Convention Quadrant: Saturday Panels at RangerStop & Pop 2021

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with a new post!

RangerStop & Pop Saturday Panels

Another RangerStop & Pop post and this time it’s the panels. This time RJ and I decided to split up where I done the panels and he done the press room which he was able to find after coming back from Kroger. I took notes and will be giving you what took place. First is my disclaimer!


This post is based on the experience of the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts on each panel! Thank you!

Beast Morphers

This year it was about the Beast Morphers crew alongside Time Force. We didn’t get to go to the mini events and the conventions where they had some Ranger cast members but glad to meet them at this one!

The Beast Morphers panel was the first one in the line of panels during Saturday’s event and it was interesting to hear from one of the latest teams since they are currently on Dino Fuery. Two of the cast members did watch some of the series, Rowry was a fan of the Disney era until S. P. D. Which we now have a copy of and Jazz did watch some to help him get into the feel for the series. What they’d brought up the most was about New Zealand itself since they were away from home they had to be in a house for several months filming the show and one thing was spending Thanksgiving out there and getting to try a pastry that you could find there. They also said don’t let visiting the sites there go to waste since the place is beautiful. I have heard that it is beautiful and can see why it’s perfect to film there, heck even Lord of the Rings was filmed out there and I wouldn’t mind visiting myself for the geology parts. They did wish they told the Dino Fuery cast when they were heading out there for filming to check out the island. Another thing was how they met Austin St. John since he was part of the crossover special for that season and they didn’t get to meet before until one night while having dinner. One of them didn’t realize it was him at the table, which they thought he was a crew member, which to be fair I could mistaken anyone as a cast member without voice recognition. They did like working with him since he’s one of the O. G. Members of the cast and one of the nicest you’ll ever meet.

Time Force

Next up is the Time Force panel. This year marks twenty years for the series and that got me excited for coming to RSP in the first place. Even though they were missing Erin and Dan, getting to meet Kevin, Deborah, Mike, and Jason was still an amazing time. Still surprised Jason recognized me through the mask. RJ did say I made an impression back in the day. Knowing meeting up with Dan would be the same thing. I did remember how we ended up on the same elevator as Mercury Ranger and he recognized RJ and he introduced me to him. Back to the panel! This did start out talking about how the series came a long way and that we kept it going as fans. They did do something different for this anniversary panel by having the cast play the Newly Wed Game which did fit with the idea. Mike and Jason did team up while Kevin and Deborah teamed up and not only they were getting questions from Steve but also themselves and the audience to guess about each other. Of course, the usual favorite episode one came up and Movie Madness is definitely a big favorite since they did end up in different movie scenarios. It did end with the being on a back lot tour that was led by Reuben Langdon in the episode. You didn’t know that? New thing! It was a fun time but more things to talk about!

My Hero Academia

Since this was also a pop culture themed convention, cast members from the anime My Hero Academia were among the guests this year and was glad to attend this panel since being a fan and can’t wait for Season 5 of the anime to be dubbed. The panel started off where Elizabeth Maxwell, Leah Clarke, and Jason Leighbrecht had to draw their characters. Wishing they had Chris Sabat at this since he would have fun drawing All Might while Elizabeth drew Midnight, Leah with Toga and Jason with Dobby. This was a first for voice actor panels to see a drawing contest amongst themselves. There were questions from the audience and I got in it as well. I did have to get sighted guide to the mike and did get to ask my favorite question which is what is the funniest thing that happened in the booth? I always ask this to voice actors and if I interviewed Jason then it would be asked but he did go first with that he placed his coat on a hanger over a radiator and it caused his cards to melt. I think it was either Elizabeth or Leah who said this but one of them had to record some awkward lines and she hoped others would laugh with her but no one did. And the last one was a prank with Kent Williams, who you may have seen My Hero Aca played Compress, pranked J. Michael Tatum which dealt with a sandwich? I was the last to ask the question since it ran out of time since so many things were talked about during the panel. I did like the person who asked about their favorite line and I gave it to Leah since she did play Toga, “You’re not my type.” Still can’t wait for the next season!

Mighty Morphen

Final panel is the Mighty Morphen panel and this was also a fun one since it involved the cast to play Family Feud. I did enjoy this one since we did have pretty challenging questions including name a state with the most sports teams, which never thought Pennsylvania being one of them, who knew? There was an animal one and what do you find in a candy bar. What I found interesting was that a candy bar is also named for a candy store in Australia so some of us were confused in the audience with Kat, so I kind of figured that out since we did have a candy store here in Orlando called The Candy Bar, which was an awesome one but closed down. At least we still have M&M World. The panel did finish with two questions from fans  which Paul answered favorite monster with JDF, which made sense with how he worked with Rita at first, and someone asked about the end of Samurai to Jason Narvy. Skull appears in the final episode to get Spike and Narvy gets asked who was the mom? Narvy tried to say he wasn’t sure but guessed Ms. Applebee from the first season. Which is true, we didn’t get to find out what had happened to Skull after leaving him behind during Lost Galaxy.

Well, that completes this panel post! It was enjoyable since it was a nice change with having cast members playing games at this one. Should bring it over to the Orlando side, especially Family Feud! Next up in RSP will be the Friday panels with videos, stay tuned! While the regular posts, Glam Bag Oct. 20

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