Subscription Satellite: Allure Beauty Box October 2021

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am glad to be back. Sorry for the long wait for this one!

Allure Beauty Box October 2021

            I understand that October is over, but I have not gotten a chance to post this. I was busy with work, attended virtual NFB conventions, and have applied to college again and got accepted. I will be announcing something at the end of the last RangerStop & Pop post, so stay tuned when that takes place! So, this box contains six items for $23 and it contains items that get featured by editors of Allure Magazine. It goes from drugstore to luxury, and you get deluxe sizes and full sizes for a nice mix of items. I was excited for one product which I will get into detail once I get to it, let’s see what October offered!

Nature Lab Perfect Leave In Repair Treatment

            First item is from Nature Lab and that is their Perfect Leave In Repair Treatment. I enjoy leave in treatments for my hair, especially with helping repairing frizz. I haven’t used this yet since I still have some products to get through but will start using it. I’m glad to get a full-size of this item in my box which makes it better. The claims that are helps with shine and repair any frizz or breakage with carotene which is good for the hair. I will see how this goes! This retails for $16.

First Aid Beauty Pure Skin Face Cleanser

            Yay! Another item from First Aid! This brand has been helping me out so far and I have been enjoying what I’ve been using so far. When I saw this arrive, I was happy! This is a fragrance-free cleanser with aloe that helps with removing dirt, oil and any makeup that may be left behind or can be used as makeup removal. I can see where double cleansing would be important since most makeup can be missed; I admit it with my lashes with any mascara. I will use this in the shower since I can get rid of any residue from the day while showering. This retails for $34 for 8 oz.

Wish Pink Champagne Lip Balm

            Next up is a lip balm type gloss from Wish. I never heard of these guys until now and glad to get this. This is a balm with a clear sheen to it, this keeps the moisture even when the sheen disappears. It has botanicals to help with the moisture. You can put this on top of any lip product to give off a sheen or use it at night. This retails for $20.

Kaja Bento Bouncy Shadow Trio

            Next up is a shadow trio from Kaja and I’m wearing it now! I heard of these guys through YouTube and wanted these since it’s neat with how they package their products. It is like a mini bento box where the shadows are stacked into it. This is a neutral trio which I use the third shade as definer, the middle as my crease, and the one on top for my brow which is easy to use. I did use a brown liner to bring it together. I will keep using this, plus it would be perfect for travel since it won’t take up too much room and it wouldn’t crease throughout the day. I will look in my local Sephora for another one of these! This retails for $21.

Boshia 0.6 Pro Retinal Waterless Treatment

            This is one new item that shown up in my box and it’s also full-size. I have not tried anything from Boshia but had heard good things from this brand through YouTube. I know Sephora carries them but also Ulta I think but I know they are a bit pricey. I have been using this at night since retinal is better to put on at night than the day because it doesn’t pair well with sunlight, which causes the skin to need sunscreen. I do use sunscreen all thanks to the Vogue video that people talked about with Gwyneth Paltrow who only puts sunscreen on her nose and other areas highlighter gets applied. I of course put sunscreen all over my face, I can’t do it on the rest of my body because it’s sensitive towards it. Anyways, tangent aside, so far, my skin has not reacted badly to this product, I will be keeping on using this, I did read I can use this with moisturizers, I am using one with snail mucus and will see how well it pairs with it tonight. This retails for $48.

            That completes it! I couldn’t find the Dr. Brandt moisturizer I am also using during the day but it’s going well with that one too, I did get a deluxe size of that. I will use the Kaja stack since I love the idea of having a shadow stack like this. I know one other brand does something similar but with magnets. I will drop by Sephora. So far, the Boshia product is going well. I will use the Nature Lab item to see how well it goes with my hair. Next up will be the Friday panels from RangerStop & Pop! Stay tuned!

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