The Blindness Quadrant: Making Friends, Sighted or Blind, As A Blind Person

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe. I feel like bringing a new topic into the Blindness Quadrant today!

How to Make Friends, Both Sighted and Blind, as a Blind Person!

Disclaimer: This post is based not only based on response and opinion but also a real life experience. Please respect what I’m about to say on this since I have an opinion of what I think should be important!

I may not be the Princess Twilight Sparkle but tis post is based on something that happened to me recently and I wanted to make this post. Being visually impaired may cause some people to be more isolated or even alone and don’t have any friends until they either go to college or a Vocational Rehab Center or even start their job somewhere. There are some tendencies that can happen that can make others feel awkward or not and these tips can go either way and this is what I came up with!

Don’t Mention What You and Your Significant Other Do behind Closed Doors: Okay, this was part of my meet up with this one guy and it made it feel awkward and that is mentioning what he and his girl do behind closed doors. So, let me tell you the first part of the story and that on Facebook two weeks ago I believe I get a friend request from this one guy and accepted it since he was a mutual friend to some of my blind friends I knew from the past and today and then on Messenger he messages me about how he was doing a flag football thing with disabled people and responded with, “Hey that’s awesome!” And left it at that. I’m in my and Gondras’ room watching YouTube since I was kind of exhausted from work since I do wake up early every day for it. I get a call and it was him and answered to be polite and we talked and one of the things he mentioned how he and his girl had threesomes and that caused me to think:

Dude: “Me: I and my girl do this! How about you!?”
Me in Thought: What!?
Me in Response: Okay…what kind of phone you use?

I felt like in Mass Effect but with two responses where one goes in my head and then I say something else and what this guy was talking about made me feel awkward. I understand that there are times where a blind person can be an open book but we can’t always be an open book as in not everyone wants to know what you do behind closed doors! Not everyone is comfortable when it comes to talking about sex and I admit I had the same thoughts as my parents with it when I dated my ex ayes ago and about to be with Gondras and I became more mature as time goes on and just keep the stuff we do to myself and if I did talk about it my friends would be really uncomfortable if we first met. As in, please keep this stuff to yourself because we don’t want to make anyone feel awkward even with friendships.
Keep Sexual Orientation Under Wraps Unless You’re Comfortable to Mention It: A lot of people tend to come out of the closet but others have a hard time doing it and not everyone is too keen on others mentioning it on the first meet up. I don’t even reveal mine to friends I first meet unless I feel comfortable later but first time meeting this guy I did tell him because he revealed as we talked on Messenger his girlfriend’s sexuality and I was like and going with Mass Effect with my responses here:

Paragon: Really? Are you sure you should be telling me this?
Renegade: Why do I need to know this!?
Sarcasm Me: Great, now I feel like the spotlight is on me!

So, my tip is to keep this under wraps unless you’re more comfortable when the friendship continues. I have really great friends that supported me for the longest time especially with my personality and my disability and things like this when I meet someone new I don’t want to scare them off and that was how I felt! I felt scared and uncomfortable with this guy because this was a private thing like the first tip above because we don’t know each other. Just be nice and be on your merry way!
If you’re going TO Invite People, Just invite them To a Place Familiar Not Your Own: What I mean is that don’t invite people to your place right away even if it has awesome items like a hot tub or pool. I know that doesn’t make sense but hear me out. At first it felt like this guy wanted me to hang out for bowling at first and flag football meet ups even in the Messenger chat. I was cool with that but at the same time you know I’m busy with Nerdy Shique Universe whether it’s a video or a blog post and sometimes straightening up some stuff in our apartment, even now with our closet which is my latest project. I tried saying I might hang out and then he mentioned his place! As in wanting me to come over to cook for me and possibly swim in his pool at his complex and so on. I felt the red flags guys because after the first two tips I felt as though they may do something I may feel weird about. This kind of goes hand in hand with the next item but I feel that this was weird and getting too close and claustrophobic for me. When I met any of my friends we tend to hang out at bookstores, malls, and other places even after we first met because it would feel weird if we show up at first at their place. For instance, when we first met Tobi he just used the bus to get home and also we dropped him off at his dad’s place until he felt comfortable to let us visit once we got to know each other. We do have some of those friends that want to hang at their place on the first meet up but most of the time we have to head home from where we hang out at. Which brings me to the next point!
Understand that When Someone Can’t Hang Out Means They Can’t: I know this sounds disappointing but some of us are grownups and understanding that things do come up or someone has to be at work early in the morning the next day and that they can’t hang out or hang out until a certain time. Or if they get sick which does happen! For instance, when I first went through a bad allergy attack years ago, I couldn’t go see Skyfall with Gondras because I was sick! So, I had him take Nerdy Shirts with him instead. So now to fast forward with the story to Saturday night after having dinner at a newer Japanese place since our fave place in Orlando closed down. So, dude messages me again on Messenger and he asked about Sunday with the flag football thing and said that I will be busy and same with Gondras so we can’t make it. He sounded so immature in my head that he was just joking that he may cry or something. Our friends understand that we can’t hang out if we either got sick or if we’re at a convention and so on because we know each other long enough that things can happen or we’re really busy with work. Heck, I can’t answer messages as much at work every day from my own friends until I have a break in between. Heck, with understanding not wanting to hang out, heck I had another friend that I had to end a friendship recently but when I got back to being friends with them years ago he wanted to hang out but this was when I had family over for the summer and couldn’t hang out with him and his girlfriend at the time. This is a different person by the way! Anyways, also this dude tried to invite us to Disney too when we’re going to be in Orlando for RangerStop. I tried explaining that when we do press were busy and I told Gondras about this part since I asked for advice about this dude and we agreed that we only have the money for bills for November and going to RangerStop as in for food, probably some merch to pick up if we can, and of course our hotel room since we’re staying at the same place where the convention is at and plus our feet will be hurting at the end of the night like with every convention. Trust me, when I was at Omni and got back to our room I was out like a lamp! Even though dude tried pleading somewhat I said, “Can’t! Busy that weekend!” Since he and his girlfriend are going to be at Disney for holiday parties starting that weekend. If this was Tobi and Vivi, they would understand more since they know our schedule during conventions is pretty hectic. But nope, this is where the next point is important!
Know Your Boundaries: So, after talking with Gondras I had to put my foot down because I felt like my boundaries weren’t being respected by this dude. I felt like I was about to freak out and not kidding. I was glad I didn’t save his number when he tried calling mine after asking for it since I did have the Unknown Numbers to Voicemail thing on with my phone at the time due to telemarketers. Plus, he also tried asking for my photos since he was able to see some of my features and apparently he liked what he saw and wanted more, I only stuck it to one and that was when I knew I had to put my boundaries in place! Next morning I sent him a message on Messenger telling him that I have my guy and he has his girl and I have my life and he has his and that I felt uncomfortable with things and that we were also not into sports. So, I was taken out of the Messenger Group Chat and apparently he thought we were not on the same page since all he wanted was to hang out. Which I felt with the conversation Friday things were getting too much! My friends know that people do have boundaries and respect those. I remembered being a teen and I always wanted to talk to people on the phone so much I felt I annoyed them and did grow up out of it and now I respect their boundaries. I do ask my friends for advice but of course I only talk to them on and off since we do have our jobs or things we do on a daily basis. I did mention that I’m also busy and can’t always answer messages until break time.
The Mute Button Is Your Friend: If someone can’t take the hint that you want space, the mute button on Messenger, Twitter, and other places can be your friend. I had to block some annoying people myself on Messenger, even one recently that didn’t take the hint that I can’t talk due to taking a shower and need to get to bed. This dude I have talked to that weekend I had to mute him because he didn’t really take a hint of boundaries need to be made. I did mute him after seeing a message asking about my week when I had my allergies catch up to me and had to miss work. I know it was mean of me but I felt as though I would feel uncomfortable if we talked again. Sorry!
If It Gets Too Much, Let Them Go: There are times if the friendship goes downhill or gets too much it means it’s time to let that person go. I will use that one other guy as an example because he did say something really bad and that he wished he was blind like me! As you all know I don’t wish my eye condition on anyone even my own worst enemy! Being blind is not easy and the adjustment period is sometimes hard for some and easy for others. When this guy said that I felt like he doesn’t know what I go through despite having everything as in a fiancé that takes care of me, press opportunities, even a college degree but I worked hard to graduate, there are times where getting press can be hectic, and my fiancé has been with me since I revealed I was going blind and that was a true test. Now GOndras and I have been together for thirteen years and we’re living together. When I let him go as a friend, this guy by the way, it felt well actually because losing a friend is not easy but if they get too toxic then letting them go would be the best option. I have done better letting this guy go and people just find it awful that I had to hear that statement since they know my story even if it’s inspirational. Still, if something bad happens then letting them go is the best option.

Well guys that is it for this post. It felt good to get things off my chest and having friends is pretty important and I keep the friends I have closer to me for the longest time. There are boundaries when it comes to making those friends and understanding that you can’t always hang out due to other obligations. I hope some of you take some of these tips to heart and be careful with who you meet because they may end up acting like this dude above that I met recently so please just know some of us do have lives. Next post will be another book review! Stay tuned!

The Beauty Quadrant: Brands Losing Touch With Reality Response!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with much of a serious topic.

Brands Losing Touch With Reality!

Disclaimer: This post is a response to a video and my opinions on what was said. Please respect my thoughts and opinions, thank you!

Yes, another somewhat of a cosmetic controversy where I am seeing it myself. This morning I saw Hot Mess Mama MD talking about how beauty brands have been losing touch with reality in releasing with so much. I agree since I have been a makeup user since 2008 and seen so many brands releasing a lot of products almost every week or month and sometimes they can be either inconsistent in formula due to the demand of pushing them out or even keeping up with other brands. The main example that Hot Mess had used in her video was Anastasia Beverly Hills where they have released their pallet with Jackie Eina in August and then a week or two later Norlina, Anastasia’s daughter, made a video about the Norlina Pro Collection and the first one released after that. I have seen a few reviews and felt like they released one item and jumped to the next even with reviews people have done when they received the pallet as PR. Last month, they did release Norlina Pro 2 and 3 on the same day and now giving pictures of the Carly Bible pallet! Jeez Anastasia pull the brakes! You’re not a factory, let us breathe!

I know, I bet you’re wondering where you can take a breather after all that. Never! The beauty community is over saturated with releases and it’s hard to keep up. I admit I’m getting overwhelmed with the new stuff coming out, heck with Christmas items already out there it it’s not giving a chance for a breath of fresh air. Norlina did mention that the reason why she has been releasing items back to back is due to the demand by retailers and how they are saying the customers want new items. Not really! I think we need a break in between. I remembered when I first got into makeup I was able to get new items once to twice a month and even watch reviews before I buy on my dad’s next paycheck. I am admitting that I used to have my dad buy my makeup and not getting into too much detail either, I was just the daddy’s girl. Anyways, I felt like even drugstore brands weren’t pumping out so much as much Colour Pop has been lately. So in other words a lot of brands are losing touch and losing it bad.

One thing I have noticed is that with the pumping out product the formula suffers a lot as in the formula is not as pigmented as it used to be. One good example is now Makeup Revolution. I love this brand since they were known as the brand that dupe big pallets and I admit I have some of them, one of them is of course the Light & Shade and use that for work when I do and now it feels like they’re putting so much that their eye shadow formula is not as great as it used to be. I see some videos talking about the Shook Pallet and someone did say it was not really pigmented. I have this pallet and hoping it’s pigmented since there are times where it is pigmented for some people while others not so much. Another example is of course Too Faced even though I feel like they have taken breaks in between release this year but their formula has suffered a bit. I remembered how they did one release to the next and so many people saw that the formula was not like how well the Chocolate Bars are formulated and best examples were the Power of Makeup pallet, the Chocolate Chip pallets, the Chocolate Shoppe, and of course the Too Faced side of the Better Together pallet with Kat Von D! Jeffree Starr may have said in his newer documentary is due to how they sold themselves to Estee Lauder but to me it’s that they released so much within months of each other that it felt from what I’ve seen in reviews that they didn’t test it out while making it before they released it to the public. One example was Power of Makeup and I did like that pallet but I do notice the pigmentation issues that I have to dig into it. I am pretty selective with what I buy from them and I admit I bought two of the Christmas 2019 releases and will be testing those on YouTUbe.

Another example I have seen and it’s becoming a bigger trend is where brands uptake their biggest best seller of a shade and release it into other items as time goes on. Nars is really guilty of this because they have done it with their shade Orgasm which is a blush shade that everyone knows and loves. They have made it into a mini version to a big one and even a limited edition collection alone. Now it feels like Kat Von D is doing it with the lipstick shade Lolita which she did it as a blush/shadow and to be a full on shadow pallet and now a sequel to it when she has yelled at Nars for selling to China. I only bought one Nars blush and that was a different shade from Orgasm because I felt like it was too much of a hyped product to buy. It’s great that a brand has a bestselling item but they shouldn’t turn it into so many other things because it bores the consumer and it can cause a loss in interest in that item. Even my best buddy Vivi found the Lolita pallet boring when he loves KVD himself! Heck, someone did suggest Champagne Pop to me and I didn’t buy it because it felt like I didn’t want to be a part of that overhype when Jacklyn Hill was the face of Becca and decided to go for other peachy highlighters that I can enjoy and they came from brands I have loved for a long time which I admit Colour Pop is one of them and of course Maybelline since I feel like they are thrown aside. Which brings me to the next point!

Finally, I feel like some of the brands that have been long time favorites are being thrown to the wayside and being forgotten. I admit I have done that with some of my old favorite brands like Maybelline but have been getting back into them because they were there when I started getting into makeup. Heck, I have been getting back into Revlon after seeing them in one of the top lists in Allure for best lip tints and I could see why and that it’s so good! The brand I’ve noticed that has been brought to the top of all has been Morphe for many years! Even though they’re just a privately owned version of Crown Brushes but a lot of influencers have been promoting Morphe for the longest time, pass out codes, and so much more. Heck, Jacklyn Hill always pushes them like crazy and it feels like with that push from Morphe that we lose touch of our favorite brands of all. I felt like I rarely see anyone talk about Makeup Geek, NYX, and even some more indie brands that are out there due to how much people were getting into Morphe. To me I kind of feel like once that brand gets bigger and once someone tries it it’s not that great. I even mentioned I found the brushes just okay not the best because I get brushes from other brands and even in my subscriptions that I enjoy due to quality and how good it feels, I admit one of the Morphe brushes in the vegan set did tickle me when no other brush does.

Whew! That was a lot to cover because I want to see a break in between releases because I felt that I can see what will be coming and also be able to play with the pallets in between and that is why Urban Decay has been a favorite of mine due to how many months in between they allow to let people play with their makeup. I mean Naked Reloaded was released in February then Game of Thrones around May leading into June and finally Naked Honey released last month and of course in between Naked Honey and Game of Thrones we did get Stay Naked foundation which they released a lot of shades for more consideration of people’s undertones. If I see the trend continuing for Urban Decay we will probably see their next item probably around January or February which excites fans a lot more than most other brands. Heck, Coastal Scents really waits for a year and a half before doing anything new from what I’ve seen. Still brands should at least give their fans a break and just slow down because if they keep speeding up more people are not going to care about their stuff as much as they used to and plus sometimes the formula will suffer if they’re not too careful with testing it to see how it shows on someone’s lid. And of course, no more of the same shade because that has been all done before!

Well guys that is it for this post! I know it was a bit of a wordy one but had to get my thoughts out there. So, next time I will have the next book review and now waiting on my box subscriptions to come in. Until next time!

The Beauty Quadrant: Thoughts on Beauty Community Now

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe, it’s time for something serious!

My Thoughts on the Beauty Community Now!

I wasn’t expecting myself to travel down this dark nebula but I think it’s time to talk about it. If you guys have not been on YouTube for two weeks or so, Tati, James Charles, and Jeffree Starr had a bit of a Dramagedon! First, James was sponsored by Sugar Bear Hair for sleeping pills which Tati got upset since she has Halo and he has been a huge friend of her’s and she couldn’t believe what he did. Then Jeffree ended up in the mess after sending text messages and plus there were videos made and things went crazy! If you have been on YouTube and tired of this, I think everyone has because it feels like we’re losing focus on the Beauty Community as a whole. I am glad that Jacklyn Hill decided to bring focus back by advertising her own makeup brand she has been working on and people got excited and what made me happy is that she was bringing focus back to what brought the community together.

When I first got into makeup, I remembered watching YouTube around 2009 when I was graduating with my A. A. and soon to go to get my Bachelor’s and I remembered getting into watching hauls by people like Makeup By Tiffany D. and Dulce Candy and other smaller people. Back then I didn’t know who Tati was, nor Jeffree, not even Jacklyn, I only watched other people doing huge hauls from CVS, Target, even Sephora and heck Ulta was started being mentioned and I even wondered if there were locations near me i9n my part of Orlando when I lived back there. I still remembered even going to Kmart when it was still open and got my very first lip glosses from Wet N Wild and it went from there and I got into Almay, Maybelline, L’Oréal, and even NYX later on because of YouTube. Now it feels like that’s lost because of the drama. I may have mentioned that I do like watching drama channels but to see what is in the news since I am hardly subscribed to some of the people that get mentioned, wait I am subscribed to Jeffree myself sorry, but I used to like Jacklyn but I felt like as time went on since around 2016 since that thing between Jeffree and KVD happened that is when it felt like the focus from makeup shifted. As in, we kind of lost the makeup aspect that made this community thrive.

Should We Cancel?

Not exactly! The thing is like reality t. v., we always love to watch some of the drama and sometimes we want to either keep up with it or like me be more informed about what’s going on with some of the stuff taking place and if I get bored then I will watch some of my favorite beauty people talk about stuff they want to get or what they picked up that may catch my eye, heck I still enjoy What’s Up In Makeup when I am not a convention for a weekend. I would say if you’re just bored with the drama then watch someone else doing something else. Heck, I watch Anime Abandoned and What the F Is Wrong with You two take a small break.

My Advice: I would say if you don’t like the idea of supporting problematic makeup influencers I would say follow the smaller ones that aren’t getting much notice and not just me but other people. I do have makeup videos and have two coming up this weekend. It’s only fair that paying attention to some people who love makeup as most of us do should be watched more. Who would I suggest?

Danielle Schmidt
Kirsten Leigh Ann
Nicole Quinn
Angelica Nyquist
That Girl Shea XO
Leisha who as also known as Ssparkedge
Head to Toe
Makeup by Tiffany D.
Jessica Braun
And That’s Jacob
And so many more but I highly recommend these people and should get more views despite how famous of some influencers. Heck, even Samantha Ravendal and Raw Beauty Christy are getting up there but still down to earth!

In the end, really it comes down to is really who we watch and also getting that focus back to makeup since this is supposed to be for beauty and beauty’s sake.

I know this post didn’t make much sense but I felt like I should say some of my thoughts. I am missing the joys of makeup on YouTube and heck it even brings new people in like we have Molly Berk who is blind and loving makeup despite her challenges like me. Again with all the drama, I feel like the focus has shifted from “Check out what I bought!” To pretty much something toxic and hoping things do get better. Since we are the audience we should pick the stuff we want to watch and who to support and hoping we can bring that makeup focus back to YouTube rather than just focusing on the drama. Now next will be the convention stuff!

The Beauty Quadrant: Brands I Have Not Completely Cancelled!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds! Welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with a new post!

Brands I Have Not Completely Cancelled!

Yes, it’s time to talk about brands I have not cancelled out completely. Cancelling someone or something has been a big thing lately and beauty has been a big part of it. As someone who has been in it for a while knows what’s it like to hear about the drama about different brands or about their owners and well I feel like I moved on or just feel like I still like the brand despite the controversies and choose to step those bits of drama aside. What brands do I include? Keep reading.

Tarte: First is Tarte Cosmetics! As we know that with how brands are starting to expand their foundation range to include every skin tone like Riana did with her brand Fenty, Tarte had a bit of a controversy with their Shape Tape Foundation. They only released a few shades on launch and that didn’t include everyone which ticked everyone off. Tarte did say they were going to release more shades but haven’t seen the result of that. I didn’t really cancel them because for a while after getting the Swamp Queen pallet is that their stuff was kind of boring for me. They release a lot of neutral pallets even though I tend to wear those most of the time but I do like to do colorful ones other times. I was hoping to get a colorful pallet until they revealed Icy Batch last year for April Fall’s. I wouldn’t mind buying that version but had heard the one that got released is not really pigmented and I already have Blue Blood. Anyways, I have purchased some Tarte items that are more colorful and they are the Tarte Toasted which is like Naked Heat but has more reds to it and the Tarte Tartiste Pro Remixed which has more colors like a painter’s pallet. I did also get their blush pallet that went on sale recently and waiting on that to arrive and of course Rain Forest of the Sea 3 in BoxyCharm. I may get their summer pallet if it’s still available because it has more colors to it and in my 21 Days of Beauty Haul I did say they should span more into colors since they did it in Swamp Queen, Toasted, and Tartiste Pro.
Jeffree Starr Cosmetics: For a while I didn’t buy from Jeffree Starr due to how there have been issues in his warehouse and how he has treated customers. Now that things have changed for him due to Shane Dawson’s documentary series last summer, I have noticed that he has focused more on his brand rather than getting himself into more drama. I think the only most recent stuff Drama Channels have bene talking about were the burglary of his products and how Burlington and TJ Max have bene selling expired makeup from his brand. Yes, I remembered the stuff KVD had said but now she is going through her own controversies as the moment and well it’s not doing well with her brand. Jeffree, on the other hand, there is one thing is that brand do change their tune and that is what I have seen. SO far I have purchased Blue Blood Shadow and Liquid lipstick Bundle, Deep Freeze from his Skin Frosts which I heard really good things about and Unicorn Blood and they are all amazing! I am wondering why I didn’t try it earlier. I will be trying more items from Jeffree and that includes lip glosses he will be releasing soon.
• Huda Beauty: Next is Huda Beauty which there was a controversy where she copied off of Beauty Bakerie. Basically Huda copied othesame powder that Beauty Bakerie have with their Easy Bake Baking Powder and used the same promoting campaign and everything. Yes there are times where brands do copy off of each other and well it didn’t stop Ipsy from sending me their products. I started with getting their liquid lipsticks and it is something I never thought I would love. Then I got one of the lip Strobes and fell in love with that and then got one of the Obsessions Pallets in Smoky as a Glam Bag add-on and loved it. Now I got another Lip Strobe as an add-on and hoping to get more from this brand. I did love how the owner of Beauty Bakerie did say this as a response, “Huda is still welcomed here.” As in she will let it pass and forgives Huda. I will also try out items from Beauty Bakerie since I want to try her blending sponges.
• Too Faced Cosmetics: Almost forgot these guys! I have not exactly cancelled these guys and it is one of the first high end brand I bought from or shall I say got gifted with a pallet and that was the Chocolate Bar pallet. After getting some of their Christmas Café items and their Chocolate Bars, which this was around the time they had three before the fourth one came out, I decided to not get any more of their stuff since I heard how the quality of their newer items went downhill. As in not enough pigmentation in some of their shadows, heck the Too Faced Side of the Better Together was less pigmented than the other. When I heard about Chocolate Gold coming out and how people reviewed it I did put it as a maybe since I did remember the issues I also had with the Better than Sex minis. Now that time has passed, I did get the Gingerbread Spice Pallet from Holiday 2018 but had to go through EBay for it. I did miss getting items from the band and then got the Better than Sex mascara in BoxyCharm and all thanks to 21 Days of Beauty I did get two of their bronzers from the Chocolate line and the Golden Chocolate Bar. So, yeah did not cancel them out right. They are pretty much a big staple in a lot of people’s collections even mine next to Urban Decay.
• Z Pallet: The last brand is Z Pallet! Not sure if you guys have heard but the reason why a lot of people stopped buying is that I think it was two or three years ago the owner announced a new induction plate was being released and it would help with getting shadows out of pallets easily, even blushes and other things that people want to get the pans out of. People noticed the price being close to a hundred dollars and commented that they won’t pay that much and that they can get one cheaper on Amazon. I did research it and saw them for cheap and people tend to use different ways of getting pans out and the owner made fun of them when she had taught them how to use their oven to create their own pans. This caused people to leave and stop buying from the brand even just after getting into Ulta when I remembered a ton of their magnetic pallets were there and now it’s just two. I love having a magnetic pallet and create custom pallets for work with shadow pans through sites that provide them. I know other places offer them but Z Pallet paved the way for them. I still have the two pallets I got from Amazon and got one from Ulta since my Coastal Scents one broke. So yes, haven’t cancelled them.
Well, that is it guys! Those are the brands I have not actually cancelled. Yes, we speak with our wallets but we do think about what we want to buy and these brands still got my money and plus it’s just makeup and some of it should be enjoyed. If you still want to buy from a brand then do so, these are the brands I like and also still like.

What is next? Well, our last few Holiday Matsuri videos and hoping to get my subscription boxes for this month since BoxyCharm did arrive but it’s in my leasing office so will send Gondras to get it. Stay tuned!

Cartoon Quadrant: RWBY Volume 6 Review!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with another review!

RWBY Volume 6

Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and opinions of the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts on what she is about to say even on one particular subject. So enjoy!

After saving Mistral, Ruby and the gang are on the journey yet again to head for Atlas this time in order to protect a possible relic of the Seasonal Maidens (That’s my name for them by the way!) While traveling, Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang, Qrow, and an old lady by the name of Maria end up finding out what the Spring Relic really is and find out more about the world they live in. Meanwhile, Cinder returns and is now cut off from Salem and crew, now as a solo villain she plots to find Ruby with the help of Neopolitan. On top of it, Adam Taurus is in vengeance mode against Blake for what she did to him at Mistral and not get over the past and her betrayal to him.

Thoughts: Damn! This volume was deep! Very deep! What I mean by this is that not only it answered questions about some stuff I was hoping for but it also shown the origins of Salem and Ozpen. Plus, how Remnant began along with it. Basically, Salem was a girl who lived alone in a tower and one day a legendary hero by the name of Ozma shown up and was able to help her escape. Ozma became ill after a sickness appeared and Salem hoped to get help from the God of Light, yes this deals with deities and I kind of felt like it was really deep even when the tale kept on going. It even went really deep when the God of Light refused to save Ozma and the God of Darkness shows up. It did cause a fight between the two gods after Ozma’s health was returned and led to Salem being immortal and not be with Ozma ever again. I can see as the origin story continued that Salem did walk the path of darkness and how she put faith and love into deities that she prayed to and they failed her in the end and how she became the crazy person she is and creating Grimm and other things kind of shown that she has to do things herself especially with what the post end credits revealed.

I don’t want to give too much away since this also tells how the relics were created and later on how the Maidens were also born except what made me happy was that they finally explained where Silver Eyes came from. Basically they are from the God of Light which Ruby was trying to find ways of activating them more throughout this time and all thanks to Maria and some knowledge from the Spring Relic she is able to use them. I did find it pretty epic with how she was able to use it again zombie-like Grimm at a barn and then later on a Kaiju Grimm but it did finally helped her grow in a way. When I first started watching this series she was the immature and reckless teammate among Team RWBY and when the Fall of Beacon took place that was when her silver eyes activated. By the time Volume 4 took place, she knew that she couldn’t stay home and let Beacon stay in ruin and must find the guys who destroyed it. Volume 5 just shown how she must take out Salem before anyone she knows dies like with Pyra and now in Volume 6 she wanted people let her do what she needs to do in the fight and let people have faith in her, especially with Qrow.

Speaking of which, he was pretty much annoying during this volume and wished someone just yell, “Shut up!” Even towards the end when Ruby finally said, “Step aside and let me do it!” I think he was being too protective over Yang and Ruby due to how Yang lost her arm and didn’t want her to get hurt even further but seeing how Yang helped Blake again which I will get to next I think she’s fine! While Ruby, I can see it since Ruby is the only thing left from her mom, Summer, he doesn’t want her to get hurt or killed even after what they went through in the last two volumes. I wonder what will happen to him in the next volume since apparently they will be replacing Vic as his voice. Oh yeah, not sure if you heard guys but Rooster Teeth has cut all ties to Vic due to some allegations of sexual assault and harassment were made alight as the new Dragonball Super movie with Broly came out recently. Not only that, Funimation also dropped him. I will give you my thoughts once I do my rating.

Now onto Yang! This volume shown her and her relationship with Blake starting off rocky at first since Blake has returned and with some series this can happen. As we know that Blake ran off at the end of Volume 3 after Yang got hurt when she helped Blake from getting hurt by Adam! I can see why it started off a little rocky since Yang was hoping to help Blake get over having her losing her arm except it did take a while for Blake to return. This volume did reflect on their awkwardness of being teammates again and mostly friends…ahem, even though me and Gondras agreed they should kiss, still the final few episodes did show an epic fight of them working together again and this time it was them against Adam. I am glad that that fight took place and how it ended made it better! I am hoping with Volume 7 they keep their dynamic going since these two know how to work together.

Acting: I have to give major props to the acting for this volume. Not only the story was well written but the acting matched it too. It has improved since last volume and how each character interacted was beautifully done. I give major props to Melissa Sternenberg who voiced Maria in this volume. She brought some of the comedy back in with being an old lady throughout this thing and also giving fighting advice to Ruby since she did have the Silver Eyes herself but were taken from her. I did like how she could connect them to tech so she could see since she did mention they needed repairs. Also, I give major props who voice Cordova since she had to yell her lungs out towards the end of the volume.

Rating: 5 Star Paw Prints Out of 5! This volume definitely brought on and deserved the five star paw prints because it was a very well done volume. I hope they keep this going for the next one because it looks like it’s about to be End Game from what we’re seeing with the Post End Credits. I am hoping not since there are more things to come since we have the last two relics in Atlas from the looks of it and Vakuyo which was revealed in this volume before Hazel interrupted. Also, we don’t know the Winter and Summer Maidens yet which those two seem to be important and we haven’t seen the Winter one as of yet either. I am hoping with the next one it will show themselves. Ruby has grown up significantly with this volume because I can see she is starting to show that she may be a tiny fighter but she can kick butt and did speak up for herself. Not only that Yang and Blake did have their rocky start after getting back together at the end of Volume 5 but they did take on Adam together to get their team dynamic back. Seriously, these two need a relationship too since they give off Utena and Anthy vibes in my book with how they want to protect each other. Now to the bigger elephant!

I know I mentioned about Vic being replaced for next volume due to being let go and it does suck that you lose your job even in the voice acting industry. This feels like the original actor who played England in Hitalia except his sentence was worse due to having child porn. Unlike Vic, these kinds of allegations will follow him forever until he pretty much dies. I am not taking any sides because I have experienced loved ones even Gondras lose jobs even in more serious things and to me I was up for karma catching up to him since I have heard the stories even from friends who have volunteered at the conventions he was at and one of them was MetroCon and he did get banned from. I do have to say is that looking at my first experience meeting Vic at Anime Festival Orlando 2006 I had a good experience. I did have a creeper get on me at the same convention but four years later at a late night event and I can tell most creeps don’t care about how you feel nor if you have a significant other. I also have seen some of the Tweets on Twitter from some voice actresses I do follow that have said something and I can say this, someone can be innocent until proven guilty. I am not siding with anyone at the moment and at the same time I hope things do clear up because there needs to be hard evidence towards something like this and pictures don’t always cut it. I would say if something did happen why didn’t police get alerted early on? Is it due to work or something else? I am not sure. All in all, I hope the best for Vic and I also hope the best for anyone who had something that probably have been victimized and I understand sexual harassment is not a good thing and a lot of things can be risked when it happens. So, if you have been a victim recently, take to the proper authorities right away and not wait. Scars can happen and people can get hurt.

I bet you’re asking me, who do you think should play Qrow now? Well, I think either J. Michael Tatum should use his Scar voice or maybe Todd Haberkorn since I have heard him do an older man’s voice. Who knows, we have to wait for this fall for the next volume!

Well, that is it for this review! I know that last bit was a bit deep but hey I had to put my own two cents in with latest updates. Please don’t get on my case for what I said either since my Disclaimer is something I stand by so please respect my opinion. What is next for us? Hoping getting any remains of Holiday Matsuri items up and of course Omni Fandom Expo is in a week and a half or so so yeah this year is breezing by fast! I will also try to do my Coastal Scents Revealed Rouge look soon since Omni is happening soon and my parents will be visiting me in a week. So stay tuned on our Twitter for the latest updates!

Television: How I Watch Power Rangers As a Blind Person!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds, I am back but this is a re-write to a post I had done and tried posting but somehow things didn’t appear. Let’s try this again shall we?

How I Watch Power Rangers As A Blind Person!

As you know I was at Ranger Stop 6 this past weekend and after meeting so many cast members from the vast series, I was inspired to write something.

Three years ago before I got the Press Pass, I remembered how I was meeting Jason Fond from Time Force and he asked about how I was able to watch Power Rangers as a blind person. I did give him a short answer but will go into more detail right now!

The Tone of Voice: As someone who has really good hearing, being able to tell the characters apart in how they sound give a different idea of who is good and who is evil. One example is Rita Repulsa with her scary voice since she is supposed to be a witch and Goldar having a very growling, bass voice. I know Finster sounds more prim and proper but he is on the bad guy’s side due to what he does and how he talks about the many monsters he creates for Rita. While the good guys, the sound strong, sometimes very positive and peppy but with their own personality on top of it like Kimberly in Mighty Morphen being that tough valley girl in how she speaks. Even Princess Shayla in Wild Force being the mentor figure that also sings and does help the rangers with her advice to them. So many aspects and attitudes that can be portrayed in someone’s
tone of voice.

The Music: I didn’t get to mention it in the original so I am bringing it here and that is the music. Each show has music for the bad guys and the good guys to show where we are in each episode. I will use Light Speed Rescue for example. When we see Diabolico and crew we hear the menacing music in the background as they speak, heck Vipra even had a bit of a rock sound while driving her car across Mariner Bay in one episode and the Rangers had to chase her to get to her. While the Ranger side had a very uplifting orchestra sound showing who they are even when they appear. Plus, you hear the instrumental version of the theme song when the transformed. When the Lost Galaxy Rangers even had their music when the crossover happened. In the end, the music tells you what side is which even how it changes between the two even in the fights.

The Grunts and Calls While Fighting: During each episode we tend to see the Rangers fight the foot soldiers or the henchman hand on hand before the monster grows. While hearing these grunts I can tell that the good guys are putting up a fight and even say some cheesy lines while doing it, it is a show for kids on our side of the planet after all. When they get hit, it’s easy to tell that the bad guys are making the fight even harder for our heroes. No matter what kind of fight it is hearing those grunts and cries can show what is going on.

The Morphing Phrases: Besides the fighting and hearing the voices, hearing the morphing phrases does give another idea who is also on the good side. Each season has their own morphing phrase to go with their suits and some of them are either lengthy or just easy to say but the same result is that they transform into their multi-colored suits. Well, the sixth ranger does have their own phrase to call out which makes them even more unique.

People Screaming: I know I should’ve mentioned this earlier but there are times where the citizens of the town getting attacked by the monster of the week. When hearing these screams it gives the signal that everyone is in trouble call in the good guys! Even when someone gets captured in a certain situation, like a volcano erupting in Mariner Bay where Dayna is in a bus with some people even a burglar, not kidding, and they get trapped. No matter what, each episode does show people being attacked and gives the idea that heroes will be coming to rescue.

The Monster of the Week Growing: Next is how the monsters always grow so that the Rangers would fight in their robots. When hearing this the voice on them does gets deeper and more growl sounding due to how huge they’ve gotten. Plus, when hearing their footsteps on the ground it does add more to the sound effects. Plus, the music is an added factor because of the idea they have changed in size.

The Zords: Next is the Zords! Every season has their own unique zord and sometimes they can be either animals, dinosaurs, even vehicles like in Turbo, Light Speed Rescue, and RPM. When that monster grows and our heroes call on their zords to come we tend to hear the music change to the instrumental version of the theme song, I think in some other seasons we do hear the lyrics as well or just a few mixed in. Still, knowing that these robots come and help save the day does give another telling.

The Weapons and Cycles: I decided to add these two together because they fit. Besides the zords and the suits, each team has their own weapon to go with what they change into. They tend to either have the same kind of weapon like the Rescue Blasters or their own weapons like in Mighty Morphen but no matter what each team had weapons to help take on a monster or one of the bad guys in that hand-on-hand combat. Not only that, in a lot of the seasons to add more speed they were handed motorcycles like Light Speed Rescue, Wild Force, and SPD for example to chase the villain in order to get to the scene on time and sometimes they do use these weapons in conjunction with their cycles or even with their zords as some sort of key. No matter what there is some sort of weapon that gets used or a motorcycle to give that extra speed.

Well, that’s it for this post. I am hoping it shows up this time. I am really sorry for Word Press doing what it did in not showing anything. I hope you guys enjoy this post and stay tuned for our coverage on Ranger Stop 6!

Beauty: CoverGirl Has Gone Cruelty Free!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back to this blog for a second time. I forgot to write something!

CoverGirl Is Now Cruelty Free, What about the Other Brands?

You read right! Huge cosmetics brand CoverGirl is now Cruelty Free and Leaping Bunny Certified! They have partnered with Coty in order to become Cruelty Free which for now on they will no longer test on animals and no longer using ingredients tested on animals and Coty is working on making their brands to be Cruelty Free by 2020! That makes a lot of people happy, even me since I am seeing that a good portion of my makeup is Cruelty Free and I did say a long time ago when I first touched this topic here that brands who aren’t on Leaping Bunny’s list should work to losing animal testing and guess what? CoverGirl is doing that just right! As you know animal testing doesn’t give accurate results when it comes to cosmetics, don’t worry I am not going to talk about animal brutality, I did see a documentary named Earthlings all thanks to someone who suggested it and won’t see it ever again. Anyways, like I said testing makeup on animals don’t give you the allergy nor skin irritation and other side effects that makeup can cause on human skin because you’re testing it on a different piece of skin that is not human. I did listen to a BBC podcast episode about how 3D printing is going to be used in order to help with testing cosmetics by printing out flesh samples which can be a really good alternative and not only that, California is starting to take a step in the right direction by getting rid of animal testing in their state and hoping to lead other states the same way but now back to CoverGirl!

What Should This Mean to Other Brands? Definitely taking the leap of course! Like I said above, animal testing with cosmetics is not a good way of testing to see if a lipstick is working right in plumping them and same with a certain ingredient if it’s safe to use. This should be a gateway for other brands to start thinking more especially with consumers nowadays. Like I said in my Pet Peeves Post when it came to beauty, we as consumers speak with our wallets and I’ve been noticing a change towards getting more Cruelty Free items. I admit it, I did say most of my stuff is that even though I do confess I still buy MAC and Maybelline but it doesn’t mean they can’t turn around either for one reason.

What is that reason you may ask? Well, a good portion of the market is in China! In order to have your makeup brand to sell in China it has to be tested on animals before it hits shelves due to safety reasons. This only includes the Republic of China not Hong Kong and also any airports in China as well. They also lifted testing any local products and now apparently, just reading an article on living kindly from this July, that China will start working on moving away from testing on animals with Leaping Bunny and the United Kingdom International Trade will be helping them on it. Yes, they are a huge market for a lot of brands and that is why they’re selling there and they do state in their policies that they will be helping the fight, for example the most recent one to go and sell was Nars. Famous for their Orgasm blush, still shaking my head at that, Nars started selling the beginning of this year and knew what they had to do but claimed they are doing it in order to help China fight to end the testing. Wouldn’t it be better to just not do it and sell in Hong Kong instead? That’s my question. At least now the Chinese Government is starting the fight but the question is will it show results? Who knows we will find out probably before 2025 which according to studies China and Japan are looking towards for better alternatives and more vegan products?

Which brings me back to what CoverGirl did, everyone is starting to say that brands should take notes and start doing what CoverGirl has done over time and finally kicking the testing out the door. I am glad they did work on it and it shows that starting now is not too late nor too hard. Yes the FDA says there is no laws on testing your products even finished products but there are the brands that keep their status to a “T.” And I did say before about consumers speaking with their wallets because if the brands notice that their fans are leaving their products on store shelves like Target, Sephora, Ulta, Walgreens, and even Walmart, then it kind of paints a big picture. Some brands that are indie and Cruelty Free are showing up more in stores like Colored Rain, MakeUp Geek, and even Colour Pop has bene showing up in Ulta and Sephora. Even Juvia’s Place and Beauty Bakerie is showing up in Ulta now. Heck, NYX Professional MakeUp has brick and mortar stores now, Orlando has two locations even as an example! If the consumers are starting to turn to them more then they have to start kicking out this testing and take CoverGirl as an inspiration for that.

What Will I do? Okay, I do admit I still have some animal tested brands which include Maybelline, Garnier, L’Oréal, MAC, and I did used to use Almay but their makeup has become a little pricey on my pocket for a while now, I am seeing that if these brands for example and many more that have been testing for many years can take a page out of CoverGirl’s book and ask them and Coty how to start? Where to start? How can we get onto Leaping Bunny? And so many other questions over a cup of coffee and a plate of scones. Heck, do the same thing in talking with Urban Decay, NYX Professional MakeUp, and some of the indie brands in how they keep it altogether when it comes to that status? The right conversation can lead to more conversation and be able to work with each other. This brings the dialogue and hopes for the future since I did say China is working on it and now the brands should still work on it and help more, who knows the future will be bright. Glad that CoverGirl has made those first steps and let’s see if Maybelline and other brands follow suit!

Well, that is it for this post! Yay for CoverGirl for leading the way and I am admitting I will be buying more stuff from them since I need another tube of Total Teaze mascara after all since that works on my lashes better! I understand it’s hard for me to leave some of these brands behind when a good portion of my makeup includes NYX and Wet N Wild after all, now hoping for the best for other brands even my fave hair care one, Garnier Fructis. Anyways, I hope this post will be my last one before Ranger Stop since I have bene on a roll with posting lately even in the Beauty Category. Except…it looks like I will have a beauty haul coming up, haven’t done those in a while! Stay tuned for that and any other posts to come from Ranger Stop 2018 by paying attention to our Twitter! Until next time! Stay beautiful while traveling the universe!

Beauty: Beauty Pet Peeves!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! Today, I’m doing a new post and it’s all thanks to Amy Loves Makeup on YouTube!

Makeup Pet Peeves!

Yes, we may have some as makeup lovers either on YouTube or here in the Blog Sphere. I do have a few myself because since the Beauty Community on YouTube has been kind of in two sections, the bigger people and the smaller people which is where we are in with my beauty stuff and our convention stuff, and well there are things that tick us off whether it’s the product or something as a big deal on its own. Let’s see what I have to say, but first!

Disclaimer: This post is based on thoughts and opinions of the writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts and opinions of certain topics and not only that products that she loves and doesn’t love. Thank you!

Pet Peeve #1: Swatches Aren’t Everything! First pet peeve of mine is due to something and that is doing swatches on the arm with a finger or a brush. The thing is that lately Ms. Jacklyn Hill has been saying on social media that swatches don’t tell the whole opinion of the pallet due to the oils in our skin giving different appearances to an eye shadow or anything else that’s being swatched. This was posted after James Charles did a second swatch party type video of his Morphe pallet that is about to come out this month in time for the holidays since people thought he was faking them and he did quote what Jacklyn said. Yes, some of us are very oily and it can counteract with certain pigments but…BUT…the thing is that first swatch or few swatches of that shadow, that blush, even lipstick tells you how the product would perform patchy or not. A lot of companies are based on pigmentation and quality of that product and if something that doesn’t look right to someone who is looking at the swatch being done in a picture then it won’t be purchased. We are the consumers and we speak with our wallets as in our debit cards, credit cards, and cash. Even with Apple Pay and Google Pay we also speak! Not only that, I think it was Tati who mentioned years ago that a finger swatch and a brush swatch of a certain product is different from each other because yes some of us do like to put makeup on with our fingers and most of us prefer brushes, heck I am a brush person for my shadows due to sanitary reasons and ease of application, and the performance can be different like what happened to her with the shade Apartment in the Emily Edit Wants pallet where it came out patchy with her when she put it on with her finger. I did apply it with a brush with my pallet and it came out fine and built up to the pigmentation I wanted. Which brings me to my next peeve!
Pet Peeve #2: Pigmentation is Not Always There! Even though I can’t see whether there is pigment or not but I do trust reviews and swatches myself which does help me with purchasing of course but one thing to know is that there are times where pigmentation is not there, somewhat there, and “Holy crap! That’s pigmented!” The reason why pigmentation in a product is important when it comes to buying a certain product is that while swatching it should show up in order to see how well it will look on different skin tones and also the question is do we have to build it up to get it to where we want? One good example is the Emily Edit Wants pallet. Makeup Revolution is known for making eye shadows to be buildable like most other companies and I did remember how Emily did say these shadows are very buildable where you can have a light wash of color or just layer it on until you get to where you want it to be and a lot of people prefer their shadows or blushes or even highlights to be like that and having the right pigmentation to do that makes it more fun to blend into the skin. I know not everyone likes so light of a shadow that they have to pretty much blend and blend and blend until they’re not ready until midnight but pigmentation even in swatches is an important thing and sometimes it can be nerve racking when it’s not there or patchy.
Pet Peeve #3: How Companies Complain About Copying! I needed to put this on here because I did do a post and it’s still around. It feels like we’re seeing people still copying off of each other when it comes to creating makeup or a skin care product but it has been going on for many years and why are there complaints to this day? Not sure! I think people love to complain about it? Most recent offender was Jeffree Starr when people said his new Alien Pallet was a copy of Hot Topic’s Black Heart Beauty Galactic Pallet where there are twelve shades in the BHB pallet while Jeffree has eighteen shades, some of the colors are similar even with their names and so on. What really hits is the packaging! I did post on Dustin Daily’s video that this is still going on where drugstore brands are making their own version but they can’t copy all the way through as in all of the packaging and artwork and he did say it was a good observation because I pointed out how Kat Von D pretty much cussed out Makeup Revolution for copying…excuse me..”Copying” her Shade & Light pallet. Here is the thing, her artwork is unique to her since she does all the designs in a notebook and she is a tattoo artist after all and the only thing that would be hard for Makeup Revolution to do is copy her artwork so they probably did their own design for the pallet like they do with many of their other ones, like the Girls On Film Pallet when they first came to the United States. Latest is the creator of Fasally, sorry for the butchered name, who is known for the different essences even the Unicorn one and now many brands are doing essences themselves except the creator is complaining about how the Coke bottle inspired design is being copied by many brands. This is not new actually, I bet a lot of brands do similar packaging to other brands I mean even the Wet N Wild lip glosses kind of reminded me of the packaging of the L’Oréal Infolluble Lip Glosses from years ago. Seriously, stop complaining about the copying, it’s still going to happen and like I said above, we as consumers will judge with our wallets as in if we can afford the dupe then we buy the dupe or save up for the luxury version.
Pet Peeve #4: When Liquid Lipsticks Bleed Especially On Me With Colour Pop! This is one pet peeve I have faced especially with Colour Pop and that is the whole liquid lipsticks bleeding thing. I love Colour Pop especially their highlights and eye shadows but their liquid lipsticks they bleed like crazy on me even when I try using a lip primer. I remembered getting the Hello Kitty one in Ribbon a while back and that made me look like what if I was Harley Quin from Suicide Squad. I had to toss it and even though I love liquid lipsticks but why does Colour Pop ends up bleeding on me? The only one from Wet N Wild that bleeds is Goth Topic and I think I used it on top of a lip primer and it stayed put very well. I think the reason is that Color Pop just makes it way to liquid-like and it doesn’t want to stay, this is why I am just buying the other lip products I do like by them like the Lux Lipsticks and the Lip Glosses and also Lippie Sticks.
Pet Peeve #5: Saying One Brush Brand Is Better Than The Other, As In Better Than Sliced Bread! What I mean by this, going back to Jacklyn Hill right now, she kept on saying Morphe brushes are better than a lot of brands and it was overhyped for a while. I found it interesting since I saw here for the Tea and Tea Spill do a bit of a documentary thing and it shown her saying the same thing when it came to MAC and Sigma. I haven’t tried brushes from either brands but have from Morphe and they are just meh! Here is the thing in my own opinion when it comes to brushes and that not all brands are created equal. I have tons of brushes myself I have bought from Amazon, even from Ipsy through their deals page, and even from Real Techniques, Wet N Wild, and even got some from Ulta in those little makeup bag sets they used to give out and the brushes I have used from them are very good. I may try Sigma or/and MAC in the future when I do save up enough to get a brush or two or a set but in my opinion can’t knock brushes from other brands and say that one is the end all and be all. One good example, everyone said Artiste the best oval brushes except they cost $400 for a set. Yeah! Not kidding! I have tried Ulta’s oval brushes last year and they were $20.00 for a set and they perform very well, even though the style of the brush is not my favorite but it was good to try. I sometimes use the foundation brush for blush a lot. Anyways, you can find pretty good brushes for pretty good prices if you look around or get a holiday set for a good price even. I just got the Wet N Wild Holiday Set for half off on Sunday. If you want to try Morphe’s brushes for yourself, I’m not telling you to spend your money just try one or two brushes or even a set to get a picture of what they sell because worth the hype is not always worth it. You are the judge and it is your wallet.

I think that’s where I am going to end it! I know I will probably have more but I think that’s a good start. If you like this, just sound off in the comments!

What is next? Well, Ranger Stop coverage of course! Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter!

Blindness: When Sight Loss Is A Tragedy But Blindness Isn’t!

Hello to all my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe I am back with another past and it’s a bit of a response post!

Your Life Is Not Over When You Lose Your Sight!

I was inspired by Derek Daniel from Life after Sight Loss which is an awesome podcast by a blind person who lives life after sight loss and gives tips how to get through it and one of his videos was about life not being over after sight loss and wanted to do my own response about it.

I felt like responding to this now because I was in a Facebook Live Chat earlier and I felt like I needed to get some of the negative aspects off because as a person who has lost her sight at 23 I had so many life changes during that time and yes I was one of those who thought my life was going to end because I’m blind, even when I tried finding a job at 28 after graduating from college that I couldn’t find anything but knowing about this podcast did make me think more in a positive light and feel like doing my response now.

Actually, the video I’m referring to is that Sight Loss is a Tragedy but Being Blind Isn’t and I agree with the title since he does give good points.

Why is losing sight a tragedy but not blindness? Derek said that going blind is a tragic event while being blind is just the journey because yes we can lose our sight in many ways whether it being all of a sudden, having Glaucoma, having my eye condition, or even losing your sight due to an accident it can happen in different ways. While blindness, it is just the journey you have to take in order to live your life the way you want it to be. Yes it can be hard, trust me I went through that while losing my sight and going through college but I was able to learn different techniques of doing things like sewing, writing, and using different technology such as my IPhone and now going to work teaching Assistive Technology is something that came from my decision of switching my job goal gears years ago. While with the tragic experience of losing sight loss is depending on how the event affects the person since it is surrounded by sight loss. It depends how someone feels when they lose it and it can take a jolt, as in, “Holy moly, what just happened!?” And then things start to take shape.

What I noticed in the Facebook chat we were talking about how different people who may be performers or even YouTubers that are going through their own visual impairments have to go through a lot like trying to live life daily and how not getting enough in Super Chat from YouTube is not fair to the person because they’re blind. Yes, blindness can be the factor but to me it’s how you handle it in order to get around it. One good example if you saw my interview with Apl DeAp at the NFB National Convention, one of my questions was asking how is he able to perform on different stages? He did explain that he has to be more careful in what he does onstage performing whether it’s jumping around or doing break dances for example. Heck, I remembered when I entered one of the costume contests at a convention and they helped me with the stage before the event. Still, even if you’re visually impaired as a performer there are other ways of performing onstage and not only that getting your music produced and of course you have crowd source ways of helping you to achieve your music goal, even Traverser did a pre-order thing with their last album to help them fund their finishing project. And what about YouTube? It goes the same way, yes it may be unfair to some that they’re not getting all the money back from their Super Chat, take me for example where the YouTube Channel for this blog got de-monetized due to the new guidelines and yes I was mad but I do have Patreon just in case to help fund stuff even though we haven’t gotten any donations but that’s okay, I still go on with my channel as much as I can by posting when I can. It’s not over and see I don’t include my blindness in this because it sucks to be blind but there are other ways of getting around the issues of not getting the funds from your video or other projects. You just have to problem solve and find different ways and keep going from there.

So in the end to make this post a bit short, going through sight loss is a tragedy because we have the emotions of going through our sight loss depending on the different circumstances but being blind is a way of getting on with life, yes you have to re-learn things such as cooking, cleaning, and even navigating around your local mall but we can’t always make it seem like a negative aspect because we’re blind. We have to not only empower ourselves to get out of bed, go and find a job, or even write a book and then that passes on to empowering others to learn about the disability itself and know how you’re able to advocate yourself in a certain environment. I mean I go to the House of Blues for shows for my friends in Traverser to support their music and show that I can rock out like a sighted person!

Well, that’s it for this post and it was kind of short. I will include the video I was referencing so you can see what I was talking about. I also suggest if you know someone who’s blind or if you’re a sighted supporter, I would suggest the Life after Sight Loss Podcast and YouTube for tips, advice, and any tech tidbits! So, that’s it and stay beautiful while traveling the universe!

Beauty: Limited Edition MakeUp Tag!

Hello my beautiful nerds who are traveling the vast universe! It’s time for a new makeup tag!

Limited Edition Makeup Tag!

This tag was created by Angelica Nyquist who is a YouTuber I got into all thanks to Karen Harris and her video in particular besides the cat got me to do my answers. I hope doing it as a blog post is okay since it’s easier for me to do rather than have a camera with Siri telling me where my face is. I think this is an interesting tag because it asks about limited edition stuff and we all love the novelties behind it and sometimes it can be annoying to find depending on where you live or it’s in stock or not! Let’s see what questions she asked and what my answers are! I am not bashing on these brands if I have anything negative to say it’s my opinion and I’m entitled to that opinion!

1. What is the limited edition product that you were happy to get your hands on? It has to be both the Tarte Swamp Queen Pallet and the Too Faced Holiday 2016 Sets in New York Café and Merry Macarons! I remembered how Bunny also known as Grav3yard Girl on YouTube was releasing a pallet with Tarte and it caught my ear and I wanted it so badly. It was sold out at Ulta and when I got enough money to get this thing I had to order it on Sephora and was lucky that it was still available there when it sold out everywhere else. I love everything except that the bronzer was way too dark for me to use as a contour shade, I feel like an Oompa Loompa if I used it for that so I use it as eye shadow instead with the other shades that have an orange undertone. I wished there was a lighter bronzer even though Bunny does love her super dark contour but I can’t use it. Again, it’s an eye shadow for me. While the other two sets, these were very popular even the Merry Macarons because it smelled like cookies and it was sold out everywhere in my town and my dad didn’t want to give up on me getting it for Christmas until I called the Ulta he went to first and they had one left and I begged for them to hold it and they did until noon which made me happy that I got this. I haven’t used it much because of it being a hard thing to find and I love the vanilla scent it gives as much as the coffee scent from the New York Café ones since that’s coffee and these were the two really pigmented sets out of all three they did that Christmas. So I was really happy to get these three!
2. What was your least favorite LE Product you could live without? I would have to say the Nikkie Tutorials Collab with Too Faced. I know I did praise it despite how bad reviews were but this was one collab I wished it would’ve been pushed back for the pigmentation issues. I admit I did have some issues with one of the shimmer shades while the rest were pigmented. I do have to say one thing is that companies should not rush their collabs with YouTubers and celebrities because this can happen and Too Faced, especially, is well known for being one of the greatest companies with their pigmentation but lately it feels like they are going down the hill and their saving graces are the Peach Collection and the Chocolate Bar Collection. I am still on the fence about the Golden Bar Pallet by the way. I wished I didn’t have bought this despite how I love leopard, which got me, and I did want to support Nikkie. Still, it should’ve been pushed back.
3. What brand do you think that does Limited Edition best? This one is a hard one but so far so good I am giving it to Wet N Wild because they’ve been working their asses off especially last year with their Spring, Summer, and Fall Collections! I still have all three by the way and the only collection I have this year is the Flights of Fancy Collection and that was really good except for the primer spray which the sprayer died on me very badly. If I were to pick which collection was my overall favorite it would be Unicorn Glow because it was very simple and you can do a lot of things with those eye pigments, highlights, and you do have the lipsticks and that cute brush! I am also still thinking about their Zodiac Collection since I am also thinking what happens if they do a fall one in the midst? Who knows but still I think Wet N Wild does it best.
4. And to flip things over, what brand do you think does it the worst? Oh man, this one is very hard because I tend to pick which brand I want to get the limited edition stuff wisely because I look at reviews with some things like the Christmas stuff for example and some YouTuber related items just in case they go on sale. So, I can’t really say who does it the worst because reviews can be where you can tell yourself if you should get it. Also, I have to agree with Karen that there are times where brands do make it hard by saying it is limited or not and then bring it back due to people wanting it back, to me that is also confusing.
5. Name one thing or more that you wished that wasn’t Limited Edition? Easily the lip scrubs and baked blushes that were in the Flights Of Fancy Collection because as you know lip scrubs are a huge thing at the moment since people love to take care of their lips and brands have been popping up with their own scrubs in the drugstore so you don’t need to go to Sephora or Lush to get their scrubs as an affordable option. I have the watermelon one and man it doesn’t feel so rough like some of the ones I’ve tried so far, it’s just sugar and oils which are very essential to the lips after you get the scrubby bits off. I am not sure but I do lick it off and it’s not harmful to me and it does taste like watermelon. These should be permanent and more flavors please Wet N Wild. While the baked blushes, this was their first line of baked blushes and I feel like they can keep these in their permanent range due to how popular their Color Icon Blushes have been. These are as pigmented and easy to blend and yeah they may have the hummingbird in it but that can be removed and place it on the shelf. And of course, can make more colors of on top of it. I mean they took the concepts for the Metallic Cat Suits to make nude colors for their permanent range why not this?
6. What is the thing that got away and you couldn’t get and missed? I would say the Manny MUA pallet he did with Makeup Geek. I was so excited for this to come out but couldn’t get it since at the time I always asked for some money from my mom and was sad not to get it since the price was over whatever I had left. I did ask for it in PR and they said no to that. I wanted it so badly since I used to support Manny and I did love the shades that came in it, especially Luna and Artemis, I wished they released some of those unique shades separately then I would buy those but nope! I did let it get away and one side of me is kicking myself but the other is not feeling so badly since he does have his own makeup line and not sure if I should support it after not being subscribed to him for a while due to his makeup videos weren’t that entertaining after a while. I do like neutral eyes but they can be boring after a while. Sorry Manny.
7. What was one thing that was limited and made permanently and either made sense or not to you? I would say, since I mentioned Wet N Wild is that they took the Metallic Cat Suits and made a different range of them to be nuder and I liked that. I don’t have any of those shades yet but will in the future since I did love the ones from the Midnight Mermaid Collection and it was great that Wet N Wild took that and said, “Hey, people loved these why not just make nude ones since not everyone wants a bold lip.” I admit I love wearing blue and green sometimes but other times I do like my nudes and I did hear good things about what they did for permanent shades and glad that they did that instead of just keeping the Metallic Cat Suits limited edition.
8. What is one thing permanent do you think should have been left limited? Hmmmmmm! That’s a hard one! I got one! I noticed this ended up on Ulta’s website and that is the Midnight Mermaid Box! I wanted this originally from Wet N Wild but it sold out and it stayed sold out on their website and I got the individual pieces from Ulta and Wet N Wild to get the entire collection. Trust me, that was hard on both sides but what the question is would it have been back in stock? I even talked to people over at Wet N Wild on the phone and they said it won’t be back. Guess what? A year or so later, it was on Ulta’s website. Seriously? I was mad at Ulta since they could’ve had this when the Midnight Mermaid box first released but we were told it was going to be only on Wet N Wild’s website. All I have to say, it looks like it’s no longer there but at least it was still considered limited edition because I feel like the box sets should stay limited and like what Wet N Wild told me if it sold out then you pretty much can’t get it again. The Flights of Fancy Box is there though in case if you haven’t gotten that yet.
9. What is the Best Thing or Collab Released According to You? I would say when Ofra collaborated with any of the YouTubers so far like Nikkie Tutorials, Manny MUA, and Kathleen Lights because they have had liquid lipsticks released, not only that Nikkie had a highlighter wheel made and now she’s getting another collab with them which is a good thing. I love Ofra and I hope they keep on going with other You Tubers that have been working hard and I know some of the shades are also permanent at the moment which is pretty awesome for Ofra.
10. What limited collab or product would you like to see? I would like to see more brands collab with smaller you Tubers. Yes, it’s great that they got the bigger ones but the smaller ones need some boosts too because they buy the brands all thanks to the bigger ones and try them out on their channels or blogs and getting that support like with the bigger YouTubers can help them get more subscribers after having their work checked out. Yes, being on a PR list is great but getting that collaboration chance would make it even better.
Well, those are my answers and it was pretty challenging because you never thought limited edition would be thought about until now. We always hear “Limited Edition” all over the place and we know it’s not really for some things. But these were my answers and I hope you enjoy it!

Next post is my Ipsy for July! I know, I said I was getting my first bag in August but apparently I’m getting one this month and I will explain that in that post! So follow us on Twitter for any updates about that @ Nerdy Shique! In the meantime guys, stay beautiful my nerds!