Subscription Satellite: Ipsy Glam Bag November 2021 to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with another box!

Ipsy Glam Bag November 2021

            It’s time for my Glam Bag for this month and it is an interesting one despite one item. This bag is $`3 a month with five samples of products either deluxe size or full size. It ranges from drugstore to luxury, and you get brands you may have heard of or may be new to you. It includes skin care, makeup, brushes, and tools alongside a cute makeup bag. Let’s see what I got shall we?

Cake Beauty Intensive Body Balm

            First up is a product from Cake Beauty! I have enjoyed the hand creams from this brand and glad to get a body balm but will also be using it as a hand cream. This balm melts into the skin with coconut oil, aloe vera, and shea butter missed into it. I can see how since I started using this it did melt easily into my hands. It felt like batter at first but melted as I rubbed it in. I will keep on using it as a hand cream since the deluxe size is better for that anyways.

IT Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil in Universal Taupe

            Next up is a product from IT Cosmetics and it’s one of their brow pencils and can’t get enough brow products. I heard these guys are big in the brow department alongside Benefit and Anastasia Beverly Hills and it’s good to try out a pencil from these guys since I have tried a few from other brands. This pencil has a spool and a pencil tip on the other and the pencil doesn’t cause any streaks due to how real hairs can be drawn. It’s also sweat proof, which if you live in Australia or taking a vacation there to feel their summer weather then this would be a perfect travel companion. I think once I get into this thing it will be summer me since I still have one part of a brow kit left. I will try this out and see how it goes!

Kenzie Darling Daydream

            Next up is a fragrance from Kenzie! I love myself a good perfume and getting to try some deluxe sizes of different ones makes me happy. This one contains pink grapefruit, mixed berries, and vanilla bean and it smells divine! I mostly smell the fruit parts of this perfume over the vanilla because I feel that the berries and grapefruit have more of the better mix, and it gives a nicer smell in my opinion. I wish more perfumes had this combination, but I do still enjoy my earthy tones and some sweet here and there.

Pure AM PH Calming Toner

With this month’s choice I decided to go with skin care, and I think it was the right choice after having the weird dry patch areas. I went with this calming toner with a milky smoothness that contains Hyaluronic acid, sicca oil, and other ingredients to help with hydration. By the looks of it it is a morning routine which does work for me. I will use this after trying out the one from Allure and see how it goes!

Tanais Liquid Kajal in Starless Night

            Last item and it’s an eyeliner pen. Another black liner pen. Really Ipsy? Can’t I get a different color again? I don’t mind getting black liners, but I’ve got so many now and I prefer using a colored one time to time. Of course, this would have the usual smudge proof and gentle for eyes claims. This does have a nice brush tip though so it could help with an easy line. I hope with December being the more festive month I would get a festive color. 

            Well, that’s it for this box! I am already enjoying the Cake Beauty Body Balm and the Kenzie perfume so far and will be using the brow pencil and the toner when I get to them. I did have to put the liner pen with all my other liners unfortunately since I have so many now. I hope there is a new color if I get a liner. Next up is Glam Bag X!

Subscription Satelite: Allure Beauty Box November 2021

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with the first of the box subscriptions for November!

Allure Beauty Box November 2021        

This box is done by Allure Magazine. It contains products that editors have chosen for many articles in their magazine. It ranges from drugstore to luxury and it ranges from skin care to makeup to now tools. This box is $23 a month. Let’s see what I got shall we?

Tarte Quick Stick Waterproof Shadow and Liner in Rose Gold Luster and Black

         First item is from Tarte and that is their Quick Stick shadow and liner duo. I wanted to try this so much all thanks to Tati talking about it. When I saw this being an item I was very excited to try. This features a black liner on one side that glides on smooth and the other a rose gold shadow that brightens up the eyes. I’ve been enjoying shadow sticks for a quick eye look especially if I need to be on the run and glad to try this out and see how it goes. The taupe one is on my Favorites tab on the Ulta app so will see how this goes first since I am a sucker for rose gold! This retails for $25.

Wonder Beauty Upgraded Lashes Treatment Mascara

         Next up is a mascara from Wonder Beauty. I remembered when I first subscribed to Allure’s box I got a Wonder mascara as well. Now that it has been a few years since I got one and seeing that they’re back makes me happy! This mascara is a non-clumping nor smudging formula with an hour glass shape to the brush that has comb-like bristles to it. This helps with separating lashes for maximum volume and the formula includes peptides panthenol to help with nourishment when applying the mascara. I can’t wait to try this one out. I almost worn it to work thinking it was a primer but glad to find out this is a mascara. This retails for $26.

Eyeko Lash Curler

         I love using lash curlers to give a nice curl before my mascara is put onto my lashes. I even surprised my dad when I told him I know how to use one when I picked up a Revlon one for my travels to Atlanta. This has a nice curve that you don’t need a very steady hand but to me you need one just in case. Plus, it does rest against your cheek easily for that curl. I did try this out once the box got to me and man it looked flimsy but did its job. It also comes with an extra pad. This retails for $15.

Whamisa Organic Flowers Toner Rich

         Next up is a hydrating toner which I need right now. Recently, I have noticed my skin has had some dry patches on my cheeks and even gave me a major scab but working on healing it. This is a toner that is water-like with a subtle rose scent to it. This is a morning product which will definitely help and can layer everything else on top. This retails for $43.

Neogen Dermology Youth Repair Cream

         Next up is an interesting product! This is a moisturizer that contains eleven peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, and ceramides to give the skin a bouncy glow. Again, dry patches have emerged and this came in time for me! This is something I can use before sunscreen during the day apparently which is perfect@ This retails for $48.

Simply by Helena Simple Cleanser

         Another cleanser for my collection! This has a gentle formula that is milky with a soft lavender scent including chamomile, water and goat’s milk. This can be used morning and night and as a makeup remover. I am into gentle cleansers so I do prefer a nice washing at the end of my day while in the shower. This retails for $29.99 for four ounces. I guess this has multiple sizes.

Piliy Ani Self Care Night Recovery Oil

         This next item is a facial oil that helps with hydration and I definitely need this! This contains squalene alongside plant derivative extracts to hydrate the skin. This is a last part of the nightly routine which is perfect for me. This retails for $72.

         That is it for this box! Wow, what a haul! I would have to say that this box beats last month’s due to how I wanted to try the Tarte Quick Stick and was glad to get another lash curler to try. I will definitely use all of these products and see how my face feels afterwards. Winter is coming and we have gotten some cooler weather so far and I’m ready for Christmas! Next post is the Ipsy Glam Bag!

Convention Quadrant: NFB Virtual State Convention Tour

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! taking a bit of detour with this!

NFB Virtual State Convention Tour

            This past year and last year, the Zoom platform has been a big platform for virtual conferences and the National Federation of the Blind was one of the associations that used this platform to put on events. This gave me a chance to meet people across the United States, especially students. I’ve gone to some this year and I do have some thoughts as well.


            This post is based on thoughts of the writer’s experience of this blog. Please respect her thoughts on what she experienced@ You have been warned!

            The conventions I attended included Massachusetts, South Dakota, National, Greater D. C., New York, Virginia, Texas, and Michigan. It was my second year at the Virginia Convention during the weekend of Halloween and it was fun this year. I did have to miss the banquet this year due to being with friends in Orlando for our scary movie night. I did attend their Camp Fire Stories which lets people share horror stuff and paranormal experiences. I did share Rayne’s experience living in Philadelphia where he lived in a home where the basement door was put in his room due to the renovations. The door had a padlock and chain but did see a girl wearing period clothing since Pennsylvania was one of the original thirteen colonies. One day his mom, if I remembered, did see the lock and chain were removed and the door was opened. I did bring up Mile Higher podcast since they did talk about the situation in Gary, Indiana when a family ended up going through a demonic event. I would recommend that by the way. It was fun hearing some creepy pasta stories on top of it. I did attend the Virginia Association of Blind Students meeting and enjoyed being in break out rooms with them. While I was attending the convention, I did find out I got accepted to George Mason since I did have to withdraw from U. Mass earlier this year. I was relieved that I didn’t get the National Scholarship after being withdrawn. I did take a bit of a break from conventions before National and decided to attend since it was online again due to Delta being rampant. It was fun since I got to learn about Maryland’s history since it was the host state and let New Orleans be the location next year. It was fun seeing Homer Simpson getting a workout with the Louisiana Center for the Blind. All thanks to the attendance, I joined the Writers Division since I was in the middle or writing my book.

            South Dakota, New York, Texas, and Michigan were new environments when it came to meeting people. South Dakota was a one day thing and I was glad to listen in on the person who got into WayAround tags for their seeds to grow in their garden. I did start getting into these and have enjoyed them and found them better than braille labelling tape due to how much the glue wears out due to the humidity here in Florida. I’ve been enjoying the WayLink more than my phone due to how I can just go handheld without wearing out my phone. It’s now easier labelling my eyeliner pencils and other stick makeup. I do like that I can put the purchase date when I got my mascara which helps with expiration. New York was my favorite along with Virginia because it was how I got back into art. I used to draw back in the day and I was sad when I had to give it up when I noticed my right eye was not focusing right. I came to this convention to attend the showing of Off the Canvas which is a documentary showing art teachers who are blind teaching others who are sighted or blind how to do art. One of them even paints and even had it on display. After that I knew it was possible to get back into it and felt good to get to it. Even though my art is a bit abstract but using watercolor again alongside pens, markers and now using watercolor pencils gave me a new hope. I will continue doing it even  when it comes to buying supplies. Heck, I felt alive going back into the art area of Michael’s picking up a brush, paper pads for watercolor and markers. I was so happy! I did get to meet the students as well which they were also welcoming like the other states too. It felt good to be around them again even if I didn’t have the news at the time about George Mason.

            There were some things I’ve did notice that I did not like as much. During Massachusetts, they had a makeup panel and they invited someone from Mary Kay who was a rep and same with a Color Street rep. I went in with an open mind but as the panel took place I wished it would have been different. As a makeup user, I am not a fan of MLM products and even done a post about this and prefer getting items from brands I know and love already that I tried over time or gotten through Ipsy or Allure’s subscriptions. I felt that the panel should have had better speakers that either can give tips on putting on makeup or get Molly Berk as a guest since she has done makeup for years as well. I even done makeup on my channel and could have done a better job. I felt this panel was just MLM hype and to tell you the truth I feel bad for anyone who is blind that has started selling for these companies because they have no idea that there is something dark behind the scenes. When I was at Greater D. C. I had to leave the Women of the NFB panel after one woman said she sells for Paparazzi and I watched Savanah Marie’s interview with a mom and daughter who used to be in there and witnessed messed up stuff. I don’t want to get into too much of it but want to point out that Paparazzi is not ADA compliant. The A. D. A. basically grants disabled people certain rights and that includes using equipment and this mom experienced being on a cruise where a woman’s husband was on a scooter and could not go onto one of the locations with it and he has to use it, not even walk when asked about that. This caused an uproar and that caused the mom and daughter to be dropped. I would feel horrible if this woman went on a cruise and was told she could not bring her guide dog or cane on an excursion. I remembered being on a Carnival cruise with my parents and nobody got on me for having my cane with me, they helped me everywhere even in Belize at the Mayan Ruins. Plus, I could imagine how much it costs for these women to buy the products and hearing about the income claims not being as great. I listened to Roberta Blevvin’s podcast and she had one where she read people’s horror stories while in MLMs and even had people as guests to tell their stories and one girl talked about how she spent so much and sold her stuff and didn’t make much in profit which was around $2500 when she spent way more than that. I understand you have to spend money to make it, not here when it costs a lot and the product is not great. I remember my lip gloss from Mary Kay which was the size as a Butter Gloss from NYX. I can get a Mac gloss for the same price and it’s bigger because of the amount of product being more than what I paid for than the Mary Kay. I get better advice at Mac and Ulta since I get more help in color matching, skin care, and where to find products. Again, I feel that these women are in something that would take advantage of them and would feel even worse if they get dropped for nothing like Tracy, the mom I talked about, and her daughter had from Paparazzi. I would suggest watching Savannah’s interview because it has a lot.  Also, Ilumninati did a video on Color Street not long after the Massachusetts convention and I saw that and like I said I paint my nails or put on press-on since strips don’t seem to stay for me. I could say the same about the other two. I’ve heard that Dashing Diva has better ones.

            Well, that was a long one but I did enjoy a good part of the aspects of this year. I hope to get to go to  an NFB convention in person again since it felt good to go to one back in Atlanta, RangerStop & Pop by the way, since it doesn’t feel the same doing it online except we have gone through a terrible pandemic and I think it’s long enough. I was glad to be vaccinated and got my booster recently even though it put me down for three days but got extra protection. Now knowing that kids can get vaccinated, it’s time to get in line and end this thing. I heard that people in Colorado during their convention got it, including President Riccabono. Again, it’s time for it to end. Sorry for the MLM rant but I felt it’s time to have that. If you want to be empowered, know that it’s really from within and you can empower yourself without toxic positivity. I’m already empowered with all the things I’ve been doing for years including Nerdy Shique Universe since I already represent a group in the convention and anime communities alike. I will definitely get my Allure Beauty Box up next!

Convention Quadrant: RangerStop & Pop Friday Panel Videos

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with another convention post!

RangerStop & Pop Friday Panel Videos

            I am now bringing you Friday’s videos from RangerStop & Pop. We did a have a mini vlog but didn’t do much with it since we were always running, however you can go to our channel to see them. I figure to post the videos from the panels and will get the press room ones up soon. Let’s get to the first one!

Red Ranger Panel

            First one was the Red Ranger Panel. This has been a bi one at both Orlando and Georgia ones from what I’ve seen. I did record the one during the 2018 Red Range panel that was a last-minute add-on and that was amazing since they did have Space Red, Christopher Kayman Lee, Light Speed Red, Sean Johnson, and even the original Red Ranger from the Japanese Mighty Morphen team. With this one we had rangers from Dino Charge, Beast Morphers, and of course Mighty Morphin. Time Force Red didn’t show up until Saturday so no showing. Here is the video for you guys to see!

Red Ranger Panel

David Yaust Panel

            The other panel we attended was David Yaust’s panel. The reason why it is in two parts is because we had to leave our video camera on the charger in our room, so we took our new digital camera for photos. I think we did Rayne proud whenever I get those up onto Facebook but it was a great back up just in case. Trust me I have enough SD cards. Back to the panel, I did grow up with Mighty Morphin as a seven-year-old and remembered him being the blue ranger for the longest time before the newer series came in. I even met him during Anime Festival Orlando back in 2010. It was great to hear about what he has planned during this panel Hearing about his project made a lot of us excited and can’t wait to see it. To hear more, here are the links to check out!

David Yaust Panel Part 1

David Yaust Panel Part 2

            That is, it for this post! So, enjoy the videos and subscribe to our channel while you’re at it! Next will be my Allure Beauty Box for November!

Subscription Satellite: Allure Beauty Box October 2021

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am glad to be back. Sorry for the long wait for this one!

Allure Beauty Box October 2021

            I understand that October is over, but I have not gotten a chance to post this. I was busy with work, attended virtual NFB conventions, and have applied to college again and got accepted. I will be announcing something at the end of the last RangerStop & Pop post, so stay tuned when that takes place! So, this box contains six items for $23 and it contains items that get featured by editors of Allure Magazine. It goes from drugstore to luxury, and you get deluxe sizes and full sizes for a nice mix of items. I was excited for one product which I will get into detail once I get to it, let’s see what October offered!

Nature Lab Perfect Leave In Repair Treatment

            First item is from Nature Lab and that is their Perfect Leave In Repair Treatment. I enjoy leave in treatments for my hair, especially with helping repairing frizz. I haven’t used this yet since I still have some products to get through but will start using it. I’m glad to get a full-size of this item in my box which makes it better. The claims that are helps with shine and repair any frizz or breakage with carotene which is good for the hair. I will see how this goes! This retails for $16.

First Aid Beauty Pure Skin Face Cleanser

            Yay! Another item from First Aid! This brand has been helping me out so far and I have been enjoying what I’ve been using so far. When I saw this arrive, I was happy! This is a fragrance-free cleanser with aloe that helps with removing dirt, oil and any makeup that may be left behind or can be used as makeup removal. I can see where double cleansing would be important since most makeup can be missed; I admit it with my lashes with any mascara. I will use this in the shower since I can get rid of any residue from the day while showering. This retails for $34 for 8 oz.

Wish Pink Champagne Lip Balm

            Next up is a lip balm type gloss from Wish. I never heard of these guys until now and glad to get this. This is a balm with a clear sheen to it, this keeps the moisture even when the sheen disappears. It has botanicals to help with the moisture. You can put this on top of any lip product to give off a sheen or use it at night. This retails for $20.

Kaja Bento Bouncy Shadow Trio

            Next up is a shadow trio from Kaja and I’m wearing it now! I heard of these guys through YouTube and wanted these since it’s neat with how they package their products. It is like a mini bento box where the shadows are stacked into it. This is a neutral trio which I use the third shade as definer, the middle as my crease, and the one on top for my brow which is easy to use. I did use a brown liner to bring it together. I will keep using this, plus it would be perfect for travel since it won’t take up too much room and it wouldn’t crease throughout the day. I will look in my local Sephora for another one of these! This retails for $21.

Boshia 0.6 Pro Retinal Waterless Treatment

            This is one new item that shown up in my box and it’s also full-size. I have not tried anything from Boshia but had heard good things from this brand through YouTube. I know Sephora carries them but also Ulta I think but I know they are a bit pricey. I have been using this at night since retinal is better to put on at night than the day because it doesn’t pair well with sunlight, which causes the skin to need sunscreen. I do use sunscreen all thanks to the Vogue video that people talked about with Gwyneth Paltrow who only puts sunscreen on her nose and other areas highlighter gets applied. I of course put sunscreen all over my face, I can’t do it on the rest of my body because it’s sensitive towards it. Anyways, tangent aside, so far, my skin has not reacted badly to this product, I will be keeping on using this, I did read I can use this with moisturizers, I am using one with snail mucus and will see how well it pairs with it tonight. This retails for $48.

            That completes it! I couldn’t find the Dr. Brandt moisturizer I am also using during the day but it’s going well with that one too, I did get a deluxe size of that. I will use the Kaja stack since I love the idea of having a shadow stack like this. I know one other brand does something similar but with magnets. I will drop by Sephora. So far, the Boshia product is going well. I will use the Nature Lab item to see how well it goes with my hair. Next up will be the Friday panels from RangerStop & Pop! Stay tuned!

Subscription Satelite: Ipsy Glam Bag October 2021

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with another post!

Ipsy Glam Bag Oct. 2021

Another month, another subscription and that is my Glam Bag for this month. I have to say is that it was interesting since they added mostly skin care products but I did get one add-on.

Add-On: Hip Dot Witchy Warms Pallet

My add-on is from Hip Dot Cosmetics and that is their pallet for the Halloween Season! This year I’ve noticed brands have done some awesome items, I am looking at you Color Club since I’m wearing one of their glow in the dark polishes and it’s been so long since I got any and not sure if my Sinful one has stayed fresh right now. I am missing my nuclear reactor nails. Anyways, this pallet is a nine pan pallet with warm hues and I used it yesterday and loved it so far! I will use the other rows in this pallet to get more of a feel of the formula. THis retails for $16.

Chasin’ Rabbits Mindful Bubble Cleanse

First up is a product from a K Beauty Brand called Chasin’ Rabbits. I’m loving K Beauty and how much it has helped my skin so far since I have been using the Tony Moley AM Gel Cleanser every morning and this is one I decided to use to see how well it works with my skin. This is a gentle cleanser that has bamboo water that is supposed to moisturize the skin and made with charcoal to help with breaking down makeup as well if I did use this for that but I did wear makeup after a shower yesterday to try out the Hip Dot pallet and it did feel good on my skin this morning. It didn’t sting at all since with most charcoal items I feel a slight tingle due to how my skin is more dry versus oily and I did have had acne issues when I was younger but my skin was sensitive most of the time so I was glad this didn’t react with my skin badly. I will keep using this until it runs out. Not sure if I want to get a full size but time will tell!

F. A. R. A. H. Brushes Medium Shading Brush in Rose Gold

Next up is my choice item from F. A. R. A. H. Brushes and glad I chose this one. Plus, I do love rose gold next to marble. I did use this when I put on my defining shade yesterday and it applied very well. Plus, it opens me up to more of their brushes as I go. I hope to get a set of this collection since anything rose gold is what I love!

M2U NYC Eye Primer in Nude

Next up is an eye primer from a brand with an interesting name and spelling. I will have you guys take a look when I link this above with the heading. I did use this with my eye look to try this out and it’s one of those that has an applicator which makes it more sanitary than putting your finger in it. It claims to have the shadows stay put all day and it did with what I used on top of this primer. It did keep all my shadows on and that’s what I love about using eye primers. They also looked pigmented on my makeup wipe after I cleaned my face off. If you guys purchase this, I suggest putting on two coats and blend it with your finger afterwards since the applicator feels a little flimsy since it feels like a mascara wand to me but it works pretty well for an $8 item. Hope to try more from this brand!

Murad Youthful Retinol Renewal Night Cream

Next up is a Murad item and it’s a night cream. Even though I don’t have any wrinkles at my age but this product does help smooth these out and plump my skin with retinal. I will check this out since I do enjoy Murad products and it is a pretty good deluxe size with what they sent me in this bag. I know the full-size item will be close to the $100 mark since I have seen products like these around $85+. Again, I wait for Murad items I enjoy to go on sale during 21 Days of Beauty if they choose them.

Tony Moley Pumpkin Retinol Eye Cream

Final item is a product from Tony Moley. I have loved this brand since it has helped my skin out. This is an eye cream made with retinol and pumpkin extract to help with the eye area. I did try it out last night since I did have some help through Be My Eyes to find this product. I didn’t smell the pumpkin but it did cool my eye area and did go to sleep with it. I will see how it goes!

Well, that is it for this glam bag! It was an interesting one since I got two retinol items. I will see how they go with my skin. I did enjoy the brush so far and will definitely use the eye shadow pallet I purchased. I can’t wait to choose my item for November! What’s next? Allure Beauty Box!

Convention Quadrant: Saturday Panels at RangerStop & Pop 2021

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with a new post!

RangerStop & Pop Saturday Panels

Another RangerStop & Pop post and this time it’s the panels. This time RJ and I decided to split up where I done the panels and he done the press room which he was able to find after coming back from Kroger. I took notes and will be giving you what took place. First is my disclaimer!


This post is based on the experience of the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts on each panel! Thank you!

Beast Morphers

This year it was about the Beast Morphers crew alongside Time Force. We didn’t get to go to the mini events and the conventions where they had some Ranger cast members but glad to meet them at this one!

The Beast Morphers panel was the first one in the line of panels during Saturday’s event and it was interesting to hear from one of the latest teams since they are currently on Dino Fuery. Two of the cast members did watch some of the series, Rowry was a fan of the Disney era until S. P. D. Which we now have a copy of and Jazz did watch some to help him get into the feel for the series. What they’d brought up the most was about New Zealand itself since they were away from home they had to be in a house for several months filming the show and one thing was spending Thanksgiving out there and getting to try a pastry that you could find there. They also said don’t let visiting the sites there go to waste since the place is beautiful. I have heard that it is beautiful and can see why it’s perfect to film there, heck even Lord of the Rings was filmed out there and I wouldn’t mind visiting myself for the geology parts. They did wish they told the Dino Fuery cast when they were heading out there for filming to check out the island. Another thing was how they met Austin St. John since he was part of the crossover special for that season and they didn’t get to meet before until one night while having dinner. One of them didn’t realize it was him at the table, which they thought he was a crew member, which to be fair I could mistaken anyone as a cast member without voice recognition. They did like working with him since he’s one of the O. G. Members of the cast and one of the nicest you’ll ever meet.

Time Force

Next up is the Time Force panel. This year marks twenty years for the series and that got me excited for coming to RSP in the first place. Even though they were missing Erin and Dan, getting to meet Kevin, Deborah, Mike, and Jason was still an amazing time. Still surprised Jason recognized me through the mask. RJ did say I made an impression back in the day. Knowing meeting up with Dan would be the same thing. I did remember how we ended up on the same elevator as Mercury Ranger and he recognized RJ and he introduced me to him. Back to the panel! This did start out talking about how the series came a long way and that we kept it going as fans. They did do something different for this anniversary panel by having the cast play the Newly Wed Game which did fit with the idea. Mike and Jason did team up while Kevin and Deborah teamed up and not only they were getting questions from Steve but also themselves and the audience to guess about each other. Of course, the usual favorite episode one came up and Movie Madness is definitely a big favorite since they did end up in different movie scenarios. It did end with the being on a back lot tour that was led by Reuben Langdon in the episode. You didn’t know that? New thing! It was a fun time but more things to talk about!

My Hero Academia

Since this was also a pop culture themed convention, cast members from the anime My Hero Academia were among the guests this year and was glad to attend this panel since being a fan and can’t wait for Season 5 of the anime to be dubbed. The panel started off where Elizabeth Maxwell, Leah Clarke, and Jason Leighbrecht had to draw their characters. Wishing they had Chris Sabat at this since he would have fun drawing All Might while Elizabeth drew Midnight, Leah with Toga and Jason with Dobby. This was a first for voice actor panels to see a drawing contest amongst themselves. There were questions from the audience and I got in it as well. I did have to get sighted guide to the mike and did get to ask my favorite question which is what is the funniest thing that happened in the booth? I always ask this to voice actors and if I interviewed Jason then it would be asked but he did go first with that he placed his coat on a hanger over a radiator and it caused his cards to melt. I think it was either Elizabeth or Leah who said this but one of them had to record some awkward lines and she hoped others would laugh with her but no one did. And the last one was a prank with Kent Williams, who you may have seen My Hero Aca played Compress, pranked J. Michael Tatum which dealt with a sandwich? I was the last to ask the question since it ran out of time since so many things were talked about during the panel. I did like the person who asked about their favorite line and I gave it to Leah since she did play Toga, “You’re not my type.” Still can’t wait for the next season!

Mighty Morphen

Final panel is the Mighty Morphen panel and this was also a fun one since it involved the cast to play Family Feud. I did enjoy this one since we did have pretty challenging questions including name a state with the most sports teams, which never thought Pennsylvania being one of them, who knew? There was an animal one and what do you find in a candy bar. What I found interesting was that a candy bar is also named for a candy store in Australia so some of us were confused in the audience with Kat, so I kind of figured that out since we did have a candy store here in Orlando called The Candy Bar, which was an awesome one but closed down. At least we still have M&M World. The panel did finish with two questions from fans  which Paul answered favorite monster with JDF, which made sense with how he worked with Rita at first, and someone asked about the end of Samurai to Jason Narvy. Skull appears in the final episode to get Spike and Narvy gets asked who was the mom? Narvy tried to say he wasn’t sure but guessed Ms. Applebee from the first season. Which is true, we didn’t get to find out what had happened to Skull after leaving him behind during Lost Galaxy.

Well, that completes this panel post! It was enjoyable since it was a nice change with having cast members playing games at this one. Should bring it over to the Orlando side, especially Family Feud! Next up in RSP will be the Friday panels with videos, stay tuned! While the regular posts, Glam Bag Oct. 20

Subscription Satellite: Glam Bag Plus October 2021

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe. I am back with a new post!

Glam Bag Plus October 2021

It is time for my Glam Bag Plus! They rose the price on both GB Plus and Glam Bag since they are adding more luxury brands to these bags which is a nice change. This is $28 a month and you get five full-size items from prestige to indie brands. You can get a range from hair care all the way to perfumes and even beauty tools. Plus, you get to choose three out of the five items in this bag every month. Let’s see what I got, as in what I chose and what are the items Ipsy chose.

Goldfaden MD RX Daily Nutrient Mist

First up is a mist from Goldfaden MD. I think I have tried these guys through this subscription before or maybe not? I know I have seen them floating around on the choices part for the original Glam Bag. This is a mist that is sup[posed to help dull, tired skin and protect it from pollution and blue light. Also, it can be used as a setting spray for foundation. There are times where my skin does get tired from a long day of work and tend to shower after a long day and may have to try this out even after showering. I will see how this works out with my sensitive skin since I have to be careful with some ingredients. This retails for $48.

Doucce Blush Powder Pallet

Next up is an item from Doucce. The first time I tried this brand was an eyeliner pencil a long time ago and using it in my many pencil liners to this day. Years later I’ve been enjoying them and this is a blush pallet. This comes with six shades where it’s three highlighters and three blushes in one pallet. I can’t wait to use this since I do love blush and powder seems to work a little bit better for myself. I will see how this goes and blends since I did mention in the makeup review when it came to my travel makeup that I have some trouble with some makeup products blending. Let’s see if these blend. This pallet retails for $55.

MOTD Gold Goddess Face Brush Set

Next up is one of the first items I picked and they are the Gold Goddess Face Brush Set from MOTD. These brushes are three face brushes that can be used with cream and powder products and can be used to contour, bronze, and highlight. I may use one for blush since it would be easiest for me that way. I did like the eye brushes I got from these guys and glad to try some face ones. These retail for $30.

Aricelli Eyeliner Duo in Black and Rose Gold with Sharpener

Next up is another item I picked and this time from Ariceli. These pencils have a gel formula that glides on like butter. The black one is matte while the rose gold is shimmery. What got me to choose this set is due to the rose gold since that is my favorite metal color. It also comes with a sharpener which makes it handier. I know I will use the rose gold one with a few looks I have coming up. These retail for $37.

Tokyo Milk French Kiss Perfume

Final item is the Tokyo Milk Perfume in French Kiss. When I saw this as a choice I had to get this one since I love perfumes, especially the ones that come in subscription boxes due to them being more unique. This is a blend of mandarin, a type of rose, and some earth to it which gives a blend of romance and felinity. I actually smell more of a sweet scent to this than the earthy notes when I sprayed it on my wrist when I got this bag today. Still, it is really a nice scent  even as it goes through the day. I may have to explore more of these scents since I do love newer perfumes. This retails for $38.

This completes my Glam Bag Plus! I am liking this more than my actual Glam Bag because that was confusing me with two of the choices and I will talk about it when that arrives. I will definitely enjoy the perfume the most since it’s unique and I I am enjoying it so far. I did try the spray briefly and it is powerful with the spray and have to be careful with that. I will see how the blush pallet goes since there are times where my blush seems to go nuts lately. Next up will be the Saturday panels from RangerStop & Pop this year.

Links to Items:

Goldfaden MD Mr. RX Daily Nutrient Mist

Doucce Posh Powder Pallet

MOTD Gold Goddess Face Brush Set

Araceli Eyeliner Duo and Sharpener in ROse Gold and Black Matte

Tokyo MilkFrench Kiss Perfume 

Beauty Quadrant: Travel MakeUp Review

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe. I am back with a new post!

Makeup I Used in Atlanta Review

         It’s been a while since I’ve done a true makeup review on here and I will be doing it on some of the items I took with me to Atlanta. I felt that August was all about purchasing items to use that were mini and easier makeup since doing a full face can take an hour. I did take some of my items from some of my boxes and past Ulta makeup bag gifts to use while on the trip. So, let’s see what I used but first…


         This review is based on thoughts and opinions on the products used during the trip. Please respect the thoughts and opinions of the writer.

Sonya Kashuk Makeup Bag Travel Set

         First off is the makeup bags I took with me. I realized I did not unpack my makeup bags from Hot Topic since those were one of the first items I packed during the move. I didn’t find the box that they were in now, but I know they’re somewhere in the apartment but did get some replacements for the trip. I got a set from Sonya Kashuk that contains four makeup bags. One huge one to carry the toiletries, one large one for my makeup items, a medium-size one to carry my shower caps and my headband for makeup, and a small one for my brushes and sponge. It was a good thing to carry since I was relying on travel-size items due to TSA regulations and we were just staying for three nights at the Westton Buckhead and having something to use for things like my floss picks, sunscreen and other things helped even with the nesting idea. I was glad to pick this up!

Coppertone Sport Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 Lotion

         I never thought I would review sunscreen, but I’ve been wearing it a lot more lately due to how much harsher the sun has been, and I figured if we’re going to be outdoors in the hot Atlanta heat I should be protected. I found this was less greasy than the Blue Lizard one I have been using here at home and I remembered Coppertone being a great brand when it comes to sunscreens in general. I may have to use this when I travel or even at home if I haven’t gotten anything in my subscriptions. I will use this more.

HEMPZ Body Lotion in Jasmine and Rose

Next up is a product from HEMPZ and it’s their travel size lotion in Jasmine and Rose. While looking around for travel size items on Ulta, I decided to get a lotion since Bath & Body Works didn’t have much in travel size lotions so went to Ulta when my birthday discount was given. I browsed through the HEMPZ page and saw this lotion and noticed it was also new. This scent is sweet and earthy at the same time, and it did give my legs and ankles the much-needed moisture after a long day of walking, and I was wearing very hugging shorts under my skirts during the weekend, so it was great to put it on my thighs. I also used it on my arms and good thing is that my skin is not sensitive to this formula since it does include Hemp Seed Oil. If you haven’t tried out HEPZ, I highly recommend these guys. One thing I do not like I do admit is that some of the lotions are sometimes hard to squeeze out due to how thick they can be in consistency. Watch out for that. I will get these travel size lotions whenever I travel to other conventions to keep my skin moist after a hard day of press.

Soap & Glory Hand Food Lotion

Next up is a hand lotion from Soap & Glory. I never tried anything from this brand until now. I heard good things about them and figured with all the hand washing and sanitizer after shaking hands, which included guests which they still did, also being sight guided, my hands need nourishment. This did feel good from what I’ve used during the weekend. I didn’t use it much due to being always on the go between panels, but I did carry a tube in my makeup bag in my backpack since it is a good size for that. Plus, I did carry an extra tube since Ulta did offer a buy one and get one discounted when I purchased these. I may get these again or use something else, who knows.

Crave Facial Cleanser

After a long day of panels and a long night’s sleep, my skin needed some washing and I decided to get this. I did enjoy this because it didn’t cause my skin any issues during the trip. I love to listen to my skin and glad that this helped with that. I did use it up when I got home so I wouldn’t let it go to waste. I will get again for trips unless if Ulta doesn’t carry it anymore.

Ulta Unicorn Loofa

This was not my favorite product even though it was cute! I love unicorns but this was one thing I did not like much. I kind of felt like I had to use more body wash to give me a good lather for my skin. I was using travel size body washes from Bath & Body Works but felt that this item should have been made better. After the trip, I did get better loofas from Amazon and will see how they go.

Winkey Lux Brow Pencil

I did like this product! I did use this during the trip to give, my brows the sharpest look and glad I took it with me since I did have my NYX Pomade pencil in Chocolate just in case if they didn’t stay put.

Milani Eye Primer

I thought this item was okay. How so? I am not sure if it was due to the product itself or if I am cleaning too close to comfort, but my shadow didn’t cover my entire eyes and didn’t blend well. RJ did help me to have my shadow blend better to give off a defused look to help me with blending. I did use it up when I got home, and it did the same thing and won’t be purchasing this again. I love Milani’s makeup, but this was not a good one in my book.

Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow in Charge

I did enjoy this shadow though. It did blend well despite the patchiness from the primer. RJ did use the shadow to help me get it back on my lids and did give it a defused effect.

Fenty Mascara

I got this in my GB X and glad to take it with me. My lashes did feel great with this on, and it didn’t aggravate my eyes during the convention. I highly recommend this mascara and will use this as time goes on!

Ulta Foundation Stick in Light M<medium Neutral

Final item I will be talking about is the Ulta Foundation stick in Light Medium Neutral. I figured since I already talked about using the pressed powder from Tarte years ago, but this is something new. I did have the Foundation Primer from Ulta as well that I had a sample from a makeup bag gift I got a year or so ago and not sure if it was due to the primer or the foundation stick, but RJ saw it did not blend. It just stuck like with the blush and bronzer stick I had on me. I took the Trestique Bronzer Stick and the Eevee Blush Stick from No Make No Life and one of my Colour Pop Highlighter sticks. RJ had to use my sponge to blend everything together even with the powder on top. I felt like this stick was okay or maybe it was the primer. I will keep on trying to use it up so it won’t go bad before the next convention since it looks like it won’t be until next year, we will head out for another one. I will see how this goes on my NYX Marshmallow Primer.

That is, it for this review. I know it was long, but I did have a lot of items on me. I figured to just focus on the items that were used and what I thought. Next up will be the panels I went and took notes on. Also, talk about the items from my subscriptions on top of it. Stay tuned! Ma

Subscription Satelite: Glam Bag Plus September 2021

        Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with another post!

Ipsy GB Plus September 2021

        The final bag is my Glam Bag Plus! I’m glad to get this last and it seems to be slightly better than my Glam Bag. This is going to be $28 a month starting next month and you get five full-size prestige to luxury brands in the drawstring bag. You also get to select three out of the five items on top of it. Let’s see what I got this month!

Il Makiage Color Boss Quad in Make Moods

        First up is another item from Il Makiage and it’s from their Color Boss Squad line and this time it’s an eye shadow quad. I remembered getting full-size singles from this brand and now I have a full-size pallet. I wished they described the shades in this since it only talked about how to apply on the page since you can go either wet or dry. I will use these since I already enjoy them and glad to have them in a quad.

Murad Clarifying Oil-Free Water Gel

        Murad’s back! Back again! I love this brand even if I must wait until it’s on sale during 21 Days of Beauty, which I will have a haul for that and in Hot Cash, stay tuned for those! This product is a moisturizer that helps acne prone skin and doesn’t cause pores to clog. What I like about this brand is that it’s amazing for sensitive skin. This is a day and night moisturizer which I can’t wait to use it. I am using two different moisturizers for day and night.

Nabla Shine Theory Lip Gloss in Renaissance

        Next up is a lip gloss from Nabla Cosmetics. I never tried these guys until I got three face products from them through Ulta recently. I decided why not try out their lip products. This is a lightweight formula that is not sticky nor gooey. Also, it’s a champagne shade that gives the lips a wet look. I was excited about this one since I heard good things about this brand through YouTube. So, essentially, yes, I had a YouTube made me pick it moment. I will be enjoying this!

Pretty Woman Fall Trio Polish Set

        My second item I picked was from Pretty Woman and I had a hard time choosing among the items in the first group until I finally decided this. I love nail polish and this is a trio of fall colors. The shades are a beige shimmer, a dark honey, and a burgundy in this set. At first, I didn’t want to pick due to not always wearing the beige and honey colors but I don’t mind trying new items. I will report back if I like these shades. I have tried this brand before and they do claim they are chip resistant but not on my hands!

Shades by Shan Bronzer in Walnut

        My final item is a bronzer from Shades by Shan! I do enjoy bronzers, especially the lighter colors. This is an easy to blend bronzer that is supposed not to look cakey. I will use this to try out something new. Hoping it does blend in well!

            That’s all for this post! I’m glad to try new things in my bag and happy to have Murad again since I love their skin care items. The Il Makiage product makes me super happy since I have a quad to play with. I will use the lip gloss on the weekends. Next up, will be my review on the makeup I used during RangerStop & Pop. Stay tuned!