Subscription Satelite: Ipsy February 2022

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with a new version of a subscription post!

Ipsy GlamBag & GBX February 2022

I got both my Glam Bag and GBX a little bit later this month. I only got one add-on with my Glam Bag and that caused it to be late so I decided to combine them in a new way. I will list the products and then talk about any of the ones I have tried or am excited about.

Glam Bag

  • Context Skin Lipstick in Running Free
  • Go to Skin Care The Removalist
  • Hip Dot Contour Brush
  • M2uNYC DShadow Duo in Cobble Hill, Clean
  • Sowasu First Care Activating Serum

So, this month with Glam Bag, I felt it was a better balance between skin care and makeup and one tool. I am glad to get the Hip Dot brush since I have enjoyed the Clueless blush palette and the Witchy pallet from Halloween. I will be using this brush when I contour next time. I was glad to try out a new shadow duo from M2u NYC since I have enjoyed the shadow primer and when I saw this as a choice I had to get it. This duo has an espresso and a gold shade to go from day to night. I will definitely see how this goes even though I did use up the shadow primer. I am using the Sowasu serum at the moment to see how it feels from the Good Molecules one I’m using all the time. It does feel good when applying but I do get the tingle from using new items of course. I haven’t tried the lipstick as of yet which I will and the same with the Removalist. I did get the Ipsy Bundle in I’m Bold which included the new Morphe pallet for this month which I was skeptica at first due to how Morphe is a bit of a sketchy company but will give this pallet a try after enjoying the James Charles Artistry pallet. I did get other items too and will see how it goes!


  • Juvia’s Place Nubian Pallet
  • MZ Skin Soothe and Smooth Hyaluronic Eye Complex
  • Benefit Cosmetics The Porefessional Hydration Primer
  • Aceology Hydrating & Brightening Biodegradable Masks
  • First Aid Beauty Niacinamide Serum
  • Tarte 12 Hour Highlighter in Sparkler
  • Quay Sunglasses
  • 111Skin Cryofree Cleanser

The GBX for this month was curated by Adison Ray. I was excited to find the Juvia’s Place palette in my GBX this month and did get the second and third ones since they are in a series. They were also on sale on Ulta. I did choose a pair of sunglasses this time since they were different from the makeup I would choose. I have been using them and they fit pretty well on my face and don’t feel tight either. $75 sunglasses in your Glam Bag X? Yes please! Especially if you live somewhere extra sunny. I will definitely use the sheet masks since I do enjoy those when my skin needs some TLC and I’m happy to try something new from Benefit, which is the Professional Hydrating Primer. As you know, my skin can get really dry and it’s good to have a primer to hydrate the skin before makeup. I will use this whenever I run out of anything that is primer related. Let’s see how it goes!

That is it for this post, I think I prefer doing it this way since it is easier if I just write the product once in one list. I may link the product in future posts and plus it would make more sense to combine both the two bags for Ipsy instead of doing a separate post for both. I will still do it for Allure and Glossy Box but may do it this way since I think it makes it easier on myself, especially when I have to use Convenient OCR for the other two boxes with the small pamphlets they include.  What’s next? I am thinking of doing a post on products I switched to over time because I have changed some things in my makeup and skin care routine, until next time!

Subscription Satelite: Allure Beauty Box February 2022

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! Another box is up!

Allure Beauty Box February 2022

Just when my Glossy Box arrived, so did my Allure Beauty Box the next day. This box contains items based on favorites by the editors of Allure Magazine and you get five items picked by them and an item based on how long you’ve been a member. This costs $23 a month and you also get a small magazine with it! Let’s see what was included for this month’s box!

Heritage Store Rose Water Facial Mist

First item is from Heritage! I loved their Rose Water Toner and seeing this in my box makes me happy! This is a gentle mist that is made with water and rose oil and it is used to help set makeup, prep it for makeup and refresh the skin during the day. I may use this before makeup to help with moisture since I do use a moisturizing primer before applying my makeup. Rose oil does help with moisture since I have used their toner and now want to get another bottle from Ulta. This retails for $10.62.

Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair Conditioner

In this month’s box, I got an Allure Winner! I got a tube of the Brioggio Don’t Despair Repair Conditioning Hair Mask! This mask helps with bringing moisture back to the hair to help hair become softer and more shinier. I haven’t used this in the past few years and am glad to get another tube and this time in the Allure Beauty Box. I will definitely use this of course! This retails for $38!

Evelyn Rose Body Melt

Next up is a lotion that helps with a lot of the dry areas! Winter has been a beast here on the coast this past January and February and man I’m glad for the warm weather to return for a bit. This contains murumuru butter which helps with the moisture and I know I will be also using this. This retails for $35.

My Topicals Hydrating Mask

Next up is a hydrating face and body mask from My Topicals. I never heard of this brand before until this box. I love finding out about brands I never heard of before. This mask has squalene, ceramides, and shea butter to help with moisture on cold winter nights and it melts into the skin. It says to have it on for twenty minutes or overnight. I can’t wait to use this since the winter has been slightly harsh. AThis retails for $32.

Model  Co. Metallic Shadow Trio in St. Tropes

Next up is a product from Model Co. I remembered these guys to be in Ipsy too and now they are in Allure more. This is a pallet that features bronzey shades to create day to night looks and smoky ones. I can’t wait to use this! This retails for $18.

Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Exfoliator

Last item is another Allure winner from Dr. Brandt and it’s their Micro Dermabrasion Scrub! This has a combination of physical and chemical exfoliators in this product that helps the skin with becoming radiant. I enjoy using these on a night before a sheet mask to help with the serum from the mask soak in. This retails around the $30 range.

Well, this month’s box was really good since it brought two products off their winners list. I can’t wait to use the eye shadow trio the most due to trying something from Model Co. after so long. I can’t wait for what March has in store for me!

Subscription Satelite: Glossy Box February 2022

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! Sorry for the wait on doing my subscription posts, some are a little late and I was doing homework and I did get diagnosed with Bronchitis last Sunday. I’m fine and I know last Sunday was a bit controversial with that post, so hoping this would be better.

Glossy Box February 2022

So, my Glossy Box was the first to arrive this month and didn’t know because RJ placed it on top of our air fryer without telling me. He was using it on our bar to make chicken tenders one night and didn’t point out that Glossy Box was also there. I need to ask him to tell me when that happens since it can come early or late. Anyways, this box is $21 a month and you get six items in this box that range between deluxe and full-size. They can be skin care, hair care, even tools  along with makeup. I think this is a good replacement for BoxyCharm in my opinion since I am enjoying what I received this far. WHat did I get for February? Let’s see!

Natura MuruMuru Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner

First up is a shampoo and conditioner duo from Natura and it’s their Muru Muru Replenishing Duo. These are deluxe size bottles which I prefer instead of tubes since I can wrap a rubber band around the conditioner. These contain Muru Muru Butter that helps with getting anything out and return hair to its shiny self. These two clean, moisturize and prevent breakage which I love. My hair does get damaged and I am trying to grow it out, I have been using castor oil and feel it’s not working, trying to get back into the Hair Vitamins. ANyways, I will try these two out and see how they work on my hair. I heard good things about Muru Muru Butter in a lot of different skin and hair products. Let’s see how this works. The deluxe set is $4.90 and the full-size duo is around $49.

Ersa Skin Care Nourishing Cream

Next up is a product from Erso Skin Care. This is a new brand to me and I’m glad to try something from them even in deluxe size. This is a moisturizer that helps skin with Niacinamide and Vitamin A and Seramides. This sounds like a good combination and I’m glad to get a new moisturizer to try. I can see it will help with making my skin plump and supple. I don’t see anything about sensitive skin since that is something I look for in skin care the most. I hope I don’t break out since with things such as Seramides and Niacinamide my skin has been doing good. You can get a deluxe size for $27 and a full-size for $90. I would stick with the deluxe size, thank you very much!

CAAB Cosmetics SweetHeart Lipstick

I haven’t seen these guys in so long since I left Ipsy back in 2016 and re-joined back in 2018 and have not seen them anywhere within the past four years. I guess they stopped working with them? Don’t know. I am glad to see them again and in a different box. This is a lipstick that gives a subtle look to the lips and it is supposed to be also moisturizing, however the tip before this product says to apply lip balm, which I do anyways with my lovely Lip Smackers! I know, they are mostly for kids but I do love them since they are the most moisturizing for my lips. I will see how this goes since I haven’t used this brand in so long and glad to see they are somewhere in the Box Universe! This retails for $18.

NCLA Nails Nail Polish in Fresh Linen and Back to Black

Next up is a nail polish from NCLA Nails. I remembered these guys also being in BoxyCharm and I rarely have seen a bottle of polish in there ever since I returned to them in 2019 and canceled last year, when there was a rumor floating around that they would bring nail polish back. I am glad to see this here though. You get either Fresh Linen which is a white or Back to Black which is black. Going a little gothic aren’t we? I think I may receive Fresh Linen which I could use with my red crackle polish and other dark crackle colors if I get anything more with those from EBay or OPI. I don’t see a retail box but can’t wait to use this on my nails!

Dita Litera Tanning Lotion

I am not going to use this! I don’t self-tan guys! I guess toss!

Dragon’s Blood Eye Masks

Final item is an eye mask at the bottom of my box and it just says Dragon’s Blood Eye Masks. Hold on! To the internet!Okay, they are from a brand called Rodiel and I found them on AMazon which are pretty cheap for a single eye mask. Okay, these contain Dragon’s BLood and Hyaluronic Acid to help with keeping moisture on the under eyes which makes sense. I will have to try these out since I do like the idea of having something to help hydrate the skin and Hyaluronic Acid does work well with my skin. These retail for $6.99 for a set!

So, this box, the only disappointment is the Self-Tanning Lotion since I do not self-tan at all. When you see me in our convention videos, that is my skin tone you see, the light-medium girl you see. I don’t think self-tanning is necessary and don’t know why it exists and tanning on the beach is already dangerous as is so I don’t suggest that either. Anyways, the other items I am happy about which makes me happy since I do love hair care items and I know I will give a good use to the shampoo and conditioner samples, while the lipstick I will definitely use after not getting CAAB in years. The nail polish is a definite yes when I use it since I love nail polish! Let’s see how it goes! Next is the Allure Beauty Box!

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with a new subscription box!

Glossy Box January 2022

At the end of December I subscribed to a new box called Glossy Box. I saw a video by Theresa is Dead about this box and she had a code and decided to use it since I liked what she got in it. I did like the box and decided to subscribe. When I subscribed, I got the December box with the discount but got the January one as well. This box contains six items and you get a combination of full and deluxe size and it ranges between well-known and independent brands! This box is also $21 a month. I know that was the price of BoxyCharm before but I feel like I get better items in this box and I hope I don’t get bored. Let’s see what January holds!

Bloom Day Dreamer Gentle Face Wash

First is a product by Bloom and it’s a face wash. I love getting face washes and this is a great start for a new box for me since we are still in winter. This face wash can be used in the morning and it doesn’t lather up as much so it won’t strip skin of its natural oils while using it. This has plant extracts to help with moisture. I can’t wait to try this out in the mornings since I am almost out of my Tony Moly AM Gel Cleanser and a new tube is on its way. I also use my cleanser with my Goldfaden cleansing machine. This product retails for $18.

Julep Love Your Skin Facial Wipes

Next up is a product from Julep Beauty. I enjoy using makeup wipes since they do help with easier cleansing on my face. I understand the issue that it can stretch skin but it doesn’t do that much with mysskin, I don’t feel it tug like most people would. Let’s see what these wipes are and what they contain. These contain olive oil and they help clean off makeup and impurities gently and also helps tone the skin. I hear gt5 fv4d olive oil is not the best for skin but it is good for the diet! I know, I am a nerd but I will give these a chance though. I still have the wipes I used at RangerStop Atlanta and still use them to this day since I did get a two pack of them. I will have to see how these go though, plus they look like they sold out on Julip’s website so right now I will say these do retail for $20. I think Ulta carries these so check there.

Codex Antucomplex Serum

Next up is a serum from Codex. I am glad to get a deluxe sample to try this time and I prefer deluxe samples of skin care items since it would give me a better idea of what the product is like.  This serum helps ease the complexion with brightening ingredients. I will definitely try this out since I enjoy using serums before my facial oil and helps with moisture. I will see how this goes. This retails for $75.

Aftrspa Black Marble Roller

Next up is a facial roller from Aftrspa. I had never heard of this brand before and was glad to receive them in this box. I do have a jade roller and find that it is great to spread my skin care into my skin, even use the smaller side for my under eyes as well. Rollers are also known for improved circulation, I also have heard some people put these in the fridge to help with puffiness under the eyes. This retails for $16.

Philip Kingsley Bond Builder

SNext item is an interesting sounding item. This is a split end treatment that can be used on any heart type. THis helps with sealing up any split ends. I was happy about this due to Lush discontinuing Shine So Bright which made me sad. I’m glad to try this product even though it is a deluxe size item. Unfortunately, it is sold on the website but it does retail for $35.Subscription Satelite: Glossy Box 2022

Invisibobble Bun Tool Ice Ice Baby

Sorry for no link but this is a tool that helps with creating hair buns. My hair is too short for these things and I do not like hair buns because of how much they hurt. Next!

Le Mini Macaron Foot Mask

Final item is a foot mask from Le Mini Macaron. If I read these steps correctly, they are socks that have the essence soaked within and you just wait ten to fifteen minutes and then rub it in. The mask contains lavender and other oils to moisturize the feet. I may use this after wearing one of my pairs of work shoes because they tend to hurt after wearing those, especially my Mary Jane style shoes which I got a year ago. I will have to see how this goes. This retails for $4.

That is the last of my items. I think I like this box so far. Yes, I can’t use the bun tool but I can use the other items. I’m excited about the split end treatment the most since Lush had to discontinue one of my favorite items again and that did help with split ends. I can’t wait to see what February holds since this has been a nice start to the new year. Next, I will be returning to the Controversy Quadrant with a post I feel that I need to talk about and that is about how visually impaired people should not join MLMs. 

Subscription Satelite: Allure Beauty Box January 2022

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe. I am back with another subscription!

Allure Beauty Box January 2022

I’m glad to be back with the first Allure Beauty Box of the year. I’ve enjoyed what they’ve given me so far ever since I got back into them. This box is $23 a month and you get products chosen by editors of Allure Magazine. They range from drugstores to luxury and they are skin care to beauty. Let’s see what I got this month!

Solana MD Healthy Base Layer

First up is a face product I have never seen before and glad to discover it here. This is a moisturizer that can be worn at night and also applied before sunscreen. It contains Vitamin D alongside coconut oil and Hyaluronic Acid to make the skin even more dewey. I can see why this is in this month’s box because it’s cold and crying at the moment here in Florida even though there is rain in the forecast this week but this week. I know most of us are feeling dry due to the cold weather, especially the wind. I will definitely try this out once I get through some of my moisturizers since these boxes have been giving me a lot to try. I hope it doesn’t cause any reaction to my skin due to sensitivity. This retails for $54.

Bliss Bright Idea Holographic Eye Patches

Next up is a product by Bliss. I haven’t gotten under eye patches for a while after getting some through Ipsy Offers. I was surprised to get these since I’ve only used eye creams so far. These are eye patches you place under your eyes with licorice root extract and squalene to calm the eyes to look brighter. One editor claims they skip concealer when she uses these. I will have to use these during the weekend since I have to catch my ride for work during the week. THese retail $4 for a pair of these.

Christof Robin Daily Hair Cream

Next up is a product by Christof Robin and it’s the Daily Hair Cream. This month, people could also have gotten the Leave In Mist but got the Leave In Cream this month. This is a leave-in conditioner that can be used on both wet and dry hair that helps with frizz. This is perfect for my hair since it does tend to frizz over time. I will definitely give this everyday! This retails for $43.

Sunday Riley Five Stars Retinol + Niacinamide Eye Serum

Next is a product by Sunday Riley again and this time it’s an eye cream. This eye cream helps the delicate areas around the eyes with retinol and niacinamide. I have so many eye cream items and start to use them during the morning.but this is more of a night time item. One thing I found out with this item is that it can be irritating with the retinoid but one editor claims they can use it with their sensitive skin. I will see how it goes. This retails for $65.

Rare Beauty Perfect Strokes Mascara

Last item is from Rare Beauty and that is their Perfect Strokes Mascara. I have tried out the highlighter and it’s pretty awesome so far and now getting this mascara brings more to the table! This mascara leaves lashes plump and fluttery and it uses castor oil to condition lashes. ThThis product includes a thick brush to coat each lash. I will have to try this mascara out and see how it goes. This retails for $20.

This completes this box! So far, it has a nibgt5fv4rce start to the year. I will see how the Daily Hair Cream goes when it comes to my hair. I have to see how the Eye Serum goes at night too since retinoids are better at night time. I do have one more box and that is Glossy Box! Stay tuned!

Subscription Satelite: Glam Bag Plus January 2022

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with the first Glam Bag Plus of 2022!

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus January 2022

Well, I got my Glam Bag Plus this weekend alongside my Allure Beauty Box, which will be next. This bag is $28 a month with five items that are full-size and you get to choose three out of the five. Let’s see what I got!

Add-On Kimchi Chic Beauty Stage Proof Setting Spray

First up is a product that I picked up as an add-on which is the Stage Proof Setting Spray from Kimchi. I almost chose this as a product but chose something else in the group and found this in the add-ons. This is supposed to keep makeup on your face and you’re glad to get something like this in a bag to try out different ones. I will have to see how this goes since I’ve enjoyed the blush from this brand!

Milk MakeupK Kush  High Volume Mascara in Bloom

` The first item that Ipsy selected for my bag was the Milk Makeup Kush High Volume Mascara. I remembered getting one similar in a BoxyCharm a while back. I’m glad to get another one since it did dry out pretty fast over time. I hope it doesn’t dry out as fast when I use this. I will have to see how this goes on top of my lash primer.

Lauren Conrad The Lipstick in Shell

Next up is the Lipstick in Shell by Lauren Conrad. I’m glad to get another lip product and get to try it from this brand since I’ve seen them in Ipsy Choice items. This is a neutral color and it is very moisturizing, and the packaging is made out of recyclable materials which I’ve noticed with some makeup brands nowadays. I will definitely carry this with my lip products I use for work since it’s a neutral color.

Formula Z Cosmic Glitz Pallet

First u[p in my choices is the Cosmic Glitz pallet from Formula Z. I think this was in the same group as the setting spray or maybe it was the next item but some of the other products did get my attention, especially this one. This pallet has six shadows including purples, blues, and neutrals.b I will definitely be using this, especially on top of my eye primer!

Belle & Argent 8 Free Dramatic Duo

Next up in my choices is the Dramatic Duo from Belle & Argent. This is a nail polish duo which caught my attention despite getting a holiday set with a lot of polishes from Color Club a month ago. This has a nude polish along with a plum one which caught my ear as well. I will definitely be trying these out when I get a chance.

High Expectations Cannabis Facial Oil Https:// seed-facial-oil

Final item I chose is the Cannabis Facial Oil from High Expectations. I needed another facial oil after accidentally knocking over the one I got during December’s bag. I did start using this right away and glad that it is a night time only item and it does absorb very well. My skin has not reacted badly due to the 32% cannabis oil in this product. I do like the stopper having a button rather than a medicine dropper style you tend to see with most serums and oils. I will update in an emptiness which I may have in a few months.

That completes this bag! I love the mix of makeup, skin care, and nail polish for this bag. I wonder what Glam Bag X holds next month with how November’s was really good. I do have Allure up next since I did get that the same day as Glam Bag Plus. So stay tuned!

Subscription Satelitef: Ipsy Glam Bag January 2022

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the bvast nerd universe. I am back with the first subscription box of the year!

Ipsy Glam Bag January 2022

It’s 2022 and with the new year is another year of Ipsy Glam Bags! This first bag is a good one and glad it’s more makeup except for one item which I will share in this post. This bag is $13 a month where you get products ranging from drugstore to luxury and they are either deluxe or full size. Let’s see what I got!

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

First item is from First Aid Beauty.n I love this brand since it’s sensitive skin friendly. This is a whipped moisturizer that helps dry skin, even eczema prone skin to be moisturized with shea butter and white tea extracts and more. I’m glad to start this year with this product since it does get really cold here on the Florida coast and my skin gets really dry around winter time. I will be using this product whenever I get to it since I have so many moisturizers in my arsenal. I’m glad to get moisturizers in my subscriptions since I don’t have to worry about buying some but I do like getting some on sale through Ulta or Ipsy. I can’t wait to use this. I am currently using the one I got in Allure last month.

Even though this says it is a moisturizer but it is body butter according to the Product Review I just now. I just did a search on the Ulta app and it’s used for face and body. I am happy that they had the answer on the jumbo size product page of the jumbo size. I hope this works out since I have enjoyed what I used from First Aid so far.

Lottie London AM to PM Eyeliner in Velvet

Here we go! This is the product that irritated my eyes and it’s from Lottie London and I had to toss. I love eyeliners to add an accent to my eyeshadow look. When I go to work I tend to wear shadow and liner with mascara on top of a lash primer but Thursday was when this happened. I just wore eyeliner with mascara to go with what I was wearing and for the first part of the day while in my office I felt my eyes water and sting. I was rubbing to see if it helps and it didn’t so I had to fast walk to the bathroom to clean my eyes. I did have to put in medicated eye drops when I got home because of it. I did post about it in Makeup Awesomeness and someone commented saying that some people have received old products in some subscriptions. I remembered in some Birchbox videos where people had gotten things with mold on them and I was surprised since this was a new eyeliner, as in no mold from what I can notice if I did see it with my peripherals, not even feeling it on the outside packaging, it was new! So, I decided to try it again while writing this post except I found it did irritate my eyes since I felt my left eye sting all thanks to it. I tossed it. I thought the Beautinique Blush Serum was bad, this felt worse because it really stung my eyes. It felt like I was getting a sty again but without one. I was afraid of Blepharitis again since I got that as I was packing for my move at the end of 2020. I will be giving this a bad review. I’m sorry, I don’t like this product since no other eyeliner has done this from Ulta, Urban Decay, Ariceli, and more.

Love+Craft Beauty GlitterGloss in Cyber

Next up is Love+Craft Beauty. It’s been a while since I got an item from this brand. It’s a lip gloss from them this time. It’s a clear gloss with a little bit of shimmer that is not supposed to be sticky. You can wear this alone or put it on top of other lip items. I do like a good clear gloss if I want to give my lip item an extra bit of oomph! I will be definitely using this on top of my lipsticks and see how it goes.

Complex Culture Holiday Shadow Pallet

Next up is my choice for this month and it’s from Complex Culture and it’s their Holiday Shadow Quad. I find it weird that they had this in choice when it should have been in choice for December, as in being able to choose this in November for the December bag, unless this was a leftover item. It happens and I need to push the product out. I’m glad to choose this though since I can travel with this or just be lazy and pick it up to do a look. THis is a quad that contains berry shades which makes sense for a winter themed pallet but for anyone who wants a nice purple look. I will try this out since I did enjoy this brand’s brushes.

MOTD Tap and Dab MakeUp Sponge

Final item is a makeup sponge from MOTD. I haven’t gotten a makeup sponge for years in Ipsy and I admit back then I was not into sponges but when I started using them they changed my mind over time. I have tried brushes from MOTD and it’s good to have a change from getting brushes by getting a sponge. THis sponge is made from latex-free foam that can be used with powder, liquid, and cream products when dampened by water. I will definitely be using this in my makeup routine!

Well, that’s all I received this month. Even though the eyeliner sucked, the rest of the items were really good choices! I will definitely be using the sponge and moisturizer in my routines since it is a nice change with the sponge. I did just receive my Glam Bag Plus and will do that post next!

Subscription Satelite: Allure Beauty Box July 2021

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from travelling the vast nerd universe! I am back with a return of a beauty box!

Allure Beauty Box July 2021

I cancelled this box because I felt bored with it and that I can get some items from the drugstore as easily. But realized there are times where trying items I haven’t tried before is important to get a better idea of the product without going into it blindly, no pun intended. After cancelling BoxyCharm and just sticking with Ipsy, I kind of missed this box and when they sent an email about a free gift that is worth a lot, I decided why not get back into it? So, it looks like the price has been raised from $15 a month to $23 a month and boxes can be worth over $200 with items that have spotlights in Allure Magazine. I do catch articles that interest me but of course seeing some of the top lists help my purchasing decisions. Let’s see what I got in this first box of being gone for two years.

Siate London Trend Pallet Bronzed: First up is an eye shadow pallet from Gate London. I neveCiate London Trends Bronzed Pallet: First up is a pallet from Ciate London. I have tried products from these guys in the past and enjoyed them so far. This is a nine pan pallet with earth tones and sunset shades mixed with matte and metallics. I will have to see how this goes even with my favorite eye primers. This pallet retails for $24.

Able Skin Care Retexturing & Resurfacing Duo Moisturizer: Next up is a product from Able Skin Care. I think I’ve seen this in some articles but never tried them if I remembered. I’m glad to find this in my box! This is a product that can help sensitive skin, it has Niacinamide and Lactic Acid to help with calming the skin and keeping it soothed throughout the night. The price for this thing is just whoa but I am glad to get a sample at least. I’m sorry I won’t buy skin care for this price which this retails for $132. I understand skin care is supposed to work over time and should be bought the most when it comes to price but there are drugstore brands I do love that are half the price or even more.

Acure Brightening Vitamin C Jelly Mask: Next up is a product from one brand I got in the past in this box and that is Acure. This is a mask that has antioxidants in it such as Vitamin C and does tighten in order to help with moisture. After a bit you do have to wash it off. I don’t miss having a wash off mask but this would be something worth to try. I don’t see a retail price but I have a feeling it may be high.  Wait! Found the price! It retails for $19.99.

La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 Serum : Next up is a product from a brand I tend to see advertised on YouTube and seen on Ulta. This is a luxury brand from what I’ve seen and I hear their sunscreen is a bit popular but it looks like I got a serum in this box. I’ve been using a Good Molecules serum and glad to get a serum to try from La Roche-Posay to at least try not buy. This has a combination of Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5 for moisture. I will have to see how this works with my skin! This retails for $29.99.

Winky Lux Uni-Brow Universal Brow and Lip Pencil: Next up is a product from Winky Lux. I was tempted to get their coffee cat pallets but Wet N Wild got my money for that instead. Oh well! This is a universal brow pencil and from the looks of it can be used for the lips as well? I think I will keep this on my brows since they are dark brown and will have to see how this goes since I can purchase this from Ulta. I may have to take this with me to Atlanta. This retails for $16.

Nature Labs Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner: Last two items are a shampoo and conditioner that won a Best of Beauty Award from Allure. These help with frizzy hair and also color treated hair. When I saw this in the magazine and knowing they are two tubes in my box, I am glad they did include these since I have frizzy hair. I have to see how well this goes. These two retail for $15 each!

This was a really good box! I know I was a bit harsh on it at first but I feel that this is worth the $23 since we are trying to take care of our skin and hair. I will have to see how each item goes! I can’t wait to see what comes in my August box since I did come back as another subscriber another item for new people will arrive. Next will be my Glam Bag Plus!

Things I Rarely Miss!

Subscription Satelite: Ipsy September 2020

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another post!


Ipsy September 2020


Finally, my Ipsy came for September! I don’t get why this is always the last bag of the month but glad it arrived! This bag is $12 a month and you get five samples of products ranging from drugstore through luxury and even independent brands. I love trying new brands this way and gives me new things to try! Let’s see what I got this month! Juliet Has a Gone Musk Invisible: First up is a perfume! It’s been a while since I received a perfume and wanted to try this brand for a long time. It’s known as Juliet Has a Gun and the scent is Musk Invisible. This perfume stays on and acts like a second skin and it has a mix of floral, woodsy, and musk which is my favorite kind of mix. When I got it and sprayed it, I did smell the woods more than the other two, but I don’t mind. I do love an earthy scent when it comes to my perfumes and I think this will last me a bit since we are moving, and I did pack my perfume bottles so I will use this!

Maelle Clearly Brilliant Lips in Berry: Next up is a lip crayon from Maelle which I never heard of until now. This is a creamy crayon that has a sheer, berry tint and doesn’t need much maintenance. This is also made without the harmful ingredients and it’s very moisturizing. I only used this twice so far, so I need to keep on using it. Glad that I got this though!

Sundays Nail Polish in #18: Next is another nail polish by Sundays and this time the shade is #18. I am not doing my nails at the moment since I am really busy but also packing and don’t want my nails to be messed up due to all the packing. Even though this claims long-lasting wear, but it is clean without the bad stuff and it’s a deep plum shade in time for fall. I don’t know when I will be doing my nails again but glad to try more nail polish!

Tarte Big Ego Mascara in Bi: Next is a mascara by Tarte and it’s their Big Ego one. I do end

enjoy what I’ve tried from them so far and this time it’s the Big Ego one. Wishing this was in Glam Bag Plus but full size. It’s good to try it as a sample to see how it goes. So far, I found it jumped on my lashes yesterday even on top of the Stage One Lash Primer from them, but I have to see how it goes. I need to ask my friend who also got this and see how she felt about it and if it clumped up on her. I might buy the full size at some point to see if the formula is different since sometimes the sample is different from the regular.

P/Y/T Day-to-Night Eye Shadow Cool Quad: Final item is from P/Y/T and it’s their Cool Eye Shadow Quad. I wanted to try these guys for a long time too and glad I got to this way by choosing this item. I love the idea that they give out shadow quads instead of singles since I can do a quick eye look and can also travel with this. This quad has very highly pigmented shadows and made with Vitamin E and do blend with fingers or brushes. I do prefer my brushes and my shadow primer underneath so can’t wait to try this out. I hope to get more from this brand!

Add-On: Space Case Cosmetics Custom Eye Shadow Pallet: Now my only add-on and it’s from Space Case. I did not know this was going to be an item in Glam Bag Plus until after I made the purchase. This is a shadow quad with four of their shadows. The shades include Not Rocket Science, Unicorn Horn, Ghost Entered the Host, and Beatrix. I did like how these apply and I use brushes not fingers even though they said you can do that but for hygiene sake I do brushes. I’m glad I did pick this up when I did and will keep on using it.


That is, it for this post guys! I am glad that this bag was great this time around and can’t wait to see what is in store for October’s bag! Until next time!