Subscription Satelite: Allure Beauty Box April 2022

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe. I am back with the last subscription box for April!

Allure Beauty Box April 2022

My Allure box was the last box to arrive and it is a good start to the summer months since one item is perfect for the start. I wished I got the nail item but I realized I was not a nail strips fan, but anyways, this box is $23 a month and you get items based on Editors picks from Allure Magazine. Let’s see what I got this month since there were variations!

So, these were the items that there were in my Allure box. I was hoping to get the Scratch Nail Wraps, however I realized I was not a big fan of nail strips, I even remembered having the KISS type dye ones years ago except they came off too easily. I never got the strips again so I went with a press on nails years later. I did start using the essence though from Neogen and it doesn’t feel too bad on the skin. I am glad that it’s a deluxe size since it’s better to try something new in this size. I’m glad to get facial oil just in time since I would run out of the rose hemp oil I have been using from Good Molecules as of late. I am most excited about the sunscreen though since I am using the Sunday Riley sunscreen from last year’s boxes and I was meaning to get another sunscreen, which I am glad to get this in the box in time for summer around here. I know we have to wear it as the last step of our skin care and here in Florida it’s proof of that. I can’t wait to use this though. I’m also excited about the air sponges I received since I do enjoy using makeup sponges for my foundation. These are pretty small in the container but do expand when wet and have to be air dried afterwards. I will use these with my beloved Wet N Wild and Urban Decay! I am not too sure about the peel gel since when I think of peels I think of spreading the mask all over and have to peel it off once dry. THis one, apparently, can be washed off actually so it’s just a scrub? I guess I have to give it a chance, if I get any weird reaction then toss!

This month’s box was pretty good. I am glad they are doing variations since for a long while they give everyone the same box and that can get a bit boring and noticing the variety of products that can show up make this box better. I can’t wait what May will bring since here in Florida summer comes early. Trust me, during MegaCon 2017, I felt the heat while waiting for my dad and was glad I wore lighter clothing, especially my Link cosplay since I wore shorts with that costume. Anyways, that completes this month’s boxes! What’s next? Not sure because the next few weeks are going to be final projects for me at school before the next semester and well, RJ and I are moving to another apartment in the complex, more on that when June hits. So, see you all next month!

Subscription Satelite: Ipsy April 2022

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with another makeup subscription!

Ipsy April 2022

It’s time for Ipsy for this month with both the Blam Bag and GB Plus. These two of the Glam Bags you can have with your subscription. The regular Glam Bag is $13 every month with deluxe to full size items with a makeup bag while the GB Plus is $28 each month with a drawstring bag containing more full-size items and you get to choose three out of the five items. Let’s see what I got in each bag shall we?

Glam Bag

I have to say that this month’s bag has another mix of makeup and skin care, even one hair care item. When I found out I was getting the Marc Anthony Leave-In Conditioner, I was excited since it was a brand I loved for so long and has given my hair some life ever since trying them out through Ipsy. WHen I got my Glam Bag in the mail, I put this item with the rest of my hair products because it has been a staple in my daily hair routine. It gives my shorter curls some life! I will definitely get a full-size product of this since I have enjoyed it! WHat I found weird is with the Symbiosis primer, it gave me a different name on the tube and the website, which you will see in the link. Even though it says Perfecting here but it says something different on their website. Not sure if it was due to Ipsy not wanting to put the actual name for the product, that seems a little weird to me when they always put the full name every month. I am looking forward to using it since it is a good size product. The item I picked was the V Cosmetics Blush since I saw this and saw it was rose gold, it got my click when the choice came up. I felt that some of the products in the selection were okay until this blush appeared. I do love blush and this was different. It’s a triple milled, shimmery pink blush that is soft on the skin. I can’t wait to use this and see how it goes! 

Update! I finished the Glow Recipe Watermelon Drops and with such a small sample, it did moisturize my face and didn’t have any weird effects like the avocado sleep mask I got from BoxyCharm a few years ago, but it was pretty good@! Wishing it was a full-size or a bigger sample size for easier distribution.

Glam Bag Plus

I don’t know why but the second and third groups for choice on GB Plus were boring again. Group 1 was the exciting one and hard for me to choose since it not only had the Ciate London bronzer but also had a nail polish duo, you all know how I love polish and keeping my nails pretty while typing, and some cream shadow from Girlactic. Why don’t they put those two products in  the other two groups since those were underwhelming and I wanted them as well. I did comment over at Ipsy about it and hoped it gets changed for June since next month is GBX. I did have a hard time with February’s GBX because the final group had some good items but the sunglasses called to me more.Anyways, I found the Dragon’s Blood Eye Gel most interesting in group 3 despite having other eye creams, it has an interesting name except has more of the skin loving ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Rose Water and other ingredients to help moisturize the eye area. I will definitely be using this once I’m done with few of the other eye creams. The Ciate bronzer caught my eye since I haven’t tried a browser from Ciate yet and thought it would be a new addition even though I use bronzers on certain occasions when I feel like contouring my outer cheeks. I will also use the brush set since this would be great for the Urban Decay Moisturizer Foundation I picked up during 21 Days of Beauty this time around. I will have to see these go. 

That completes these Glam Bags. I think Glam Bag beat out GB Plus again due to how useful the products I got were. I will still use my items in GB Plus since I never heard of SandBar before and glad to have a blush pallet this time. I did go into Jen Luv’s chat this week about Cos Box going out of business and how subscriptions are great but some people cancel due to how much product. I think, this is how I feel, subscriptions give you the items so you can take months to use over time instead of that particular month. It took an entire eight months before I started using my Sunday Riley sunscreen I got in my Allure Beauty Box last year due to using the Coppertone one I took with me to Atlanta. I will be talking about Allure next so stay tuned!

The Tech Quadrant: Braille Sense 6 vs. Braille Note Touch Plus: WHich Notetaker is the Better One?

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! It’s time for a device battle!

Braille Sense 6 vs. the Braille Note Touch Plus: Which is the Better Notetaker?

So, it’s time to put the Braille Sense 6 and the BrailleNote Touch Plus up to each other and see how well they fare against each other. I have both of these devices and was able to use them over time, especially upgrading my Polaris to the 6 when I was offered it by the vendor I went through with a funding source I went through for my Braille Note Touch Plus. They are good note takers for the same price range, however there are features I would like to talk about between both devices that may work for some and may work for others if anyone wants to purchase one of these as their notetaker. Let me start with this!


This post is based on thoughts, opinions, and experiences from the writer of this blog. She has used these devices and seen how they work and how fast they are, how well they type, and so much more. Please respect her thoughts!


First off, we’re starting with how much these devices weigh. One thing about these devices is well you can carry them place to place and weight can be a factor for what you choose.The Braille Sense 6 is 1.58 on its own while it’s 2.36 pounds with the case on.  The BrailleNote Touch Plus is 2 Pounds. Not by much when it comes to weight, the BrailleNote Touch Plus is three pounds lighter despite having the Android tablet underneath the Perkins keyboard, however I feel as though the BS6 kept the same weight from its Polaris and don’t feel much carrying it around to its Humanware counterpart despite not having the tablet built into it. If you would rather go without the tablet underneath, then the BS6 would be perfect since I had the Polaris before, going from one convention room to the next without the extra weight made it easier but if the tablet won’t hurt then go with the BNTP. I would say either one would be a great choice since both of them are almost the same weight and do have cases to protect them.


Both keyboards on both devices are in the Perkins Brailler style. H. I M. S. did have the QWERTY style with the QWERTY Plus and the U2 QWERTY which I admit I had the QWERTY Plus when I was at school and earlier press days with Nerd Shique Universe. The layouts are different from each other due to how they were built. The BNTP has the usual six keys for the Braille Cell, the Enter and Delete, and the Space Bar, then you have your cursor keys underneath. WHile the BS6 has your usual Brailler keys but have the F1, F2, F3, and F4 keys alongside an Alt key and a CTRL key to use on the Android platform. The learning curve for both is a little different if you have used devices from both companies like I’m doing now and have been doing for the past year due to how the shortcut structure is different. Yes, first letter navigation is available for both, except the chords are different when it comes to navigating to areas on both devices. One example is doing a copy on the BNTP is delete key with the letter Y. With the BS6 is the letter C with the Enter key. I would say if you’re familiar with a certain way of typing with one device then stick with the brand of devices you’re familiar with, unless you want to switch over for a newer experience depending on which layout seems to be easier. If you have any device demonstrated for you, ask for a demonstration of key commands on both devices.


With typing on either device, I found that each device can cause a bit of noise depending on your typing speed. I type fifty words per minute and can see how the noise on each device can be cumbersome. To me the BTNP’s keys are noisier than the BS6 since HIMS has been building their devices with keys that are softer while pressing them and have noticed it with the BS6 and the Q Braille as well. While the NNTP, on the other hand, the keys not only click pretty loudly but also have the clocks while inputting Braille. You can turn these clicks off pretty easily in the settings, except the keys themselves can be noisy no matter what you do. I think Humanware should have softer keys in the next notetaker if they decide to make another one in the next few years since HIMS has developed the BS6 but the BS6 has them beat in the typing department due to how quiet they are with input and having not too loud of a typing noise makes it easier, especially if listening to someone on a phone call. I give it to BS6.

Touch Features

One feature that made the Braille Sense Polaris and the BNTP comparable was being able to have the touch features. The BS Polaris had a touch strip in between the display and the cursor routing keys while the BNTP had a built-in touch screen underneath the keyboard. WHat made them unique was that you could touch Braille on the tablet under the BNTP as a quieter option while the BS Polaris only did touch gestures like if you used it as a tablet. Unfortunately, when the BS6 was created they took out the touch gesture ability due to lack of popularity, which there was no tutorial when Humanware does tutorials on how to do Touch Braille on their device. It would have been nice if the touch gestures were kept on the newer Braille Sense since the Android system is faster and the reaction time could have a better speed increase, which was an issue with the Polaris, which I will touch upon next. So, if you want the idea of doing the touch features then the BNTP would be the best device and it wins this category due to keeping the features or shall I say having them in the first place.


Both devices have pretty good speed when it comes to reaction time. When the Polaris was around, it had Lollipop as its system and it was very laggy and almost lethargic while using it, when the BS6 arrived I was happy that the reaction times were as fast as the BNTP when it comes to opening apps, being able to with saving files, and even downloading books from Bookshare. I have to say both get speed!

Android Systems

Both devices run on tw Both devices run on two different Android versions but they seem to work the same to me. The BNTP runs on Oreo or Android 8 while the BS6 runs on Android 10. Even though 10 is newer, Oreo still runs as smoothly despite how old it is. I did write to Humanware but not sure when will they update the Android version to a later version but hoping they could do it soon since we are already in Android 11 and if they want a leg up, they should either go to 11 or stay in competition may do 10 instead like HIMS has with the BS6. There is one drawback though is that there are times where either device can’t install certain apps due to the version they run, such as One Step Reader is the new version of KNFB Reader is not optimized for BNTP while the BS6 can due to how newer it is. I can’t fault the BNTP for this since I can still use KNFB Reader and it’s useful but would be nicer to have a newer Android version. Humanware, if you’re reading this, we need a newer Android version and now!


Speaking of apps, there are apps that each device does come with when you first receive them. The BNTP comes with KNFB Reader, which is normally $100 and Easy Reader + and of course your normal Google apps due to having the Android system. While the BS6 comes with Bookshare Download, a Podcasts app, Document Reader, Online DAISY, Google Search, Wiki Search, Assistant And your usual Google apps as well. Of course you can still download apps on Playstore but you have to see which ones are compatible with your device once you check them. One thing though is that not all apps can be available, one example is Kindle is not available for the BS6 but for the BNTP, which I find weird, while Audible is available for both. I do like the other apps you can read with on the BS6 but I do like the idea that I can still use Kindle on the BNTP but it’s not accessible there. It’s basically what you like to use on either device and how much you want to use the apps and install ones that can be used, either device is pretty powerful in this department and being able to stream anime, movies with audio description, and listening to music makes possibilities endless.


Final category is bluetooth connectivity. One of the features of both is being able to use these devices as Braille Displays through bluetooth. You can connect to your computer with USB but what catches most users’ ears is the bluetooth capabilities. I admit I have trouble using the BNTP with devices besides my IPhone since it’s easier to connect with that. I even tried it with my ChromeBook and it couldn’t connect since laptops that run WIndows have an easier time with the Q Braille due to the bluetooth being easier to connect. The BS6, I have an easier time connecting with any device due to not having a code to pair with, which is the problem with the BNTP. It would be better if the BNTP didn’t require a code like the BS6 and other Braille displays because bluetooth has become more streamlined over the years and easy to pair with. I even had an easier time with my Apple devices since I can use my BNTP with those devices , even my Mac even though I have to unpair it due to using the Q Braille with it for the Function Keys. I have a Macbook with a Touch Bar, that’s why. I did try pairing the BS6 with the Chrome Book but it still has the BNTP with it, I have to try it out again at a later date. I do have to say the bluetooth on the BS6 is easier with other devices that have good bluetooth connections. I think the BS6 wins this category due to how much easier it is to connect even with a computer.

Winner: It’s a Tie!

It’s hard to say who wins what despite how they advance each other in some of the categories but both devices are still powerful for what they are. Not all devices are created equal and after using them both, they are equal in speed, the BS6 has a quieter keyboard over the BNTP, the BNTP still has touch features and I do love the idea of the tablet size for Touch Braille which you need a big screen for that, and of course you have a learning curb in using the keyboard shortcut structure which I’m still learning with the BNTP myself after using Braille Sense devices over the years. 

What Should I Get If IAm New to Note Takers?

My advice is to look at both! It doesn’t hurt to go to demonstrations or have someone come to you and demo both devices to show off their features. One thing I could also suggest is ask around before choosing, as in see who has gotten either device and prefer which one over the other since they do work differently. Also, look into Assistive Technology groups that may have members that use the devices as well since they may have different ideas of the both of them from what I brought here. And, of course, think about the features you think you would use more whether it’s at school or work since these devices could be used in either environment, if you can’t pick one, there are lower cost options to think about that work equally as well, especially in the bluetooth department.

That completes this post! If you have either device, drop a comment below or if you’re wanting either one, drop down a comment, I would like to hear what you all think on either side! Next will be my Ipsy bags!

Subscription Satelite: Glossy Box April 2022

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I know I was going to do my Battle of the Notetakers post but my first beauty box arrived!

Glossy Box April 2022

So, my Glossy Box arrive today and I came home to it on my doorstep. Some cities do mail on Sundays so I sometimes get some of my packages on Sundays. Heck, my first Chrome Bokk arrived while being at Holiday Matsuri. Anyways, this box contains five items that can range from deluxe to full size items and they can be independent to luxury. This is $21 a month, but you can get a discount code for your first box if you see a few YouTube influencers. My first box had a code all thanks to Theresa is Dead. This box is okay but I did laugh at one item I got because of something I did this morning, let’s get to the items.

I was laughing when I saw the scrunchies because this morning I went to get my haircut to a soft pixie bob. My hair has been uneven for years and I tried to cut some uneven tips but didn’t work. I will wear them when I have longer hair but now my hair has short curls. I am excited about the lash primer though since it helps my lashes from giving my eyes an allergic reaction with every mascara I wear. I will see how it works since collagen is good for skin and hair. While with the serum from Suwasu, I placed it on my bathroom counter since I enjoy serums. I did like the toner from Suwasu I got in Ipsy not too long ago, which is to try another product. I will see how this works after knowing the toner was soothing. I did see an eyeliner pencil from Loretzy which is in black. I know I have a ton of black liners and have gotten them all thanks to other subscriptions over time. I never tried this brand but will give them a chance. And of course, the lotion from Thisworks. I never heard of this brand and it looks full size to me instead of travel. I think this will be great for my dry skin. It claims that the lavender is supposed to help with calming to sleep. I hope so since I did try one of those pillow sprays but it kept me awake.

That is it for this post. I think this month’s box was okay, not to the point of disappointing. I think the idea of having some refreshments for spring does make sense with how most people refresh their look or makeup with new items. I will see how these items go. I am waiting for Allure and my Ipsy bags, I will be doing my notetakers post, stay tuned!