Subscription Satelite: Items I Didn’t Like From My Subscriptions

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with another post!

Items I Don’t Like From My Subscription Boxes!

With August coming up, you know what that means, it means my subscriptions will be paid again. Which includes Glam Bag, Glam Bag X, Glossy Box, Allure Beauty Box, ScentBird, and Athena Club, which I do subscribe to for my shaving needs. And Quip for toothbrushing. As beauty boxes, I tend to give products a try but not all of them turn out the greatest and I tend to toss them and I admit I have a few I would like to mention. I may turn this into a series but let’s see what I have to say!

Briogeo Charcoal Scalp Scrub

First up is an item from Brioggio and it’s their scalp scrub and ugh! It didn’t do anything for my scalp, I felt it was just making it dirtier. I understand that my hair products do build up over time and it’s important to use something clarifying but this product didn’t do anything of that nature. I’m glad I tossed this when I had it since it didn’t do anything after two uses. I think I also got this in a bundle deal as well, but it was also tossed out after another try.

Christof Robin Waterless Shampoo

This also didn’t do anything either! I got this in Glossy Box one month and thought it was interesting because it was a paste you have to run through water and put it in your hair. Let it suds up and wash it and never use shampoo again. Unfortunately, it didn’t do anything of that nature. It did not suds up while I used it and I still needed my shampoo. It felt like what if you took my Carol’s Daughter pomade and used it as shampoo instead. I did toss this after the second time and glad I won’t be buying this.

Ofra Banana Powder

I recently tossed this because it was due to comments about my concealer. I got this in a BoxyCharm a year and a half ago and was happy that I did at first. I didn’t expect it to not play with my concealer very well while setting it. I have used certain concealers from the Cover Girl one to the Candid Concealer from Revlon which was discontinued and it still gets the comment that I didn’t blend it enough. I finally decided to let it go. I love Ofra Cosmetics but this was one product I didn’t like anymore. I will be sticking with my translucent powder for now on.

Ofra Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Havana Nights

I think I got this in a BoxyCharm but it’s the Ofra Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Havana Nights. I love the many shades I’ve used from this line but this one ran all over my face! Every other shade I used in the past never ran all over like this one. Heck, if you saw my interview with Tia Ballard, it kind of moved in that video since I wear liquid lipsticks during conventions due to being on the run a lot and hard to reapply. So, I tossed this a long time ago and won’t buy it again, well this shade specifically.

Girlactik Glitter Lip Pencils

I got these in a Glam Bag Plus when they first started. I didn’t like these Girllactic lip pencils because they were chunky and they didn’t feel right on the lips either. I haven’t tried the shadow stick I got in my GB Plus two last month but these pencils did get tossed though.

Sponge Pad from Glossy Box

I am not sure what brand this thing came from but it is a sponge pad I got in one of my Glossy Boxes and it was supposed to be great to use on all skin types including sensitive skin. When I used this it was very rough on my skin. I didn’t like how it spread my body wash so I tossed it as well. I prefer loofa balls more than something like this because it spreads my wash better. I do admit the Spongelle sponges are better than this because it is a shower gel and sponge in one and I remembered getting one of those in BoxyCharm years ago and it felt good. I wished that was in the Glossy Box that month instead. 

Well, that’s it for those items so far. I may do more of these because I feel that not all items are the best that get placed into these subscriptions and it’s better to be honest than not. I forgot I was supposed to post my thoughts about the Midnight Breed Series after reading the final book. I will do that this weekend so stay tuned!

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