The Favorites Quadrant: September and October 2019

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! It’s time again for…

September and October Favorites 2019!

Yes, it’s time for another bi-monthly favorites and this time it’s for September and October! Let’s start with my boxes!

So, these two months for my boxes were good for September Allure and both months for Ipsy, Glam Bag Plus, and BoxyCharm while October Allure was okay. First, September had a good go around for every item. I have enjoyed everything when it came to all four boxes except the Nutraful vitamins and the Acure Scrub. The Nutraful vitamins didn’t do much for me because my hair was not growing due to these vitamins. I found them to be more of Placebos and I’m think to IT Part 1 with that one kid yelling at his mom about them. I was just taking them to see if they were different from other vitamins and they weren’t. I’m sorry, I can’t get into hair growth vitamins because they don’t work for everyone and they’re not magic. While the Acure scrub I couldn’t squeeze it out at all! I think this would be better if it was more refined or if it came in a container like how Lush makes their small sizes of their shower jellies. At least the scrubs I get from the other boxes are more refined. Speaking of Allure, this month’s box was a bit of an okay because they did come with items great to refresh before winter. I gave Gondras the bath salts as promised and he used them and it turned our bath water to toilet blue! Not kidding! He took a pic of it and shown it to our friends. Also, the scent of them not only helped him to sleep but also me because it felt like one of those boxing gloves that pop out. I was asleep in minutes after a long day of teaching! Normally lavender doesn’t do that, heck even Mother Gondras had one of those pillow sprays years ago in lavender and vanilla and that didn’t put me to sleep it kept me awake. This one worked! Now Gondras wants more of this stuff since it helped his muscles. I did use the Sunday Riley Moisturizer and after this if I get anything else from this brand I may give it away after finally being charged for writing fake reviews and the brand is just okay! I use drugstore brand skin care a lot more than luxury even though I have sheet masks from some higher end brands even had Glam Glow ones for a bit but $65 for a full size of this moisturizer? I’m sorry, just hand me a bottle of Up & Up Sensitive Skin Cream and I’m good! I do enjoy getting other skin care items from other brands like the Touch & Sol Glass Moisturizing Serum which has helped out so far and the Becca Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Base also helps with the concealer gliding on well. I did have to toss out the Real Her Lipstick and the Iconic London Gloss because it felt like they didn’t have enough product inside them and the Iconic London didn’t do much for my lips since it was so thick and hard to get on in my book. I know people love these but not for me.

New Shadow Pallet: Dose of Colors Shadow Pallet in Baked Browns: Since I mentioned Boxy, I figured I would like to mention this pallet. I know this should have been mentioned with the boxes but Dose of Colors has become my newest favorite makeup brand on the prestige side. I love their lipsticks and so far their shadows have been amazing. I can see why people like their shadows and so far they have been great and smooth and even pigmented even after taking them off with coconut oil where they show up on the cotton ball. I’m glad I got the Sassy Siennas when I did and can’t wait to find it in next month’s box!

New Addition to Collection: Urban Decay Naked Honey! Next is the Naked Honey pallet from Urban Decay. Guys, this is an amazing pallet and it was so much fun to play so far. I never thought these shadows would make my eyes pop so much and they are really smooth to apply. I even got to finally use the Urban Decay pencil in Smog and glad to get this pallet. I keep it in a Caboodle in case I want to reach for it as well.

Favorite New Lip Product: Revlon Cushion Lip Tint! It’s been years since I have included anything Revlon related and glad to have them come back! When I was reading an Allure article on the Top Lip Tints and Stains and mentions this one and wanted to try it! So, ordered the color in Wine Trip to try it out and oh man it is amazing! Even though Revlon has had a bad rap on some items but this is one that has a good rap from me. It basically a lip stain with a sponge tip and you apply with that and it stays put! It didn’t even move when I talked during work. I did get another color in Rose something or other. Plus, you can get these everywhere too!

New Blush: Berries & Bubbly by Too Faced! I had to mention this one since I did like this blush and it’s from Too Faced’s Tootie Fruitie Blush in Berries & Bubbly. I blame it on 90s Love Child for this purchase and I can see why. It does give my face a nice flush and it’s very easy to apply too. I also love the smell which gives off a berry wine scent. I would say check these out even if they don’t get a good review.

Favorite Lip Oil: Burt’s Bees Lip Oil! I think this will be my last lip item and it’s a lip oil by Burt’s Bees. This is more of a lip balm consistency than an oil. I think that works better since it goes on well and does soak into my lips so easily. I tend to put this on at night sometimes to help with my lips to heal overnight. Plus, it’s inexpensive and not as fancy. I have enjoyed some of Burt’s Bees items in the past and glad to try this item.

New Favorite Foundation I Will Try Again: Urban Decay Stay Naked in Light Medium Neutral! I did finish my Urban Decay Stay Naked in Light Medium Neutral and all I have to say at first it was hard to apply. I tried using a sponge at first and I found that this foundation is SO LIGHT that it’s hard to pick up with a sponge even on the back of my hand that I needed to use a brush. This foundation is pretty much like water and I found it so smooth and hardly feel it at all like I am not wearing anything like the name says. Yes, it costs $39 but this is one prestige foundation I would buy and it did last me pretty well despite using three pumps of it. I may do the idea of dotting it on my face first and then spread it out like I have been doing with my Wet N Wild this time when I get another bottle which I may wait for more points to be accumulated. Also, what I love is that I matched my skin on the dot without any help! Oh yeah, I am awesome! I will see if I get another bottle soon!

Books: Antisocial and the Best Kind of People! I am adding two books and they are Antisocial and The Best Kind of People to this list because I feel these are the two books I have read through NetGalley. Antisocial has been the best yaoi story I’ve read and caught my attention especially with the relationship during the story. Trust me, it may make you want to cry. While The Best Kind of People shown how a perfect family can self-destruct over time during a big case that took place in their lives and takes away the true father figure. I would say read my reviews and if interested go check out those book links and support the authors!

That is it for this post! I know I don’t have that many favorites since I am trying to use most of my makeup along the way. Well, next is RangerStop and it’s in a week! I can’t wait since this is our second time doing press and we’re bringing our pamphlets and shirts to this too. So, let’s see what we bring to the YouTube Sphere, okay? Until next time!

The Blind Tech Quadrant: Review On Tap!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with something I have not done in a while.

Review on the Tap!

It’s time to review another blind tech item which I have not done since May. I have reviewed OrCam which you can find in the May 2019 Archive alongside in the Related Posts area down below. Let’s get to the review shall we?

Disclaimer: This review is based on opinion and experience of the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts and opinion and her experiences since not everyone has the same issues and successes with a product. You have been warned.

What Is It? The Tap is a wearable device that kind of looks like brass knuckles and you wear it on your hand. There are censors that go on your knuckles and it is connected through Bluetooth and can be used as a way to text by tapping your fingers in different formations to form letters and words. This device was introduced at the 2018 NFB National Convention and I got to see it in action and try it out at the A. T. I. A. this past January and picked up one myself. Let’s get into it.

My Experience: I received a discount coupon for this through going to A. T. I. A. where it was demonstrated. I was so excited about it since I had heard about this device through the Blind Abilities podcast. I had to check this device out and glad I did and man it was a hard one to learn. This device made my motor skills give a major exercise and my arm a workout with how much I had to move to make the taps work. I did have my IPad Mini 2 at the time before I got my new one which I will explain later and downloaded the Tap Manager, Genius, and Aloud apps at the time. I didn’t know Aloud was more the learning the alphabet app when trying out Genius which that was a hard one to do since I didn’t really know the navigation and trying to know which buttons are which at the time were hard enough. The Tap Aloud app was the place where I learned everything and glad it is the better app due to not only giving you the hand motions to do the letters but also the practice rounds to do the letters first then do words and punctuation along the way, which I will talk about now!

Struggles and Issues: Not all devices are perfect and this one is no exception. I had issues where the Tap Aloud app kept on kicking me out after learning new punctuation and even did it when I re-installed this app and Manager, also got Academy just in case and re-connecting my Tap after a while. I did find the device had an update and glad to get it. I did contact Tap Team about it and yes we did have a bit of a back and forth because I think this app and the others should get updates, heck Academy is not letting me do anything since it is still at allowing notifications. And to tell you the truth, I have an IPad Mini 5 and I have the latest I.OS updates but seeing that this is still an issue is no excuse. Updates are meant to fix bugs and when they asked me to do a screen recording which good thing I was able to do and find instructions on it I did provide them a recording and they were glad it gave them what is going on, which I used the lesson on Y & W as an example to learn the semicolon which is using C, fingers 1, 3, 4, and 5 which are your thumb, middle, ring, and pinky and you tap them together three times for this punctuation. Heck, it happened with comma, which are fingers two and four, index and ring, which I did mention the team that they should look at the other lessons since it happened with some of the others too and fix the issues there and they told me that it tends to crash. What were my feelings? Well, as an instructor and a tech user myself seeing Tap on Amazonthese issues can be bothersome and being able to bring it up to the company is important for them to know in order fix it. For example, when I first got into Discord I noticed how the app was not accessible where the buttons aren’t labeled for the voice software is able to read it and I brought it up to them over Twitter. I was thanked and was told that they will fix it to make it more accessible which makes me feel better that they gave me a great response.

Now to the struggle with it, I have motor issues due to my visual impairment and that usually is the first sign with it as well and even though this device made that stronger in the end but also it did hurt trying to do some of the letters. Some of them included Z, J, V, and sometimes W due to how the finger placement was kind of difficult. I think they should crate later models with wristbands to help not only with comfort but also help people with motor issues get the finger placement when first learning this device.

And one more thing, even though I just restarted this use of the product, I noticed after learning the different letters and numbers that after getting out of the app and trying to type in text messages and even Pages that the letters were not responding to their positions which I had different letters show up instead. Like instead of the letter I I got M and so on. After getting the new update that was fixed! But I noticed that using it to do the basic functions like double tapping to select an item and trying to swipe on a surface with this to perform the IPad tasks aren’t happening even after the device update. I did get the email about how with the new I.OS coming in September with Tap is supposed to have mouse movements and since also IPad OS is being released in September too for anyone who has the Apple tablets I am hoping there is another update for this device to handle both systems and their new features that are coming. If not, well that’s going to be a major issue there. I did read how some people did struggle texting after learning it too so I was not the only one either after seeing reviews after its release on the internet when I notice the not being able to swipe or double tap and so on.

Final Thoughts: This device is pretty innovative for what is. It is also not that expensive either which is $199 or if you were to attend any events where it is you will get discount codes and coupons through their website also by joining the mailing list any sales throughout the year. I would say buy it after some of the improvements I have mentioned that are needed are made. I feel like even though this is a great device as a substitute for Dictation with Siri which as you know that I have issues with that a lot but it does have its bugs and should have them fixed by updating the software more often which a lot of apps and devices do and of course do the same with the apps too since I have told what had happened with me. And of course you have the latest and greatest device to support this item but there will be issues so I would say wait a little bit until after I.OS 13 and IPad OS 1 are released and if I noticed the improvements I will do another post on this down the road.

Well guys that is it for this post. I hope you enjoy reading about this device and if you want to learn more, I will also include a link when you want to purchase this for yourself or your blind buddies. So, stay tuned for more posts and stay beautiful while traveling the vast universe!

Convention Quadrant: Spotlight on Omni Fandom Expo 2019!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds and welcome back! I am here with a Convention Spotlight!


Convention: Omni Fandom Expo Year 6

Dates: March 15th-17th, 2019

Location: Florida Hotel & Conference Center in Orlando, FL


Yes, it’s another year of Omni Fandom Expo and I am very excited! We have been doing press for them since their first year in 2014. I still remember how we were asked by them to do press for them and now five years later we’re still doing it. Let’s get started in talking about them!


Hotel: The convention will be at the Florida Hotel & Conference Center at the Florida Mall. We will be staying this year for our first time since Gondras and I have moved out of town and it would be easier. They just ended their convention discount for rooms. Glad we jumped on to it. As you guys know this hotel is connected to the Florida Mall which is our biggest mall in town. They have many shops like MAC, Macy’s, Lush Cosmetics, and so on in case if you need to make a shopping trip or want places to eat they also have Ruby Tuesday, Joey Fatone’s, and even a sushi place in the mall. Of course there are other places to eat around the area like Chick Fil A and Wendy’s. Also, if you did get the convention discount, you do get a free pass and ticket to the Crystal Carnivale which you must show your receipt.


New Events Added:  Voltron Sleep Over which is a sleep over event with people cosplaying as our favorite paladins for this event. You can come in your usual clothes or in pajamas. The Avengers Line: A Musical Parody is also going to be happening during that weekend where Mr. Fury puts your favorite heroes through an audition of singing, dancing, and fighting and probably some villains too! Other events include the Crystal Carnival, Café Au Lait, and even Sawa returning for another performance, speaking of which!


Guests: Returning for another year is of course Paul St. Peter and in time for having fans bringing Kingdom Hearts 3 which we will and have course Derek Steven Prince! Sawa is returning for another year of performing and can’t wait to see what she has for the stage! New guests this year includes Tia Ballard who plays Happy in Fairy Tail, yay! Matt Shipman and Brittney Landau!


How can you check out the events and other things for Omni this year? Here of course:


Make sure you check out Sawa’s performance during Saturday’s event during the convention because it’s something you don’t want to miss.


So, that completes this small spotlight on Omni Fandom Expo! I can’t wait for this year’s event and we are stepping our game for this year’s event and don’t want to reveal it until the videos so you better follow us on Twitter for the latest info! What is next? My favorites for January and February! Stay tuned!

interviews: Sean C. W. Johnson from Light Speed Rescue!

Hello to all of my beautiful nerds traveling the vast universe! I am back!

Interview with Sean C. W. Johnson from Light Speed Rescue!

Time for another interview and this was one I wanted to do for a while since I have seen the season and that is with Sean C. W. Johnson who played Carter Grayson on Light Speed Rescue. As the convention got closer and I was packing more and more I was watching this season even though I also watched it for Jennifer Yen who started Pur~Lisse years back. I would love to interview her some day since skin care is important but glad to interview Mr. Johnson as well. What did I ask? Not only the usual but also about the Easter egg towards Mariner Bay in the 2017 Power Rangers movie and did try doing the Light Speed hand movements for the morphing phrase since if you see with last video if we interview any rangers they got to do the call from their respective season.

What is next in interviews? One cast member you probably haven’t met yet and got to interview her at Ranger Stop and that is Audrey Dubois who originally played Trini in the episode “Day of the Dumpster.” Stay tuned for that since the coverage is almost finished to make room for Holiday Matsuri 2018! Until next time stay beautiful while traveling the universe!

Music: Top Ten Songs of April 2017!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s that time again where I give you my Top Ten Songs of the month! This month is going to be quite interesting because there are some songs you wouldn’t think that would end up on my list but it is! Let’s get on with it!

10. “The Way of Katz” from Tales of Zisteria: No, that is not a typo guys! It is spelled like that for a reason! Vivi got me into this song because I love cats! If you saw my couch bed you would notice all the Happy plushies and even have a Mew plush along with my Hello Kitty ones. Basically, according to Vivi, in the game Tales of Zisteria you go to the angel world that they are referred to as KATZ in that spelling and they play this song throughout the entire mission. It is too cute in the start which where hear kitties doing the “Nyus!” I do the Nyu along with it too and sometimes do it alone when it comes into my head. Yes, I go into kitty spazz mode and have to hold it back. Yes, all the kitty!
9. “Sad Machine” by Porter Robinson: Next is a somewhat techno song and at least it is keeping a certain cat song out of my head! It is known as “Sad Machine” and I heard this while watching Porter Robinson’s set from Electric Forest but people singing made it hard to hear. I know I have enhanced hearing but if a certain decibel level goes too high or my mom mumbles from afar then I can’t hear it. I did the next best thing by researching the artist and found it. It is one of those feel good techno songs that talks about a machine that wants to be someone’s friend and wants to know if anyone hears them calling out. This would be great to put to any anime that deals with tech or even to Rahxephon since we meet Quin, if I remembered that correctly, the lyrics say, “Ever since she has waken up again! She depends on you! She depends on you!” Which does make sense for how the characters do call out to each other. Too bad I don’t have the video editing know how to make an AMV with that.
8. “Birdhouse in Your Soul” by They Might Be Giants: I was avoiding putting this on my list but ii I show this to Gondras then he would laugh hysterically! What song am I talking about? “Birdhouse In Your Soul” by They Might Be Giants. This song always gets stuck in my head especially ever since it was used as the the theme song for SF Debris’ review on Summer Wars two years ago! This song is so catchy with its beat and I did Nyu with it a couple of timesand catch myself doing it. Plus, this was the song that GOndras requested Jacsson from Random Encounter to play on the accordion. It will be in your guys’ head whenever you hear it too!
7. “King of Amarillo” by Issues: Next is a song by a band called Issues and it’s called “King of Amarillo!” This song is a mix of rap with metal and I do like that with my music time to time! I didn’t hear about Issues until I was in Daytona back in 2014 all thanks to a girl who was into them and got my neighbor into them as well. I did download this song because it was my favorite! They do have other good songs but this one sticks out the most to me. They also did a pretty bitchin’ version of the Pokemon theme song!
6. “Zombie” by the Cranberries: This song came into my head when I was doing notes for my next book and that is “Zombie” by the Cranberries. This song has been around since the 90’s but it still a good one! I even like how Soul Switch covers it during shows due to how they give it their own twist! They did perform it during the last whow I saw them do last summer and still awesome as ever.
5. “Make It Stop (September’s Children)” by Rise Against: This song kept on popping up on my playlist for I Heart Radio and that is “Make It Stop” by Rise Against. This song got nominated for MTV’s Video Music Awards for “Best Song With a Message” which it does have a really deep meaning message. This song was in response to gay teens that were killing themselves during September of 2010. I know it seems grim to put it on this list but there were times when a lot of people were bullied, heck I was bullied when I was in middle school and high school for being different as in a nerd and having a visual impairment. I still remember when Gondras and I first saw these guys during 2012 when I got Gondras tickets for his birthday/Christmas present that the crowd did the “Whoas!” Which made it even better! They do have a new song and I just listened to it. I would say check out Rise Against’s music because they are known to rise against issues and since violence has risen, that is the newest song is based on. Can’t wait for that new album!
4. “In the End” by Linkin Park: A great classic on this list and that is “In the End” by Linkin Park! This song really got me into Linkin Park and it still has their original sound. I tried listening to the newer stuff and ugh! I can’t stand it! Sorry, even though these guys are a in-between of rap and metal but going R&B made me go “WTF!?” That is why I will count Hybrid Theory and their third album since Reanimation was the second one and the two songs for Transformers 1 -3 are the true Linkin Park songs. Sorry for being elitest but I prefer the metal sound especially with this song! Next!
3. “Caffeine” from RWBY: Next is a fave song from RWBY which is called “Caffeine!” This song has “Highway Star” written all over it since they mention it in one lyric but it does talk about everyone’s all time fave drink coffee! You can even hear it in the rap in the bridge!
2. “I May Fall” by RWBY: I know it’s not normal to put more than one song from one franchise but this one always gets into my head and that is “I May Fall” from RWBY. This song was mostly a message song for Pira and Jean during the third volume. I have a feeling that Pira may appear again in the next volume since they haven’t talked about the weird dreams in the last one. Anyways, this song does have a good rhythm and message to it!
1. “Tubthumpin” by Chumbawumba: I know, “What!?” Yes, this is my number one even if it is from the 90’s like “Zombie” was. GOndras has been showing me this one channel where bands covr songs and they have to pick from a list and if one’s taken then they can’t do it. They Might Be Giants did “Tubthumpin” which is a classic song for everyone! If you haven’t heard this one, I will fix that for you since I do put the number one video in here!

Well, that is it for this month’s list! I told ya interesting one! Let’s see what May will have next in music! What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? Well, my faves of March and April!

Books: Forsaken Skies by D. Noeland Clark

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I haven’t posted the press coverage here yet because I am still on my IPad wth a keyboard but the good news is that I will be back on my computer by next week! So hang in tight! I do have something for you and that is a review and it is on a book I just finished.


Title: Forsaken Skies

Author: D. Noeland Clark


Disclaiimer: This review is based on opinion and observation by the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts and feelings.


Synopsis: Since I don’t have the NetGalley page in front of me for the synopsis so I will describe best as I can! Forsaken Skies takes place in a universe where people colonized into space and on planets that can support human life after a war that almost depleted resources. Between Mars, Galamine, and Earth which caused Mars and Galamine to surrender. When we thought we were at peace, Miria, a planet that relies on farming, religion, and engineering technology for searching the stars, gets attacked by an unknown species and former military officer Lano along with pilots and a rich kid must defeat it or Miria is lost.


Thoughts: Whoa! Where should I start? This book was amazing! It is one of those that you have the right twists and turns that you expect in a story like this. It brought me back to Titan A. E., Independence Day, and so much more. It brought a nice break to the romance novels I’ve been reading due to how action-packed this book was and it is a nice start to Clark’s series which the second one should be out soon or already. I did recommend this to someone who did get me into Hunger Games since this is also available as a recorded book on Bard which I did add to my Wish List to listen to later on. I do like the futuristic setting of the Hexsus which is your normal city-like colony and then you have Miria, which is almost like a wasteland of craters but it does support human-life in them. It gives a nice switch of what happens when a peaceful planet is in danger for its resources of mines by aliens since they did disrupted it. It was a really well-thought and well-written book even with great characters which…


Characters: The characters in this book , except for one, had a major connection that brought them together and that is due to the war. That led them to where they are. For instance, Lano dead to retire early due to actions that cost him his rank and there is also Mags who has debts in his background that he feels like he must pay back and he scams two people that show up at the Hexsus from Miria for help that catches Lano’s attention. Not only that, he does hear his dad time to time in his head giving him strategies in how to act and what he thought of everyone, especially his mother later on. We also meet Jang which is an interesting character who ended up losing a half of her body in an accident that she got to switch bodies with a girl who was blind with cybernetic eyes, which in this world you can switch your consciousness with someone else and be in their body or put your own mind in another body when you’re dead. Gotta love technology! Then you have Caroline Ita who ends up with a condition that causes her to no longer fly and finally Vorc, my fave character of them all, who was placed into a heavy space suit after getting four degree burns all over his body in one accident. I know it sounds brutal but it is interesting when they reveal what really happened to him. And finally, we have Tom! Tom is a runaway due to how he killed his dad, who is a big politician, after finding out that he was created to take on his dad’s consciousness after he dies due to an illness. He does grow into a speaker himself and then a fighter which I am hoping that we get to see more of him in the next book. I did like one other character’s growth and that was Roan. She left home due to abuse and became an Aspirit of the religious sect with Elder Mackree. She felt like a misfit as in she joined the sect in order to become an elder herself but when she met Tom things changed. As in not only falling in love but thinking that her home is important to her and the only way of saving it is to disobey the rules which causes her to grow into someone else in the end. Hoping that Roan also gets seen in the next one but going through as a different person. Depending on what the author has planned to do with the next few stories. Would be interesting that she joins the military or engineers despite her lack of creativity.


Rating: Five Star Pawprints Out of Five! Because this book was amazing! I loved the characters, the story, the setting and how the tech gets used and even get to see how someone finds different solutions to take on an alien fleet. I do like the idea of switching your consciousness since that shows how much technology can advance but who knows when it will be in reality. Hey, they started doing Jordy’s visor from Star Treak a little while ago.


That is it for this review! Next book is a slice-of-life book! Until then, I will be doing my Convention Spotlight on MegaCon 2017! Also the Top Ten Songs of March. Sorry if I didn’t do February’s so I will loop into this month’s list! Stay tuned!

Favorites: January and February 2017

Hello Shiquers and welcome back o Nerdy Shique Universe!I am playing catch up with some of the posts I haven’t done since my computer went down at the end of February, so will be doing my January and February Favorites for this year! Let’s see what I have in store!


Hair Faves:


Suave Almond and Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner: First up is shampoo and conditioner and it is by Suave! I remembered using Suave for many years and have gone back to it for the past few months and the one I have been using is the moisturizing one in almond and shea butter! I was trying to find the Biotine one but couldn’t find it which sucks since I loved that one for hair growth and when I found this one pair in the almond and shea butter, I love the scent and it does moisturizer my hair. It also helps with getting anything that built up during the week out and refreshes the hair from any of the hair products I tend to use as well. That is really awesome that this exists! I hope to find this again or anything since I feel Suave is getting more into the more natural ingredients for their hair care line.


Garnier Fructis Dry Shammpoo: I am mentioning a dry shampoo since I had to get a new one because Walgreens stopped carrying the Got 2 B one I loved to use and that was a bummer because I loved that one a lot. I did get turned onto the Garrnier one since I have been loving the Sleek and Shine line for the longest time and did use the color control shampoo and conditioner wheghlights for a little while and never thought I would use the dry shampoo which it smells like mangoes! I know it is supposed to mean fruit. But this has the mango smell and I feel like I am back in Puerto Rico having mangoes time to time. Plus, this stuff doesn’t make my hair feel weird after using it and no white cast if you went “I love this stuff!” On your hair with it either. I will definitely buy again and hoping WalMart carries it since it is weird that they used to have their hair masks and not anymore.


Garnier Heat Protectant: I switched my heat protectant as well during January because the Tressemee one I have been using, which I found out that it was the one I had, made my hair feel wet before straightening and it wasn’t drying when I use my flat iron. The Garnier one, on the other hand, does dry when I go through with the flat iron because it is not a heavier spray due to the nozzle being more of a standard bottle sprayer than the spray gun style you tend to see on other products. What is also great is that it makes my hair really soft since the flat iron I have is supposed to keep my hair from fizzing up and damaged and this one spray keeps it extra protected and soft. Plus, it does have that signature mango scent! Definitely a re-purchase when it comes to it!


Marc Anthony Grow Spray: Next is a new item by Marc Anthony and is that their Hair Growth Spray with Caffeine and Ginseng! I never thought I would find this one and this was bought in hopes of helping my hair growth which is slightly helping since my hair is so uneven and tried to get the uneven ends but some of the hairs in the back are growing all thanks to this spray. I even notice some of the hairs in the side are growing back too and this spray is something I use everyday when I brush my hair. The smell is pretty fruity too since you don’t smell the caffeine part, so yeah your hair won’t smell like Starbucks when you spray this. I hope to find this again at Ulta since I can’t find the oil treatments much , well in the bottle for leaving in your hair. Also, I do find it weird how the girl thought Marc Anthony was pro-hair care when it is drugstore. I know it should sound fancy but it is also is carrried at Walgreens.

Makeup Favorites:


Wet N Wild Liquid Cat Suit Liquid Lipstick: Next up is a new item by Wet N Wild and that is their Liquid Cat Suit Liquid Lipstick. I got two colors in Goth Topic and Gimme Mocha. These don’t budge when they dry down, even after doing swatches for my Walmart and Walgreens haul I had the Goth Topic swatch still on my hand even using Dawn on it shows how stubborn it is in being on the hand. What I didn’t like is how it did move around on my lips, Goth Topic I mean, when I finished applying it. I need to get back into the habit of lip liner which I have been lately for those that love to move around. Gimme Mocha was a major complimented one since I wore it on Galentine’s Day where my gal pals said it fit me in color which is interesting since pinks do get matched more with me. I guess brown nude lipsticks look good on me.


Wet N Wild Lengthening Mascara: I have to mention this one which is very awesome so far. It is the lengthen mascara from Wet N Wild since I never tried mascara by them until now. People did say they make okay mascaras but it is how it works on people and it made my lashes long. I can see why it lengthens.


Rimmel Retro Glam Mascara:  This is something that I tend to reach for whenever I reached for my tubes of mascara and that is the Retro Glam mascara that Rimmel makes. I suggest trying their mascaras because they are pretty good for their brand. I neeed to replace my tube of this at some point despite how it doesn’t irritate my eyes after so long of having it but it still holds a curl. I can’t stop reaching for it.


Well, that is about it for these faves! I tend to have more but January and February was mostly more hair stuff and less makeup since I couldn’t find any of the new NYX stuff in my part of town. I did have to order the Duo Chrome highlighters since I could only find them on Ulta’s website and the location I got the Hair Growth Spray only had testers. Really? Should have them in already but some places here do get the items a month later than their release here in my part of town.


That is it. Next I will have my Top 10 Songs for Feb next!


My Thoughts on the Jeffree Starr and Kat VOn D Drama

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s time to get a little serious and it deals with two big makeup personalities in today’s world and that is Kat Von D and Jeffree Starr. Recently Kat has ended her friendship with Jeffree due to some drama and I have seen videos on both sides of the matter and will be giving you guys my thoughts!

Disclaimer: This post is based on opinion and observation from the writer! Please don’t bash if you don’t like!

What I think at first is that I was surprised when I first heard about it from my best buddy, Stellarnan. I did do my research and basically on some websites it was due to artwork being stolen, racist comments that Jeffree has made in the past, and drug use but I am really focusing on the real issue that was brought in both videos and that is artwork being stolen. I already know about the racist comments and what happens in the past is IN THE PAST! A lot of people have made these kinds of comments before and people do get offended but it is still happening and yes there are ways of stopping it but people do apologize and others do let it go. Next, drug use, Jeffree has stated that it s medical marijuana he uses and that is it and leaving at that.

Real Issue: Artwork Being Stolen. To me the real idea behind this was due to how Jeffree was stealing artwork and I have seen both sides of the story and how it was explained. So, basically, as Jeffree’s makeup brand was being developed he asked Kat for an artist she knows for any artwork they can do for the brand’s products and she introduced him to a close friend of her’s and he drew rough sketches but he turned them down due to how big of a price it was. According to her. He used the artwork without paying but he didn’t and went to someone who he knew a while back with his clothing line that was carried in Hot Topic for that logo design and used their’s instead of tKat’s artist friend. He did say in his video that he did send money to the artist friend and he didn’t know what was going on until now. It does sound complicated but I would say watch both videos to get both sides of the story…which I will say next…
After seeing both videos, I would have to conclude that this should have been done privately rather than in public.

I relate to Jeffree myself since I had it done to myself two years ago due to a Lolita dress maker that I talked about here on Word Press blasting me and her other client on a social media site, I am not sure which one but I saw the post that was sent to me by my best buddy ManChii. People did agree with her but didn’t hear my side of the story which I am having that done in my own book (you will get that full announcement in September) and I felt that not everyone got the full story and seeing these two videos between the two helped me think that two successful people brought something to public eye and to me I feel as though people should see both sides before saying, “I am supporting one over the other and stop ybuying or supporting their brand.”

Will I be supporting either or like most people? No I won’t. I haven’t gotten any of Jeffree’s products yet and only got one of Kat’s lipsticks and so far enjoying it but saying from consumer’s sides, I will still support their brands despite the drama. I mean, I am using as example, Kiley Genner’s line of liquid lipsticks and glosses went through a broken wand phase but have improved over time and still get support from everyone including Jeffree since he got one of those bad wands but gave the brand another chance on his channel. (Saw the video myself!)

Anyeays, I will support both! I am subscribed to both channels and I do enjoy watching new makeup being made, being released, and how people put it to use. Heck, I even make it interesting in my use of what I get. Who knows what will happen to them next since they have their own brands to develop as time goes on. We are humans in this world and people do make mistakes and do assume a lot, that makes a part of our makeup. So, that is it! See both videos and think as you will, but this is what I think.

See ya guys in the next post!
Well, that is my two cents on this issue and seeing both sides of the story does help draw what you may think and conclude.ything but it is important to get both sides of the story before drawing your own conclusions. I know there are a lot of videos made to bash on Jeffree about the racist comments and now knowing the artwork scandal.

Omni Expo 2016 Cosplay Gallery

Hey Everyone! Here’s the Cosplay Gallery for this year’s Omni Expo. We focused on the folks we didn’t get pictures from during Holiday Matsuri. We also got pictures from around the convention, so check back for next post. Enjoy!

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Omni Expo 2015: Interview With Mike McFarland

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! First you found out that Omni was a Convention Accomplished, now it’s time for the first interview I done during the weekend.

It was hard choosing who to interview since there were a lot of great guests this year and chose six this year and the first is with Mike McFarland. He hasn’t been to a convention in Orlando since 2006 and was glad that he returned and got a one on one with him. You may know him as the ADR director for Attack on Titan, FullMetal Alchemist and FMA: Brotherhood. He also done voices for those shows and for any Fruits Basket, he was Ritsu Sohma, the Monkey. What did I ask him? You will find out in the video. And a head’s up, the IPad cut off before I asked him about new stuff, but he did work on the newest series, Tokyo Ghoul, which is something that caught my interest.

Next up is my interview with Lauren Landa!