Tech Quadrant: Battle of the Braille Notetakers: Which One is Best for School?

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! It’s time for a technology post!

Battle of the Braille Notetakers: Which One is the Best for School?

As a Master’s student, being able to get through school with a powerful notetaker helps a lot. After having the BrailleNote Touch Plus and Braille Sense Six for two years, I have to say their power has helped me out so far. They both have the Android platform where the BrailleNote has Android 8 while the Braille Sense 6 has Android 10 and being able to use Blackboard and other apps for other tasks helped me out. Heck, I think my Six had a bigger workout with one of my final projects this semester that just ended. I bet you’re wondering, which one is best for the tasks in any college program? Let’s take a look, shall we? But first!


This post is based on experiences with the two devices that are being presented in this post. Please respect the thoughts from the writer of this blog. You have been warned!

Notes and Assignments

First up, I even asked this when being introduced to Braille devices in my old college days, how are they when it comes to taking notes and creating documents? Both do writing tasks pretty well. When I started in notetakers, I used a Braille Sense QWERTY Plus where I had a standard keyboard and this was way before Android was added. It made taking notes more convenient. With the switch to the Perkins Brailler style it brought a new learning curb for myself since I had to learn chords, especially with the ones on the BrailleNote when I got it all thanks to the FAAST loan here in Florida. When it comes to the BrailleNote, it gives you options as if you were on Microsoft Word such as Create, Open, Settings, and Emboss if you are in a place with an embosser for hard printed Braille. Once in the document, navigating is a little bit different since the only keys you have are the Perkins keys, cursor routing keys, and the thumb keys at the very front. What I like is that I don’t have to worry about hitting the Back key, which is the circle in the very center, like with my Chameleon at home or while being at conventions. Also, you could switch to touch braille with the touch screen as an option since the display what you’re writing from the tablet screen. When it comes to choosing formatting options, accessing the menu area with a simple chord opens it and allows different choices such as File Functions, Editing and Paragraph Styles. Good thing is that with most options like opening, creating new documents, etc. The chords are next to each option so you don’t always have to return to this dialog every time but there are times where it can be forgotten so it’s handy to go back into this dialog box when needed. While the Braille Sense Six, you have more keys at your disposal. Not only there are the usual Perkins Brailler Keys but also the Function keys which are F1, F2, F3 and F4. F1 acts as your main menu on a computer for the different programs like in the Windows Menu, F2 is your app functions such as File and Edit, F3 is Tab and F4 is escape. There are also two extra keys which are Ctrl and Alt but those are used on the Android side, which I will touch upon a little later.Even though getting to the Context Dialog on the Braille Note is handy but having the F2 key is bit easier since it brings a drop down list of the different options and get to learn the chords as well. Even though there are not many commands for formatting such as the bold and italics, they can be easily chosen from the layout dialog. I feel that the Word Processor has improved since its Polaris days and has been easier to use and being able to write a lot better. There is also, the Braille Sense has the Notepad app which can also take notes. I am thinking most of the time why have a separate word processor when the original one works well? I remembered when the Polaris Word Processor had issues where the cursor moved to a different part of the document and caused the user to type on top of something that was already there. H. I. M. S. decided to release Notepad as an answer. If the Six is out now, why keep it? Word Processor has improved and works well. Saving documents though, doing it on the Six is as if you’re saving on Windows where it’s easy to navigate with dot seven to change the saving destinations while on the BrailleNote, extra chords have to be used to navigate between drives and to save the document onto it with one more chord. The verdict here would go towards the Six. Yes, Notepad may not be necessary but it has improved with the Word Processor. Plus, saving on Google Drive gives it an extra leg if need be. I suggest having a big SD card just in case.

Accessing Reading Materials

One big thing about college is being able to read articles and textbooks for classwork. These devices have different options to do so. When a new BrailleNote Touch Plus is purchased, Dolphin Easy Reader Plus is installed on the device and a student can access multiple libraries for books, which includes Bookshare. WHile the Six, on the other hand, Bookshare Download is installed on the device. Users can have the book read out by the built-in voice or can read the book by touch. PDF files can also be read on both devices since they are the most used for articles in this format. Different apps can be downloaded from the Playstore for required reading such as Bookshare Reader for the BrailleNote Touch Plus, both are able to have Audible, BARD, and Play Books. The verdict in this category is both! Both devices are able to access many reading materials and reading apps to access articles and textbooks. I didn’t mention Kindle since I only could get it for the Braille Note and it only read one page but with the Six, it’s best to use it as a Braille device with a tablet or phone and read the Kindle books that way.


Depending on the school that the person is attending, it may use either Canvas or Blackboard. My school uses Blackboard so I will talk about using it with this app since it was available  on the Playstore for both devices.. I feel that both versions have a bit of a learning curb in navigation. First letter navigation can be used in the different tabs and pages to make it easier to get to your destination.. Uploading assignments was pretty easy since it allowed the user to access their device and the buttons are labeled well. I did like the idea of having the attempts being labeled as well to access the upload. The only thing that is different is posting on a discussion board.. I found that the buttons were labeled on the Braille Note’s version of the app while the buttons were not labeled on the Six. This was very confusing since I accidentally posted something three times due to not knowing what each button was and I had to guess where it was posted, not only did I play some process of elimination until I found it. This can pose a problem since buttons with labels are important when it comes to navigating a page with a screen reader. I had heard you can create labels for items and I wonder if I can do that on the Six but now I will have to guess. If you have a notetaker and go to a school with Canvas, how is the app on your device? Are the buttons labeled well? I would like to know. The verdict has to go to the BrailleNote Touch Plus due to how well the app’s labels are placed for buttons and navigating is great with first letter navigation. A user can also navigate with the touch screen if they want as well.

Which One Is the Best?

Both note takers are equally powerful in what they can do. The Six has a very good word processor since the Polaris and it is faster but the BrailleNote has its own power and versatility and is able to access different ways of reading. It’s hard to say which one would be best for school but I would say it depends which one would be best for yourself. I would say though that having the Braille Sense Six is a good start for beginners in Braille devices due to how easy the layout is and being able to have easy to read displays and use different apps as well while the Braille note is more advanced and have to learn the chords have different commands and key combinations from the Six itself. It’s best to see them in action and look at the features and make the decision for yourself.

Well, that completes this post! It felt good to talk about technology. If there is another technology topic I have not touched upon, you can leave a comment or email it to 

Book Quadrant: An Unsuitable Heir by KJ Charles

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with a new review!

An Unsuitable Heir by KJ Charles


This review is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead author of this blog. Please respect her thoughts on this piece of media. You have been warned!


In this book, we meet Mark who gets swept up in passion while looking for a lost Earl in Victorian London. Once he finds Pen Starling, he gets swept up in the majestic work of his trapeze performances he does with his twin sister, Greta. He knows he has to get him to take on his late father’s legacy but lose his lover in the mix. 

Pen Starling is a trapeze artist that enjoys flying in the air and tumbling until he meets Mark who sweeps him off his feet and tries to force him to take on his father’s earldom. He doesn’t want to take on the work since he enjoys the life he has and enjoys being himself by wearing dresses, heels, and his hair down. When a murderer comes after him and tries to kill him, he never thought he would have to take back Mark after being betrayed but prefers having his life saved and keeping his sister out of danger.


I didn’t know this was a part of a trilogy which I now have to go back and read. I am glad I got three credits on Audible so I can read them. I do notice how this book just stands on its own with the story by itself. I did enjoy and kind of blush at times during the love scenes. I admit, I am a Fudoshi, as in a fan of the boy’s love, and man I did enjoy this. I also did enjoy how there was a mystery tied in with this one too since the murderer was going after people who would be in line for the throne and Pen was not noticed until later on in the book when he ends up at his father’s home. I admit I like how Pen was able to defend himself by dodging the rock that was thrown at him, thank you tumbling practice since he and Greta did make a place for that in the home, and bruising the guy’s wrist while he was being suffocated. I guess being on the streets of London you have to defend yourself even while onstage. It even impressed Mark how Pen explained how he fended the culprit off.

Rating: 5 Out of 5 Shooting Star Paws!

This was a really good book even if it was the last in a trilogy. I will be using my credits on this trilogy to read them to get  a better idea of the series and how it came to be. I have a feeling the other two deal with boys’ love as well. I liked the characters and the interactions everyone had with each other throughout the book. I will update once I read all three over on Twitter! 

That completes this review! I am starting on the next book so stay tuned for the  next book. Next I will also be doing a technology post by going back to the Battle of the Braille Devices but this time in which would be the best for school work! Thought it would be appropriate since my semester is winding down and will be off for the summer! Stay tuned!

Beauty Quadrant: What I Would Buy If My MakeUp Was Gone

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with a new post!

What Would I Buy First If I Lost My Makeup?

I’ve been seeing this series of videos on YouTube where people talked about makeup they would buy first if they lost it in many ways. As in fire, earthquakes, or even what had happened to us with some of my makeup and that is flood last November. Thank goodness it was just ankle deep but I did lose some products and a lot of brushes! I did replace some things but what happened if that flood was even worse? Here is what I would buy to hold me over.

Face Wash: Tony Moly AM Gel Face Wash

If I were to buy a new face wash, since I am starting with skin care, definitely grabbing the Tony Moly AM to Gel Face Wash. I do use this in the morning and if I have to be in a hotel for a hot minute, I would grab this quickly. I like how it just activates when I first wet my face and just go in with my device to help it soak in, but if I don’t have my device then I would use my hands. 

Serum: Good Molecules Hyaluronic Acid Serum

If I had to grab a serum I would go for my all time favorite from Good Molecules due to how low cost it is and easy to use. I like how it soaks into my skin and it plumps it up. I do enjoy the Tony Moly one I have used and finished one so far but I would return to this if I am on a tight budget.

Moisturizer: Tony Moly Chock Chock Green Tea Moisturizer

Next up is moisturizer and have been a fan of the Chock Chock Green Tea moisturizer from Tony Moly since it works with my sensitive skin very well. It may be $25 but it’s a real favorite since I have used the Purlisse White Lotus one and enjoyed that one as well and may get that but now it would be Tony Moly.

Toner: Heritage Store Rose Toner

I tend to use the Heritage Store Rose Toner since it has been a great one for a long time for me. I do still enjoy the one from Thayer but the one from Heritage does act with my skin a little bit better and it’s easy to find at Target and Ulta. 

Brows: NYX Tame & Frame Pomade in Chocolate and Control Freak Clear Brow Gel

With brows, I have my two tried and true items which are from NYX and that is their Tame & Frame Pomade in CHocolate and their Control Freak Clear Brow Gel. THese two go hand in hand where I lay the pomade down first and brush through with the Control Freak gel. I would not try the brow glue because it scares me a little and some people say it dries down in a weird way. That is why I still go for these two! I did try the pencil version of the pomade a little while back but that is not a good product due to how it breaks too easily, so I went back to the pomade anyways.

Eye Shadow Primer: Mac Pro LongWear Paint Pot

Even though there are some good eye primers out there, the one I turn back to is the Pro Long Wear Paint Pots from Mac Cosmetics. I can see why these are amazing and they are even more amazing as shadow primers due to how well they lay down on top of it. THis past 21 Days of Beauty they have put out different skin tone shades I have not seen before I got one I am using and that is Art Therapeachy. It is a soft peach and it does work and I did get the classic ones that are well known which are Painterly and Soft Ochre and I did get Laying Low which is one I also get for myself as an eye primer. I will get either one of these if I  lose my makeup and need to run to the Mac counter in my mall.

Shadows: Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Stick

Another item in prestige is the 24/7 Shadow Stick from Urban Decay. I was hoping to use the navy one during RangerStop last November due to how well these stay put on my eyes on top of primer! I hope I get that chance this year since we are going for the entire weekend and I am also waiting for the press. If I did lose my shadow sticks, I would have started with the navy one which is called LSD since I love blue shadow. I didn’t get them while they were on sale during 21 Days because I feel like I was good with what I got but next time!

Face Primer: NYX Marshmallow Face Primer

Next up is face primer and the one I have been loving is from NYX and that is their Marshmallow Face Primer. This feels so good on my skin and it also smells like marshmallow fluff as I smooth it out on my face. It also doesn’t irritate my skin either since this is good for sensitive skin.

Foundation: Wet N Wild Photo Focus Dewy Foundation and NYX Blur Foundation

I have two selections for my foundation since I am also trying out a new one from Revlon. I have loved the Photo Focus Dewy Foundation from Wet N Wild since it feels good and cooling on the skin. I also enjoy the new blur foundation from NYX since I heard Lauren May Beauty talk about it.  The shades I use in each are Buff Bisque in the Wet N Wild while with NYX is Gold Light. 

Eyeliner: NYX Slim Eye Pencil and Ulta Gel Eyeliner Pencil

For eyeliners I would get colors from both Ulta’s Gel Pencil line and NYX Slim Eye Pencil line. I love how well these pencils glide without tugging. I do have to get other colors from other brands but if I need a quick purchase for a black or a nude then I would get it from NYX or Ulta.

Mascara: Mac Mac Stacks Mascara

Next up is a mascara and the one I get is the deluxe size of the Mac Stacks mascara from Mac Cosmetics. I love how my lashes feel with this mascara. It also doesn’t irritate my eyes without a lash primer like most of the others. I do like how the handle has a nice grip on it as well.

Powder: ELF Translucent Pressed Setting Powder

Even though I enjoy the one from NYX and have been using the one from CoverGirl, I like the one from ELF the most because it is very light weight and sets my makeup very well before I spray my face with my spray. I also re-purchase this one the most when I hit the pan. Plus, it doesn’t cost much like most of their products.

Blush: Milani Super Charged Multi-Stick

I enjoy the Super Charged Multi-Sticks as a blush. They are easy to blend once I apply them to my cheeks. They also smell pretty good in the stick packaging. I think I prefer these over the Trestique sticks since those are sometimes hard to blend while the Milani ones are easier.

Highlighter: Mac Soft & Gentle

While getting the Paint Pot, I would also pick up the Mac SkinFinish in Soft & Gentle since this has been a recent favorite of mine. I was suggested this one by someone at the pro store back in Orlando. I can see why since it is a soft gold and it blends well into my skin when applied.

Concealer: Smashbox Under Eye Concealer

This was one of the products I got for an Instagram photo post showing how Smashbox is a brand that has been forgotten by the looks of it. I used the Under Eye Concealer in light and it was pretty easy to blend with a tip of a beauty sponge.

Setting Spray: NYX Dewy Setting Spray

The setting spray I would replace is the NYX Dewy Spray. This feels so cool on my skin and I prefer it more out of most brands I’ve tried over time. Ulta does have a nice one I have used but I prefer the NYX one instead. Yes the size is a bit off but I don’t use it more than once a day though. It does last me pretty long for a few months.

Tools: Real Techniques Beginners Set with Sponge

Final thing is of course having tools with me. I would get the beginner set from Real Techniques. I am meaning to pick it up at some point because I did have the set before they made sponges and I did lose my brush collection in the flood waters. Boo! I am glad they made this set with the sponge since I have enjoyed the sponges. I did get a special of their four sponge set which was a BOGO special around November I believe. I’m glad I got new sponges to use at the moment.

Well, that is it for this post. It was fun coming up with items I would replace. I did have to replace some things in real life due to how the flood during Nicole made me lose some of my makeup. Thank you Mother Nature! I am not sure what post I will do next so stay tuned and stay beautiful!

Book Quadrant: The Space Between Words by. Michelle Phoenix

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! Just read another book in my major catch up!

The Space Between Words by. Michelle Phoenix


This review is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts on this particular media that is being reviewed. Also, this is a Christian work where she may have some beliefs that she follows, so also respect that as well! You have been warned!


This book is a combination of historical fiction and current events at the time of this book. We meet Jessica who was traveling to France with friends while one of them, her roommate Patrick, has been living there for the entire semester while in college. When her friend and other roommate, Vanda, suggest going to a concert on their last night in Paris, their time of partying gets shattered by a terrorist attack and Jessica gets injured and Patrick is killed outside. Once she survives and is abandoned by her friend, Vanda, she continues the trip in France to a small town in the south and stays at a family Airbnb where she visits a flea market that leads to her a mysterious sewing box from the 17th century that holds a mystery inside its confines. Jessica believes that this is something Patrick wanted her to solve with the help of Grant, Mona’s brother, in order to find what had happened to Adeline and her family when they escaped from the king’s clutches and able to show that one event not only wrecked her life but find the courage to move on and solve what’s in front of her with a treasure that was brought to her by spirit.


I have to say that this book was very wholesome in how it was written. At first, I was a little confused since Paris did go through those terrible terrorist attacks and it did make sense to write a current event into your pages and how it would affect a character as we read through with Jessica. Of course, we did get to see the past in this one with Adeline and her family going through the purge of the Huguenots in France in the 17th century.. It showed how the past meets the present and how mysteries can bring two people who have been damaged together.

I was reading through when Mona, the head of the B&B, talked about how people thought she and Grant were married but her husband left and Grant came to help her out due to something taking place. When Jessica told them the truth about what had happened in Paris, he didn’t know what to think since he went through trouble with his home flipping business which caused someone to be injured to fire. It showed that he and Jessica were able to work together despite their hardships and solve their mystery. I liked how it went from France to England since I did my own research and that the Huganots were a group of Protestants in France and believed in the teachings of John Calvin and when the Catholics came after them at the time a lot did flee throughout Europe, which included England. I did like how both the sewing box and a pencil roll that was made for Julie, Adeline’s sister, were used to hide scripture pages the both of them carried. It did say earlier in the book that their scriptures did get confiscated and burned and Adeline’s father did have the only Bible they read from and separated the pages so they could hold onto their teachings even if some of them fled. It did take some guts for Adeline to stay behind since she did teach children in the village but I wonder what did they do exactly to where she was hiding? Did they burn the blacksmith’s forge or did she reveal herself? I have a feeling she turned herself in since the last frew diary pages that Jessica and Grant read that they were hurting her family’s friend, it would make sense since the sewing box was found somehow in the loft.. 

I did notice towards the back of this book that there were discussion questions, I have a feeling that this book would be read in either middle or high school since it would be something that would be discussed in a history or literature class and I like that idea. I remembered when I first joined NetGalley one of the books I read, Lilac Girls, had a bit of a book club revolving around it but I would assign this one and that one, Lilac Girls as books to read during school since they did show parts of history we rarely get to see.I did find annoying with this file though is that I couldn’t navigate chapter if I miss something while falling asleep at night. When I read at night I do fall asleep since I have to wake up early at 5 for work and trying to find my way back was really annoying with this book so I had to continue from where I was earlier to finish up the book. I think the final release at the time would have been better where someone could use the Go To feature with chapters.

Rating: 5 Shooting Star Paws Out of 5

I enjoyed this entire book and I was glad to have it in my NetGalley list since I do enjoy reading historical fiction books. This was one where I got to learn more about other religious groups that existed in history and how they were ousted out of their homes. I know I have tons more on my shelf I have to get to and it gives a nice work out for my Kindle since I am not letting it gather dust. Glad I got to read this!

That completes this review! I am glad to read another back and got to delete it offf afterwards so I can save some room on my paper White. I do have the next book on my shelf ready to go! Next post will be a technology one since I gave my Braille Sense 6 and Braille Note Touch Plus a work out this past semester with Black Board! I figured it would be appropriate since my semester is winding down! Until next time, stay beautiful!