Subscription Satelite: Ipsy Glam Bag December 2021

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe. I am back with the first subscription of the month!

Ipsy December 2021

It’s the last Glam Bag of 2021 and man it was fun getting most of the products this year. I kind of feel like as I’m getting older they are changing the line up to fit with more skin care which I need some more hydration. This bag is now $13 a month and you get five deluxe to full size items from brands ranging from drugstore to luxury. You also get a makeup bag to carry your makeup needs or for travel purposes. Let’s see what I got this month shall we?

Dragon Beauty Lip Job Lip Liner in 6.0CC

First up is a lip liner pencil from Dragon Beauty. I know Nikita Dragon is controversial on the web but at the same time trying out her cosmetics is not a bad thing. I wanted to try some of it before and wasn’t sure where to start but glad Ipsy gave me this lip liner. It is a deluxe size one, does not tell me what exact color but this is a multitasking product which helps with contouring the lips. I know for one thing it does help lip products from going all over the place and it’s been a while since I touched a lip liner so it won’t hurt to give this a try.

Grace & Stella Hyloronic Acid Serum

Next up is a serum from Grace & Stella. I like the idea of getting serums since I prefer the ones to help with dryness and glad to receive this one in this month’s bag especially when it gets really cold around here. Even though it is muggy as heck this year for December. This serum contains this acid which helps pull moisture into the skin and helps it with staying plump. It’s best to use it both in the morning and night, which I already do with my Good Molecules one. I’m glad to get this for this month and can’t wait to try it out!

Heimish Marine Eye Cream

Another eye cream in my bag and this time it’s from a brand called Heimish. I never heard of these guys until I found out that this will be in my bag this month. This product contains marine water, fermented seaweed extract, niacinamides, and peptides to help wake up tired eyes. I have to be careful with anything with seaweed and if this is an extract then I’m hoping it doesn’t cause my skin to react badly. I will have to see how well this goes.

Pistache Hydrating Cream

Next up is my choice item! I decided to get a moisturizer from Pistache! I figured it would be different from all of the makeup products that were up for grabs and decided to go for the skin care item instead. Let’s see what this product claims to do! This is a moisturizer that contains pistachio oil and helps with the skin since Vitamin E is part of this oil and it’s used to keep the skin smooth and moisturized. Someone did review this saying it is a bit heavy but I have to try this out and see how it goes. 

Pixi Beauty Glowly Powder in Creamy Gold

Final item is from Pixie Beauty and it’s a highlighter. This is filled with light reflecting micah and soft gold powders as well for a glow. I have tried their glow blushes where you have one side highlighter and the other as a blush but I tend to mix the two. I can’t wait to try this out especially for holiday party looks since I have two coming up this coming week. I will have to try it out and see how it goes!

THat completes this month’s bag and I do have to say it was a good balance where I got two makeup items and three skin care products. I will have to see what the choices are for next month since it is the beginning of a new year. Let’s see what Ipsy holds for next year and the next bag I am waiting for is my GB Plus and Allure Beauty Box! Stay tuned!

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