Subscription Satelite: Glam Bag Plus December 2021

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with a new post!

Glam Bag Plus December 2021

I am back with another subscription and this time it’s Glam Bag Plus! It’s the last one of the year and this one I went to more skin care and you will see how and why. THis bag is $28 a month and you get more full-size items and get to choose three out of the five items. I wished they didn’t make the last grouping crappy but the item I chose is something very useful, let’s see what I got.

Kate Somerville Expholikate Moisturizer

First up is a product from Kate Somerville I never expect to be in this bag! I would expect this in a Boxy Lux or even Glam Bag X but this was in my GB Plus! This is a moisturizer that contains lactic acid, glycolic acid and fruit enzymes that not only help get that dead winter skin off but also hyaluronic acid to help with moisture. It’s useful morning and night with a thin layer which makes sense. My skin has been really dry so I will be glad once I start using this! Thank you Ipsy! This retails for $70! I am not joking!

Seraphine Botanicals Lemon Balm Plus Thyme Lip Scrub

As the cold weather moves in, well the humid and muggy weather moves into Florida, lip scrubs are more abundant, especially for you guys up north. THis one came from Seraphine. It contains golden sugar in this one alongside rosemare hemp oil and jojoba to help with the lips. I hope this will feel good as much as it sounds since I do enjoy things made with rose hemp oils. This retails for $26.

Canalogica Facial Oil

Next up is a brand I never heard of and it’s the first item I chose. This month I kind of went more with skin care with the first two items due to hitting winter and I did run out of facial oil. The sample from Allure did not hold me much but I was glad to see this in the first group of items. I do like this so far since I’m already using it and my skin doesn’t feel so dry. I didn’t know it was a morning and night skin care item but it does have plant oils such as rose hemp oil and oregano flower oil. I can see where I smelled some sort of spice as I use it. I will start using it in the morning as well. THis retails for $50.

Sur.Medic+ Super Hyaluronic Acid Cleanser

Next up is a facial cleanser from a brand called Sur.Medic+. Never heard of these guys but saw this and decided why not give this a try since I do use cleansers in the shower. This not only helps with moisture but also helps protect with barrier balance and doesn’t irritate the skin with hyaluronic acid molecules and amino acids to not only remove makeup but also dirt. I can’t wait to use this since I have other cleansers waiting. I am also using the one I got in my Allure Beauty Box last month. Will have to see how this goes! THis retails for $20.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Gel in Chocolate

Final item is from Anastasia Beverly Hills and it’s their Dipbrow Gel in Chocolate. I have heard how the brow products from this brand are up there with IT Cosmetics and Benefit. I started using this when I got my bag since my brows become more tamed and would be easier for the work day. My brows feel better but I do have one drawback though, my brows do feel a bit itchy with this stuff on. It’s not normal because I don’t feel anything with my normal brow products, especially the NYX Pomade I use on the regular. Not even the Pomade pencil from them doesn’t make my brows itch. I may have to keep using it to see if it’s just that. If it is, then no way I will purchase this regularly. THis retails around$20.

That is all for this Glam Bag. I think I prefer having more skin care related things during December. Like I said, there are times where there are cold snaps in Florida and my skin does get hit. I am enjoying the facial oil but not the brow product. I did try the lip scrub, I have to continue using it to see how I feel about it. Next will be the Allure Beauty Box! Stay tuned!

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