Subscription Satelite: Glossy Box February 2022

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! Sorry for the wait on doing my subscription posts, some are a little late and I was doing homework and I did get diagnosed with Bronchitis last Sunday. I’m fine and I know last Sunday was a bit controversial with that post, so hoping this would be better.

Glossy Box February 2022

So, my Glossy Box was the first to arrive this month and didn’t know because RJ placed it on top of our air fryer without telling me. He was using it on our bar to make chicken tenders one night and didn’t point out that Glossy Box was also there. I need to ask him to tell me when that happens since it can come early or late. Anyways, this box is $21 a month and you get six items in this box that range between deluxe and full-size. They can be skin care, hair care, even tools  along with makeup. I think this is a good replacement for BoxyCharm in my opinion since I am enjoying what I received this far. WHat did I get for February? Let’s see!

Natura MuruMuru Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner

First up is a shampoo and conditioner duo from Natura and it’s their Muru Muru Replenishing Duo. These are deluxe size bottles which I prefer instead of tubes since I can wrap a rubber band around the conditioner. These contain Muru Muru Butter that helps with getting anything out and return hair to its shiny self. These two clean, moisturize and prevent breakage which I love. My hair does get damaged and I am trying to grow it out, I have been using castor oil and feel it’s not working, trying to get back into the Hair Vitamins. ANyways, I will try these two out and see how they work on my hair. I heard good things about Muru Muru Butter in a lot of different skin and hair products. Let’s see how this works. The deluxe set is $4.90 and the full-size duo is around $49.

Ersa Skin Care Nourishing Cream

Next up is a product from Erso Skin Care. This is a new brand to me and I’m glad to try something from them even in deluxe size. This is a moisturizer that helps skin with Niacinamide and Vitamin A and Seramides. This sounds like a good combination and I’m glad to get a new moisturizer to try. I can see it will help with making my skin plump and supple. I don’t see anything about sensitive skin since that is something I look for in skin care the most. I hope I don’t break out since with things such as Seramides and Niacinamide my skin has been doing good. You can get a deluxe size for $27 and a full-size for $90. I would stick with the deluxe size, thank you very much!

CAAB Cosmetics SweetHeart Lipstick

I haven’t seen these guys in so long since I left Ipsy back in 2016 and re-joined back in 2018 and have not seen them anywhere within the past four years. I guess they stopped working with them? Don’t know. I am glad to see them again and in a different box. This is a lipstick that gives a subtle look to the lips and it is supposed to be also moisturizing, however the tip before this product says to apply lip balm, which I do anyways with my lovely Lip Smackers! I know, they are mostly for kids but I do love them since they are the most moisturizing for my lips. I will see how this goes since I haven’t used this brand in so long and glad to see they are somewhere in the Box Universe! This retails for $18.

NCLA Nails Nail Polish in Fresh Linen and Back to Black

Next up is a nail polish from NCLA Nails. I remembered these guys also being in BoxyCharm and I rarely have seen a bottle of polish in there ever since I returned to them in 2019 and canceled last year, when there was a rumor floating around that they would bring nail polish back. I am glad to see this here though. You get either Fresh Linen which is a white or Back to Black which is black. Going a little gothic aren’t we? I think I may receive Fresh Linen which I could use with my red crackle polish and other dark crackle colors if I get anything more with those from EBay or OPI. I don’t see a retail box but can’t wait to use this on my nails!

Dita Litera Tanning Lotion

I am not going to use this! I don’t self-tan guys! I guess toss!

Dragon’s Blood Eye Masks

Final item is an eye mask at the bottom of my box and it just says Dragon’s Blood Eye Masks. Hold on! To the internet!Okay, they are from a brand called Rodiel and I found them on AMazon which are pretty cheap for a single eye mask. Okay, these contain Dragon’s BLood and Hyaluronic Acid to help with keeping moisture on the under eyes which makes sense. I will have to try these out since I do like the idea of having something to help hydrate the skin and Hyaluronic Acid does work well with my skin. These retail for $6.99 for a set!

So, this box, the only disappointment is the Self-Tanning Lotion since I do not self-tan at all. When you see me in our convention videos, that is my skin tone you see, the light-medium girl you see. I don’t think self-tanning is necessary and don’t know why it exists and tanning on the beach is already dangerous as is so I don’t suggest that either. Anyways, the other items I am happy about which makes me happy since I do love hair care items and I know I will give a good use to the shampoo and conditioner samples, while the lipstick I will definitely use after not getting CAAB in years. The nail polish is a definite yes when I use it since I love nail polish! Let’s see how it goes! Next is the Allure Beauty Box!

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