Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with a new subscription box!

Glossy Box January 2022

At the end of December I subscribed to a new box called Glossy Box. I saw a video by Theresa is Dead about this box and she had a code and decided to use it since I liked what she got in it. I did like the box and decided to subscribe. When I subscribed, I got the December box with the discount but got the January one as well. This box contains six items and you get a combination of full and deluxe size and it ranges between well-known and independent brands! This box is also $21 a month. I know that was the price of BoxyCharm before but I feel like I get better items in this box and I hope I don’t get bored. Let’s see what January holds!

Bloom Day Dreamer Gentle Face Wash

First is a product by Bloom and it’s a face wash. I love getting face washes and this is a great start for a new box for me since we are still in winter. This face wash can be used in the morning and it doesn’t lather up as much so it won’t strip skin of its natural oils while using it. This has plant extracts to help with moisture. I can’t wait to try this out in the mornings since I am almost out of my Tony Moly AM Gel Cleanser and a new tube is on its way. I also use my cleanser with my Goldfaden cleansing machine. This product retails for $18.

Julep Love Your Skin Facial Wipes

Next up is a product from Julep Beauty. I enjoy using makeup wipes since they do help with easier cleansing on my face. I understand the issue that it can stretch skin but it doesn’t do that much with mysskin, I don’t feel it tug like most people would. Let’s see what these wipes are and what they contain. These contain olive oil and they help clean off makeup and impurities gently and also helps tone the skin. I hear gt5 fv4d olive oil is not the best for skin but it is good for the diet! I know, I am a nerd but I will give these a chance though. I still have the wipes I used at RangerStop Atlanta and still use them to this day since I did get a two pack of them. I will have to see how these go though, plus they look like they sold out on Julip’s website so right now I will say these do retail for $20. I think Ulta carries these so check there.

Codex Antucomplex Serum

Next up is a serum from Codex. I am glad to get a deluxe sample to try this time and I prefer deluxe samples of skin care items since it would give me a better idea of what the product is like.  This serum helps ease the complexion with brightening ingredients. I will definitely try this out since I enjoy using serums before my facial oil and helps with moisture. I will see how this goes. This retails for $75.

Aftrspa Black Marble Roller

Next up is a facial roller from Aftrspa. I had never heard of this brand before and was glad to receive them in this box. I do have a jade roller and find that it is great to spread my skin care into my skin, even use the smaller side for my under eyes as well. Rollers are also known for improved circulation, I also have heard some people put these in the fridge to help with puffiness under the eyes. This retails for $16.

Philip Kingsley Bond Builder

SNext item is an interesting sounding item. This is a split end treatment that can be used on any heart type. THis helps with sealing up any split ends. I was happy about this due to Lush discontinuing Shine So Bright which made me sad. I’m glad to try this product even though it is a deluxe size item. Unfortunately, it is sold on the website but it does retail for $35.Subscription Satelite: Glossy Box 2022

Invisibobble Bun Tool Ice Ice Baby

Sorry for no link but this is a tool that helps with creating hair buns. My hair is too short for these things and I do not like hair buns because of how much they hurt. Next!

Le Mini Macaron Foot Mask

Final item is a foot mask from Le Mini Macaron. If I read these steps correctly, they are socks that have the essence soaked within and you just wait ten to fifteen minutes and then rub it in. The mask contains lavender and other oils to moisturize the feet. I may use this after wearing one of my pairs of work shoes because they tend to hurt after wearing those, especially my Mary Jane style shoes which I got a year ago. I will have to see how this goes. This retails for $4.

That is the last of my items. I think I like this box so far. Yes, I can’t use the bun tool but I can use the other items. I’m excited about the split end treatment the most since Lush had to discontinue one of my favorite items again and that did help with split ends. I can’t wait to see what February holds since this has been a nice start to the new year. Next, I will be returning to the Controversy Quadrant with a post I feel that I need to talk about and that is about how visually impaired people should not join MLMs. 

Subscription Satelite: Allure Beauty Box January 2022

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe. I am back with another subscription!

Allure Beauty Box January 2022

I’m glad to be back with the first Allure Beauty Box of the year. I’ve enjoyed what they’ve given me so far ever since I got back into them. This box is $23 a month and you get products chosen by editors of Allure Magazine. They range from drugstores to luxury and they are skin care to beauty. Let’s see what I got this month!

Solana MD Healthy Base Layer

First up is a face product I have never seen before and glad to discover it here. This is a moisturizer that can be worn at night and also applied before sunscreen. It contains Vitamin D alongside coconut oil and Hyaluronic Acid to make the skin even more dewey. I can see why this is in this month’s box because it’s cold and crying at the moment here in Florida even though there is rain in the forecast this week but this week. I know most of us are feeling dry due to the cold weather, especially the wind. I will definitely try this out once I get through some of my moisturizers since these boxes have been giving me a lot to try. I hope it doesn’t cause any reaction to my skin due to sensitivity. This retails for $54.

Bliss Bright Idea Holographic Eye Patches

Next up is a product by Bliss. I haven’t gotten under eye patches for a while after getting some through Ipsy Offers. I was surprised to get these since I’ve only used eye creams so far. These are eye patches you place under your eyes with licorice root extract and squalene to calm the eyes to look brighter. One editor claims they skip concealer when she uses these. I will have to use these during the weekend since I have to catch my ride for work during the week. THese retail $4 for a pair of these.

Christof Robin Daily Hair Cream

Next up is a product by Christof Robin and it’s the Daily Hair Cream. This month, people could also have gotten the Leave In Mist but got the Leave In Cream this month. This is a leave-in conditioner that can be used on both wet and dry hair that helps with frizz. This is perfect for my hair since it does tend to frizz over time. I will definitely give this everyday! This retails for $43.

Sunday Riley Five Stars Retinol + Niacinamide Eye Serum

Next is a product by Sunday Riley again and this time it’s an eye cream. This eye cream helps the delicate areas around the eyes with retinol and niacinamide. I have so many eye cream items and start to use them during the morning.but this is more of a night time item. One thing I found out with this item is that it can be irritating with the retinoid but one editor claims they can use it with their sensitive skin. I will see how it goes. This retails for $65.

Rare Beauty Perfect Strokes Mascara

Last item is from Rare Beauty and that is their Perfect Strokes Mascara. I have tried out the highlighter and it’s pretty awesome so far and now getting this mascara brings more to the table! This mascara leaves lashes plump and fluttery and it uses castor oil to condition lashes. ThThis product includes a thick brush to coat each lash. I will have to try this mascara out and see how it goes. This retails for $20.

This completes this box! So far, it has a nibgt5fv4rce start to the year. I will see how the Daily Hair Cream goes when it comes to my hair. I have to see how the Eye Serum goes at night too since retinoids are better at night time. I do have one more box and that is Glossy Box! Stay tuned!

Subscription Satelite: Glam Bag Plus January 2022

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with the first Glam Bag Plus of 2022!

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus January 2022

Well, I got my Glam Bag Plus this weekend alongside my Allure Beauty Box, which will be next. This bag is $28 a month with five items that are full-size and you get to choose three out of the five. Let’s see what I got!

Add-On Kimchi Chic Beauty Stage Proof Setting Spray

First up is a product that I picked up as an add-on which is the Stage Proof Setting Spray from Kimchi. I almost chose this as a product but chose something else in the group and found this in the add-ons. This is supposed to keep makeup on your face and you’re glad to get something like this in a bag to try out different ones. I will have to see how this goes since I’ve enjoyed the blush from this brand!

Milk MakeupK Kush  High Volume Mascara in Bloom

` The first item that Ipsy selected for my bag was the Milk Makeup Kush High Volume Mascara. I remembered getting one similar in a BoxyCharm a while back. I’m glad to get another one since it did dry out pretty fast over time. I hope it doesn’t dry out as fast when I use this. I will have to see how this goes on top of my lash primer.

Lauren Conrad The Lipstick in Shell

Next up is the Lipstick in Shell by Lauren Conrad. I’m glad to get another lip product and get to try it from this brand since I’ve seen them in Ipsy Choice items. This is a neutral color and it is very moisturizing, and the packaging is made out of recyclable materials which I’ve noticed with some makeup brands nowadays. I will definitely carry this with my lip products I use for work since it’s a neutral color.

Formula Z Cosmic Glitz Pallet

First u[p in my choices is the Cosmic Glitz pallet from Formula Z. I think this was in the same group as the setting spray or maybe it was the next item but some of the other products did get my attention, especially this one. This pallet has six shadows including purples, blues, and neutrals.b I will definitely be using this, especially on top of my eye primer!

Belle & Argent 8 Free Dramatic Duo

Next up in my choices is the Dramatic Duo from Belle & Argent. This is a nail polish duo which caught my attention despite getting a holiday set with a lot of polishes from Color Club a month ago. This has a nude polish along with a plum one which caught my ear as well. I will definitely be trying these out when I get a chance.

High Expectations Cannabis Facial Oil Https://highbeauty.com/products/high-expectations-hemp seed-facial-oil

Final item I chose is the Cannabis Facial Oil from High Expectations. I needed another facial oil after accidentally knocking over the one I got during December’s bag. I did start using this right away and glad that it is a night time only item and it does absorb very well. My skin has not reacted badly due to the 32% cannabis oil in this product. I do like the stopper having a button rather than a medicine dropper style you tend to see with most serums and oils. I will update in an emptiness which I may have in a few months.

That completes this bag! I love the mix of makeup, skin care, and nail polish for this bag. I wonder what Glam Bag X holds next month with how November’s was really good. I do have Allure up next since I did get that the same day as Glam Bag Plus. So stay tuned!

Subscription Satelitef: Ipsy Glam Bag January 2022

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the bvast nerd universe. I am back with the first subscription box of the year!

Ipsy Glam Bag January 2022

It’s 2022 and with the new year is another year of Ipsy Glam Bags! This first bag is a good one and glad it’s more makeup except for one item which I will share in this post. This bag is $13 a month where you get products ranging from drugstore to luxury and they are either deluxe or full size. Let’s see what I got!

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

First item is from First Aid Beauty.n I love this brand since it’s sensitive skin friendly. This is a whipped moisturizer that helps dry skin, even eczema prone skin to be moisturized with shea butter and white tea extracts and more. I’m glad to start this year with this product since it does get really cold here on the Florida coast and my skin gets really dry around winter time. I will be using this product whenever I get to it since I have so many moisturizers in my arsenal. I’m glad to get moisturizers in my subscriptions since I don’t have to worry about buying some but I do like getting some on sale through Ulta or Ipsy. I can’t wait to use this. I am currently using the one I got in Allure last month.

Even though this says it is a moisturizer but it is body butter according to the Product Review I just now. I just did a search on the Ulta app and it’s used for face and body. I am happy that they had the answer on the jumbo size product page of the jumbo size. I hope this works out since I have enjoyed what I used from First Aid so far.

Lottie London AM to PM Eyeliner in Velvet

Here we go! This is the product that irritated my eyes and it’s from Lottie London and I had to toss. I love eyeliners to add an accent to my eyeshadow look. When I go to work I tend to wear shadow and liner with mascara on top of a lash primer but Thursday was when this happened. I just wore eyeliner with mascara to go with what I was wearing and for the first part of the day while in my office I felt my eyes water and sting. I was rubbing to see if it helps and it didn’t so I had to fast walk to the bathroom to clean my eyes. I did have to put in medicated eye drops when I got home because of it. I did post about it in Makeup Awesomeness and someone commented saying that some people have received old products in some subscriptions. I remembered in some Birchbox videos where people had gotten things with mold on them and I was surprised since this was a new eyeliner, as in no mold from what I can notice if I did see it with my peripherals, not even feeling it on the outside packaging, it was new! So, I decided to try it again while writing this post except I found it did irritate my eyes since I felt my left eye sting all thanks to it. I tossed it. I thought the Beautinique Blush Serum was bad, this felt worse because it really stung my eyes. It felt like I was getting a sty again but without one. I was afraid of Blepharitis again since I got that as I was packing for my move at the end of 2020. I will be giving this a bad review. I’m sorry, I don’t like this product since no other eyeliner has done this from Ulta, Urban Decay, Ariceli, and more.

Love+Craft Beauty GlitterGloss in Cyber

Next up is Love+Craft Beauty. It’s been a while since I got an item from this brand. It’s a lip gloss from them this time. It’s a clear gloss with a little bit of shimmer that is not supposed to be sticky. You can wear this alone or put it on top of other lip items. I do like a good clear gloss if I want to give my lip item an extra bit of oomph! I will be definitely using this on top of my lipsticks and see how it goes.

Complex Culture Holiday Shadow Pallet

Next up is my choice for this month and it’s from Complex Culture and it’s their Holiday Shadow Quad. I find it weird that they had this in choice when it should have been in choice for December, as in being able to choose this in November for the December bag, unless this was a leftover item. It happens and I need to push the product out. I’m glad to choose this though since I can travel with this or just be lazy and pick it up to do a look. THis is a quad that contains berry shades which makes sense for a winter themed pallet but for anyone who wants a nice purple look. I will try this out since I did enjoy this brand’s brushes.

MOTD Tap and Dab MakeUp Sponge

Final item is a makeup sponge from MOTD. I haven’t gotten a makeup sponge for years in Ipsy and I admit back then I was not into sponges but when I started using them they changed my mind over time. I have tried brushes from MOTD and it’s good to have a change from getting brushes by getting a sponge. THis sponge is made from latex-free foam that can be used with powder, liquid, and cream products when dampened by water. I will definitely be using this in my makeup routine!

Well, that’s all I received this month. Even though the eyeliner sucked, the rest of the items were really good choices! I will definitely be using the sponge and moisturizer in my routines since it is a nice change with the sponge. I did just receive my Glam Bag Plus and will do that post next!

Technology Quadrant: Braille Device Showcase

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd univerSe. Time for a new technology post!

Braille Device Showcase

As an Assisitive Technology Instructor, there are times where new technology encounters happen. I have been into different technology as it comes out and have some of it and it is in the braille device group. After having these since last spring, I am able to talk about these and it would be great to pass on this information to other visually impaired people. I have a feeling that some of you may be wondering, isn’t braille dead? It’s not actually, all thanks to new devices being developed over time, note taking has made braille a writing system that is as important as listening to audio books. I even use it for reading since I am about to head back to school this month. Shall we take a look with what I have but first I need to put this in!


Using these devices is based on my personal experience. Please respect my thoughts on each device and what I’ve experienced. What you experience is not the same as other people’s experience. You’ve been warned.

Chameleon from American Printing House for the Blind

First up is the Chameleon from the American Printing House for the Blind. This is one of the newer displays to arrive last year and when I got my college refund I decided to pick one up. I’m used to the Ps style keyboard after using the Braille Sense U2 and Polaris for a few years and this one is smaller than these and the others I will be talking about. Plus, it’s very lightweight which had me take tThe Mantis is on my radar but may have to wait for another time to get his with me to RangerStop & Pop. Learning it was pretty easy with the built-in user guide and the chords are different since it not only requires the space bar with some of them, I mean space bars due to having two of them, but also the backspace and enter which gives some variety and it’s pretty responsive with each of them. One drawback is that there is a circular button which is the back button with the thumb keys to go line by lineThe back button takes you back to the main menu. You have to be careful with this since I tend to hit this by mistake even while typing.I do like to use this as a braille display with my Windows laptop and phone for a quick note.

Orbit Reader 40

To be honest, the Orbit Reader 40 is best for reading. This was the newest addition to the Orbit line alongside the 20+ and after purchasing this, I felt that I kind of regretted it and wished I got the 20+ instead because that had better reviews so far. I may get it this one down the road too, I will have to see how this year looks. It was pretty lightweight but the layout was different from the Chameleon since there were directional buttons along with the select key in the center of these arrow keys. THe arrow keys and the select key were used for certain menus and to select files that were on the SD card or a thumb drive. I can use the Orbit 40 as a display however it does not connect to everything it says it’s supposed to connect. Such as the Windows laptop with JAWS, it is supposed to use the Vario Ultra 40 as the emulation but it was not working even with the drivers you need, which I did install and still not working. Apparently, they are making their own but hadn’t seen any updates as of late, I will see if it’s ready in the next few weeks. It does connect to my phone and my Chrome Book very well though. Again, I rather use this for reading and get the 20+ and see how well that works. I(it’s sad that the smaller one has better reviews than the bigger one. Another drawback is that you have to download the updates, except the updates are hard to access. The best way of having them work is reading the directions they provide and just connect it to a Windows computer to install them.

QBraille XL 40

This one is more of a hybrid display because it is not only a Perkins style display but also a QWERTY style as well due to having keys you would find on a regular keyboard. I had Blind Services purchase this for me while still being in UMass Boston and my Mac Book they’ve gotten me didn’t have function keys due to the touch bar. I prefer having the physical keys since it’s hard for me to access the touch bar at times so I justified that issue. It works really well with the MacBook if you don’t have the function keys, apparently Apple has put them back on the newer Pro models which I guess that some people had issues as well with the touch bar or probably not liking it. If you’re wondering, the function keys on the Q Braille do work like they do on the Mac and would do the same if you use it with the PC. You can also use it to read books and for note taking and save onto the included SD card. One drawback though, the updates have to be downloaded from the internet and placed on the SD card. I suggest doing it on a Windows computer since it didn’t work on the Mac when it comes to downloading.

Braille Note Touch Plus

I will not try to talk too much about this one alongside the final one I will be talking about because I have a bog review on them both as a comparison and contrast post and best to see what I think about them since I’ve had this one close to a year and the next one, the Braille Sense 6, since fall after getting my Polaris upgraded during the summer. This is a tablet and a Braille display in one due to having a touch screen underneath the keyboard. This one has the apps a student can use such as Easy Reader, the Keysoft Suite, and more. It also has the Playstore for apps that can be used on top of it. Like I said above, I will be using this for school since I have some of my textbooks on Easy Reader which I will talk about more in the next review post.

Braille Sense 6

Finally, the newest addition to H. I. MM. S. and all I have to say is that this baby is faster than Polaris. Way faster! When I had my Polaris, it took about five minutes plus to load an app or file and usually that doesn’t take that long to do. I’m glad for the added speed and it is a very good upgrade from the Polaris since there are more things added such as Bookshare Download and having quieter keys. I will go into more detail with this and the BrailleNote Touch Plus since H. I. M. S. did have a webinar comparing this one with the BNTP except it was a bit unfair. To be honest, I did use products from this company for years but the BNTP has some things that are as good as the Braille Sense 6 and will talk about it in the review post.

Well, that completes this post. If you enjoyed these devices, I would say take a look by visiting different vendor websites. You can go to the company websites for Orbit Research, APH, H. I M. S., and Humanware but A. T. Guys, Emerald Coast, and ccc Vision Tech are also good places to check these devices out. And if you’re in Orlando at the end of this month, A. T. I. A. will be taking place and these companies do demo their devices in person. They even demonstrate at the American Council of the Blind and National Federation of the Blind conventions in case you can’t make it out to A. T. I. . What’s next? My Glam Bag for January! Stay tuned!

Anime Quadrant: Eden’s Zero Review

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe. I am back with a new post but taking a detour from the current line up of posts.

Eden’s Zero Review

Recently, RJ and I finished watching the first season of Eden’s Zero, which is the newest project from Hiro Mishima who is known for Groove Adventure Rave, also known as Rave Master, and Fairy Tail. I feel that I should give you a review but first, this bit of info.


This review is based on the thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this season, please respect the thoughts of this anime, you have been warned!

What Is It About?

This series opens up on a young Shiki on the planet for Grendel which is a planet of androids and talking with the Demon King, Ziggy, and talking about a cosmic figure called Mother. Once Shiki is told about finding Mother, she will grant one’s wish and he wishes to be friends with everyone. Fast forward years later when we meet Rebecca Blue Garden, who travels to Grendel to do a vlog on her V Tube channel about traveling the Sakura Cosmos. She runs into Shiki, who is the only human on the planet, and finds out with her cat android, Happy, that androids are no longer friends with humans with a virus that humans have given to them and causes Shiki to leave with Rebecca. Once leaving, Shiki promises to search for Mother in order to grant his wish, while traveling, he makes friends alongside Happy and Rebecca such as Homura, who was trained by one of the Shining Stars that his grandfather, the Demon King had created, Weiss, who is into building androids, and Pino, an android who was built by a future version of Weiss that ended up in a past timeline to find her creator. Alongside meeting his new friends, Shiki becomes the new Demon King and inherits the old ship the Eden’s Zero alongside the other Shining Stars, Hermit, Witch, and Sister, to find Mother to find Mother.


Unlike with Fairy Tail, I did like this series off the bat. If you guys don’t know, at first I didn’t like Fairy Tail like I did with Rave Master and it took Todd Habrecorn to convince me that the series was awesome. I am still working on getting more of the series. Sorry, due to some finances I haven’t been getting any more of the parts but will this year since I finally got to the final arc of the series. I’m happy that NetFlix did pick this up so it is easier for us to catch up with seasons since we do have it included with our phone plan. It got us to finish the series within two and a half weeks versus months of getting the parts individually. Funimation did take a few months to record, edit, and add the features to a DVD and Blue Ray set and distribute it through the internet, FYE, and other places for people to buy. 

Like I said, I did enjoy the first season and liked the idea that this is a space opera which makes it different from Fairy Tail. Some people found this as a rip off from Fairy Tail due to how some of the characters were modeled after some of them from Fairy Tail. One example is Rebecca modeling Lucy and Shiki as Natsu. Also, we also meet Elsie who is basically Erza, then other characters looking like Fairy Tail characters showing up at certain places. I can see where this could happen but Mashima is known for re-using his character designs for other works. One example is how he re-used the Etalus version of Wendy for Rebecca’s rival for V Tube. Also, Jelal is also re-used for certain character designs, which he did come from Rave Master by the way with his design. Some artists do this actually since I’ve seen it with Yukiru Sugisaki when she used Gareas’ design from Pilot Candidate for Dark from DNAngel. 


Let’s get into the acting, shall we? The acting was pretty spot on and they did not only use some people who have appeared in one series RJ and I have enjoyed, Re: Zero, but also called back two actresses for their respective characters. Tia Ballard to be Happy in this one and Colleen Clinkenbeard not only as Mother but as Elsie Crimson. When RJ told me about this in manga form and how they had Happy in here, I was hoping they would bring Tia back to be him again since I loved this cute, blue kitty. Yes, I still have all of my Happy items! I hope to find Happy plushies from this series since he has a black tail tip versus the white he had in Fairy Tail. Of course, Tia did bring the voice back for him like with Fairy Tail and still cute as ever especially with the space fish! Yes, there are space fish, why wouldn’t there be any? ANyways, with Colleen, since she did play Erza Scarlet back in Fairy Tail, they did model Elsie after her and she is a Captain Harlock style space pirate in this one and yes she brought the ERza voice for Elsie. I’m glad that these two were brought in for these parts because if they casted anyone else, it would not be the same. I guess Bang Zoom saw the Funimation dub and knew if they did not cast these two as their Eden’s counterparts then it would have not given the series justice.

Kira Buckland plays Rebecca here and if you have seen Re: Zero, she was Beatrice in that series. I did notice that I did hear Beatrice at certain points since she was using the more adult version of that voice. I think it fits since Rebecca is supposed to be around her twenties and she’s supposed to be Lucy, I can hear a slight match with Cheramie’s Lucy voice. I don’t mind cosplaying as Rebecca since she was introduced with a cat headband and I do love cats! WHile with SHiki, we have the voice of Sean Chipblock. He is the voice of Subaru Natsuki in Re: Zero. He fits as Shiki since his character only had androids as his friends during his childhood. I understand the child-like curiosity even with having humans as friends since I have it towards technology myself. He does grow as the series goes on and we are waiting on the next season of Re: Zero since here Chiplock does more of a comedic version of Subaru while with Re: Zero, we hear more of the dramatics. I think the shift shows his range. THere are many other good actors chosen for a lot of the other characters which will take a long time to touch upon, I just focused on these few since they were perfect choices for their characters. Heck, even a favorite of ours does show up and that is Paul St. Peter, which has been a while since we saw him at conventions lately. I know he’s promoting Eden’s Zero as of late. Still, the actors were chosen very well for thiseries and it’s great to hear Tia again as Happy!

Raing: 5 Shooting Star Paws Out of 5!

This series is a great one so far since we are still in season one. I’m excited to see what the next season has to bring. This season did end on a sad note but it also ended with a positive one which would lead into the next arc. RJ is reading the manga so he is keeping up with the story. I hope it keeps being animated and we get to see more of it. In my opinion, it is not a Fairy Tail rip off. It takes place in space when Fairy Tail is an earth story. Eden takes on science fiction with some magic using Ether Gears when Fairy is more of magic. Yes, we still see elements of the two but we also see Rave Master elements as well, one call back is Elie’s blasters with the Happy Blasters Rebecca has. We do see some time travel shenanigans take place at certain parts but not to the extent that Fairy Tail had done. I would say check out the series, it is available on NetFlix and you decide if it is a rip off of Fairy Tail or not.

Well, that’s it for this review. Glad to have an anime review again. I will do the Braille Display Showcase next since I am still waiting on my subscription boxes to arrive for this month! Stay tuned!