Book Quadrant: Dream Anime Cast for Midnight Breed Series

Hello to all of the beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with another post!

Midnight Breed Series Cast

So, this is a what if post if the Midnight Breed Series were to be an anime. As I read the books, I have heard certain voices that fit each character in the main books of course! I will go by each couple in each book, especially with Edge of Dawn even though two of the characters, or shall I say three had appeared as kids, I will explain when that takes place. Let’s see who I picked! I have to put up with this first!


This cast posting is based on thoughts of the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her choices and opinions! You have been warned!

Lucaine and Gabrielle

First up is the first two we meet in Kiss of Midnight, Lucaine and Gabrielle. This was a good start to the series since we get some of the history behind the Breed and we got to see why Boston being the starting point of the setting. I do have a heart for this since I was born in Boston and would love to visit again, especially for Anime Boston. Who would I choose for the cast?

Lucaine: Patrick Sietz or Chris Sabat

Gabrielle: Kelly Manison

Why? With Lucaine, since he was the leader of the Breed, he needs a leader sounding voice and while reading the book, I heard Chris Sabat at first since he has done lead voices in the past, while other times I heard Patrick Sietz since he would be a great back up if Chris was not available. Patrick and Chris can be good at serious tones and the idea of being a badass leader toting titanium rounds with some swords seems pretty fun. Kelly Manison for Gabrielle kind of fits the idea since she would be the leader’s arm candy, especially after the time skip. Gabrielle becomes stronger as the time in the books goes on and her being more of a lead when she has Darien proves her character. I feel with Kelly since she would not be able to know what the Breed is at first since she thinks Lucaine is a regular cop after witnessing  a rogue attack at a nightclub..  She does become more motherly during the series and accepts new Breed Mates appearing. I think these two will be voiced by some of the greatest!

Dante and Tess

Next up is the couple in Kiss of Crimson! I did love this one since it started off as a Halloween night of fun but turned to horror, haha! I do love Halloween myself and getting to see how the tale starts with this holiday and how Dante and Tess get to meet on one night, which does get a bit messy even with the relationship as it goes!

Dante: Illich Guardiola

Tess: Lauren Landa

It was hard to think about who would fit for Dante since the book mentioned he had a slight accent due to how he came from Italy. I thought of Illich Guardiola because he has a slight accent in a lot of his roles, such as Krad in DNAngel for example. I could also imagine him doing one of the lines from Lethal Weapon towards the end would be entertaining. Not kidding, they do quote from that movie in this one! While Lauren Danda for Tess I think her voice for Sailor Neptune would fit since she can do a more mature voice, since she did make her sound as if she was in college than high school, and I see that voice for Tess. Tess is supposed to be nurturing due to being a bet herself and seeing that with Harvard, the puppy Dante brings to her,, with fixing what ailments it was going through and then taking care of it afterwards. These two have pretty interesting choices but would work off each other as the series goes.

Teagan and Elise

Next up is the couple from book three, which I have an interesting pairing for this one!

Teagan: Reuben Langdon

Elise: Christine Auten

I sometimes heard Reuben as Teagan since the image of Teagan was almost like Dante from Devil May Cry. He had white hair, blue eyes, and tanned skin due to his mother I guess, which I know Dante is pale but matches enough to the character. Teagan is a bit of a rogue-like character and has been there for Lucaine since they are around the same age and he has been when the Breed first started. Yes, Reuben has to be serious at most of the role but he can hit it pretty well. Christine as Elise, since she has played motherly characters like Kelly has, I feel she fits Elise since Elise has had experience with having a teenage son in the previous book.. Even in the start of the third book, she is a bit stubborn but shows her wisdom as the book continues and helps with the findings of the Ancient after infiltrating a package that had Breed symbols. I liked how well she worked out and the romance between her and Teagan fit with each other. I think the anime would show how the characters interact with these two actors.

Rio and Dylan

Next up is the couple of the fourth book, Rio and Dylan. I did enjoy this one since it started a mystery that did help the Breed and showed how one Breed Mate can be stronger and make one who has been scarred stronger. Who do I pick for these two?

Rio: Lex Lang

Dylan: Luci Christian

Lex has been an awesome voice actor for many years and I think he would be right for Rio. Not sure if he could do a slight Spanish accent, we get to see his past and how he became a part of the Breed.. While Luci as Dylan, on the other hand, she can use an older voice to be Dylan, I could see her Uraka voice to be Dylan since she is supposed to be out of college and having her first writing job. I do like her Breed Mate powers where she can talk to ghosts of the dead Breed Mates which helps with solving some of the mystery they have to face and knowing who Dragos would be and what he’s doing with Breed Mates in the first place. .

Nikolai and Rinata

Next up is Nikolai and Rinata from Veil of Midnight. These two are powerful within the Breed since Rinata knows how to defend herself and is a helpful back up for Niko and the rest. Who do I pick to play this powerful couple?

Niko: Neil Christie Newbonniel

Rinata: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Ever since reading Veil of Midnight, I always thought Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as Rinata would be the best choice. Her voice always filled my mind whenever she went through the different parts with Niko, which made me think of Neil as this version but the good version of his character from Resident Evil 3. I know it sounds weird to have this guy be another Nikolai but he can do a really good Russian accent!

Rikon and Claire

Next up is the couple from the sixth book! Let’s see who I pick!

Rikon: John Burgmeier

Claire: Elizabeth Maxwell

I think this was an interesting pick for me since I did hear a slight German accent with John’s Shigure voice for Rikon since he is supposed to be a bit of a playboy in the series at first. He does get more serious when Dragos’ goons attack his Dark Haven at the end of Veil of Midnight and the sixth book is where he grows. Claire, on the other hand, was a little hard since she has been married since the 1970s and thinking about it Elizabeth Maxwell would be the right choice for her.

Caid and Elex

My most favorite in the entire series and here are my picks for both of them!

Caid: Johnny Yong Bosh

Alex: Laura Bailey

Caid does have a twin brother and I would also have Johnny do his voice but slightly deeper since he’s supposed to be slightly older than Caid. While with Laura as Alex, while reading the books again not too long ago, I did hear her as Alex this time around. She would fit as the character since she would be a bit more petite and with the Tohru voice.

Brock and Jenna

Next up is the couple that is different where one is Breed while the other is human turning slightly Breed.

Brock: Khary Payton

Jenna: Veronica Taylor

Oh yeah! I picked Cyborg to be Brock since he can play serious and playful at the same time and Brock does that, especially around Caid. I figured he would fit with the Breed member since he has to take care of Jenna and does feel a little bit injured after losing Corrine, who will be next. Jenna is someone that I see Veronica Taylor play due to how she can play a strong character like Sailor Pluto in Sailor Moon. She also changes into someone who is important to the Breed due to what the Ancient did to her and we get to see her maturity during the time skip, which I feel would be a good role for her.

Hunter and Corrine

Now onto the second to last book in the first part of the series where we see the first of the Hunters and someone who someone thought was dead but wasn’t.

Hunter: Robbie Daymond

Corrine: Michelle Ruff

I was going to save Robbie Daymond for one of the other vampires but Hunter would be a great choice since he is one of the fish out of water among the Breed due to being one of Dragos’ killer machines. He was saved all thanks to Mira in Veil of Midnight and figured he could use his Tuxedo Mask sounding voice for Hunter. While Michelle Ruff would fit Corrine the most since Corrine is someone who has been scarred due to being kept in a cell for giving birth to hunters herself. I thought with Michelle Ruff being a choice since she can be strong sounding for areas where Corrine would use her Breed Mate powers and then just go back to more of her softer side around Hunter and her son, Nathan within the story itself. 

Chase and Tavia

Now to the last couple in the first ten books!

Chase: Newt Pittman

Tavia: Monica Rial

It was hard with Chase since he may be a full grown Breed male but I am imagining Newt Pittman’s Gray voice coming out of his mouth, especially when he was starting to go down the road of Blood Lust towards the last two books. He does find love eventually in Tavia after losing Elise to Teagan earlier in the series. While Tavia, on the other hand, didn’t know who or what she was due to how the lies she was given hid her true identity as being a Breed female underneath. Monica Rial would be a good choice for her voice since she has played older women in anime such as Jo in Burst Angel and also was in Rahxephon. Would be interesting how her Breed sounds would sound like, may have to use a lioness sound?

Well, that is it for this dream cast. I will be splitting this into two because it would be too long if I added the time skip books for the rest of the series. I will get the rest up in the meantime. I am starting a new semester this coming week and will find a time to do the second part of this casting post. So, I would stay tuned if I were you, I am still waiting on my Ipsy Glam Bag at the moment. Until next time!

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