JAWS Certified

Hey folks! We have some really good news and that is Mari is JAWS Certified. For anyone new to this blog, Mari is the Lead Writer & Producer of this blog and she is visually impaired. She was diagnosed at the age of fifteen with a rare form of Retinitis Pigmentosa. Despite her blindness, she uses a screen reading software named JAWS to help her create the posts you see and post the video content on the internet and even uses her phone with voiceover to post from the camera app to YouTube’s app.

Last summer, Mari studied hard for the JAWS Certification exam since she wanted to get more opportunities in working in the Assistive Tech field since she wanted to go into it for a career after doing her work experience in 2016. She studied very hard and passed it in August and now her name is on the list of Certified JAWS Users on Freedom Scientific’s website and now has her certificate which will go into her office at her job. She is working hard to teach this program to blind clients and hoping to get new content on this blog and the YouTube channel to spread the word about Assistive Technology and what it does to improve her life. Don’t worry, she will still do her press work since this kind of tech does help her in working at conventions as well.

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