Anime Quadrant: Manga I Want to See Animated!

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with a new post!

ZWZWaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaManga I Want to See Animated

I wanted to do this post since it’s been a long time since I did anything anime due to all of the beauty related stuff got inhy6jm7u the way. Plus, I didn’t have time but the subscriptions. Anyways, for a few years now we have been seeing reboots of anime but with their manga counterparts and we have seen that with Fullmetal Alchemist, Fruits Basket, and now Tokyo Mew Mew is supposed to have their manga animated. There are some manga versions I would like to see since some series do have different versions from the anime and here they are!


I have been a huge fan of DNAngel and the same with anything Sugisaki has released when I was able to see it and I loved the manga and the anime  for this title. The anime and the manga take different turns, especially with the Ice & Snow arc which was extended in the manga because we get to see how they did the play and we also get manga only characters like with how Mio Hio was an anime only character.I know one thing they have to do is some re-casting due to how Vic Miognogna, the voice of Dark, is not really being called for any casting due to some controversies that took place and not sure if Kevin Corn, the original voice of Daisuke Niwa, is in voice acting. I do have some options who should do who if they have to do new people for the roles. For Daisuke, I would say either Justin Briner, Aaron Dismuke, or Brandon McInnis would be perfect picks since they can hit a higher range, especially Justin himself. Yes, he may have to do Deku a bit but he is high enough, while Aaron can match Kevin’s range in my opinion. While Dark I would say either J. Michael Tatum, Ian Sinclair, or David Metranga because they can do the playboy teasing Dark does, especially with Daisuke since he is almost his younger brother in a way. The rest of the cast can be easily found, especially John Swasey, Hilary Haag, and Luci Christian.

Galaxy Angel

Another series I did enjoy but I preferred the manga more and that is Galaxy Angel! I do have the first season on DVD and the thing that makes it different is that each episode is a fifteen minute vignette of randomness. You do see Milfeulle Sakuraba being a rookie for the most of season one, heck you see her ride in Ranpha’s and Forte’s ships before she got the Lucky Star in disk two. Anyways, the manga has an actual story to follow and it deals with the Angels taking care of a boy prince that was adopted and to keep away from the half-brother or impending doom to the universe after a coup d’etat took place. You not only get the prince but you also get rival characters to the Angels known as the Hell Hounds. They are counterparts for each Angel in male form and they are named after drinks like the Angels are named after desserts for the most part. If they animate this, the HellHounds better not have a cheap death!

Galaxy Angel Beta

The Galaxy Angel manga had a bit of a sequel continuing the first five books with three more with Galaxy Angel Beta and we get to meet a sixth angel, Chitose. I think this should be released with the first in one complete box which would make sense since it does continue the story and Chitose becomes more of a pawn with the villains and I could imagine Luci Christian doing the voice of this character since that is who I imagined while reading the books.

Galaxy Angel Rune

Like with the original, we do have another sequel and this time it’s Galaxy Angel Rune. We get to meet a new team that includes Milfeulle’s younger sister, Apricot. I didn’t get to read the manga due to not being able to see it but I did get to get a glimpse of Vanilla as her 21 year old self. Oh yeah, this story takes place seven years later where Milfeulle becomes a guardian between their galaxy and the Rune Galaxy and Apricot’s team basically becomes the angels in that galaxy. They did release an anime version of Rune but I think it went the same way as the original with fifteen minute shorts. But this would follow the manga instead. If these three were anime, I hope it would get a better reception because here in the United States it was not that popular. If you see any merch, you have to snatch it quickly like with Sanrio items. I am not kidding about that either! I was lucky to grab my Tequila figure from a comic shop back in Orlando since you cannot find that anywhere except specialty shops. Let’s move on!

Pilot Candidate

I know a lot of you may have remembered this anime when Adult Swim first appeared in the early 2000s, but the manga did end on a different note. For anyone new, basically the final planet Zion is under threat by an alien species called Victim and people in colonies are hoping to move to this planet to live there. In order to keep it from being destroyed, teens from the Goddess Academy pilot mechs known as Goddesses in order to protect this planet for mankind. We meet Zero Enna who becomes a student and hopes to pilot one of these mechs to help mankind as well. Like I said, the manga did take a different turn, especially the ending and it would be great to see the ending of the manga animated and I felt that the manga explained things better than the original anime, which was confusing. There is one thing if this manga were to be animated is that not use the same lady for a lot of the cast of characters! Of course keep Joshua Seth and Michelle Ruff as Zero and Kizuna but with all of the other characters we have a lot more voice actors and voice actresses that came a long way over the years since anime dubs first appeared. I mean I can see Christina V. be Teela who pilots the main goddess, Tia Ballard amongst one of the ones who works with one of the pilots or with one of the rookies. You have a lot of talent to choose from and this is where they can shine.

Lagoon Engine

Another Sugisaki work that has not gotten an anime actually but should get one. I was a fan of this mini series and it should get an anime treatment like with many other works by Sugisaki herself and it has an interesting premise as well. It deals with the supernatural and a pair of brothers have to work with their own spirits to help them out in not threatening humans. It would also be great if the anime continues the series a bit more since it was good with the short series it had as a manga. 

Elefen Lied

The final series on this list is Elfen Lied. I know we got a great anime years back but thirteen episodes was not enough and there was supposed to be a continuation with how many loose ends the final episode had. Also, they did not show Lucy’s full potential in the original! Yes, what you see is part of her strength but there is more to it and if you saw the Death Battle of her taking on Carnage, both Slash and Boom Stick mentioned all the stuff she could do that was covered more in the manga and that caused our buddies over at Super Reaction Bros. have their jaws drop. So yes, if this were to have the manga to be animated then they should have everything that Lucy can do and continue where the original left off, also not make the ending confusing!

Well, that’s it for this post! It feels good getting back to anime since I have been really busy with work and school of course! I did just receive my Glossy Box so I will be doing that post next!

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