Earth Day Birthday 22 Review

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Holy crap! What a Saturday! Yes, Earth Day Birthday passed and all I have to say is that me and Gondras can finally say that we finally went to one and that happened to be this year’s event! For years I wanted to go to this and so did he and we finally did with this year’s line up. Even though we didn’t get the media passes we did get the tickets with our money and it was worth the $65 for each and WJRR knows how to put on a great event and that is why I am also revewing it, which I disclaim with this, whatever I say in this review is based on opinions please and thank you!

We didn’t stay for the entire line up since we were about to collapse towards the end but at least we got to stick out to as long as we did. The event started at 11:25 with a special rocking version of the “Star Spangled Banner” and it led into the first act of the day, which was of course the major reason why we were brought to the event in the first place, Soul Switch! They did a pretty good set despite the microphone that was handed to Tom was bad but he did get one that worked and they did their old set with music from “As It Seems.” I wished they did some stuff from “Regenerate” but seeing the time limit they were given, especially being on the Bud Light main stage, they had to stick with the old set. At least we can see them again at House of Blues and the Haven. I did forget to mention that not only the Bud Light stage was there, there were two other stages and they were the Full Sail stage which featured acts like Trapt, Saving Abel, and many others, there was also the Acoustic stage where some bands did acoustic performances and Flyleaf was one of them. Now onto who we did catch and what I thought:

Soul Switch: Since I did mention them up first, they were an awesome choice to be on the main stage for this year from Orlando. They did their old set which is still awesome no matter what, I wouldn’t have minded to hear “Hang On” but them doing “Change,” “Saving Me,” and of course both of their non EP tracks, “Over Again” and “Walk Alone,” they did an awesome job!

Flyleaf: We managed to catch them on the main stage and didn’t catch them on the acoustic one, but they still soung good as the same if we were to see the acoustic set. I have to say, I do like the new lead singer, which I read in the liner notes for their latest album that their old one left and was replaced. I liked how she did the old stuff like “Red Sam” and my all time fave, “All Around Me,” she did pretty much brought a better sound to them and of course revitalized the band’s sound with their newer stuff, including “Set Me on Fire.” I guess I have to pick up one of their newer albums.

Saving Abel: I got into these guys back during ORock was still around and no matter how much they changed they still sound as they did back around 2008/2009ish! They sound even more amazing live if you get to see these guys!

Buck Cherry: We kind of heard them from where we stood in front of the Full Sail stage, which of course Full Sail University was a sponsor, waiting for Trapt, we couldn’t help but overhear these guys. I did have a headbreaking moment when I didn’t know. If you guys know that song called “I Don’t Care” by that girl duo? Apparently they covered that song and I was like, “They Sing What Now!?” I heard it on WJRR and didn’t put my paws on the band until I found it was Buck Cherry! And of course, if wondering, they did close their set with “Crazy Bitch.”

Trapt: I only really heard of these guys with one song and that was “Headstrong” and was glad to see these guys live. We didn’t know they were that good of a band until we heard some of their other songs performed and including a new one, “Passenger.” I think I may have to pick up an album.

All That Remains: Gondras thought I was drawn to these guys all because they came from my place of birth and that’s Massachusetts, which in all honesty I didn’t know they were from there until they said it! Yes, I came from Boston, random fact is that Boston Cream Pie is my fave dessert and did have the Coldstone Creation on one of my birthdays with the Buy One Get One Free coupon. Back to my review, I do like these guys, they do have the metal sound they proclaim but to me it’s more of alternative in my kitty ears, especially with the song “If I was Nothing,” which I do like the most by them. The rest of the set was good overall and wish they come around more. They did say they have performed at Earth Day Birthdays in the past and that was at the time I didn’t get into them due to how O-Rock didn’t play them as much and after switching to WJRR when O-Rock closed down, glad I really got into them.

Sevendust:  As you know, I announced on here that Bush cancelled due to reasons and Sevendust replaced them and we heard the real story behind it on their end. Sevendust hasn’t been around lately due to being in the studio recording a new album and when they got the call at the studio, they said yes! You know I can’t wait for that album to drop! I will even check my Rewards Zone for gift certificates to pick it up! My thoughts on the set is that this was a better set than the Carnival of Madness one back in 2010. Back then they performed songs I didn’t recognize until the final song they did the final song on the Seasons album “Face to Face,” which was kind of disappointing  since they had awesome songs from many other albums that could’ve been performed. What about now? They performed songs I knew and love! One of them happened to be the very first song I heard by them and got me into them and that was “Denial” and that made me a very happy kitty despite the drink I had earlier that day. They did end their set with “Enemy” which made it better and they did “Face to Face” as well which I did sing along.

Slash and the Conspirators: Oh yes, a little old school and that is Slash from Guns and Roses with his own band and man it was a great set! He did the classic Guns and Roses stuff from when he was in the band and one of them was “Sweet Child of Mine.” Gondras went on a ride, which that was a part of admission to this thing that you get to ride carnival rides and he got everyone singing along and while me, since I wasn’t with him, almost cried since he sang that song to me one time. ::insert “Awwwwww” here:: The set did end with “Paradise City” which we did sing along with.

Rise Against: The band that we left after and waited for the most all day. We did weant to stay for Five Finger Death Punch but we had to listen to our bodies. At least we got to stay for our all time fave punk band from Chicago! They did start their set with “Don’t Want to Be Hear Anymore” except they changed it to “Don’t Want to Leave Here Anymore” which I can see why they did that because of how much Orlando loved these guys! I didn’t even know their first start was here in Orlando at the Social! I did remember hearing of them when they had their song “Like the Angel” on a CD sampler with my copy of “Sticks and Stones” by New Found Glory back in around 2002. How did the guys do? Amazing as they did back at UCF! They did do songs from their many other best hits like “Savior,” “Ready to Fall,” and one that we didn’t expect and Gondras was surprised and that was the first track off the “Sufferer and the Witness,” “Chanber the Cartridge” and it sounded really good live. All in all, it was a really good set for doing it for almost an hour!

Is It Worth It? Now the question is that is EDBD worth the time and money to go to? The Answer is yes! After going to my first one, it is a definite yes despite seeing the stoners and drunks but still worth paying the $65, especially going to one with a lot of your fave bands! Hell, wasn’t expecting Sevendust replace Bush since they are Florida boys themselves. You also get to ride carnival rides while waiting for your fave band or during sets! You rarely get that at Warped Tour! I think the only thing that kept us busy during that was Guitar Hero in some of the tents. Still, this is worth it and even more worth Red Hot and Boom over at Cranes Roost since that event has been focused on pop acts that don’t really interest me even though I kind of edged back to it. This was better and glad to see Sevendust and Rise Against for a second time and seeing Soul Switch being a main stage act! I am proud of you guys. Will we go next year? Not sure since we did almost got de-hydrated and did get sunburned, which I have a big bottle of Aloe Vera on standby. Still, it was worth it!

What is next? Well, my faves for March and April 2015!

Haul: Ulta and Target!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Well, still working on the Ipsy and BoxyCharm post since my BoxyCharm hasn’t arrived yet due to timing making it look like my box will be here today but because of President’s Day it meant no mail, so it won’t be here til tomorrow! In the meantime, another haul and this time it’s from Ulta and Target!


Ulta: So, this time with Ulta I was on the prowl for new NYX items and they sent me another free deluxe coupon for the Perversion Mascara! I haven’t finished my sample from Ipsy but hey it’s free and I do like the Perversion mascara and it sure beats paying for the price for a full size, even though I may get it at one point. I tried going to the Winter Park location since they carry more items but they didn’t have any of the new Intense Butter Glosses and went to Altamonte and man they were picked off by vultures!


I was glad to get my paws on at least one of the Intense Butter Glosses and that is in Napoleon, which is a peachy nude color and thought it would look nice since I do love my Peaches N Cream and Peach Cobbler glosses from the original Butter Glosses. I wanted to get Berry Streudel, Toasted Marshmallow, and Spice Cake but all they had left were the testers and Ulta can’t sell them. Sucks! I guess doing the buy one get one half off on lip items during the weekend really wiped them out! I did have better luck with the High Voltage lipsticks which got me interested through Color Swept Beauty! I tried finding the one she loved, Dalia, but they sold out like crazy! A lot of them were out of colors but I did manage to get one called Privelege, which is a pink color, and Rock Star, which is a light red and a nice way of going into reds. I did try going for Hollywood, which is a darker red, but they sold out of that one, there is always next time when they restock on everything and after a while the new dies down. I also was happy to get my paws on two of the new Prismatic shadows which they had a lot left of and got two colors that Color Swept Beauty mentioned and they were Tin and Punk Heart! I also remembered Tati mentioned Punk Heart since she was given some of the newer NYX stuff by a friend and knew I had to get this one because it’s a purple shadow and I do go for them because of my cobalt-hazel eyes. Tin is a silvery one that is a bit darker and it would also bring the gem green in my eyes from what people say when it comes to silver shadows on me. I may have to use this if I ever do my Ice Pokemon Trainer cosplay. And the final item is a cream blush, which I was sad that the Altamonte location didn’t have the new blushes in when Mondays are when they get a lot of new things delivered but the blushes that were new didn’t come in but I did decide to see what the blushes were like and picked up Rose Petal, which is a nice pinky shade! Good to try something I never tried before and NYX blushes are one of the things that do get pretty good reviews time to time from what I seen on YouTube. I will have to see with the restock!


Target: With Target, tried jump on the Easter LipSmackers since apparently some places started stocking all the spring and Easter items on Valentine’s Day, which is odd especially my mom saying some places started doing that a week earlier. I was hoping to get my paws on the newer Easter LipSmackers but was a bit too early and they haven’t stocked them yet! I did go into the make up section to see if the NYX section had the Intense Butter Glosses but didn’t, they just had a small section with the normal items! I did go into ELF to see what they may have new and all I found was two lip items and I got two lipsticks! One is matte while the other is a regular one. One of them is Rich Red and that’s the matte and the other is Rosie Go Round and I do like the lip items by ELF since I had the lip gloss set from Christmas! And then I got the 32 shadow set by them and I heard this from another YouTuber who got this and she recommended that people should get this and glad I found it! It costs $6 which is amazing when you normally find pallets like this for more than that! I did get one more item that I forgot to get while I was at Ulta and I finally gave in and got the Cover Girl Clump Crusher Mascara! ::applause:: I heard so so so soooo many good things about this mascara that it kept perking my kitty ears like no other! Oh yeah, kitty became curious and had to get it! I may have to wear this sometime this week or the next to try it out! Also, I did get the package with the free retractable eyeliner and packed it with my make up to take back with me to Daytona so I would have a back up black liner! I may have to grab my other black pencils as well before then!


That is it for this haul! I know it was short but hey I got a lot of new items and glad to try them out! I will have the Ipsy and BoxyCharm post up and another announcement…looks like Nerdy Shique Universe will be heading for Anime Festival Orlando, so look out for any convention spotlights for this year’s convention! Stay tuned!

Ipsy Time: November 2014 + Ipsy Me Offer!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Guess what time is it? It’s Ipsy time! So, I am back from Daytona and this is my bag for November! I did get it through the mail last weekend but since I was not at home and on the coast couldn’t do the review and see what’s in it! I am glad to be home and got it! Let’s see what I got!


Theme: Girl Meets Glitter! This month’s theme is “Girl Meets Glitter!” I feel as though this month’s theme should’ve been next month’s theme because that is when glitter tends to come in play with the holidays but hey, not bad of a theme. I would have a feeling that the December theme would have a nice theme to it due to Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Channakah.


The Bag! The bag is how a lot of video bloggers talked about in how it is plastic with the glitter inside the plastic, which is really nice and you don’t have it flying all over! Kind of like when I went to Spirit for my first time one Halloween time. Apparently Ipsy collaborated with Forever 21 to make this bag and I like it! I even like how soft the bag is ionthe inside! Lovin’ it!


IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye! Item number 1 is something I gave to my mom and that is the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye concealer! I do have bags but it is mostly anti-aging items and don’t tend to use them. I did hear IT cosmetics is a really good brand and that their concealer is also pretty good! A full size of this at Ulta retails $24 but knowing that my mom may like it she may get the full size!


Marc Anthony Oil of Morrocco Argon Oil Hairspray! Man! That was a mouthful! Anyways, this something I was happy about and that’s the Marc Anthony Argon oil hairspray! I started using the Suave Professionals Morroccon infused shampoo and conditioner and loved that stuff a lot and I did hear a lot of Ipsters received this in their bag! I am glad that I did too and it gives me a way of trying out hairsprays that won’t hurt my hair and it is with argon oil and carotene on top of it! The size is pretty nice to be in the bag. I can’t wait to use this and also take it back with me to Daytona. I know this hairspray is like $8, close to the price of an Aveeno dry shampoo and plus I am an Ulta and Walgreens, which I heard they sold this, member. I will see how this works. And I believe this is also made by the singer!


Star Lux Gem Eye Pencil in Ultra Olive! Finally I get to try Star Lux! I never got the lip gloss last month by them and I did try trading for the Obsidian pencil from someone but somehow they said we weren’t a match. Ticked off by that thank you! I am so glad I get to try a product by them and it is the gem pencil in Ultra Olive! I noticed a lot of Ipsters got this one and not the purple one. I wouldn’t mind for the purple but this one would look nice with my Esmeralda eye shadow I traded for last month. They weren’t kidding when the packaging is hard to open like the envelope that the bag came in! Ipsy, did you send us that thing in that envelope because of the bulk of the items this time around!? It is pretty smooth when you do apply! Okay, I hope they send me more Star Lux items because Mari Blue Cat is definitely curious!


CRX Anti Aging Lotion! Okay, I got something by a company I never heard of and they are known as CRX and looking at the Ipsy page for them looks like they use natural ingredients! If you guys got any of the two items you would either get the expoliant for the body and face or the birch sap lotion which is also for the body and face! I got the lotion which I wanted it to be that since I can use it on my knees and hands because of how I read braille and it does cause my hands to get dry and I do have ashy knees. I hope this stuff works, I do like the body butter, which I have not used since I got it, it’s in my room in Daytona so I can use this until I get back.


J Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paint in Mad Splatter! I never heard of Jay Cat until Eleventh Gorgeous got products by them in Ipsy and it’s good to be a part of Ipsy because I get to finally try them out! I got the color in Mad Splatter which is a pretty dark color according to people but hey at least I like the vampy lip! I do like how the packaging is a paint tube because Hot Topic did package their War Paint lip stuff that way along with some glitter gels they had. I can’t wait to wear this to try it out.


Overall: This month’s bag was pretty good! I know I would probably use the concealer but I thought my mom would use it more than I would and it was worth getting it so she can try something new. She did get some of my Ulta samples last time. I also did give her the hair mask from the September bag, I hope she used that thing. I was really happy overall! I mean I got the hair spray which let’s me try out something good, the eye pencil from Star Lux which I was curious in that company, the Jay Cat lip paint, which I never tried and I heard they are similar to OCC Lip Tars, which I never tried, and the Birch Sap lotion by CRX which I did put on my hands and knees and it has a nice cooling effect! This is an awesome thing!


Bonus: Ipsy Me Offer of the Ofra eye shadow pallet! I did end up getting something in the Ipsy Me page and that is an eye shadow pallet by Ofra! I never heard of Ofra cosmetics until Ipsy had an offer on their eye shadow pallet, well one of them and it includes twenty shades. It did say in the offer that they are also cream shadows and to me they feel more powdery than creamy. The brand is pretty much a skin care and beauty brand which is pretty high end! This pallet would normally cost $79 and Ipsy offered it for $28 and I was glad to get it! This is a nice magnetic pallet with a mirror and it is pretty nice. I never thought I would get something high end again outside of an Ipsy bag and thought it would be worth it after getting it with free shipping! I wanted to do a video on this but since my trip from Daytona tired me out, I’d rather write a little bit about it. And also for reading this, you guys get a code for 40% off your entire purchase on and the code is ipsyme40 and just enter it at Check Out! The offer ends on December 8th by the way! Forgot to mention, the shadows can be placed in another magnetic pallet if you want since you can pop these out!


Well, that is it! This month’s bag was a good one and I hope next month’s bag comes as good as this one! And of course, if you haven’t joined Ipsy! You can go to their website and it only costs $10 a month and you get items from a lot of high end, online, and drugstore companies! Also, youget the Ipsy Me offer alerts in e-mails because you can’t get offers like these anywhere!


What is next!? My first spotlight on Omni Expo 2015! And of course, my faves for November and December next month, and wrap up 2014 with my Bests and Worsts of the year! Stay tuned for all that!


MythiCon 2014: Eric Stuart Interview

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! So you saw my Opening Ceremonies video and the clip from Eric Stuart’s live performance and now it’s time to bring on the interviews!


The first interview of the weekend was one I waited all of August and going into September leading up to the weekend and that is with Eric Stuart! He has done so many characters over the years including the original Brock and James from Pokemon, Seto Kaiba in Yu-Gi-Oh and of course Gourry Gabrieve in all five seasons of Slayers! I had the honor to interview him at this year’s MythiCon and if you’re wondering, was I nervous? Yes until he entered the room and didn’t know it. I even did this finger tapping thing until Gondras got back from the bathroom to start but when it started it went well. And reason why it’s in two parts was because my phone gave out and made the joke of “I think Opening Ceremonies was too epic for my phone.” It did get a chuckle out of him but we got it done! Enjoy! Also check out his EP when it comes out in December and the clip in the previous post! And a heads up, that is me in the Pokémon Ranger cosplay and you do get to hear Gondras speak in British because he was the Tom Baker Doctor that weekend, so if you got a Jelly Baby, you know who it came from!


And next interview will be with John Swasey!

Ipsy Impressions August 2014

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe. I know I was going to do my favorites post but decided to my impressions on my first Ipsy products and then do the favorites post so I don’t have to combine them together in one huge post since I have so many favorites, especially with MetroCon happening in July. Stay tuned for all that.


So, I got my very first Ipsy bag this month and liked the products while other people seemed to get other products and sounded either excited or meh or disappointed in their videos and I feel like with the samples itt gives me a chance to try out new products in the high end range and see how I feel or if I would pick up the full size if I wanted to. On top of that, the sizes may be small in some products I kind of feel like it fits with the Back to School theme they are going for and it’s hard to find ways of lugging full size products in a backpack and need to be on the small side and also traveling. I like the idea and of course with the small sizes this month with two of the products, yeah they would run out quickly but you can get the full size if you want to or not, so I am not disappointed! What do I think about each product?


Jersey Shore Sun Magongo Anti-Aging Lip Conditioner in Mandarin Green Orange Ginger: A lot of the Ipsters got this lip balm and others got other lip balms depending on their bags but I think this one was given out the most since I seen videos where subscribers got this and I was one of them. I used this right away after I finished my Sparkle Sugar Shine lip balm from Lip Smackers and I like the feeling but what I hated about this lip balm is how it gets destroyed so easily! What I mean is that it seems to fall apart pretty easily in some points, especially when I checked on how much I had left by pushing it up to get an idea of it, when I tried pushing it down it caused it to fall apart even more, especially while I put it on my lips so I had to take the top off to keep it from not doing that anymore and it got finished off within like four days I gotit because I used it so much and how my lips thirsted for the moisture. Since I liked it so much, I may get another down the road but now since I have so many lip balms, I should see what else Ipsy sends me since September is right around the corner, new bag soon! Not bad of a lip balm!


Urban Decay Perversion Mascara: As said in the “What’s In My Ipsy Bag August 2014” post I had a feeling that Ipsy read my mind when I picked up the Naked Basics pallet and knew that I was inching into mascaras lately since I do have the Miss Manga, the Ulta Voluminous Mascara in my free make up bag, and CK One, and of course the ones that came with my Disney villain books which I am not sure if I will use right now since I am liking this one and the Miss Manga so far! I haven’t tried out the other two yet since CK One is pretty expensive and glad to get it free, who knows when I will use it and the Ulta one. I decided to wear this mascara, the Perversion, to check it out for one night last night and what I liked about it is that it didn’t spread if my eyes twitch a little, it just stays on the lashes even while in application. I can kind of see why Urban Decay is pretty big in the cosmetics realm but I am not sure if I will go and pick up a full size of this unless I get my points racked up again at Ulta or something, still it’s pretty good and it’s a decent sample size! Plus it comes off pretty easily when I had to remove it since it doesn’t feel like a waterproof formula or close to it. I did see some people get the free eye liner in their bag if they didn’t get this, but glad I got this!


Paula’s Choice Moisturizer with SPF 30+: I know it has a longer name but I think this will be easier to say! When I was watching other subscriber videos, I didn’t see many people get this product! People got the Dr. Brandt Primer, the shimmer lotion, a dry shampoo or both the primer and shimmer lotion or the shampoo and lotion, and other bags did get a body lotion made with volcanic minerals, so not many people got this item like I did. I have been using it since I got it and well it’s not that bad but I feel that it doesn’t react well with my Celestial moisturizer when I put it on later on, it makes my skin feel itchier if I put it on and I did feel itchy when I used it as a base for my make up. I formed two tiny zits when I did it with my make up, one close to my left eye and the other on my left cheek in a diagonal direction from the eye one except the one near my eye vanished all thanks to my acne control wipes from Stridex but trying to get rid of the other! Plus, it has too much of a greasy feeling if I try not too put too much but it feels matifying once it dries! I am definitely not going to get a full size of this once I’m done, I feel like it is not the best kind of moisturizer for my skin, if it was meant for it then I may get it but not a sensitive skin friend in my book. I am also glad I didn’t get the primer since it was meant for oily to combination skin and don’t have that. I wished Ipsy put “sensitive” on the survey as my skin type question. I guess it’s due to how most places make stuff that is meant for it and other companies aren’t. Not sure if I will retake the quiz to change it up, I will see what September holds for me!


Coastal Sense Forever Blush Duo: Normally I don’t go for blush but I had to crawl out of the box a little bit and try this out! I was kind of jealous when some of the bags came with eye shadows I love eye shadow but since I hear good things about Coastal Sense all thanks to Make Up Freak, I had to give it a try! I tend to put the blush on my cheek bones (I know it’s supposed to be the apples but I watched a make up artist and he says to do it on the bones since you naturally blush there and it looks better that way as well!) and then blend it in with my powder to make it look natural and that nothing’s there. It feels pretty comfortable like nothing is there once you know you put it on. I may have to try my other blushes I have from Ulta and see how they go but the Coastal Sense ones are pretty good.


Lord and Berry Kajal Kohl Eye Liner pencil: I never heard of Lord and Berry until now, well since other people got products by them in the past in their bags and now I got one! This eyeliner is a small one and some people were sad about the size, except for me of course! If any of you got any of the E. L. F. pallet books during Christmas and know the pencil liner that comes with them, it’s basically the same size and I don’t mind if it is. If I need to, I may pop it into my make up bag and head out. Plus, I think the size would be adequate for anyone who is starting in eyeliner and usually sampling them would help know what you like, if need be, find a dupe for it if the person can’t afford it or the company discontinues it since I seen it before. This eyeliner is pretty smooth to go on and it glides pretty well! Need to be careful since it can smudge all over the place since of course with kohl it used to be liquidy and that’s how this pencil feels, especially with a liquid eyeliner placed on top of it. So, will I get a full size of this? If they have other colors maybe, but I am more comfortable with the Wet N Wild pen liner I use for black and the NYX, WNW, and E. L. F. ones but at least I get the samples to try them out and see how I like it and may get a full size if I wanted to.


Well, with one product being a disappointment, to me the others are better and I am not disappointed with these four items! I liked the lip balm, the eyeliner, blush, and mascara since those worked out the best while the moisturizer, I will finish that up and toss it. I think I remembered I didn’t want skin care related stuff, it was a while back but hey at least this wasn’t bad and of course I am excited about September and see what that may bring in the bag!


So, what’s next!? July and August Faves!


MetroCon: Interview with Dante Basco

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! So it’s time to start my MetroCon interview series! This year I had more than two interviews and man it went fast even though they were timed, but hey I still kept them in the limit! Let’s get this thing started with Dante Basco! You may know him as the title character, Jake Long, American Dragon Jake Long back on Disney Channel and Rufio from Hook and of course, Prince Zuko in Avatar: The Last Airbender! I was glad to interview him and meet him for the first time since it was his second year at MetroCon and he was at KnightroKon this year as well. What did I ask him?


Me and Dante Basco.

Me and Dante Basco.

Mari Blue Cat: You have been at MetroCon here in Tampa, how does it feel to be back?

Dante Basco: It’s awesome! My first thing I got off the plane was “Wow! It’s really been a year since MetroCon?” So crazy, it’s actually pretty cool since I’m new to the con world!

MBC: Right!

DB: And this is actually the first con I’ve done more than once! So it’s kinda nice to be back and see a lot of familiar faces and catch up like if anyone got married in the last year, people had like a kid in the last year. It’s a cool experience the other side of the con world…the familial side of it, the parrrt of it where con folk are some kind of family kind of people that are in this con world! I met some people from other cons that go to other cons and other kind of stuff, that’s always fun! And coming back to MetroCon a year later is cool and I kinda know what I’m doing this time.


MBC: I have heard that you were at ShadowCon and also KnightroKon!

DB: KnightroKon in Orlando that’s what you’re talking about?

MBC: Mmhmm!

DB: Exactly! I asked someone “Why is there so many cons in Florida? So crazy!”

MBC: Yeah, Orlando just started a new one called Omni Expo and it was the same weekend as Florida Anime Experience!

DB: Well, Florida, Orlando in particular, loves theme parks and cons I guess! ::laughs a little::

MBC: Mmhmm! Chris Patton, one of the guests at Omni Expo, was like “I’m back in Orlando and I get to go to Disney again!”

DB: A con is like a theme park without the rides. I guess the talent is the rides I guess!

MBC: Pretty much!

DB: To a certain degree!

MBC: Yeah, I’ve been a convention goer since ’05 so I know the feeling!


MBC: So, what has been your favorite convention experience?

DB: I don’t know! I’m still pretty new to it, I guess they’re all fun! Metro was like my first con in America, one of my first cons in America, [and] Uruguay. Really I’ve been doing cons since last year! Of course, the first one here and have been some out of the country. The travel, this is the first one in America, which is pretty much your favorite one. I still gotta get my bearings…they all have different things about them you know, it’s a hard question! I remembered in Oklahoma was a con it was out in, you know Tampa is a big city and these cons are usually in bigger cities, when you go to cons in these smaller cities it’s more intimate con situation.

MBC: Yeah!

DB: It’s a different experience, we’re in this one hotel where we’re drinking meats with the actors and directors and the con is happening all around us…not during but after hours where we see all the people, you kind of get the feel of the part of the con in a unique and strange way!


MBC: Have you been a convention attendee before you became famous?

DB: Nope! I think I started going to ComiCon in San Diego about seven or eight years ago! I started going because we were doing press for Avatar: The Last Airbender and that kind of stuff. So, I’ll go back there and do panels there. I did do one day though as a con attendee, which was a great experience because a friend of mine out in L. A. is a big toy collector so he gets tickets to ComiCon and was like “Let’s go!” So, I just went there with him and just did the lines and ran around early to get the toys that he wanted to get and get an education side of the toy side of cons.

MBC: Especially with figures…

DB: Figures, limited stuff, there’s websites for all this stuff, you get this thing and you buy it for this. They get this to sell on EBay, this is free, you gotta get tickets for this, it was kind of a crazy experience, it was fun to experience it like that! Standing in line with people and hanging out you know! Forty five minutes in line and have someone go “Hey aren’t you?” And I’m like “yeah! Yeah!”

MBC: It’s like “Shhh! Don’t tell anybody!”

DB: Yeah, no, we’re just hanging out! ComiCon San Diego is so big and crazy you just get lost in the crazy and melee of it!


MBC: What was the funniest thing that a fan brought you to sign or as a gift?

DB: One of my favorite and funniest things was a girl from here, last year, named Momo, I think she’s coming back this year, she made me these rubber duckies of all my characters. Super cool! She wrote me online saying she had something new but she didn’t want to reveal it online. I can’t wait! Last year, she had the rubber duckie of Rufio, a rubber duckie of Zuko, a rubber duckie of Jake Long, and a rubber duckie of Iro the 2nd. I Iro hadn’t even come out yet, I don’t know, I was like “Really? That’s really cool!” So cool!


MBC: Do you miss American Dragon Jake Long?

DB: Yeah! I love that guy! He’s a great character, a great show! We had such a great time doing it! Me and May, D’Magio, the wwhole crew is cool! The first series, that was so fun. In a lot of ways I love Zuko, I love Rufio, but just me walking around like a grown up Jake Long really.


MBC: If they made a sequel to Jake Long would you come back for it?

DB: Yeah maybe? My voice does sound the same!

MBC: Yeah it does actually!

DB; ::laughs::

MBC: You kind of go deeper for Zuko!

DB: Yeah, maybe something like that! Maybe I thought younger when I was Jake!

MBC: Yeah, unless they make him teenager or grown up Jake!


MBC: What has been your favorite episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender as Zuko?

DB: So many cool episodes, right? I don’t know, thinking back on it I loved the episode with my father when he gets scarred. I love the episode where he goes on a date, Zuko, I love seeing the colors in that character. It’s awesome! I love all the episodes with Azula because she’s one of my favorite characters and working with Grey is amazing! I love that relationship between Zuko and Azula, it’s kinda like this dysfunctional, sibling rivalry. Almost deadly, so I love that and her banter’s always great.


MBC: Are there any other characters you like besides Zuko?

DB: Yeah! Azula is one of my favorite characters! I love Saka, he’s a very character! I like all the characters, you know? Kaetara’s great, May’s a great friend I always love seeing her do her work and that character is very interesting. Uncle Iro with Mako, all the characters are so amazing!


MBC: I know you work with so many voice actors that are famous like Mark Hammel, Grey Desole, even Steven J. Blum for Legend of Kora, how does it feel to work with them?

DB: I am just in awe when I’m working with them! Sometimes you’re really thankful that you’re in the same room with these people! Mega talented, in the presence of these people. Like I said, I come from on-screen. Happy that people enjoy my voice acting work and when I get hired to do voice acting, I’m always like, “Thank you!” It’s not something I take for granted. It’s something that I celebrate the people that are amazing at the casts that you just mentioned!


MBC: What has been the funniest thing that happened in the booth?

DB: I don’t know! There’s always shenanigans going on there! Funny? It’s just the people you’re with like Grey Delisle, John D’Magio they’re really funny in the booth, Kevin Michael Richardson, they’re really entertaining. In specific, it’s hard to say, a lot of times in the booth we’re talking and we’re doing the characters and we’re doing our scene and people are talking about their lives and people are commenting on their lives, it turns into a whole therapy session which is hilarious. About relationships and family. It’s always fun! It becomes this very big family thing!


MBC: I hear that people cosplay as Rufio in the convention scene today, how do you feel about that?

DB: They’re cool. I never thought of doing it that people would cosplaying the character, you know? You’re kind of doing the character. Start seeing people cosplaying as Rufio for their Halloween costume and now being in the convention scene, I’ve seen the most amazing Rufio cosplayers. I think they’re doing amazing jobs, I love how people put the detail into it and they write me on Tumblr or what not and question me about the costume, which is great. I get a kick out of girls cosplay as Rufio. Gender bender is cool!


MBC: Are there any new projects that you can talk about?

DB: Animated wise, not really there are some video games I’m coming out in. There’s a new character in a new original series that you can’t really talk about! It will be coming out! And of course the last season of Legend of Kora is coming out, which just started! All that stuff is pretty cool. I can’t talk about that stuff because of NDAs. And beyond that, there’s things I’m shooting, there’s a fresh company in Hawaii called Conectic Films, we’re doing a lot of Asian Pacific Island films.

MBC: Really!?

DB: Yeah, we just done one called Hang Loose with me and Kevin Jum which is on ITunes right now! You can download it right now, it’s called hang loose! And I co-write that one! I have another that we just finished called Man Up and Paradise Broken and then I finished co-writing a film called Red Roses for a kid called Adra Rafael which is a YouTube singer, it’s a musical based off his first album and hoping that we film that before the end of the year. And I’m doing a play called Midnight Make Out Session I wrote in downtown La, for people in LA, it is going to have a cool, little run at the end of summer.


(Note: Couldn’t hear the name of the YouTube singer, but keep a look out for the musical!)


MBC: I guess you like writing a lot!

DB: Yeah, acting, writing, you know it’s a part of the creative process. Trying to be expressive!


Well, that was it for my interview with Dante Basco! It was awesome that I got to interview him since I was a fan of American Dragon Jake Long and did enjoy watching Avatar: The Last Airbender and if only I can catch more episodes of Legend of Kora I would be happy but Nickelodeon has this weird thing of showing episodes out of order and at weird times. Still, it was great interviewing the guy and actually meeting him. What was also great was he also asked me questions about my visual impairment before and after the interview, he even thought the Braille Sense was a pretty nice invention and did ask me about how hard it was learning Braille. So, it wasn’t just an interview with him but also an interview with me which was fun! Hoping he comes back to Orlando or Tampa in the next year or so.


Who is next? Richard Epcar!

MetroCon Haul 2014

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe!Well, since the convention passed last weekend it’s time to see what I got! As you know from my review that I mentioned the dealer room was bigger this year and it felt better since there were more vendors involved. What I like about the Metro dealer room over other dealer rooms is that they get anime vendors from all over Florida and a few from out of state like Aardvark Tees as an example! With this year, it felt like I didn’t get much but at the same time I got things that were within my budget and didn’t overspend like I usually do at these things and don’t have enough left, but I am glad I have a nice start for saving to go to MythiCon in two months. So, let’s see what I got!


Whotalia and 12 Doctors shirts from Aardvark: Yes, they were there this year and apparently they were there last year as well but couldn’t find them then and was able to find them this year all thanks to Tobi and Vivi! Love you guys! So, as you know I love these guys’ shirts and have been buying from them since 2007 with the “Stop Touching Me” shirt all in Braille and have gotten many other shirts like “It’s Lupus,” “What’s Your Name Again?” in Death Note writing, and the most recent that I wore to Omni Expo and a May and June favorite, the Gypsy Danger petting Eva Unit 1 shirt that Ellyn McLain loved! This time around I was happy to get the shirt I wanted to go back to the Etsie shop for and that is the Whotalia shirt where Daleks are chasing England from Hitalia! I loved the premise of the shirt since I love the Daleks from Dr. Who and even have a necklace, wanted to get this shirt for myself. I was going to send a friend to get it at AFO for me since we aren’t going to AFO again even if Troy Baker’s a guest there as well, but glad to find it at Metro. I am sending the friend to get the Space Police Box mug instead since the guy running the stand at Metro said he didn’t have it with him but his dad had it with him and may have it at AFO. I love collecting mugs btw. I also did get Gondras a shirt and it’s a newer version of the the one I got him back in 2012 which had all of the Doctors leading up to the 10th from what I remembered but this time it has all 12 and this time it goes in order on a clock type way for the shirt, as in the first is one on the clock and goes up to the 12th at the top where 12 is on the clock. It’s pretty cool and glad they printed it in time for Metro which Gondras wanted an updated version and glad they had it. Hoping my friend finds the “Keep Calm Have a Jelly Baby” shirt at AFO since he cosplayed the 4th Doctor for this one and planning to do it for MythiCon.


Happy Backpack from Fairy Tail: Yes, I got another Happy item! Can’t help loving the blue kitty that Natsu has in the series, even though I love Rogue’s kitty, Fra or Frosh according to some translations, but I was glad to get the backpack! At first I almost bought it on EBay when I found it while searching for Carla and Panther Lily as plushies but had to hold back since I was cosplay gathering back then as well and buying other items, I hoped to find it at a convention and was glad to find it at Metro at the stand next to Aardvark! This backpack is huge for a plush backpack but what makes me sad is that they ALWAYS make the pouch inside the size of a coin purse almost. I can’t fit my wallet in it! Seriously makers of these backpacks, make bigger pouches especially with the bigger plushie ones like Happy and Vivi’s Pikachu one, because these can fit more. I may take up the cat ear maker’s tip (she was there btw but didn’t buy anything for control’s sake) to cut a hole to fit more stuff. Still, should make the pouch as big as the ones in the Mokona backpacks, at least I can fit everything in those! I was still happy, he even has the paw pads like on the plushie, but both under the feet and on his hands! Still adorable!


Devil May Cry 4 wallscroll: Yes, I got another wallscroll and it happens to be the Devil May Cry 4 wallscroll of the cover from the game. I was originally looking for a wallscroll that Mr. Nerdy Shirts bought for a friend’s relative of Natsu and Gray from Fairy Tail and well the closest was probably of one with him with either Jelal or Zaref if I remembered, but I want this scroll of Natsu and Gray since it gives their rivalry a more badass look! I did find it on EBay, but want to find it at conventions first before resorting there in the future. I did find another Fairy Tail one of Lucy with Plu and almost bought it until this one got pointed out! Since you can sometimes find DMC stuff at conventions like the expensive Play Arts figures of Dante and Virgil and one of the brothers fighting in a wallscroll, which was also found but Tobi bought that one and I do like the cover of the fourth game despite that I love Virgil, it’s the voice okay! Anyways, the scroll has Nero with his demonic hand and you have Dante in the background. It would make sense that I got this one since I still have my Nero figurine in the display case. I am not sure if I will hang it or get signed, don’t know yet. Hey, another wallscroll for the collection and I let my buddy know to look out for the Natsu and Grey wallscroll.


.hack//G. U. Game 1: If you read my .hack in transmedia post, you know I was having a hard time finding the G. U. games and was happy to find the first game and the other two at Metro sold by a local game seller of old and new games, well mostly old, still I was so happy to get this since I was trying to find them! They are a bit on the pricey side since Rebirth, the first of the three, was $65 and the other two were $70 but I lived and gave up the money for the first but at least I can go back and get the other two when I find them at the conventions or find the shop online if I can. I am so glad this is in my hands and can watch Roots and see what else happens after watching it in this game trilogy! Still happy!


Attack On Titan Season 1 Part 1 and Jinro: Okay, besides games I also picked up two anime DVDs, well one is a DVD and Blue Ray combo and the other just a DVD and it was a hard to find. If you guys watch Anime Abandoned on That Guy With the Glasses like I do, if you haven’t and going to MythiCon where Bennet the Sage is going to be, watch it! Watch it! Anyways, Bennet mentioned one of his fave movies was called Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade and for a while me and Gondras were looking for it at FYE and couldn’t find it until this year’s Metro at a DVD stand that had it! Yes folks! We have it and glad we found it for close to $20. Even though we did find Roots at this stand as well but I saw the copy they had was $20 more than my copy I bought during AFO, Gondras did point out the soundtrack but I realized it has music by a girl group I don’t like from Japan. Sorry guys, my ears do spot pretty good music when they do and this group doesn’t catch them. But I did get Season 1 Part 1 of Attack On Titan which was released a month ago if I remembered after Omni Expo. I thought I would buy it since I missed episodes on Toonami due to events and falling asleep, don’t worry I didn’t miss the first episode of Levi appearing which knowing this part will have it too! Plus, I can also get it signed next year since I felt bad for having nothing for Matthew Mercer which I realized after transcribing his interview that he was in a Fullmetal Alchemist movie, Second Star of Milos, which I can get that signed next year, also signed by Mike McFarland, Trina Nishimura, and Josh Grell next year! Still, glad to get this so I can watch what I missed and well had to leave it with Gondras since my parents wouldn’t probably like hearing certain phrases and seeing floor ketchup spouting all over the place!


Soul Eater messenger bag with Maka, Soul, and Blair: As you know, I love messenger bags along with plushie backpacks, which I use these for purses now due to my newest purse backpack is teeny weeny and my old one is wearing out, even though I may be hunting for a new one for a job, but I use a messenger bag for everyday use for my stuff and of course for conventions for easy access except for MetroCon Friday when my bag was on my very back! So, I got a new bag and it’s another one of from one of my other all time fave anime series, Soul Eater and saw it Friday, well described by Mr. Nerdy Shirts and it is of Maka and Soul together and Blair is on Maka’s head in cat form. I didn’t want to let it go even though they also had an awesome Tiger and Bunny one that has comics version of the two characters, Kotetsu and Barnaby, but hoping they will be back next year or find it at Mythic! At least I got this one and now using it. It is the same size and design as my Erza Scarlet bag that I got at AFO in 2012 and loving it! What’s sad though that there is no zipper for the main compartment, which I wish it had like my Kyo and Sanrio ones. Oh wells!


Plu plushie from Fairy Tail: Since I cosplay as Lucy and have all of her keys and I do wear my Happy wristband with it, but now I have another prop to go with it! It is a Plu plushie! If you seen RaveMaster or Groove Adventure Rave in Japan, Plu was the traveling dog creature with Haru and in Fairy Tail he is a summon as a call back element. He is one of the silver keys that get bought by Lucy in episode 1. So now I can act like I can summon him and carry him around. Not sure if I will be doing Lucy for Mythic since I am planning to do my Pokemon Ranger character. Still glad I got Plu! I did hear there is a backpack and almost bought it on EBay, but will find it at a convention like with Happy!


Raichu and Glaceon plushies from Pokemon: Besides the hearings of Aardvark being a dealer at Metro and finding Happy backpack, Tobi and Vivi told me about the many amounts of Pokemon plushies in the dealer room and found one of the stands that had them! I picked up two of them and one of them is a mini version of Raichu and a small Glaceon plushie. I did try gettinga Glaceon plushie last year but saw the stand sold out and was glad to find one at a different dealer, even though he is a little bigger than my Jolteon and smaller than my Flareon and Leafeon plushies, this size will do and glad I got one! I may get the other Evees another time since I did get Raichu in mini size and glad I was able to find him! This one is a rare plushie according to EBay in Japan and didn’t want to lose that chance since I may want to bring my Pokemon Ranger costume next year or to Metro and use the smaller one instead the huge one I have safely kept. I should’ve seen if they had a Skitty! I can’t help it, cute little kitty!


I know it doesn’t seem much but I am so glad I had self control and glad that I did run into the cat ear maker again and also bumped into one of the Omni dealers that I bought my Sasuke and Deidara figures, this time his inventory did grow and need to get incontact with him about the Deidara headband since I was trying to find it to do the costume! What also made me happy to know is that I did bump into the seller that I got Gondras’ “Keep Calm! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG!” shirt for Christmas who also make wood boxes and pendants, they remembered me for something that had happened during Holiday Matsuri and I should tell it here. During Matsuri, I thought I lost the FullMetal Autograph and I was upset the entire day and it happened at their stand as well when I saw it missing from my autograph bag! The guy who was part of the stand made sure that the staff and dealers kept their eyes out for it, also volunteers, and they felt sorry for me. Luckily to the major extreme, a person brought it to Lost and Found and Mr. Nerdy Shirts picked it up for me and got it signed by J. Michael Tatum, who was also happy it got found, which is on one of the shoes. When I saw these guys at Metro again, they were happy that it was found and told me that I was always in their thoughts. I almost thought about buying something from them, but I will ask for a customized item in the future since I have their flier and card in my bag. It is very sweet and still makes me happy that the Holiday Matsuri head did find my prized plush beautiful with all the signatures on it! And another moment that made me happy was how Vivi did get her pic with Scott McNeill, who went into the dealer room to check out things for a little while and glad to see the guy again!


Well, that is it! Now that this haul is done time to start my interviews! Stay tuned for the first, Dante Basco!

Omni Expo: Interview With TeamFourStar!

(Left to right): Me, Takahata, Lani, and Kaiser

(Left to right): Me, Takahata, Lani, and Kaiser

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! So, during Omni Expo I held interviews with some of the guests and one of them happened to be some of the funniest guys on the ‘net and they are known for making abridged versions of DBZ, Hellsing Ultimate, and now Attack On Titan. They also had favorite phrases made famous such as “God dammit Nappa!” and the “Krillin Owned Count” popular! Who are they? Why they are TeamFourStar! How was the interview? Read below to find out! BTW, I will do my best in knowing who was who, Lanipator, Takahata101, and KaiserNeko were the ones as guests!


Mari Blue Cat: So, you have been to conventions all over the United States, how does it feel to be at one of the many here in Orlando?


Takahata101: We’re sweating our Dragonballs off!

KaiserNeko: you were waiting for that at the beginning of the panel to use that one! Honestly, this is great! I love this venue, this is the best venue that I think we’ve ever been at for a convention! It’s beautiful and got to come in early and soak by the pool and enjoy myself. I love the layout here and it seems like it will get very lively out here!

MBC: Wait until tomorrow!

Kaiser: Last time we were in Florida was Tampa and it gives us a different side of Florida and it’s great to see our South Western Fans…

Taka: South Eastern!

Kaiser: Our South Eastern Fans!

Taka: Actually with meeting other fans, we get to meet our fans from ChaotiCon!


MBC: How does it feel to go to conventions and meeting fans that enjoy your work?


Kaiser: It’s great! Honestly, it never gets less overwhelming because you go to these places and be face to face with those people who leave those comments on YouTube and be like “Ho hoho! You were the one who said that!”

Taka: Actually, it’s kind of one of the reasons that I still like…I still love doing the show for a lot of reasons but getting to meet our fans like meeting them face to face knowing that you’re making them laugh and entertaining them, that is is the most fulfilling thing. I absolutely love meeting fans is one of the best parts of the job!


MBC: Since DBZ Abridged has been getting big and bigger, ave you thought it would get this big?


Taka: No!

Kaiser: God no! When we first started, we were living far apart from each other, we still do, but we were thinking “yeah this would be a fun project to do.” We got 10 20 thousand subscribers, yeah this would be great and then we started getting invited to cons and thinking in the beginning we won’t be able to meet each other and this is a fun project to do while we figure out our future and six years later…

Taka: Yeah…

Kaiser: This has slowly become our future and where we are like these guys are going to be groomsmen at my wedding! I’m curious! How many subscribers have we invited to our first con?


Taka: 200!

Kaiser: 200,000 really?

Lanipator: It was around 250,000 and that was by the end of season 1!

Kaiser: I don’t think we didn’t have 250, 000 by then. I think we had about over a hundred thousand.

Taka: Yeah…maybe a hundred thousand by then. We used to joke about going to cons, it was funny it would be unlikely!

Lani: Remember back in the day when I had like 45 thousand subscribers that was a lot to us!

Kaiser: Remember when (LittleKuriboh) with 70 thousand was one of the top 25 YouTubers! And now we have 1.2 million subscribers!

(Note: It was hard to tell Kaiser and Lanipator apart since we had to do the interview at their dealer room table, so I am doing the best I can!)


MBC: Are you still recording and scripting the entire thing?


All Three: Yep!

Taka: Same process! Never deviated from it!

Kaiser: We never change the process but we have to change the hours to fit each other’s schedule but the process has stayed the same!

Lani: And we’ve been branching out to more things and planning to branch out since we built a stable basis and starting to springing up more pillars.

Kaiser: Yeah considering DBZ like we have such a finite amount it is never seemed to be limited to the amount and now that we’re looking at Cell and then we’re looking at Boo which is a very long arc!

Lani: There’s a lot to be cut!

Kaiser: We have a finite amount of show now, we are at the stage of our “career” where we’re looking at more options to expand upon our brand.


MBC: Even though this is supposed to be a later question, are there any other series you want to abridge?


Kaiser: Not specifically, we’re looking at doing other things besides abridging in the future. Although there are some options I won’t get far into that may be similar to what we do now.

Lani: We like to follow the same format of serial comedy that is episodic and the best formats to invest in a lot of new characters. It gets to the point where like in Philadelphia where the plot can be a cup and someone stole a cup and it can be an hour episode in finding that cup and can be the funniest episode…

Kaiser: I am waiting for that episode of Bar Rescue…

Lani: It would be the greatest episode because they can’t rescue that bar!


MBC: Have watched any of the past episodes and wish you could change?


Lani: All the time! First and foremost to see how far we’ve come. Especially you Kaiser, you go back and be like “This is what I used to do! Oh God!” My editing has gotten better over time I still don’t think I’m where I need to be…

Kaiser: So is your humbleness!

Lani: As I said, I still think I’m not where I need to be! I think we are improving as time is going on and if you don’t look back and look at the process and don’t think you could’ve done better then something wrong with it.

Kaiser: There is also the fact of looking back saying “Oh wow we did that really good!” not necessarily in a mastubatory sense but in the sense of “Wow, we’re proud of how that came out and should do more of that.”

Taka: If you can’t be proud of your accomplishments you’ve made, then you’re not going…if you’re not proud then you won’t have that confidence to continue break boundaries.

Kaiser: It’s like when we look at YouTube comments, big channels say don’t look at the comments it would break you down!

MBC: Right!

Kaiser: But the only way of knowing what your audience likes is by looking at it. Granted you are going to get…it has gotten to the point where every video we make is either the best or worst, because what we do is so subjective in terms of our fanbase.

Lani: It’s humor….

Kaiser: Humor is the most subjective things there is!

Lani: People think Boo is not funny but to 25 thousand people he is!


MBC: Since you guys do Hellsing Ultimate Abridged and Attack On Titan Abridged, how did those come about?


Lani: Hellsing came around when I was watching a movie and wanted to work on it and I kept on coming up with jokes! People kept saying that we can’t make Hellsing funny. You can make anything hilarious when you spend a lot of tiiiimmmeee on it!

Kaiser: And with the right mind of course!

Lani: So to speak as well and have a KaiserNeko!

Taka: You can buy them in the stores!

Lani: People ask me “Why not do the episode with a KaiserNeko so it would be much easier?”

Kaiser: What happened to did it break down?

Taka: We’re a timed commitment and we break the furniture!

Lani and MBC: ::laughter::

Lani: About Attack On Titan, it was a love for a really fun fun series!


MBC: I heard, is it true that it is on hiatus?


Lani: Yep it is on hiatus but in the meantime we will be tackling other projects!

MBC: That’s good!

Kaiser: Something that the fans would love as much!


MBC: I know that you worked with Linkara for an April Fool’s joke with an episode of Gundam, how fun was that?


Lani: It was okay, he handed us a script and I recorded a little video for him in the end!

Taka: ::does an impersonation of Linkara:: Takahata101, do you want to be in my abridged series? ::goes on as himself:: Who would’ve guessed that you would come to me, now kiss my ring and we will get it done!

Kaiser(?): ::in Godfather voice:: You missed the day of my daughter’s wedding and you ask for a favor.

Taka: Yes I do! ::Linkara voice:: Yes! ::proceeds as himself:: The funny thing is that was the second time I was asked to do the voice of Nolen Bright in a Gundam series! The fun part actually I was the only serious character in the entire thing who was completely no nonsense! So I was like “Okay, are you sure the performance is good? I didn’t overplay him?” We actually did another video with him at Midwest Expo which was another fun video and he is fun to record with and that was for his Lady Death review!

Lani: I don’t remember what it was, I remember recording it!


I did have one more question and it was based on the celebrities they had appear in their stuff, such as Kyle Hebert as Santa Claus in Christmas Tree of Might and Jessica Cavillo as Rip Van Winkle in Hellsing Ultimate Abridged but didn’t get much of a question from what I listened to but hey it was enjoyable to know that Jessica Cavillo is in Attack On Titan and any old Pokemon fans, she did the voice of Prima according to the Orange Island episodes, but we all know it is Lorelei!


Well, that is it for this interview! It wasn’t easy transcribing since there were more than one person, but hey the others except one is one on one! So, stay tuned for my interview with Matthew Mercer up next!

Trans Media Retrospective: .hack

Hello everyone and welcome back! Finals are over and it’s time for me to do another post and I just got a lightbulb and it is based on the project I had to do for one of my classes this spring!


So, in the light of the MetroCon theme of Old School vs. New School, I will be a part of a cosplay group with my fiance, Gondras, that deals with both .hack and Sword Art Online due to how Sword Art has been one of the newest online RPG centered series and has been on Toonami for months, why not do a versus group with a long running one called .hack which is still going on for years!


.hack is one of those series that has been transformed in many ways from being in text novels, to anime series, video games, and manga adaptations of some of the parts off the story for fans to enjoy! Trust me, when I first saw sign on Toonami back in 2004, I wanted to see more of it and that is how I got into the first round of games, Infection, Mutation, Outbreak, and Quarantine. It didn’t end there of course since it grown and now we have the newer game for the PSP, well new in our eyes, Link, it won’t probably stop there! Even TV Tropes referred to this series as “.hack//GIVE US ALL YOUR MONEY!” Which I will show you why and how it evolved into this idea!




The entire franchise of .hack deals with a virtual online MMO known as “The World,” which takes players into an online setting through headsets and using game pads hooked up to their computers so they can go through virtual zones by making keywords. Within the series, this fictional game was created by Herman Hoerwick, which created the first game where “The World” came from known as “Fragment,” and Cyber Connect aka CC Corp.


Basically, players go into Root Towns through Chaos Gates of any server that they start playing in or get transferred to since each stage they play in can be played in different servers and in order to log out, they have to be in the Root Town they started off in. In order to get to the areas to play and fight monsters and go through dungeons is based on creating three keywords and once they are made, they get sent to that area. I would warn anyone who wants to find the first set of games, or the second, or even link, be careful when making these words or choosing a random area, you may get levels that may be too hard for you and your companions that you recruited. I would say go with a level below and what level you’re at, trust me, I went through times when I was at level 9 and tried taking on level 11 areas, not easy!


What gave premise to the story? Well, it deals with viruses and how the real world in the series got effected, which the firstvirus known as Pluto’s Kiss caused a major malfunction on the internet and caused a switch to a newer system. Later on, a newer virus becomes important in the games, which I will mention later, known as “The Twilight Incident,” aka “Pluto” gives more storytelling especially in the four OVAs that you get in the games. Speaking of anime, shall we started with the video games first? Not yet! I do have to mention, there is a different version of the World that does show up as a portable version within the story! It takes place a thousand years after the original versions of the World, which gets mentioned later on in this post!


Main Characters


So, like many series that has been transformed, there are many characters that get mentioned throughout the entire series as well! I will mention the most important characters that are really the ones that the stories revolve around!


Aura: This character is basically the seed of the entire storyline! She is an AI created by Hoerwick as a dedication to his dead lover and the daughter that was supposed to be his if his lover gave him kids! She is supposed to be the perfect AI but Morgana kept her asleep in order to keep her from doing so, even during the games she gets chased by Morgana’s phases in order to keep the perfect Data Drain, which was given through a book turned into a bracelet to defeat Morgana! Here are the characters that get linked to her!


Kite, character from the games: You play as the Twin Blade Kite in the first round of games who has to save people who come under comas by the Phase, Skeith, he gets the Twilight Bracelet from Aura and criptic e-mails from her in order to beat the Eight Phases and Kubia, the Yang to the Bracelet’s Yin, which causes it to be destroyed and a new one gets made, The Dawn Bracelet.


Haseo, .hack//roots and g. u. aka Guilty Universe: The main cAlbierio, a. i. buster (not always going to put, .hack): The main character from the novel series, A. I. Buster is played in the game by a system administrator at CC Corp and has to take out any anamolies and the A. I., Lycoris, that may cause problems within the game. He does meet with Lycoris without knowing who she was while collecting the fragments of her and then deleted her when Lycoris realizes she can’t exist there. He does show up in volume 2 and ends while chasing Tsukasa and then ends up in a coma after meeting Macha and had a forced resignation placed on him for causing “The Twilight Incident,” which he was blamed for.


Shugo Kunasaki, from Legend of the Twilight: A player who thought he outgrew video games until he won a contest with his twin sister, Rrina and got an avatar version of Kite in chibi form along with his sister who got the chibi version of BlackRose that was arranged by Aura and gets in contact with him by giving him a version of Kite’s bracelet that doesn’t harm humans and becomes a character from the past in order to reunite with her daughter, Xiphi.


Tsukasa, sign: the main character of .HACK//SIGN who’s player is in a coma while his consciousness is awake in the world. Morgana keeps him from waking up Aura by placing negative thoughts into him and not reaching out to the other characters of the series until later, Subaru, Mimiru, Bear, and the others and causes Aura to awaken and let him log off.


Xiphi from Legend of the Twilight: Aura’s daughter and the A. I. that becomes attached to Shugo by smelling the scent of her mother on Shugo’s bracelet. Even though she starts out as a brat due to her attachment to Shugo and Rina, but she does mature towards the end.


Haseo from ROOTS and G.U.: a rogue and a “player killer killer,” just like the original design of him, Sora, was in the game and chased by player killers himself and then joined the Twilight Brigade, headed by Ovan. Ovan disappears while his buddy, Shino, gets placed into a coma by Ovan. He then goes up against Tri-Edge which causes him to get data drained and restored and soon gains the powers of Skeith as an avatar.


Aida from G. U.: The A. I. of the newer version of the World from the disappearance of Aura. Unlike helping the players, Aida causes players to go insane or slip into a coma in the real world. But the Eight Epitaph users, who gained avatars of the Phases from the original games, are immune to Aida’s virus and can Data Drain, which was said caused Aida in the first place due to how illegal it was.


Tokio Kuryuu from LINK: the main character in the portable game and was transported into the game after meeting the new student, Saika, who gives him a special copy of the game and meets up with Kite. He was forced to work with Saika to find the chrono Core. Tokio is seen as a double ware which is a human can be transported into the game due to a digitized technology.




Anime and Video Games:


Since I am done with characters, well the bigtger ones since it took a while, now onto anime and video games! I placed these two together because the both of them go hand in hand due to how the events for each half take on! As you know sign was the first series to start off the story, despite a. i. buster was the forerunner of the entire story and how Lycoris came to be and how it later changed into Aura from there. Anyways, sign was the first tale that tells how Tsukasa,a Wavemaster player, can’t logout due to his player in the real world was placed into a coma due to being used by Morgana in order to keep Aura asleep! He meets characters such as Subaru, Mimiru, Crim, Bear, and many others that help in getting over his predicament to beat Morgana to wake up Aura to free her. This story helped start the next arc of the tail with the first round of Playstation 2 games, Infection, Mutation, Outbreak, and Quarantine, which follows Kite who was given the power of the Twilight Bracelet to Data Drain while his friend Orca was Data Drained by Skeith before getting the power but Aura gave it to Kite after it happened, which had him meet BlackRose in order to solve the mystery of the comas in the real world with players and help Aura out by destroying the Phases that were made to destroy her. An interesting fact about these four games, even though players finished the first three games, Quarantine was the game they didn’t finish due to how events unfolded, even the prologue scenes of the games kind of give you sad tidings to come! I could see why since I was in an EBay bidding war over this game due to GameStop not carrying it since people hardly bought it! Now I can see why it didn’t get traded in!


Liminality, which are the four OVA episodes that are included with the first round of games, these four episodes are correspondent to each game they came in and takes place in the real world rather than inside The World. Like Kite’s and BlackRose’s adventure of looking into what is causing people to go into comas within the game, the story outside with the characters, Mai Minase, Yuki Ihara, Kyoko Tihono, and Junochiro Tokuoka, who used to work for Cyber Connect, in order to see why people are slipping into comas after playing The World at certain points of the game. I found it interesting since we tend to see what goes on within the games while playing as Kite and BlackRose, we get to see what happens on the outside of the games by seeing other chracters that have loved ones going into comas, for example in the first episode Mai’s boyfriend ends up in a coma and she ends up staying awake after being sent to the hospital with him and wants to know why she wasn’t in a coma as well and wants to help her boyfriend out. Not only that, it takes a deeper look into the Pluto’s Kiss Virus that takes place since in the second episode, Yuki Ihara gets trapped in the mall when the virus hits and while playing the game Mutation, you get a news article in the “News” menu to read about the virus going on and how it cut off so many communication devices and computers in order to continue with the game and read more message board posts for keywords and so on! This is a way of interacting between the games and the anime series since you get both sides of the story, inside The World and outside by seeing these characters solving the mystery behind the computer viruses and comas and see how both worlds change due to how the adventure takes on in beating the Phases and how the characters interact in order to take on the final boss in the end to save everyone who fell victim to the comas. If only most games were like this then we can see two sides of the story!


Legend of the Twilight, the next part of the story which takes the Kite and BlackRose story and feels like a spoof by what I saw and remembered and give it a new part of the Aura story! This is a twelve episode series that introduces twins, Rina and Shugo, who end up getting the chibi versions of BlackRose and Kite and Shugo gets the Twilight Bracelet and the both of them have to solve the mystery behind it. This is more of an alternative version of the manga, which I will touch upon later!


Roots is the next part of the story and prequel to the G. U. games which you get introduced to Haseo and how he got into the Twilight Brigade and how his character came to be, “The Terror of Death” to many and towards the end it gives you an idea of how G. U. started, which the games takes a look into how Haseo has to rescue Shino from her coma from Roots but meets other characters and finds out that he and seven other players hold a power known as the “Epitaph,” which holds an avatar of the Eight Phases from the original games. I never played these games, even though my copy of the Roots box set came with the demo disc, but I think I was a little too late in getting the video games from GameStop since they stopped carrying PS2 games. An interesting fact though is that you can’t get the Roots anime in stores unless you want to go and find it, you can find it on EBay but for a hundred bucks! How I got mine? Well, I was at AFO 2012 and was at a stand and found all the .hack stuff and came across the boxset for it and saw it was $60 less than the EBay price! So, I snatched it up before someone got it! Yeah, it is rare to find!


Finally, Link, is the newest game that is available for the PSP in Japan, not sure if it will ever come to stateside but it takes places years after the G. U. games and takes on the story of Tokio, a fourteen year old, meets an exchange student who gives him a copy of The World and gets transported to the game! He ends up meeting The Twilight Warriors, who are characters from the previous games and try to save Aura from being corrupted!


There is a new game for Android and IOS systems in Japan but there will be an American version soon, while there is a new .hack game project announced in Japan but no platform to be announced as of now! Who knows, maybe E3 will get that announcement in the future? I will be waiting!


Books and Manga:


Like most anime, there is always a manga version, but .hack is one universe that not only has manga but books as well for everyone to enjoy different sides of the story as they travel through each anime and video game adaptation!


  1. I. Buster: This story is the prequel to the entire series itself! This two volume story shows how Alberio meets the original A. I. Lycoris and data drains her at first and then meets another girl and finds remnants of her to reconstruct6 Lycoris once again! Plus, it shows the characters Orca and Balmung become Descendants of Fianna as Orca of the Azure Sea and Balmung of the Azure Sky by defeating the One Sin. Even though I didn’t read volume two but I did read the first volume which I couldn’t put down at all!


Zero: This novel series takes place after Sora after being trapped due to Morgana and meet a Long Arm class by the name of Carl, and even tells the tale of life of Tsukasa in the real world.


Another Birth tells the story of the first video games through BlackRose’s point of view due to how we saw Kite’s point of view. If I could get this through Bookshare, I would so read it since I like the first round of games and see what happened to her during the times you don’t call on her for anything, since while playing you do get e-mails from her in clues that lead you to some of the Phases and Kubia.


Legend of the Twilight: This is the manga that I mentioned and pretty much follows through the anime did with the mystery of Aura, except the contest they got their character models was mostly mysterious.


Epitaph of the Twilight: novels that shows how Lara Hoerwick, Howard’s niece, gets trapped in The World.


Cell: Midori, a Edge Punisher, becomes a victim of PK her and get money for it and have as much money for herself. G. U. had many published stories for it as in manga and novel versions of the story, plus there is one talke that takes a humorous view of the story and another that talks about a former empress of the Demon Palace being obsessed with two of the characters.


There are many other manga and books published for this series but it will take a long time to talk about!





Now that there has been the anime, manga, books, and video games, there is one part of the media world for .hack and that is cosplay! The entire series has many unique characters and many unique designs for them which has a lot of work to do in order to get it done for the convention season! Whether it is picking up parts at a Good Will or Salvation Army or going online for wigs, the cosplay idea is endless, especially with many variations of characters such as Haseo from the start of Roots to his Skeith Epitaph variation and the Shino version of Atollie. Besides doing the characters, there are times when someone can imagine and make their own characters, for example I will be doing a variation of my Soul Eater character by turning him into a Twin Blade like Kite. Waiting on the wig btw! And of course, there are the human characters for their game avatars, such as Mai from Liminality as one good example. Anyway as you look at it, cosplay has its own way of getting into .hack within transmedia.


So, that is about it for this retrospective! If you want to see anymore transmedia retrospectives of certain anime and video games, just comment down below!


Before I tell you all what’s next, I made a typo with the author of the Midnight Breed Series in my favorites post, her name was Lara Adrian, not Lauren. Sorry!


What is next? I have a haul from Ulta! Til next time!

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