Bests and Worsts of 2016

Disclaimer: This post is based on the opinion and observation of the Lead Writer herself! Please respect her thoughts and opinions! Also, we didn’t mean to go political for one thing but had to! Also, if you don’t like it then don’t read it!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Whew! We are finally on the last day of 2016. You know what that means? It is time for the annual Bests and Worsts list of the year on this blog. This past year was pretty much the worst year to many and there have been really good moments along the way but balanced with the bad too. Let’s start off with the Worsts because I think I have a bit more than the Bests!


Celebrity Deaths: First is that this year had a lot of celebrities dying and that included David Bowie, Prince, Pete Burns, and the most recent Carrie Fisher. It felt as though this past year was the big year for us losing the most epic of celebrities even the ones that were overlooked such as the guy who was in the R2D2 suit, I am not kidding there was an actual three foot tall dude in that robot suit in the original Star Wars trilogy.

Worst Election Year EVER! Yes, I have to mention this when normally here we are not political but this year has been the worst election especially with the winner. As everyone knew and voted, it was pretty much Hilary Clinton vs. Donald Trump all year and man it was a heated battle which caused me to ask on Facebook towards America, “WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?” After knowing who won and that was Donald Trump. Heck, the world was even upset since there were countries watching who who will win and I know they wanted Hilary like the popular vote which she didn’t win and did find out as a fact that back in the past Presidents did win based on popular vote which would’ve been great but nope! The electoral college chose Trump to win over the popular vote this year. I keep on wondering why would they want someone who is going to embarrass us with the next four years? Let 2020 get here so we can have a better election because I don’t want him back in office.

Most B. S. Press Turndown: MegaCon Orlando! I had to mention this because we did have another turn down by a convention for press and that is our most popular and biggest convention in town and that is MegaCon. I did put Orlando due to how there is Tampa Bay MegaCon and not sure if that will happen again this year but we did get press for that but due to scheduling conflicts, we couldn’t make it but at least we know we can get it. Why Orlando turned us down? Apparently, even Nerdy Shirts mentioned this in his review and I added some notes, that it was due to how we didn’t cover them in the past. Here is the thing, if you know the story of us starting we didn’t start until a few months later from MegaCon 2012 on Blogger and didn’t start doing press until a year later but in Tampa over at MetroCon. We haven’t been back to Mega for three years due to branching out to other conventions like Omni, since they were the ones who reached out to us, Holiday Matsuri, and MythiCon. We did try AFO last year and you know the story with that. Will we go for Orlando again? Yes and hoping we get it this year because we have done so much for the convention community and since we are a small blog now getting slightly bigger, it does show that we can gain more experience and Nerdy Shirts did say that bigger conventions should give smaller blogs even some that are starting out press badges to help them get their name out there. Plus, unlike most blogs, we do interview the big stars, heck we just interviewed Steve Blum this past Holiday Matsuri and it would be great that we get more stars which we wanted if we done MegaCon like the Doctor Who companions, Kevin Smith and Jason Muse, even Adam West and the guy who played Robin in Batman who are now retired. Please let us cover Mega this coming year because just heard that Tim Curry is a guest this year.

Worst Movies: Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad! This goes to two movies since this year D. C. Comics and Warner Brothers tried to topple over Marvel Studios by bringing in Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad. WGondras and I didn’t see either but heard that they both sucked! I would believe because I’ve seen the reviews especially with Black Critic Guy and both Bennet and Gabe doing it. I did do a post on where D. C. and Warner Brothers are better on and that is on TV because when they do movies they try so hard to copy off the success of Marvel but when they do it their story in film falls flat on their face or faces. As in, when they did the BVS film, they had characters that just stood there and when Nostalgia Critic did his review he had his cast do that “Oh, this person is there!” and whoever played them they went, “Hello!” and just left. That was a really good example of that idea and that’s not what we want in a movie when it comes to comic movie adaptations. At least with Civil War, you have all the characters involved and interacting with each other throughout the film not just stand there! I did hear the best out of Suicide Squad was both Marg Robbie as Harley Quin and Will Smith as Dead Shot which I might see that on NetFlix. Still, D. C. and Warner Brothers are better off just doing shows since what I’ve seen of Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow they were all great and the casting was even greater and not just saying that when they got the guy who played Harry Dresden on the Dresden Files tv show was on Arrow. Still, Warner Brothers, just stick to TV!

Weakest Season for a TV Show: Season 3 of Agents of SHIELD! Yes, I had to mention this on here because it was the worst season of Agents of SHIELD! Even though I need to catch up on season four of this series, Season 3 took on the Hive storyline and just made it bad. I am really sorry that I felt like I crapped all over it but Seasons 1 and 2 were better than this and the start of this past season was better because they did take the time to write all these seasons. I never thought back to season 3 until now because I wanted to forget about it and how it felt a little rushed even I would’ve written a better Hive story by instead of having Ward come back and becoming the Hive, I would’ve had the guy that Simmons interacted with on that planet be it instead by acting all okay on Earth but then turn around and not okay! I did feel better that Simmons and Fitz finally made love! Sorry, spoler!
Runner Up: Agent Carter Season 2! I think most of us have to agree that the second season of Agent Carter was a bit weak. Gondras didn’t like how they changed up the story and made the twists and turns different from the original story. If we gotten press for MegaCon, we could’ve interviewed Haley Atwell and asked her about her thoughts on it but as you can tell, we didn’t like it as much. Even though the series will be on a hiatus at the moment due to Atwell doing a different series, hoping if it comes back

Worst MakeUp Product According to YouTube: Nikki Tutorials Pallet with Too Faced! I had to mention this since this year it was all about the YouTubers collaborating with popular makeup brands and Too Faced was one of them. They collabed with Nikki Tutorials wt creat the Power of MakeUp pallet. I did get my paws on this and some people did say that this pallet had inconsistencies and that dealt with the pigmentation in the shadows and the highlighter, Pink Truffle. I did admit in one of my Favorites post that I mentioned this pallet is that one of the shadows did have to be built up but I did notice the other shadows were pretty pigmented and stayed put all day. I even remember a YouTuber did do a tutorial with this when she got it in Canada and so many people got on her case about it when she said it was really pigmented to her. To me it deals with the type of primer you use whether it is the Shadow Assurance primer that came with this pallet or anything you use like how I used the Maybelline shadow primer I love a lot! Also, I do believe that Too Faced should’ve taken the time to formulate the shadows like their Chocolate Bar pallets since it could’ve helped fix the inconsistencies and made it better.
Rummer Up: LimeCrime Super Foil Shadows! I heard about these but never bought them myself since I heard bad things about them and that is the LimeCrime Super Foils. They are a duo chrome shadow that features two colors in one compact and they are activated with water to give the metallic effect that people love even with the Duo Chromes that MakeUp Geek makes. As I have heard, LimeCrime is known for their own crimes such as the website being hacked and the owner putting down her customers, and there was recent sacadal where a contest dealt with buying a gift card to be entered into a drawing for over a $1000 in their products as a prize which normally contests don’t require that. Anyways, what made this the worst product from what I’ve seen on YouTube? Apparently mold and rust grows in these shadows even with not using the shadow itself! What did LimeCrime say about it? They said it’s harmless! How can it beharmless when you are putting rust and mold near your eye? Even people are wondering that too! Apparently the pans in these shadows are made from tin which rusts eery easily and when you are making a shadow that is activated with water you need a stronger metal! I need to ask Doe Dar something…have you seen the Wizard of Oz? The Tin Man rusts when water hits him due tow tin rusts easily when water hits! Plus, the eye is the most sensitive thing on us and you can get injured in that area or even go blind, take it from me since I’ve been blind since 2008 from an eye condition and it’s not easy. That is why I took a look into the fake lashes thing but back to what I said before, I wouldn’t buy this if I were you if you found it somewhere since I heard this item got taken off of LimeCrime’s website. I would also say stick to using shadows from MakeUp Geek, Colour Pop, Urban Decay, and many more that we all trust and love!

Worst Tragedy: The Pulse Shooting in Orlando… I had to mention this here since not only we had so many deaths in the celebrity world but we also had a worst emount of deaths but at a night club all thanks to one guy shooting up a night club in Orlando and that is known as Pulse. This took place when I was in Daytona for a pre-employment program and I just froze when dorm staff told me about this. I had to look into it and can’t believe that something like this would happen especially on a night where so many people were trying to enjoy their nitht like everyone else both gay and straight. At least the guy was found and was killed, I know that sounds mean of me to say but if he did survive then the House of Blues would’ve been next. Near Pulse right now, there were flags installed on the light poles saying “Orlando Unites” and even Tom from Soul Switch wore the shirt with that on his final night performing with them back in July. Again, I don’t get why people should have guns and gun control should take place since tragedies like these can be prevented. My heart still goes out to the victims that lost loved ones during this shooting.

Worst Device: The Galaxy 7 Note! ::groans:: I had to mention this since this thing has been on the news everywhere all this fall! It is the Galaxy 7 Note! If you all haven’t heard or heard all over, it is a phone that looks like a tablet and it was the latest in the series this year along with the IPhone 7! This device was known for overheating and causing fires while being on the charger. Someone in Hong Kong lost their apartment to it and even a guy got bronchitis while sleeping as it caught on fire on the charger. TSA wouldn’t even allow this thing on board of any flights due to what happened! Even someone in Daytona had one and had it recalled when news of this started rising. All thanks to this, Samsung did lose a lot of business due to the recall or shall I say two recalls of this device. I am so glad I am with Apple and have an IPhone SE since I upgraded to it this year finally when my IPhone 4S’ power button had a spring broken. Good thing is that I went with bigger storage with it too. Speaking of which.

Worst Tech CNo Ear Phone Jack in Iphone 7! Reason why I had to mention this is that I know we are trying to go wireless but IPhone 7 having wireless ear buds due to not having no ear phone jack was a bad idea. Yes, I know there is a lightning jack to plug in regular earphones but people were mad about that as well. What even sucked more was that some guy made a video about drilling a hole to create a new earphone jack into your IPhone 7 which newsflash it doesn’t work that way! People tried it and pretty much bricked their phones! There goes the Apple Care repair thing! I am hoping with the next phone they have an earphone jack with hhow bad this went.

Movie: Dead Pool! Oh yes! I have to start the bests list with movies and to me Dead Pool takes it this year! Wow, a Fox Entertainment movie takes the trophy? Well, when you look at it, Dead Pool is still a part of Marvel and Fox did a pretty good job on this film. As in, getting his attitude, the comedy down, and even the action! Heck, the audio description that I had with this film even described it to a T! When I heard that Regal got it for this film, I was like “Count me in!” And I did get a Dead Pool hoodie! Oh by the way, even Ryan Reynolds, still better as Dead Pool than Green Lantern! I did hear this a second one coming out and can’t wait!
Runner Up: Civil War! It was hard since I almost thought Dr. Strange should’ve gotten runner up for this but Civil War kind of gets it more because it was a very good comic adaptation even though the ending went differently from the comic and it worked out very well. As said in the Worst Films slot, this movie did a lot better than what Warner Brothers did with BVS because it had all the characters interacting and being ivolved like they’re supposed to and made the story as compelling as it is. Also., Spiderman is back and he was played very well and of course, if you guys want me to, do you want me to write my thoughts about Spiderman having a movie in Marvel?

Best Death Battle; Dead Pool Vs. Pinky Pie! Speaking of the Merk with the Mouth, at least he didn’t pop out of nowhere, he had another Death Battle and this time against one of my fave ponies from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Pinky Pie! I know, I tend to go for the action-packed anime and action packed movies but I do love the newer MLP series that they have done since the dubbing in it was better and the animation was done right. Anyways, enough of that! This was a pairing that I never thought I would hear and when I told Gondras he was even more surprised! I don’t want to spoil who won but I will put the video and a fair warning…y6eah Pinky Pie’s description and stats may be so cute and nerve racking and also torture to some of you but the rest is still entertaining and that is why it got this slot!
Runner Up: Jack and Daxter vs. Ratchet and Clank! I do have a runner up and that is the match between the biggest couples of Playstation history and that is Ratchet and Clank vs. Jak and Daxter! This was made in time for the Ratchet and Clank movie and it was an amazing Death Battle! Todd Habercorn also voiced one of the characters in this battle and he did a very good job and that is why I wanted to know how it was working with Wiz and Boomstick since last year. I will get to ask that question if he comes back for a convention. I would say watch this battle and see who won!

Best Book Series I Wished I Didn’t Judge Too Much On: The Hunger Games Trilogy! Yes, I did judge way too much on The Hunger Games Trilogy! I remembered taking Theory of Creative Writing back in college and my teacher was always doting on it like it was the best book trilogy. I did meet a woman at my work experience who was a major fan and told me how she liked it more than the movies and decided to sit down and actually read it and like her, I really like it! It is not to the point of that teacher who doted on it but it is more of “Ma“, these aren’t as bad as I thought!” I guess I was worried that it would’ve turned into Twilight but it’s not. It is pretty much what happens if people had to survive by being controlled and to keep from rebelling against the capital and in order to take out people a contest must be held to thin out numbers. This is supposed to be a young adult book but by the time I read Mocking Jay, my thought was “Is this for young adults? This feels more like a college age series!” Even the first two felt more college age than high school age reading. If I would, I would write a paper on the trilogy for college.

Best Book: The Aeronauts Windless Book 1 by Jim Butcher! I had to mention this one since I have to mention my most fave author, Jim Butcher! I have read the Codecs Alera and now waiting on book 16 of the Dresden Files and found out that he wrote this one known as the Aeronauts Windless and that was the first in a newer series he is doing. I couldn’t stop listening to this on my digital book player due to how many twists and turns it took in the book! I can’t wait to see what the next one will bring since Jim is starting on it after Peace Talks is released! I am hoping it gets released in 2017 because I’m waiting for it in audio and Gondras is waiting for it in print!

Best Reading Device: Victor Reader Stream! I have to metion this and that was during my work experience, I had this device purchased for me and it is the Victor Reader Stream! It is a digital reader device where I can download podcasts, read Talking Books, and even Bookshare books which I finally got back! Also, this thing can record things which came in handy for getting the brownie directions when I made them recently with the leftover chocolate chips and toffee bits when I made cheesecake for my birthday.

Best Voice Actor Encounter: Interview with Steve Blum! I finally got to meet the guy behind the voices of our childhoods and that was Steve Blum! iIf you read my Favorites post recently, I did get to interview the man since I wanted to do it for a while now! I can’t wait to interview many other guests in the new year!
Runner Up: Finding Out We Had a Good Word In for Brian Beacock! Well, I had to mention this because I never heard this until Omni. One of the guests this year was Brian Beacock, the voice of Takato in Digimon Tamers and we were trying to arrange an interview with him and when it was being arranged there was a good word put in about us. He even told us about that and that made us really happy and feeling good! We never had a convention do that when it comes to interviews because we have been turned down by other conventions and since we have done press for Omni since it started and done our job and enjoying it, this was a major first for us. Maybe I should mention that on the MegaCon form, eh?

Best Thing Released: MY FIRST BOOK! I know there were many things released but the best thing ever released was by me! I released my first book self-published under Light Switch Press and it is known as The Blind Perspective: Conventiom the Dark! I have been a convention attended since 2004 and have gotten many experiences and have told them to friends and it got me wondering why not put them into a book? Well the most memorable and wrote it since last year. Well, it was done last year and took a year to be edited. I was happy that this took place and that people could read what I went through as an attendee before going blind and then went blind later. I did have business cards with me to promote it at Holiday Matsuri and if you have seen the videos on YouTube, I have linked it to the Amazon and Barnes & Noble pages where you can buy it. Here are the links again! So, please buy it!
Barnes & Noble:

Best MakeUp Collaboration: Tarte with Grav3yard Girl! Well, final item of this year is the Best MakeUp Collab with a YouTuber and that is with Grav3yard Girl! I loved Bunny ever since I stumbled upon her on YouTube and started watching her many videos. She is different and quirky and I love that in many people! It is not that bad being weird. Anyways, this year Tarte Cosmetics has collabed with her to create two liquid lipsticks and a face pallet and I was able to get my paws on the face pallet which includes eye shadows and a bronzer, blush, and highlighter! I loved this thing and I had to keep myself from using it everytime I take out of my drawer! I even loved the smell of it which reminds me of the Coldstone waffle bowls cooking! I loved to use the eye shadows the most along with the blush since they are so pigmented and made with the Amazonian Clay blush formula which is amazing! She did bring it back for Christmas recently on the Tarte website or shall I say Tarte did it since there are people who didn’t get it the first time. I didn’t get the lipsticks at first since I only wanted the pallet the most and love it the most! I really want to meet her since she has been my most fave YouTuber of all! Even Gondras has watched some of her stuff after witnessing me watching her.

Well, that is it for this year’s Bests and Worsts! I know it took me all day to do this because of the amount of Worsts from this year! I am looking forward to the next year because a lot of us wanted this year to end so badly after so much has happened. Yes, I did enjoy having my book come out but 2017 will be the year that I want a better life as in I am going to look into living on my own for real, things aren’t go so well at home by the looks of it and I am not getting any younger guys! Also, I am working on getting my aareer as an Assistive Technology instructor started since that was my work experience tog et my toes wet and I have been missing it and I am looking into continuing to be certified in that. Also, I have been working on a new cosplay for 2017 with the funds I got from the work experience which is finally coming to life! What is it? I wanted to do it this past year but I did get another cosplay made instead since I had everything I needed for it but for next year it is Link from Legend of Zelda as a Pokemon Ranger! Basically it is my Pokemon Ranger costume but what if I changed the red to green and give it the Zelda touch. I did buy the Silveon last year at AFO and got the goggles, elf ears, and hat before and after Matsuri which was a process in the making. It will be done by Omni 2017! So, anyone going? Go there or stay tuned to Instagram, I will try to get a pic up for it! I am also working on another book at the moment which is my very first fiction piece to be self published and I will try to get it done by mid-summer so it will also be released by next fall or so or even earlier depending on the time I will be working on it. So 2017 will be a huge year! Happy New Year!

New Cosplay Documentary: #Cosplay Not Equal to Consent

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Sorry for not posting for a while since the Ipsy and BoxyCharm post since we still haven’t posted the interview videos. Don’t worry, those will be up soon since they need to be edited. Stay tuned for those and any updates on our Twitter page!

Anyways, I want to turn the convention area to something a little different. We all know that there are documentaries have been made on many subjects such as biographies, stuff on the end of the world such as the most recent one that was on Discovery on extinction, but there is one I want to talk about and it deals with cosplay.

One night I was on Facebook and noticed a post made on the Florida Cosplayers page by a person named Katarina Muyers and she was talking about a last call for stories for her a documentary she is making on harassment being done at conventions and it’s mostly on cosplayers. I contacted her and wanted to tell my story from AFO 2010 where a creeper creeped on me during the Yaoi PJ Party which I included a book I have been working on. (Still in the middle of editing by the way.) Then talked more about it which I found pretty interesting.

The documentary is about teaching people about harassment that is taking place in our convention and cosplay community and how its impact on people. People are getting taught better about it today but it seems to get swept under the rug still. It started off as a school project to show her classmates about cosplay nad conventions and Katarina found it interesting in how much time and money is spent in making the finished project with what people are making them.

As time went on, she did research more about it and wanted to focus on the harassment part of it since that there are people aren’t getting the message and there hasn’t been something like this done. I do agree with that point since there are people still doing it in many ways and don’t see it that way, such as the creeper that got on me did nuzzle me like a cat and then licked me and I did try telling him I was dating Gondras at the time, which this happened the year before he proposed to me, he said it didn’t matter. Hell, he followed a girl who was dating someone that I talked to at the same event we were at when it happened had him follow her halfway to her hotel room and she said the same “I’m dating someone” and got the same response. And even in the past there were photographers that did upskirt shots from stories I seen on the net.

I asked where this documentary can be seen when it’s done and she’s hoping to get it shown at conventions and at film festivals; once it’s all done it would be on YouTube and on a Facebook page dedicated to the project. With more works on the horizon, she wants to gear towards the entertainment industry and try to make a convention documentary.

I like the idea that someone like Katarina is doing something like this because it does spread the word that things like this do take place in our lovely convention scene. I would love to see what she pieces together with what she has with my story in tow. And a nice word to the wise, if you guys see anything off and might have someone creeping, security is always your friends both the convention center and volunteers.

You can catch her Facebook page at:

Her documentary is called #Cosplay Not Equal to Consent. She will hand me the YouTube link at a later time but you can check the Facebook out for now and keep up to date there and tell you friends who are convention attendees like we are and cosplayers as well since we do cosplay and keep on doing it for the fun of it it doesn’t mean we have to be harassed while doing it.

What is next on Nerdy Shique Universe? I will keep you up to date on the interviews since we did give Fox Warrior the flashdrive with the videos from Omni Expo, we will get those up and have them here for you guys to view. I suggest going to our Twitter for the updates as well because it helps following us and know what is going on and you can find us @ Nerdy Shique! Stay tuned!

Three Most Dangerous Beauty Hacks That Caught My Curiosity!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, in the days of beauty we tend to see a lot of hacks but there are ones that are very dangerous to us since some things contain a lot more dangerous chemicals in the processes. There are three hacks I have seen that were mentioned in Allure’s Dangerous Hacks article I finally read in full. I did try to read it while killing time before Ranger Stop opened up for everyone but glad that I read it. The three hacks that got my attention were Oreo mascara, glowstick nail polish, and colored pencil eyeliners.

I know these three sound weird but some beauty gurus have used these things as beauty products and the items are very dangerous. Let me start off with the first…

Colored Pencils as Eyeliner: This one really surprised me but the truth is that the lovely colored pencils I used and still have a huge container of since my drawing days are dangerous for your eyes and not meant for makeup purposes. Even though it says “Non-Toxic” and someone did have a video about it and called Crayola’s hotline about it but the truth is that the materials in these products aren’t tested to be used for makeup. Even Crayola said the same thing to the person who made the video, which how she made it easy by dipping the colored pencil lead into hot water and just put it on your waterline and lower lashline and can use it for lipliner. In the Allure article had dermatologists and doctors talking about the effects and the pigments used in these pencils CAN blind you because of how foreign they are to the eye.

Better Off With… You’re better off just getting your favorite eyeliner from the drugstore or subscribing to beauty boxes because you are getting brands that go through the usual testing with makeup and the chemicals used to say “Hey! It’s good for cosmetic use!” Plus, another thing to use for eyeliner is taking your angled eyeliner brush or pencil brush and wet a teeny bit and dip it into eye shadow. Like many cosmetics, eye shadows are also tested the same way as a lot of other cosmetics are and even companies make their shadows in many ways to be safe to use. I would say just stick to drugstore, higher end if you can afford it, and subscription boxes for eye shadows for liners or liner pencils or gel ones as well.

Glowstick nail polish: Okay, this was an interesting thing I never thought that would pop up as a dangerous hack! As a convention goer, I admit I have gone to raves in the past and stock up on glowsticks from Dollar Tree and Party City before convention season starts. When I read about this, I had the reaction of, “No!” Why? The chemicals in these sticks are harmful even though I have heard people do crack them open to drain the liquid and place them into jars or use them as sprays which can stain. Not only that, The liquids can stain your hands, face and so on, which brings to the point why it’s dangerous to do this. The chemicals used in this not only don’t glow for long ince exposed; everyone in convention world knows that once you crack that glowstick it only glows for a short time unless you stay in the rave for hours on end. Plus, if it’s on the nail there are nail biters that are out there and that chemical can be injested and can also be rubbed at the eyes. So, this one hack that shouldn’t be tested nor made!

Better Off With… Wait until Halloween when vendors have Glow-in-the-Dark nail polishes and stock up once the sales happen if any bottles are left! What I mean is that you’re safer getting an actual nail polish brand that makes it with their chemicals over what the DIYs suggest which is take a glowstick, crack it and empty it, and add clear nail polish. I did see one video which some of the colors they painted didn’t come out as opaque either when the ones during Halloween a opaque due to the stuff they use. The brands I highly recommend with this are Sinful Colors and Fantasymakers with their Tombstone nail polishes. I have used these brands glow polishes whenever I do my nuclear nails, which I take the glow polish and paint it on first and put a black crackle polish over it to make it look like I have a nuclear reactor glowing on my nails when I go into dark places im;ess I have a black light available. Anyways, they are pretty opaque and go on pretty smoothly, I do recommend buying new bottles if any of them dry out after a year or two depending on how well the polish stays liquefied from the previous Halloween. Plus, these nail polishes will run from $1 to $2 depending on where you go, it might cost a bit more if you buy a set on EBay or Amazon. So, this hack shouldn’t be tested and just save the danger by getting the Halloween glow polish.

Oreo Mascara: Okay, this is one hack that got my kitty attention! I bet it got yours too because I never thought people would go nuts enough to take Oreos and mash them up to make a makeup product. I seen the videos actually and I think someone was going to make M&M eyeliner but I stopped right there because the thing is food is food. Of course there are foods that are used for beauty purposes in companies like Lush uses oatmeal, seaweed, and other delicious foods for their cosmetics and bath products and some other makeup brands do use grapeseed oil in many other products. This was interesting to say the least but dangerous as well. How so? Well, you’re crushing up oreos into crumbs and adding primer to the mix and then using alcohol to swab down your container after the procuess is made. Those crumbs do get into the eyes and can cause blindness. I bet it would go even worse with the M&M eyeliner with the hard sheels if you’re not careful. Plus, it does cost more than a usual tube of mascara to get the products you need on top of it. And almost forgot, Oreos are also processed and meant for eating and the ingredients to make them aren’t tested for cosmetic uses like Crayola products.

Better Off With… Like with the eyeliners, I say buy your mascaras at Ulta, Sephora, drugstores, WalMart, Target….the list does go on, or join BOxyCharm, Ipsy, Glossy Box…etc. Because that way you’re not wasting precious Oreos to blind yourself. Take it from me for being blind, it sucks being blind! Which means you have to figure out how to put on eyeliner and mascara differently if Hack Number One and this one blind you, even with a bad eye infection that can happen. You’re better off just getting mascaras from brands that are meant to use mascaras for eyes such as Maybelline, L’Oreal, and if you have extra cash to spare, Urban Decay and Benefit are two higherend alternatives if you want to go there. Once you get home with your lovely mascara tubes, you can sit and enjoy your favorite Oreos with a glass of milk.

Well, that is it for this post! I did enjoy reading about Allure talking about the worst beauty hacks out there, but the ones that brought my attention the most were the three I mentioned because I love painting my nails, wearing eyeliner and mascara even with cosplay. If you see some of these videos, don’t do the DIY behind it because you are putting yourself in harm’s way.

What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? Omni Expo of course! Stay tuned!

ant: Response to Grav3yard Girl’s Instagram Nightmares Video

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Today I decided to do something more as a response to a video I saw earlier this morning.

As you know I like to watch Bunny aka Grav3yard Gril on YouTube and this morning she did a rant video about how she had a bit of a situation on Instagram with with a caption she had made and it cuased people to get into arguments over it. She talked about how people are trolls and want to bring people down and not only that there are cyberbullies that exist out there and I know how she feels because I went through something similar in the past and did comment how I seen it with my fan fiction on FanFiction.Net. I decided to write a response about that on here because no matter where you go there will be people out there that make mean and cruel comments and time to time don’t know the rule of whatever you write on the net, whether it’s through a comment, a video, etc. it will be out there forever especially with the words you use. I even remembered saying the same thing to a commentor on my DMC Reunion Panel clip from Ranger Stop when they y rand about how I didn’t record the video horizontally with my IPad. If you go to the video you can see the comment that they made and I felt offended by it myself and I felt that my response to it was seen as rude by them when their original comment was rude. Did it bring me down? It kind of did but it didn’t mean that I would stop making videos even with my convention stuff to bring to you guys. I bet you’re wondering what about the fan fiction part of it?

Well, as you know I wrote a bunch of fan fictions after I lost my eyesight in 2008 and have come a long way. At first I was writing my fan fictions in the old paragraph style and people told me how to write it better and started doing it that way and it grew and started writing fics based on Tsubasa Chronicle, DNAngel, and even did my own take on Angelic Layer. As time went on, I did notice how people were commenting that they don’t like the writing and it even shown a lot on Fairy Tails: Fan Fiction Novel of the Dresden Files where I had so many comments saying they don’t like how I was writing it and how I didn’t make it like the original source material or even read anything of the original sources which is not true. I have read the Dresden Files more than once and even read two of the books while writing Fairy Tails and that was Blood Rites and Turn Coat. I haven’t read “Bombshells” a second time because I didn’t like the person reading the Dangerous Women story collection as much as the other recordings. Anyways, halfway through writing I decided to end it short since I couldn’t take it and when a fan stood up and commented by saying “I want to see the ending, don’t take what they say personally.” I took that to heart and jump started it and kept writing and even ignored one comment that cussed me out which I can’t block the guy since he was a guest commentor. I did put in my author’s commentary after that by saying “What you say on the internet will be there forever.” Which is true and I have taken that to heart and not only that as my response to those comments the sequel came to be and shows the reverse effects of Fairy Tail ending up in Chicago instead which the good thing I didn’t get any harsh comments. I am hoping that won’t happen as the story goes on.

My thoughts on this in the end is that a lot of people are expecting people that create content for the net whether being a blog like you see, a video, or even fan fiction expect that they have their expectations met. The thing is that I tend to take from an old Disney Channel move is “Never expect the unexpected” It means that you can’t always give people what they expect out of what you make and when it does happen then there will be disappointment time to time either in yourself or your audience. My advice is just go in with an open mind whether it’s subscribing to a makeup box or making video, just open minds exist.

What about bullies? Well, nowadays it seems like being a troll either in the real world or in the internet is a way of being “normal.” There is a major difference between criticism and making a jerk-sounding comment and that can be expressed with feelings in the real world but on the internet you can’t convey those emotions through text. As in, no one can’t see if you’re happy or angry or sad when writing it unless if they are sad about it as in “I’m sad that my cat ran away.” Then add emojis to convey that sadness. In other places people can take the message as the wrong way, I still remember how I used to be in a group on Facebook on my shared profile with Gondras and someone comes in and says “Naruto is an anime? I didn’t know.” It was supposed to convey sarcasm in a joking way but some of us couldn’t see that and it turned into a huge argument between the person and her boyfriend. Not only that it got two of the moderators involved which went into one huge mess and don’t want to go into too much detail. As said, feelings are hard to see and not only that there are people that are just plain mean and think they can be mean all over the place to be liked but not a lot of people like people that way. Bunny did make a point that not everyone will get along with each other and I respect that idea since I don’t get along with some people back in my college days and have seen it in my Daytona days as well. We are all human in one way shape or form and if we want to talk to someone we can and if we don’t then we don’t have to even if it’s hard to bottle it in. But bullying someone on the net whether it’s through Instagram or Facebook is something that is not tolerated in everyone’s books and it’s hard to get rid of, looking at it now it is kind of like high school on the internet which what if we were in a school on the net to make friends and we have a troll and they bring that person down. It is hard to get rid of those trolls whether through blocking because there will be new ones popping up. It’s hard to avoid and yes comments can be mean and they think it’s acceptable when it’s not, which those comments can really hurt and cause something serious.

I In conclusion, I see what Bunny is saying and now thinking why did we come to this idea that in order to be accepted in the internet world is to be mean when commenting on someone’s picture by slamming them down. In our world today, bullying has been a major part of our society and it gets transferred over to the internet and a lot of people have taken their lives because they couldn’t handle it, which is sad. To make the point, when we write in our blogs, post on Instagram, or even record for YouTube, we can’t always please people and fit their expectations when it comes to being creative, which means we should go into everything with open minds and just shrug what crap gets posted in the comments. Plus, trolls are everywhere and can’t stop them unless they realize what they did can be hurting.

Well, that’s my response on the video. You can find her video titled “Rant-Instagram Nightmares.” Which I love her Tea Vlog rants a lot since they are entertaining and informative since she has been bullied herself and have blossomed into an awesome YouTube personality and I admire that about her.

Well, there you go! Stay tuned for anything else I will bring!

Rant: Why the Internet Media is Important for Convention Scenes

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Today, I kind of have a rant and well it deals with internet media, especially with conventions who want people as guests and press!

The internet has been growing for many years! I still remembered how it started off as dial-up and now we have cable, sattleite, and wi-fi internet and it gets used everyday! Whether it’s for checking email, the stocks for the day, or even downloading music. There is one spot in the internet that a lot of people to use and that is for creating content and uploading it for the public to enjoy, which includes videos, fan fiction, and even blogs like you see right now. Like many books and movies, there are many genres of this material and that includes anime, beauty, cosplay, gaming, etc. There is even podcasts on these many topics and a lot of people enjoy watching or hearing about this stuff.

I bet you’re wondering, where do conventions come into play? Well, there are times when a lot of cons every year ask for people to do press or ask for internet people to be guests while others not so much. Last year, as you know that not only we got turned down for press by AFO but I did suggest them to have Bennet the Sage as a guest. Why? Because he fits in and does make good points when it comes to anime and we seen him at MythiCon and he was very entertaining. Someone put a comment saying that internet reviewers aren’t as important to show up. Here’s the thing though, a lot of internet reviewers do have a lot of popularity nowadays as voice actors. They bring entertainment and people enjoy what they have to say about a particular thing and when they get invited to conventions they get to meet their fans and bring their material live for them to enjoy even more. For instance, MythiCon had Little Kuriboh and Linkara for their first year and I think I laughed to the point of needing oxygen by the end of the weekend, especially Little Kuriboh’s Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged panel. Then the following year, not only they were brought back but added Bennet the Sage from Anime Abandoned and the funny was turned up even higher! I highly recommend the Bennet Q&A panel from that Friday during MythiCon 2014. We not only got to see the Abridged panel from Little Kuriboh and Linkara’s Atop the Fourth Wall Live but Bennet’s Anime Abandoned Uncut panel. Plus, what else they brought was a panel about how to start your own channel or blog and that made it more interesting because of people may want to start their own stuff like how we’ve been doing for years, we did ask about camera work which their tips did give us ideas along with Mike McFarland’s ideas. Still, having these kinds of people do help in giving tips to their fans, doing panels, and many other things. Heck, we even overheard Nate Wants to Battle do a panel giving advice on how to do chiptunes at last year’s Omni. Whatever it is, they do bring good things to the convention scene and they should get more recognition and of course more people to se them, which most conventions do enjoy the amount of people they bring in.

What about press? Well, as someone who has been doing it from 2013 to now, press is one major importance with the internet media because a lot of people have been making YouTube channels, blogs, and even podcasts about conventions, cosplay, and what makes us unique, adding beauty due to makeup purposes for cosplay. Like many conventions, press does get asked for because there are times when a new one comes up in the convention scene or new guests get added, press comes in handy because we do a lot more for the convention we cover. As in, we cover events, review the convention, and my fave part, interview the guests to take a look into their work and background and possibly get some advice if they want to get into the different industries. There are even times when we do get into some VIP events depending on the convention to talk about, such as Troy Baker’s acoustic set during MetroCon 2014! Plus, with all this stuff, it is pretty much beyond what a normal newspaper does because they tend to be limited to write one article on one event, such as the Orlando Sentinel writing about the cosplay contest at AFO last year. Press does go a long way when it comes to spreading the word about the convention too, if you seen all the Convention Spotlights in the past, you know how much I try to get the word out, even with Omni in its first year of being a new convention in Orlando. Without press, where would the publicity end up? So, press is one major importance and it does help business more since of course it is a major business to run a convention.

In the end, internet media is very important to the convention scene the internet stars that get invited do bring a lot of entertainment like the voice actors. They even help with giving advice in starting a YouTube Channel and blog if someone wants to do itm heck, I even remembered doing a fan fiction tips panel for example. And onto the idea of press, a convention is a business and publicity helps that business grow in having the word spread. With the videos and posts, this gives people ideas of wanting attend the next one if it happens again, not only that we do use social media to say “Hey! Check this thing out!” since there are a lot of people on social media these days! We also tend to cover a lot more than a lot of major newspapers don’t due to how limited an event can be written about due to how daily headlines have to be up front. Another thing is we also interview some of the tuests that come to these things so that our readers or viewers can learn about what they did in their career. There are many things that internet media brings to the table and like many businesses, it is also a business in itself with how we work with the convention scene to keep coming as either guests or as press.

That’s about it for this rant, comment below if you want to add your two cents to this because I like to see what you think. Not only that, if you know anything else that I should talk about here that is important just comment it.

What is next? Well, I have my January and February Faves coming up next! Stay tuned!

Review: RWBY!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s time for another review and this time it’s on a series that has been on the web for a while and it’s known as RWBY.

I know I a bit behind on the bandwagon but hearing about this series from friends and Gondras since he started watching it, I really liked it! I decided to do a review due to how last night was the last episode of Volume 3! What I thought about it? HOLY SH*T! IT WAS AWESOME!

If anyone hasn’t seen it, it’s made by Rooster Teeth and it follows Ruby Rose who transfers into Beacon after fighting off a group of bandits that tried to break in her uncle’s shop one night. The headmaster at Beacon sees her and tells her that he wants her to attend his school to finish her training to become a Huntress along with many other students including her older half-sister, Yang, to become Hunters and Huntresses to fight creatures within a everlasting peace. But the peace gets broken and something dark looms over Veil and the many other kingdoms and Ruby is now handed over the responsibility to save the many after last night’s episode.

I am hoping that there is a Volume 4 because knowing like many people who have seen it are wondering, will they find Blake and take out the White Fang who brought this on? Will they save Beacon Academy after the tower was destroyed? Will the Grimm, creatures they fight, be under control? Plus, who is the mysterious figure that wants to end the peace and take out the Headmaster’s work in the end? What is this special ability that people with silver eyes like Ruby have according to her uncle, Crow? I hope those get answered because I want to see more of the story to know what happens next! All in all, the series has a good story plot and amazing characters and fight scenes. I can see why this series has become popular as it had, heck we even seen a few cosplayers at Holiday Matsuri and I think we have one of them in our Cosplay Gallery from that, if you haven’t seen it I suggest to check out what we taken pics of. I also did hear one of the judges during the costume contest cosplayed as Yang. Let me move on!

Music: OMG! Where should I start? As you know I love metal, alternative, and some pop and a bit of punk and a few instrumental tracks with anime and gaming music in the mix. The soundtrack that I admire the most is of course Fairy Tail’s soundtrack due to how it took River Dance music and added metal to it to make it more modern. RWBY did just that! You get the piano and some violin but then it kicks it up a notch with the guitars and lyrics! My favorite song from the entire series would have to be Volume One’s Theme song”This Will Be the Day” which is the song you hear Ruby listening to in the first episode. The music knew how to make the battles escalate, even during the Festival parts in Volume Three, and even was very touchy for the sentimental moments, even with Pira and Jean. It is one amazing roller coaster with their sound. I wish I can listen to more of the soundtracks but I have to sign up for Apple Music in order to do that. What really got me to watching RWBY was that one of the songs came up on the Eyeshine radio and of course curious kitty was curious.Still, an amazing set of scores and theme songs!

Characters: RWBY had a vwide variety of characters that you tend to see in action stuff such as Jean Arc, the cowardly and sentimental guy to Yang the brawler who wants to connect to her friends and also punch them if she gets pissed at them. Nora the ditzy, girly girl, and of course Ruby Rose, the main heroine, who is just a kid that is new to a school that she doesn’t understand and jumps into fights without a plan at times but does have her partner, Weiss, to help out. She also is pretty good at tactics since she did follow someone in Volume Two due to suspicions and that later on doesn’t understand why things are starting to unravel as time goes on and that is well suited for a younger protagonist. One character I do like a lot due to one feature and that is Blake Felladonna! It is not just the kitty ears she has to hide but she has the dark story that we’re looking for! Of course I do like Sasuke Uchiha but Blake has a better story and that dealt with how much it deals with the White Fang. I do like how Yang and her work together , even at the end of Volume Three when crap really goes crazy! I am hoping Volume Four shows what happens next for her because she was starting to develop more as Volume Two happened and more of her past gets revealed in the last few episodes of Three. Yes, I would cosplay as her but knowing the weapon would be hard to make if Gondras wants to do the transforming parts.

Another character I did like was Pira because like Ruby she does have the times where she investigates to get her answers. Plus, she has an awesome power with magnetic forces in the series. Not only that, I do like how she and Jean work together in Team Juniper and she did understand him while training him by knowing that he can do it as a strong fighter and has to make him work more. Plus, I do like how she doesn’t want a guy to like her because of her being famous and smart, just getting to know her. I know the feeling Pira, I had that happen back in my junior year of high school.

Another thing I like about the characters is the voice acting! When I watch a cartoon or anime I tend to know the actors that play the parts like Josh Grelle as Kenichi in Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple and Trina Nishimura as Mikasa in Attack On Titan, here nope! I went in with an open mind and what I liked is how each actor and actress played their part perfectly! I mean the attitudes, personalities, and emotions were spot on! Rooster Teeth, you did this series justice with all you picked, even Vic Mignogna as Crow was a perfect pick since he had to play a drunkard who thinks he failed at what he needed to do and be mysterious at times. I do admit at first I did have a hard time telling Weiss, Blake, and Yang’s voices apart but as the series went on it was easier to tell. Still, an amazing cast, if only most dubbing studios took lessons from Rooster Teeth with how they dub because this was perfect.

Rating: 5 Paw Prints out of 5 + PAWPRINT OF APPROVAL! Yes, it gets a five out of five paw prints because it is a series that really wanting me to keep watching even if they are close to twenty minutes an episode! I really want to see another season for this series because knowing a lot of fans want to know what will happen next? I am too! I hope to see some panels on this series, if people do them right because we have seen one panel in the past that was bad and don’t want that to happen since this series is amazing! Why the Approval Pawprint? Because it deserves it major props for the music and characters, plus the cast they got, I can see why people love it and can’t help seeing how much work they put into it. Please a Volume Four!

Well, that is it for this review! I am still waiting on my Ipsy and BoxyCharm to arrive in the mail! I will also do a last minute check for Omni Expo before the convention since it is around the corner! I am waiting on news about interviews because I definitely want one on one’s with the Dino Thunder Rangers, RJ Heady, and Brian Beacock, which I tweeted about and he said he wants to do it! (Trust me, I was speechless when I saw that reply!) Til next time!