Review Quadrant: Hawkeye Mini Series

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I’m not feeling well due to RJ getting sick, don’t worry it is not what it is, it is just a cold. I do have a review for the post holiday!

Hawkeye Review


This review is based on thoughts and opinions of the dead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts on this mini series. You’ve been warned!

So, Hawkeye came out and just finished in time for Christmas. RJ and I have enjoyed this series and let’s see what it’s about!


Christmas has arrived in New York City and Kate Bishop was hoping to enjoy it with her mother while Clint Barton hoped to do the same with his family. They were wrong! After finding out her mother found herself a fiance who went to an underground auction, she takes something that was on bid, the Ronin suit which catches major attention, including Clint’s. Now Clint has to take on old enemies in the city before making it home for Christmas, including the daughter of one enemy and of course Kate finds out some news about her mother she was not expecting as a gift. Will they save New York before Christmas?


This was a really good mini series especially to watch around the holiday season. To tell you the truth, we did catch up with some of the Marvel movies with Black Widow and Ten Rings to get an idea of what would lead to SpiderMan: No Way Home. I know I didn’t review Falcon & Winter Soldier and Loki but I did have a lot going on and I would fangirl during my review of Loki, which you all know, I love Hiddleston as Loki and even got some merch. I feel that this would be better to do the review since it did give us good entertainment during Christmas time, even with Eden’s Zero which is Hiro Mishama’s new project, which you will have a review of in the future.

This mini series did pick up very well where Black WIdow left off at the post credits scene since it pointed out Hawkeye in that scene. Makes sense it did take on the story before End Game and gives us what happens to Natasha’s sister in the post scene which of course she does appear in the series to take revenge. At first, I thought it took on too much with the enemies since we not only get the Tracksuit Mafia but we get introduced to Maya, whose father was killed by Ronin. What I didn’t find out was that Maya is deaf he actress is really deaf but she knew how to act in this series. My co-worker revealed that Disney has hired people to make sure they are acting well when it comes to playing people with disabilities. It is important since there were some issues in the past where interactions and how people acted with the disability weren’t doing it as some hoped. One example Ben Affleck Daredevil vs. Charlie Cox Daredevil. Yes, they got hit by chemicals that enhanced the senses more and One important part is of course the cane work. I haven’t seen much of the Charlie Cox series but I will see it with audio description, but one thing I did like about Hawkeye is that they had the interactions with Maya go well with everyone. As in, how they signed to her and how she responded, which included signs and lip reading. Even Jeremy Rener had to take it on when meeting her which he also did well. I was really impressed since people with disabilities in media need more representation and need some guidance even if they are acting or not and should guide the actors to interact or be the character themselves. Way to go Marvel and Disney, that is a major plus in my book. But the enemies do make sense in this series since of course it is New York and we have to bring people from the past to fight our heroes, which that’s next!

The interactions with Clint and Kate were amazing. At first, we get the whole, “What the heck are you doing here?” Like most heroes would have, for instance even Batman had the same thing going on with all of his Robin hopefuls. But as the series goes on, it shows how well they work together, especially building the arrows! Kate does make a point, Clint is one hero that doesn’t need to save the day with lasers or having to fly. They just use arrows! WHen you look at it, Green Arrow was the same way with his series over on the DcW. Who needs lasers when you have an arrow that can shrink people with Pym Particles? 

Rating: 5 Shooting Star Paws Out of 5

This was a really good mini series for what it showed. It did bring in what took place during Black Widow and after that since of course things get serious in this series. Yes, I did see that the enemies were a bit much but as the series went on you do have to face the past in order to take out enemies. I can’t wait to see what else happens with Hawkeye since we are getting more Marvel movies in 2022, one of them being Dr. Strange 2 which makes us happy! We have not seen Eternals but we are waiting for that to hit Disney Plus. I hope to see another series for Hawkeye since there is supposed to be a second season for Loki and Falcon. I want to see how Late trains all thanks to Clint and who knows if we see the next season or in another movie. Who knows?

That is it for this review! It feels good to get these out once in a while as a break from makeup! WHich next I will be doing with my favorite items from my boxes! Stay tuned!

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