Anime Quadrant: Review on Sailor Moon Super, Super S, and Stars

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Sailor Moon Seasons Super Through Stars


This review is based on thoughts and opinions from the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts and feelings and to be warned this will be long!


After returning from the thirtieth century, Usagi and the rest of the Sailor Guardians were hoping to start on their entrance exams for high school until a nightmare hit Usagi of her silver crystal not being the same. After a new enemy appears and takes Rei’s heart crystal, she gains new powers and new Sailor Guardians appear and they come from the outer planets with Neptune and Uranus. Pluto also appears again. WHat’s this? Chibiusa is also back but as a Sailor Guardian too? Will this new enemy take them out before Pharaoh 90 does?

Sailor Moon Super S starts after Pharaoh 90 is defeated and Sailor Saturn is now asleep in baby form. A solar eclipse appears as Chibiusa hopes to return to home until the eclipse reveals a new circus and a possible new enemy that is chasing the Pegasus known as Helios. Nehelenia and her Dark Moon Circus are willing to gain the crystal Helios possess by finding the golden dream mirror from anyone in the Juban District. While battles surge, both Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon gain new powers to become Super Moon and Super Chibi Moon along with the rest of the Sailor Guardians to fight and protect whoever has this mysterious mirror and find out who Helios really is.

The final season, Stars, starts with the guardians finally reaching high school and that an old enemy Nehelenia, has been released from her mirror all thanks to a new threat in the galaxy. This also accelerates Sailor Saturn to return from her baby form to join the rest of the guardians to fight Nehelenia who has caused havoc with her mirrors. Once that obstacle is taken care of, Mamoru finds out his thesis was picked up at a university in America and was given a ride for a year and Usagi has to go alone without him. During his absence, another threat appears where Sailor Guardians are taking peoples star seeds for the bigger threat and Sailor Moon must use her new Eternal Moon form to take them on and with the help of three new guardians called the Sailor Starlights who take on the form of a popular boy group called the Three Lights. While taking on the new threat, Usagi and crew find out more of what took place among the guardians beyond their galaxy and who Galaxia is in order to save their own home and solar system.


I want to apologize for the crappy review of the first part of the re-dub a few years back. I was basing it off of how I was used to the old Dic dub we all knew and love but I still stand on Luna and Rei still sounding alike. I do have to say that Chibiusa did grow on me since she was better as she grew as a character in this version due to how it was the entire run of the series from Japan we know and love. Also, I didn’t like how RJ put his own two cents in after growing up with the Dic dub as well.

Like with everyone else, Pluto, Uranus, Nemptune, and Saturn also got recasts.. I already was excited Veronica Taylor plays Pluto and she does very well since Pluto is almost like a second mother to Chibiusa and of course Veronica was famous for being Ash’s mom back in the original dub for Pokemon. The ones who took up the newer voice mantles include Erica Mandez as Uranus, Lauren Landa as Neptune, and Cassandra Lee Morris Christine Marie Cabannos as Saturn. I feel that they made really good choices for these three like with Pluto. I think the casting strength was Nehelenia because she sounded like the actress they had before due to how she has all the hate towards everyone if anyone crosses her. I feel like they tried to encompass the original dub in how everyone sounded. Such as how they made Sailor Jupiter sound the closest to her original counterpart and I commented Amanda Miller on that at MegaCon years ago. I do give props to Lauren and Erica for their performances as Uranus and Neptune because Erica did a good job with the sound for Haruka in normal and guardian modes since she is very androgenous while Michiru is very elegant and can be teasing at times. I think I prefer Lauren more in this version since the original did have to follow what the directors have to tell her. Neptune does always keep elegance in her speech after her transformation.

With Stars, I was hoping to see it dubbed at some point. When Viz announced they were dubbing it for the first time, it made me really happy since Dic didn’t do it due to things that may not be best for the younger crowds and Toonami back in the day like with Uranus and Neptune being cousins. Here they introduced three new Sailor Guardians called the Sailor Starlights and well they do change from being guys to girls and since we live in different times people are more accepting. I can see where the creator came up with the idea since Seiya did explain in the season the reason they did this is due to looking for their princess and it would be easier to find her by being an idol group to attract women and that their music would reach her. One good example is that in one episode, Usagi went to one of their concerts and had the truth explained through one of their songs.. I did find the interactions between Seiya and Usagi cute and of course he did call her Bun Head like with Mamoru. I can’t wait to see how they will do the Cosmos movies since those are supposed to be slated for next year to show the Crystal version of Stars. Also, I got the story of Stars in english since I have watched some of it in Japanese and glad they did an english version.


5 out of 5 Shooting Star Paw Prints for Super, 4 out of 5 for Super S and 5 out of 5 for Stars. I always found Super S being a little weird and with the re-dub it did catch the wackiness of the Black Moon Circus but of course some of the monsters were weird in the end. I do have to give props for Nehelenia and the Amazoness Quartet since those are the redeeming qualities. I think Eternal did the better job with how they did Super S. Super did have a strong story since we were dealing with aliens who were looking for heart crystals and we did get the truth behind Hotaru being involved and that she was really Sailor Saturn underneath it all. I did like how she tried to fight off the evil version of Hotaru to help the guardians in the end. While Stars did have her more involved and get to see her fighting alongside everyone else. Wishing we got to see her transform in the original since she got to do that in Eternal. While Stars had the final villains being Sailor Guardians which makes sense since the first season we had Queen Beryl who was an ancient enemy from Silver Millenium’s past then in the next season we had enemies which the series did get popular. As in, we had filler aliens and then went into the Dark Moon family from the other side of the moon, then we had aliens with science in season 3 with witchcraft, a circus coming through an eclipse which that seems interesting, and end it with Sailor Guardians beyond the solar system that fought off chaos. Makes sense to end it with evil Sailor Guardians! Can;t wait to see what Cosmos has in store!

That ends this review and I’m glad I got to see the ending of Sailor Moon in english since being a teenager and enjoying the original. Now seeing that it got re-dubbed made it better. I am glad it got another chance to entertain not only old fans but introduce new fans to the series as well. What is next? I am still reading things on my Kindle but I do still have the Bests & Worsts for this year at the end of this month!

Subscription Satelite: Ipsy Glam Bag August 2022

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Glam Bag August 2022

I did say I was going to post about my Glam Bag since it was the only one that I haven’t canceled due to how bad GBX was messed up. I don’t suggest that highest tier of Ipsy. ANyways, the Glam Bag is $13 a month with a makeup bag and five items that are either deluxe or full-size depending on the item. I’ve been noticing with my bags I’ve been getting more skin care but will share!.

  • Jasmine Beauty Lash Luxe Volumizing Mascara
  • Lasting Smiles Peach Blossom Lip Balm
  • Origins Checks & Balances Frothy Face Wash
  • Pistache Skin Care Moisturizing Eye Cream
  • Yensa Beauty Super Serum Silk Foundation in Light Medium
  • Sophia + Mabell Cleopatra Eye Shadow Quad in Cleopatra

I did get an add-on this month and that is the eye shadow quad from Sophia + Mabell which I never heard of before. This caught my eye while I browsed the add-ons when I was choosing items for GBX before I canceled. I did manage to get the face wash and the sunscreen I was supposed to receive from my choices and the earrings from Baublebar I got as my add-on the other day, which I was happy about. Too bad the earrings would only go into my lobe piercings but I did browse the website and found three set earrings on the website. That is a bonus for me since I have three piercings in each ear now. Anyways, the shadow quad did arrive in my Glam Bag and it is pretty reasonable and I can fit my brushes in each shade, which is a plus. I will definitely try this out for a minimal look. I am wearing mascara and it feels good on my lashes. I don’t feel any irritation from the formula at all. I think I’m only irritated with the ELF brand of mascaras from the looks of the things. I did start using the Lasting Smiles lip balm and this brings me back to a memory from when I was in the hospital for asthma as a kid. One of my mom’s former coworkers got me a Bonne Bell LipSmackers body and lip set which had a peach lip balm since the set was all peach! This lip balm brought me back to having that LipSmackers and wishing they still made peach lip balm but glad to receive this and used it with some of my lip products. I’m wearing a new Mac Powder Kiss on top of my Ulta Lip Primer and this balm. The sample for the Pistache Eye Cream feels a bit disappointing because I have a feeling there is not much of a sample in the tube, so I may use that the next few days during my night routine. The Origins face wash, on the other hand, was a really good size since I needed to put another face wash into the shower since I ran out of the Sediphel face wash. By the way, I don’t recommend that face wash due to how it didn’t froth up at all, I thought it was the sample I got with Allure that may have had an issue but it wasn’t. It is just a wash, thanks a lot Seiphel. If you said your face wash is supposed to foam up with each use, then make it foam up! I will see how the Origins one works out. And finally, the Yensa foundation. I have to wait until my piercings heal up, which will be in three weeks after this coming Tuesday. All I have to say is that it has been a trial with these piercings but I got through it! I did choose this since I hadn’t gotten a chance to use one Yensa foundation since I gave it to a coworker thinking I would break out due to the SPF in it. I have used makeup items with SPF recently, my skin has calmed down with it and it was a miracle. I think it’s because my skin is so used to a particular formula that adding something new would cause it to go crazy. So, I was willing to give Yensa a chance for their foundation formula again. I am a fan of Jennifer Yenn’s other brand, Purlisse, I tried the serum blushes and loved what I tried so far, and I am also loving that Ipsy recognizes that she was on Power Rangers LightSpeed Rescue as Vipra. I still want to meet her in person since nerds do need skin care as well as anyone else!

That completes this post! I do love my skin care, however I am starting to miss makeup slightly in this bag which I may switch my survey answers to soon. I’m glad to get the face wash though and will be trying it out in the shower tonight! I will use the foundation once my piercings heal up but will enjoy the other products until September’s bag comes around! Next post will be about my experiences with my Orbit Reader 40. I just got it repaired again and I wanted to give my opinions about it and why I don’t recommend it. Stay tuned!

Book Quadrant: Dream Anime Cast for Midnight Breed Series

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Midnight Breed Series Cast

So, this is a what if post if the Midnight Breed Series were to be an anime. As I read the books, I have heard certain voices that fit each character in the main books of course! I will go by each couple in each book, especially with Edge of Dawn even though two of the characters, or shall I say three had appeared as kids, I will explain when that takes place. Let’s see who I picked! I have to put up with this first!


This cast posting is based on thoughts of the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her choices and opinions! You have been warned!

Lucaine and Gabrielle

First up is the first two we meet in Kiss of Midnight, Lucaine and Gabrielle. This was a good start to the series since we get some of the history behind the Breed and we got to see why Boston being the starting point of the setting. I do have a heart for this since I was born in Boston and would love to visit again, especially for Anime Boston. Who would I choose for the cast?

Lucaine: Patrick Sietz or Chris Sabat

Gabrielle: Kelly Manison

Why? With Lucaine, since he was the leader of the Breed, he needs a leader sounding voice and while reading the book, I heard Chris Sabat at first since he has done lead voices in the past, while other times I heard Patrick Sietz since he would be a great back up if Chris was not available. Patrick and Chris can be good at serious tones and the idea of being a badass leader toting titanium rounds with some swords seems pretty fun. Kelly Manison for Gabrielle kind of fits the idea since she would be the leader’s arm candy, especially after the time skip. Gabrielle becomes stronger as the time in the books goes on and her being more of a lead when she has Darien proves her character. I feel with Kelly since she would not be able to know what the Breed is at first since she thinks Lucaine is a regular cop after witnessing  a rogue attack at a nightclub..  She does become more motherly during the series and accepts new Breed Mates appearing. I think these two will be voiced by some of the greatest!

Dante and Tess

Next up is the couple in Kiss of Crimson! I did love this one since it started off as a Halloween night of fun but turned to horror, haha! I do love Halloween myself and getting to see how the tale starts with this holiday and how Dante and Tess get to meet on one night, which does get a bit messy even with the relationship as it goes!

Dante: Illich Guardiola

Tess: Lauren Landa

It was hard to think about who would fit for Dante since the book mentioned he had a slight accent due to how he came from Italy. I thought of Illich Guardiola because he has a slight accent in a lot of his roles, such as Krad in DNAngel for example. I could also imagine him doing one of the lines from Lethal Weapon towards the end would be entertaining. Not kidding, they do quote from that movie in this one! While Lauren Danda for Tess I think her voice for Sailor Neptune would fit since she can do a more mature voice, since she did make her sound as if she was in college than high school, and I see that voice for Tess. Tess is supposed to be nurturing due to being a bet herself and seeing that with Harvard, the puppy Dante brings to her,, with fixing what ailments it was going through and then taking care of it afterwards. These two have pretty interesting choices but would work off each other as the series goes.

Teagan and Elise

Next up is the couple from book three, which I have an interesting pairing for this one!

Teagan: Reuben Langdon

Elise: Christine Auten

I sometimes heard Reuben as Teagan since the image of Teagan was almost like Dante from Devil May Cry. He had white hair, blue eyes, and tanned skin due to his mother I guess, which I know Dante is pale but matches enough to the character. Teagan is a bit of a rogue-like character and has been there for Lucaine since they are around the same age and he has been when the Breed first started. Yes, Reuben has to be serious at most of the role but he can hit it pretty well. Christine as Elise, since she has played motherly characters like Kelly has, I feel she fits Elise since Elise has had experience with having a teenage son in the previous book.. Even in the start of the third book, she is a bit stubborn but shows her wisdom as the book continues and helps with the findings of the Ancient after infiltrating a package that had Breed symbols. I liked how well she worked out and the romance between her and Teagan fit with each other. I think the anime would show how the characters interact with these two actors.

Rio and Dylan

Next up is the couple of the fourth book, Rio and Dylan. I did enjoy this one since it started a mystery that did help the Breed and showed how one Breed Mate can be stronger and make one who has been scarred stronger. Who do I pick for these two?

Rio: Lex Lang

Dylan: Luci Christian

Lex has been an awesome voice actor for many years and I think he would be right for Rio. Not sure if he could do a slight Spanish accent, we get to see his past and how he became a part of the Breed.. While Luci as Dylan, on the other hand, she can use an older voice to be Dylan, I could see her Uraka voice to be Dylan since she is supposed to be out of college and having her first writing job. I do like her Breed Mate powers where she can talk to ghosts of the dead Breed Mates which helps with solving some of the mystery they have to face and knowing who Dragos would be and what he’s doing with Breed Mates in the first place. .

Nikolai and Rinata

Next up is Nikolai and Rinata from Veil of Midnight. These two are powerful within the Breed since Rinata knows how to defend herself and is a helpful back up for Niko and the rest. Who do I pick to play this powerful couple?

Niko: Neil Christie Newbonniel

Rinata: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Ever since reading Veil of Midnight, I always thought Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as Rinata would be the best choice. Her voice always filled my mind whenever she went through the different parts with Niko, which made me think of Neil as this version but the good version of his character from Resident Evil 3. I know it sounds weird to have this guy be another Nikolai but he can do a really good Russian accent!

Rikon and Claire

Next up is the couple from the sixth book! Let’s see who I pick!

Rikon: John Burgmeier

Claire: Elizabeth Maxwell

I think this was an interesting pick for me since I did hear a slight German accent with John’s Shigure voice for Rikon since he is supposed to be a bit of a playboy in the series at first. He does get more serious when Dragos’ goons attack his Dark Haven at the end of Veil of Midnight and the sixth book is where he grows. Claire, on the other hand, was a little hard since she has been married since the 1970s and thinking about it Elizabeth Maxwell would be the right choice for her.

Caid and Elex

My most favorite in the entire series and here are my picks for both of them!

Caid: Johnny Yong Bosh

Alex: Laura Bailey

Caid does have a twin brother and I would also have Johnny do his voice but slightly deeper since he’s supposed to be slightly older than Caid. While with Laura as Alex, while reading the books again not too long ago, I did hear her as Alex this time around. She would fit as the character since she would be a bit more petite and with the Tohru voice.

Brock and Jenna

Next up is the couple that is different where one is Breed while the other is human turning slightly Breed.

Brock: Khary Payton

Jenna: Veronica Taylor

Oh yeah! I picked Cyborg to be Brock since he can play serious and playful at the same time and Brock does that, especially around Caid. I figured he would fit with the Breed member since he has to take care of Jenna and does feel a little bit injured after losing Corrine, who will be next. Jenna is someone that I see Veronica Taylor play due to how she can play a strong character like Sailor Pluto in Sailor Moon. She also changes into someone who is important to the Breed due to what the Ancient did to her and we get to see her maturity during the time skip, which I feel would be a good role for her.

Hunter and Corrine

Now onto the second to last book in the first part of the series where we see the first of the Hunters and someone who someone thought was dead but wasn’t.

Hunter: Robbie Daymond

Corrine: Michelle Ruff

I was going to save Robbie Daymond for one of the other vampires but Hunter would be a great choice since he is one of the fish out of water among the Breed due to being one of Dragos’ killer machines. He was saved all thanks to Mira in Veil of Midnight and figured he could use his Tuxedo Mask sounding voice for Hunter. While Michelle Ruff would fit Corrine the most since Corrine is someone who has been scarred due to being kept in a cell for giving birth to hunters herself. I thought with Michelle Ruff being a choice since she can be strong sounding for areas where Corrine would use her Breed Mate powers and then just go back to more of her softer side around Hunter and her son, Nathan within the story itself. 

Chase and Tavia

Now to the last couple in the first ten books!

Chase: Newt Pittman

Tavia: Monica Rial

It was hard with Chase since he may be a full grown Breed male but I am imagining Newt Pittman’s Gray voice coming out of his mouth, especially when he was starting to go down the road of Blood Lust towards the last two books. He does find love eventually in Tavia after losing Elise to Teagan earlier in the series. While Tavia, on the other hand, didn’t know who or what she was due to how the lies she was given hid her true identity as being a Breed female underneath. Monica Rial would be a good choice for her voice since she has played older women in anime such as Jo in Burst Angel and also was in Rahxephon. Would be interesting how her Breed sounds would sound like, may have to use a lioness sound?

Well, that is it for this dream cast. I will be splitting this into two because it would be too long if I added the time skip books for the rest of the series. I will get the rest up in the meantime. I am starting a new semester this coming week and will find a time to do the second part of this casting post. So, I would stay tuned if I were you, I am still waiting on my Ipsy Glam Bag at the moment. Until next time!

Anime Quadrant: Manga I Want to See Animated!

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ZWZWaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaManga I Want to See Animated

I wanted to do this post since it’s been a long time since I did anything anime due to all of the beauty related stuff got inhy6jm7u the way. Plus, I didn’t have time but the subscriptions. Anyways, for a few years now we have been seeing reboots of anime but with their manga counterparts and we have seen that with Fullmetal Alchemist, Fruits Basket, and now Tokyo Mew Mew is supposed to have their manga animated. There are some manga versions I would like to see since some series do have different versions from the anime and here they are!


I have been a huge fan of DNAngel and the same with anything Sugisaki has released when I was able to see it and I loved the manga and the anime  for this title. The anime and the manga take different turns, especially with the Ice & Snow arc which was extended in the manga because we get to see how they did the play and we also get manga only characters like with how Mio Hio was an anime only character.I know one thing they have to do is some re-casting due to how Vic Miognogna, the voice of Dark, is not really being called for any casting due to some controversies that took place and not sure if Kevin Corn, the original voice of Daisuke Niwa, is in voice acting. I do have some options who should do who if they have to do new people for the roles. For Daisuke, I would say either Justin Briner, Aaron Dismuke, or Brandon McInnis would be perfect picks since they can hit a higher range, especially Justin himself. Yes, he may have to do Deku a bit but he is high enough, while Aaron can match Kevin’s range in my opinion. While Dark I would say either J. Michael Tatum, Ian Sinclair, or David Metranga because they can do the playboy teasing Dark does, especially with Daisuke since he is almost his younger brother in a way. The rest of the cast can be easily found, especially John Swasey, Hilary Haag, and Luci Christian.

Galaxy Angel

Another series I did enjoy but I preferred the manga more and that is Galaxy Angel! I do have the first season on DVD and the thing that makes it different is that each episode is a fifteen minute vignette of randomness. You do see Milfeulle Sakuraba being a rookie for the most of season one, heck you see her ride in Ranpha’s and Forte’s ships before she got the Lucky Star in disk two. Anyways, the manga has an actual story to follow and it deals with the Angels taking care of a boy prince that was adopted and to keep away from the half-brother or impending doom to the universe after a coup d’etat took place. You not only get the prince but you also get rival characters to the Angels known as the Hell Hounds. They are counterparts for each Angel in male form and they are named after drinks like the Angels are named after desserts for the most part. If they animate this, the HellHounds better not have a cheap death!

Galaxy Angel Beta

The Galaxy Angel manga had a bit of a sequel continuing the first five books with three more with Galaxy Angel Beta and we get to meet a sixth angel, Chitose. I think this should be released with the first in one complete box which would make sense since it does continue the story and Chitose becomes more of a pawn with the villains and I could imagine Luci Christian doing the voice of this character since that is who I imagined while reading the books.

Galaxy Angel Rune

Like with the original, we do have another sequel and this time it’s Galaxy Angel Rune. We get to meet a new team that includes Milfeulle’s younger sister, Apricot. I didn’t get to read the manga due to not being able to see it but I did get to get a glimpse of Vanilla as her 21 year old self. Oh yeah, this story takes place seven years later where Milfeulle becomes a guardian between their galaxy and the Rune Galaxy and Apricot’s team basically becomes the angels in that galaxy. They did release an anime version of Rune but I think it went the same way as the original with fifteen minute shorts. But this would follow the manga instead. If these three were anime, I hope it would get a better reception because here in the United States it was not that popular. If you see any merch, you have to snatch it quickly like with Sanrio items. I am not kidding about that either! I was lucky to grab my Tequila figure from a comic shop back in Orlando since you cannot find that anywhere except specialty shops. Let’s move on!

Pilot Candidate

I know a lot of you may have remembered this anime when Adult Swim first appeared in the early 2000s, but the manga did end on a different note. For anyone new, basically the final planet Zion is under threat by an alien species called Victim and people in colonies are hoping to move to this planet to live there. In order to keep it from being destroyed, teens from the Goddess Academy pilot mechs known as Goddesses in order to protect this planet for mankind. We meet Zero Enna who becomes a student and hopes to pilot one of these mechs to help mankind as well. Like I said, the manga did take a different turn, especially the ending and it would be great to see the ending of the manga animated and I felt that the manga explained things better than the original anime, which was confusing. There is one thing if this manga were to be animated is that not use the same lady for a lot of the cast of characters! Of course keep Joshua Seth and Michelle Ruff as Zero and Kizuna but with all of the other characters we have a lot more voice actors and voice actresses that came a long way over the years since anime dubs first appeared. I mean I can see Christina V. be Teela who pilots the main goddess, Tia Ballard amongst one of the ones who works with one of the pilots or with one of the rookies. You have a lot of talent to choose from and this is where they can shine.

Lagoon Engine

Another Sugisaki work that has not gotten an anime actually but should get one. I was a fan of this mini series and it should get an anime treatment like with many other works by Sugisaki herself and it has an interesting premise as well. It deals with the supernatural and a pair of brothers have to work with their own spirits to help them out in not threatening humans. It would also be great if the anime continues the series a bit more since it was good with the short series it had as a manga. 

Elefen Lied

The final series on this list is Elfen Lied. I know we got a great anime years back but thirteen episodes was not enough and there was supposed to be a continuation with how many loose ends the final episode had. Also, they did not show Lucy’s full potential in the original! Yes, what you see is part of her strength but there is more to it and if you saw the Death Battle of her taking on Carnage, both Slash and Boom Stick mentioned all the stuff she could do that was covered more in the manga and that caused our buddies over at Super Reaction Bros. have their jaws drop. So yes, if this were to have the manga to be animated then they should have everything that Lucy can do and continue where the original left off, also not make the ending confusing!

Well, that’s it for this post! It feels good getting back to anime since I have been really busy with work and school of course! I did just receive my Glossy Box so I will be doing that post next!

Anime Quadrant: Eden’s Zero Review

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe. I am back with a new post but taking a detour from the current line up of posts.

Eden’s Zero Review

Recently, RJ and I finished watching the first season of Eden’s Zero, which is the newest project from Hiro Mishima who is known for Groove Adventure Rave, also known as Rave Master, and Fairy Tail. I feel that I should give you a review but first, this bit of info.


This review is based on the thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this season, please respect the thoughts of this anime, you have been warned!

What Is It About?

This series opens up on a young Shiki on the planet for Grendel which is a planet of androids and talking with the Demon King, Ziggy, and talking about a cosmic figure called Mother. Once Shiki is told about finding Mother, she will grant one’s wish and he wishes to be friends with everyone. Fast forward years later when we meet Rebecca Blue Garden, who travels to Grendel to do a vlog on her V Tube channel about traveling the Sakura Cosmos. She runs into Shiki, who is the only human on the planet, and finds out with her cat android, Happy, that androids are no longer friends with humans with a virus that humans have given to them and causes Shiki to leave with Rebecca. Once leaving, Shiki promises to search for Mother in order to grant his wish, while traveling, he makes friends alongside Happy and Rebecca such as Homura, who was trained by one of the Shining Stars that his grandfather, the Demon King had created, Weiss, who is into building androids, and Pino, an android who was built by a future version of Weiss that ended up in a past timeline to find her creator. Alongside meeting his new friends, Shiki becomes the new Demon King and inherits the old ship the Eden’s Zero alongside the other Shining Stars, Hermit, Witch, and Sister, to find Mother to find Mother.


Unlike with Fairy Tail, I did like this series off the bat. If you guys don’t know, at first I didn’t like Fairy Tail like I did with Rave Master and it took Todd Habrecorn to convince me that the series was awesome. I am still working on getting more of the series. Sorry, due to some finances I haven’t been getting any more of the parts but will this year since I finally got to the final arc of the series. I’m happy that NetFlix did pick this up so it is easier for us to catch up with seasons since we do have it included with our phone plan. It got us to finish the series within two and a half weeks versus months of getting the parts individually. Funimation did take a few months to record, edit, and add the features to a DVD and Blue Ray set and distribute it through the internet, FYE, and other places for people to buy. 

Like I said, I did enjoy the first season and liked the idea that this is a space opera which makes it different from Fairy Tail. Some people found this as a rip off from Fairy Tail due to how some of the characters were modeled after some of them from Fairy Tail. One example is Rebecca modeling Lucy and Shiki as Natsu. Also, we also meet Elsie who is basically Erza, then other characters looking like Fairy Tail characters showing up at certain places. I can see where this could happen but Mashima is known for re-using his character designs for other works. One example is how he re-used the Etalus version of Wendy for Rebecca’s rival for V Tube. Also, Jelal is also re-used for certain character designs, which he did come from Rave Master by the way with his design. Some artists do this actually since I’ve seen it with Yukiru Sugisaki when she used Gareas’ design from Pilot Candidate for Dark from DNAngel. 


Let’s get into the acting, shall we? The acting was pretty spot on and they did not only use some people who have appeared in one series RJ and I have enjoyed, Re: Zero, but also called back two actresses for their respective characters. Tia Ballard to be Happy in this one and Colleen Clinkenbeard not only as Mother but as Elsie Crimson. When RJ told me about this in manga form and how they had Happy in here, I was hoping they would bring Tia back to be him again since I loved this cute, blue kitty. Yes, I still have all of my Happy items! I hope to find Happy plushies from this series since he has a black tail tip versus the white he had in Fairy Tail. Of course, Tia did bring the voice back for him like with Fairy Tail and still cute as ever especially with the space fish! Yes, there are space fish, why wouldn’t there be any? ANyways, with Colleen, since she did play Erza Scarlet back in Fairy Tail, they did model Elsie after her and she is a Captain Harlock style space pirate in this one and yes she brought the ERza voice for Elsie. I’m glad that these two were brought in for these parts because if they casted anyone else, it would not be the same. I guess Bang Zoom saw the Funimation dub and knew if they did not cast these two as their Eden’s counterparts then it would have not given the series justice.

Kira Buckland plays Rebecca here and if you have seen Re: Zero, she was Beatrice in that series. I did notice that I did hear Beatrice at certain points since she was using the more adult version of that voice. I think it fits since Rebecca is supposed to be around her twenties and she’s supposed to be Lucy, I can hear a slight match with Cheramie’s Lucy voice. I don’t mind cosplaying as Rebecca since she was introduced with a cat headband and I do love cats! WHile with SHiki, we have the voice of Sean Chipblock. He is the voice of Subaru Natsuki in Re: Zero. He fits as Shiki since his character only had androids as his friends during his childhood. I understand the child-like curiosity even with having humans as friends since I have it towards technology myself. He does grow as the series goes on and we are waiting on the next season of Re: Zero since here Chiplock does more of a comedic version of Subaru while with Re: Zero, we hear more of the dramatics. I think the shift shows his range. THere are many other good actors chosen for a lot of the other characters which will take a long time to touch upon, I just focused on these few since they were perfect choices for their characters. Heck, even a favorite of ours does show up and that is Paul St. Peter, which has been a while since we saw him at conventions lately. I know he’s promoting Eden’s Zero as of late. Still, the actors were chosen very well for thiseries and it’s great to hear Tia again as Happy!

Raing: 5 Shooting Star Paws Out of 5!

This series is a great one so far since we are still in season one. I’m excited to see what the next season has to bring. This season did end on a sad note but it also ended with a positive one which would lead into the next arc. RJ is reading the manga so he is keeping up with the story. I hope it keeps being animated and we get to see more of it. In my opinion, it is not a Fairy Tail rip off. It takes place in space when Fairy Tail is an earth story. Eden takes on science fiction with some magic using Ether Gears when Fairy is more of magic. Yes, we still see elements of the two but we also see Rave Master elements as well, one call back is Elie’s blasters with the Happy Blasters Rebecca has. We do see some time travel shenanigans take place at certain parts but not to the extent that Fairy Tail had done. I would say check out the series, it is available on NetFlix and you decide if it is a rip off of Fairy Tail or not.

Well, that’s it for this review. Glad to have an anime review again. I will do the Braille Display Showcase next since I am still waiting on my subscription boxes to arrive for this month! Stay tuned!

Favorites Quadrant: First Quarter 2020

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another post!

First Quarter Favorites 2020!

It’s time for the first quarter favorites. As you probably have seen at the end of last year that I was going to do quarterly favorites instead of bi-monthly favorites this year. It’s kind of stressful and easier to talk about my favorites and what I’ve been using and what I think! Let’s get into it!

Not-So-Favorite: E. L. F. Putty Eye Shadow Primer: First is not much of a fave because it sucked! The E. L. F. Putty Eye Primer was it this time around! For a little while now I’ve been using the Poreless Putty Primer which I got in my final Allure Beauty Box and remembered how Jeffree Starr said this was approved by him and everyone bought it out everywhere as in everywhere sold out until now which you can buy again. I was able to find it at my local Target which was good. When I saw that they have an eye shadow primer I decided to pick it up and when I used it it was not my favorite. It was so dry I was afraid that my shadow was not showing. I even asked the Collective Brain at What’s up in Makeup and people experienced the same thing except the rose one. I did not go further to try this because I was so done with it and I have tried better eye primers, heck the Lorac one that came with their Pro Pallets is better than this one. I would say use your favorite eye primer guys because this was not worth it!

Favorite Moisturizer: Tony Moley Choc Choc Green Tea moisturizer: Next is from Tony Moley and have been enjoying what I’ve been using from them and this is one of them and that is their Choc Choc Green Tea Moisturizer. I use this at night to keep my face moisturized even before putting on my makeup and this feels really cooling to the skin. I was hoping to use the smaller tube I got in a bundle from Ipsy which I got Green Tea Sheet Masks, this and the the hand cream and like I said hoped to use it during Omni but with what’s going on in the world I have it with my daily makeup case. I will definitely buy this again since it doesn’t cost too much, it is almost the same price as Celestial from Lush except I get more moisture from this and green tea does have a lot of skin benefits.
Second Favorite Moisturizer: Murad Essential C Moisturizer! Another favorite is the Murad Essential C Moisturizer and glad to try it all thanks to GB Plus. I am glad that I’m getting to try out Murad all thanks to them and glad that 21 Days of Beauty put Murad on sale and this was one of the items on sale during this past one for half off and to tell you the truth is that this is the first SPF item I enjoy. As you know I have sensitive skin and sometimes SPF infused skin care and makeup doesn’t work out for me. First time this happened was with the Paula’s Choice Moisturizer with SPF 20 from my Ipsy August 2014 and my skin even hated the IT Cosmetics CC Cream I tried later due to the SPF. I was worried that it would do the same with this one and I decided to try it without makeup on top and it worked out and then the next day for work I had it underneath makeup and no break outs! It helps that this brand is meant for sensitive skin types like me and I can see why Grav3yard Girl loves this brand and I am enjoying it since I did get another tube of their AHA & BHA Cleanser I also tried all thanks to GB Plus and it was also on sale during 21 Days. I hope the Water Gel is in the next one which I say if you are curious to try Murad after what I have tried wait for the 21 Days of Beauty sale because it goes half off during that time at Ulta because this brand is very pricey even was surprised that this moisturizer is $60. Ow! Again wait for the 21 Days of Beauty for Murad’s sales.

Favorite Cleanser: Tony Moley Foaming Peach Cleanser! Next is a cleanser and that is from Tony Moley again but this time it’s their Peach Foaming Cleanser from their peach line! This fits the claims because it is really gentle on the skin, it foams and feels as good on the skin as it does and it smells amazing! I have tried the Peach Cleansing Sherbet but it is not as good as the Foaming Cleanser. I will definitely keep on buying this even on sale since I did go through the President’s Day special where it was Buy One Get One Half Off I believe but it was worth it and will keep me stocked. So far so good Tony Moley has been great on my skin and they are really sensitive skin friendly!

Favorite Body Scrub: HEMPZ Herbal Body Scrub! Next is a body scrub which is a first. Since the end of last year my legs have been dry and itchy for a long while and even developed scaly bits on my legs. I tried everything even layering body lotions until this popped up in one of my Ulta emails and that is that HEMPZ had new items including an herbal body scrub and had to try it. I noticed it because I was getting a coffee body scrub in GB Plus and figured it would help with my legs and it is helping out. My skin is losing some of the dryness at a slow rate but it is helping as time goes on. Skin care doesn’t work overnight so at least it is helping getting the scales off and I am not itchy anymore which is good. Yay! Will keep on using though.

Favorite Face Primer: E. L. F. Poreless Putty Primer! Like I mentioned above I’ve been using the E. L. F. Poreless Putty Face Primer lately. I’ve been enjoying the creaminess and how much my makeup stays on top. It does have a hard application with my Cover Girl Clean Makeup since I have to wet my sponge to spread it all over a bit more to get a better application. I don’t get why this product is creamier than the Putty Eye Primer? Okay E. L. F., whatever you did with this primer with the creamy consistency add it to the eye version because it needs it!

Favorite New Mascara: Flower Beauty Lash Warrior Mascara! Lately I’ve been wearing more mascara to work because I became allergic to my Holy Grail Lash Gel and Brow Gel duo from E. L. F. the past couple of months and then switched to lash primers and mascaras which has been helping with application and not causing me any adverse effects. I am still trying out lash primers to see how they go but the mascara I’ve been enjoying is the Flower Beauty Lash Warrior Mascara. This makes my lashes look amazing every time I wear it to work. I even worn it when I just put makeup at home. I miss wearing stuff from Flower Beauty and should keep on using this brand.

Favorite Face Pallet: Wonder Beauty Trip for Two Blush & Bronzer Duo! Next up is the Trip Two from Wonder Beauty. There are times where I reach for this and use it since it is easy to use. The bronzer is on the right and the blush is on the left and just dip brushes in and it’s good enough to travel with due to how small it is. Glad that I got this in one of my subscriptions because it’s easy to reach when I want to use one face pallet for my looks.

Favorite Highlighter: Colour Pop Stick in Peach! Last makeup item goes to the Color Pop Highlighter Sticks in Peach. When I was looking for a peach highlighter I found this one and found it amazing! Not only that when I wore it back in December to a party a friend did comment how my skin looked with this on. It is amazing and very smooth to get onto the cheeks. At first it was a bit rough but now it’s easier to get on. I hope this doesn’t get discontinued by Color Pop because it’s a good product and I enjoy it!

Favorite Book Series Thus Far: Playful Brides Series by Valerie Bowman! One of the books I’ve been reading leading up to the one I need to review is in the series called the Playful Brides. It’s a historical fiction series and I’ve been enjoying what I’ve been reading so far. It’s cute and the girls like Lucy, Cassandra, and now Jane are enjoyable. I am on book three where Jane is having her time to shine and it’s cute so far since she wants to be a spinster but she’s getting involved with a scandal. I have to keep on reading and don’t worry I will reach the book I need to review soon!

Favorite Song: “About a Voyage” by Sayori! I’ve been getting this song stuck in my head ever since Season 4 of My Hero Academia was being dubbed and it’s called “About a Voyage.” It’s very catchy and the funny thing is that the opening bars sound so innocent but when it starts that’s when it changes to an all-out rock song! I did download it and it’s on my phone and do play it when it gets in my head. Got to love how anime gets the catchiest songs!

Favorite Clothes Item: My Hero Academia Chibi Skater Skirt and United States of Smash Tour Long-Sleeved Shirt! Speaking of My Hero Academia! I do love this outfit and that is my chibi character skirt and my United States of Smash Tour shirt of All Might and the states that had smashes he has done. I even worn it to the second movie premiere back in February. This is what happens when I become a major fan of a series.
So guys that ends this favorites post! I think I prefer doing this because it gives me more time to try more things and bring it back to you guys in this post! I hope you all enjoyed it and can’t wait to bring new things to the next Quarterly Favorites in August! I should be getting my GB Plus Tuesday so stay tuned!

The Convention Quadrant: Legendary Voice Actors Panel at RangerStop 7!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back for another post!

Legendary Voice Actors Panel at RangerStop 7

Another panel video for you all and it is the Legendary Voice Actors Panel from RangerStop last year! Two of the guests they had were Samantha Newark who played Jem on Jem & the Holograms and Wally Wingert who you’ve seen my interview on YouTube and here on the blog! This was a very interesting panel because we get to not only hear Sam’s adventure in becoming a voice actress but also Wally’s adventure too. I did get to ask a question and had to re-iterate it a bit because it was kind of lost. I asked about how they feel about live-action adaptations of classic cartoons? I came up with the idea due to how Jem & the Holograms was adapted into live-action and well it didn’t get a lot of rave reviews and same with many others like Josie & the Pussycats as an example due to how the movie didn’t have a good script if I remembered one answer was said but you get to hear their answers. I do agree since you will see and hear my question in the John Tui Experience video that if it is a bad script then the movie wouldn’t do so well and can see why other cartoon live-action adaptations weren’t really made for the big screen. I did like the one Scooby Doo movie that Cartoon Network had a few years back on how the gang got together and wished they continued with that. Anyways, all tangents aside, just enjoy the rest of the video!

That is it for this post! I will get the next panel video up but I do have another book review for you guys so stay tuned!

The Convention Comet: Omni Fandom Expo 2020 in Kissimmee, FL

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! It’s time for the first convention of the year!

Omni Fandom Expo 2020
Dates: March 20-22, 2020
Location: Days by Celebration, Kissimmee, FL

Another year has started and you know what that means? Time for another convention season to start and our season starts with Omni Fandom Expo. As you all know we’ve been doing press for these guys since their first year in 2014 and glad to get another!

Location: Change of location this year and it will be at the Days by Wyndham Celebration located in Kissimmee. This hotel is located near Disney and of course a few miles away from Universal if you want to check out the main attractions. The features include free parking, express check out, free breakfast, a work out room, hot tub, and pool and even a restaurant known as Savannah Bar & Grill. The room rate here is $129 a night and I would say reserve as soon as possible because this discount ends on February 27th!

Guests: This year’s guests include Grey Delisle Griffin who is well known for her roles as Mandy from the Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Azula from Avatar: The Last Air Bender, and of course can’t forget Vicky from the Fairly Odd Parents! Returning to Orlando after years of not coming back is Neil Kaplan which makes me happy since it’s been years. You can hear him as Lord Zarkon in Voltron: Legendary Defender! And of course, returning again this year is Mr. Xemnes himself Paul St. Peter! And of course we can’t forget Speak Easy Sirens who has been a Burlesque troop that always been performing every year and bringing on Theoretical Rejects as another troop for this year’s event. And finally, one group that will be doing a performance this year is Shinobi School which is a performance troop from Tampa that specializes in park or, circus acrobatics, and so much more.

Events: One event I’m excited for is Miyazaki Madness which will be performed by Shinobi School and will be taking place that Saturday at noon during the convention. It will take our most beloved Miyazaki characters and have them do many feats and dance moves. If you want the more eighteen plus stuff, Speak Easy Sirens and Theoretical Rejects have Lore Olympus and NetFlix & Chill during that weekend. Please leave your kids at home since these two are eighteen and up only!

That is about it on this year’s event! Can’t wait to see you guys there! Hoping they add more guests in the meantime since we haven’t interviewed Grey yet and glad to see Neil back in Orlando since his last con was around 2009 I believe? So can’t wait to see what he has in store if we get that chance to interview him. And with Paul, we all know his events and can’t wait and see if Pirate Curses makes a return and if you want to learn voice acting I highly recommend his voice acting class panels. We will be buzzing around the convention floor this year and of course having new teammates! Let’s meet them shall we?

Damion Alexander Faelan and Michael Roach: Welcome our new teammates who will be joining us to do photography during the event. If you’re cosplaying, there will be photoshoots being held by these two and Damion does have his own photography business known as Shadow Rayne Photography which we will include a link down below.

And of course, we do have a new camera coming with us for floor interviews so a lot of new things will be with us so stay tuned. And of course, don’t forget our podcast Nerdy Shique Transmissions where I will also be talking about this convention in each episode leading up to the convention itself! Anyone on Breaker? I forgot that you can also listen to it on there too!

What is next? Our start of the RangerStop Panel videos since Damion was also helping us in getting those put together since they were recorded in separate parts. First of the panels is the Magical Source! Mystic Force! Panel! Stay tuned!
Shadow Rayne PhotographyOmni Expo Home Page

The Convention Quadrant: People We Want to Interview Part 1!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another post and taking a change of pace for a minute.

List of People I Want to Interview

Since we interviewed Steve Blum back in 2016 at holiday Matsuri, we have achieved that goal and still interviewed people like Paul St. Peter, Derek Steven Prince, and Jennifer Hale and so on. Now with the slight slowdown in press we have kind of thought just sticking with Omni and RangerStop for press but doesn’t mean we want to branch to other conventions in the future. Heck, we still want to go back to MetroCon since they were really good to us and have given us recommendations to some of their guests. Hoping next year would be a goal? Who knows? Now, there are some people I do want to interview whether it’s on Skype or in person and who are they? Let’s see!

Jennifer Yen: First up is someone I really want to interview for a long time now and that is Jennifer Yen. If you have read my Ipsy posts, she is the one who created the brands Purlisse and Yensa Cosmetics. Reason for interviewing is not just because she created her own brands but she was Vipra on Power Rangers Light Speed Rescue. Not only have I wanted to know more about her brands but her role in Light Speed Rescue as well. I still enjoy seeing that little tidbit about her villain role on Ipsy whenever I get an item from either brand.
Barbara Goodson: Next up is another iconic Power Rangers villain and that is Barbara Goodson. She is known for playing Rita Repulsa and of course our favorite overlord Leharl in Disgaea. Hoping to get press again this year for RangerStop since she is a guest again if not I did get in contact with her recently over Facebook to see about getting that Skype interview since that is a bit of a backup for us and has worked well so far. I will update over Twitter with what happens.
Neil Kaplan: Since we have interviewed Digimon stars over the years Neil Kaplan is another one I want to interview. Recently the National Federation of the Blind talked about how there should be more blind actors in blind character roles and I remembered how Mr. Kaplan taught at the Braille Institute years ago when it comes to using Braille scripts. I did get back in touch with him and he does stay in touch with students after ending his class. He does want to come back to Orlando and Omni if you’re reading this he should be a guest since he is Halsemon in Digimon Adventure 2. Also, any Voltron Legendary Defender fans? He also plays Zarkon.
Yuri Lowenthal: Yes! I placed this guy on my list since I have been a fan of one of his characters even if he was evil, Yuri Lowenthal. He has an amazing voice range and the first time I heard him in anything was as Sasuke in Naruto and my favorite role he has done has to be Haseo in the G.U. games. Getting to sit down with him in person or over Skype would be a huge honor.
Johnny Yong Bosch: Another Power Rangers alumni and now anime and video game voice actor has to be Johnny Yong Bosch. I have met him twice in person and want to interview him since it would be a nice addition to our channel. How I heard of his anime work was when the anime heat Guy J appeared on MTV2 when I was in high school and he has been in so many anime series and video games over time, heck he is in the G. U. games and the last two Devil May Cry games, as in four and five. Hoping to get to interview him sometime in the future.
Liam O’Brien: Speaking of G.U. another actor from that franchise is Liam O’Brien. When he was at MythiCon for the first time, we only went for fun to get a feel for the convention and got to enjoy the panels. Now that MythiCon has ended hoping to interview this guy since he has voiced Gaara in Naruto for the longest time and Endrance in the games I mentioned above.
David Mitranga: Who is this guy you’re wondering? Well, all thanks to our buddy Xeno Crystal not being able to go to MetroCon this year like us he has inspired me to add him to our list of people we want to interview. Anyone who is a My Hero Academia fan as much as we are he is the voice of Todoroki Mr. Ice Fire himself!
Bridget Hoffman: Adding another actress on and that is Bridget Hoffman. I know this would be a hard one to get since I haven’t seen her here in Florida as much. She has been the voice of Mizuho in Please Teacher, Miaka in Fushigi Yugi and Mahoro in Mahoromatic.
Colleen Clinkenbeard: Maybe I should stop here since this list maybe long and that my last entry for now is Colleen Clinkenbeard! We tried getting press for Anime Festival Orlando again last year since she was a guest oat this one and didn’t get a chance to interview her at MegaCon which I won’t get into detail but the short end to that story was due to not letting any press interview any people that were famous including voice actors. Voice actors can be famous but most of the time they can be popular! She is a popular pick due to not only voicing Erza Scarlet but she has directed many series in the past including my all-time favorite series, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. Hoping to get to interview her in the future even if she ends up as a guest at Omni.

Well, that is it for this list for now. I am ending it here because there are so many people I want to interview and it’s hard to fit them all in. I may do a second part to this down the road so stay tuned for that one later. Until next time everyone stay beautiful while traveling the vast universe!

The Interview Quadrant: Tia Ballard At Omni Fandom Expo 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! Time for our interview with…

Tia Ballard from Fairy Tail at Omni Fandom Expo 2019!

Yes! We got to interview Tia Ballard at this year’s Omni Fandom Expo. When I saw her being announced I was so excited because she played a lot of cat characters and that includes Aries from Cat Planet Cuties (Anyone from Anime Sushi, I have to put this as a note, it is the translated name that Funimation put so please respect!) Rag Doll from My Hero Academia which you can catch on Funimation’s streaming app and of course Happy from Fairy Tail! I just realized while watching Part 19 last night since I finally bought it recently that we interviewed both Happy and Natsu, Todd Haberkorn, and of course Brittney Karbowski from the main cast of characters. Hoping we get to meet the others like Jad Saxton, Carla, didn’t get a chance with David Walde back in 2015’s Omni, Gojeel, and of course Colleen Clinkebeard, Erza. I think I should do a list of people we want to interview on here since we have met the Steve Blim goal.

Anyways, enjoy the interview! Next will be my review on the Tetris X Ipsy because guys my mini tripod fell apart and no way of putting it back together. I will purchase a new one so hoping that can be soon since I want to do another Makeup Story Time for you guys. Stay tuned for that and after that I will be posting my video interview with Nobu and Sawa.