Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with a new subscription box!

Glossy Box January 2022

At the end of December I subscribed to a new box called Glossy Box. I saw a video by Theresa is Dead about this box and she had a code and decided to use it since I liked what she got in it. I did like the box and decided to subscribe. When I subscribed, I got the December box with the discount but got the January one as well. This box contains six items and you get a combination of full and deluxe size and it ranges between well-known and independent brands! This box is also $21 a month. I know that was the price of BoxyCharm before but I feel like I get better items in this box and I hope I don’t get bored. Let’s see what January holds!

Bloom Day Dreamer Gentle Face Wash

First is a product by Bloom and it’s a face wash. I love getting face washes and this is a great start for a new box for me since we are still in winter. This face wash can be used in the morning and it doesn’t lather up as much so it won’t strip skin of its natural oils while using it. This has plant extracts to help with moisture. I can’t wait to try this out in the mornings since I am almost out of my Tony Moly AM Gel Cleanser and a new tube is on its way. I also use my cleanser with my Goldfaden cleansing machine. This product retails for $18.

Julep Love Your Skin Facial Wipes

Next up is a product from Julep Beauty. I enjoy using makeup wipes since they do help with easier cleansing on my face. I understand the issue that it can stretch skin but it doesn’t do that much with mysskin, I don’t feel it tug like most people would. Let’s see what these wipes are and what they contain. These contain olive oil and they help clean off makeup and impurities gently and also helps tone the skin. I hear gt5 fv4d olive oil is not the best for skin but it is good for the diet! I know, I am a nerd but I will give these a chance though. I still have the wipes I used at RangerStop Atlanta and still use them to this day since I did get a two pack of them. I will have to see how these go though, plus they look like they sold out on Julip’s website so right now I will say these do retail for $20. I think Ulta carries these so check there.

Codex Antucomplex Serum

Next up is a serum from Codex. I am glad to get a deluxe sample to try this time and I prefer deluxe samples of skin care items since it would give me a better idea of what the product is like.  This serum helps ease the complexion with brightening ingredients. I will definitely try this out since I enjoy using serums before my facial oil and helps with moisture. I will see how this goes. This retails for $75.

Aftrspa Black Marble Roller

Next up is a facial roller from Aftrspa. I had never heard of this brand before and was glad to receive them in this box. I do have a jade roller and find that it is great to spread my skin care into my skin, even use the smaller side for my under eyes as well. Rollers are also known for improved circulation, I also have heard some people put these in the fridge to help with puffiness under the eyes. This retails for $16.

Philip Kingsley Bond Builder

SNext item is an interesting sounding item. This is a split end treatment that can be used on any heart type. THis helps with sealing up any split ends. I was happy about this due to Lush discontinuing Shine So Bright which made me sad. I’m glad to try this product even though it is a deluxe size item. Unfortunately, it is sold on the website but it does retail for $35.Subscription Satelite: Glossy Box 2022

Invisibobble Bun Tool Ice Ice Baby

Sorry for no link but this is a tool that helps with creating hair buns. My hair is too short for these things and I do not like hair buns because of how much they hurt. Next!

Le Mini Macaron Foot Mask

Final item is a foot mask from Le Mini Macaron. If I read these steps correctly, they are socks that have the essence soaked within and you just wait ten to fifteen minutes and then rub it in. The mask contains lavender and other oils to moisturize the feet. I may use this after wearing one of my pairs of work shoes because they tend to hurt after wearing those, especially my Mary Jane style shoes which I got a year ago. I will have to see how this goes. This retails for $4.

That is the last of my items. I think I like this box so far. Yes, I can’t use the bun tool but I can use the other items. I’m excited about the split end treatment the most since Lush had to discontinue one of my favorite items again and that did help with split ends. I can’t wait to see what February holds since this has been a nice start to the new year. Next, I will be returning to the Controversy Quadrant with a post I feel that I need to talk about and that is about how visually impaired people should not join MLMs. 

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