Anime Quadrant: Review on Sailor Moon Super, Super S, and Stars

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back k from traveling the vast nerd universe and I have an anime review this time!

Sailor Moon Seasons Super Through Stars


This review is based on thoughts and opinions from the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts and feelings and to be warned this will be long!


After returning from the thirtieth century, Usagi and the rest of the Sailor Guardians were hoping to start on their entrance exams for high school until a nightmare hit Usagi of her silver crystal not being the same. After a new enemy appears and takes Rei’s heart crystal, she gains new powers and new Sailor Guardians appear and they come from the outer planets with Neptune and Uranus. Pluto also appears again. WHat’s this? Chibiusa is also back but as a Sailor Guardian too? Will this new enemy take them out before Pharaoh 90 does?

Sailor Moon Super S starts after Pharaoh 90 is defeated and Sailor Saturn is now asleep in baby form. A solar eclipse appears as Chibiusa hopes to return to home until the eclipse reveals a new circus and a possible new enemy that is chasing the Pegasus known as Helios. Nehelenia and her Dark Moon Circus are willing to gain the crystal Helios possess by finding the golden dream mirror from anyone in the Juban District. While battles surge, both Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon gain new powers to become Super Moon and Super Chibi Moon along with the rest of the Sailor Guardians to fight and protect whoever has this mysterious mirror and find out who Helios really is.

The final season, Stars, starts with the guardians finally reaching high school and that an old enemy Nehelenia, has been released from her mirror all thanks to a new threat in the galaxy. This also accelerates Sailor Saturn to return from her baby form to join the rest of the guardians to fight Nehelenia who has caused havoc with her mirrors. Once that obstacle is taken care of, Mamoru finds out his thesis was picked up at a university in America and was given a ride for a year and Usagi has to go alone without him. During his absence, another threat appears where Sailor Guardians are taking peoples star seeds for the bigger threat and Sailor Moon must use her new Eternal Moon form to take them on and with the help of three new guardians called the Sailor Starlights who take on the form of a popular boy group called the Three Lights. While taking on the new threat, Usagi and crew find out more of what took place among the guardians beyond their galaxy and who Galaxia is in order to save their own home and solar system.


I want to apologize for the crappy review of the first part of the re-dub a few years back. I was basing it off of how I was used to the old Dic dub we all knew and love but I still stand on Luna and Rei still sounding alike. I do have to say that Chibiusa did grow on me since she was better as she grew as a character in this version due to how it was the entire run of the series from Japan we know and love. Also, I didn’t like how RJ put his own two cents in after growing up with the Dic dub as well.

Like with everyone else, Pluto, Uranus, Nemptune, and Saturn also got recasts.. I already was excited Veronica Taylor plays Pluto and she does very well since Pluto is almost like a second mother to Chibiusa and of course Veronica was famous for being Ash’s mom back in the original dub for Pokemon. The ones who took up the newer voice mantles include Erica Mandez as Uranus, Lauren Landa as Neptune, and Cassandra Lee Morris Christine Marie Cabannos as Saturn. I feel that they made really good choices for these three like with Pluto. I think the casting strength was Nehelenia because she sounded like the actress they had before due to how she has all the hate towards everyone if anyone crosses her. I feel like they tried to encompass the original dub in how everyone sounded. Such as how they made Sailor Jupiter sound the closest to her original counterpart and I commented Amanda Miller on that at MegaCon years ago. I do give props to Lauren and Erica for their performances as Uranus and Neptune because Erica did a good job with the sound for Haruka in normal and guardian modes since she is very androgenous while Michiru is very elegant and can be teasing at times. I think I prefer Lauren more in this version since the original did have to follow what the directors have to tell her. Neptune does always keep elegance in her speech after her transformation.

With Stars, I was hoping to see it dubbed at some point. When Viz announced they were dubbing it for the first time, it made me really happy since Dic didn’t do it due to things that may not be best for the younger crowds and Toonami back in the day like with Uranus and Neptune being cousins. Here they introduced three new Sailor Guardians called the Sailor Starlights and well they do change from being guys to girls and since we live in different times people are more accepting. I can see where the creator came up with the idea since Seiya did explain in the season the reason they did this is due to looking for their princess and it would be easier to find her by being an idol group to attract women and that their music would reach her. One good example is that in one episode, Usagi went to one of their concerts and had the truth explained through one of their songs.. I did find the interactions between Seiya and Usagi cute and of course he did call her Bun Head like with Mamoru. I can’t wait to see how they will do the Cosmos movies since those are supposed to be slated for next year to show the Crystal version of Stars. Also, I got the story of Stars in english since I have watched some of it in Japanese and glad they did an english version.


5 out of 5 Shooting Star Paw Prints for Super, 4 out of 5 for Super S and 5 out of 5 for Stars. I always found Super S being a little weird and with the re-dub it did catch the wackiness of the Black Moon Circus but of course some of the monsters were weird in the end. I do have to give props for Nehelenia and the Amazoness Quartet since those are the redeeming qualities. I think Eternal did the better job with how they did Super S. Super did have a strong story since we were dealing with aliens who were looking for heart crystals and we did get the truth behind Hotaru being involved and that she was really Sailor Saturn underneath it all. I did like how she tried to fight off the evil version of Hotaru to help the guardians in the end. While Stars did have her more involved and get to see her fighting alongside everyone else. Wishing we got to see her transform in the original since she got to do that in Eternal. While Stars had the final villains being Sailor Guardians which makes sense since the first season we had Queen Beryl who was an ancient enemy from Silver Millenium’s past then in the next season we had enemies which the series did get popular. As in, we had filler aliens and then went into the Dark Moon family from the other side of the moon, then we had aliens with science in season 3 with witchcraft, a circus coming through an eclipse which that seems interesting, and end it with Sailor Guardians beyond the solar system that fought off chaos. Makes sense to end it with evil Sailor Guardians! Can;t wait to see what Cosmos has in store!

That ends this review and I’m glad I got to see the ending of Sailor Moon in english since being a teenager and enjoying the original. Now seeing that it got re-dubbed made it better. I am glad it got another chance to entertain not only old fans but introduce new fans to the series as well. What is next? I am still reading things on my Kindle but I do still have the Bests & Worsts for this year at the end of this month!

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