decided to get a lotion since Bath & Body Works didn’t have much in travel size lotions so went to Ulta when my birthday discount was given. I browsed through the HEMPZ page and saw this lotion and noticed it was also new. This scent is sweet and earthy at the same time, and it did give my legs and ankles the much-needed moisture after a long day of walking, and I was wearing very hugging shorts under my skirts during the weekend, so it was great to put it on my thighs. I also used it on my arms and good thing is that my skin is not sensitive to this formula since it does include Hemp Seed Oil. If you haven’t tried out HEPZ, I highly recommend these guys. One thing I do not like I do admit is that some of the lotions are sometimes hard to squeeze out due to how thick they can be in consistency. Watch out for that. I will get these travel size lotions whenever I travel to other conventions to keep my skin moist after a hard day of press.

Soap & Glory Hand Food Lotion

Next up is a hand lotion from Soap & Glory. I never tried anything from this brand until now. I heard good things about them and figured with all the hand washing and sanitizer after shaking hands, which included guests which they still did, also being sight guided, my hands need nourishment. This did feel good from what I’ve used during the weekend. I didn’t use it much due to being always on the go between panels, but I did carry a tube in my makeup bag in my backpack since it is a good size for that. Plus, I did carry an extra tube since Ulta did offer a buy one and get one discounted when I purchased these. I may get these again or use something else, who knows.

Crave Facial Cleanser

After a long day of panels and a long night’s sleep, my skin needed some washing and I decided to get this. I did enjoy this because it didn’t cause my skin any issues during the trip. I love to listen to my skin and glad that this helped with that. I did use it up when I got home so I wouldn’t let it go to waste. I will get again for trips unless if Ulta doesn’t carry it anymore.

Ulta Unicorn Loofa

This was not my favorite product even though it was cute! I love unicorns but this was one thing I did not like much. I kind of felt like I had to use more body wash to give me a good lather for my skin. I was using travel size body washes from Bath & Body Works but felt that this item should have been made better. After the trip, I did get better loofas from Amazon and will see how they go.

Winkey Lux Brow Pencil

I did like this product! I did use this during the trip to give, my brows the sharpest look and glad I took it with me since I did have my NYX Pomade pencil in Chocolate just in case if they didn’t stay put.

Milani Eye Primer

I thought this item was okay. How so? I am not sure if it was due to the product itself or if I am cleaning too close to comfort, but my shadow didn’t cover my entire eyes and didn’t blend well. RJ did help me to have my shadow blend better to give off a defused look to help me with blending. I did use it up when I got home, and it did the same thing and won’t be purchasing this again. I love Milani’s makeup, but this was not a good one in my book.

Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow in Charge

I did enjoy this shadow though. It did blend well despite the patchiness from the primer. RJ did use the shadow to help me get it back on my lids and did give it a defused effect.

Fenty Mascara

I got this in my GB X and glad to take it with me. My lashes did feel great with this on, and it didn’t aggravate my eyes during the convention. I highly recommend this mascara and will use this as time goes on!

Ulta Foundation Stick in Light M<medium Neutral

Final item I will be talking about is the Ulta Foundation stick in Light Medium Neutral. I figured since I already talked about using the pressed powder from Tarte years ago, but this is something new. I did have the Foundation Primer from Ulta as well that I had a sample from a makeup bag gift I got a year or so ago and not sure if it was due to the primer or the foundation stick, but RJ saw it did not blend. It just stuck like with the blush and bronzer stick I had on me. I took the Trestique Bronzer Stick and the Eevee Blush Stick from No Make No Life and one of my Colour Pop Highlighter sticks. RJ had to use my sponge to blend everything together even with the powder on top. I felt like this stick was okay or maybe it was the primer. I will keep on trying to use it up so it won’t go bad before the next convention since it looks like it won’t be until next year, we will head out for another one. I will see how this goes on my NYX Marshmallow Primer.

That is, it for this review. I know it was long, but I did have a lot of items on me. I figured to just focus on the items that were used and what I thought. Next up will be the panels I went and took notes on. Also, talk about the items from my subscriptions on top of it. Stay tuned! Ma

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