The Book Quadrant: THe Riddle of the Sphinx by. Alexander Montague

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with a new book review!

The Riddle of the Sphinx by. Alexander Montague

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts of the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts and opinions on this literary work.

Synopsis: This book gives off three perspectives with one boy escaping Tyran on horseback to a student in Princeton going through a love affair that leads to trouble, and finally ends a lawyer trying to find out about himself at his job and how he fits in.

Thoughts: I know that was a short description of the book but it was pretty much written like that on the NetGalley page for it. This book was an interesting read. Even though it says it’s a psychological drama but I didn’t see much in the first part of the book since it deals with a shah losing power in 1970s Tiran and yes it does lead with the seeing how a boy kind of has a sexual relationship with a boy and then ends with a so-called death and goes to Princeton. Apparently this book follows a boy named Kavan in the beginning and I think his name gets changed to Eric from what I’m seeing and it shows how he has a thing for men since we see it early on in the book with a friend that ended up going missing and was tricked in going with a teacher to be in a radical group. Then we go to many years later where Eric is a college student and meets a guy named Mark who ends up dating each other and this causes some complications when he meets up with the shah prince Ali and somehow they were seen to be connected and an article kind of makes things more complicated. This book was pretty complicated even though when it got to Princeton I felt the story was more cohesive due to how it is a young man exploring his gay side and able to love himself and his partner. I wished the Princeton stuff was the entire story since the older Eric was him in the start of the book where he has a wife and two daughters. I wonder if this book is supposed to do three stories with different possibilities.

I did find it strange is that I was wondering why did this book had the title The Riddle of the Sphinx and it did get revealed towards the end where Eric has a dream seeing himself in Princeton and him as a boy and he wonders why is he seeing these two versions of himself where the Princeton one fell ill with AIDS while the kid him was trying to head home when he remembered being brought to Paris. I just wondered is that did he get found with the group of boys in the desert somehow and was rescued with the rest of them? I would like to know. I have a feeling the riddle deals with how different lives can be experienced by the same person but the outcome is always survival since the boy version was that he survived the desert trying to find his friend but got tricked, his Princeton version was in a great relationship until a guy he spent a night with screwed it up and causes a break up and leading to his contraction with AIDS with a stranger even though he thought it wasn’t real but survived potential suicide, and now his adult version where he wonders if being a lawyer was what he really wants and his daily life is his survival? That is what I can tell from what I read.

Rating: 3 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! I found that this book should have just stuck with Princeton instead of having the other two parts to it. I found it more intriguing since it did show the drama of college life and how someone can get into a homosexual relationship depending on who you are with easily. Well, love is love and can’t judge it. I did find it funny that the wife in the end of the book did figure out that Eric was into men but didn’t want to leave him because it would look bad since they are a couple that is seen out in public a lot. Even though this was an interesting read but it was kind of confusing and the title for it was hard to fit in my mind. Doesn’t mean I can’t leave the link in case you guys want to read.

Well guys that is it for this post! I hope I won’t take too long with any of the other books since I have so many to read. Now hoping my Ipsy does come soon since I still need to post that! So stay tuned!
The Riddle of the Sphinx Book Link

The Book Quadrant: Nemecene: Through Fire & Ice by. Kaz Lefave

Note: Anyone new to anime reading this I am including a clip to Erik Vale’s Kimbley if I can find it.Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with another book review!

Nemecene: Through Fire & Ice by. Kaz Lefave

Disclaimer: This book was requested through NetGalley and was able to get a free copy of and able to read. This review is based on thoughts and opinions from the lead writer of this blog so respect what she has to say and thank you!

As Earth gets hotter every day Elize’s decreasing mental stability brings on new voices that no one not even her buddy Stitch nor her brother Keeto would understand. Within this last episode of the first trilogy of the ten episode series, we get more clues of what’s going on and how Elize is able to see what is going on with Stitch and Keeto tagging along. As each page turns, our three heroes find out new things that Dr. Tenille has handed Elize and the newer counselor so they can find out what had happened to the orphans from the Aldemedina Orphanage and responsible for these happenings.

On top of it, Sothese, the first narrator and new player in this game as the Spiritual Councilman to the Prenam, has his sights on ELize and snakes around anyone who gets in the way to find her as the Pranum’s leadership declines slowly. Will Elize, Keeto, and Stitch be able to keep themselves safe in order to take down whoever is behind the acts taking place in their new home? Will Elize be able to keep herself in control while new clues resurface?

Thoughts: I have to say is that sorry for this taking so long to read? I was trying to read it on my Braille Sense Polaris but due to new Firmware updates it always brought the book back to the beginning so I started reading it on an app that a former co-worker told me about called Natural Read and it worked out very well. It is basically a PDF reading app for your phone and when you encounter any PDF files you can Share it to the app itself. Now onto my thoughts.

I liked this book more than the first two because we get to see more what is going on with Elize and how Keeto is trying to find ways of helping her with Stitch. I felt like this was more of a story about her because of what she was going through with the voices inside her head and it felt like she was taking on her mom’s psychosis all thanks to them. I did like how her personality changed from sweet and innocent to someone who had a major attitude issue and then switched back due to realizing what she was doing or forgetting about it later. This book did show how it was driving her insane even towards the end where things were getting darker for her due to harming herself. I did feel like I was looking in on both Keet and Elize because of how they have grown through each episode and how I felt that this story is starting to shed layers like an onion in what they are going through as each page turned and as each day drew on since this takes on midday for Elize with how she goes through her day of seeing the doctor or the captain characters that she has interacted with about her voices and so on and any clues dealing with their mother while Keeto is late evening with his journal writing to their mother about the day’s events.

While Sothese, on the other hand, in the book description I felt like I was wanting to punch him with how of a…pardon my French…asshole he is! I understand he is important to the story and how he wants to find Elize but how he does it is so creepy! I know there was one challenge where we had to pick a voice or actor for this guy and I chose Erik Vale but using his Kimbley voice from FullMetal Alchemist which makes him sound creepy enough and thought that voice as I read the book on my Braille Sense and on Natural Read. What I found it interesting was how he made Caroline involved with this as a way of luring Keeto into it and who knows maybe with the next episode there may be more to it and Sothese’s plans since we did end the book on a bit of a cliffhanger where he has Elize at last and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Rating: 5 Out of 5 Star Paw Prints! This book is one of the best I’ve read in Sci-Fi so far due to how mysterious it sounds. I found Sothese’s actions creep7y but it does show how he wants to get what he needs and that is by using different people as pawns even if it’s at the risk of his job in the religious unit. ELize is starting to show more of herself even if new voices come to be and how she interacts with them as each day goes on makes it even more interesting and you do get to see her other side by the end of the book where things start getting juicier. While Keeto is trying to figure out more things about Elize that may have been shared between her and their mom since it looks like she may be facing the same fate as her and plus it’s starting to get more interesting to learn that he and Elize may not be human as he thinks. I can’t wait to see what Episode Four has in store for me since I want to see more of what is going on and plus this book series is painting our world as time goes on since we are going through major climate changes. One example, huge wasps nests in Alabama and a tree species dying in Alaska due to Hemlock. Who knows what else is happening in our world and it would add more material to these books I guess.

That is it for this book review. More books to be read reviewed as time goes on since I do have a new Mimi Jean Pamfiloff book coming up to review since I still have my kitty nose in that one. Stay tuned!
Nemecene: Through Fire & Ice

The Book Quadrant: The Extinction Agenda by. Michael Lawrence

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with a new review!

The Extinction Agenda by. Michael Lawrence

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog! Please respect her thoughts on this piece of media!

Jason Mason and his team of F. B. I. Agents stumble upon a discovery of a deadly virus created to end human life but when the place they were looking into as a possible hideout goes up in flame and his team including his partner get killed on the mission, James knows that there is a piece missing to all of this and wonders how the people behind the virus are finding out that he was coming after them?

After being obsessed to find the clues and the links, James ends up losing his wife who tried getting close to the investigation and now he has to piece the clues and find out about a man that has been found at any historical periods of this virus being made and used and meets one of the test subjects to find those pieces out. What does he find out? Well, that is one answer that this book shows!

My Thoughts: I was on the edge of my seat every moment of this book! This was a really good suspense mystery from beginning to end! I felt like the main character was going to die almost every time while reading it. I did get the Resident Evil vibe while reading it too. The image of skeletons burnt still invade my thoughts even took me back to the Castlevania anime series which I don’t want to spoil that either.

I would say is that you would never thought that a virus could be made but it can and how it could be used against humanity. This is basically Man vs. Man due to how much it was revealed towards the end even after meeting Alehandra who survived being tested on with this kind of virus to find her sister along with it. I did like how she played a huge part in the rest of the book since she did want to have revenge like James did for his wife but it was for her sister. I don’t want to give too much away but they are related in this book. I did find the reveal of the bad guys towards the end even more interesting because you would not think who the key players were until you read it to the end. And one more thing, I did like how tech was played in this book because as a tech nerd myself even with Adaptive Tech that sattleites can be used to detect you and your body heat. I found that really interesting when it was set in winter throughout the rest of the book. It can show that tech can be a scary thing even with how the bad guys were using it throughout the book. I would say just give it a good read!

Rating: Five Star Paw Prints Out of Five! This was a very awesome book if you’re into Resident Evil and other books that deal with medical science and technology. It was an edge-of-your-seat book where you would think someone would die but people still survive no matter how the odds are stacked against them. If there was a sequel planned, I think I would like to know since the final message from one of the bad guys was kind of cryptic and how files were going to be looked at in the end. I did like the clues that dealt with using chemical symbols from the Perodic Table and how each place was being destroyed to keep it under wraps. I hope there would be a second one because I want to see what happens next and what they find even if it didn’t look like there is a hook!

Well, that is it guys for this review! I am glad to get another one up after so long and hoping to get one up soon since I am reading the third installment the Librarian’s Vampire Assistant. What’s next? My May and June Favorites!
The Extinction Agenda by. Michael Lawrence

The Book Quadrant: Colel: Immortal Match Makers Book 5 by. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back but this time with a book review!

Colel: Immortal Match Makers #5 by. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff!

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions by the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts and opinions!

So, this book continues Mimi’s Immortal Match Makers series where we get to see Colel the Goddess of Bees take the spotlight this time. Just when love bites it also stings! Colel has bene looking for Mr. Right for 70 thousand years and when she finally meets him while trying to take care of some beehives during a longer winter he not only hates her guts but also hates her bees because he’s allergic. She tries to figure out why he hates her so much when she has the hots for him. Plus, her love for her bees doesn’t make it any better despite how he works a florist that attracts her stinging friends. What does a goddess have to do in order to get her man? Turn him into a vampire? Turn him into a demi-god? Will it be a success? Will Zack ever get over Tula?

Thoughts: I know that last bit was a bit overdramatic but this book was a really good and funny read. I was even trying to keep myself from laughing way too loud while having dinner with Gondras one night at a restaurant. I think he was looking at me weird or maybe was too distracted by his own earbuds.

I did like how this book called back to the prequel series, Accidentally [Yours] which we got to reunite with some of the other characters like the God of Time and Ashley, the Goddess of Love, Penelope who took up Kinnish’s God of Sun job, and of course Kinnish. I always wanted a book with this goddess ever since she appeared in the prequel series itself and when I found out this book was coming out I was glad to read it.

I felt like it was a bit of an awkward romantic comedy since Colel was looking for her mate for many years and once that happened she felt warm from head to toe despite how badly she was treated. When you look at it, when you’re a god or goddess you do have those awkward moments and trying to fit in modern human society. I bet you’re wondering, what about this Zack guy? Well, during the book it shown his aftermath from losing the one he fell for. In the first book, which I only read before Goddess of Forgetfulness, don’t worry I will read the second and third one, Zack met Tula who was a pure soul, in the last book she tried rescuing him and well it didn’t go well for her. Things in this book did go weird where he sees her ghost and trying to figure out how to get her back and Minky is the only one to help. I hope it gets resolved in the next book since it is supposed to be the last one from what I heard. I am hoping not because I want to see Zack see Tula again. But seeing Colel and her mate being together in the end was a cute story. I am not revealing it because you must read it yourself and if you are visually impaired and have not checked out the prequel series, it is available on Bookshare or just buy it on Kindle along with Immortal Matchmakers!

Rating: Five Star Paw Prints Out of Five! This book was a very good read and a very funny one. It did show the funny quirks for each god and I couldn’t stop laughing! I do like their interactions and hiking how the book called back to the prequels itself. I am hoping to see Zack’s tragedy have a conclusion before the series ends because I want to see how that plays out. We will see how it goes in the next one and hoping it’s not the last.

Well, that is it for this review! I know it was a last minute add on but had to do it since this book was released recently and work kept me busy. I am trying to get through my NetGalley shelf as much as I can.

What is next? My haul post! Stay tuned!
Colel Immortal Match Makers #5

The Book Quadrant: The Duke With the Dragon Tattoo by. Kerrigan Byrne

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! Taking a small break from beauty to do this!

The Duke with the Dragon Tattoo by Kerrigan Byrne

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts and opinions on this work of art.

We meet the Rook who has no name, nor past, but all he has left is a dragon tattoo on his arm. After being injured almost to death, he gets rescued and nursed back to health by the young Lorelei.

Lorelei was promised that her long lover, Ash, would return after leaving when she was fourteen when she had nursed him back to health. When she was arranged to marry all thanks to her brother, she gets whisked away after someone by the name of the Rook murdering him in front of her eyes. While traveling with this mysterious man, she starts learning about the true man that lives inside.

Thoughts: I like this book better than the Scott Beds His Wife. Even though the last one did kind of linked this one but I felt like this should have been book five instead. I felt like I couldn’t close it up due to how it took on the idea of the Duke where we meet the woman of the story and how she would fall in love later but also the man that ends up being in love with her later except it was more of a masked man. I had a feeling Lorelei and Ash would end up together even though the story was kind of heartbreaking. First you meet innocent Lorelei who has an abusive brother who also treated his wife badly by giving her a miscarriage but she does become stronger within the story emotionally after realizing how bad her brother was and that he did deserve being killed. Trust me, I wanted to kill the guy myself! I do like how Ash and her interact with each other even when he was the Rook since she wants to know who is and why didn’t he come back for her as he promised. All in all that this was a better book and it did give more of a sense of adventure and how the couple interacted with each other on top of it. I feel like this could have been after The Duke despite the Rook did appear towards the end of the last one but I felt like it was filler in between.

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! This one definitely deserves it because it was better and the story was not lacking personality either. The last one I felt like Samantha needed a better character story even with how she interacted with her husband while Lorelei and the Rook or Ash had a better chemistry and better character quirks to work off of each other. I do like how in the beginning it gave off the Duke almost since in that one Imogen did have to take care of her guy in the beginning except he became a raging jerk over time even after he was healed, here it started the romance. I think I prefer this one over the three I have read in the series since I did not read the first three and couldn’t find them on Bookshare. I am not sure if there will be another book but if there is who knows what Byrne would do since this did have a pretty solid ending from what I read. Again, I did enjoy this book and hope you guys check out the link while you’re at it.

Well, that is it for this book review! Next will be the Unnecessary Beauty Steps post.
THe Duke With the Dragon Tattoo

The Review Quadrant: The Scott Beds His Wife by. Kerrigan Byrne

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with another book review!

The Scott Beds His Wife by. Kerrigan Byrne

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts.

This book continues the Victorian Rebels series where we meet Gavin St. James, the Earl of Thorn and a notorious highlander, always gets what he wants including women who are married to other men and wants to put his past behind him until he meets a woman with a fiery spirit who is claiming the land he wants for the longest time.

Samantha Masters comes back to Scotland in a pair of trousers along with secrets of her time being in the Wild West and wants to leave that behind, especially murdering her husband who is a part of a dangerous family. When she meets Gavin their time spent together not only brings them closer but also a marriage that keeps a scandal under wraps once the land she came to claim burns to ashes.

Thoughts: I tried to find the other books in this series but the only one I can find on Bookshare are the one before this one, The Duke, this one, and the next one which I will review next. It ticks me off when Bookshare doesn’t have all of the books in a series for me to read because I have to read it in order to understand it. But I do notice how these books can be read as standalone novels since the characters we meet are individual people. I did find this book very good since I did get to see how someone that shows up unexpectedly can feel like they don’t fit in with the land they are supposed to be a part of. I can see that a lot with Samantha since she is the spunky tomboy that prefers to wear pants rather than poofy skirts and bodices during the 1800s when that was the fashion at the time. Plus, her attitude was very different from the prim and proper due to how she always lived in the Wild West. I always pictured her accent taking on the southern type and did hear it throughout the book and I can see how Gavin became interested in her. I could see why he preferred someone different over anyone else even though some secrets did arise about him throughout the book even about his brother and his father since the Prologue kind of gave us a glimpse of his family from the past which made it interesting. I did like how the idea of marrying for land came into being but I felt like it didn’t matter throughout the book because I felt like these two were meant for each other even if they had secrets they want to leave behind. It is all about love and it did shine through with this book.

I do love Samantha’s character because she was fiery and she didn’t want to give up on anything especially when she kept a promise to a friend of hers but almost lost it as she fell for Gavin. She did show how she did things back in America to take care of animals and even wanted to help Gavin’s mother despite being injured when Erendale burned down. She still found ways of being able to keep herself strong throughout the book even when things got harder and her secrets were starting to unravel and wanted to hold onto Gavin while she did it.

Rating: 4.5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! I am knocking off five points from this because I felt like Gavin’s back story was kind of missing in a way. Yes, we got to hear more about Samantha’s back story but I felt like I wanted to know more about Gavin especially leading up to the end. What I mean is that with the last book, The Duke, I got both characters’ back story as in Imogen trying to work as a nurse and a bar maid to help pay for her dad’s debts and meeting a duke who lost his family and later on she becomes a Countess out of a crime and the Duke was sick while being tortured during a war and they end up together after so long. Here I felt like I just saw all of Sam’s story and not enough of Gavin’s except that his brother is a Highlander that hates his guts. I will be reading the next one and see how that goes. I do love Samantha and Gavin as a couple in this book and I did like how they stayed together even in the end when the secret is finally out. Hoping with the next one my review will be better.

That is it for this review guys! I will include the link to the book on Amazon and hope you check it out! Hoping to get Ipsy March 2019 up and my review of Omni Fandom Expo up soon because I’ve been kind of ill lately. I know, it sucks being sick! Until next time!
The Scott Beds His Wife by. Kerrigan Byrne

The Review Quadrant: Battle of the Bulge: Oh Hell No #4 by. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back with another book review!

Battle of the Bulge: Oh Hell No! #4 by. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Disclaimer: This book review is based on thoughts and opinions by the lead writer of this blog! Please respect her thoughts!

What is it about? This book starts where digging a Hole left off where Abi Carter, Georgie’s best friend, had a bit of a one night with hot Mitch Hofer, an Australian swimmer known for his…ahem! Manly gear and nicknamed “The Bulge.” After being kicked out, Abi ends up being his body guard after knowing that he has a hit while Mitch doesn’t want her as one due to how he gets distracted by her at every turn while he is watching his back and same with her. Will they be able to work together to keep him alive or will The Bulge take over?

Thoughts: I found this book very entertaining since it did have that Love-At-First-Sight idea and then I-Hate-Your-Guts attitude once things started going. I love how these two are able to work with each other even if Mitch tries to keep Abi out of his life and why he doesn’t want her in due to safety reasons. I felt like they did care for each other as the book went on and knew they would be together in the end. Come on now, can’t have one of those stories where guy and girl end up together in the end.

I did like the twist and turns with the idea of Mitch’s life being on the table since he did have a hit placed on his head for pictures that his uncle had that dealt with WWII and the Battle of the Bulge, yes that is an actual battle by the way. I did like how Abi was always there at the right times to save Mitch as well since we weren’t expecting the attacks to take place and she is pretty much there to keep him safe even off the clock or fired.

So far in this series, I do like each couple and how they interact with each other. Tass and and Hunter did have their arguments in the first book but were meant for each other in the end, Henry and El did have their break up in the beginning but were a cute couple towards the end and it was a very sweet ending, while Georgie and Sam had an even touching story despite their deceptions. Even sweeter with Sam having a family. While Mitch and Abi had their happy ending despite life threatening situations and a weird beauty pageant. I can’t wait what the next one brings.

Rating: Five Star Paw Prints Out of Five! This book deserved the rating since it did keep the romantic comedy idea going despite the hardships Abi and Mitch were going through. As in, Mitch being hunted down despite being a celebrity and being guarded and Abi trying to keep her head in the game thinking about keeping herself paid to pay for her final semester and a future business she wants to pursue, this was a great story. So far this has been one of my favorite newer series that Mimi has written besides Librarian’s Vampire Assistant and the the sequel series to Accidentally Yours which I am waiting on that next book. Still a great book!

Books: Twelve Days at Bleakly Manor by. Michelle Griep

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back with another book review!

Twelve Days at Bleakly Manor by. Michelle Griep

Disclaimer: This book review is based on thoughts and opinions by the lead writer of this blog. Please respect what she has to say about it.

What Is It About? London 1851 where this story takes place and it’s Christmas. Clara Chapman had lost a lot and about to lose someone most precious to her of all and when an invite is sent to her by a mysterious man to spend twelve days at a mysterious mansion her life not only is in danger during this time but also meeting up with her former fiancé, Ben Lane.

Ben Lane was imprisoned and wants justice for what had taken place and knows he didn’t commit embezzlement. Once he gets an invite to the mysterious Bleakly Manor, he finds Clara which he has a feeling he would have another chance to win her heart back after leaving her at the altar the year before.

Thoughts: I loved this book! I felt like I was reading Christmas Carol minus the spirits of Past, Present, and Future. This was set in the time of Charles Dickens and it was a perfect setting. I know it’s late for me to read Christmas stories but this was on the Net Galley shelf next and I was glad to request this book.

I did like the characters and how they interacted with each other like Mr. Pocket, the French woman who was always into her riches, and of course Clara and Ben the most since they were so cute together throughout this story. I can see why they fit despite the heartbreak that Clara had to go through but a coin did say, “Second Chance” after all and that is what had happened.

If I were to pick a favorite scene I would probably say how everyone worked together to put out a fire in the mansion. Around this time anything can go up in flame especially a fragile Christmas tree. I did like how it went from a Christmas Tale to a mystery since not only we don’t know who was doing this gathering but everyone wants to know who it is and able to stand out to get their fortunes, especially with how Clara wanted to stay for the five hundred pounds promised to her but she did worry about her dying aunt and of course Ben wanting to know who had embezzled the money when he’s innocent himself. Very well done! I am not sure if there is supposed to be a sequel soon because this is the first in a series and hoping to get a chance to read it next since I did like this book and wanting to see what else Griep has more in store for us.

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of Five! This was a very entertaining read from start to finish. I didn’t feel bored with the interactions between characters and I did like how they found their own fun within the time at Bleakly Manor. Even though this was holiday themed but it was a mystery mixed within and definitely recommend it!

That is it for this book review! More to come because I have over two hundred books to get through! Next up is my Boxy Charm for January and of course starting to get our Holiday Matsuri videos up so I will be bringing you one of them! Stay tuned!
Twelve Days At Bleakly Manor by. Michelle Griep

Books: The Waking Land: Waking Land #1 by. Callie Bates

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back with another book review!

The Waking Land: Waking Land #1 by. Callie Bates

Disclaimer: This book review is based on thoughts and opinions from the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts and opinions on this book.

What Is It About? Lady Elena is devoted to the king that has raised her for many years. When the king dies from mysterious circumstance she gets accused for killing him and must run to save her life.

Once she returns to her old home and to the father that has abandoned her, she must take up the magic that was given to her and learn about the truth behind the magic she must cast in order to save her land and her people and find out what really had happened to the king she had lived with before she dies with her people.

Thoughts: This was a really good book! Callie Bates is a new writer from what I’ve seen from the description of this book. I can see that her writing is very well done and she did a really good when this is her first book. I loved the character of Elena and how she is more of a tomboy than a girl in this one and how she prefers pants and studying plants which does make sense when you do have magical powers that deal with Earth. I wouldn’t want to dirty my skirts with dirt myself. I also loved how she felt like she didn’t understand what was going on since she was abandoned to the king at first and she did have the many questions like any abandoned child would have if something like this were to happen. I couldn’t stop Kindle from reading, I was finding every bit of free time to keep reading this book and loving every minute of it and how it twisted and turned as each parts of the story went on. I hope to read the sequel since this is supposed to be a series but I feel like it ended pretty well in my opinion and just stick with one. If the sequel does come out, I hope to get it through Net Galley so I can read it for myself. Very well done Ms. Bates!

Didn’t get to mention, I do like the magical aspects in this book because I felt it was interesting since we do hear about wedding the land and everything all thanks to the earth magic within. I do like how throughout the book how it talked about the background when it came to the magic of the land and how it passed down through the bloodline and why using blood to sacrifice to ancestors is important in order to be triumphant. I felt like during the call on the ghosts towards the end of this book being like in the final Goblin Wars book where all the Pukas and Teagan were altogether reciting a poem heading into battle and it felt like that with the chanting they all did. Hoping the sequel also shows that too.

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! This was a very enjoyable read from start to finish. I am hoping to see that the sequel matches up to this one since sometimes sequels don’t come out as good as the first but hoping it does. I love the characters, I love their interactions with each other, and the story in its twists and turns with each page turn on Kindle. I will leave the link for you guys to check out.

Well, that is it for this book review and hoping you get to check it out! I highly recommend! And updates on the Hol Mat videos, sorry for being busy during Christmas and New Year’s but we will try to get them up as soon as possible since there Waking Land by. Callie Batesare things to look forward to for Omni Fandom Expo 2019. Also, next up is going to be the return of Boxy Charm! Yay! Stay tuned!

Books: The Stolen Marriage by. Diane Chamberlain

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back with a new book review!

The Stolen Marriage by. Diane Chamberlain!

Disclaimer: This book is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts and opinions on this book.

What Is It About? In this book, we meet Tessa, someone who is a young woman during World War II who has everything going for her life. She’s studying to become a nurse and engaged to an up-and-comingdoctor and childhood friend. On a visit to Washington D. C. while the fiance is away, she ends up meeting Henry Kraft visiting from Hickory, North Carolina and she and her best friend, Jenna go out for a night with drinks and all-of-a-sudden she ends up in bed with Henry. Her fears come out when she is pregnant with Henry’’s child and leaves her family behind to marry him. During the marriage, she gets treated as a stranger in the small town and seen as the little tramp only marrying into the Kraft family for money but it was mostly a business transaction.

While being married to Henry,, Tessa starts finding out about some secrets like why Henry lost his fingers and how he was rescued to how a wad of money ended up in the bottom of a wardrobe, and so on. Will she find out some secrets while living under the scrutinizing eyes of her mother-in-law?

Thoughts: This book was a really good read. I got to see some things beyond World War II that I wouldn’t have seen since the town of Hickory was an actual place that went through the Polio Epidemic as the war ended. As we all know is FDR did suffer from Polio himself while being president during the second World War and was wheelchair bound which if you seen Pearl Harbor they weren’t messing around and the actor did a good job at it. Back to the book of course, I did like how the story started itself off as happy couple living in Baltimore and then when Vincent goes off that is when time draws out. The war effort is a long wait for a lot of people especially in the medical field since at the time Polio was starting to show and it was a big theme throughout the book because of how it shown up later.

When Tessa and Henry met it felt like different sides since it felt like they were going to end up together but in a different way. Yes, it starts off as a one-night-stand and then the pregnancy takes place and Tess leaves and when she catches up with Henry things change, like he was different all of a sudden, as in he went from sweet Southener boy to complete stranger which that can be shocking when your One Night comes to find you at work. I did like how Tessa described her downward spiral of losing her own self because while living at the In-law’s home she was being watched and not only that being gossiped about which is big in smal town in time like that. I do like her interactions in trying to make nice with Lucy, Henry’s sister, even though she tries very hard but Tessa knows that she would gossip to her friends about her, like with the part about driving a car.I think the best interactions wold be with Henry’s mother, Ruth the most because she was expecting a different girl to marry her son and now has to put up with Tessa. I would have to say this was a major test for Tessa because she has to grit her teeth and bare withing under the same roof with Lucy and Ruth until things take place around them.This story shows how strong a female character can be when facing adversity from the family and a community in a small town and all she could hope for is finally getting out of there and being a nurse. I can relate with her since I just moved from a big city to a smaller town to be a teacher right now and see how much better it became due to the change of scenery. In the end, this was a really fun read.

Rating: Five Star Paw Prints Out of Five! With all of the World War II novels I have read throughout my Net Galley membership this one has been the best. I have seen books where the lead woman character has risen above like Kasha in Lilac Girls getting over her days at a work camp and having a bad leg injury after a hideous test, alongside caroline getting through her relationship with Jacques and finding out that his wife was alive, even Mary in Everyone Brave Is Forgiven where she has to survive the bombings of London and almost drowned as of the result of it. Alse, the women in Karolina’s Twins shows even more bravery and survival. Here we see it with a Polio Epidemic starting to show and Tessa surviving through it along with a small town with a family who has different religious beliefs from her own and trying to live with a husband that has secrets that lead to it failing. Strenght and bravery through the second World War in women has shown in many ways and I have seen it through here because Tessa had put a smile on her face through adversity. I hope to read more books like this because it shows that even if a war is so bleak but people still come through and survive in the end whether it is through a bombing raid or helping people get through a really bad disease that shows up in a small town. I want to read about the Polio Epidemic in Hickory since Diane Chamberlain The SSstolen Marriage by/ Diane Chamberlainhmentioned some of her sources and it would be interesting to see how the actual story happened with the people who lived there. What I found it more interesting about it was the street name changes after the war to confuse enemies. I didn’t know about that until read the dedication. I suggest this book to anyone who wants to read more Historical Fiction set in World War II.

Well that is it guys! Don/t worry, I have not forgotten about the Holiday Matsuri coverage. I am still going to get the videos up as soon as I can. I definitely have a haul post and a Bests & Worsts coming up, also my Faves of November and December coming up. So stay tuned everyone! Until next time stay beautiful while traveling the universe!