Subscription Satellite: Glam Bag Plus October 2021

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe. I am back with a new post!

Glam Bag Plus October 2021

It is time for my Glam Bag Plus! They rose the price on both GB Plus and Glam Bag since they are adding more luxury brands to these bags which is a nice change. This is $28 a month and you get five full-size items from prestige to indie brands. You can get a range from hair care all the way to perfumes and even beauty tools. Plus, you get to choose three out of the five items in this bag every month. Let’s see what I got, as in what I chose and what are the items Ipsy chose.

Goldfaden MD RX Daily Nutrient Mist

First up is a mist from Goldfaden MD. I think I have tried these guys through this subscription before or maybe not? I know I have seen them floating around on the choices part for the original Glam Bag. This is a mist that is sup[posed to help dull, tired skin and protect it from pollution and blue light. Also, it can be used as a setting spray for foundation. There are times where my skin does get tired from a long day of work and tend to shower after a long day and may have to try this out even after showering. I will see how this works out with my sensitive skin since I have to be careful with some ingredients. This retails for $48.

Doucce Blush Powder Pallet

Next up is an item from Doucce. The first time I tried this brand was an eyeliner pencil a long time ago and using it in my many pencil liners to this day. Years later I’ve been enjoying them and this is a blush pallet. This comes with six shades where it’s three highlighters and three blushes in one pallet. I can’t wait to use this since I do love blush and powder seems to work a little bit better for myself. I will see how this goes and blends since I did mention in the makeup review when it came to my travel makeup that I have some trouble with some makeup products blending. Let’s see if these blend. This pallet retails for $55.

MOTD Gold Goddess Face Brush Set

Next up is one of the first items I picked and they are the Gold Goddess Face Brush Set from MOTD. These brushes are three face brushes that can be used with cream and powder products and can be used to contour, bronze, and highlight. I may use one for blush since it would be easiest for me that way. I did like the eye brushes I got from these guys and glad to try some face ones. These retail for $30.

Aricelli Eyeliner Duo in Black and Rose Gold with Sharpener

Next up is another item I picked and this time from Ariceli. These pencils have a gel formula that glides on like butter. The black one is matte while the rose gold is shimmery. What got me to choose this set is due to the rose gold since that is my favorite metal color. It also comes with a sharpener which makes it handier. I know I will use the rose gold one with a few looks I have coming up. These retail for $37.

Tokyo Milk French Kiss Perfume

Final item is the Tokyo Milk Perfume in French Kiss. When I saw this as a choice I had to get this one since I love perfumes, especially the ones that come in subscription boxes due to them being more unique. This is a blend of mandarin, a type of rose, and some earth to it which gives a blend of romance and felinity. I actually smell more of a sweet scent to this than the earthy notes when I sprayed it on my wrist when I got this bag today. Still, it is really a nice scent  even as it goes through the day. I may have to explore more of these scents since I do love newer perfumes. This retails for $38.

This completes my Glam Bag Plus! I am liking this more than my actual Glam Bag because that was confusing me with two of the choices and I will talk about it when that arrives. I will definitely enjoy the perfume the most since it’s unique and I I am enjoying it so far. I did try the spray briefly and it is powerful with the spray and have to be careful with that. I will see how the blush pallet goes since there are times where my blush seems to go nuts lately. Next up will be the Saturday panels from RangerStop & Pop this year.

Links to Items:

Goldfaden MD Mr. RX Daily Nutrient Mist

Doucce Posh Powder Pallet

MOTD Gold Goddess Face Brush Set

Araceli Eyeliner Duo and Sharpener in ROse Gold and Black Matte

Tokyo MilkFrench Kiss Perfume 

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