Bests & Worsts of 2022

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! It’s that time again!

Bests & Worsts of 2022

Man, 2022 started off strong and then ended rough for me, RJ, and Tobi. I felt as though that it not only was a year of transformation but also a major dumpster fire towards the end. I bet you’re wondering, how so?

Passing My Classes At A New School

Last fall, I was admitted into George Mason University for their Assistive Technology Master’s Program. I had to leave the U. Mass due to my grades falling below the recommended provisional status to stay! Also, they thought I couldn’t read. Yes, let that sink in, they thought I could not read especially basic directions! If I couldn’t have been able to read then how could I read the application and other things? Yes, I use screen readers to read things out to me even while typing but I do also have Braille devices to read things on and I felt that I was being underestimated and doubted that I could pass a Master’s Program. Even one of the professors thought I should get into a face to face type program for this type of degree but Florida discontinued theirs at FSU due to lack of interest/ I did give myself some time before applying again and improved my Braille reading on top of it and did start the application around August and managed to get everything submitted and while attending the NFB Virginia Virtual convention I found out I got in with easier provisions. I did manage to meet said provision and passed my first four classes with B and above and even passed this semester again despite all the crap I went through with Nicole! I am about to hit my second to last semester and hoping to graduate at the end of 2023.

Moving Two Times

So, Tobi moved in with us during the summer due to some drama back in the place he used to live in when our buddy Rayne was still alive. Once things happened, the in-laws turned into slum lords and man it is something that caused him to lose contact with them once he moved in with us. We were great when we transferred to a two bed and two bathroom apartment in South Daytona but never thought they would blame us for the roach infestation. Well, leading up to our lease renewal we had a leak that started at our bay window and I heard some pops happening and it was the spot where the leak was heading towards in the ceiling that separates the living room from our dining alcove and that collapsed! It took until then for them to come by and take a photo and then fix it when I reported this leak two days before! Once fixed, more roaches appeared after having small groups showing up. We had a feeling that they came from the apartment above and the one across the way that left trash out for weeks on end without taking it to the compactor on property. Even HelloFresh boxes were outside their unit for two and a half weeks while we were leaving. We moved in and did some fumigation thinking that we brought them into the new space but actually the base boards were not sealed properly! How did we know? Well, fast forward to Tropical Storm Nicole. We were supposed to go to Orlando for RangerStop and hoped that the storm would clear up in time for us to head down there and stayed home during the night it hit and waking up that Thursday, everything was calm and good. We were about to pack up some last minute things and hit the road. While RJ went to grab his stuff in the bathroom, I went to the kitchen to make my morning coffee and stepped in a puddle in front of the closet that had our washer and dryer combo and asked why was there water inside? RJ came out to see it coming in through the front, then went to see it coming through the back at our sliding doors and then through the walls in our bedroom. He woke up Tobi and that is when we had a huge problem on our hands.. I am still mad at the property we used to live in and how they handled it, especially afterwards where they knew about the baseboards not being sealed properly and they did try checking our’s but our stuff was in the way. To be fair, we still were unpacking and both RJ and I were working and Tobi’s stuff was among the items in the living room. As someone who has moved for years now, we don’t just move a backpack, we have our items, especially the stuff we bought over time, RJ’s items of course, also Tobi’s. We did toss out my old pull out couch I had since 2010 and glad we did because that thing was not comfortable. Anyways, we did move back to West Daytona and glad we found a place with two beds and two bathrooms within a short time and also what we were told by current property managers that people were jumping ship to current place due to how the apartments were flooded at old one and one of them did work there and talked about Erma causing cars to float. If you are reading this and wanting to move to Daytona Beach, I don’t recommend SailPoint Bay nor Marina Vista because these places are near a river that would cause flooding. Yes, I did ask about that before moving in and was told about flood walls built after Matthew, except during Nicole dams were broken and that caused a lot of issues where water came from Port Orange into our area where the bay meets/ THis is where proper draining should be in place, I think that was not cleared in time for the hurricane. All in all, we are in a better area and now hoping that no hurricanes hit in 2023!

Best Series On Streaming: Moon Knight

Now onto the list! First up is the best series we have seen on stream. It was a bit hard but I did enjoy Moon Knight. I think this was better than Miss Marvel because of how the story was written, the characters were portrayed, and how Egyptian folklore was even told with gods having avatars in humans. I also liked how everyone interacted with Steve and Mark since they were the same guy with one god but each guy takes over in different ways. Even though Miss Marvel was good, I agree that some things are a little off such as how Marvel is now, hoping, bring the inhumans finally! I can’t wait to see what will be in store for the next season if they make one for Moon Knight.

Runner-Up: Obi Wan

Star Wars continued with another series on Disney Plus with Obi Wan which tells what happened to Obi Wan Kenobi after the third movie. This was also good and did get the runner up spot. It was good to see the rematch between Vader and Kenobi at the end.

Worst End to a Book Series: Ing of Midnight, the Final Book in Midnight Breed

I  know! Gasp! I felt as though King of Midnight was not the best ending to a book series as you know Midnight Breed has been my favorite vampire romance series. I felt with the last few books, well the last two, they were lackluster with how they were written. King of Midnight felt more like an adult version of Sailor Moon and wished it was better.

Best Documentary: Train Wrecked: Woodstock 99

This year, I started watching documentaries and one of them happened to be the one on Woodstock in 1999.I remembered MTV talked about how bad Woodstock was and how they were there at certain times of the weekend. After seeing what took place during that weekend, I was shocked! I already knew about Limp Bizkit causing the first bit of issues where people went wild with “Break Stuff” where they actually broke things. Bad songs to perform even though at that time some people were listening to these bands with angry songs. Papa Roach did have “Last Resort” as one example. The craziness continued with Fat Boy Slim in the rave hangar where a van drives in during the set with some unfavorable things going on inside and ending it with Red Hot Chili Peppers’ set where people dropped their candles during the vigil that was dedicated to what happened at Columbine that year. It started major fires and it keeps going. If you need something to watch, I definitely recommend this documentary.

Most Boring Game Release: Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

In the past, Pokemon usually had big releases especially with pre-orders. Such as HeartGold and Soul Silver having the figures of their respective legendaries on the covers, Black & White  having the chance to get Victini in Castelia City, getting posters with their sequels. And having midnight release parties for X and Y, while with Scarlet and Violet, there was not much. The only pre-order bonus I snagged were the floral backpacks from Pokemon Center. I wished there was more to these games since new features have been introduced and would have been fun to have some more extras. I do miss some of the extra items you can get such as figurines, heck I would love a pin or even a special hat in what color version you get. If they do another big release for the next games, I hope they would have a better bonus. I’ve seen better pre-order releases for other games on the Switch, heck even for the other systems than these.

Best Collectibles: Sanrio Classic Plushies!

Earlier this year, Sanrio had released classic versions of the beloved Hello Kitty plush in her old overalls we all knew and loved. I purchased the bigger version of her and man she came big. I was able to hug her as usual and then later on around summer, they released classical versions of their other characters. I bought one of Kuromi and Pom Pom Purin in their bigger versions of course! Yes, they were pricey but they were worth getting their beloved classic versions. You may be lucky in finding a few left since the FOMO is real where you if you spot it you must get. Once it’s sold out then it’s gone.

Best Keto Snack Option: Bacon Jerky from Star Walker Farms

As you know, I have changed my diet since 2020 and I have tried some good companies with keto options and gluten[free as well. This year, I have tried some that I have seen on YouTube that I noticed on Facebook and seen just on Facebook alone and glad I got to try and one company I finally slapped my debit card with Apple Pay is Star Walker Farms. I love me some beef jerky and so far have preferred Prevail Jerky the most due to how good their jerky is and even went for their eight pack finally and finished it recently! I was glad to see turkey jerky and that was delicious! Stryve is still okay but wishing they had better strips of their biltong. The one that got me curious was Star Walker and their bacon jerky and I tried one of them and oh man! It is delicious! It’s basically bacon cooked and dried and does have a bit of crispness but tender. I am wanting to try some of the others they carry and may do so in the new year since we are planning to go back to RangerStop next year and may carry some of the bacon jerky along with Prevail.

Runner Up: Peanut Butter and Chocolate Hazelnut Sandwiches by Chubby Snacks

This past year I finally got to purchase Uncrustables to hold me over until we moved into the newer apartment and did have to lose a lot of food after Nicole and got a new fridge once all of our food was tossed. The uncrustables did bring me some happiness and that was my miss for Chubby Snacks. This is a company that makes organic mini sandwiches with wheat bread and you can choose between peanut butter, sunflower butter, and almond butter with either grape or strawberry jelly or get the variety pack with all three butters and with all the jellies. One that they brought for the holidays with an option with chocolate hazelnut butter and OMG these are delicious! One thing though is to have a drink next to you because like with peanut butter sandwiches, you can get stuck with the chocolate hazelnut combo with these sandwiches. I highly recommend it!

Worst Subscription Experience: Hello Fresh

I know! Gasp! WWe tried out HelloFresh because Tobi had been sponsored by them through his Twitch Channel and we decided to help him out so he could pay bills. Me and RJ subscribed to try it out once and wished we hadn’t. I know my favorite YouTube personalities raved about this subscription and how good it was for meal prep, how it’s easy, and it was pre portioned for everyone. Unfortunately, their raves don’t line up with our rants. As in, reality is different from what you expect. The portions were not that big to begin with. We were given awesome sounding food such as meatballs with lemon couscous and mandarin beef bowls but the portions were small! Let me use my meatballs for example! When they sent me the beef it felt like a smaller pack you can get from Publix or Winn Dixie and that was supposed to make ten to twelve meatballs. The kind of meatballs you would make are the ones that come in the Chef Boyardee cans, as in tiny, round meatballs. I had Tobi make standard ones and they were big six meatballs and I ate the entire thing because RJ does not like couscous and that entire thing fed me up as one big meal when it was supposed to be a two person thing. Even when we filled out our profiles we were selecting for a family 1 to 2. And those portions can only feed one person if you eat the entire thing and the entire thing is filling. While splitting for two people, you are still hungry. I was still hungry after having the pork chops and salad thing RJ was given because his pork chops were small when I can get thick, boneless ones from Prine’s easily! Also, the pricing for something like this is not worth it either. It showed me the price breakdown and after eating some of the stuff it was not worth the pricing when you can get bigger packs of pork chops, ground beef, and other things for around the same price. Heck, four containers of couscous cost me $15 on AMazon alone.  Oh, also, the food did not react well with my stomach. I thought it was due to how much I ate of that entirety of meatballs and couscous but when I had the chicken and pasta thing the first night, I only ate half and I went straight to the bathroom! No bueno in my book! I do not recommend Hello Fresh to anyone guys, I am sorry! If you see anyone advertise Hello Fresh on YouTube like I do, just fast forward!

Runner Up: Glam Bag X from Ipsy

I loved Ipsy when I was a part of it for a few years and glad to get to try new products in skin care and makeup. When they brought on Glam Bag X, this was a new thing that replaced a tier that didn’t go so well. This one was great until the two for May and August. You get around seven to eight full-size prestige and luxury brands such as Sunday Riley, Alicia Keys’ skin care line, and even Quay which I chose those sunglasses as one of my things because of course I was happy to get them in my GBX instead of buying them online. It was great until this past May when I saw that my NudeStix blush stick was missing and had to ask for a replacement. The replacement arrived and it was another blush and lip tint I already got in my bag. Apparently they sold out and had to refund me. I was upset and will buy one at some point. I thought this would happen just once but I was wrong! August had Alicia Keys curating the bag and I made my choices and when my box arrived only half of it arrived. Tobi double checked the items and I was pissed! I took a screenshot of the page and sent it to Ipsy through Messenger and told them that only half of these arrived and they apologized. The First Aid toner sold out apparently but they were able to send me the replacements for the rest and my extra item and refunded me for the toner. If I am paying $55 for this tier, I am expecting to get everything in my bag not half of it and  I think Ipsy has the worst oversight for any issues that can arise when bags for any tier gets sent out. I did unsubscribe from Ipsy entirely and don’t know if I will ever go back but I am happy to get makeup and skin care I actually enjoy and have fun shopping for on the Ulta app!

I think I will end it here! This year did have some good things but of course we still have the worst. I didn’t include any movies because we didn’t catch much due to our busy schedules. Hoping next year will be better. Like I said we are trying again with RangerStop due to how we had to miss the entire weekend. We did book our room and now hoping we keep doing press and that it doesn’t disqualify us from not doing it this past year. I am thinking of getting VIP tickets so we can check out the events for VIP Pass Holders. What about the Omni Fandom Expo? According to their website, they couldn’t hold it this past year due to their schedules not aligning with staff members and I can see that being bad since our schedule was lining up due to my school work with some things too. I am hoping they do come back in 2023 since I have missed them and they were the only convention that sought us out early on and have done press for them ever since they started.  I am also planning to travel for my graduation if the winter storms are not as bad as this past Christmas. I did ask about the weather in Virginia in winter and was told they are mild. My co-worker did tell me it does get cold and I believe it. I will make sure I wear my George Mason hoodie since I picked one up so that I can do it when working hard enough. I did get myself a class ring at the start of the semester after my refund came in and got it to show I am halfway through the program and keeps me going while wearing it. 

For Nerdy Shique’s sake, I will be going back to YouTube! I have pre-ordered some makeup and am hoping to get a new makeup video up. I am sorry for not doing any new videos at the new place due to how crazy things got during 2020 and 2021. Hoping to have more content up before RangerStop and possible return to Omni. Now hoping someone doesn’t flag it like with the Naked Ultraviolet look video I made. Oh yeah! A troll asked for it to be taken down and they are not into makeup! There was nothing wrong with the video either. I am also starting reviewing books again and other parts of media to keep things fresh after unsubscribing from Ipsy, Allure, and Glossy Box. I will do some makeup stuff, I was planning to do one Cosmetic Controversy post and will be doing that at the start of 2023. So, stay tuned for everything in 2023 and hope you all have a safe New Year! Until next time!

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