The Beauty quadrant: How I Feel After Cancelling My Beauty Subscriptions?

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe and now have a new post!

How Do I Feel After Canceling My Beauty Boxes?

I know every month for a while I write about my beauty boxes since I talk about beauty time to time except this past year I canceled all of them as in all of my Ipsy, Allure, and Glossy Box but had kept my Scent Bird which I do love perfume, my Athena Club since I do need razors time to time, and Quip which I got a new toothbrush from and wanted to see why so many people enjoy it and I can see why and oral health is important. I do love beauty but I wanted to say that I am not missing them much, I may miss the Allure one since they do send more sample sizes but I needed a break for a bit. I would love to talk about how I feel after canceling though. But first!


This post is based on the opinions and feelings of the lead writer of this blog. Please understand that she is not bashing any of these companies, she is just talking about what it’s like to be without something.

I Save More Money

First of all, I am saving money every month. Yes, I get ScentBird each month and do get Athena Club every six months now and Quip every three but with the beauty boxes on top of it it does make it more expensive. If you look at it, I’m spending around close to $40 every month for both Ipsy Glam Bag and Glam Bag Plus which are around $13 and $28 each month, then every four is Glam Bag X which is $55. Then Allure is around $23 and Glossy Box is $21 and to add that up is $82 and every four months if we factor in GBX is around $100+.And that is already a lot out of my budget for the month due to how I have to pay more in rent due to living in a two bedroom space, power, internet,, and of course streaming services which includes CrunchyRoll, soon next year Paramount Plus, Audible, also keeping our Google Drive alive for this blog account! Yeah, it does get expensive very quickly and living in Florida, my paycheck stays the same on both work and Social Security. So, I have to budget wisely now.

I Get to Choose My Own Stuff!

Almost all of the subscription boxes I was with had them choose my items, even though with Ipsy and when I was with BoxyCharm I did choose one item. While not being subscribed, I get to pick my own makeup, shades, and my skin care while shopping on Ulta, Target, Bath & Body Works, Lush, and any perfume places I can afford!! I do like to try new things from different brands that have items that may match my profile but some of the choices are a bit off or the choice items are not that great. Remembered when I mentioned with the Glam Bag Plus that one or two groups seem to be a bit blah? At least I can choose the things I really like while shopping.

I Can Still Try New Things From Different Brands in Stores!

Some of the physical stores do carry some of the brands that are in the boxes such as E. L. F.Sunday Riley, Mac, and more. I can still try their newer products as they either come out or wait for a sale. Plus, some of the brands I see in these boxes that are more independent also sometimes end up in stores such as Sephora and Ulta and could just try them that way. I was glad I could still get Tony Moly, Hempz, and Formula 1006 at Ulta and if I can’t find the item I loved from them there is always their own website to purchase from. 

I Can Find The Skin Care That Works For Me!

While being in BoxyCharm and Allure, there are times where I got skin care that doesn’t really fit me. As you know, I have dry and sensitive skin and there were times where I got items for oily skin Heck, when I got Glossy Box, I felt that some of the skin care was a bit off from what I usually use. I am using some of the skin care items I got in boxes past so I can use them up, which I will mention next, so I can get my correct skin care items or toss the ones that may not be great for me. I understand they have questionnaires with some boxes like Ipsy and BoxyCharm, they are sometimes a bit off from what you originally thought at times. Let me go to the next point.

It’s Hard to finish Items While the Pile Grows!

I notice some of my favorite YouTube personalities mentioned and I see this as well where, especially with Boxy and Glam Bag Plus and GBX, it’s hard to finish your products as the pile grows. I have so much skin care I have collected from these boxes, even sample sizes of them, I had hard times trying to get into new products before finishing one. It takes a while for someone to finish one moisturizer each month, goes the same with a lotion, a serum, and more. It takes me three to four months to finish my beloved Bath & Body Works shower gel because I only take one shower a day and don’t use that much shower gel in my loofa. Heck, even with my toner, yes I use it twice a day but I am not dowsing myself in toner because I use a cotton round to apply it twice a day. What about samples?

Not Enough of a Sample Size!

In some of the samples you get from either Ipsy or even Allure, there are times where there is not enough to last that month. I remembered getting a tiny tube of moisturizer in my Glam Bag a while back and it gets used up for my entire face twice a day in one or two days after getting the bag for the month. I remembered how people had BirchBox that the little foil packets didn’t have enough of a sample either and remembered Eleventhgorgeous not liking those and the sizes in that box either. I think the only samples that last the longest are eye shadow samples, blush, highlighter, and eye creams. Oh right, lip sticks since they can take longer if they don’t break.

Being Able to Pick Your Eyeliner Colors Easily!

If you remembered my massive complaints about getting nothing but black eyeliner? I swear I should get a coat like the shop guy in Resident Evil 4 and have all of my black eyeliners and show up to a concert in town or in Orlando and open it and be like, “Welcome! See what you like!?” When someone calls out for eyeliner. With my eye looks I like to match my eyeliner with the color scheme like rose gold with any rose gold tones, copper with a copper and brown look, even a green one with a green eye look, but Ipsy, Allure, Boxy even, tend only get black most of the time and rarely has these colors! I understand black is classic but we live in a world where NYX, Urban Decay, Huda Beauty, and other brands carry so many colors even nude! I did mark “Rarely” under black after getting so many of them, I still got black liners. Ipsy, read your profiles and reviews!

Being Able to Be Contacted If a Product Sells Out at a Store’s Website!

One thing I love about shopping online is to see that button about being contacted if a product sells out. I had that happen to myself if my favorite Tony Moly face wash sells out or even if a shade of lipstick sells out and Ulta does come through! A lot of stores do this and I wish this happened with Ipsy. What really got me to leave Ipsy was that with certain choice items I made through GBP I end up selling out and they don’t contact me about it. It makes me lose trust in them if I am going to choose anything if they don’t offer a different option to choose from. I did bring this up to them and hoped they would take my idea but being able to have that option for a contact for a sold out item does make the shopping experience better.

I believe that is it! I feel better to get some of these off my chest when it comes to some of the issues with box subscriptions. Will I miss them? Yes and no! Like I said before, I feel that having stuff chosen for me can be a limited hing in the makeup that is offered when I have an Ulta or Target down the road from me in both directions that I can Uber to and pick up my favorite NYX item or look around in the app for the newest  blush shade or mascara and get a code to use in my bag if needed.I can still purchase brands like Purlisse and Huda online just as easily if I wanted to, which I can choose from my drugstore or independent brands. So, I am not missing it really, I am missing the happiness behind getting it in my mailbox though but not missing the pile on products which I was having a low buy all thanks to these boxes due to getting my usual items with but one thing I didn’t mention is that the products do change as you get older with Ipsy. I’m 37 now and I noticed how I got more skin care over makeup, even as I hit my mid-thirties the change started around then. I do enjoy skin care but I still want makeup more than that at times even if it is in deluxe size and I only get five to six products every month. I am glad I did cancel when I had. 

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