Subscription Satelite: Glam Bag Plus June 2022

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! Time for another subscription!

Glam Bag Plus June 2022

I know I usually put the Glam Bags together but I think doing them separate would be fair. So, my Glam Bag Plus did get to me in one piece since nothing broke on the truck. That is a good thing and I have to announce something. Due to inflation, Ipsy is raising their shipping to meet the inflation situation by 1.50. So, we will be paying more starting next month, even Glam Bag X will also be affected by being $58 starting August. I did say I will give that one more chance unless they screw up but after realizing what had happened in Glossy, I will just buy the items they screwed up on if they don’t send the replacement. I haven’t bought the Nudestix blush due to getting some other makeup items but may do it next month or wait for my birthday coupon for Ulta.Let’s see what I got this month!

This was a better bag this time since I did get two skin care items. I got another serum but from this bag and I never heard of Dr. Zenobia before but glad to get a serum that has one of the ingredients I tend to enjoy and that is Hyaluronic Acid. I think of using this next since I don’t know if I can find my other Good Molecules one since I moved recently and the bottle is just there. I’m also happy that I received another Dr. Brandt items which I’ve enjoyed from them so far. I am still currently using one moisturizer that I just opened in my collection of moisturizers. I did use up my Expholikate moisturizer due to being so dry from my stomach bug. I did have a hard time finding a link for the Laura Gellar Illuminator Duo which I am happy to use since I have gotten into this brand through Ipsy and also BoxyCharm. I will definitely use this and combine the two to give off a nice glow on whatever blush I wear that day. I’m also happy to choose the Girlactick Shadow Stick since I have enjoyed shadow sticks so far and they are so easy to use when I want a quick look and I wished Ipsy did link them for Shop Brand, which I was glad to find their website and they do have other colors which I may explore. What is interesting is that this stick is more water based which will be interesting to see how well it stays on top of primer. And finally, a nail polish duo but from Mischo Beauty. I think I got a nail polish set from this brand or maybe another one since I do love nail polishes and what caught my interest was the teal, even though the website says it is a dusty blue, which still is interesting since I do love blue polish. I put on a blue black polish from Essie that I recently purchased on Nail Polish Day. I will definitely check more nail polishes out by Mischo since they are a little bit pricier than Color Club but will have to see how well their polishes feel before buying of course!

That completes this post, I’m happy for this month’s bag because I feel that the choices had more variety this time around since I did post asking about that and I feel that they listened. I can’t wait to see what July has in store since we do have the Fourth coming up and usually having something Star Spangled does make me happy since I do love stars! I did buy two of the star themed polishes from Color Club. Stay tuned for my Allure Beauty Box!

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