Subscription Satelite: Glossy Box June 2022

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! Sorry for not being around, it has been a bit chaotic over here in the Nerd Universe. Let’s see, I caught Rj’s stomach bug which he caught while being at work and we both had to go to the E. R. to get fluids because this one was a doozy on us. As in, we couldn’t keep anything down, especially when I had some pain added which happened to be a UTI. I got mine around the first few days of my summer semester of school on top of it and had to get my first week of assignments in and glad I did, week two of school met our move to a new apartment. Tobi moved in with us and we upgraded in our complex and did get to turn in stuff and now back at work to make money again. Hooray! It is back to normal and I hope I never get another stomach bug. It shows that with Covid that new things can come up that are pretty bad, I am looking at Monkey Pox which sounded new but weird. Anyways, tangent’s aside, I have the first subscription for June!

Glossy Box June 2022

So, Glossy Box arrived and I had to get it from my old mailbox because they told me I had to change my address before the 20th of the month and I did not see that anywhere. At least with Ipsy it’s before the first of the next month, but Glossy can you post that on your change of address form? Anyways, this box is $21 a month and contains full-size and some deluxe size items and can range from five to six and can also range from drugstore to luxury and even some indie brands I never heard of, let’s see what I got!

So, this month there are four products! I think this is a better box because last month was kind of underwhelming, especially having a scrubbing item that was really rough on my skin. I did toss it out because my skin hated it. The only thing that was disappointing was my blush from Pixie shattering. WHen it came it was completely broken! I thought it was from Mica beauty but it was not, whoops, but it was Pixie and I was sad. I hope they send me a replacement, if not, I may have to purchase one from Pixie since I love what i’ve tried from them. I am wanting to know, who’s bright idea was to place this item on the top? This should have been at the bottom with a better cushion because delivery is not too kind, especially by UPS. I did start using the body cream though because my skin has been super dry and left a lotion back at the old place. I do find the Christof Robin item interesting this time which claims to be a shampoo replacement. I’m not going to totally replace my shampoo since I did switch to a Carotene shampoo since I am trying to grow my hair back out and glad it is now even due to a hair cut. And I’m glad to get a new face cream to use at night since my skin did have a major dry patch after the stomach bug and it looked like a desert patch. I know, stomach bugs can dehydrate and my skin is now back to normal. I am still going to keep it hydrated as usual due how dry my skin does guests year round. I will see how everything goes and hope for an update on the blush because that was a sad moment I never thought I would go through.

That is it for this box, I know it was short but glad I got this box and glad to be back on here. I hope to get back to the normal rotation since my Glam Bag Plus is supposed to be here soon if the post does nI also get a kabuki brush with this item when I got it from the website, so if yours came broken then buy it since you can get a better value with the brush and learning from what had happened with GBX last month, if anything came broken or if they ran out, I will just buy the item instead of facing what happened last month since who knows if Glossy Box got enough inventory and with things happening with inflation and supply not being up, I doubt they would have enough. Also, I did get an email from Ipsy which I will explain in the next subscription which is Glam Bag Plus!ot get things mixed up with our mail! Grrr! Until next time!

Update: Sorry for the wait, I ran out of time all week due to busy schedule! I decided to buy the Pixie Blush Duo from Pixie’s website this morning, which is Saturday! I decided to do this because Glssy Box wanted pics and I was way too busy t do anything about it and figured that it was not that bad of a price so why not? I wanted to buy anything Pixie for years and finally got that chance since I am working. 

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