Beauty Quadrant: Things I Want to See in 21 Days of Beauty

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with a new post!

What I Wish For 21 Days of Beauty!

Oh yeah, time for a post about 21 Days of Beauty, not a review but a post on things. Currently, Ulta is having their 21 Days of Beauty Sale where they have products for 50% Off depending on the day. You can also get free shipping if you’re Platinum and Diamond members with Ulta Rewards. Lately, I am agreeing with Jen Luv, it has been a bit boring. I feel like they have been repeating the same brands or products they have done in sale’s past! I do enjoy my skin care that I can get for half off and same with certain makeup but I think this sale needs a refresher. I usually get happy around the two times this sale comes around but lately it has not made me happy. I feel as though the same old same old always gets put on sale. I think the only new thing that was new was Jacklyn Cosmetics. So, what do I want in this sale? Read on!

Mac Mascaras and Blushes

Mac has been in this sale with their lipsticks, paint pots, Fix Plus, and I think their highlighters but I haven’t seen much with their blushes and mascaras. I figured that the new Mac Stacks Mascara would be something to bring a new fresh item to be put on sale but it wasn’t. The blushes have been something I do enjoy due to how well they have performed and they don’t get enough love to be placed in this sale. I figured it would be a nice change to the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes always going on sale and with this sale Benefit had their Boxed Blushes go on sale. Why not Mac? I am glad their single shadows are getting a chance in a few days though. I am hoping with the fall sale they have a different face product.

Hempz Lotion and Body Scrubs

This would be something for the fall sale and that is having more body products on sale because the cold winds does dry skin and knowing how people up north would feel once it gets colder. I do have dry skin and I think Hempz would be an option for the sale because of how moisturizing their lotions are. I have tried them through Ipsy and did get the Sensitive Skin one and that did feel good as well. These lotions can be pricey depending on what you purchase and would be great to have them half off. That goes with the body scrubs because of the flakes building up. I have tried their body scrub and it did help with lifting some layers. I think Ulta should have one day for lotions and one day for the scrubs to give a bit of variety in the body care. I think body care doesn’t get enough love, especially for the September sale.

Tony Moly

Another brand that doesn’t get much love for this sale is Tony Moly. This would be a fun sale item because the packaging is cute for their products like the Peach Punch Cleanser, the Banana Milk Hand Cream, and other items. The items I think that should be on 21 Days should include the Chock Chock Green Tea Moisturizer and the Sea Serum. I just started using the serum and it has not broken me out and doesn’t make my skin sting. The moisturizer is already a bit pricey as the serum and would be a nice add-on during the sale.


Another popular brand is Seravay which I have used for their Sheer Tint SunScreen and that has worked for me well. I think that would be a good item for 21 Days because we need sun care and I barely see enough sun care except Murad’s moisturizer that has SPF in it. If the SHeer Tint Sunscreen is on sale, I would buy two or three of them.


I rarely get to see enough hair products either in this sale. I know they have their Jumbo Hair Event but not enough hair products to put on sale. I think Eva NYC would be a good option for 21 Days since they are a smaller brand. Winky Lux

I haven’t tried this brand yet but I notice how they are in the prestige brand pricing. I think they should get a little love in 21 Days where people could try this brand to be able to afford some of the eye shadow palettes at least. They do it with Nabla but why not Winky Lux?

Nail Care Products

Ulta does have their items placed on sale including nail polishes but with nail care items from brands such as China Glaze, Sesh Veet, and Orally there are countless items that can be placed on sale for half off. I would love to get my favorite Orally Top to Bottom half off so I could get more than one bottle to have back ups for a while until I have to purchase more once my last bottle runs dry or runs out since this doesn’t thicken up as bad as the Sally Hansen Double Duty. Even nail tools could get a chance since people would love to have that nail salon treatment without the added cost!

Press On Nails

Besides the nail care items, press on nails should also be an option in 21 Days. Most people don’t like the idea of chipped nails so they turn to press-ons. I even turn to them sometimes and Ulta is my favorite place to find them. I would say Static Nails should be in 21 Days the most since they are one of the newer brands to appear at the store and online. It would be pretty nice to get some of the nails for around $4 to $5 depending on the style and color. It would give people a new brand to try when it comes to press-ons.

I think that will be it for this post. I know I have seen some SPF items for sale recently which included Shisado but I felt a little bored. I hope we get some new brands on the dock for September’s sale since we are heading into winter by that time. What is next? I do have some thoughts on Ipsy acquiring BoxyCharm since I used to be subscribed to both. Stay tuned!

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