Beauty Quadrant: Subscription Brands I Buy Regularly!

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe. It’s time to have a new beauty post!

Subscription Brands I Buy Regularly

Glad to touch upon this but when I unsubscribe from most subscriptions, there are brands I do love and have been curious about which leads me to pick them up. There are some brands I already pick up but there are others I got into all thanks to being with Ipsy, BoxyCharm, and Glossy Box. I am going to announce that I have rejoined Allure because I did enjoy their box the most because I get random things to try and they do choose times randomly and I would like to see what the editors do enjoy. I won’t post about them because I feel it’s boring to do that every month and it’s really tedious using Convenient OCR on one computer and having to type on the other since WordPress is better on Chrome OS. So, I will get the box but won’t post about it. I may do Favorites again or talk about what I have liked quarterly. I will see what happens. Anyways, let’s see what I have purchased all thanks to subscriptions!

Formula 10.06

First up is Formula 10.06, which I sometimes purchase. I remembered trying these guys when I got their grapefruit exfoliation scrub in my second bag when I got back to Ipsy. One thing I did enjoy was trying more of the independent skin care brands and getting to see the ones that are more sensitive skin friendly. I did buy some other products from them through Ulta which was their Rescue Me and a post blemish serum but they don’t carry them anymore but I do go to their website now for that. I do want to keep getting the scrub and the wipes because they are more affordable than Murad and I do like the wipes since they are so gentle.


I have bought their stuff for a little while when it came to their lotions and body scrubs. I need to get their sensitive skin lotion at some point again because I have major dry spots on my legs. I do like the idea of hemp seed oil in skin care and it does help with dryness. I did like the scrubs and I think I may have one somewhere amongst all of my body care.

Urban Decay

I have been a fan of Urban Decay after trying out a sample of their Perversion mascara and have bought it a few times. Which reminds me, I need to re-purchase due to the flood hitting my Caboodle with most of my makeup. I have purchased their products over time and wish they come out with more of their grunge colors since it feels like they are not being as inspired as with their original Naked pallet. I did pick up some of the single shadows during 21 Days of Beauty to come up with some eye looks and glad I got more Way Around stickers. I do enjoy their eyeliners the most despite the price.

Tony Moly

Another skin care brand I have been enjoying and tried througbt5fv4rh Ipsy is Tony Moley. I have enjoyed some of the face masks and got some of their products over time like their Chock Chock Green Tea moisturizer, their Banana Milk Hand Cream, and my true favorite is the AM Gel Morning Face Wash that I always put on my face tool in the mornings before I head to work. I just recently got into their serums and am glad that they are still going and carried in Ulta.


A brand I wish Ulta carried, well brands but I mostly buy from this one, is Purlisse. I love how Jennifer Yen came up with this brand all thanks to her skin hating heavy stage makeup. I wish Ranger Stop gets her as a guest because I want to interview her so badly! I do have her bronzer from her beauty brand, Yensa, but I have more products from Purlisse. I just finished the Blue Lotus moisturizer and loved how calming it was on the skin while using it every morning and night. It didn;t really irritate anything. I did just pick up a few of her BB Blushes since I lost one and I do like the formula of those blushes since they just go on smoothly. I will definitely get the bronzer from Yensa again since that blends pretty well.

Marc Anthony Hair Care

I have not bought from this brand since I have stopped using them due to issues with some product packaging. They are good for the price but wishing the packaging didn’t suck. I was sad that their coconut hair mask was not in a plastic pouch because it’s easier to handle with a tube.. I would say that packaging needs to be improved with this one.


I’m glad that Ulta carries this brand and the first time I tried them was through my very first BoxyCharm at the end of 2014. I have gotten a small flat iron and it does help out with touch ups but the one I tend to get is a leave in cream and it has worked wonders for my hair both wet and dry. It also smells so good! I’m glad that this product came with a pump too and they don;t cost much either.

Mac Cosmetics

Even though they are in Ipsy, they are a go to for lipsticks and blushes when I need to replace something. The item that I always get over and over is both the Pro LongWear Paint Pots and the Mac Stacks Mascara in the deluxe size. I use the paint pots as shadow primer or wear them solo if it’s the Taylor Gray or Ground Work shades, I even just got a rose gold one. WHile the Mac Stacks make my lashes amazing! Again, who needs falsies when mascara really does the trick.


I’ve been getting Rhiana’s brand here and there after getting one of her mascaras in my Glam Bag X when it was really good at the time. I really want to try her newest one since I’ve heard it pop up on YouTube. I did get one of the concealers during 21 Days of Beauty to see how her complexion products work out. I did get a bronzer which is growing on me. And I am getting a lipstick from her brand in my Allure Beauty Box this month. I am so excited!

About Face

I also tried out Halsy’s brand through Glam Bag X and I loved what I have tried out so far. I enjoyed the powder highlighter I got, I also got a small bundle through the Ipsy Deals and then I picked up an eyeliner. I like how smooth it went on and planning to get more shades even if it is an automatic one.

Ana SUey

All thanks to ScentBird, I have purchased a few perfumes from some of the brands and one happens to be Anna Suey. The first perfume I’[ve gotten happened to be Cosmic Sky which is a jasmine scented perfume and it smells really good. The bottle is interesting where you have to flip it over to spray. I did just get the newest one in their Fantasia collection which is Fantasia Surprise Pop and when I got it, I was not expecting to have a unicorn on the bottle but what drew me in was that the bottle has a color scheme and they were inspired by Andy Warhol. Besides Vincent Van Gogh, I do enjoy ANdy Warhol’s artwork on the Campbell’s soup cans. That one smells interesting since it is sweet with the jasmine kick. I am thinking of getting the mermaid one next.

Floral Street

Another brand from the ScentBird area is Floral Street. I got into this brand all thanks to getting a thirty day supply of Electric Rhubarb and fell in love with it. I wished it wasn’t so pricey since I did get not only this one but also Wonderland Peony and Sunflower Pop as Christmas gifts from dad last year. I originally wanted Rhubarb and Peony but while shopping on the site I saw Sunflower since it was inspired by Van Gogh’s sunflower paintings. They smell so good, I do have London Poppy on my queue for this year and can’t wait to smell that one! I did find a bit of a dupe through Dossier for Electric Rhubarb which is Floral Rhubarb. I am torn about it though but at the same time, you can splurge at certain times.

Confessions of a Rebel

Last brand is Confessions of a Rebel and it is also from ScentBird. When I first subscribed to ScentBird, their perfume Let’s Be Real was my first one. I did use a credit card to get the full-size since this brand is also really pricey. I would say to wait for a 20% off code from them which I did around Black Friday which I got a scent that reminded me of Sonic Death Monkey from Lush. I am not kidding about that name, it was a mocha scented shower gel they discontinued years ago. And of course, I have the one that some of my favorite YouTubers who get sponsored enjoy from them and that is Bite Me. I finished up my Scent Bird samples of this one which is a strawberry scented perfume which smells amazing! It’s like a strawberry shortcake with a hint of alcohol almost but it is supposed to have apples, which I hardly smell. I am eyeing Get a Room, Bitch Please, and I think another one but those are two other scents that I also like. Will have to see as time goes on.

I think that is it for this post. I’m glad to try these brands during my time in subscriptions and missed how fun it was but now they have changed with Ipsy and Boxycharm, it has not been the fun I remembered. I am glad to be back with Allure though. I will still buy the skin care items I enjoy from these brands, heck I saw some of my favorites from Tony Moly on sale on the Ulta app and picked them up. I forgot to mention Color Club which is one brand I also buy for nail polish but with my nail polish post you already know I love that brand as well. I haven’t bought many nail polishes as of late. Anyways, my next post is going back to serious land with why did the beauty community “die?” I am using the word die loosely since to me there is some semblance of a beauty community which you will read those thoughts next!

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