Beauty Quadrant: Brands That Lost Their Creative Spark!

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! Happy new year! Time for the first post of 2023!

Makeup Brands That Lost Their Creativity!

I love makeup and with most brands I tend to notice how creative they are with their products and feel as though some of them have lost their way. What caught me was bold colors, cute packaging, and now it feels that with the demand for neutral products they have gone to the wayside or make products that are weird or shadow pallets with off color schemes. I have noticed with some they are releasing the same items over and over with different packaging! Let’s see what I think about which brands lost their creative spark over time.


This post is based on the thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts and opinions on makeup. You have been warned!

Urban Decay

Starting with a brand I fell in love with ever since getting their mascara in Ipsy moons ago. Urban Decay caught my eye with their Naked pallets with how colorful they were and how well the color schemes fit with each one. Naked was very neutral, Naked 2 was smoky, Naked 3 was purple, Naked Smoky was even smokier, Heat with fiery shades, Honey with honey shades and you get the drift. They even were more colorful with their Game of Thrones pallet a few years ago and matched with the houses. Now with having brands that can make their own Naked pallets, they started to discontinue some of them but where they lost their creativity was around the Naked Cyber pallet. I finally used mine this morning and the shades were hard to put together a shadow look with the reds. When I think something cyber I think silver! Not red and peach!! THere was only one shade with silver and blue duo chrome which makes me sad. I think the other pallets I could come up with look more than with this one and I feel as though Urban Decay is losing their spark in making awesome products. I also noticed it in making new Basics pallets which should have been done a while ago when they were bringing new Basics pallets for Naked 2 not now since they have done it with 3. I may be with Jen Luvs Reviews where she is stopping purchasing from Urban Decay. I think I may have lost some of my naked pallets from them in the flood since I had backups for Naked 3, Heat, and Honey and found my Honey back up though. I may have to see. Next!

Too Faced

I used to love Too Faced with their Chocolate Bar pallets and with having Jared with them it felt as though they didn’t know where they were going. At first with the Chocolate Bar, they decided to bring new scented pallets with their Peach collection, they also did it with some of their Christmas pallets, and then later they decided to bring in the dog, Clover, into the mix? Okay! Where is this spiral going? I felt with having Jared and then him leaving, they have lost their way a bit since I agree with almost everyone that they were going in two major different directions as in creating products that are cute and creating products that were X-rated sounding! Too Faced, pick one1 You can go cute or go the other way. Yes, Urban Decay had weird names with their products but they didn’t go as far as “Pat Your Puss” for a highlighter. Still, it feels as though they still lost creativity, especially after the discontinuation of everyone’s favorite Chocolate Bar line.


I bet you’re not expecting this one to be on the list. I feel with Benefit they have not really created many things that have been really new. With what I’ve seen with this brand, I see how they really have released mascaras, brow products, some face products, and a few lip items and that’s it.   I feel as though that they keep on releasing their Hula Bronzer and their Dandelion Blush in different packaging for different occasions and holidays but a brand should not just rely on their face products alone since they can do more with items such as eye shadows; Just saying!


I just got into this brand not too long ago because their blushes caught my eyes more than their items. I do like a good blush and Nars are pretty good since I have a rose one from them somewhere in my collection but I also have one in their most popular shade and that is Orgasm. I am not kidding on the name either. I seem to see different iterations of this particular product and I only purchased the jumbo version so I could just have it. Like with Benefit, I feel as though their only popular item is just one face product and nothing else. Why name a product after a sexual thing? I am not sure but I think with every version of this blush, I think they need something new!

MakeUp Revolution

Or shall I say Revolution, they have been doing a lot of releases but seemed to have been slowing down due to some issues in their company. They are known for copying and making their own versions of some popular items such as the Kat Von D pallet years ago as an example. They also have done it with the Too Faced Chocolate Bar pallets as another example. Yes, having a good dupe that is comparable to the original even in price point except it does have a drawback. Once you start making your own stuff, you kind of lose that creativity since you rely on doing your own dupes. I have seen their own collabs so far for Halloween and Christmas so far and they are doing okay and hoping they can keep up with that spark because the days of duping a product from someone else is kind of over.

I think that completes this post. I am glad to be in the new year and hoping things go well for us. Next up will be the Cosmetic Controversy post I’ve been waiting to write! Stay tuned! 

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