Convention Quadrant: RangerStop & Pop Friday Panel Videos

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with another convention post!

RangerStop & Pop Friday Panel Videos

            I am now bringing you Friday’s videos from RangerStop & Pop. We did a have a mini vlog but didn’t do much with it since we were always running, however you can go to our channel to see them. I figure to post the videos from the panels and will get the press room ones up soon. Let’s get to the first one!

Red Ranger Panel

            First one was the Red Ranger Panel. This has been a bi one at both Orlando and Georgia ones from what I’ve seen. I did record the one during the 2018 Red Range panel that was a last-minute add-on and that was amazing since they did have Space Red, Christopher Kayman Lee, Light Speed Red, Sean Johnson, and even the original Red Ranger from the Japanese Mighty Morphen team. With this one we had rangers from Dino Charge, Beast Morphers, and of course Mighty Morphin. Time Force Red didn’t show up until Saturday so no showing. Here is the video for you guys to see!

Red Ranger Panel

David Yaust Panel

            The other panel we attended was David Yaust’s panel. The reason why it is in two parts is because we had to leave our video camera on the charger in our room, so we took our new digital camera for photos. I think we did Rayne proud whenever I get those up onto Facebook but it was a great back up just in case. Trust me I have enough SD cards. Back to the panel, I did grow up with Mighty Morphin as a seven-year-old and remembered him being the blue ranger for the longest time before the newer series came in. I even met him during Anime Festival Orlando back in 2010. It was great to hear about what he has planned during this panel Hearing about his project made a lot of us excited and can’t wait to see it. To hear more, here are the links to check out!

David Yaust Panel Part 1

David Yaust Panel Part 2

            That is, it for this post! So, enjoy the videos and subscribe to our channel while you’re at it! Next will be my Allure Beauty Box for November!

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