Subscription Satelite: Ipsy Glam Bag October 2021

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with another post!

Ipsy Glam Bag Oct. 2021

Another month, another subscription and that is my Glam Bag for this month. I have to say is that it was interesting since they added mostly skin care products but I did get one add-on.

Add-On: Hip Dot Witchy Warms Pallet

My add-on is from Hip Dot Cosmetics and that is their pallet for the Halloween Season! This year I’ve noticed brands have done some awesome items, I am looking at you Color Club since I’m wearing one of their glow in the dark polishes and it’s been so long since I got any and not sure if my Sinful one has stayed fresh right now. I am missing my nuclear reactor nails. Anyways, this pallet is a nine pan pallet with warm hues and I used it yesterday and loved it so far! I will use the other rows in this pallet to get more of a feel of the formula. THis retails for $16.

Chasin’ Rabbits Mindful Bubble Cleanse

First up is a product from a K Beauty Brand called Chasin’ Rabbits. I’m loving K Beauty and how much it has helped my skin so far since I have been using the Tony Moley AM Gel Cleanser every morning and this is one I decided to use to see how well it works with my skin. This is a gentle cleanser that has bamboo water that is supposed to moisturize the skin and made with charcoal to help with breaking down makeup as well if I did use this for that but I did wear makeup after a shower yesterday to try out the Hip Dot pallet and it did feel good on my skin this morning. It didn’t sting at all since with most charcoal items I feel a slight tingle due to how my skin is more dry versus oily and I did have had acne issues when I was younger but my skin was sensitive most of the time so I was glad this didn’t react with my skin badly. I will keep using this until it runs out. Not sure if I want to get a full size but time will tell!

F. A. R. A. H. Brushes Medium Shading Brush in Rose Gold

Next up is my choice item from F. A. R. A. H. Brushes and glad I chose this one. Plus, I do love rose gold next to marble. I did use this when I put on my defining shade yesterday and it applied very well. Plus, it opens me up to more of their brushes as I go. I hope to get a set of this collection since anything rose gold is what I love!

M2U NYC Eye Primer in Nude

Next up is an eye primer from a brand with an interesting name and spelling. I will have you guys take a look when I link this above with the heading. I did use this with my eye look to try this out and it’s one of those that has an applicator which makes it more sanitary than putting your finger in it. It claims to have the shadows stay put all day and it did with what I used on top of this primer. It did keep all my shadows on and that’s what I love about using eye primers. They also looked pigmented on my makeup wipe after I cleaned my face off. If you guys purchase this, I suggest putting on two coats and blend it with your finger afterwards since the applicator feels a little flimsy since it feels like a mascara wand to me but it works pretty well for an $8 item. Hope to try more from this brand!

Murad Youthful Retinol Renewal Night Cream

Next up is a Murad item and it’s a night cream. Even though I don’t have any wrinkles at my age but this product does help smooth these out and plump my skin with retinal. I will check this out since I do enjoy Murad products and it is a pretty good deluxe size with what they sent me in this bag. I know the full-size item will be close to the $100 mark since I have seen products like these around $85+. Again, I wait for Murad items I enjoy to go on sale during 21 Days of Beauty if they choose them.

Tony Moley Pumpkin Retinol Eye Cream

Final item is a product from Tony Moley. I have loved this brand since it has helped my skin out. This is an eye cream made with retinol and pumpkin extract to help with the eye area. I did try it out last night since I did have some help through Be My Eyes to find this product. I didn’t smell the pumpkin but it did cool my eye area and did go to sleep with it. I will see how it goes!

Well, that is it for this glam bag! It was an interesting one since I got two retinol items. I will see how they go with my skin. I did enjoy the brush so far and will definitely use the eye shadow pallet I purchased. I can’t wait to choose my item for November! What’s next? Allure Beauty Box!

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