Bests & Worsts of 2021

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! It’s that time again!

Bests & Worsts of 2021

Today marks the end of 2021 and man this year has gone very quickly! I hope 2022 is a better year since it is going to look up. I do have some categories to include in this year’s Bests & Worsts so let’s get to it!

Worst Thing of the Year: CoVid!

Obviously CoVid has been the worst it has been since it came over to the states a year ago and I wanted to give you all my thoughts. I was hoping, like everyone else, it would start slowing down and we could get back to a semi-normal state with the rise of the vaccine. Unfortunately, people were not getting vaccinated either because they were against vaccines, they were wary of it, but I do understand if you are allergic then don’t get it but seriously, herd immunity is a big thing and all thanks of not having enough people we do have new strands such as Delta, Landa, Mu, and now Omicron. If this keeps going, there will be vaccine resistant strains and we will be doomed. So, please get vaccinated and get the booster if you already have been vaccinated. Plus, we had a super spreader event or two happen, one took place at Holiday Matsuri where there people without masks in a lobby party and people got it. At least when we were in Atlanta, we went to our room for any down time to keep ourselves safe. Still, next year, I hope we don’t hit Omega and that vaccination will resist strand. I am still wearing my mask, same with RJ, but I want to be out of these woods like most people would!

Best Moment: Covering a Convention Out of State!

Ever since doing press back in 2013, I made a goal to at least to do a convention of state. I heard DragonCon was hard to get press, that was out the window, ComiCon that would be harder, Otakon and Anime Boston are still on our radar. Even RJ wants TennoCon in Canada. We did start off with RangerStop & Pop in Atlanta, Georgia. I asked and we got the passes. I am fixing the press kit though to make it simpler to look at our work over the years but this was a great opportunity for us. We may be taking a hiatus at the start of the year but we do have our room booked for RangerStop Orlando since it was a big cost but worth it! We got to enjoy a new city, new places to eat, and got to meet some of the people we did not get to meet at Orlando conventions such as Jason Leighbrecht finally! Also running into Paul Shrier. It was fun, hoping we can make another but we are going to be around for one Orlando one at least for 2022 if no CoVid issues arise! Also, Atlanta did spoil us and I do want to go back and visit Six Flags Over Georgia since I hear that is a blast! I confess, I have never been to Six Flags and I do watch people like ElToro Ryan, Defunct Land, and other theme park enthusiasts. Again, we want to go back, even for another Atlanta convention in the future or other places. If you’re at a convention and want to give us a chance, just contact us!

Album of the Year: Rise Against, Nowhere Generation

Next category is Album of the Year and I give it to the band Rise Against with their latest album, Nowhere Generation. I liked this album more than the Wolves album because it had really good tracks and it is almost

 as great as both End Game and Siren Songs of the CounterCulture. I hope some of the songs will make the next Ghost Note Symphonies volume which they need to do another one and soon.. I am planning to do a post on which songs I want to see on that.

Series of the Year: Loki

Yes, there have been new series popping up on the Marvel side but I would have to give it to Lokio. Yes, I gave Hawkeye a great review, Falcome & Winter Soldier was great and Wanda Vision was excellent, but Loki was the one that stood out to me. Hiddleston did an amazing job in this series and the cast was really great in how they did everything. Even though Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson interacting with each other was great, I still love the part of ruining his lunch explaining what the variant was doing. The ending hook was even great, which I can’t wait to see what season two holds.

Anime of the Year: Re:Zero

I have to give it to Re:Zero here because with the end of season two, the storyline is making us want more and we have a feeling that there would be more in the works!At least we got to see more of Amelia’s past and how she was able to become more confident. Hope to see that with the next season once that’s under way.

Movie of the Year: Shang-chi & the Ten Rings

I bet you’re wondering, why didn’t I put the new SpiderMan film on this Honestly, I liked this one a little more since it brought back the ten rings bit from Iron Man 3 a while back. I did like the fighting in this one and it did still have the Marvel comedy flare with it too. I admit I liked the sister wanting to make a place in the business by not being in the shadows. Can’t wait to see how Shang-shi becomes more involved in the Marvel Universe.

Funniest Moment: Jordan of New Found Glory Dressed as Elsa from Frozen

I had to include this since we did catch New Found Glory at the House of Blues after one of the guests on Radio Dead Air announced everyone was starting to tour again. During “Let It Go,” I was not expecting Jordan to dress up as Elsa from the movie. RJ was confused with the Frozen clip when I explained that they did the song from the latest edition of From the Screen to Your Stereo. Heck, he would be Fiona if they were at the Hard Rock doing “Accidentally in Love.” He was also very dedicated doing the show with a cast on his leg after hurting himself in Pennsylvania. He wrapped LEDs around his leg for the glowing magic bits to go with the dress. Still makes me laugh when I listen to the song on my phone.

Best Convention Moment: Meeting Jason Fondt Again!

When going to RangerStip & Pop this year, it was the twentieth anniversary for Time Force, which got me really excited about going. Still sad that all six rangers weren’t there but it was worth meeting at least four of them and getting my copy of the series signed by them. Need to put the photos on Facebook since I put them on my external hard drive recently. Anyways, what I was not expecting was when I met Jason Fondt again. I met him during 2015 with Dan Southworth and he asked how I was able to enjoy Power Rangers despite being blind and told him it was due to the sound effects and how Time Force was my favorite season. I was not expecting to be remembered from long ago. He did recognize me but surprised I remembered the conversation. I do have that kind of memory. I do have the keychain he had given me on my key ring which I will never forget. Hoping Orlando gets some of the cast for next year since Atlanta is having Erin, hoping they can get her for Orlando as well. I will keep an eye out!

Merchandise of the Year: WarFrame, especially the Lotus Pendant!

This year, WarFrame has been killing it, especially with the new storyline they just did for the game. Even Matt Pat did a Game Theory episode on the game recently. I know I did put WarFrame on the Decade list even though it was short of ten years, I will mention it again soon. I have to give it to them for their merchandise this year. Digital Extremes has made a lot of new things when it comes to shirts, bags, even pins which I did go back for the portrait pins pack set one since I got the second one during the pre-order. We also have the shirts, the TennoCon pack, but one that stood out I did pre-order was the Lotus Pendant. It’s her logo on a chain which was pretty. I will be putting this in a WarFrame ita bag I’m planning to make when the space themed bag I funded on Kick Starter arrives. This is a nicely made pendant and it may be the centerpiece since the Lotus does take care of the operators in the storyline. I did enjoy the story that involved her this time and they do have a new shirt with her logo but may wait for another day to pick that one up. I did pre-order the patches for my ita bag though.

New Up & Coming Anime: Eden’s Zero!

I know some people feel like this is a rip off of Fairy Tail even with some of the character designs but it does have that same feel but with a space theme to it. We are still watching the first part of the season and this is one that should get a mention. I would say don’t knock it without a chance. That’s what I did with Fairy Tail and loved it, need to finish it still, but Eden’s Zero is something that should be given a chance too. Plus, the first theme is very catchy!

Outlook on 2022

Now that was a lot! I am looking forward to the new year! I am hoping things become better with the pandemic and hoping it ends and we can get back to a better normal. I did say I am starting at a new school since U.Mass Boston didn’t go so well. This is more what I want in a program when it comes to Assistive Technology since it focuses on the technology and it has a different certification dealing with the engineering aspects. I do like how technology works and how it could work for someone like me. I am going to be posting something on my thoughts about both the BrailleNote Touch Plus and the Braille Sense 6 and how I compare and contrast between the two since I have both. I would say look for that in the new year. I won’t forget about the blog, I am not sure with Nerdy Chique Transmissions since I haven’t posted much on there as of late. With the YouTube Channel, not sure about when I will post my next MakeUp Forgotten video, I still want to do that series but due to someone putting a copyright strike on my Naked Ultraviolet palette, that is causing me to be hesitant, let’s see what happens! I am still working on Rose Thorns of Love and will be pushing for a 2022 release once that’s edited and done. So, next year will be big. Make sure you follow us on Twitter! Next up, I will be talking about the different Braille devices that I’ve tried so far and what my experiences have been with them. Stay tuned!

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