The Beauty Quadrant: Glam Bag Plus December 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with another subscription!

Glam Bag Plus December 2019!

Well guys it is the final Glam Bag Plus of 2019! I have been enjoying it so far and glad to try new items from many other brands. I am thinking of doing a post on my favorite products from subscriptions after this one. Anyways, this is the second tier in Ipsy where you pay $25 for a box and a makeup bag and the box contains five items from more prestige and luxury, even some indie. Let’s see what I got!

Complex Culture Press & Set Contour Brush: First up is a brush by Complex Culture. These guys sound new to me because I have not seen them until now. I know this month you get some brushes either in this box, the regular Glam Bag, or even the Ultimate if you’re lucky. I ended up with the contour brush which I have felt like I am somewhat lacking in since I have been contouring the outer parts of my face. This brush is vegan and cruelty free with a velvet style handle and the bristles are made for setting and glow without streaking nor being blotchy. When I saw this brush it looked more like a powder but I will use it for its intention. I was surprised by its retail price being $35. When you look at it you’re spending less than an Artiste brush if you remember those and it does feel fancy to me.
Ittse Van Ness Eye Shadow Quad: Next is an eye shadow quad from Ittse. I remembered when I first got back into Ipsy I got an eye shadow from these guys and was really impressed. I was about to choose one of the two shadow quads they were offering this month but got Van Ness instead. This is a magnetic pallet which comes with four shadows and from what I saw in my peripherals that it’s very neutral. I remembered getting a magnetic pallet with six shadows from these guys a year ago and they are very neutral and some sparkle in the mix. I will have to see how they apply on the eyes since I haven’t tried it yet due to just getting my box after all.
111 Skin Cryo Activating Hydro Gel: Next is a product from 111 Skin. I heard of these guys through the regular Glam Bag and was surprised by the price of this product. It is over $200! Damn! Sunday Riley does not have anything on this but some luxury skin care doesn’t always work for everyone. Even Sunday Riley’s C. E. O. Moisturizer from GB Plus boxes ago was proof enough. Let’s see what this thing has to make it so expensive. This moisturizer is backed by science with Hydro Filling Spheres, Lotus Extract, and it’s supposed to help with pollution and other factors that cause aging and it’s lightweight. Okay, the science part makes sense but the lotus not so much because the Purlisse Blue Lotus Eye Cream is around $76 with that ingredient alone. I am kind of skeptical about this stuff and I will use to see how it goes since my skin does get dry even out here on the coast but it has been behaving due to using sheet masks and moisturizers. Let’s see how this stuff interacts with my skin and go from there.
Evalue Sin Care Hydrating Serum: This was the item I chose and it’s from Evalue Skin Care and it’s their hydrating serum. When I was choosing my product for this box I had a hard time and when I saw this I had to have it and here’s why! This product has three hydrolonic acids to help rise to the skin to help with hydration and helps tired skin. I know my skin is not wrinkly yet but I did run out of the Touch & Sol one and since that was more of oily skin I figured to get this one since this helps with more dry skin people like me. I did find it slightly drying since I tried it yesterday, forgot this morning, but hey so far it is the first day so I have to keep using it.
Illumasqua Liquid Eyeliner in Black: Last item in the box is from Illumasqua and it’s a pen liner in black! I am glad to get another since I was on my last pen liner at the moment. I can’t wait to open this one up so I can start using it for work since I use these for work and they stay on. I am not sure what is going on with my eyes at the moment they always want to water, I think it’s due to allergies since pollen likes to go nuts even around our apartment outside. I will have to see how this goes!

Add-Ons: I only got three add-ons this month and they are the Tarte Double Duty Shape Tape Setting Spray, the R+CO High Dive Moisture Plus Shine for my hair, and the Colored Rain Highlighter in Selfie. I almost went for the setting spray from Tarte as my choice but decided to buy it to see how it goes since I did enjoy the primer and did run out of that when I got the full size. I hope it’s as moisturizing as the primer so can’t wait to use it. The R+Co was something I was surprised by since I didn’t know what it was at first and saw it was for leaving in the hair which I don’t mind something new for my hair, and the Colored Rain Highlighter is something new to me since I want to try more of this brand after hearing so many good things about it!

Well guys that is it for this post! This year was great for what I had gotten from Glam Bag Plus. I started off strong and ended with a good note after signing up for this tier of Glam Bag. I hope next year will keep on going great since I have tried really good products from this box. What is next? The next RangerStop interview and of course my favorite items from all the boxes! Stay tuned!

The Beauty Quadrant: Ipsy December 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from the vast universe! I am back with another post!

Ipsy December 2019!

Well guys, another year of Ipsy has ended with another December bag! I am so happy to have another year of Ipsy and it was a full one this time since I did re-subscribe last year. As you guys know this bag is now $12 a month and you get four to six deluxe to full size items from many brands. What I find interesting is that this year I was hoping for six items like the last but was surprised to only get five but hey it was worth it to me since getting five samples of items make it fun. I did get one add-on though!

Add-On: Green Light Keychain: I felt like doing something different and this was very different! I love keychains and I saw these being add-ons and felt like grabbing one. It was hard to choose but found this one of a green Christmas light and I do love the color green. I did stick it onto my apartment keychain since I use that the most. I could have stuck it onto my Glam Bag but I felt that my keys need some fun!

Kensie Free Spirit: First is a perfume from the brand Kensie! I have seen these guys up on the Offers page and almost bought their stuff but didn’t know how well they smell until I finally got this. It’s been months since I got that I Am Trash perfume and loved it and was wondering when I will get another one and happened to be this month. This perfume is equal parts apple, plum, and coconut with floral notes and a few earthy ones as well. When I pulled it out for a sniff it did smell good! I have to try this out to get a good feel for it since with perfumes lately I have been trying to get the ones I lost while moving and if I like this I will try to get a set from the Offers page.
Avon True Color Glitter Sticks Eyeliner in 24 Karat: Is it me or I do I hear Bruno Mars all of a sudden? Anyways, I was surprised to see Avon in this bag since it is not a brand I gravitate to. When a flea market was opened in Sanford I remembered going to an Avon lady’s stand and what I didn’t like was how she picked colors that she thought would go best for me even in bush when it looked so dark! Yes, I love wearing blues and purples in shadows but I felt like it was pushed with these colors. When I found out that I was getting this eyeliner from them I was surprised that they made this! This is a gel pencil that is best for an after work outing and I agree and best to keep it in the purse for that last minute invite. This is a yellow-gold that stays for ten hours without any smudging. I hope that’s true since I do love eyeliners and I do gold looks sometimes especially with the Naked Honey pallet from Urban Decay since that is one pallet I can’t stop reaching for. I will have to give this a go since I may not have the best experience with one Avon lady maybe having a better item by them would make things better.
Beauty For Real Lip Shine Lip Gloss in Starlust: Next is a lip gloss from Beauty for Real. I remembered trying these guys in my early Ipsy days and glad to get them again! This is a sheer, pink gloss and it doesn’t go on tacky either. I hope it does keep that claim even though some of my glosses do not have that sticky residue like most of them. Plus this is supposed to be moisturizing due to the use of plant extracts. I will have to give this a go then!
Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Shimmer & Shake: Next is a blush from Tarte and it’s my pick for this month! One great thing about Ipsy is that you get to choose a product and I got to choose this one and I do enjoy Tarte’s blushes a lot! They are easy to blend and not overpowering unless if you accidentally got ham with your brush! This is a neutral shade blushe since it was hard to choose and felt that using more of a neutral one can be a nice idea for work. It is pretty small for a sample size, even smaller than the ones I got in a four blush set years ago from Ulta but can’t wait to use this on my cheeks!
Hey Honey Look Into My Eyes Retinol Eye Mask: Final item is from Hey Honey and this is my first item from them too. I have heard so many good things about this brand and they always end up in this bag and glad to try them out but as an eye mask. This eye mask helps with looking more awake which I need since I do wake up really early to get ready for work and this contains Propilus which is made by honey bees used as an antiseptic and to be more anti-inflammatory and has Retinal alongside Squaline and Coconut Oil. I have to try this out since I do love eating honey in foods and drinking it in tea for colds but glad to know that some things from bees do help with skin. Can’t wait to try this out since I did read that you have to put this on your under eyes and let it sit and then massage it in so I will use this at night then.

Well guys that is it for this bag. Not bad since it did give me a nice skin care product due to being awake from 4:00 in the morning and need to look awake for my supervisors. Also, I am glad to try out Kensie since seeing their stuff on Offers it would help me decide if I want to purchase their products or not. I am glad to get Beauty For Real again since it’s been so long that I had an item from them. Since this is the last month of the Ipsy bags, I hope next year’s bags will be as good as this year’s bags have been. I have tried so many new items from so many brands over the past year and have been happy with them so far. Let’s see what Glam Bag Plus for this month brings me since I am still waiting for it. It did say due to Holiday Shipping that it may be delayed and I remembered waiting for a gift for a long time one year due to this factor and hoping that it does get here soon! Until next time!

The Beauty Quadrant: BoxyCharm December 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with a subscription for this month!

BoxyCharm December 2019!

It’s the final BoxyCharm of the year and glad I got back into this box because I missed it so much! I only got one meh box but the rest were amazing including this one! First this box was $21 but now it’s $25 and you get five full-size products ranging from high end all the way to luxury even sometimes drugstore on top of it. Let’s see what they sent me this month!

Story Book Cosmetics Little Red Riding Hood Pallet: Yes, I know I did anti-hauled this brand years ago due to how there were nothing but pre-orders for their product and man I miss doing anti-hauls. Anyways, when I found out that this brand was going to be in the box I didn’t mind trying them out since I do love reading and I was hoping to get either of them. Charmers were either getting Little Red Riding Hood or Robin Hood which makes sense for the red or green for Christmas. I ended up with Little Red Riding Hood and don’t mind. This pallet is a six pan pallet made exclusively for this box and it features a mix of metallics and mattes to create a look. I will be with my friends on Sunday so I may wear this to that since it is a holiday party. Retail price is $35.
Saturday Skin Water Glacier Water Cream: This was my choice item for this month and it is a water cream from Saturday Skin. I heard of these guys but never tried any of their water creams but I did remember trying another brand’s water cream which I think it was in Allure Beauty Box way before I cancelled that one. This product claims to be a glacier water cream that fight anti-aging and delivers minerals and moisture to the skin. This will be great for my morning moisturizer since I do live in a city with a lot of pollen and stuff and this will also help with getting rid of free radicals. I can’t wait to try this out! This retails for $39.
Ciate London Marbleized Illuminating Blusher: Next is a product from Ciate London and it’s full-size and it’s one of their blushes. When I heard that these guys are going to be in the box it was either this or a highlighter and didn’t care which I got. I know Hot Mess Mama MD got the bronzer in Boxy Lux but you get the blusher here or blush here in the States. This blush is talc free and is made with a mix of matte and illuminating particles. I can’t wait to use this blush on my face. This retails for $29.
Sarafeam Botanicals Daikon plus Dreams Lip Exfoliator with with Radish Extract: I was hoping to get this product in y box because I have been getting back into lip scrubs since Ipsy sent me one a little while ago. I am glad to get this one and this was an interesting idea since it has radish as an ingredient. This product his gentle and contains daikon radish extract which is an Asian radish which you do find it in Japanese food and other foods that require it. Plus, this also has Chamomile tea in it as well to help keep lips from drying. I can’t wait to use this in full! Retails for $24.
Brow Bar Brow Make Over Kit: Final product in my box is a brow kit and it’s by Brow Bar. I heard of these guys before all over YouTube and when this was one of the many products this month I find it interesting. How so? Let’s see what you get! You get two brow powders or shades from what it says, a brow lift or shall I say wax, brow gel, and an angle brush and a flat brush! This is amazing for what you get because you can do your brows without any problem. Any convention goers for any conventions anytime soon? This will be perfect for you guys. If we were going this year I would take this with me to Holiday Matsuri because I have all of my brow needs in this kit. This retails for $30.

That is it you guys and man it was a great round up for this year! I mean you get a lip scrub since it does get really cold here in Daytona, you also got a brow kit which is amazing for what you get in it, also get a blush, a shadow pallet, and I did choose a new moisturizer. So worth it for this month! I know this is the last box of the year and I would say this and last month’s box were two of my favorites along with February’s box. Also, this box did get me into sheet masks and loving them! I did buy a ton all thanks to Ipsy and trying to use them. I can’t wait to see what January has in store for the box and same with next year since after being without for two years I wanted it back so much due to how I got luxury items I wouldn’t spend my money on at Sephora or any other store and plus I got to try brands I rarely get to try due to not being in the store or too pricey for my taste or even not working out for my skin or something. I am also enjoying the idea getting to pick an item and see how the rest will be picked. Hoping 2020 looks bright for this box! So, stay tuned for the next interview from RangerStop 7!

Update: FOrgot to mention what I finished! I finally finished the Touch & Sol Serum which I noticed how my skin was starting to itch slightly as I was going through the product. As in towards the bottom of it, I am still thinking and wondering why are they giving this to sensitive skin people? I am glad that they let you choose items, well one item, in every box because if this was one of the items as a choice I would choose the other. Another update is that I finished the Dose of Colors lipstick from last month because it felt like there was no product in it. I felt like I ran out of it nd wishing there was more product to it. Hoping if I get another Dose of Colors lipstick in this box that would not face this issue. And finally, I had to toss the Hank & Henry liner because I do not like chisel tipped liners. It’s hard for me to use them and angle them a certain way so I tossed that one. Sorry guys! That is it!

The Beauty Quadrant: Ipsy Glam Bag November 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another subscription box!

Ipsy Glam Bag November 2019!

Final subscription box and that is Glam Bag from Ipsy! This subscription has been raised to $12 and this month they have collaborated with Gigi Gorgeous for a collection. Like with GB Plus you also get one item from this collection and it depends on your profile. Let’s see what I got in this box!

Pixie by Petra Mesmerizing Mineral Duo in Naturally Nude: First up is a product from Pixie by Petra. This is an eye shadow duo made exclusively for Ipsy and it features two illuminating shadows where on the left has a rose gold and on the right a golden copper. You can wear these alone or together for a mesmerizing effect. I haven’t tried any of Pixie’s eye shadows and glad to get one of these in bag to try out!
Gigi Gorgeous the Gorgeous Contour Brush: Next is the Gigi product I got in this bag and that is the contour brush from her three brushes she has made for this subscription. I did get the Sick Contour Duo in my GB Plus and this contour brush is perfect! This is a super fluffy brush made to hug your cheek bones which as you know me I do contour the outer portions of my cheeks rather than bronzing my skin up. I did put it against my skin and it did feel good and can’t wait to try this brush out. I did also get the full collection and now have an extra brush!
Delectable by. Cake Beauty Triple Citrus Blend Butter Balm Hand Cream: Man that was a mouthful but at the same time it smells good! I was hoping to try something from this brand and glad to get one of these hand creams this month! At work the hand soap in the dispensers are really harsh and contain so much alcohol my hands get really dry and itchy. I do have a bottle of lotion to help with that but this will help even more. This hand cream contains shea butter and helps with soothing dry and flaky skin and has essential citrus oils and antioxidants with even more moisture. I will be taking this with me to work!
Hola Neon Tinted Lip Balm in Call Me; next is my product choice for this month and that is from Hola Neon. It was hard to choose some of the products but when I saw this I decided why not try a new brand. This is a moisturizing tinted lip balm that delivers a rose nude shade and can easily be built up. This also brings out the natural shade in the lips and can go with any makeup look. As you know with work I do have more of a neutral look and you will see in my RangerStop interviews I went with more of a neutral look for this year and this could have been great for that but as you know there are times where the Glam Bag does take time to get to me even if I don’t have add-ons which I didn’t do that this month with this bag either. I will be tossing this into my makeup bag!
Wonder Beauty Wonderous Highlighter in After Hours: Final item is from Wonder Beauty and it’s their highlighter in After Hours. I have been enjoying Wonder Beauty’s products when they show up in my subscriptions minus the peel off mask from Boxy. Like with the eye shadow duo, this is a highlighter made exclusive for Ipsy and it blends seeminglessly into the skin. This is made with Camelia Seed Oil and Sunflower Oil they help with moisture and give off Vitamin E in one. Wishing they said the color but hey I’m not upset since I have been enjoying this brand and can’t wait to try this item out on my skin!

Well guys that is it for this bag! I feel like this has been a great one since I did get one skin care item which will help with my hands and the rest was makeup and a brush. I can’t wait to try out the Gorgeous Contour Brush and even the shadow duo. I’m excited for December after what I got this month! So, stay tuned guys the RangerStop 7 Review is up next!

The Beauty Quadrant: Final Allure Box November 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another box!

Allure Beauty Box November 2019!

Yes, it’s time for another Allure Box and well guys this is my last one. I feel as though that this is not my favorite box among Ipsy and BoxyCharm. I do like reading Allure for interesting articles but I feel like the items aren’t me and I get better brands in my other three, as in Glam Bag, GB Plus, and BoxyCharm. For this last box, it feels more like skin care and one makeup item. Let’s see what I got!

Tarte Color Splash Lipstick: First is a product from Tarte and that is their Color Splash Lipstick. I was excited to get this but at the same time I remembered getting that quick dry lipstick and didn’t like that one so with this one I’m hoping that it’s not as bad. The claims are that this gives a one swipe color and a second deepens and it fits the curve the lips with the tip which I kind of have smaller lips so I have to be careful with a product like this since I can go out of the lines so will see how it goes. This item retails for $21.
Freeze 24/7 Anti-Gaining Eye Serum: Next is another under eye serum and it is from Z 24/7 and it is new to me brand wise. I know I love trying out new brands from these boxes and this one will go nicely with what I have and use after I’m finished with the Becca one and of course some of the others in my makeup kit. This serum has Glycerin, amino acids, and aloe to help with moisturizing the areas around the eyes and can tap into the areas with a finger. Also this plays well with makeup which I do put on my concealer on top. This retails for $115. Ouch!
Curology the Cleanser: Remember those commercials on YouTube about Curology? Well, this month I got a cleanser from these guys. I am a little skeptical because the people in the commercial says that it starts working right away but here is the thing from learning from everyone I watch on YouTube that skin care doesn’t work in a day, it takes time to start being effective I believe it since it does take time with my sensitive skin, heck it burns the next day if it hates it. It doesn’t say much except to wash the skin of impurities and it was developed by dermatologists who understand unruly skin. I need more information on this but I may try it to see how it goes since I do use a pretty good routine especially exfoliating three times a week and I get pretty good items from the other boxes. This retails for $20 and up because it’s a kit you get with not only the cleanser but other products. I would say be careful when watching these commercials because skin care is not a one day miracle.
E. L. F. Putty Primer: Next is an item that is a huge sell out everywhere and that is the ever famous E. L. F. Putty Primer. As you know Jeffree Starr said this was Jeffree Starr Approved and everyone went nuts over this. You get a full-size of this and I feel, this is what led me to deciding to cancel, if I’m getting drugstore items in my box I can just take an Uber or Lift or order on Ulta’s website or even through E. L. F. for all my needs from this brand. You know I love their lash and brow gel duo since 2015 and still use it to this day for work! Heck, I can even get Shipt to bring my items from this brand. This claims to be a primer to give you Instagram perfect skin and fills in pres. I think every single primer has that claim, heck my skin looks amazing if I use my NYX Hydro Touch primer and people still comment on it. I will be using this but I do still have my Tarte one to get through and the newer Illumasqua one I got in GB Plus so I’m sorry Allure but this is one reason why I’m cancelling and that is I can just go down to my local drugstores or order from the brands for the products since a good portion of my makeup is drugstore. This retails for $8.
Vici Double Glow Peel Mask: Next is a brand I never heard of called Vici and it’s their Double Glow Peel Mask. This is a gel mask that can be applied with a thin layer and then rubbed in afterwards which also has volcanic particles in it that helps with dead skin. I have to see how well this interacts with my skin because there are some stuff that my skin hates and others that it loves so I will have to see how it goes. This item retails for $20.
Ishi Charcoal Mask: Next is another item from this brand and that is their Charcoal Mask. This comes in a palm size pot and it is made with clay and charcoal. You don’t have to touch it because it does clean the pores as in “Don’t Bother Me Mask!” I will have to see this goes because this is more of an oily skin type mask since I tried Dark Angels from Lush and that broke me out and not sure if I want to risk my skin with this one, will have to see. This mask retails for $20.
Bliss that’s IIncredy-Peel Pads: Final item in my final box and that is a box of these peel pads from Bliss. These pads come with Glycolic Acid and they add on a dewy radiance once you wake up. I am hoping so because in think I got a box of these and only used one and it was a different brand last month too. I do love using moisturizing items but I do still use a night time moisturizer now and this was another reason for canceling because when I used one of the pads from last month it didn’t do anything. I don’t get why some skin care works for some and not for others but it’s one of those things you have to try and see if it does work out. I did say it’s not a one day miracle and after using one pad maybe I should try again and see how that goes. These retail for $20 for a box of 15.

Well guys that is it for this box and my final one which I just called to cancel. I know you guys enjoyed reading my thoughts on this box but I feel like this one is an underwhelming subscription. I get more excited for GB, GB Plus, and BoxyCharm, heck now Dollar Shave Club since they do pick items I can choose from for my box based on my questions I answer and they do replenish my razor blades every other month. The only box I did like was the Huda Beauty collaboration since I did love the matte lipstick from that brand while the other boxes weren’t that great. I do love skin care but I feel like I want a box for more makeup overall and that is why I’m sticking with those three beauty ones. I will still read the most interesting articles from each email. So, what’s next? Definitely my Glam Bag from this month and round it up with the RangerStop review!

The Beauty Quadrant: BoxyCharm November 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another subscription!

BoxyCharm November 2019!

Another month of Boxy has arrived and had to fetch mine from the Leasing Office earlier since it did arrive while I was out of town this weekend. Now it seems like Boxy is making their boxes bigger to hold more items and larger items since they did raise their price for the base box to $25. Also, it looks like they have been adding a few more luxury brands in the mix. Even one item is $90 retail, which I didn’t choose. Oh yes, like with Ipsy you get to choose your product every month and they have been doing surveys which I will explain this…

Foundation/Concealer Swatch Card: Last month Boxy did a survey about foundation and concealer since they will be giving out complexion products from Pretty Vulgar and Becca soon. They sent a card with certain shades to match with your skin so you have to swatch and then compare each swatch and give them your match on a website on the card. I will be doing this soon since I need the added visual help with this.

Dominique Cosmetics Celestial Thunder Shadow Pallet: First up is a product from Dominique Cosmetics. I’m glad to get this because it’s the Celestial Thunder Pallet. She has released one pallet called Celestial Storm and made this eight pan pallet for BoxyCharm as a nice step towards the Storm pallet. I did enjoy her lip gloss and glad to check out her eye shadow pallet since I have heard so many good things about her formula. I do love space themed items even with shadows so I am glad to check this thing out. Retail price is $35.00.
Juice Beauty Stem Cell Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream: Next up is the product I chose and it’s from Juice Beauty and it’s an eye cream. I don’t have wrinkles but I do love having an eye cream as an eye primer for my concealer and it does help with my dark circles due to waking up so early for work. This item helps with that with using fruit stem cells and Vitamin C to get rid of that. I do have other items open so can’t wait to use this! This item retails for $50.00.
Dose of Colors Liquid Matte Lipstick: Next is an item from Dose of Colors and it’s another liquid lipstick! This month you could either get one of four of these lipsticks or the Becca Liquid Illuminator and I have a feeling most of us got this and didn’t mind getting either one. Not sure what color I got but can’t wait to wear it! Retail price is $18.00.
Vita Masks Morning and Evening Gel Masks: Next is something I was glad I didn’t get lashes! Yes, this month you could have received Lily Lashes but glad I didn’t since I said I don’t like them. These masks are from Vita Masks which I’m glad to get these. I wish I had these with me if I got this before RangerStop because the Morning Mask is ideal to de-puff the eyes when you wake up and best for on the go. The night Mask would also be great for on the go since after a day at a convention the Hyaluronic Acid can help relax the eyes and of course you have to clean up all that makeup and wash again afterwards. These masks retail for $12.00.

BoxyCharm Brush Duo: Finally, everyone got brushes in their box this month from the BoxyCharm brush set they have made. If you got the Premium Box you get the eye brushes and with the regular box you get the foundation and powder brushes like I had. I saw these and man they look nice! They feel more like those brushes that you find in paint brushes that have a sponge as their head but they are pretty compact to use with cream or powder and I do have issues with blending powder sometimes. Hoping the powder brush will help knowing the foundation one will be just fine. The set retails for $35.

What Have I finished? I’ve finished the Becca Aqua Mist Powder recently and man this powder felt so cooling once you put it on the skin. I did like how it was easy to just push down on the net to get powder and was able to blend it with both my under eye powder brush and face brush. I didn’t notice it on at all. I may have to purchase this at some point since I found it so comfortable! I had to toss the Pur Peel off Mask because that stuff is not my favorite! Apparently one night I still had remnants and Gondras had to help me peel it off and told me to just toss it and agreed. Another item I tossed was the Iconic London Plumping Gloss because I feel that it felt like it didn’t do anything to my lips and also when trying to apply it felt like I was not putting anything on my lips. I don’t get the hype around it so I just got rid of it. I do have good news on one product and that is the Tarte Be Naturally You pallet is showing some dents especially with the top four shades. I have been putting this pallet to work on my eyes for work and will continue doing so since this has been a favorite pallet ever since I received it.

Well guys that is it for this box! This has been a great box including the Dose of Colors lipstick and I like the idea of choosing an item each month because I chose my product yesterday for December which I won’t reveal until I get the box. I’m glad to get this box again and so far I only had one disappointing box and the others have been great. I have to see what the card for the Complexion Choice will show. Stay tuned guys because I still have Ipsy and Allure and of course my RangerStop 7 review!

The Beauty Quadrant: Glam Bag Plus November 2019

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back from RangerStop 7 and man it was a blast! Review and so many interviews and other videos coming your way. In the meantime, I got something in the mail that got here fast!

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus November 2019!

Oh yes, it’s that time again and that is Glam Bag Plus! I was surprised that this arrived early but not complaining since I didn’t get any add-ons not just because what had happened last month but they didn’t catch my ears that much this month. They bore me a little and just stuck with what I got in this box. This month all of Ipsy is working with Gigi Gorgeous and I did buy her collection which I’m excited about but did get some items in both my Glam Bag and this box. Let’s see what I got!

Ipsy x Gigi Gorgeous Sick Sculpt Bronzer Duo in Turn + Extra: First up is the Gigi Gorgeous item in this box and it happened to be the Sick Sculpt Duo in Turn and Extra. I almost had this as a product choice but didn’t select it since it could have been picked among my four other items so was glad I got it by Ipsy’s choice. I was glad they finally gave me something contour since I wanted an item for over a year now from the contour side of things and did put it on the quiz that I do love bronzing and contouring but on the outer areas of my cheeks. This duo brings a warm and safe sun kissed glow to the face and Turnt is a light cool brown while Extra is a warm brown. Cool thing is that you can use them separately or together for a custom shade. I may be doing it together anyways since I can’t see the barrier between the two. I did remember Gigi doing the both thing when she did her wife’s makeup which was pretty nice. I can’t wait to try this out!
Doucce Punk Voluminizer Mascara in Black: Next is a product from Doucce and it is a mascara. I remembered getting products from this brand and now using the eyeliner pencil finally. Good news is that my eyes aren’t watering because of it either. My eyes were doing that when I was at work all week with other makeup items. This is a jet black mascara and it is much pigmented and stays on all day. This acts as the false lashes effect without the smudging or flaking. I have to try this out since hoping my allergies won’t affect it since I tend to have that issue now. Let’s see how it goes!
Illumasqua Hydra Veil Primer: Another item from Illumasqua and that is their Hydra Veil Primer. It’s a moisturizer and primer in one and it helps prep skin for makeup and plant extracts are used to provide a calming sensation to the skin and does absorb in the skin without looking greasy. I am glad to get another primer to try out since it does help makeup from entering the pores which basically that is what the After Shave Balm was doing with people who were using it as a makeup base even my skin which I was glad to stop using that and stuck with more of the moisturizing primers. I’m using the Tarte Double Duty Primer at the moment and loving that one since I tried it as a sample through the regular Glam Bag. Let’s see how this one will work afterwards.
Seraphine Botanicals Happy Hibiscus Blush Pallet: This was my product choice this month since I do love blushes and taking a pallet with me to a convention is easy even though I took my Nars blush with me instead. Anyways, I heard of the brand but never tried anything so decided why not try it out now? This is a vegan blush pallet that is also 99% natural and flattering for all skin tones. These blushes are made with hibiscus flower extract and Kaylin clay which also help with reducing oils. You get four shades which do look darker in pan but do give off sheer on the cheeks with a simple build-up formula. I’m glad to go with this one since I wanted to see how these blushes go on my skin.
Belle en Argent Auto Lip Color in in Smoking on Screen: Final item is something from Belle en Argent and it’s a lip color in Smoking on Screen. I never tried this brand and glad to do so in this box. This is claimed to be the perfect fall color since it’s a berry shade with blue/red undertones that flatter many skin tones and with one swipe you can take on the world. This also features oils such as Hudoba and argon which helps with the creaminess. I can’t wait to use this lipstick then! I am down with a berry shade and this one is perfect!

What Have I Finished? I have finished the Purlisse Moisturizing Green Tea Primer recently and man it stung at first since my skin was trying to get used to it. It wasn’t that bad of a formula either and glad to give it a try.

Well guys that is it for this box! I am not sure if BoxyCharm arrived so I will check on that but my Glam Bag has shipped alongside Allure which I am thinking of cancelling that after this month which I will explain in that post. So, stay tuned for my post on RangerStop 7 alongside more posts to come!

The Beauty Quadrant: Allure Beauty Box October 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with another post!

Allure Beauty Box October 2019!

Well, it’s time for another Allure Beauty Box and it looks like the box with a lid thing is now their newest packaging. I think they’re doing this a way to save the planet from plastics with the bags thing. Oh well, but let’s see what I got this month!

Sunday Riley Ice Nicinemide Moisturizing Cream: First is a cream from Sunday Riley and I thought it was an eye cream at first but I do make mistakes. I did use the Vitamin C moisturizer by them and thought it was okay but let’s see what this one holds. This is a new product from Sunday Riley that it helps with taking on dry complexions even flaking. This contains ceramides and it looks thick but gets absorbed quickly. Well, when I used it on my under eyes by accident it did absorb pretty quickly. Now that I know it’s meant as a face one I will see how it goes since I do moisturize before makeup and my skin can be dry and I am healing some acne spots with my skin care regimen. Retail price is $65.
M-61 Power Glow Peel: How should I explain this fan favorite item? Well, it comes on pads where you rub on your face and it contains chamomile and glycolic and salicylic acids to help make skin glow. I have sensitive skin and never tried a peel except in mask form but prefer a sheet mask. I have to try this out since this box is supposed to be skin care before the winter comes and well here on the coast it comes with a big hit! I will see how these go! This retails #30 for ten treatments!
Sol Dejanero Brazilian Bum Bum Cream: Oh man! I heard so many good things about this everywhere on YouTube! It’s the famous Brazilian Bum Bum Cream and man it smells amazing! You can use this on your body but I use it on my hands since it contains cupuac butter and the smell reminds you of the coconuts and the sweet popcorn that is sold on the shores of Rio. This retails for $45!
ModelCo Eye Lights Liquid Eye Shadow in Granite: Another one of these and wishing that Allure get liquid eye shadows from other great brands! This is a blackened silver shadow that looks fresh and doesn’t crease. Can be worn alone or with the trio that comes in the box this month. I remembered getting one of these but it ran out too quickly and when I saw this in my box it did not feel full-size either so I am hoping that it lasts me a bit this time. I wished they go to other brands like Tarte since Ipsy has gotten the Chrome Paint Pots or even Steela for their famous cream shadows. Anyways this retails for $9.
ModelCo Metallic Shadow Trio in San Tropes: This is a metallic bronze trio that makes smoky eyes simple. It has a bronze shade, a brown, and a lighter shade for brow bones and inner corners. I think this would go good with my Urban Decay pencil in Smog since it is a coppery brown pencil. I did remember getting a trio similar to this but this fits more like alley. This retails for $13.
Deep Mineral Sea Bath: I gave these bath salts to my fiancé, Gondras, because of course he is always on his feet at work and is in pain when he gets home! This has a lavender and eucalyptus scent and when pouring the entire packet in you get a blue tint to your water that doesn’t stain. It will help him with his achy spots! This retails for $20.
Limify Redness Relieving Eye Drops: Something different in the box and it’s from Bosh & Lomb and it’s their Lumify Redness Relief Eye Drops that work within minutes after application. I did have some allergy issues on Thursday and figured to try these and they did help in relieve some irritation in my eyes. So, I will have to keep using these! I have a feeling these retail for around $7+.

Well guys that is it for this box. I am not sure about this box guys because I felt it was a bit of a miss this month. Well, mainly for the ModelCo stuff. I rarely see them mentioned in the articles I read since I see more on Revlon, Maybelline, Huda Beauty, and so many more brands that are luxury, prestige, and drugstore, heck even indie brands get mentioned. I hope next month has better products since I did see a Peter Thomas Roth possibility for November. I will see how much longer I will keep this box because I do like Allure Magazine but I like my three other beauty boxes slightly more since I get to try a broader range of brands and products from them but here I feel like they get to repetitive. Come on Allure! Well, next is another book review from NetGalley!

The Beauty Quadrant: Glam Bag Plus October 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with another subscription post!

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus October 2019!

Yes, it’s time for another Glam Bag Plus! This is the upgraded version of the Glam Bag where you get five full-size items and now a makeup bag every month. This one is $25 a month and will stay that price! This month it also collaborated with Betty Boop and like with the regular Glam Bag you do get one item from the collection which I got to choose. Let’s see what I got as an add-on!

Add-On: I got the Betty Boop That’s So Betty Shadow Pallet from the collection. This time I decided to wait and see what I got from the collection instead of buying it in full like with the Tetris one since that one was huge and this one was pretty big as well. I decided to just go for the items I got and buy the ones I was mostly interested in and one of them was this shadow pallet. Even though you got single shadows from this pallet but I decided to just get the pallet alone due to loving pallets and this seems like a nice collector’s item. I do like Betty Boop somewhat from the old cartoons but I prefer Felix the Cat since I love cats! Anyways, this pallet features eight shadows and they are in pearl, matte, and foil formulas which you can wear alone or layered on each other. You know me I would go for a full on eye affect. I wonder if Ipsy can help me with shade descriptions since they probably don’t know I’m blind. Hey, they had it for the Eleman pallet I picked up.

Dr. Brandt Micro Dermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliating Cleanser: Man that was a lot to type! First is the ever so famous Dr. Brandt Micro Dermabrasion Exfoliating Cleanser. I heard so many things about this cleanser for years on YouTube and was glad to get it since I need to keep my skin clear of dead skin cells. This cleanser has a combination of gentle crystals and acids to help clean the skin and the lactic acids help with cell turnover and get rid of dead skin and won’t strip away moisture. I can’t wait to use this since I am using my Mirad one at the moment and that one is proving to be really good for my skin too. I am so glad that this is in my box and can’t wait to use it!
REALHER I Am Adaptable Liquid Lipstick: Next is a product from REALHER and it’s a liquid lipstick. I love these things and it’s great to try new brands in these subscriptions. This is a classic red shade and it is very lightweight that dries down to a very bold and matte shade. This is made with Medafoam Seed Oil that helps to lock in moisture in the lips and it was made in partnership with athlete and motivational speaker Misty Diaz, who was born with Spina Bifida, but doesn’t compete without a bright red lip. I did wear this on Friday to work but it did kind of ran off my lip so I have to be careful while wearing this by just applying it to my middle lip and let it spread slightly and then dab.
Tarte Chrome Shadow Paint Pot in Steel the Show: Next is a new item for me to try from Tarte and that is their Chrome Shadow Pot and in the color Steel the Show! This is a metallic silver shade and I tried it earlier for my Mercury Black look from RWBY and it did go on pretty smoothly. This is like the Maybelline Color Tattoos and this was a great new item to try. I did hear these are a bit messy and best to hit them against a hard surface to loosen them up to keep the shadow powder inside and I did that but nothing fell out so far. You can use your finger or brush which I used a pointed crease brush to do my crease with this and didn’t have any issues. I can’t wait to see how Park Ave. Princess will be like once it arrives!
Trestique All over Shimmer Stick in Ultraviolet: Next is a highlighter stick from Trestique but have to get it replaced. This is a multitask stick where you can use it as a shadow, a highlighter, or as a lipstick. It is a powder to cream formula and even oily skin types can use it. I have to wait for my replacement because it broke when I was looking at it again. I love this brand since it is all about just being a stick and don’t have to carry so many things at once but if it breaks it ruins the appeal. Hoping it doesn’t break in the replacement.
Betty BoopxIpsy Cheek to Cheek Blush Pallet: Finally is my item choice! I decided to get the Cheek to Cheek Blush Pallet from the Betty Boop collection since I got the lip item and did an add-on with the shadow pallet so I covered all bases this way. The mascara and liner were tempting but I have too many of those already and I prefer pencil and pen liners, gel if I have the right brush as well. This pallet has a peach blush and two highlighters and they have soft textures that blend in smoothly. I’ve been hearing that these are too light so I have to see how these go since I do love getting blushes and highlighter pallets since they are so easy to work with. I am so glad I was able to pick the top items from this collection.

Well guys that is it for this post! I did enjoy this box and the bag was actually bigger than the Glam Bag and now using it. I can’t wait for next month’s box since of course it will have items from the Gigi Gorgeous Collection so I can’t wait to see what it brings! Stay tuned I do have my Allure Beauty Box!

The Beauty Quadrant: BoxyCharm October 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another post for the day!

BoxyCharm October 2019!

So, BoxyCharm has arrived and glad it did since this has been a really good month with spoilers. It’s all about Dose of Colors this month since they had given BoxyCharm many five pan pallets to give out! There are a lot of changes coming to BoxyCharm starting in November which the price for the base box will be going up to $25 and knowing I will be taxed for that since I do live in Florida after all. They are also introducing a new box called Premium but to me just getting the base box is more worth it since I am pretty much getting similar items already to Premium and Lux which I don’t need that much in a box. If you’re interested in joining either one, first you have to join BoxyCharm and then you can upgrade to Premium and Lux afterwards. Also another new thing apparently they have been letting people choose one product and I got to do it for November. I was wondering when they sent out the emails since they have been doing that but haven’t ’gotten it until this month. I tried asking on their Facebook and they said they don’t do it just look on the website. Here’s the thing though if you don’t let your customers know about it then how would they? I work eight to five days a week and I wouldn’t know if I don’t get an email but I did get one and chose something but you have to wait until I get my November box! Let’s see what I got this month!

Dose of Colors Five Pan Eye Shadow Pallet in Baked Browns: So, starting off is a Dose of Colors product and that is the fie pan shadow pallet. I heard so many good things about Dose of Colors’ eye shadow formula and so far I have enjoyed their liquid lipsticks and when I heard they were giving these pallets out in the box alongside another one from a YouTube influencer I was really excited. I was happy to get this and got it in the Baked Browns pallet which is a matte brown pallet. This will be perfect for work since I do love wearing basic shadow looks for work. I have some brown tops and one or two brown skirts that this would go well with. I did buy another one as an add-on for my November box and that is the Sassy Siennas which I can’t wait for! Retail price for this is $32.
Touch and Sol Pretty Filter Glass Skin Balm: Next is a product from Touch & Sol. I was surprised to get a product from these guys again since I felt that this brand is more for oily skin types with the primer I tried the last time. I was hoping not to get this but got it anyways and apparently this is supposed to give an all over glow and prep the skin before makeup and hoping it does since the primer was supposed to be like that but made my skin itchy so hoping this doesn’t do that. Let’s see what this brings! This retails for $32.
Iconic London Lip Plumping Gloss: Next is my first item by Iconic London. I remembered how many boxes in the past they had this brand in there and didn’t get those items but did this time and it’s a lip plumbping gloss. I heard these are also well-known because they do have a minty sensation to help plump the lips and well I am not into lip plumpers unless it’s a makeup item to try out and willing to see how this goes. Especially with my skin being sensitive and this gloss is supposed to be with peptides to help with collagen growth in the lips. Let’s see how it goes. This retails for $26.
Becca Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer: Next is another item from Becca and excited to try another item and that is their Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer. This balm is supposed to help re-energize the under eyes and take away fatigue since the delicate under eye area is the first place for aging. I tend to use something like this before I put on my under eye concealer as a primer for that. I am using the Becca powder at the moment and liking that so will be trying this out and see how it goes. This retails for $32 and this is another item costs this much!
Jante Blue Lip Liner Pencil: Final item is a lip liner by Jante Blue. I have noticed this brand being in subscriptions and it looks like it’s a drugstore brand. I thought it was more luxury due to the name but apparently this is more drugstore. This claims to be a much pigmented pencil that can be worn alone, good to contour the lips, and as a base for any lip color. I am glad to get another lip liner pencil since I have used them to keep a grip on any lip product due to my being a teacher and have to explain technology I don’t want my lip color to come off. I wished I had this with Havana Nights with how it ran all over my lips during Omni! This retails for $5.00!

What Did I Finish? Well, when it comes to BoxyCharm items I have finished the Dr. Brandt Sleeping Mask not too long ago. I was surprised that this item went pretty quickly since it was pretty small for its package. It was a great thing to try and it did help with my skin stay hydrated while I slept all night and it did act as a great base for makeup, as in it did help make my skin be moisturized for makeup application. I am trying out a newer night cream since I do get dry as I sleep. And the other item I finished happened to be the Elemis Veggie Mask! I just finished this mask and man it tingled like crazy while I sued it. I did like the citrusy and veggie smell it gave off as I used it. It didn’t irritate my skin at all. I do have another mask I did receive in BoxyCharm and see how that goes!

Well guys that is it for this month’s BoxyCharm! I’m excited about the pallet since it’s another Dose of Colors product for me to try out. I’m also excited about the Becca primer since it did look like a makeup compact to me and hoping it will do the same thing as any eye cream. What is next? Hoping my Glam Bag Plus and Allure Beauty Box! Until next time!