Book Quadrant: An Unsuitable Heir by KJ Charles

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with a new review!

An Unsuitable Heir by KJ Charles


This review is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead author of this blog. Please respect her thoughts on this piece of media. You have been warned!


In this book, we meet Mark who gets swept up in passion while looking for a lost Earl in Victorian London. Once he finds Pen Starling, he gets swept up in the majestic work of his trapeze performances he does with his twin sister, Greta. He knows he has to get him to take on his late father’s legacy but lose his lover in the mix. 

Pen Starling is a trapeze artist that enjoys flying in the air and tumbling until he meets Mark who sweeps him off his feet and tries to force him to take on his father’s earldom. He doesn’t want to take on the work since he enjoys the life he has and enjoys being himself by wearing dresses, heels, and his hair down. When a murderer comes after him and tries to kill him, he never thought he would have to take back Mark after being betrayed but prefers having his life saved and keeping his sister out of danger.


I didn’t know this was a part of a trilogy which I now have to go back and read. I am glad I got three credits on Audible so I can read them. I do notice how this book just stands on its own with the story by itself. I did enjoy and kind of blush at times during the love scenes. I admit, I am a Fudoshi, as in a fan of the boy’s love, and man I did enjoy this. I also did enjoy how there was a mystery tied in with this one too since the murderer was going after people who would be in line for the throne and Pen was not noticed until later on in the book when he ends up at his father’s home. I admit I like how Pen was able to defend himself by dodging the rock that was thrown at him, thank you tumbling practice since he and Greta did make a place for that in the home, and bruising the guy’s wrist while he was being suffocated. I guess being on the streets of London you have to defend yourself even while onstage. It even impressed Mark how Pen explained how he fended the culprit off.

Rating: 5 Out of 5 Shooting Star Paws!

This was a really good book even if it was the last in a trilogy. I will be using my credits on this trilogy to read them to get  a better idea of the series and how it came to be. I have a feeling the other two deal with boys’ love as well. I liked the characters and the interactions everyone had with each other throughout the book. I will update once I read all three over on Twitter! 

That completes this review! I am starting on the next book so stay tuned for the  next book. Next I will also be doing a technology post by going back to the Battle of the Braille Devices but this time in which would be the best for school work! Thought it would be appropriate since my semester is winding down and will be off for the summer! Stay tuned!

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