Music Quadrant: Baby Metal the Other One Review

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe. I am back with a new review!

BabyMetal the Other One Review

As you know, Japanese pop and rock have been two of my favorite music genres.I still enjoy Asian Kung Fu Generation, L’arc~en~Ciel, Dir en Gray, and one band of course, Baby Metal. I was introduced to these guys through some people while doing my work experience who were into Japanese culture and anime. They talked about Baby Metal and decided to listen to them. I fell in love with their songs “Karate” and “Mijutsen” the most, I do also enjoy “Hand Banger” as well. So, years passed and it’s 2023 and I see advertisements through YouTube Music of new album stuff and have heard some of the newer music through Pandora and Amazon Music, including their song with Bring Me the Horizon, “King Slayer.” Even though the album released last month, I did purchase it and I have thoughts but first!


This review is based on thoughts and opinions from the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts on the media ahead. You have been warned!

About the Album

The Other One is the newest addition to Baby Metal’s collections of albums. THis album shows a new side to the band with ten new songs including “Metal Kingdom,” “Monochrome,” and “Mirror Mirror.” With these new tracks comes a new mature sound to the band that no one has expected. 


I was not expecting this album to be different from what they have been before. When I heard of them the first time, they were happy and having fun with most of their music but this album shows that they decided to change it up with more of a mature sound to their metal, even add some electronica with one of their songs, which should be used for Electric Daisy Carnival at some point. I felt that after hearing “KingSlayer” for the first time that it was a complete change from their usual sound. I agree it shows they have grown as a band since they were introduced to the U. S. shores years ago, which included Jimmy Kimmel where they performed “Gimme Chocolate.” Also, when they did their duet with Judas Priest at an award show. I do enjoy the album but my favorite tracks happen to be “Metal Kingdom,” “Monochrome,” “Mirror Mirror,” and “Time Wave” because it showed more of their sound evolution, especially with “Time Wave” and :Monochrome” the most. It does bring me back to their old tracks, “Metal Resistance” which “Time Wave” reminded me of the most with how that song started and “Monochrome” did have the same sound as “Karate” with the softness and mellow sound it gives off. Also, in some of the tracks, they do sing a little more in English with this album. I think it’s due to how popular they have been in America for a few years and they are touring this year, which they do have dates for Orlando. I guess they want to add some of that and they also did it with “King Slayer” where their lyrics were mixed with Japanese and English. I am thinking of purchasing their last album, Metal Galaxy, which features “Star Light” which was put into Rock Band 4. So, yeah, this album is pretty good!

Rating: 4.5 Shooting Star Paws Out of 5

This album is pretty good to listen to and I’m glad that the girls came out with some new music. I was not expecting the change in their sound from happy metal to more of a serious and grown up sound. I think no one has either since we were used to hearing them singing about head banging with an up beat sound. I guess a Japanese band needs to grow in sound since most of them have changed, even Asian Kung Fu Generation did change their sound a bit when they came back doing a new version of “Re: Re:” for the anime Erased. All in all, this was a pretty good album and I would say give it a listen with anything else that has been released by BabyMetal.

That completes this review! I am thinking my next post will be my top favorite celebrity brands because I was inspired by Jen Love’s Live Chat yesterday since they didn’t seem accurate with a list she had mentioned. I am going to be talking about a few of them! Until next time! 

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