Subscription Satelite: Allure Beauty Box March 2022

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe. I am back with the first subscription post!

Allure Beauty Box March 2022

My Allure Beauty Box came in first this month and glad it did since sometimes it comes last. Apparently Glossy Box has not shipped yet. This box featured a lot of skin care this month and featured one product I am familiar with since it was named Best of Beauty. This features items that are picked as favorites by the Allure Editors and most of them are winners for Best of Beauty. This costs $23 every month. Let’s see what they featured! I will do what I did with Ipsy where I list the items and tell you what I am excited about.

  • Blink Ultralume Tubing Mascara Retail Price: $26
  • Toula Signe Refreshingly Brightening Facial Mist Retail Price: $34
  • Shan! Garden Retinol Reform 4 IA Retail Price: $88
  • AM Essentials Real Eye Cream for Face Retail Price: $25
  • Brioggio Hair Care Scalp Revival Charcoal and Coconut Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo Retail Price $42
  • Origins Gel Moisturizer Retail Price: $32
  • Setaphil SenGentle Cleanser Retail Price: $15

So, this month, there was more skin care than makeup, since we only got the Blink mascara. I remembered getting the Blink mascara in BoxyCharm many years ago and was surprised to see this again. Mind you, at the time Blink was pretty new and they are now a Allure Best of Beauty Winner. I didn’t like the idea of tubing mascaras since they can irritate if I am not too careful but wearing lash primers help with irritation so I will give it another try on top of the Cover Girl Lash Primer. I was surprised to see Cetaphil in here as well since I rarely saw them before when I was subscribed to Allure’s box years ago. I did use one of their cleansers because my skin is so sensitive but it smelled weird. I know fragrance is not good for sensitive skin but it smelled weird. I will see how this cleanser works on my skin since it is such a small sample alongside the Origins moisturizer I got in this box. What I’m interested in is the double duty eye cream and moisturizer since I’ve never seen it before and it’s a product from Korea as well, which K Beauty is big on the market. I will definitely use it since I have so many eye creams at the moment, and I have one full on eye serum in this box as well. I think Allure did this version of the box for March due to how Spring is right around the corner and most people are refreshing their skin care after wearing winter related makeup and skin care depending on their skin type and it’s a good idea since some people need to refresh from the dry, cold months. We were hit with really cold weather during January and February and now with March we are getting back to weather in the high seventies and low eighties. Gotta love Florida! Even with the Toula Spray, that will definitely be something for people to use, even when it gets hotter and humid where I live. I will start using it in the late spring or closer to summer. It’s a good idea for the box, glad Allure went with this theme. ANother item that I was surprised by is the Briogeo shampoo. I did remember getting something similar in Glam Bag X but it was more of a hair mask, except I hated that one and tossed it out. I will definitely give this product a chance since it is a sample and not a full-size.

That’s it for this box! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for April since Spring is already here and we’re needing a nice refresher! Next will be my Ipsy bags! Stay tuned!

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