Conventions: Omni Fandom Expo Cosplay Masquerade Contest 2017!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Now it’s time to close the coverage from Omni Expo!

Cosplay Masquerade Contest

The last round of videos and the best is saved for last are our videos from the Costume Masquerade Contest! I realized whe idn’t take any photos of cosplay this time but this to make up for that since the really good cosplays didn’t come until Saturday. I know if you saw my last two or three videos I was cosplaying as Link from Legend of Zelda but as a Pokemon Ranger and did enter this year.

I have been in three contests which happened to be the one during MegaCon in 2011 as Hatsuharu Sohma, the Cosplay Runway and Costume Contest from Holiday Matsuri as my ice gym trainer and Lucy Heartfilia! This year was something that Gondras went a step beyond and that is create my prop again. The story behind my costume was all thanks to my Pokemon Ranger cosplay design which you saw in my Eric Stuart Interview video may years ago during MythiCon. I had the idea in my head when Pokemon X and Y came out and introduced a new type of Pokemon known as Fairy Type which I thought what happens if I were to crossover Link and have a Silveon to represent Navi! I didn’t start gathering some of the things until AFO 2015 when I got my Silveon but was short on funds so I had to wait a bit, which I wanted to do it for the 20th Anniversary but didn’t have it in time and did my water trainer instead. So, when I got my work experience money it gave me a chance to get the parts I needed to get the costume made in time for this year which happened to be of course the hat and goggles and my dad did do my patches with the parts we picked up at the Thriftko in town and Salvation Army since I couldn’t find a pair of shorts that fit me right until I went there. What Gondras added was Ageslash but in the Master Sword design! You will get to see him with it since that took a month to complete and using the materials along with it! Oh right, I did forget one thing I didn’t mention that I purchased and was a first for me to wear was prosthetic ears! During Holiday Matsuri, our friend Chibi mentioned there was someone in Artist’s Alley with elf ears and Gondras pointed out that Link had them and I picked up a pair after the convention due to my skin matching issue. At least I got through that fine and the costume was a success! People liked the goggles and even people at Auntie Ann’s saw me and had following looks as I passed heading back to the con. Also, what I didn’t realize while doing this costume in time was the release of the Nintendo Switch and the release of Breath of the Wild.

So, onto the costume contest! Oh man, the entries were amazing! The judges admitted they had a hard time choosing which they had to get the head of the convention for help! You will see all the entries and see who won in part two since the camera split the video. I congratulate all the entries including the only one with a skit which was Echantress from Suicide Squad.

Will I do Link again if you guys are wondering? Yes I will and hoping for MegaCon since PikaBelleChu did invite us to her Pokemon event that weekend so let’s see what happens! Now enjoy the video!

That is it for this post! Next convention on our Universe LineUp is MegaCon 2017! We are happy to announce that we are doing press for this year and hoping to get interviews with some of the big names so stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook for announcements of what will take place and yes I will be doing my Convention Spotlight by the start of April so check back!

Also, next I will be doing my Top Ten Songs, so also stay tuned for that!

Music: Orlando Overdrive and an Intro to Nerd Music!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I am back and have something from the Music Universe that needs to be mentioned and it’s all thanks to Manime Man!

Event: Orlando Overdrive
Put On By: Ongaku Overdrive
Music Genre: Nerd Music
Date: April 22, 2017
Location: Backbooth 37 W. Pine Street in Orlando, FL

So, I have a new event to mention on Nerdy Shique Universe and thought it would be great to mention another genre to the Music Category on here. You all know that we at NSU support the local music scene in Orlando and the rest of Florida which includes Mr. Bella, Mechanism, Soul Switch, Traverser, Filth, A Brilliant Lie and many more! We even have attended many House of Blues shows, even went to Earth Day Birthday in 2015 that is always put on by WJRR but there is one event that not many people haven’t heard of nor seen much of this genre unless you go to a convention and that is Orlando Overdrive.

What is Nerd Music? First, I have to address the genre known as “Nerd” Music. We all have played video games and watched anime over the many years they have existed and know the songs and have hummed them time to time or even blasted them at school on a speaker. For instance, I remembered one day in my UCF days that someone placed a boombox underneath the walkway between Classroom 1 and the Student Union with “Saria’s Song” from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time which made sense for the environment but it is a major earworm. Heck, I even “nyu” it time to time even when Gondras plays Hyrule Warriors. Anyways, the genre pretty much has people put their own spin on these many songs to make them sound interesting whether in chiptune form, rocking out on a guitar, or even doing their own rap to it!

Some of these artists that are known include Arm Cannon, which also includes Danimal Cannon, Random Encounter, Benjamin Briggs, and our own IQ who has been growing lately. I will be putting some videos in this post so you can hear some of these things. I even went to some parties with some artists performing and they are pretty good and also listened to Manime Man aka Kent Ward’s podcast on Nerd Music on Propeller Anime Radio. Now onto the event!

Event: This event will be held at the Backbooth in Downtown Orlando on 37 W. Pine Street. A little It takes place April 22nd 2017! It is the same day as Earth Day Birthday and if you can’t go to that then I would suggest this since you would be in air conditioning. The good thing is that it starts at $10 in advanced and $15 at the door!

Who is playing if you’re wondering? That’s the great thing is that fans can vote who they want to see and voting ends next Monday! I would say vote by going here:

If you want to know how to get tickets in advanced and want to follow Ongaku Overdrive, you can go here:

Kent said in press release that he is hoping that this event would boost the Orlando Nerd Music scene and also open up more doors for the acts that will be performing. I agree with him right there because like with our rock acts, Orlando has very talented nerd music acts even all over the state!

So, go and vote and also if you are interested in subscribing to it, I suggest check out the Propeller Anime Radio Podcast! Not only Kent and his buddies talk about anime that we see on Krunchy Roll, NetFlix, and Toonami but also talks about Nerd Music on top of it! He even gets the artists in for an interview! You can also check out everything Propeller related at:

That is about it for this post! I know it seemed rush but when I saw the date for voting I had to get this up! So support the Nerd Music community and hope you will rock out with what I have in this post! What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe as well? Definitely some last minute info on Omni Expo, my January and February faves, and even my top ten songs of February! Stay tuned!

Convention Spotlight: Omni Expo 2017

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It is time for another Convention Spotlight and we are going back to a favorite that will be in March again!

Convention: Omni Fandom Expo
Dates: March 3-5 2017
Location: Florida Mall Resort at the Florida Mall in Orlando, FL

We are back for another year at Omni Expo and it is on its fourth year, which includes us doing a fourth year of press! Yes! Makes us happy since we have done press for them since year one! Things had to be changed around and etat includes location, let’s get started!

Location: Florida Mall Hotel! I bet you are wondering, wasn’t this supposed to be at the International Palms Resort over on International Drive? Yes, unfortunately the story is that they were supposed to be there but International Palms got bought out and is going through renovations and being changed. Awww, that would’ve been a nice wedding place, but oh well! So, due to months of no contact nor news from International Palms, the staff saw the news about what had happened to this hotel and they knew they had to pull out. Once they got out, they had to find a new location and they found the Florida Mall Resort that had a time slot open for the weekend they wanted which is March 3rd through the 5th this year! Which is a sweet relief then they would’ve skipped a year.

I bet you’re also wondering, “Wait! There is a hotel at the Florida Mal?” Yes there is! I never been there myself but I know they have had nerd events there and I did remember the MAC Cosmetics do hold their interview seesions there. I tried applying for MAC a while back. Also, this hotel is known as the Florida Hotel and Conference Center. Sorry guys, I don’t have the rates since the website is not working at the moment, I would say go to Omni’s website and try to reserve a room, which when I talked to them during Holiday Matsuri, they really want people to stay at this hotel! So, make your reservations!

Guests: This year not only brings new people but a return of two favorites!

Paul St. Peter: Returning for 2017, Paul St. Peter! If you remembered last year during the Convention Impossible that we have gone to his voice acting panels and his pirate panel and if you have missed them then you have another chance. I highly recommend going to these panels because the voice acting ones do have a lot of pointers in how to get into it and how to sound for many scripts that audience members get to try out. Gondras was one of them all three days so let’s see what happens this year. Also, he is one of the guests we want to interview after not getting the chance to do so last year. For anyone new to the name, for anyone who has played Kingdom Hearts 2 he’s Xemnes and the Kyuubi in Naruto.

Bruce aka No Ordinary Ballon Man: If anyone has been to the first two years of Omni you may have remembered the titans from Attack On Titan made out of balloons. I sure had and even was at the 18 Plus panel with Matthew Mercer and Jessica Calvello during 2015’s Omni where they signed one one of the titans and extra ballons to be donated. They were made by this guy and he known as the No Oridnary Ballon Man! It’s been two years since he has been back, let’s see what he has in store for this year’s Omni!

Chris Rager: Now onto new people! First up is Chris Rager who plays Hercule in all things Dragonball! Well, not the Abridged Series.

Josh Martin: Josh Martin is another new guest for this year and you may have remembered him as the voice of Magen Buu in Dragonball Z and games!

Lisle Wilkison: Another new guest for anyone who loves Tekken and that is Lisle Wilkison who the voice of Nina Williams. Any Sanrio fans, she is also the voice of Batz Maru!

Brian Muir: Next is a sculptor and that is Brian Muir! He has been working on many movies for forty plus years and some movies include Star Wars, Captain America, and of course, Guardians of the Galaxy. You can find his full list of movies he has sculpted on over at Omni’s guest page.

Tiffany Siper: Next is an artist and that is Tiffany Siper. She is the co-founder of Epicycle Studios two years ago and worked on the art for the web comic Alien Spike where a new threat of an alien and a robot comes to Earth when it has recovered from its past threat. Now I am curious!

Noflutter: Next is another artist and that is Noflutter. She is a native Floridian and studied at the Orlando International Academy of Design and Technology and you may have seen her work brought to life on the show Heroes of Cosplay.

Masumi Sempai: Next is a cosplay guest and that is Masumi Sempai. A hardcore cosplayer from the turn of the millennium and grad student from here in Orlando and a Lolita as well. I definitely have some questions on Lolita for her.

Besides these guests we also have the 500 First appearing again and a Michael J. Fox impersonator known as Rob Simms showing up this year. You can get full details on these guests at Omni’s webpage!

Events: Knowing that all conventions do have events and panels by guests and attendees! One event that is returning is of course the Suicide Karaoke event. Hoping to show up for that to see what it’s like! Then we have the costume contest and also have an announcement here!

We will be hosting an Assistive Technology panel known as Devices from the Dark! Since it is a technology convention as well, I thought why not do a panel on it since I am planning to teach it. I will be demonstrating apps I use, even the Braille Sense that I tend to surprise the guests we interview. Check the schedule as time gets closer to the event to see when this panel happens along with many other panels and events!

Well, that is about it for this Convention Spotlight! You can see the details on Omni at:

We can’t wait to bring you coverage from this event and new interviews from it as well!

What is up next for Nerdy Shique Universe? A review on the Grand Magic Games arc from Fairy Tail since I finally finished watching that arc and of course another book review and Cosmetic Controversy! Stay tuned for all that! Catch ya on the universe side!

Holiday Matsuri 2016 Cosplay Gallery

Here’s our collection of cosplay photos, featuring entrants and winners from the Cosplay Runway.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Last Minute Omni Expo Information!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I totally forgot that I was supposed to put up last minute information about Omni Expo!

Sorry guys about that! I was not only packing to stay over at Gondras’ place but I wasn’t feeling well the past few days. I thought I was getting allergies but it was a cold despite my eyes crusting shut while I was asleep. I know gross but I did bring it up to the doctor while I was getting my physical form for Daytona filled out and he gave me antibiotic eyedrops and been using those which my eyes are clearing up. Another thing, yes I am going back to Daytona for a pre-employment program at the blind center. Don’t worry, I won’t be heading out until April so you will get all of the Omni stuff we’ll bring you before then.

Now to the important stuff! The hotel room discount is done and over, if you’re late on that, sorry! If you need a hotel room, the Double Tree near Universal is surrounded by others and you do have travel websites to help. If you’re staying there, your parking will be $10 each day, while anyone is not staying it will be $15 for self-parking,w hich goes the same with anyone who is staying, and $20 for alet.

Tickets: I know everyone is wondering about tickets and that is the pre-sale ended on Friday but you can get them at the event and as follows:

VIP: $100
Weekend: $55
And One Day: $35.

Note about day passes, for anyone who has been to Mega, the day pass you have is for that day only. Example is if you bought a Friday pass it is for Friday. While VIP on the other hand, the price is there if there are any tickets left for VIP. If you’re wondering about the Crystal Cn Veil Dinner, there will be no tickets at the door, so if you lucked out on that then there is always next year. Just letting you guys know about that part.

Interviews: If you are wondering what we have lined up for this year’s interviews after the past two years of great guests we have talked to and the good news is that we got what we asked for. This year we will be having interviews with Brian Beacock and RJ Heady as one on ones and the last one is a major first for us. Not only we have Kevin Duhaney and Jeff Perazzo but we’re doing the both of them together, as in interviewing them together! So, you will get the first Power Rangers interview here and on our YouTube Channel and it’s from Dino Thunder. Stay tuned for those!

If you were wondering where to get all the schedule info and autograph times, you can check the Omni Expo website at and make sure you follow them on Twitter @ Omni Expo!

That is it for this quick last minute information about Omni Expo 2016! Make sure that you are subscribed to our channel, Nerdy Shique Universe, subscribed here, and following us on Twitter @ Nerdy Shique for all the information and see what is going on with us with press. Hoping we have another gallery of cosplays since the Holiday Matsuri one went very well!

That is it, anyone at Omni Expo say hi to us if you get a business card!

Holiday Matsuri 2015: Interview with Joshua Seth!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! We finally got it up and that is our interview with Joshua Seth from Holiday Matsuri!

Sorry for the wait since we kind of had editing difficulties along the way but we got it up in the end! For those of you who haven’t grown up with anime like a lot of us, Joshua Seth provided the English voice for Tai in Digimon, Tetsuo in Akira, and of course one rare anime that I have as a complete collection signed and that is Pilot Candidate which he was Zero in that one. (For anyone who read the manga, it was also known as Candidate for Goddess and it was done by Yukiru Sugisaki the creator of DNAngel as a nice “Did You Know?”) I was glad to interview him and get to pick his brain about his roles and work, even a little bit about his book! So enjoy and also make sure to go to the actual YouTube page for this video for his Facebook and Twitter!

What is next for Nerdy Shique Universe? I am trying to see about doing a beauty video since I haven’t really done that and still waiting on Omni Expo press which we are crossing our fingers! Cross your fingers guys! Til next time!

PS Thank you to buddy Fox’s brother for the help in editing this video!

Convention Impossible: Holiday Matsuri

::clears throat:: Ready kitty minions!?

::kitties meow in “yes!”::

Let’s do this!

::sings with kitties mewing rhythm:: Deck the hotel halls with posters and fliers!
Fa la la lalala!
‘Tis the season for con jolly! Fa la la lalalala!
Dawn now our props and cosplays! Fa la lalalalala!
Troll the ancient yuletide anime! Fa la la lalalala laaaa!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Happy Holidays everyone! Time for another convention impossible and this time it is on Holiday Matsuri!

Sorry for the wait, have been busy the past few days, which included Gondras’ birthday! Happy 29th to him! Now I set aside for time to do this review and was glad to have Press after months of not having official press badges to conventions in the past. So, let’s get on with it!


Location: This year’s event was held at the Caribe Royale Resort on World Center Drive. This location was a very good one since everything for the convention was in one place like Omni was and AFO if you count that as well. It was easy to navigate the convention area despite the huge crowd, especially Saturday and Sunday, I think the crowd was even bigger Sunday. No mobility nightmares anywhere at this place due to how well lit it was, no ramps anywhere, just a straight walk, even to the pool’s snack area. Also, no weirdly placed stairs to fall over or be stuck at, trust me had that happen once at Islands of Adventure in the past. Still, a great place but…unfortunately it will be moved to the World Center next year due to how much the crowd grew. Even a good portion of it was in the gaming room by what we saw since it was a huge room. Bigger than Omni’s even. I understand they need a bigger space, especially with parking, oh yeah! Despite it being free a lot of people parked crazily especially by Sunday where some of them took up lanes and one part of the sidewalk. Now you can see where the crowding issue lies, at least it wasn’t as problematic as MegaCon where a lot of events were taking place and people had to park in every Concourse. I am hoping parking at the World Center, if we do press for this again, is not as expensive as Omni’s parking prices a year ago. Let’s see how that will happen but now this place was a great place to hold it at. Forgot to mention, even panels were easy to find at this place since everything was in one spot than being in three separate buildings. That is a plus!

Vendor’s Room: Next is vendor’s room! What we liked about this one is that in the convention guide there was a map with all the vendor names and where they were positioned. You don’t get that anywhere! You got a list of who is there or like at MegaCon, you get the map and it just tells you the booth number and you have to read the key in order to get the booth’s name, which that can be confusing! Matsuri, easy as pie! There were a lot of good vendors such as the Japanese Snacks guy was there but he had two different booths! One in the vendor room proper and then the second in the Game Room where there were a few vendors there if there wasn’t any more space to fit everyone. Now I can see why they are going to a new location. I did mention in my Last Minute Info post that this convention is a great place to do last minute gift shopping due to the dates of the convention being so close to Christmas and that is what Fox (AKA Nerdy Shirts, decided to use change it to that) did for his family. Also Gondras, since his birthday was so close, did have a chance to pick up something as his birthday present and it was from the woodmaker stand who had a Tardus , a mini one, and it has a light inside. It was their last one as well. They make a lot of wood items such as clocks, little boxes, I did remember they had charms, and so on. If you see these guys, they are very nice and they do make awesome work. What did I get? Due to the last of my cash, yeah spent a hundred at Ranger Stop, I did pick up Kit Kats in the pumpkin flavor, two flavors of Melty Kiss since you can only get those in winter in Japan, a nice little business card holder with Pikachu on it and it ill come in handy when I update all the information on my business cards for next year, and something you would rarely find and that is Digimon plushies, which I got Gatomon! The lady that sold it said that “She’s the best seller!” And I saw why because she had four left before someone bought one and I did the same. Can’t help that she’s a cat and she turns into an angel digimon! Also a sphinx in Season Two. Another stand I did find and knowing I will send a commission in the future is Grandma Thunderpants! She has been all over conventions and makes a lot of stuff by hand, plus she had 3DS cases at her stand that someone made, which I want to ask for a Fairy Tail one. And there was a shirts stand that had a Sailor Moon shirt that was based on Game of Thrones and a Green Ranger shirt where Dead Pool is underneath the helemet! Definitely would get the Dead Pool shirt if I were to go back to Ranger Stop and show up with that one! All in all, this was a great vendor’s room and of course there were even vendors in the game room, which you rarely see. No wonder Simple Plan sang that Christmas is mostly keep on spending!

Guests: This year’s guest line up considered two fashion guests, Angelic Pretty and Chocolate which I didn’t get to see their stands all weekend due to being busy with press stuff. While voice actors, you have Sean Schemmel, who was sick most of the weekend due to a digestion issue but he did add extra time to his signings and made to some of his panels, even the Holiday Voice Actors panel Sunday which we got to enjoy. Joshua Seth was added last minute and it was great meeting him! We did want to go to ShadoCon to meet him but due to funds and me going to Ranger Stop the following weekend we didn’t get that chance. We did get to meet him and interview him as well which was a major bonus! We didn’t get to meet up with Grey Deloisle due to busy and didn’t get to have that interview wither, there is always another convention and I still have my questions I made Thursday night in case that happened. We met up with Todd and filled my Christmas Wish of interviewing him! Yay! Don’t worry, we will get the videos up so you can see how I can meet a record of five minutes, which it shows that Todd is a popular guy and he has a very long line with a tight schedule on top! It was worth the wait, especially after waiting months after AFO to do the interview. What was also great is that Jess Harnell, the voice of Wakko Warner, shown up for a few hours Friday because he was visiting his mom and stayed at a hotel nearby. It was funny while getting Todd’s signature that he and Jess had a photo war and the responses were hilarious! Which reminds me, the four voice actors together in one panel are hilarious! If you’re at a convention with Grey, Sean, Joshua, and Todd, it is entertaining! Anyways, we did catch up with Jess in the hall and shook hands and appreciated him as Wakko, he even did the voice for us! Fox did catch him as he was leaving due to us telling him about it and he got a pic with him! What did we get signed even though it did cost us $40? Yeah, signings were $20 with the actors this year… Well, back at AFO, I didn’t get our copy of Summer Wars signed by Todd due to the whole first is free and afterwards $20 bit and wanted a funny message all thanks to SF Debris from Channel Awesome, if you never seen his reviews on Star Trek, his let’s plays, or even anime reviews, you should check him out! One of them was Summer Wars and we always enjoyed watching it, heck when I watched it the last time I quoted from the review. We did have Todd put the one for “Don’t tell me you killed the internet!” Don’t want to finish that but you can watch the review. Todd was a bit confused but if you’re reading, that is where we got that idea from! We did catch up with Manchii since he was a cosplay guest and I did wear the Lucy cosplay and did enter the costume contest with it, didn’t win anything though. He did say yes to my Lucy Pokemon Trainer cosplay since I am planning to do that probably next year but not sure on which convention along with a wedding commission. Also, since she will be at Omni next year, got to meet Indra and she is very nice and understanding with cosplaying! Can’t wait to see her again next year!

Events and Panels: Oh man, this weekend was eventful and panelful! I know that is not a word but it’s true! This convention was a busy one and there was a lot of things to see and do besides vendors and gaming! There were panels that people hosted, guests done, even of course as said above, the costume contest which was awesome! Not only you have cosplays posing but there were performances done and a good portion of them were of Madoka and Homura from Madoka Majica but the Homura cosplayers were doing the demon version of her from Rebellion, which was the movie continuing the story of the anime. What was a great performance that never thought I would see was a cosplayer from Dark Souls doing the “Friends on the Other Side” from Princess and the Frog and man he was good at singing it! Other events included, the Holiday Runway which I also participated in as my character, Avery, the Opening Ceremonies was also great since we got to see Todd cosplaying as Han Solo since the new Star Wars opened the same weekend. There was one major rule all weekend besides “Shower!” and that is “If you spoil Star Wars, then we will beat you to death!” I know that was a joke but people are serious and of course no one spoiled it, heck we’re waiting until Christmas day to see it because of how crazy it got with lines! Even the 4:00 news shown the Altamonte theater having a really long line Thursday afternoon. Panels on the other hand, included Funniest Moments in Video Games which was very entertaining, we even went to the Best Scenes in Anime, and we did give one of Propeller Anime’s guys some support by going to their Bizarre World of Goh Nagai which was an 18+ panel and the end of his 20 Years of Evangelion panel on Sunday due to Closing Ceremonies.

Verdict: CONVENTION ACCOMPLISHED! Yes, this convention deserves the “Accomplished!” rating since it was very eventful, had great guests, a really big vendors and gaming room, which they also had Rock Band 4 which Gondras tried out with “Uptown Funk.” Not only that a great location despite it moving. I can see why people liked coming to this convention and even got a lot of holiday versions of cosplays on top of it. We are definitely considering doing press for this one again due to how the staff was friendly! They even helped me onstage and offstage during the Cosplay and Holiday Runway Contests. I am still thanking Holiday Matsuri for giving us a chance to cover press for them and now to add them to my resume on top of it! That is why, I also want to give them:

“Pawprint of Approval!” Because this is one convention that knows how to pull off the holiday theme and draw crowds!

Needs for Improvement: I know this was “Accomplished” but there were some things that needed to be improved on:

1. Need More Security at Panel Rooms: Fox noticed this and there was not much security at panel rooms, which panels got to go a bit over. Plus, with more security it would help with keeping people safe while enjoying the convention. What if a fight broke out in a panel or in the main hallways? WWho do you call? Convention security of course!
2. Conventions Should be the Ones Setting Up Interviews: Yes, I need to point this out because as a press worker for the past two years now going on three, normally the convention is the one that sets up interviews with the guests. As in, setting aside different time slots and finding private areas for the interview to be done. Unfortunately, due to the hectic crunch time, we had to set it up with them and it wasn’t easy to get that private moment. We did have a room with Joshua Seth but had to be kicked out due to a panel, which kind of ticked me off about that. Most conventions set up the time slots for that room to be used for interviews so panelists wouldn’t interrupt it. Yeah, we have to edit the video since they had to kick us out. With Todd on the other hand, we had to wait for his signing to end because he had to fill in for Sean for his Kami Ha Contest for a bit. We were able to do that one in five minutes knowing that Todd had other things to do for the evening. As said, wasn’t easy trying to get that private time nor room, which hoping in years to come that interviews would be scheduled during time slots that voice actors are free and have a private room set up in time for the convention, like a month to a month and a half before the convention since, like I said, crunch time means “Running around like chickens with missing heads!”
3. Getting a Hotel with Better WiFi: Someone pointed this out during Closing Ceremonies and that is that e-mails were being sent with schedules for events, which I did get on my Handy Dandy IPad but couldn’t get on WiFi like everyone else. Which means that a lot of people would be using it and connections do go wonky and I agree with that, try being at UCF where everyone is online at once! Even though Fox did help with the Twitter stuff but it would be handy that we got to go online with everyone staying at the hotel so we can access it if we split up during the day and have to update Twitter, which one thing about this con and their press we have to tweet all weekend and felt impossible to do. Hoping with the World Center we get that access if we do press again.
4. Be Clear on Pre-Judging: What do I mean by that? Well, for pre-judging for the Winter Runway, I was told that I had to show up around 2:30 for my slot but then found out that they gave it up because I was late. Other people got the same message that if we didn’t show up at 2 or 3 then our slots were given. When I signed up with Indra, it was a different message altogether. Mixed messages aren’t great, especially when you’re being pre-judged. I did get the idea that we can’t be late for pre-judging for the costume contest and at least were early, still should agree on time slots for this because a lot of people would come on-time for the slots they were given, like I was with the rest of the people, and then it wouldn’t be a big deal but a big help.
Well, that is it for this Convention Impossible! I am glad that we got to do press again and hoping we get to keep going with this convention! I like having a nice break in between the holiday stress to hang out at a convention and enjoy some holiday glee! What is next? Hoping when we get them up, the videos from Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Gondras did get a video of Break Dancing Kakashi, the Twinbassadors, and of course the interview with Joshua and Todd!

Any Press News? Right now, we are waiting on news for Omni Expo since we are aiming for a third year doing press for them. In the meantime, you guys need to go to their website and show them support on their FaceBook, Twitter, and other social media because all thanks to Omni giving us chances for press, we wouldn’t keep on going and I want you guys to give them a nice gift of giving by checking their website, saying that we sent you from Nerdy Shique Universe, @ Nerdy Shique, on Twitter. Why I am asking for this? Well, we found out another convention is taking place that same weekend and don’t want Omni to go down next year.

So, stay tuned for more stuff from Holiday Matsuri! Knowing that we will be in a theater seeing Star Wars, Happy Holidays everyone and to the staff at Matsuri, Omni Expo, MetroCon, and wherever they are, MythiCon since they ended and their spirits still live with us. Merry Christmas to all in the Nerd Universe and Happy Holidays!

Ranger Stop 2015: Resident Evil Reunion Panel with Reuben and Jason Fond!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Sorry for the long wait but this past week really got me busy with Thanksgiving! Yes, I went into food coma mode due to how good the food was this year, hell even had the turkey smoked! Nya!

Anyways, now onto the final video clip I got during Ranger Stop and that is the Resident Evil Reunion panel that had Reuben Langdon and Jason Fond at first and then Dan Southworth appeared later. This panel was a bit more in depth with motion capture like how the DMC Reunion one was. It was interesting to learn that Jason Fond, Wesley from Time Force, was motion capturing for Leon. Earlier on Friday someone mentioned Jason voiced Leon and how Matt Mercer signed his copy of Resident Evil 6 the strategy guide. If you’re reading this, this will clear up the confusion: Jason motion capped and Matt did the voice. If you guys want to read my interview with Matt Mercer about his role in Resident Evil I will also link that below! Enjoy!

What is next? I will be reviewing Eyeshine’s new album and will be finally doing the next Doesn’t Sound the Same with Fall Out Boy! And of course with December coming on fast, there will be more Ipsy and BoxyCharm, Holiday Matsuri stuff since we got press for that this year! Oh yeah, major happy kitty! Of course my faves of November and December, and finally, finally, finally the Bests and Worsts of 2015! December is going to be busy and we’re ready for it!
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Ranger Stop 2015: DMC Reunion Panel!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Now continuing with the convention coverage, well unofficial coverage, by bringing you the videos I caught at Ranger Stop! First is one that came from Friday and that is the DMC Reunion Panel with Reuben Langdon, Johnny Yong Bosch, and Dan Southworth! I was happy to catch this panel since I did watch Gondras play through DMC 1, 3, and 4! He didn’t want to torture me with the second game since people said it was not the greatest, unlike the reboot which was not great either.

Anyways, I did ask a question and that was what is the hardest thing about motion capture? I thought it would fit since that is a main part when it comes to creating video game characters! You will hear more about that in the Resident Evil Reunion Panel with Reuben and Jason Fond (Time Force Red) since he motion capped for Leon Kennedy. That will be in a later post since I still need to get Saturday’s clips from my IPad! So, enjoy!

And would like to make an announcement since we are on convention stuff! Nerdy Shique Universe has been approved to do press at Holiday Matsuri 2015! Yay! More on that to come so enjoy this video and stay tuned for the Blue Ranger Panel video!

Pokémon Review: Y Version

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe. Time for a game review as a nice way of pulling away from beauty for a bit. I will get to the permanent make up thing next time but decided to give you my thoughts on a game.

I finally finished Pokemon Y Version since my New Year’s Resolution was to finish games I started, which I am on a good roll thus far due to how I finished Black version on New Year’s Day itself. Now it’s onto Y Version and man I liked it better than the older versions and I will tell you why!

Region and Pokemon: Like a lot of newer games and newer stories, this set of games, X and Y, take place in the new Kalos Region which is centered around France, well more like Europe in my opinion due to how you have Stonehenge in one area and a bit of Norway and Switzerland with two of the cities dealing with snow and the Alps when you look at the mountain region heading to the second to last city you need to battle. Also, some Indian principles as well due to how in this region, the legendaries Xernius and Yveltol, have a creation and destruction myth with it and will get to that during the story area. Anyuway, this region is pretty much Europe and it is easy to travel through due to how you not only have the FLY HM for later and getting a bike but you have roller skates on top of it. That is pretty convenient since it does get you to place to place in a lot of the towns, especially Lumios City, which is practically Paris, France and that play with the 3D elements better, which I will mention later.

Let’s talk about Pokemon for a second! Great thing about this game is that it introduces not only newer generation Pokemon such as the starters Chespin, Fennekin, and Froaky but brings the past gen Pokemon as well! Heck, when you first meet Professor Sycamore, this regions Pokemon Professor, you get the Gen 1 starters, only one of them, Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur which is a nice bonus for your team. I did have fun choosing Squirtle but Gondras did trade me his Charmander when he restarted X and boy did having Charizard on my team throughout the game brought so many memories! This was pretty handy to have the previous gens because it gives you better varieties in having different types and training them for the many gyms since you do have to face different Pokemon and that included bug, ground, ice, thunder, and even the newest type, fairy! Yes, they added the newest type as fairy and not only there were new Pokemon created for these types such as Flabebe as an example, but they did add the type to existing Pokemon that didn’t have it before such as Clefairy and Clefable are now considered fairy types and somehow Marill is included, don’t know why but they did that for this game when it is already a water-type. Besides adding this and creating newer Pokemon, there was also a new fairy-type Evee made to add to the already existing Evees, Sylveon! Still trying to get a plushie of it. Anyuway, you also get to go up against this Evee in the Laverre Gym against Valerie. Besides newer Pokemon made for this region, what was great is how you can train the Pokemon easier than the past few games and that was using the newer version of the EXP share! In the last few games you can give it to one Pokemon but this one you can turn it on after receiving it and it levels all your Pokemon at once after each battle. It sounds broken, oh it is, but at the same time very handy because there are times you use some Pokemon that you hardly use before on your team, such as I never used Oddish back in Blue and Red until teaching it cut and able to turn it into Vileplume after training it for certain battles and see how the attacks have changed. Hell, I haven’t used Dugtrio in years when I had to go up against Clemente in Lumios Gym which did help out with training it. Even going up against the Elite Four and the Champion was easier with this EXP Share on hand because it made beating them smoother than the past few games. I did say Black Version’s training system was bad, this beats it. Glad they included it in Salpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, which I am going to be working on Alpha Sapphire.

Besides training, there was a new feature added to this series and that Pokemon and Me which lets you become closer to your Pokemon. It allows you to pet your Pokemon, feed them, and also play mini-games to raise their affection levels so they can like you more. Great thing is that if you pet them in the wrong area, they will notify you such as Pikachu’s cheeks, he will zap you if you try to pet them there. I don’t get why even though in the anime it is a great massage area for them. Once you maxed out their affection levels, they unlock abilities that will help them out in battle and not get affected as much by damage or status ailments as previous games. Hoping this feature is added to more games later, I can imagine with a remake of the Diamond, Pearl and Pearl remakes if they get that far.

Story: Unlike Black, this story has not too much plot even though Black did flow and this one did too, but what made it weird was at some point it dealt with two guys being immortal. This story starts off your character moving to Vandeville Town in Kahlos and you meet, depending on who you choose, either Callom or Serena, Shana, Tierno, and Trevor to of course take on the gym leaders and Elite Four once a starter gets picked for that journey. I started off with Froaky as my starter since I heard about his final evolution being Gruninja. Gondras did choose Fennekin but restarted and traded it to me with his Charmander so I can hold onto them for breeding and he did start with Chespin. If they come out with Z Version, I might think of Fennekin since fire types don’t get muckh love.

Within the story, you get to meet the newest evil team, Flare, who think about spreading beauty and style across the world and destroy humanity to keep the beauty of the world in tact. In order to do that, they collect the Mega Stones, which this game, forgot to mention in the Pokemon section, Mega Evolutions of Pokemon that take on stronger forms and increase their strength except you can use one at a time. Sucks since I do have an Aerodactyl with a Mega Stone. Anyways, besides the mega stones, they build a machine and take the legendary Pokemon of whatever game you play to power it up with their immense power to destroy it. It did confuse me to hear that Lysander was immortal, which the machine that was created was a way to bring back a Pokemon he killed. Oh yeah, that still exists and of course there was a happy ending with another character but don’t want to spoil too much if you haven’t played the games or have someone who wants to play them, which I will get to that later.

With this game, well these games since Gondras has picked it back up not too long ago, has a better story plot than the last few games, well Black and White. Don’t worry, will get to White 2 soon and now about to work on Alpha Sapphire. Reason being is not only there was not too much plot like the last but it didn’t go all over the place. What do I mean by that? I felt it was more linear than waiting until post-game to finish the story with Flare and getting more interactions with the rival and other friends made it more worthwhile. I know with Black and White you got that with the rival and Bianca at certain points but this had more of it, especially when you got to go through some Flare stuff including the Pokeball factory. I did find it funny how when getting the fossil for your own dinosaur and the big nugget, your rival sees the big nugget and goes, “What will I do with this thing?” And still puts it in the bag, which of course like past games it gives you money and seeing that it was bigger it will give you more. Now with the destruction and creation portion of the story. Apparently, this story has folklore that deals with a god of destruction and a god of creation which is dealing with more Hindi folklore due to Xernius as the creation legendary while Yveltol being the destruction, there is a Z legendary but don’t know what he has to do with it, to me it makes it more interesting especially with how Flare gets whatever one you play in either version. As you know I did end up with Yveltol and that thing is a beast! If you played Y and caught this thing, you know when you hear its cry in the game you know you would run, especially with the move set it gains and new attacks along the way when it levels up! It is even awesome as Lugia but darker in a sense due to it being a Dark-Type. I wonder how the card would look if I were to get in a pack like Lugia. Still, back to the legends of these two Pokemon. It says on Bulbapedia that Xernius is known to create forests and to learn the move Geomancy and once it’s at the end of its life it will turn into a tree into a tree and sleep for a thousand years while Yveltol, on the other hand, is known for stealing life energy especially at its life’s end, which it takes the life energy from its surroundings and turns into a cocoon for its thousand year sleep. This big bird is the only one to learn Oblivion Wing and man that thing is powerful and not getting rid of it. Even with younger players, don’t get rid of it when you get this Pokemon. To me, when it comes to mythology, Yveltol reminds me of the Norse Serpent since it does get locked up for a long slumber, I bet it wasn’t happy when Lysander woke it up for his machine.

In the end, I liked the story of this game since it paced very well, the legendaries do have interesting tales with them. I hope there is another game to complete the three because of how everyone loved playing it. Try being surrounded by so many 3DS players with it while at school! Only thing that always got me is how a lot of the story revolved around Lumios City and you had to fly there a lot for certain things like doing jobs, even restoring power to the Northern half of the city with the Lumios Powerplant. Knowing with the third game if there is one, we may run into the same thing. I do like how the city is 3D, which makes it even nicer unlike Castelia City back in Black and White, which that was a navigation nightmare but for my eyes, Lumios is the same way since how you have to deal with it revolving when you go into doors and so on. This game did play nicely with the 3D and liked it. Another part of the battle story itself, is of course the Elite Four! Instead of battling them in order, you can go into whatever order you like and the types this time were different which made it better which were Dragon, Steel, Water, and Fire and then the Champion, like Kanto, had a variety with Flying, Ground, and Fairy! My order with this battle was Steel, Dragon, Fire, and water. I think the hardest was Drasna with the dragons since my Drudegon and Lapras kept on getting hit for so much damage. At least with the Champion battle didn’t have to have Flare interrupt!

Music: I rarely talk about the music in any of the Pokemon games since it was mostly chip tunes being played and sometimes some of the songs get used over and over like in Sinnoh with one or two of them and at least none of them are as creepy as Lavendar Town back in Blue and Red. The music in Y, on the other hand, way better! How so? I kind of feel like they got an actual orchestra to help put together these games, as in you hear trumpets blaring, guitars going, and drums banging in this music. I can see how much work was put into this because each town has its own song that doesn’t sound weird with the chip tunes and don’t want to put you to sleep. Plus, the music for trainers and Pokemon interchange very well, you hear one song for Pokemon which kind of takes me back to the Stadium days in how their battle music sounded and with gym leader battles, on the other hand, gives you an awesome techno song. This techno song kind of gives you a nice anticipation of how the battle will go. What was also awesome, the Elite Four members got metal themes for their battles! Okay Nintendo, you better have put this for the Elite Four for the newer Sapphire and Ruby games because this transition with the music made it better! I think I remembered Roxanne getting the techno treatment when I went up against her months ago on Alpha Sapphire, I will see how that goes. All in all, the music has improved and wishing they keep this up for future remakes!

Overall Thought: These two games are worth playing for the kid in us and any new younger players because not only introduces new generation Pokemon but it looks back at the previous generations as well. With having the previous generation, new players that are young can see what Pokemon we knew and love from the past. I still remembered how my older nephew didn’t know about the past generation Pokemon until he picked up Diamond and Platinum himself like I did when I first got into the Nintendo DS. Plus, this game did play with the 3D a lot better than Black and White ever did, don’t know how well it played in White 2 yet, but Lumios City looked beautiful, the battles were Stadium quality, which you see the Pokemon actually using their attacks in this rendering versus the old version, and of course there were cut scenes that used it too. If you remembered the mansion for the Pokeflute quest, the fireworks scene played it well. I am hoping that a Z Version is made because this story played with Pokemon better than Black and White in my opinion and of course the training was not as hard than the others because of the newer version of the EXP Share. I also liked how I got to use different Pokemon for the many gyms and the Elite Four and able to level up while traveling than waiting to head back to whatever route to train again with another Pokemon that might not faint as easily and no level caps for that area.

My Rating: 5 Paw Prints out of 5!

That is it for this game review! I am going to be working on Alpha Sapphire and might go and work on White 2 since I do have the strategy guide for that. What is next? The beauty controversy over permanent make up in my book at least!