Bests & Worsts of 2021

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! It’s that time again!

Bests & Worsts of 2021

Today marks the end of 2021 and man this year has gone very quickly! I hope 2022 is a better year since it is going to look up. I do have some categories to include in this year’s Bests & Worsts so let’s get to it!

Worst Thing of the Year: CoVid!

Obviously CoVid has been the worst it has been since it came over to the states a year ago and I wanted to give you all my thoughts. I was hoping, like everyone else, it would start slowing down and we could get back to a semi-normal state with the rise of the vaccine. Unfortunately, people were not getting vaccinated either because they were against vaccines, they were wary of it, but I do understand if you are allergic then don’t get it but seriously, herd immunity is a big thing and all thanks of not having enough people we do have new strands such as Delta, Landa, Mu, and now Omicron. If this keeps going, there will be vaccine resistant strains and we will be doomed. So, please get vaccinated and get the booster if you already have been vaccinated. Plus, we had a super spreader event or two happen, one took place at Holiday Matsuri where there people without masks in a lobby party and people got it. At least when we were in Atlanta, we went to our room for any down time to keep ourselves safe. Still, next year, I hope we don’t hit Omega and that vaccination will resist strand. I am still wearing my mask, same with RJ, but I want to be out of these woods like most people would!

Best Moment: Covering a Convention Out of State!

Ever since doing press back in 2013, I made a goal to at least to do a convention of state. I heard DragonCon was hard to get press, that was out the window, ComiCon that would be harder, Otakon and Anime Boston are still on our radar. Even RJ wants TennoCon in Canada. We did start off with RangerStop & Pop in Atlanta, Georgia. I asked and we got the passes. I am fixing the press kit though to make it simpler to look at our work over the years but this was a great opportunity for us. We may be taking a hiatus at the start of the year but we do have our room booked for RangerStop Orlando since it was a big cost but worth it! We got to enjoy a new city, new places to eat, and got to meet some of the people we did not get to meet at Orlando conventions such as Jason Leighbrecht finally! Also running into Paul Shrier. It was fun, hoping we can make another but we are going to be around for one Orlando one at least for 2022 if no CoVid issues arise! Also, Atlanta did spoil us and I do want to go back and visit Six Flags Over Georgia since I hear that is a blast! I confess, I have never been to Six Flags and I do watch people like ElToro Ryan, Defunct Land, and other theme park enthusiasts. Again, we want to go back, even for another Atlanta convention in the future or other places. If you’re at a convention and want to give us a chance, just contact us!

Album of the Year: Rise Against, Nowhere Generation

Next category is Album of the Year and I give it to the band Rise Against with their latest album, Nowhere Generation. I liked this album more than the Wolves album because it had really good tracks and it is almost

 as great as both End Game and Siren Songs of the CounterCulture. I hope some of the songs will make the next Ghost Note Symphonies volume which they need to do another one and soon.. I am planning to do a post on which songs I want to see on that.

Series of the Year: Loki

Yes, there have been new series popping up on the Marvel side but I would have to give it to Lokio. Yes, I gave Hawkeye a great review, Falcome & Winter Soldier was great and Wanda Vision was excellent, but Loki was the one that stood out to me. Hiddleston did an amazing job in this series and the cast was really great in how they did everything. Even though Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson interacting with each other was great, I still love the part of ruining his lunch explaining what the variant was doing. The ending hook was even great, which I can’t wait to see what season two holds.

Anime of the Year: Re:Zero

I have to give it to Re:Zero here because with the end of season two, the storyline is making us want more and we have a feeling that there would be more in the works!At least we got to see more of Amelia’s past and how she was able to become more confident. Hope to see that with the next season once that’s under way.

Movie of the Year: Shang-chi & the Ten Rings

I bet you’re wondering, why didn’t I put the new SpiderMan film on this Honestly, I liked this one a little more since it brought back the ten rings bit from Iron Man 3 a while back. I did like the fighting in this one and it did still have the Marvel comedy flare with it too. I admit I liked the sister wanting to make a place in the business by not being in the shadows. Can’t wait to see how Shang-shi becomes more involved in the Marvel Universe.

Funniest Moment: Jordan of New Found Glory Dressed as Elsa from Frozen

I had to include this since we did catch New Found Glory at the House of Blues after one of the guests on Radio Dead Air announced everyone was starting to tour again. During “Let It Go,” I was not expecting Jordan to dress up as Elsa from the movie. RJ was confused with the Frozen clip when I explained that they did the song from the latest edition of From the Screen to Your Stereo. Heck, he would be Fiona if they were at the Hard Rock doing “Accidentally in Love.” He was also very dedicated doing the show with a cast on his leg after hurting himself in Pennsylvania. He wrapped LEDs around his leg for the glowing magic bits to go with the dress. Still makes me laugh when I listen to the song on my phone.

Best Convention Moment: Meeting Jason Fondt Again!

When going to RangerStip & Pop this year, it was the twentieth anniversary for Time Force, which got me really excited about going. Still sad that all six rangers weren’t there but it was worth meeting at least four of them and getting my copy of the series signed by them. Need to put the photos on Facebook since I put them on my external hard drive recently. Anyways, what I was not expecting was when I met Jason Fondt again. I met him during 2015 with Dan Southworth and he asked how I was able to enjoy Power Rangers despite being blind and told him it was due to the sound effects and how Time Force was my favorite season. I was not expecting to be remembered from long ago. He did recognize me but surprised I remembered the conversation. I do have that kind of memory. I do have the keychain he had given me on my key ring which I will never forget. Hoping Orlando gets some of the cast for next year since Atlanta is having Erin, hoping they can get her for Orlando as well. I will keep an eye out!

Merchandise of the Year: WarFrame, especially the Lotus Pendant!

This year, WarFrame has been killing it, especially with the new storyline they just did for the game. Even Matt Pat did a Game Theory episode on the game recently. I know I did put WarFrame on the Decade list even though it was short of ten years, I will mention it again soon. I have to give it to them for their merchandise this year. Digital Extremes has made a lot of new things when it comes to shirts, bags, even pins which I did go back for the portrait pins pack set one since I got the second one during the pre-order. We also have the shirts, the TennoCon pack, but one that stood out I did pre-order was the Lotus Pendant. It’s her logo on a chain which was pretty. I will be putting this in a WarFrame ita bag I’m planning to make when the space themed bag I funded on Kick Starter arrives. This is a nicely made pendant and it may be the centerpiece since the Lotus does take care of the operators in the storyline. I did enjoy the story that involved her this time and they do have a new shirt with her logo but may wait for another day to pick that one up. I did pre-order the patches for my ita bag though.

New Up & Coming Anime: Eden’s Zero!

I know some people feel like this is a rip off of Fairy Tail even with some of the character designs but it does have that same feel but with a space theme to it. We are still watching the first part of the season and this is one that should get a mention. I would say don’t knock it without a chance. That’s what I did with Fairy Tail and loved it, need to finish it still, but Eden’s Zero is something that should be given a chance too. Plus, the first theme is very catchy!

Outlook on 2022

Now that was a lot! I am looking forward to the new year! I am hoping things become better with the pandemic and hoping it ends and we can get back to a better normal. I did say I am starting at a new school since U.Mass Boston didn’t go so well. This is more what I want in a program when it comes to Assistive Technology since it focuses on the technology and it has a different certification dealing with the engineering aspects. I do like how technology works and how it could work for someone like me. I am going to be posting something on my thoughts about both the BrailleNote Touch Plus and the Braille Sense 6 and how I compare and contrast between the two since I have both. I would say look for that in the new year. I won’t forget about the blog, I am not sure with Nerdy Chique Transmissions since I haven’t posted much on there as of late. With the YouTube Channel, not sure about when I will post my next MakeUp Forgotten video, I still want to do that series but due to someone putting a copyright strike on my Naked Ultraviolet palette, that is causing me to be hesitant, let’s see what happens! I am still working on Rose Thorns of Love and will be pushing for a 2022 release once that’s edited and done. So, next year will be big. Make sure you follow us on Twitter! Next up, I will be talking about the different Braille devices that I’ve tried so far and what my experiences have been with them. Stay tuned!

Subscription Satelite: Favorites of the Year!

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with my second to last post for 2021 and it will be this one!

Favorite Items and No Items from Subscriptions 2021

So, I did this last year where I talked about my favorite products from my subscriptions. Will be doing this again but will do it month by month. Let’s see what I liked each month!


When it comes to January, Ahava seems to be the top form in my Glam Bag with their Mineral Hand Cream. I found this well moisturized and my hands soft after washing my hands. All thanks to CoVid, I loved how hand creams or lotions came in my bag. While with Glam Bag Plus, the Larus Denim Brush Set has been a lot of help when it comes to my brush game. It felt good to use one of the face brushes and that was the powder brush. I do mix my brushes together when it comes to using the different  brands and Larus has been one of my favorite brands. When it comes to BoxyCharm this past year in January, I did like the Farmacy Greens Moisturizer. I did enjoy the bronzer pallet I got from Ace and the shadow pallet from Ciate but the moisturizer beats them. I felt I got more use out of it since it was a day moisturizer and felt cooler in the day since it does get warm in Florida. Boxy in January 2021 was not too bad since I did cancel this past year.


February was an interesting one. With the Glam Bag, I did use the F. A. H. R. A. Brushes Flat Foundation Brush the most and found that this did blend my foundation. I think I used it more for bronzer since I found the control with a flat top around my outer corners of the cheeks. I think I washed this brush recently and it has been soft ever since. I canceled my No Make No Life box during February since I didn’t get my box until February when it was my January one. It pissed me off when I’m paying $45 for it to ship to me from Asia and yes, I understand the pandemic caused some issues in shipping but I felt like I was ripped off. I feel the item I liked most was the Pokemon collaboration with Lovisa and that is the blush stick which I got the Eevee stick. I brought this with me to Atlanta and it came in handy. I have been enjoying blush sticks since it’s easy to use without accidentally putting on too much. I am still on the fence of returning but I did sign up for another box during the year and will announce another at the end. February also brought in the new level to Ipsy with Glam Bag X as a replacement for GB Ultimate. I did sign up for this level since I get more luxury items instead of buying them from the store. I have to give it to the Patrick Ta Monochrome Moment blush in She’s So Adorable. This is a really nice blush and loved it so much that I got an add-on a few months later of another shade. I will keep using this blush! I don’t have anything in BoxyCharm since I haven’t used the pallet yet which I need to find. I did use the essence but stopped using it during this past year since I prefer facial oils. Now can you see why it was leading to a cancellation?


I would have to give the Banana Souffle moisturizer my favorite part for March’s BoxyCharm since I did enjoy the sample I got in my Glam Bag. I started using this when I found it in my room and was glad to find it and man it’s a good size. I have to be careful with what skin care products I pair this with since it can give off a tingling sensation unexpectedly.


Due to school, I didn’t have time to post my bag. Sorry!


I gave it to Linette Lapour perfume I got in my May bag. I like the scent because it is pretty sweet and glad it was a great size for a sample too. I will keep on using it as time goes on. I did cancel BoxyCharm and didn’t post about my April box due to crunch time and did withdraw from school at the time. Like I said, I canceled because it was getting boring and not only that they don’t pay attention to surveys which is weird with how they put up a survey to understand their members more and their interests. I am still mad when they said not to send me lashes anymore and they still sent them. Sorry Boxy, I may not come back this time.I also had to skip GBX to slow down the bags I’ve been getting. I was sad but it had to be done.


I started getting my subscriptions again in June and out of my GB Plus that month, the Christof Robin Hair Cream was amazing! It did help with the frizz during the summer since my hair tends to hate humidity. I live in a very humid state and I wished I also had it during RangerStop & Pop but I don’t think the tube would make it with me. But hey, glad I got to try it! I do have to give an honorable mention to the SL Miss Glam Rainbow Brush Set since I love this brush brand a lot and will continue getting their brushes. I think the only thing I have used from the Glam Bag was the First Aid Beauty Mask and felt it was calming until I lost the tube. I didn’t really use that weird Gwa Sha item since I didn’t see any directions that help. Not sure what had happened with the face primer sample and its replacement, alongside the shadow duo. I did use body lotion as hand cream at work. Besides the First Aid Beauty item, I think June;s bag was kind of disappointing. 


It’s hard to say which item was my favorite from July’s Glam Bag. The only thing I thought was just okay was the First Aid Beauty Hello Fab Coconut Primer Moisturizer. I did say in that post that you don’t get that many results from the sample alone, I was hoping this would be something on the 21 Days of Beauty radar but it wasn’t. I do enjoy First Aid, I may have to get the full-size of this moisturizer to see how well the product goes. It does prime my skin for sunscreen though. 


August welcomed Allure Beauty Box back to my monthly routine. To tell you the truth, I missed this box despite how boring it got before, now it got better over time from what I’ve received. I even traveled with a few things from my subscriptions which made it easier for Atlanta by the way. Can I say something that did suck from this box and that was the Beautinique Blush Serum in Magenta Sky. Oh god! That was the worst product because it gave me angry, red stripes rather than a cute flush. It would have been better if it was muted or a lighter pink like Living Doll from Hard Candy. I am using better cream blushes after tossing this product because it was just horrible! If Allure puts this brand back into a box, no blush serums or to the brand itself, make a powder blush please! If you want to do a serum, make it a flush rather than a strong one. I do give major props to the F.A.R.H.A. Brushes Rose Gold Blender I got in the Glam Bag which was a winner during Atlanta. I took the Urban Decay shadow in Charger to go with the new shirts and using this shadow brush made it blend very well. I did have a weird event where near my inner corner my shadow was wiped away and I know why, I cleaned too close for comfort and stopped doing that since my shadow tends to go bye if I did that. Glad I got this brush! And with Glam Bag X that month, I gave it to the About Face Face Powder in Smother! For GBX for August, Halsi had her hand in giving out her brand and she put in the highlighter in Smother and it is very smooth when it goes on. It is an icy lavender from what I remembered. It is pretty pigmented. I sometimes reach for this one more since it is in one of my Caboodles on my vanity and I can run my WayLink when I need to to see if I got the right item. I hope to get more shades in this product!


September brought on new brands for me and that was Nabla. I got interested in this brand all thanks to Angelica Nyquist talking about them and Ulta started carrying them. some of their products did hit the 21 Days of Beauty Radar for me and did get them. THe item I got in my GB Plus for September was their lip gloss which was a shimmery gold. It’s been a long time since I got a gold lip product and it was pretty! I had to wear it during my off time but it felt good and I may get more shades from this line or wait until the next 21 Days of Beauty if they are in the next one for half off. I also did enjoy one of the Pretty Woman polishes since I wore one during THanksgiving break since it is a fall trio after all. Wishing that it does not chip so easily on one hand though. I think the only thing I used from the September Glam Bag was the brush I chose that month which was a marble design brush. It blended my shadow very well. By the way, the brush is from SL Miss Glam! Anyways, for Allure, I would have to give it to Acure for their serum because it has helped my skin stay hydrated during September.


With October’s Glam Bag, it was a skincare wonderland which I have been noticing with my bags lately. I am not complaining but at least with this one, I would say my favorite item was the Shasin Rabbits Cleanser. I have been enjoying K Beauty items even with Tony Moley the most. This was a good sample and it didn’t irritate my skin either even with it having charcoal in it, it just gave me a nice clean. I hope to get more items from this brand. With GB Plus, I give it to the Araceli Gel Pencil Duo, I only used the rose gold pencil from this for any looks that would require this to match. It does glide on. I wish to get more rose gold pencils than black ones. I do love rose gold! With Allure, I would have to give it to the First Aid Beauty Cleanser because I feel this worked out better than the Hello Fab Primer Moisturizer. I liked how it didn’t mess up my skin since this brand is known for being sensitive skin friendly. I may have to get a full-size of this during a 21 Days of Beauty!


November brought on new things for me to try but didn’t try them all. For Allure, I give it to the Eyeko Lash Curler. I have enjoyed items from this brand and this is a favorite by far. I have been enjoying using lash curlers before putting mascara on and this is one of those I love to reach for in my kit. You can’t go wrong with a lash curler and glad they included this. I also want to give an honorable mention to the Tarte Quick Stick in Rose Gold and Black because I got the Taupe one recently. I love shadow sticks and so far this one is a good one too! From GBX, since it was up for November, is the Huda Beauty Diamond Balm in Seductress! This is a really good product and it does give a nice quick shine without being heavy on the lips. I just took this with me when I went to a Christmas party to go with my one shadow look that night. I definitely want to re-purchase this when I run out! While Glam Bag, I give it to the CTS Calming Toner. This was very calming and it did last me pretty well during the month. I didn’t have much of a break out and it did help me remember to put on toner during the morning only.


I didn’t use much of my Allure box but so far I do like some of the products. I do have to say the Neom Body Butter did make my hands feel good so far and I need to keep using it and same with the other products. With GB Plus, you may find this surprising but I do like the Anastasia Dip Brow Gel. At first it made my bros itchy when trying it on but most products off the bat can cause weird things but it calmed down after wearing it a few times more. It does keep my brow hairs in place so I will try a darker color since their idea of Chocolate is different from NYX. Not too bad! And the Glam Bag, the Pistache Hydrating Cream was nice but gone too quickly because I feel that there was not enough in the tube. Would be better as a GB Plus product so it would be full-size but it was good to try out. I may have to get another tube of this in the future.

Wow! That is one full year of things. I know it sucks that I had to let go of No Make No Life and BoxyCharm but if you’re waiting for a box for close to a month, I think you;re better off just leaving it. I love No Make No Life for the idea of K Beauty and Japanese products but the shipping was not worth it especially if it won’t come until the following month. And BoxyCharm, if you’re going to have members fill out surveys then pay attention! Also, I felt like some of the products I got were more of leftovers from Ipsy, plus now they are partnered with Ipsy, so I rather stay with Ipsy even though looking at my last few bags of 2021, Glam Bag Plus and X have been blowing it out of the water so it needs to catch up. I do like the idea of trying new things out in sample form before buying. Isn’t the point of sampling? I did just join Glossy Box because of Theresa is Dead and I used her code to get my first one for $16 and hoping that won’t be too bad, It did catch my interest over time and yes you do get samples but I don’t mind sampling something before getting a new item to try out or the full-size. I will stay with Allure because they have gotten better and I do like some of the items they brought into the box. I need to use my stuff from December but I got RJ’s cold during Christmas and have been sneezing and coughing so it would be hard for me to do my makeup if I was covered in snot. Next year, with makeup, it will still be the same since I rarely buy things as much as I used to at Ulta or Target or anywhere else since I have so much skin care and makeup items. What is next? Bests & Worsts of 2021!

Review Quadrant: Hawkeye Mini Series

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I’m not feeling well due to RJ getting sick, don’t worry it is not what it is, it is just a cold. I do have a review for the post holiday!

Hawkeye Review


This review is based on thoughts and opinions of the dead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts on this mini series. You’ve been warned!

So, Hawkeye came out and just finished in time for Christmas. RJ and I have enjoyed this series and let’s see what it’s about!


Christmas has arrived in New York City and Kate Bishop was hoping to enjoy it with her mother while Clint Barton hoped to do the same with his family. They were wrong! After finding out her mother found herself a fiance who went to an underground auction, she takes something that was on bid, the Ronin suit which catches major attention, including Clint’s. Now Clint has to take on old enemies in the city before making it home for Christmas, including the daughter of one enemy and of course Kate finds out some news about her mother she was not expecting as a gift. Will they save New York before Christmas?


This was a really good mini series especially to watch around the holiday season. To tell you the truth, we did catch up with some of the Marvel movies with Black Widow and Ten Rings to get an idea of what would lead to SpiderMan: No Way Home. I know I didn’t review Falcon & Winter Soldier and Loki but I did have a lot going on and I would fangirl during my review of Loki, which you all know, I love Hiddleston as Loki and even got some merch. I feel that this would be better to do the review since it did give us good entertainment during Christmas time, even with Eden’s Zero which is Hiro Mishama’s new project, which you will have a review of in the future.

This mini series did pick up very well where Black WIdow left off at the post credits scene since it pointed out Hawkeye in that scene. Makes sense it did take on the story before End Game and gives us what happens to Natasha’s sister in the post scene which of course she does appear in the series to take revenge. At first, I thought it took on too much with the enemies since we not only get the Tracksuit Mafia but we get introduced to Maya, whose father was killed by Ronin. What I didn’t find out was that Maya is deaf he actress is really deaf but she knew how to act in this series. My co-worker revealed that Disney has hired people to make sure they are acting well when it comes to playing people with disabilities. It is important since there were some issues in the past where interactions and how people acted with the disability weren’t doing it as some hoped. One example Ben Affleck Daredevil vs. Charlie Cox Daredevil. Yes, they got hit by chemicals that enhanced the senses more and One important part is of course the cane work. I haven’t seen much of the Charlie Cox series but I will see it with audio description, but one thing I did like about Hawkeye is that they had the interactions with Maya go well with everyone. As in, how they signed to her and how she responded, which included signs and lip reading. Even Jeremy Rener had to take it on when meeting her which he also did well. I was really impressed since people with disabilities in media need more representation and need some guidance even if they are acting or not and should guide the actors to interact or be the character themselves. Way to go Marvel and Disney, that is a major plus in my book. But the enemies do make sense in this series since of course it is New York and we have to bring people from the past to fight our heroes, which that’s next!

The interactions with Clint and Kate were amazing. At first, we get the whole, “What the heck are you doing here?” Like most heroes would have, for instance even Batman had the same thing going on with all of his Robin hopefuls. But as the series goes on, it shows how well they work together, especially building the arrows! Kate does make a point, Clint is one hero that doesn’t need to save the day with lasers or having to fly. They just use arrows! WHen you look at it, Green Arrow was the same way with his series over on the DcW. Who needs lasers when you have an arrow that can shrink people with Pym Particles? 

Rating: 5 Shooting Star Paws Out of 5

This was a really good mini series for what it showed. It did bring in what took place during Black Widow and after that since of course things get serious in this series. Yes, I did see that the enemies were a bit much but as the series went on you do have to face the past in order to take out enemies. I can’t wait to see what else happens with Hawkeye since we are getting more Marvel movies in 2022, one of them being Dr. Strange 2 which makes us happy! We have not seen Eternals but we are waiting for that to hit Disney Plus. I hope to see another series for Hawkeye since there is supposed to be a second season for Loki and Falcon. I want to see how Late trains all thanks to Clint and who knows if we see the next season or in another movie. Who knows?

That is it for this review! It feels good to get these out once in a while as a break from makeup! WHich next I will be doing with my favorite items from my boxes! Stay tuned!

Subscription Satelite: Allure Beauty Box December 2021

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with the last Allure Box of 2021!

Allure Beauty Box December 2021

This is the last box of the year and I’m glad to be back with them. As you guys know that I quit BoxyCharm earlier this year due to their disregard to my not marking lashes and they sent me lashes and also I was beginning to get bored with their box. When I saw this box pop up again I decided why not get back into it and it has gotten better. You get six items based on what gets included in their magazine and what editors love. You get a range from prestige to luxury and get a mix of full-size and deluxe which is pretty nice. I like the idea of getting deluxe sizes of some items to try to get an idea of what the full-size item is like. THis is $23 a month and let’s see what I got!

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner

First item is from Charlotte Tilbury. I never tried this brand due to how pricey some of the products are and hearing that I would be getting a lip liner in this month’s box through email I was excited. Not only that you got to choose a shade as well. I was happy about this since it gives me the chance to choose something. Yes, BoxyCharm and Ipsy lets you choose your shades but at least if it’s not working, I was able to call in when the survey was not working on the website. I love their customer service at Allure, they know what they’re doing. This company was created by New Zealnder, Charlotte Tilbury, who is known for doing celebrity makeup on Kate Moss and Jennifer Lopez. You get to choose from Pillow Talk the original, Pillow Talk Medium and the Intense version. I chose intensely since the girl over the phone said it’s more of a brick red and I know how to make that color look good!I will have to see how this goes and definitely give this product a chance since I rarely use lip pencils like I had in the past, so let’s see how it goes! This value is $22.

Beauty Stat Moisture Boost

With December heading into Christmas, it is getting cooler even here in Florida with the past rainstorms and glad to see this in my box. This is a full-size beauty cream that helps with moisture and glad to get some more moisturizing items. This does come with ceramides to help with the moisture and this is great to get!  This retails for $50.

Zero Cosmetics Lightning Wand

Next up is a roller ball item! If you remembered items that came as a roller ball such as perfumes to lip glosses, this is a skin care item that helps brighten skin.This contains Transazmic Acid that helps with that brightness and appearing in more products lately. This also contains Vitamin C and licorice root in this serum which can be used day and night. This can be used on hyperpigmentation where someone has sunspots and post acne spots. I do have a few post acne spots that won’t go away so I will use this on that! This retails for $20.

Floss Beauty Shadow Quad in Just Peachy

Next up is a product from Floss Beauty! You could either get this or one from Ciate I believe but I got this. I do like how in Allure that you don’t get the same product twice. I like that! This contains different peach shades that are matte and shimmery, which is perfect for day and night! I will definitely try this out for a nice neutral look if I’m wanting it. I will also pair it with a brown liner to match! This retails for $24!

Neolastin Eye Cream

Another eye cream for my collection so far, which I am starting to use when I wake up early in the mornings since I look so exhausted at 4:45 to get ready for my paratransit to get me. It’s very light and not too heavy for the eye makeup to be smudged. ALso it’s dermatologist recommended to and detects any lines. I thought I found a few lines around my eyes since I do wear glasses daily but now taking these eye creams more seriously. I’m glad to get another one of these in my box especially with winter now here. I will see how well it works around my eyes over time since my skin does feel dry year round. THis retails for $95! Whoa!

Neom Organics Perfect Night’s Sleep Magnesium Body Butter

Last item in the booklet is this body butter. This is a treat for the arms and legs which my legs have been really dry for a few years. I do enjoy using body butters to help with my skin. It’s also scented with lavender and jasmine. Yum!

That completes this box! I’m really excited with what I got this month! It’s perfect for the winter with the skin products since winter can be brutal wherever you live, especially in the Northeast states, trust me my cousins are glad we don’t get snow nor ice. I will definitely be using the items from this box! I can’t wait for what the January box would include! Let 2022 bring another year of items! Next up, I may have a review coming up and of course will have the Bests & Worsts of 2021. Stay tuned!

Subscription Satelite: Glam Bag Plus December 2021

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with a new post!

Glam Bag Plus December 2021

I am back with another subscription and this time it’s Glam Bag Plus! It’s the last one of the year and this one I went to more skin care and you will see how and why. THis bag is $28 a month and you get more full-size items and get to choose three out of the five items. I wished they didn’t make the last grouping crappy but the item I chose is something very useful, let’s see what I got.

Kate Somerville Expholikate Moisturizer

First up is a product from Kate Somerville I never expect to be in this bag! I would expect this in a Boxy Lux or even Glam Bag X but this was in my GB Plus! This is a moisturizer that contains lactic acid, glycolic acid and fruit enzymes that not only help get that dead winter skin off but also hyaluronic acid to help with moisture. It’s useful morning and night with a thin layer which makes sense. My skin has been really dry so I will be glad once I start using this! Thank you Ipsy! This retails for $70! I am not joking!

Seraphine Botanicals Lemon Balm Plus Thyme Lip Scrub

As the cold weather moves in, well the humid and muggy weather moves into Florida, lip scrubs are more abundant, especially for you guys up north. THis one came from Seraphine. It contains golden sugar in this one alongside rosemare hemp oil and jojoba to help with the lips. I hope this will feel good as much as it sounds since I do enjoy things made with rose hemp oils. This retails for $26.

Canalogica Facial Oil

Next up is a brand I never heard of and it’s the first item I chose. This month I kind of went more with skin care with the first two items due to hitting winter and I did run out of facial oil. The sample from Allure did not hold me much but I was glad to see this in the first group of items. I do like this so far since I’m already using it and my skin doesn’t feel so dry. I didn’t know it was a morning and night skin care item but it does have plant oils such as rose hemp oil and oregano flower oil. I can see where I smelled some sort of spice as I use it. I will start using it in the morning as well. THis retails for $50.

Sur.Medic+ Super Hyaluronic Acid Cleanser

Next up is a facial cleanser from a brand called Sur.Medic+. Never heard of these guys but saw this and decided why not give this a try since I do use cleansers in the shower. This not only helps with moisture but also helps protect with barrier balance and doesn’t irritate the skin with hyaluronic acid molecules and amino acids to not only remove makeup but also dirt. I can’t wait to use this since I have other cleansers waiting. I am also using the one I got in my Allure Beauty Box last month. Will have to see how this goes! THis retails for $20.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Gel in Chocolate

Final item is from Anastasia Beverly Hills and it’s their Dipbrow Gel in Chocolate. I have heard how the brow products from this brand are up there with IT Cosmetics and Benefit. I started using this when I got my bag since my brows become more tamed and would be easier for the work day. My brows feel better but I do have one drawback though, my brows do feel a bit itchy with this stuff on. It’s not normal because I don’t feel anything with my normal brow products, especially the NYX Pomade I use on the regular. Not even the Pomade pencil from them doesn’t make my brows itch. I may have to keep using it to see if it’s just that. If it is, then no way I will purchase this regularly. THis retails around$20.

That is all for this Glam Bag. I think I prefer having more skin care related things during December. Like I said, there are times where there are cold snaps in Florida and my skin does get hit. I am enjoying the facial oil but not the brow product. I did try the lip scrub, I have to continue using it to see how I feel about it. Next will be the Allure Beauty Box! Stay tuned!

Subscription Satelite: Ipsy Glam Bag December 2021

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe. I am back with the first subscription of the month!

Ipsy December 2021

It’s the last Glam Bag of 2021 and man it was fun getting most of the products this year. I kind of feel like as I’m getting older they are changing the line up to fit with more skin care which I need some more hydration. This bag is now $13 a month and you get five deluxe to full size items from brands ranging from drugstore to luxury. You also get a makeup bag to carry your makeup needs or for travel purposes. Let’s see what I got this month shall we?

Dragon Beauty Lip Job Lip Liner in 6.0CC

First up is a lip liner pencil from Dragon Beauty. I know Nikita Dragon is controversial on the web but at the same time trying out her cosmetics is not a bad thing. I wanted to try some of it before and wasn’t sure where to start but glad Ipsy gave me this lip liner. It is a deluxe size one, does not tell me what exact color but this is a multitasking product which helps with contouring the lips. I know for one thing it does help lip products from going all over the place and it’s been a while since I touched a lip liner so it won’t hurt to give this a try.

Grace & Stella Hyloronic Acid Serum

Next up is a serum from Grace & Stella. I like the idea of getting serums since I prefer the ones to help with dryness and glad to receive this one in this month’s bag especially when it gets really cold around here. Even though it is muggy as heck this year for December. This serum contains this acid which helps pull moisture into the skin and helps it with staying plump. It’s best to use it both in the morning and night, which I already do with my Good Molecules one. I’m glad to get this for this month and can’t wait to try it out!

Heimish Marine Eye Cream

Another eye cream in my bag and this time it’s from a brand called Heimish. I never heard of these guys until I found out that this will be in my bag this month. This product contains marine water, fermented seaweed extract, niacinamides, and peptides to help wake up tired eyes. I have to be careful with anything with seaweed and if this is an extract then I’m hoping it doesn’t cause my skin to react badly. I will have to see how well this goes.

Pistache Hydrating Cream

Next up is my choice item! I decided to get a moisturizer from Pistache! I figured it would be different from all of the makeup products that were up for grabs and decided to go for the skin care item instead. Let’s see what this product claims to do! This is a moisturizer that contains pistachio oil and helps with the skin since Vitamin E is part of this oil and it’s used to keep the skin smooth and moisturized. Someone did review this saying it is a bit heavy but I have to try this out and see how it goes. 

Pixi Beauty Glowly Powder in Creamy Gold

Final item is from Pixie Beauty and it’s a highlighter. This is filled with light reflecting micah and soft gold powders as well for a glow. I have tried their glow blushes where you have one side highlighter and the other as a blush but I tend to mix the two. I can’t wait to try this out especially for holiday party looks since I have two coming up this coming week. I will have to try it out and see how it goes!

THat completes this month’s bag and I do have to say it was a good balance where I got two makeup items and three skin care products. I will have to see what the choices are for next month since it is the beginning of a new year. Let’s see what Ipsy holds for next year and the next bag I am waiting for is my GB Plus and Allure Beauty Box! Stay tuned!

Convention Quadrant: RangerStop & Pop 2021 Press Room Sessions

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with the last convention post of 2021!

RangerStop & Pop 2021 Press Room Sessions

So, remember how I mentioned the press room? Well, here we are since I got those videos up. Before the convention, I asked about interviews since during the Orlando side of things we were able to have interviews one on one on Sunday but this was different in Atlanta. They had a room for press to go in and talk with guests and this was pretty nice even though I was not there for Saturday. RJ was and it was good to split up for a day to cover more ground and had me at panels and him in the press room and it worked out pretty even with us sometimes needing to head back to the room for rest. I hope we see this at Orlando since we are planning to go to that one next year and I will explain further down in the post part.

So, Saturday’s room sessions include Austin St. John, the Time Force cast, the Beast Morphers cast, and Kat, Nekia, and Karen in a session. RJ did catch up with me over the phone at some point to tell me that with the Time Force one they only had Deborah which you will see from that title. They tried finding the guys, as in Kevin, Mike, and Jason but they were doing their own thing I believe. I know with Jason he was doing signings most of the time, I caught him during the evening signing which I was really lucky to be one of the last people for that. I think RJ had one more video but it was not recorded, only a few seconds. Wait, I missed one, also David Yaust. So, anyways, please enjoy these videos that I am about to link!

Ladies of Power Rangers

Deborah from Time Force

David Yaust

Beast Morphers Cast

Austin St. John


Now it’s time to have a bit of a talk. So, at the end of October, I also mentioned in my NFB Convention Tour that I have been accepted to George Mason University. I had to withdraw from the U. Mass Boston due to my grades and also I was seen for something that I wasn’t expecting and that was my reading comprehension was not great according to the professors that taught the courses I was in during the spring. I felt that after taking some time to recover mentally since it hit me really hard, I felt that U. Mass was not a fit for me since I also not only had to do Assistive Technology courses but also VIsual Studies and I came up that Visual Studies is not my forte. I prefer sticking with the technology courses and I found that in George Mason’s program and took the time not only to apply but also to go to Atlanta of course to recuperate and do what I’ve loved with Nerdy Shique Universe and of course go to see New Found Glory since they were touring and they have been my favorite band since after I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa. So, with 2022, we are going to aim for RangerStop Orlando in November so I can take the first part of the year to re-build my savings since traveling is not cheap especially with flying and learned that I should have looked for a better deal with Delta Airlines, also to give myself time to focus on my studies. I will also try for the NFB National Scholarship and the State Scholarship for Florida since that could help with funds too. As you know, Nerdy Shique Universe was part of my technology journey since it does show that I can create a blog with using a screen reader and of course making things more accessible for anyone else who comes to these posts can navigate link by link and heading by heading to enjoy what I bring. Now, I am also helping with passing that info along to conventions who don’t have accessible websites and that’s a problem. I will still work on Nerdy Shique Universe since I have reviews and makeup subscriptions to talk about here so don’t worry, I am not leaving the Blogging Quadrant just yet. I will be here! Just understand I may be tied up with school assignments since I am really excited and never gave up on my passion in assistive tech. So, 2022 is looking bright!

So, that completes this post. Again, I would love to thank the RangerStop & Pop staff for having us cover their event. Atlanta has spoiled us and we want to come back most definitely since we found a great Japanese place to eat at and great donuts. I hope we could cover this convention again in the future since it was a nice change to the usual Orlando conventions we’ve covered for years. Again, we are aiming for RangerStop Orlando for another year since we also booked our room since understanding as a convention goer and press team person, hotel rooms can sell out and best to book ahead of time. I hear that Holiday Matsuri just had their Thursday block sell out. Tangents aside, that is it! Again, happy to cover this convention and looking forward to 2022 and my future at George Mason! Waiting on my subscriptions and hoping to do reviews since I am still reading some books and hoping to start watching a live-action series, won’t reveal it as of yet. Stay tuned guys!