Subscription Satelite: Ipsy Glam Bag January 2020!

Hello to all my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another subscription!

Ipsy Glam Bag January 2020!

My Ipsy finally arrived, well yesterday but didn’t get the mail until this morning. Heck, I tried sending Gondras to get it. Anyways, New Year means a new Glam Bag year and glad to get this one. This bag is $12 a month and you get samples sizes and sometimes full size items in this bag. You get five of them and a smaller version of the GB Plus Bag. What did I get let’s see!

Add-ons: I only got two add-ons this month and one of them is the Huda Beauty Obsessions Pallet in Sapphire. Since I chose Ruby I decided to pick up the Sapphire one since I do love blues. And yes I know that was a bit of a Pokémon reference right there. I love these shadow pallets since they are so small and compact and you can travel with them if you wanted to and the shadows are also easy to blend. I can’t wait to use this one with any blue themed looks I want to create. The other one is the Balm Alternative Rock 1 Pallet. I got the highlighter from the second pallet, or was it the blush, and purchased the second pallet since I thought I lost it but hey I got the full pallet and enjoyed it. When I saw this among the items for add-ons I decided why not get the first one to complete the set? I think the colors are slightly lighter even the bronzer shade is a warm shade in this one while the other had more smoky type shades even the bronzer was really dark in that one. Let’s see how this one goes!

Defy & Inspire Nail Polish in Pinky Swear: First up is a nail polish. I’m glad I get to try a new polish and this time it’s different from my usual blues because this one is a ballet slipper pink. I don’t mind since there are times when I want to go pink and it does go well with so many outfits. This polish claims to be chip resistant but with my day to day job it’s hard to be not to be since I do type and I do clean the counters time to time. I will have to try this out on a night when I want to give some color to my nails.
Nomad Nomad X Marrakesh Medina Shadow in Henna: Yay! I got another eye shadow in my Glam Bag and this time it’s from Nomad Cosmetics! I have gotten their Berlin Underground pallet in GB Plus and have enjoyed the formula. This brand is inspired by beautiful destinations around the world and this shadow is based on the Henna tattoos that help ward off bad energy. This shade is a deep matte brown and the shadow does glide on very well and super pigmented too. I can’t wait to try this baby out and I do enjoy this brand!
Ofra X Nickie Tutorials Highlighter in Glow Goals: Next is a product from Ofra and it is one of their collaboration items with Nickie Tutorials. I guess everyone has heard that Nickie did come out to be transgender and I am really proud of her and she has inspired so many people for many years for using her power when it comes to makeup. When I saw this as a Choice item I had to get it since I don’t get much Ofra love in my Glam Bag. This shade is a peachy gold which is perfect for me since I started getting into more peach highlighters and these highlighters are really pigmented and made with a cream to powder finish idea. I had gotten some of these as add-ons and still have Blissful in my holiday pallet from Ulta years ago and enjoyed them ever since. Can’t wait to wear this one!
HEMPZ Herbal Body Moisturizer: Next is an item from HEMPZ and it’s their body moisturizer. I am glad to get this because for a while now I’ve been going through major dry patches on my skin that I feel like that they won’t go away. I have been using lotions on that area every night and morning and it won’t work. I hope this item will work since it has hemp seed oil, of course shea butter and ginseng are supposed to help with dry, flaky skin. I hope so! I am really desperate!
Finding Ferdinand Lipstick in Very Berry: Final item is from Finding Ferdinand. It’s been a while since I got product from these guys and have enjoyed them so far. This lipstick gives moisture and also some sheen to go along with it. It also has a nice berry shade to go with it. I have to try this out since of course lips do get really dry due to the winter weather even places where it snows. Here on the coast where we do get colder even around January. Let’s see how it goes.

That is it guys! So far this year has started off pretty well. I can’t wait to see what February has in store for me when it comes to items. What is next? Well, I have mentioned that I’m going through a low buy. I know gasp! But I feel like it is time to say why I’m doing it and how do I feel so far during the first month! Until next time!
Defy & Inspire Nail Polish in Pinky SwearNomadXMarrakesh Medina PalletOfraXNickie Highlighter in Glow GoalsHEMPZ Herbal Body MoisturizerFinding Ferdinand Lipstick in Very Berry

Subscription Satelite: Yes Oh Yas Going Out Of Business!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe. I do have a new post.

Follow-up to My Yes Oh Yas Post: Going Out of Business!

Disclaimer: This post is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog and her real life experiences too. Please respect her thoughts and thank you!

So, as you guys know I was contacted by Yes Oh Yas two years ago on my Instagram about becoming an affiliate. I didn’t due to how I felt like I was lied to about getting just a code rather than a box to review. Even though I would get a dollar for each person joining but I felt like back then it was not enough to me because I felt that I needed a box to see if it was worth it and didn’t want to subscribe to do so.

I know it sounds like I a bit entitled but when you’re getting a message from a beauty box there are times where a brand wants to work with you and these guys aren’t the only ones and found out something interesting about them through another YouTuber. So, I haven’t heard back from Yes Oh Yas for a year and when I moved from home to the coast and started posting more on Instagram for a while until around the same time that Yes Oh Yas contacted me or shall I say liked my photo and commented Live Beauty Box did the same thing. As in they liked one of my photos and commented about working with me and I contacted them for the policies like any other influencer on YouTuber or even blogger and they were doing the same as Yes Oh Yas and I asked about getting a box to review and they said they only provide a discount code and asked for how much the discount was and no answer after that. What I found out that I didn’t think of it before is that Yes Oh Yas owns Live Beauty Box too. Looking back at it they were using the same language and the ideas so there you go. What I found interesting is that this week I found out that both Live Beauty, Yes Oh Yas, and Face Sugar boxes went out of business but they have kept everyone’s card information. As in, none of their websites are around nor the social media and this started during December when people noticed they were charged but didn’t get their boxes. I feel like this is a little shady since I am so glad I never became an affiliate with them nor got their box because I would be in the same boat as their subscribers. When something goes out of business whether it’s a shop or a website they let go of your payment information and say, “So glad you’ve been a customer, sorry to inform you we’re no longer in business.” In a courtesy email but these boxes didn’t do that to their customers? I think it’s due to how much they have scammed some people even when sending items which I seen Just_Ann getting her Yes Oh Yas and also got Live Beauty but for free instead of paying for it. I watched her video for Live Beauty and the values for the box is supposed to be $205 during its first month but Ann just added up to $150 and the most interesting thing which I watched Not So Evil Stepmother talk about these three boxes that Live Beauty is supposed to have items from YSL, Georgio Armani and other luxury brands you tend to find in Sephora, even though YSL is luxury drugstore in my opinion but hey most of the time you can get in stores. What I didn’t know is that the products came from liquidators for these boxes where when an item is close to expiring or being discontinued they get taken from there. I saw Ann talking about the products in Live and they were still be sold at the same time they were starting especially the sunscreen since you know summer means you have protect yourself triple time.

Another reason why I was glad not to be a part of Yes Oh Yas is that they also pulled something pretty shady and it dealt with Slay Glam Box. What was it exactly? Well, Yes told brands not to work with Slay nor provide products for them to place in their boxes. I don’t like the idea of this since a box has to make business in order to keep their box going. It’s like having BoxyCharm telling some brands to be exclusive to just them and not work with Ipsy or Glossy Box or even Birch Box. Not only has that it kept interest towards the brands from causing people that are subscribed to these boxes not to buy. Example, if this happened with Moda Brushes and one box I’m not with asked them to just be with them instead of Boxy and Ipsy then I wouldn’t be able to try their brushes and buy from them since that is taking my money away for a possible purchase down the line and I wouldn’t know they made makeup brushes since I can’t paint anymore and don’t buy paint supplies since I can’t see what paint color I’m getting or the brush brand. I know that was dark but it drives the point. It’s just sad that someone like Yes Oh Yas wants to stoop that low to keep brands from working with any smaller boxes even ones that are starting out not to have that connection and not be able to provide to their subscribers and that can cause their end. What also makes this crazy is that the three boxes are owned by a couple who live in apartments, well not anymore from what I heard, but they ran other businesses and once they have a bigger following after posting something big like a Tarte pallet in Yes Oh Yas which was something they promised, they disappear and have been charging people since then.

What You Should Do? If you have a profile on Instagram like me and you see these likes and comments from a brand I would say be very wary and just ignore them or block them because after what I experienced with Yes Oh Yas and glad that I didn’t fall for Live Beauty Box that I just stuck with what I get. I do love getting my Ipsy and my BoxyCharm and just trust more of the reviews that also come out on newer boxes since those still happen. And if you haven’t, try the bigger boxes like BoxyCharm, Ipsy, Fab Fit Fun and so on because they do have the L. L. C.s to back them up and actually get their stuff from the brands like Moda Brushes, Suva Beauty, and more. And if you have fallen victim to one of these, call your bank! That is always the first step in recovering from a scam like this. You have to dispute the charges and mention that they have deleted their social accounts and that you haven’t gotten the product even since some people have not gotten boxes. So, just call the bank!

Well, all I have to say is that I am glad I did not subscribe to Yes Oh Yas and glad Live Beauty Box did not contact me back with the discount code either because I could have been in worse circumstances and wouldn’t have paid my bills either if it was more than what they say. I did hear with Yes Oh Yas with some people, including Just_Ann, that they raise their prices out of the blue and I did see a recent video from December who someone paid $33 instead of the $15 for their Yes Oh Yas. That’s another thing too, if a subscription is raising their prices then they let people know about it even through social media or on their website. Anyways, that is it for this post! Stay tuned for my Ipsy Glam Bag for this month!

Subscription Satelite: BoxyCharm January 2020

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with another subscription! BoxyCharm January 2020!

A new year a new BoxyCharm has arrived! I was kind of mad last month because they didn’t email me about choosing a product but I was glad I got the one I wanted and will explain in a bit. This box, the base one, is $25. If you’re subscribed you can get one of the other two levels which are Premium and Lux which Premium is $35 and Lux is $49 I believe and Lux is quarterly. I just stick with the base due to how I get the same products as before. Let’s dive right in!

Too Faced Diamond Light Highlighter: First is a product from Too Faced Cosmetics and it’s their Diamond Light Highlighter. This looks like a diamond in a box since the powder is shaped like one. You get one of three colors and the one I got is in Canary Diamond. This product has diamond powder and pearls to give off a pink glow that anyone can see. I hope this is pigmented since there are times where I hear pigmentation can be hit or miss with Too Faced so let’s see what happens. This item values for $36.
Ace Beauty Eye Shadow Pallet in Vintage Sunrise: Next is something I was hoping to choose but got and it’s the Vintage Sunrise pallet from Ace Beauty. I was so mad that BoxyCharm didn’t alert me about Choice for this month’s box which this is what I would choose for myself. I did email them about the issue and they said will fix it no problem and well this month no email but I did go onto their website and chose my February box. Alongside this pallet you could also have chosen the Scarlet Dusk pallet which this is a sequel to that pallet and that has more red shades while this one has more of a sunrise scheme. This features twelve the colors are very well pressed and milled to help with easy pay off. I have heard good things about this brand and how pigmented these shadows are and I also hear they are pretty pricey too so who knows what this pallet will bring. Value is $34.99.
Wonder Beauty Trip for Two Bronzer and Blush Duo: Next is a duo from Wonder Beauty and glad to get this in my box too. It features a blush and a bronzer which you get a variation in shades, not sure what I got, these are supposed to give a slight warmth with the bronzer and a slight and soft blush with the other. These are also made with lotus flower and sea buckthorn seed extract to help with skin benefits. I will be heading for a party this weekend so hoping those claims are true. Retail price is $36 which is pretty hefty of a price.
Advant Skin Care Eighteen Hour Radiant Sleeping Mask: Next is a sleeping face mask from Advant Skin Care. In this box you would get this or the Glow Recipe but got the one from Advant instead. I’m not too mad about it since I was getting one of them anyways. This helps rejuvenate the skin by tightening the skin from wrinkles and fine lines. I do have one line around where my glasses settle and hoping this helps but hoping it does moisturize my face since I do love my skin being soft and smooth by the morning or it can break me out if my skin hates it. Anyways, value is $107! WTF!? That is so expensive that my wallet is crying! So glad I got in the box!
Mana Kadar Lip Whip: Final item is an item from Mana Kadar and it’s a lip gloss. I do enjoy this brand since I have gotten their items through Ipsy for the most part and was surprised to see them appear here. This item is a lightly whipped product with long-lasting staying power. I hope so since there are times when my lip gloss does wear off while eating. Retail price is $21.

Let’s see this box values at $235! Dang! That is a lot for what I get in this box! Basically I can create an entire look with this box since I can wear the mask to sleep with and create a nice eye look, add the highlighter, bronzer, and blush and use the lip gloss on top of it and you’re out the door! I would say it’s a good start for this year since BoxyCharm did vamp up the box to make it that you get more items even bigger items so can’t wait for February’s box! Also, I will leave links to these items so you can see for yourself what they are!

That is it for this post! Next time is a review on a newer Mimi Jean Pamfiloff book while my Glam Bag is on its way!
Too Faced Diamond Light HighlighterVINTAGE DAWN PALETTEWonder Beauty Trip for Two Blush & Bronzer DuoAdvant Skin Care Sleeping MaskLip Whip

Subscription Satelite: Ipsy Glam Bag Plus January 2020

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! Time for a subscription!

Glam Bag Plus January 2020!

It’s the first GB Plus of the year and glad to start a new year with this subscription. It came in the same time as BoxyCharm but figured to start off with this one. This is the second tier in Ipsy where you get more high end and full size items at $25 a month and of course you get a bigger makeup bag than the standard. This month’s bag is a marble printed bag and I do love marble print like leopard and if I were to have a house this is the pattern I would have in my kitchen, marble by the way. What did I get for the first bag of the year? Let’s see!

Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit: First up is a product from Billion Dollar Brows. I did get a fan brush from this brand during a past Glam Bag and glad to get them again and this time it’s a brow kit. Looking at this I am hoping it’s not as drying as the products from Brow Bar as in the pallet thing I got in Boxy last month I felt everything was drying and had to toss it because my brows felt crunchy with the brow gel unfortunately. Even though the fan brush I did try from this brand was good and I hear the brow items are also good. Let’s see what this kit includes! Okay, this kit comes with a universal brow pencil that is also mechanical and is supposed to add shape and definition to the brows. Also get a double-ended brow duo pencil which makes the brows pop with a highlighter and concealer that supposedly lifts the brow and the brush is supposed to smudge and blend everything and the clear brow gel is supposed to set everything. This kit from what it claims is not only good for advanced people but also beginners who are getting into doing their brows. I did feel that the double-ended pencil was kind of creamy so I have to try and see how this goes since it is a full on kit of items. According to the page that mentions this item it says it values for $42. I normally just stick to NYX when it comes to my brow items and a pencil to set things in but this will be fun to try out.
Huda Beauty Ruby Obsessions Shadow Pallet: Next is another item from Huda Beauty. I have been loving this brand and when I saw that they were putting their Obsessions Pallets in again I was excited! I was hoping to get one but great thing was they were available for choice alongside something else I almost went with. As you guys know that these are nine pan pallets and I chose Ruby Obsessions which feature scarlet and raspberry shades in chrome and matte shades. I do have the pallets in Smoky and Mauve and my add on for Glam Bag is one of the other shades because it was so hard to choose out of these and I do like the red shades since I do love the Naked Heat, the Inferno pallet from Eleman, and other fiery shades. I can’t wait to try these shades out! This pallet values for $27.
Duft & Doft Pink Milk Mask Set: I was so excited for this box because I finally get another pair of sheet masks from a brand I never heard of by the way and that is Duft & Doft. This is a brand from Soul, South Korea and it’s also an award winning brand. This sheet mask set is made for winter since it is supposed to hydrate and softens the skin to cause a Dewey glow. These masks contain nyacinamides and ginseng berry and the masks fit every contour of the face. I can’t wait to try these masks out since Korean skin care is very big and this is a new brand for me to try. If you’re a convention goer like me that tends to have skin going crazy due to long volunteer hours or partying the night away, having sheet masks can help re-hydrate the skin. These masks value for $14.98.
Jules Smith Beauty Power Gloss Duo in Namaste All Day and Serene Queen: These glosses were my first choice until I saw the Huda Beauty pallets. Trust me it was tempting to choose these since I do love lip glosses especially for work. So, basically the shade Serene Queen is a pale pink gloss that takes on the color of pink quartz while Namaste All Day is a rosy nude shade that has cocoa undertones that take on the qualities of agate. Vitamins A & E help moisten lips and they take a bit of a shimmer to the lips. I can’t wait to use these since I do enjoy lip gloss. I hope they aren’t as sticky though. Let’s see what happens! These value at $32 full size. Sugar Cosmetics Wingman Eyeliner in I’ll Be Black: Final item is another eyeliner but from Sugar Cosmetics. When I first got back to Ipsy a year ago I did get an eyeliner pencil but this time it’s a liquid pen liner. This eyeliner is good for beginners who are getting into makeup especially eyeliner. This has a felt tip that has a lot of precision and doesn’t smudge. I will hold it to that since for a little while allergies have gotten to my eyes and made them watery so I was probably having some smudging with some liner even with my pen liners. I do use these for work and glad to get another in my box or bag. This values for $15.

What did I finish I bet you’re wondering? I did finish the Evalou serum due to it feeling like not enough product was coming out when I was pumping it. I know there was tons of it in the bottle but it was not coming out when I wanted to so a bit halfway I did toss it because it was ticking me off and it felt a little too dry on my skin. I know serums are supposed to be a great base for moisturizers and that is what I was using before moisturizer and underneath my makeup every day. Sorry, won’t get this again even as an add-on. I also finished the Murad AHA and BHA scrub and oh man that was amazing! I do have another tube of it all thanks to getting the big Ipsy Holiday Haul back in November before heading for RangerStop. I can see why some people like the brand on its own and that it’s great for my skin type but I don’t think I will purchase it due to the price and I already have been using more drugstore stuff since that has helped my skin a lot lately. Glad I got to try it out though!

That is it for this post! I am so excited about this year with GB Plus. So far the first month has not disappointed me at all and how great the products were. I am glad to get a brow kit and hoping this one won’t disappoint as much as the Brow Bar one did. I am also going to be using one of the lip glosses from the gloss duo starting now since I did try it out and it’s not sticky and it’s easy to glide on so will be wearing it out! I’m happy to get sheet masks again because it’s been a while since they show up in any of my boxes and glad that Ipsy finally saw that I enjoy using these especially the ones that hydrate my skin because winter is harsh here on the Florida coast so glad to try a new one out and from another Korean brand. Also, glad to add a new eyeliner to the ones I have for work and the Huda pallet again since I have enjoyed their products so far.

So, what is next? I will be talking about BoxyCharm next! Until next time!
Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers KitHuda Beauty Obsessions PalletDuft & Doft Pink Milk Maskjules Smith Beauty Power Gloss Duo in Namastay All Day and Serene QueenArrested For Overstay Waterproof Eyeliner – 01 I'll Be Black (Black)

The Favorites Quadrant: November and December 2019

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with a new post!

November & December Favorites 2019!

Okay guys, it is the final Favorites post of 2019! Let’s start with subscriptions!

Subscriptions: November and December has been wild. How so? Well, let me say this first off and the final time I just unsubscribed from Allure Beauty Box. I was going to give it a few more months but I felt so underwhelmed especially with what I got in November. I love skin care but I felt with the E. L. F. Putty Primer I can just go and get it myself at Target or have Shipt bring it to me without a box sending it to me. Plus the charcoal mask is mainly for oily skin and I have mainly dry skin and can’t use it. The Tarte lipstick was just meh and I feel as though that it was time to let it go finally. I didn’t have any regrets because this was one subscription that didn’t wow me except with two boxes and that’s it. I saw what they offered for December and they were Anastasia pallets which I can go into Ulta for but the brand doesn’t really catch my eye that much either because of how much they have been releasing. I just let it go. I am keeping my three other subscriptions, well four counting Dollar Shave Club because I get my razor cartridges that way alongside shave butter and some hair stuff if need be. I do have to say that GB Plus for November and December rally good due to the products that were sent. Some people did not like December’s and apparently someone got products different from what they are supposed to get and commented to contact Ipsy because they’re really good in replacing items, they replaced all my missing add-ons from one month. I doubt they read it. I liked the selection of products in November since there was a collab with Gigi Gorgeous and glad to get a contour item which made me happy. I did find it easy to blend like it said in the claims. I did enjoy the mascara and the lipstick from Doucce and Belle En Argent while the blush pallet I need to give it some time since I just tried it out and same with the Illumasqua Primer. Speaking of Illumasqua, I did get a pen eyeliner from them in December which does add more liners to use for work and glad for that. I did pick the Evalou Skin Serum which is not too bad but wishing it was not so drying on my skin but hey at least it’s just a onetime try. I have not tried the shadow quad yet since some people have been thinking it is not worth it for the $60 since you can get Z Pallets for a lower price. This is my thought about this product. Yes, it may be pricey but you are getting shadows with this and their shadows aren’t really that cheap either. Let me get one for example! For one eye shadow you’re paying $9.00 and since we got four shadow pans in this pallet we got $36 already. If you wanted a face item it would cost a dollar more as another example. And for a pallet alone you’re paying $24. In the end you have four shadows which would be $36 plus the pallet being $24 and that adds up to the $60 price for this item. That pays for this box even for the Ultimate if you got this in there. I am actually happy because I remembered getting one of the shadows in my regular Glam Bag and then got one of these Ittse pallets with six shadows in an Ipsy Offer so I am not mad about it and the nice thing about the pallets is that there is an insert you can pull out and put more items in so if you wanted to get a face product like a blush you can buy that separately from their website or get your own items like eye shadows from Makeup Geek or Coastal Scents and put them in here and create your own custom pallet. While the 111 Skin I have not touched that yet since I do still have a moisturizer I am using as my morning one before makeup. I did hear that people have not gotten a full container of this but hoping mine is not one of them.

BoxyCharm was pretty good as well for December while November I found the brushes to be a little disappointing because they’re really hard to use. They remind me of those oval brushes that everyone paid over a hundred dollars for except they are more rectangular. I had a hard time putting anything on with these so I went back to my original brushes because I had an easier time with those even the Gigi Gorgeous ones since I switched out for those. I have not used the shadow pallet yet nor does the eye mask since I am not sure where they are. I did use the liquid lipstick but it was disappointing that there was not enough product in it. I don’t know why but felt that BoxyCharm sent me a Dose of Colors lipstick that was about to run out but December I felt it did redeem itself because of the items that came in there. I was surprised that I got an entire brow pallet which did come in handy with giving my brows a bit of extra hold while the Storybook eye shadow pallet was so pigmented on my eyes. The lip scrub I got was pretty good and not too harsh on the scrub particles since some brands like to do that with their lip scrubs. And the blush did give me a glow on my skin that one of my friends noticed that my skin looked great. I did not try the Glacier Water Cream but will soon. I did not get to choose anything for January because I didn’t get an email about it which I did contact BoxyCharm about and they are looking into what is going on and they did take my app suggestion. People if there are issues you run into just contact these guys!

Ipsy for November and December really good with having new items from Pixie and getting to try another hand cream which is at work for extra hydration. I am not kidding with the hand soap. While December, oh man, the lip gloss! The applicator on that thing was so hard that I had a hard time putting that on and had to toss it because of that. I did like the Hey Honey eye mask since that was pretty good for a product. I haven’t used the eye pencil yet and did like the smell of the perfume. I haven’t used the blush as of yet but will do in the future. I am hoping with 2020’s subscription picks it will be even better in some areas while great as usual. I have enjoyed my BoxyCharm except for August while Ipsy and Glam Bag Plus have been really good with what I’ve gotten. Hoping that it will look bright!

Convention Moments: November was a convention month with RangerStop of course. We didn’t go to Holiday Matsuri since everyone knows my story with that one and of course we had more fun at RangerStop and it was Gondras’ first time being at this one because he always saved his time off for Holiday Matsuri. This year for RangerStop it had two memorials but we went to one and that was Robert Axelrod’s. He passed away this year and it was sad since I remembered him from anime and of course as Lord Zed like everyone else. I did dedicate the Convention Spotlight to him since he has been an important part of pop culture for the longest time. Getting to meet John Tui who played Daggeron in Mystic Force and Doggie Cruger in S. P. D. was an experience we will never forget especially me when I didn’t know that when meeting a woman for the first time you get a kiss which is New Zealand and Polynesian custom. I was a bit flustered at that but getting to ask him my question was even better which you will see in that panel video since we need to get those panel videos stitched together. I hope we get to do Press for next year because it was a blast being at this thing like last year and getting to meet more rangers from the Disney seasons was pretty cool and getting to see more panels on those seasons was also pretty cool too and not only that we did get voice actors mixed in with Samantha Newark and Wally Wingert. Our favorite moments happened to be how I got to finally interview Christopher Kayman Lee which his interview will be coming up soon here and how Wally recognized Gondras doing his Alfred from Batman voice during the voice acting panel he had with Samantha. By this time next year, not only will be doing press also possibly juggling a Master’s Degree which I will explain at the end of the Bests & Worsts post next.

Favorite Holiday Buy: Since we are passed the subscriptions and convention stuff it is time for the items that are my favorite holiday buy!

Too Faced Gingerbread Extra Spicy: Even though I got this and the Let It Snow Girl set but the Gingerbread Extra Spicy pallet is my favorite that Too Faced has released this year. It is as pigmented as it’s original and still has that same ginger snap smell. It did come with different shades with a pop of blue but I was able to create some neutral looks with this one. I hope they keep bringing this back alongside the original since it is my favorite scented pallet as of now.

Ulta Glamour On the Go: I did buy a few Ulta Sets but the Glamour On the Go Set is my favorite from the sets I bought because not only it was a Black Friday Buy for me but it did also come with a better carrying case for travel. I can just go and head for a convention with this and just bring my face items in a makeup bag and my brushes and I am good!

Favorite Gift from Family: New Rice Cooker! This year I asked my dad for a bigger rice cooker because Mama Gondras did give us one but I can only do rice in smaller batches which is nice if I am eating alone. Here with this one I can make a big batch to go with things like chili or my rice and beans and there goes my meal plan. I also find it awesome that not only I can make rice but other things too like yogurt, oatmeal and even do slow cooking which I am thinking of trying out since I have ingredients for cracked chicken again. I did thank my dad right after my first use.
Runner Up: Pajamas from Mama Gondras! I do have to mention this since they feel so good and that they are a pair of pajamas my future in law got me and they are in Asian style with cranes on them. They are really comfy and wishing the fasteners didn’t feel so loose so easily but hey they are nice for what they are.

Favorite Perfume: Lord of Misrule from Lush! Lush has released more perfumes and I was happy that this was one of them and that is the scent in Lord of Misrule. I fell in love with this scent ever since it was a Halloween scent a few years ago. It was even sold throughout Christmas and now they made it permanent. Let me describe how it smells to me! It smells like toasted marshmallows with a woodsy and pepper scent. I know it doesn’t make sense but that is how it smells like to me. I decided to have my dad get me this for my early Christmas gift since I was trying to find my perfumes I had lost and he had a hard time finding two of them and decided why not have him get this as a replacement for now due to needing new scents in my life. I am so happy to get this and glad that the scent is permanent!

New Fall Scent: Coconut Pumpkin Latte from Bath & Body Works! Everyone knows that my favorite fall scent is the Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte but this year I was introduced to something new and that is Coconut Pumpkin Latte at Bath & Body Works. I was at BBW in October and needed more hand sanitizers and more hand soaps and got the hand soap in this scent and fell in love with it. Coconut can be an interesting coffee flavor and I had tried it before but with the pumpkin it makes the scent earthier and it smells good. Even my co-workers find my office smelling good. I hope it does come back for another year because I want more of it and same with Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte!

Favorite Bag: My Ita Bag! For a little while now I have been getting into Ita Bags. For those of you who may not know it is a bag that has a clear plastic window in either a tote bag or a backpack and you put merch to display of your favorite anime, favorite couple in a series, or even character. Since I have been loving My Hero Academia I figured to make one with this anime. Vivi did help me put the cardboard insert by cutting out some cardboard from one of many boxes from Ulta and I got some cloth at Michaels and glued it on and added some keychains I got in blind boxes and same with pins. It is still in a work in progress since I did find more items on Etsy and waiting on patches of Deku and Bakugo, I did get some of the new pin blind boxes along with a Froppy pin but the backings aren’t working so had to go to EBay and picked up some plastic ones so waiting on those to arrive to help out. I can’t wait for next year’s conventions since I will probably find more Ita Bag items and I am planning on a Sailor Moon one.

Favorite Album: Jupiter Does Not Care About You by. Traverser! Well, the wait is over and I got my copy of Traverser’s new album. I am still listening to it since I am going to write a review so stay tuned for that. I do have to say ever since Gondras and I saw these guys in 2009 they have grown so much as a band and glad they have released more music as time went on. I will tell you my full thoughts on this album once I am done putting my Band Camp and this computer through the playing process.

Well guys that is it for this post! Glad that you have enjoyed this year’s favorites and now announcing this. I am changing up the Favorites posts! Why you may ask? Since I am going to be on a Low Buy during 2020 due to projects I have planned I will be splitting up the subscription favorites into its own post for every two months and the makeup favorites for every quarter because I don’t have many makeup favorites every time since I am trying new things in boxes and and since I am sticking to the subscriptions for makeup items and just treat myself once in a while and just re-stock when needed it is also due to how many brands are always releasing new things and it’s too much! I will talk about more in another post and why I feel like it’s time to do this but of course the favorites will be different this time. Let’s see what 2020 has in store for this and stay tuned for my Bests & Worsts of 2019!

The Beauty Quadrant: Subscription 2019 Favorites!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another post!

Favorite Items from My Boxes!

Yes, another year has passed and so far I have been into my subscriptions and have tried so many things from so many brands and it’s time to pick the items I loved from them all. I am also mentioning a few from Allure with my time being with them after cancelling last month. As you know I cancelled due to being so underwhelmed by what they gave me every month. So, let’s get to it!

Suva Beauty Hydro Liner in Grease: First up is one of the items from my first Glam Bag Plus and it’s from Suva Beauty. I wanted to try their Hydro Liners after hearing Beauty News mentioning them and seeing them at Riley Rose during my time still living with my parents. I was glad to get one in my first GB Plus and love it a lot! It’s very easy to use where you put some water in the lid and take a brush and touch the water and then touch the liner lightly and you draw on your water line. You can also use this for special effects makeup and creating tattoos. I was worried that this would run all over if my eyes watered or if the Florida weather just rains all over but nope. It stayed put! It didn’t even bother my eyes at all. I have to get more of these and glad that GB Plus started with black since that is a pretty basic color to start with.
Dose of Colors Liquid Lipsticks: All thanks to BoxyCharm I fell in love with these immediately! I heard Jen Luv’s Reviews talk about these especially the shade Chocolate Wasted where she uses it as a lip color base to add dimension and I did buy one of them during the Fall 21 Days of Beauty. These are so comfortable to wear and they hardly move. I was kind of sad with the last one I got I felt there wasn’t much in the tube so had to toss it. I think it was called Flirty which was a brown pink nude.
Tarte Be You Naturally Pallet: Next is my favorite item I got from Tarte and that is their Be You Naturally Eye Shadow Pallet. I did kind of enjoy the other Tarte items I received but this was my most favorite item because I liked how well they blended. You got eight shadows and they are very neutral which Tarte’s fame is but it worked out since I wore this to work almost every time! It is so easy to use and man I am making dents in this pallet which has rarely done before. I am still using it and maybe it will be panned by next year?
Tacha Nourishing Face Masks: Next is the item that got me into the face mask craze and have a ton of. The Tacha face masks were in my first box back from being unsubscribed for two years and was glad these weren’t slimy like the one I tried years ago. These felt good and glad I got to try them. From all the brands I have tried masks from since I bought so many through Ipsy are Tony Moley and Mayflower.
Juvia’s Place Shadow Pallet: Need to take a break from the Boxy to mention something I have received in Allure and that is the six pan shadow pallet from Juvia’s Place. I have heard so many good things about their shadows and saw that this was an extra product in my box that I started to use it right away. I found these shadows extremely smooth in application and extremely pigmented that I was surprised how much they shown on my cotton ball when I was using coconut oil to clean off my makeup. I haven’t gotten anything else from the brand but will see in the future.
Marc Anthony 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Curl Cream: Next is a product from Marc Anthony and it’s their curl cream. I was glad to try this out since I needed something to help with my curls and this came along. It did help and when I got the full-size from Ulta it was disappointing because it came in a pouch! What the heck!? Marc Anthony just put it in a tube! Not so hard to ask! Speaking of this brand!
Marc Anthony Bye Bye Frizz Heat Protectant Cream: During January I think I got this in my Glam Bag and really loved it! This is a heat protectant cream and wishing it was still a cream because they only sell it as a spray. I found it better than the spray because it didn’t soak my hair as badly as the spray and my straightening iron had an easier time with this than the sprays.
Twisted Sister Curl Cream: Next is a product from a British Based brand called Twisted Sister and it’s their curl cream. When I saw I was getting this I fell in love immediately and got the full size. The full size came in an actual tube and it lasted me for months! I will be purchasing this whenever I get the chance!
Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara: Next is a favorite mascara and that is from Eyeko! I did enjoy some of the others I got from brands like Too Faced, Tarte, and more but this one takes the mascara cake! I liked how this was more in a squeeze tube both in sample and full-size form since I bought the full-size one through Ipsy’s Learn Page and I like how it curls my lashes the most with each application. It may be pricey but the curling action packs a punch!
Huda Beauty Obsessions Pallets: Next is a product from the Huda Beauty brand and it’s the Obsessions pallets. I bought the Smoke Obsessions as an add-on and got the Mauve one in one of my GB Plus boxes. These pallets are nine pan pallets and they are pretty small as in not too big or bulky like most pallets and they are easy to use as well. I do notice how the Mauve Obsessions is more red toned over just being purple and brown but not hating it though. I do love Smoke Obsessions since it’s a basic smoke pallet to work with and you can just put these in a makeup bag and travel with them. I can’t wait for my GB Plus since I picked the Ruby Obsessions pallet for my Choice item since I didn’t get to try the gem colored ones.
Dose of Colors Shadow Pallets: like with their liquid lipsticks I did enjoy these pallets too since I did get the Sassy Siennas as an add-on for BoxyCharm and got the Basic Browns as the pallet they picked. These shadows are much pigmented and loved each look for each work day I used these for since they are very matte and much pigmented. I hope Boxy Charm still gets these in boxes or at least keeps partnering with this brand because they have really good products!
Nomad Cosmetics Berlin Underground Pallet: Final item for this list and wanted to mention this one since something special happened. I didn’t hear about Nomad Cosmetics until I saw them in the regular Glam Bag and never got an item from them which I wanted to try them for months since I got back into them. I bought their highlighter pallet and liked it but this shadow pallet was amazing for the pigmentation! It is a very grungy pallet with a lot of Smokey shades with the Berlin theme going with it. Trust me I was thinking to the book Girl with the Red Balloon while using this pallet. I did do a yellow and black halo eye to go with my dark trainer from Pokémon for Halloween when hanging with friends. When I first got this pallet I did try to try it out and shown it in a pic without my new black wig and then wore my wig and posted it on Instagram and Nomad Cosmetics came and liked my picture! They are the first brand to like my photo with their product and I did thank them and they responded and I did ask them about their newer pallet I am interested in. I am in a low buy but will get it eventually in the New Year. Hold onto that. I am so glad GB Plus gave me this pallet because I wouldn’t have had Nomad Cosmetics wouldn’t have liked my pic.
Moda Five Brush Set: Final item, for real, is the Moda Five Brush Set that also came in my Boxy! I was surprised to get a five brush set since Moda Brushes are part and made by Royal and Langnickle who are famous for their paint brushes and I loved these brushes! I still have a few in my brush bag because of how sturdy they are. I know I have to put a few more into the jar to get washed but it is great to get a five piece brush set for all of my eye needs!

Favorite Collection by a Subscription: Gigi Gorgeous from November! Ipsy has created three makeup collections and the one I chose as my favorite is the one from Gigi Gorgeous. Tetris was a close second because their products were nice but I preferred the lip balm more from Gigi’s collection because it was more moisturizing. Yes, I got eye brushes with Tetris but I loved the face brushes more from Gigi due to how sturdy they are and do perform very well. I do like the bronzer and the setting powder a lot and the makeup bag for the mystery bag was even cuter. I wished they had that instead of the leopard printed bag for the bags in November because it would make more sense!

Well guys that is it for this post! I am glad to be back with BoxyCharm and got so many awesome things and with Ipsy and GB Plus the items even gotten better. Sorry Allure but I had to say goodbye to them because the items were not doing it for me and some of them I can just go to Target for and pay full price that way. I am hoping with next year that things with BoxyCharm would be great since they are starting to listen to their users even I complained about not getting the emails about the product choices which makes me mad since I wanted to choose one of the pallets I am getting for January. Hoping I get the warm one since I do have a ton of cool toned ones. Just saying! While Glam Bag I want more sheet masks to be in the bag since some of them are interesting and yes still got to use what I have and GB Plus not too much to say since they have been really good. So, 2020 here I come!

The Beauty Quadrant: Glam Bag Plus December 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with another subscription!

Glam Bag Plus December 2019!

Well guys it is the final Glam Bag Plus of 2019! I have been enjoying it so far and glad to try new items from many other brands. I am thinking of doing a post on my favorite products from subscriptions after this one. Anyways, this is the second tier in Ipsy where you pay $25 for a box and a makeup bag and the box contains five items from more prestige and luxury, even some indie. Let’s see what I got!

Complex Culture Press & Set Contour Brush: First up is a brush by Complex Culture. These guys sound new to me because I have not seen them until now. I know this month you get some brushes either in this box, the regular Glam Bag, or even the Ultimate if you’re lucky. I ended up with the contour brush which I have felt like I am somewhat lacking in since I have been contouring the outer parts of my face. This brush is vegan and cruelty free with a velvet style handle and the bristles are made for setting and glow without streaking nor being blotchy. When I saw this brush it looked more like a powder but I will use it for its intention. I was surprised by its retail price being $35. When you look at it you’re spending less than an Artiste brush if you remember those and it does feel fancy to me.
Ittse Van Ness Eye Shadow Quad: Next is an eye shadow quad from Ittse. I remembered when I first got back into Ipsy I got an eye shadow from these guys and was really impressed. I was about to choose one of the two shadow quads they were offering this month but got Van Ness instead. This is a magnetic pallet which comes with four shadows and from what I saw in my peripherals that it’s very neutral. I remembered getting a magnetic pallet with six shadows from these guys a year ago and they are very neutral and some sparkle in the mix. I will have to see how they apply on the eyes since I haven’t tried it yet due to just getting my box after all.
111 Skin Cryo Activating Hydro Gel: Next is a product from 111 Skin. I heard of these guys through the regular Glam Bag and was surprised by the price of this product. It is over $200! Damn! Sunday Riley does not have anything on this but some luxury skin care doesn’t always work for everyone. Even Sunday Riley’s C. E. O. Moisturizer from GB Plus boxes ago was proof enough. Let’s see what this thing has to make it so expensive. This moisturizer is backed by science with Hydro Filling Spheres, Lotus Extract, and it’s supposed to help with pollution and other factors that cause aging and it’s lightweight. Okay, the science part makes sense but the lotus not so much because the Purlisse Blue Lotus Eye Cream is around $76 with that ingredient alone. I am kind of skeptical about this stuff and I will use to see how it goes since my skin does get dry even out here on the coast but it has been behaving due to using sheet masks and moisturizers. Let’s see how this stuff interacts with my skin and go from there.
Evalue Sin Care Hydrating Serum: This was the item I chose and it’s from Evalue Skin Care and it’s their hydrating serum. When I was choosing my product for this box I had a hard time and when I saw this I had to have it and here’s why! This product has three hydrolonic acids to help rise to the skin to help with hydration and helps tired skin. I know my skin is not wrinkly yet but I did run out of the Touch & Sol one and since that was more of oily skin I figured to get this one since this helps with more dry skin people like me. I did find it slightly drying since I tried it yesterday, forgot this morning, but hey so far it is the first day so I have to keep using it.
Illumasqua Liquid Eyeliner in Black: Last item in the box is from Illumasqua and it’s a pen liner in black! I am glad to get another since I was on my last pen liner at the moment. I can’t wait to open this one up so I can start using it for work since I use these for work and they stay on. I am not sure what is going on with my eyes at the moment they always want to water, I think it’s due to allergies since pollen likes to go nuts even around our apartment outside. I will have to see how this goes!

Add-Ons: I only got three add-ons this month and they are the Tarte Double Duty Shape Tape Setting Spray, the R+CO High Dive Moisture Plus Shine for my hair, and the Colored Rain Highlighter in Selfie. I almost went for the setting spray from Tarte as my choice but decided to buy it to see how it goes since I did enjoy the primer and did run out of that when I got the full size. I hope it’s as moisturizing as the primer so can’t wait to use it. The R+Co was something I was surprised by since I didn’t know what it was at first and saw it was for leaving in the hair which I don’t mind something new for my hair, and the Colored Rain Highlighter is something new to me since I want to try more of this brand after hearing so many good things about it!

Well guys that is it for this post! This year was great for what I had gotten from Glam Bag Plus. I started off strong and ended with a good note after signing up for this tier of Glam Bag. I hope next year will keep on going great since I have tried really good products from this box. What is next? The next RangerStop interview and of course my favorite items from all the boxes! Stay tuned!

The Beauty Quadrant: Ipsy December 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from the vast universe! I am back with another post!

Ipsy December 2019!

Well guys, another year of Ipsy has ended with another December bag! I am so happy to have another year of Ipsy and it was a full one this time since I did re-subscribe last year. As you guys know this bag is now $12 a month and you get four to six deluxe to full size items from many brands. What I find interesting is that this year I was hoping for six items like the last but was surprised to only get five but hey it was worth it to me since getting five samples of items make it fun. I did get one add-on though!

Add-On: Green Light Keychain: I felt like doing something different and this was very different! I love keychains and I saw these being add-ons and felt like grabbing one. It was hard to choose but found this one of a green Christmas light and I do love the color green. I did stick it onto my apartment keychain since I use that the most. I could have stuck it onto my Glam Bag but I felt that my keys need some fun!

Kensie Free Spirit: First is a perfume from the brand Kensie! I have seen these guys up on the Offers page and almost bought their stuff but didn’t know how well they smell until I finally got this. It’s been months since I got that I Am Trash perfume and loved it and was wondering when I will get another one and happened to be this month. This perfume is equal parts apple, plum, and coconut with floral notes and a few earthy ones as well. When I pulled it out for a sniff it did smell good! I have to try this out to get a good feel for it since with perfumes lately I have been trying to get the ones I lost while moving and if I like this I will try to get a set from the Offers page.
Avon True Color Glitter Sticks Eyeliner in 24 Karat: Is it me or I do I hear Bruno Mars all of a sudden? Anyways, I was surprised to see Avon in this bag since it is not a brand I gravitate to. When a flea market was opened in Sanford I remembered going to an Avon lady’s stand and what I didn’t like was how she picked colors that she thought would go best for me even in bush when it looked so dark! Yes, I love wearing blues and purples in shadows but I felt like it was pushed with these colors. When I found out that I was getting this eyeliner from them I was surprised that they made this! This is a gel pencil that is best for an after work outing and I agree and best to keep it in the purse for that last minute invite. This is a yellow-gold that stays for ten hours without any smudging. I hope that’s true since I do love eyeliners and I do gold looks sometimes especially with the Naked Honey pallet from Urban Decay since that is one pallet I can’t stop reaching for. I will have to give this a go since I may not have the best experience with one Avon lady maybe having a better item by them would make things better.
Beauty For Real Lip Shine Lip Gloss in Starlust: Next is a lip gloss from Beauty for Real. I remembered trying these guys in my early Ipsy days and glad to get them again! This is a sheer, pink gloss and it doesn’t go on tacky either. I hope it does keep that claim even though some of my glosses do not have that sticky residue like most of them. Plus this is supposed to be moisturizing due to the use of plant extracts. I will have to give this a go then!
Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Shimmer & Shake: Next is a blush from Tarte and it’s my pick for this month! One great thing about Ipsy is that you get to choose a product and I got to choose this one and I do enjoy Tarte’s blushes a lot! They are easy to blend and not overpowering unless if you accidentally got ham with your brush! This is a neutral shade blushe since it was hard to choose and felt that using more of a neutral one can be a nice idea for work. It is pretty small for a sample size, even smaller than the ones I got in a four blush set years ago from Ulta but can’t wait to use this on my cheeks!
Hey Honey Look Into My Eyes Retinol Eye Mask: Final item is from Hey Honey and this is my first item from them too. I have heard so many good things about this brand and they always end up in this bag and glad to try them out but as an eye mask. This eye mask helps with looking more awake which I need since I do wake up really early to get ready for work and this contains Propilus which is made by honey bees used as an antiseptic and to be more anti-inflammatory and has Retinal alongside Squaline and Coconut Oil. I have to try this out since I do love eating honey in foods and drinking it in tea for colds but glad to know that some things from bees do help with skin. Can’t wait to try this out since I did read that you have to put this on your under eyes and let it sit and then massage it in so I will use this at night then.

Well guys that is it for this bag. Not bad since it did give me a nice skin care product due to being awake from 4:00 in the morning and need to look awake for my supervisors. Also, I am glad to try out Kensie since seeing their stuff on Offers it would help me decide if I want to purchase their products or not. I am glad to get Beauty For Real again since it’s been so long that I had an item from them. Since this is the last month of the Ipsy bags, I hope next year’s bags will be as good as this year’s bags have been. I have tried so many new items from so many brands over the past year and have been happy with them so far. Let’s see what Glam Bag Plus for this month brings me since I am still waiting for it. It did say due to Holiday Shipping that it may be delayed and I remembered waiting for a gift for a long time one year due to this factor and hoping that it does get here soon! Until next time!

The Beauty Quadrant: BoxyCharm December 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with a subscription for this month!

BoxyCharm December 2019!

It’s the final BoxyCharm of the year and glad I got back into this box because I missed it so much! I only got one meh box but the rest were amazing including this one! First this box was $21 but now it’s $25 and you get five full-size products ranging from high end all the way to luxury even sometimes drugstore on top of it. Let’s see what they sent me this month!

Story Book Cosmetics Little Red Riding Hood Pallet: Yes, I know I did anti-hauled this brand years ago due to how there were nothing but pre-orders for their product and man I miss doing anti-hauls. Anyways, when I found out that this brand was going to be in the box I didn’t mind trying them out since I do love reading and I was hoping to get either of them. Charmers were either getting Little Red Riding Hood or Robin Hood which makes sense for the red or green for Christmas. I ended up with Little Red Riding Hood and don’t mind. This pallet is a six pan pallet made exclusively for this box and it features a mix of metallics and mattes to create a look. I will be with my friends on Sunday so I may wear this to that since it is a holiday party. Retail price is $35.
Saturday Skin Water Glacier Water Cream: This was my choice item for this month and it is a water cream from Saturday Skin. I heard of these guys but never tried any of their water creams but I did remember trying another brand’s water cream which I think it was in Allure Beauty Box way before I cancelled that one. This product claims to be a glacier water cream that fight anti-aging and delivers minerals and moisture to the skin. This will be great for my morning moisturizer since I do live in a city with a lot of pollen and stuff and this will also help with getting rid of free radicals. I can’t wait to try this out! This retails for $39.
Ciate London Marbleized Illuminating Blusher: Next is a product from Ciate London and it’s full-size and it’s one of their blushes. When I heard that these guys are going to be in the box it was either this or a highlighter and didn’t care which I got. I know Hot Mess Mama MD got the bronzer in Boxy Lux but you get the blusher here or blush here in the States. This blush is talc free and is made with a mix of matte and illuminating particles. I can’t wait to use this blush on my face. This retails for $29.
Sarafeam Botanicals Daikon plus Dreams Lip Exfoliator with with Radish Extract: I was hoping to get this product in y box because I have been getting back into lip scrubs since Ipsy sent me one a little while ago. I am glad to get this one and this was an interesting idea since it has radish as an ingredient. This product his gentle and contains daikon radish extract which is an Asian radish which you do find it in Japanese food and other foods that require it. Plus, this also has Chamomile tea in it as well to help keep lips from drying. I can’t wait to use this in full! Retails for $24.
Brow Bar Brow Make Over Kit: Final product in my box is a brow kit and it’s by Brow Bar. I heard of these guys before all over YouTube and when this was one of the many products this month I find it interesting. How so? Let’s see what you get! You get two brow powders or shades from what it says, a brow lift or shall I say wax, brow gel, and an angle brush and a flat brush! This is amazing for what you get because you can do your brows without any problem. Any convention goers for any conventions anytime soon? This will be perfect for you guys. If we were going this year I would take this with me to Holiday Matsuri because I have all of my brow needs in this kit. This retails for $30.

That is it you guys and man it was a great round up for this year! I mean you get a lip scrub since it does get really cold here in Daytona, you also got a brow kit which is amazing for what you get in it, also get a blush, a shadow pallet, and I did choose a new moisturizer. So worth it for this month! I know this is the last box of the year and I would say this and last month’s box were two of my favorites along with February’s box. Also, this box did get me into sheet masks and loving them! I did buy a ton all thanks to Ipsy and trying to use them. I can’t wait to see what January has in store for the box and same with next year since after being without for two years I wanted it back so much due to how I got luxury items I wouldn’t spend my money on at Sephora or any other store and plus I got to try brands I rarely get to try due to not being in the store or too pricey for my taste or even not working out for my skin or something. I am also enjoying the idea getting to pick an item and see how the rest will be picked. Hoping 2020 looks bright for this box! So, stay tuned for the next interview from RangerStop 7!

Update: FOrgot to mention what I finished! I finally finished the Touch & Sol Serum which I noticed how my skin was starting to itch slightly as I was going through the product. As in towards the bottom of it, I am still thinking and wondering why are they giving this to sensitive skin people? I am glad that they let you choose items, well one item, in every box because if this was one of the items as a choice I would choose the other. Another update is that I finished the Dose of Colors lipstick from last month because it felt like there was no product in it. I felt like I ran out of it nd wishing there was more product to it. Hoping if I get another Dose of Colors lipstick in this box that would not face this issue. And finally, I had to toss the Hank & Henry liner because I do not like chisel tipped liners. It’s hard for me to use them and angle them a certain way so I tossed that one. Sorry guys! That is it!

The Beauty Quadrant: Ipsy Glam Bag November 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another subscription box!

Ipsy Glam Bag November 2019!

Final subscription box and that is Glam Bag from Ipsy! This subscription has been raised to $12 and this month they have collaborated with Gigi Gorgeous for a collection. Like with GB Plus you also get one item from this collection and it depends on your profile. Let’s see what I got in this box!

Pixie by Petra Mesmerizing Mineral Duo in Naturally Nude: First up is a product from Pixie by Petra. This is an eye shadow duo made exclusively for Ipsy and it features two illuminating shadows where on the left has a rose gold and on the right a golden copper. You can wear these alone or together for a mesmerizing effect. I haven’t tried any of Pixie’s eye shadows and glad to get one of these in bag to try out!
Gigi Gorgeous the Gorgeous Contour Brush: Next is the Gigi product I got in this bag and that is the contour brush from her three brushes she has made for this subscription. I did get the Sick Contour Duo in my GB Plus and this contour brush is perfect! This is a super fluffy brush made to hug your cheek bones which as you know me I do contour the outer portions of my cheeks rather than bronzing my skin up. I did put it against my skin and it did feel good and can’t wait to try this brush out. I did also get the full collection and now have an extra brush!
Delectable by. Cake Beauty Triple Citrus Blend Butter Balm Hand Cream: Man that was a mouthful but at the same time it smells good! I was hoping to try something from this brand and glad to get one of these hand creams this month! At work the hand soap in the dispensers are really harsh and contain so much alcohol my hands get really dry and itchy. I do have a bottle of lotion to help with that but this will help even more. This hand cream contains shea butter and helps with soothing dry and flaky skin and has essential citrus oils and antioxidants with even more moisture. I will be taking this with me to work!
Hola Neon Tinted Lip Balm in Call Me; next is my product choice for this month and that is from Hola Neon. It was hard to choose some of the products but when I saw this I decided why not try a new brand. This is a moisturizing tinted lip balm that delivers a rose nude shade and can easily be built up. This also brings out the natural shade in the lips and can go with any makeup look. As you know with work I do have more of a neutral look and you will see in my RangerStop interviews I went with more of a neutral look for this year and this could have been great for that but as you know there are times where the Glam Bag does take time to get to me even if I don’t have add-ons which I didn’t do that this month with this bag either. I will be tossing this into my makeup bag!
Wonder Beauty Wonderous Highlighter in After Hours: Final item is from Wonder Beauty and it’s their highlighter in After Hours. I have been enjoying Wonder Beauty’s products when they show up in my subscriptions minus the peel off mask from Boxy. Like with the eye shadow duo, this is a highlighter made exclusive for Ipsy and it blends seeminglessly into the skin. This is made with Camelia Seed Oil and Sunflower Oil they help with moisture and give off Vitamin E in one. Wishing they said the color but hey I’m not upset since I have been enjoying this brand and can’t wait to try this item out on my skin!

Well guys that is it for this bag! I feel like this has been a great one since I did get one skin care item which will help with my hands and the rest was makeup and a brush. I can’t wait to try out the Gorgeous Contour Brush and even the shadow duo. I’m excited for December after what I got this month! So, stay tuned guys the RangerStop 7 Review is up next!