Subscription Satelite: Allure Beauty Box July 2022

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe. I am back with a new post.

Allure Beauty Box July 2022

I got my Allure Beauty Box and this month it has stuff to pamper oneself. I like the idea of these kinds of boxes since things have been stressing me out as of late. If you saw my updates about being a little delayed due to projects, you already know! This box is $23 a month and you get either six or seven items based on favorites by the editors of Allure. Let’s see what I got!

  • PCA Rebalance Daily Moisturizer
  • Ofra Liquid Lipstick in Canyon
  • Manime Mochi Peach Ombre Kit
  • Hero Mighty Patch micro Point for Dark Spots
  • Nativia Spa Starter Kit
  • Larosche Pose Lipicure Gentle  Hydrating Face Wash

I used up one of the items since it was easy to use and was so excited about this box! I used up the La Roche Posay face wash since I figured it would be something I could get into but may be a bit pricey. I do admit I liked this better than the Sediaphil face wash from a few months ago because that one did not foam up like this one. I thought it was an issue with the product and that some units didn’t foam up but it doesn’t foam up at all and want to know if it’s working by foaming up and washing my face! I am just using up my second bottle and not buying another one since it does not foam up and I am trying another face wash for the shower. The Larosche Pose one did foam up and do what I expected in a face wash and didn’t irritate my face due to how much it’s good for the sensitive skin types. It also didn’t have a scent. I was glad to use this item up. I did break into the lotion set that came in this box because I was not expecting something like this in my box before and hoping to get more things like this, even though I did get a mini set of hair items in my Glam Bag which is coming up soon. These lotions not only have a scent but also Kinwa oil as well. I still have some dry areas on my legs and am still using the Not Pot lotion from a month ago, I will definitely give these a try after just once. The Ofra lipstick will be something I will use since I do love these and hoping it doesn’t run all over my face like Havana Nights had done. I think they improved the formula on these to keep from going all over. This shade is a terra cotta and makes sense due to the canyons taking on the color of terracotta. I will see how this goes! The Anime manicure set is a gel nail polish sticker set and I am not normally into something like these due to how I tried nail strips before and they came off pretty quickly. I guess it may be due to the company making them. I haven’t worn any press ons as of late either. I may have RJ or Tobi assist me with these since you just apply and let dry and file off any excess like regular nail strips. I Hope they go well. And of course the moisturizer! I will be using this of course to keep my face moisturized over time. Glad to get another since I don’t have to worry about buying anything else from the store with my stash. Currently working on one moisturizer though.

This box was a great box! I will have to give the gel manicure stickers a try and see how those go. I did like the face wash since it didn’t irritate my face at all. The lotion is one thing we definitely need since it’s good to have a deluxe size of lotion from time to time. The Ofra lipstick is something I will definitely use with how much I loved these over time. We will see about the moisturizer. Can’t wait to see what Allure has for August. Since getting back with this box I’ve gotten some pretty good items and some items that were not my favorite, which I should do a post about items that were not my favorite from past subscription boxes. I may do it after these boxes. What’s next? I will do my Glam Bag Plus!

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