Subscription Satelite: My Feelings About Ipsy

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! Sorry for not posting as of late. I’ve been busy with not only work but finished my first semester at George Mason and about to go into the summer semester. As you can tell, I did pass the first semester and will make sure I get to move on. Also, I ‘ve been packing for a move. I know, we moved back in 2020 to a new part of town and will be staying in our complex except this time Tobi will be moving in with us. He was going through a bad situation and we’re helping him get out of that. I don’t want to go into too much but if you have read stuff on Reddit about Slumlords, that’s all I can say. So, I do have a different post today so I will be talking about something that is making me on the fence.

On the Fence About Ipsy

So, this month I ran into something and now feel on the fence but must do my Disclaimer first!


This post is based on thoughts and experiences by the writer of this blog, please respect her thoughts and her experiences, you’ve been warned.

Well, I’ve been back with Ipsy since 2018 because when I was subscribed before then, I had to have my dad pay for it and he had to get me to leave the subscription. I got back into it but this time with my own funds since I did get my own money into my own account that year and I was about to be hired here on the coast as well which I was glad to stay in. As time continued, Glam Bag Plus showed up and I joined that and enjoyed it. I didn’t join Lux after seeing someone’s experience not being so great with that tier. As time went on, they added the choose one item idea and one month during the summer I was not expecting this to happen. One month, I got to choose my item and chose a pretty nice product and the rest were also pretty amazing but when the box arrived it contained items that were the wrong items. They were not the ones that appeared on my profile page for GB Plus and I had to contact them about it and they apologized and sent me a new box with the right items. I don’t know what had happened but somehow someone didn’t read my items right and decided to send me someone else’s products or didn’t pay attention and packed the wrong ones, but that is not normal when I’m with Ipsy and this was the first mistake I’ve seen and took it pretty well. Unfortunately, this next instance not so much. At the end of last year, they decided to end GB Lux and added GB X and I liked it because you get items that someone famous in the beauty or beauty lover out there and you get to pick the other items while the person chooses based on your profile that they have enjoyed over time. I have enjoyed what I got every four months until now.

This month’s bag was with Madelaine Petch who was on Riverdale. I did like the items, even some of the ones I chose and one of them happened to be the Nudestix Nudies Bloom stick in Sweet Cheeks which is a blush stick. I heard good things about this brand and never got to try over time since I was not working and when I got a chance with 21 Days of Beauty I was not interested. When I saw this, I wanted to try it due to loving blushes and got into blush sticks more due to Trestique and Milani. When the bag arrived, I didn’t get it, I got a perfume instead that was in the same group. I was disappointed after getting this and tried contacting Ipsy and they sent the replacement which was not the item, they sent me a Keys Cheek Tint which was one of my other items in my bag this month and clearly upset. I sent them an email after not getting a response on Messenger and they explained that when sending the replacement they ran out of this item and sent me another Keys Cheek Tint instead since they didn’t realize they ran out of the Nudestix Nudies Bloom but they did give me a small refund and points to redeem except I feel like I am on the fence about them.

How Do I Feel?

Disappointed in them, mad, upset, wishing they would have told me the truth instead of sending something in its place. I felt that as a customer that I was not looked at as one due to how much it took for them to respond back. When I had that issue with GB Plus they got back to me right away when I explained what had happened, what items were sent instead, and they gave me a new box right away. Nowadays, since they are with BoxyCharm, I kind of feel like they are going down the same route as them. As in, not taking the time to respond in the time they usually had, as in an hour or two or even six within the same day. Not only that, they should have been honest in running out of the product, also wishing they had more than one shade if they could get it from the brand, which sometimes they get two shades of the item or three if lucky. I wouldn’t mind getting a different shade, except they only had one. I did like the perfume though and glad to have another for my collection except I am feeling a bit on the fence about Ipsy.

What Will I Do?

After this, I was thinking Ipsy was not known for sending wrong products like they had when I first joined. They were always on top, they always had really great items. I have noticed that for months they had the Roller Lash Mascara sample for Glam Bag as a choice for months and I had to avoid it. I am not a big fan of this mascara because it reminds me of the one from Rimmel I prefer more except stores don’t have it like they used to. THey were not known for repeats, which is odd. I guess they had extras? Maybe? But glad I didn’t get it again or choose it since I go for other items. I even chose sunscreen this month since we are about to hit summer. Anyways, not sure what is going on on their side but this never happened and this was the second time for the bags themselves but I did remember when I was missing something in one of my Refreshments when I was with that part of Ipsy. I am usually excited about the items but now knowing that this took place, not sure how I feel. It’s supposed to be Christmas and this feels like getting a boring gift. I am not sure if I want to just cancel GBX or do the entirety and find another box to go with Glossy and Allure since those boxes seem to have items they don’t repeat most of the time. Not sure, I will give it a few more months and think about it. The next GBX is in August and give that a chance, if they screw up with it again then I will cancel that tier entirely. I’m paying a lot and should not be screwed around with and with products like this. They should give what the customer picks and have extras if something does go wrong or have another shade and ask the customer if they want the other shade they have in their inventory. That’s my two cents on that.

That is it for this post. I will be busy for the next few weeks guys, so I won’t have time to post and I hope the internet won’t be screwed around like the last time we moved. I will update Twitter as time goes on so stay tuned!