Subscription Satelite: Ipsy April 2022

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with another makeup subscription!

Ipsy April 2022

It’s time for Ipsy for this month with both the Blam Bag and GB Plus. These two of the Glam Bags you can have with your subscription. The regular Glam Bag is $13 every month with deluxe to full size items with a makeup bag while the GB Plus is $28 each month with a drawstring bag containing more full-size items and you get to choose three out of the five items. Let’s see what I got in each bag shall we?

Glam Bag

I have to say that this month’s bag has another mix of makeup and skin care, even one hair care item. When I found out I was getting the Marc Anthony Leave-In Conditioner, I was excited since it was a brand I loved for so long and has given my hair some life ever since trying them out through Ipsy. WHen I got my Glam Bag in the mail, I put this item with the rest of my hair products because it has been a staple in my daily hair routine. It gives my shorter curls some life! I will definitely get a full-size product of this since I have enjoyed it! WHat I found weird is with the Symbiosis primer, it gave me a different name on the tube and the website, which you will see in the link. Even though it says Perfecting here but it says something different on their website. Not sure if it was due to Ipsy not wanting to put the actual name for the product, that seems a little weird to me when they always put the full name every month. I am looking forward to using it since it is a good size product. The item I picked was the V Cosmetics Blush since I saw this and saw it was rose gold, it got my click when the choice came up. I felt that some of the products in the selection were okay until this blush appeared. I do love blush and this was different. It’s a triple milled, shimmery pink blush that is soft on the skin. I can’t wait to use this and see how it goes! 

Update! I finished the Glow Recipe Watermelon Drops and with such a small sample, it did moisturize my face and didn’t have any weird effects like the avocado sleep mask I got from BoxyCharm a few years ago, but it was pretty good@! Wishing it was a full-size or a bigger sample size for easier distribution.

Glam Bag Plus

I don’t know why but the second and third groups for choice on GB Plus were boring again. Group 1 was the exciting one and hard for me to choose since it not only had the Ciate London bronzer but also had a nail polish duo, you all know how I love polish and keeping my nails pretty while typing, and some cream shadow from Girlactic. Why don’t they put those two products in  the other two groups since those were underwhelming and I wanted them as well. I did comment over at Ipsy about it and hoped it gets changed for June since next month is GBX. I did have a hard time with February’s GBX because the final group had some good items but the sunglasses called to me more.Anyways, I found the Dragon’s Blood Eye Gel most interesting in group 3 despite having other eye creams, it has an interesting name except has more of the skin loving ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Rose Water and other ingredients to help moisturize the eye area. I will definitely be using this once I’m done with few of the other eye creams. The Ciate bronzer caught my eye since I haven’t tried a browser from Ciate yet and thought it would be a new addition even though I use bronzers on certain occasions when I feel like contouring my outer cheeks. I will also use the brush set since this would be great for the Urban Decay Moisturizer Foundation I picked up during 21 Days of Beauty this time around. I will have to see these go. 

That completes these Glam Bags. I think Glam Bag beat out GB Plus again due to how useful the products I got were. I will still use my items in GB Plus since I never heard of SandBar before and glad to have a blush pallet this time. I did go into Jen Luv’s chat this week about Cos Box going out of business and how subscriptions are great but some people cancel due to how much product. I think, this is how I feel, subscriptions give you the items so you can take months to use over time instead of that particular month. It took an entire eight months before I started using my Sunday Riley sunscreen I got in my Allure Beauty Box last year due to using the Coppertone one I took with me to Atlanta. I will be talking about Allure next so stay tuned!

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