Beauty Quadrant: The Beauty Community is Not DEAD!

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! Time for a new current topic!

The Beauty Community is Not DEAD!

I know it is weird to see this post but I wanted to put in my two cents into this because Jeffrey Star went on a few podcasts talking about the beauty community being dead according to him. He talked about the people he lost as friends and I do have some thoughts since I feel it’s not dead, it’s a different factor I believe that caused something. But first!


This post is based on the thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts on the subject ahead. You have been warned!

What Does Jeffrey Think?

So, Jeffrey talked about how the beauty community on YouTube died due to Tati and James Charles. If you remembered around 2019, Dramageddon 2.0 took place where Tati created a video called “Bye Sisters” talking about a situation with James Charles hitting on straight men and wanting them to become gay to be with him. Apparently, according to Jeffrey, this caused the beauty community to die and he talked about other people that also was part of it that included Laura Lee, who he believed stabbed him in the back since he helped her get the information to start her brand and meeting the places to help with labs to create the makeup. Also, talked about Kat Von D with how they were friends for a long time and that she caused a scandal and she wanted people to be vegan like her. I did kind of see that since she was pushing a documentary onto her audience during her house tour video, I did watch that, well half of it and I could not stomach it. I am not vegan, I need my vitamins and minerals in meat. Apparently, he said Kat left Los Angeles to another state? And then to himself, he believed he is honest and that he tells the truth. Ummm…let’s look at what I think!

What Do I Think?

In my opinion, he was the root actually to this and that the community is not really dead. First, if you can rewind towards Armageddon 1 after his documentary with Shane Dawson and how you saw his human side and everything. He talked about the same items in there and yes I did believe the documentary and what he said and did buy his makeup, which I did have to replace two of the pallets due to flood water and seeing that the common root is him. Laura, Manny MUA, Gabriel Zamora, and Nikita Dragon had a photo where they were giving the Middle Finger Salute towards Jeffrey talking about how success is better without them? This brought up their pasts about having racist comments and that led to their apologies, minus Nikita, but I do find it funny that they have been successful with their own brands. Manny and Laura the most since they have stopped hanging out with Jeffrey, which I will get to next. The Dramageddon 2 happened and he was also involved with James and Tati and he didn’t apologize for that, he just stayed quiet and left to live in Wyoming. Tati did come back with her channel and she is flourishing again and now James is about to come out with his own makeup brand which he did sneak peeked earlier this week. Now, with all that happened, I think the people who were involved with these bits of drama events have turned around and moved on without Jeffrey. How so? Well, Manny and Laura have their brands, Laura Lee Los Angeles and Lunar Beauty, and their own podcast called Fool Coverage which is a fun listen. Also, Tati has come back with her channel and now lives in Seattle since after the crap she went through with Dramageddon and what took place with her lawsuits that were outside of this and had to deal with that. So, yeah, Jeffrey lost his friends after what had happened and he said they couldn’t hang with the scandals that he goes through but most people don’t like drama. Another thing is that their reputations while hanging with him were also being looked at. I remembered a saying from Benjamin Franklin where you hang with someone that is considered wrong then you will be seen the same way as them, as being like them too. I think the reason why Laura and Manny left him behind is that they were releasing errands that they want their fans to enjoy and have new people come to them as well. If they stayed with Jeffrey, people would research him and would not want to buy their stuff if they hung with him still. People were also worried about Tati hanging with Jeffrey and what had happened to her opened her eyes and she did have his lipsticks in the background and took them down afterwards. THen with James, there was nothing going on from what I saw in their videos together, they were just enjoying each other’s company, especially with their video of burning their own pallets with a flamethrower. It’s weird that hearing how he is “soulless” and yes being someone who goes after straight guys even the young ones is bad, he did reveal it on his own channel that he will be better. I haven’t been watching much of James lately but I have seen his process of his makeup brand which is a good thing.

Seeing these people change has been the best and they’re thriving. I guess leaving Jeffrey behind was the first step for them and they may not be at the pedestal status for most people but they have been better since they have their own brands to work on, also Tati is back on YouTube doing what she does best with buying drugstore and luxury products and reviewing them and showing how well they work for a day. You can see how well they moved on. Which brings me to the next point!

The Beauty Community Still Exists Even On Other Platforms!

The beauty community is still alive and thriving, even on Instagram and Tick Tock! I even have been posting on Instagram using new stuff I picked up at Ulta and other places on the web. I just posted a look with the Secret pallet from Nabla Cosmetics this afternoon. I think with the internet being so expansive, we can grow a community in social media. YouTube was the first place for beauty content and it did help me in looking for new items to try out by looking in WalMart. I remembered being asked how I knew about these products they didn’t know about, I said on YouTube of course! Of course, Laura, Manny, and a few others are not as big as they were before but smaller personalities have been on YouTube still. I still watch Jen Luvs Reviews for information on new releases, I also enjoy Lauren May Beauty since I picked up some things due to her like the new NYX Blur Foundation I’ve been enjoying, also the Essence Baked Blushes, and I remembered Kelly Gooch also having good recommendations as well. People have been on Tick Tock doing reviews, even Jeffrey, but they are starting to be mistrusted a bit so they turn back to YouTube of course, and Instagram even. I did come to YouTube for the reviews on the Telescopic Lift Mascara which I do enjoy now and my lashes look beautiful when I use it! I would say just go for the more honest people if you are looking a great review on a product, I tend to watch more than one review outside of the big influencers, even though I feel KathleenLights is one of those who are also honest, heck I did buy the L’Oreal Glowing Bronzer years back all thanks to her and a few people who reviewed it. WHich brings up another point.

Following the Trends to Be Relevant!

Another thing that Jeffrey talked about is how he reviewed Road Skin Care and he just threw it out without trying it. He just didn’t give it a try, Tick Tock didn’t like the video though. He did mention how he was Team Selena since Hailey Beaver and Slena Gomez were having a bit of a time where Hailey was copying her. Angelica Owls made a good point that he was saying that Hailey’s skin care is not great that he is Team Selena due to how a lot of people were Team Selena as well. So, he was following the crowd. I would try Road Skin Care if it was sensitive skin friendly, I did see some video clips in drama videos that people had bad reactions and that is a real reason for me not to try, it is bad reactions and I don’t want to experience that myself. I have my favorite skin care products already. When I try something, I give it a chance for a bit before saying I like the product or not. It takes a little longer with skin care of course since I have to see how well my skin reacts and if I have any reactions due to the ingredients. I feel the same way with foundation if it blends with my skin tone since I’m light to medium with neutral undertones. I did say above, I do like to try new things some people have tried and all thanks to Lauren May Beauty I have a new foundation I enjoy with my favorite Wet N Wild Dewy foundation and the Urban Decay ones. Just following a trend is not usually the way to go and doing something because it’s popular, like throwing out skin care items after purchasing it is also not cool. If they are going to watch for an honest review, then do the review.


So, yes, the Beauty Community is not really dead. Like I said before, the internet is still expensive and people can find reviews on products by going to YouTube or Instagram to know what is up. People are still thriving with their own things by being themselves whether it’s doing a podcast or still working on YouTube. I think the pandemic really caused a major shift for beauty where people wore masks and they could only do eye makeup and brands did release mask friendly lip products as well. No matter what, makeup will still be purchased, reviewed, and also looks being made for Instagram. So, it’s not dead!

That completes this post! Next up is a review on the new BabyMetal album! Yes, I am returning to music reviews!

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