The Favorites Quadrant: Second Quarter 2020

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from travelling the vast universe! I am back with a new post!


Second Quarter Favorites 2020


It’s time for my second quarter favorites! I am glad to do these posts this way since I can write about what I have been trying and enjoying! Let’s see what I have been loving!


Press On Nails: I have been getting into press on nails during this pandemic. Normally I would paint my nails, but I decided to make a change due to how much my nail polish chips the next day especially my right index finger nail! My first nail set was from Kiss and was new to it and saw how they popped off and even asked for tips on What’s Up In Makeup on different ways of applying and different companies, I am having issues typing with the set I have on now from Marmalade Nails in Moonlight even though I filed them down slightly. I will try to have shorter ones if I can and file longer ones better, I do like the Kiss ones the most since they are easier to wear and tend to get a better grip with the glue I use with them, I have gotten other sets from other places like Etsy and independent sites and Amazon. Still getting used to it.


Morning Face Wash: Tony Moley AM Water Face Wash: I got into this after seeing someone getting this in their Glam Bag and saw Ulta had it but sold out and had to wait for the re-stock. It did and loved it! I prefer this one over the Formula 10.06 due to how it feels more cooling and prefer the clean scent. I did get two tubes of this during a sale I think or when I got the alert of the re-stock again. This one goes fast and see why since it’s popular! Stull love it!




New Foundation: Wet N Wild Photo Focus Dewy Foundation! For a few years now I have been using the Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation in Buff Bisque! Now that they have released a dewy formula, I switched to that and loving it! This foundation is way better 6than the matte version because it is so light and easy to spread and not as smelly either. Wishing it had a pan instead since it is so liquidous well! I will keep on getting this instead of the regular.


Hair Care Items: Herbal Essences! I have been enjoying Herbal Essence’s more due to how the bottles for the shampoo and conditioner have markings for anyone who has issues telling them apart from each other. They also have been on the Be My Eyes app and same with other Proctor & Gamble brands. I also have been enjoying their dry shampoos despite them being small, but they do pack a punch! I do buy two cans so I can have it last me for a while. I am using the coconut one since I loved the one from Dove,


Body Scrub: Purlisse Coconut Coffee Scrub! Next is body scrub! Ever since I got into these my skin on my legs have been improving and not as itchy either. Heck, the scabs I had are also improving and the latest one has been helping with that and it’s from Purlisse and it’s the Coconut Coffee Body Scrub. You will love my story with this! I originally bought this as a bundle with the body butter in this scent from Ipsy since they always do new offers, and this caught my eye. It was around $20 when it is around $48 because the scrub and butter are $24 each on Purlisse’s site. So, I wait for it to arrive and never did because I either thought it got lost or someone stole it since same thing happened with my face masks in one bundle but this one I had to call the USPS hotline and they said they never received it and had to get a refund. I did contact Purlisse to see if they would do anything and they helped by sending me these products for free. I was very grateful that they did this for me and hoping if I get something from this brand it gets to me on time. I am glad I am using this scrub and will use the body butter at some point, but this scrub is really good for a $24 scrub.


Lip Treatment: Vaseline Coconut Lip Treatment! At one moment I had a bit of a chemical burn on my lips due to a lip oil and had to lay off the lip products. I used Vaseline to help out and when I ordered items on Shipt one day I decided to see about their lip treatments, and they had a few. I got the and was happy I did. My lips were healing a lot better with this and even started wearing lip products again. I am not sure if it was use to being allergic but that was weird. If it were to happen again I know what to do! Hand Soaps: Ulta Moisture Gel Soaps! Final item I’m mentioning is hand soap from Ulta. I know hand washing has been a big thing for months and using that right soap helps. I was looking for soaps that were slightly cheaper and easy to get since Bath & Body Works was closed for a while and getting these from Ulta was one of the best ideas. Ulta sometimes has good specials but I tend to get at least two now since they do last you a while with a bottle. Plus, I did find a dupe for BBW’s Eucalyptus Mint soap since Ulta also has their formula. I tend to go for the moisture gel because of how much my skin gets dry over time and itchy so these help with the dryness and glad to get these. I will still get my favorite BBW soap but will get these if I can’t.


That is, it for this post. I didn’t want to get into my subscriptions since that review is up next. So stay tuned! I think that is it for this post! I was

Subscription Satelite: BoxyCharm August 2020

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with my last subscription box of August!


BoxyCharm August 2020


Finally, my BoxyCharm arrived today and was wondering when it will arrive. Sometimes this box does get to me late and I can see why since FedEx does take a while. This box is $25 a month and you get full size prestige to luxury brands! Let’s see what I got!


Glam Glow Moisturizer: First up is a moisturizer from Glam Glow and it was not originally my choice. Last month they were not only having this for choice but also the Too Faced Born This Way concealer and I could choose my shade except they were out of my shade. I usually do the going lighter than my foundation like everyone else says and tried but nope! I had to choose this instead when I already have so many moisturizers. At least I get to try more Glam Glow! This moisturizer contains cannabis oil which helps calms redness and irritation which can be a good thing since sometimes my skin can get a little irritated with some face products. It also helps bring relief from skin stress. I will have to try this out and see how it goes! I am not knocking it! This retails for $54!

Butter London Teddy Boy Eye Shadow Pallet: I was hoping to get this in my box since I felt a little sad for not getting a shadow pallet last month. This pallet is a nine-pan pallet that is cool toned with mattes and shimmers. Finally, a cool toned neutral pallet since it feels like so many brands have been doing nothing but warm toned and wait until fall to do cool toned. Come on guys, not everyone does the seasons when it comes to eye looks. I will have to see how this pallet performs since I did love the other pallet, I got from them before in this box and that was a six-shadow pallet. This retails for $28.

Milk MakeUp Koosh Brow Gel: Next up is something from Milk MakeUp! I heard of this brand before all over YouTube and wondered about them. I know I am more of a drugstore girl but sometimes I do get curious about some of the more higher end brands and this is one of them. When I heard that they are in this month’s box with a brow product I figured that everyone would probably get this, but it looks like anyone who got the moisturizer did. This is a vegan formula and is made with cannabis oil to condition the hair and also has thick fibers too to shape and define the brows. It is also tinted too so depending on what you put as your hair color they would match the brow color with this product. I will have to see how well they matched my brow shade to this since last month’s brow pencil did have a bit of a red tint according to my fiancé but let’s see how it goes. This item retails for $20.

Aesthetica Sunset Bronzer: Next up is a bronzer from a brand called Aesthetica. When I heard that a bronzer was going to be in a few variations I was hoping to get it since I feel like I have a few in my collection and wanted to build it up a little. This is a coppery shade that gives off the right amount of glow without stepping on the beach. This also gives off the right kind of tone of giving a nice tan. I have to try this out and see how it goes. I am hoping it’s not too dark since my skin is more of a light to medium tone. I have tried really dark bronzers and they are not that flattering. So, let’s see what happens! This retails for $24.

Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Eye Primer: Final item is something that is a bit of a blast from the past and that is the Thank Me Later Eye Primer from Elizabeth Mott! I remembered this appeared on Ipsy as a product in the Glam Bag for a long time and now seeing it here and have a full-size tube of it! This is a long wearing primer that dries down quickly and translucent to give shadows a perfect canvas and it does protect them from creasing. I hope this is true since some people do have issues with shadows creasing on whatever primer they use. I have to see how well this works with my shadows. This retails for $20.


That completes this post! I am happy with this month’s box because I felt that I got items that I would go for and be able to use on a regular basis. I am glad to try another eye shadow primer since I am now building a small collection and don’t have to buy another one for a while. Also, happy to get a bronzer this time since I wanted to try another one and hoping it’s not too dark for my skin. I am also glad to try more Butter London and Glam Glow and of course now finally trying out Milk MakeUp For the first time. I will definitely do a Review Round Up after my Favorites post which is next! Stay tuned!

Subscription Satelite: Ipsy Glam Bag August 2020

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with a new subscription post!


Ipsy Glam Bag August 2020


Man, my subscriptions are early this month except for one more which I am still waiting for the email about. So, Ipsy is $12 a month and you get sample sizes of products ranging from drugstore to luxury! Sometimes you’re lucky to get full-size items depending on who offers it. You also get a makeup bag to store things in. I like the metallic bag they gave out this month and it’s pretty decently sized. Can’t wait to put my lip products. Let’s see what I got this month!





Bubble Tea Cosmetics Peach Iced Tea Body Cream: First up is a new brand I never seen before and that is Bubble Tea Cosmetics. This brand is inspired by bubble tea and brings innovative items in fun packaging. I can’t see it due to being blind, but I did enjoy this cream for my hands. I have been using so many hand creams due to all the hand washing I have to do during the pandemic, and this has helped me some alongside the one I got in No Make No Life. This has a peach smell and I do smell it since I love me some peach tea whenever restaurants have it as an option. I will have to keep using this since it has been made with soothing ingredients to help the skin be more moisturized.

Estate Cosmetics Going Nutty Bronzer in Cocoa: Next up is a product from Estate Cosmetics and glad it’s a bronzer. For over a year I have been waiting for a bronzer to come into my bag and glad more of these are coming since I do have so many blushes and highlighters it’s not even funny. Glad I got this since I am using it now. This is a buildable formula that gives you that Sunkissed glow without being streaky. It is also matte and blendable. I have to keep using this and see how it goes.

Hey Honey Trick & Treat Watermelon Lip Balm With Tint: Next is an item from Hey Honey. I have been enjoying what I’ve been getting from these guys so far and now get to try a lip balm with a tint. Tis has a tint to it and smells like watermelon too and even tastes like it. It did go on pretty smooth but whish that the sample was more of those tubes with a lip applicator or something, but it does keep my lips moist. I know it’s small, but I can deal. I will keep using this as much as I can until it runs out.

Kaleido Cosmetics New Skin Ultra-Fine Illuminator in Goddess: Next is a brand that is my first time trying out. I never tried Kaleido Cosmetics and glad I got this in my bag this month. This highlighter has ultra-fine golden pigments to help with giving off that beyond summer glow and despite it being a powder it also is creamy when it comes to blending on the skin. I can see why since I did notice it felt a little moist in the container. I will have to use this and see how well it looks.

Oryza Camo Shimmer Eye Shadow Pallet: Final item is from Oryza and it was my choice this month. It was hard picking items since it can be an issue with Choice sometimes and I can see where Glam Bag Plus kind of changed into three choices instead of one and did look at some products and saw this. I remembered when I got back to Ipsy I got a tiny shadow quad and used that up and when I saw this I kind of missed getting a quad or trio since I remembered getting an eye shadow trio from NYX years ago. This quad was decently sized for what I picked since it feels like what you would get as a standard quad. This quad is made with soft minerals and clay to help with the color pay off in these shadows and it contains three metallics and one matte for a fall look. I have to see how that goes since this is supposed to also blend very well. I will have to use this and see how it goes.


Well guys that completes this post. I know it was fast, but I felt that the descriptions were pretty short on the website too unlike how detailed GB Plus items have more detail. I am enjoying the bronzer so far and can’t wait to use the highlighter and the shadow quad. I’m glad for the lip balm since I did get a bit of a chemical burn from the Ciate lip oil last month which I will be talking about in my Review Round Up, I am glad nothing bad happened to my lips with the Hey Honey balm. The lotion needs more use since I am still using the rose oil, I got in No Make No Life since that is helping with my dry hands. I can’t wait to see what September brings since so far some of the items in this subscription have been really good. The only subscription left now is BoxyCharm and haven’t gotten any news on that one yet. I did choose my product for September which I’m happy about and will see how that box goes but will see what August brings me in that one. So, stay tuned.

Blind Tech Quadrant: Sunu Band Review

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe. I am back with a new tech review!


Sunu Band


Disclaimer: This review is based on thoughts and experiences from the lead writer of this blog. Please respect her thoughts on the device that is being talked about in this post.


I bet you’re wondering what the heck is this thing. Well, it’s a watch that uses sonar to detect obstacles with vibrations. I heard about this device through A. T. I. A. and was there during 2019 with my job to see what new adaptive tech is being made. This was next to the Tap Strap, which I did get the second generation recently and will review that later on and was able to test it.


As you guys know my cane was broken a month before this show and I was still wary about people at conventions by watching out where I am going if I can. When I tested this out, I even had one of the guys on the team walk up to me and it vibrated and thought I wished I had this device during Holiday Matsuri so my cane wouldn’t have been broken. I didn’t purchase it until this past year since they had a showcase discount and it has been working out well for me. I was hoping to put it to the real test this year with the convention season but due to the pandemic all of the conventions we were hoping to cover for the blog were all pushed back to next year but it doesn’t mean I can’t review this item for you all since I have been talking about it on our podcast, Nerdy Shique Transmissions.


Set Up: When you first purchase your Sunu Band you would have to download the Sunu Band App through either the App Store or Google Play. At first, I had a hard time finding the app but had to type in the full name into the search and got it. It will prompt you through the sync where you have to have the app and the band near each other to work. Once it’s synced, first is to calibrate it to be able to have proper measurements in detecting the obstacles. Which that is next!


Obstacle Detection: Anything in the world can be counted as an obstacle whether it’s a table, a chair, a wet floor sign and so much more, even a person can be one if they don’t move. I’ve seen it at the anime conventions I go to, heck I still remember at Holiday Matsuri where a group of girls were sitting in the middle of the ramp leading towards the elevator banks since we were heading back to our room. With the obstacle detection you can set up the distance between you and the object in front of you or someone coming near you whether in meters or feet, which I set mine to meters since I can’t see the obstacle until I get close to it. This does help me in detecting the obstacle and able to step aside or stop and put my cane in pencil grip mode in front of me.


Apps: Besides Obstacle Detection, which is an app, there are other apps with this device such as your Alarms App for any time you need it to wake you up or alert you if you need to be somewhere, your Compass App for knowing direction, and my favorite one is the Place Finder App. This allows you to be able to find a place in certain categories if you need to know where it is or if you’re getting close to it. One example is that I did take an Uber to a bagel shop and it was in a plaza shopping center and put this app to the test and had to raise my hand parallel to the horizon and told me what was in the plaza, as in any stores around it or restaurants if I wanted. One weak app would have to be the TapHaptics App where you can tap the side of your thigh twice for the vibrations to pause and be able to re-activate them by doing the same gesture again. If I am not in my professional clothes or a skirt that has stretch material and tried doing this app it has a hard time noticing you doing it. I prefer just pressing the Home Button that is on the button near the sonar dot and it will tell me the time, which does help since I don’t purchase Braille or talking watches anymore since I can hear the time through the app.


Is It Worth It? Yes! Reason being is that as either a total blind person or someone who has some light perception this device can be a big help especially in public where there will be a lot of items in the way and it’s hard to dodge. Yes, we do have a cane or a guide dog to help us know that there is something there but the message of cane to tap can be delayed in  a bit and that sometimes happens even when I sometimes have sighted guide. You can buy this for $300 or wait for an assistive technology show like A. T. I. A. or other shows across the country where you could get this for a discount. Also, with the app you have to make sure to put in the full name because there are some other apps that can get confused if you just type in Sunu and you have to make sure the company name is Sunu as well. What is also worth it to me is being able to have this on if I leave my cane in my office and walk between my classroom and office without it. I can use it to have the vibration detect a chair if I am carrying one of my devices or looking for my phone.


Rating: 4.5 Shooting Star Paw Prints Out of 5! I am knocking off five points due to how sometimes it can be a little hard getting some of the features to work like the Haptics App and of course the Compass App but if you know how to level your arm with the horizon then you could get it to work. I still prefer the Obstacle Detection the most due to how many obstacles can be placed in the way of my path, heck even a crowded store like Ulta or Hot Topic, even Bath & Body Works are perfect examples since they have a ton of displays to show their products. Back in the day before my mobility skills improved and this device I would run into those tables or accidentally knock over a hand soap or lotion sample. When I wore this band before the pandemic at Bath & Body, I was able to have it vibrate on the way out since my left eye has issues detecting anything on my left. Still a good device and now recharging mine so I can use it tomorrow when my dad visits.


That is, it for this post! I hope I will get to test this device at a convention and once I do I will definitely include it in my convention reviews because of how many things can get in the way such as artist tables, an R2 D2 can be controlled in some areas as an example, and so many more things. For now, I will be using this for normal day use when I do get out when I can. Once I post those reviews you will know over Twitter! What is next up on Nerdy SHique Universe? My Ipsy Glam Bag of course!

Subscription Satelite: Glam Bag Plus August 2020

Hello to all of you nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with a new post!


Glam Bag Plus August 2020


I am back with a new post and it is with my Glam Bag Plus for August! It arrived early this month and was glad to get it in time for my birthday. They have changed it up besides the price which is $25 a month and you get full size items from prestige and luxury brands. They are now having people choose three out of the five items in their bag and get a bigger bag to fit everything in. I am happy about the bigger bag because for months they have been smaller than the regular Glam Bag when the Ultimate bag was bigger. I don’t get why they had to make them smaller when the Glam Bags are already small. I did like how it was a draw string bag which made it a little bit more padded during the travel and no one can break into the envelope as easily since it came in one. While the selecting items, I think they should have saved it for Ultimate because I have seen people’s videos where they don’t like the Ultimate as much due to the selection being not as great. They should keep the one item selection and how it works with GB Plus is that on the first of every month they show you your first two items they’ve selected and then you get to choose from three groups of items and only one in that group and once that’s done they allow you to do add-ons and move on from there and then they put your bag together and ship it. Let’s see what I got!


Huda Beauty Demi Matte Cream Lipstick in Lady Boss: First item that was chosen for me is from Huda Beauty and it is her Cream Lipstick in Lady Boss. It’s been a while since I have received any Huda products in my Glam Bags and glad to get this one this month. I have been having major dryness with my lips lately and trying to treat them with a Vaseline Lip Treatment. This is a vivid berry color that lasts a long time. I test to that because I do have shades from Huda Beauty, and they last a long time even while I’m teaching someone it stays. I am happy to try something new from this brand and hoping to continue in doing so.

Beauty for Real Shadow STX 24/7 Shadow Duo in Midnight Marathon + Ever Star Struck: Next is anew item from Beauty for Real and it’s their Shadow STX. I find these interesting because I remembered getting a Trestique shadow crayon years ago except it broke all the time so hoping this doesn’t happen since it is one of those self-sharpening ones.MidMidnight Marathon is a reflective topaz while Ever Star Struck is a champagne shade and these glide on without any brushes or techniques. I have to give these a try and see how they go and glad Ipsy chose these for me to try.

Love Craft Beauty Highlighter Duo in Aurora + Borealis: Next is my first-choice item and that is from Love Craft Beauty. I have tried a few products from this brand enjoyed them so far and when I saw this as a choice I decided to choose since it spoke out to me. This is a subtle highlighting duo for anyone who doesn’t want to sparkle so much. You have one that is golden and the other pinker which you can wear either one or together to get that subtle glow and it’s finely milled to give off that subtlety. I do love my high impact highlighters but other times I do enjoy the subtle ones to give me that slight glow even in my pictures when I have my bright lights glowing. I will be trying this out at some point to see how it looks.

Murad Renewing Eye Cream: Next is my second choice and that is from Murad. You already know that I am a fan of this brand and getting them from the subscriptions is better since I can try them to see how I feel and then see if the item will be in 21 Days of Beauty which with this brand is better going that route than paying full price. In the second group with this item, however, I felt that they were not good choices besides this one and that got me to choose this eye cream and feel like it’s a good choice due to my early mornings since my eyes can be puffy. This product is made for that since it can soothe and moisturize around the eye area and uses really good ingredients to do so. You have to watch out since this does cost $82 normally. Ow! I may wait for the 21 Days of Beauty for this if it does work out for me.

Laura Gellar Kajal Long Wearing Eyeliner in Gilded Bronze: Final item is an eyeliner and I was happy to see this among my choices! As you know I have been bored with black eyeliners and wanted something different and when I saw this it answered my complaints! It is from Laura Gellar and it’s a bronze eyeliner which I was wanting for a long time! This is a long wearing cream formula that has a bronze sparkle and of course has Vitamin E in this formula too. I am glad that this is long wearing since there are times where my eyes do water due to allergies and sometimes, I worry my liner would run even during a rainstorm if I am wearing makeup. This also has a sharp point which also has a sharpener built into it. I can’t wait to use this with my bronze shadows since I have a ton of them, heck my shadow in my No Make No Life box came in bronze and can’t wait to pair this with that.


Add-Ons: I did get two add-ons this month and they are the Tony Moley Aloe Soothing Eye Serum and the Laruce Face Set! I love Tony Moley and I did almost get their Panda Dream Eye item during the Fabulous sale at Ulta, but this caught my ear more because of how much aloe has been helping my skin in the moisture department. Plus, this would help with my puffiness underneath my eyes since I do wake up early during the week when I went into the office and glad, I picked this up for $3. I loved the Laruce brush set I’ve gotten in my GB Plus I think a few months ago or was it last year but these brushes are amazing and glad to see they had a set of face brushes up for one of the groups in the choice area but I did redeem myself by buying this as an add-on. That is a bonus to buy the item you didn’t get if it’s choice or not.


Well guys that completes this post! The three-item choice is not too bad but wishing they had it for Ultimate since that bag seems to have a few issues, but it does give me an idea of what I would like. I am not going to lie with the eyeliner since that was a breath of fresh air but if I hadn’t chosen that they would have given me black again. I hope they keep getting more colors in eyeliners as time goes on. I am still going through other under eye treatments at the moment but glad to get the one from Murad to try out since they’re really pricey! I’m happy with the make up items since I want to see how well the shadow sticks would work, the highlighter duo as well, and glad to get more Huda Beauty. I can’t wait to see what September holds in choices once the first arrives. I am waiting on my BoxyCharm and Ipsy for this month so stay tuned!

Subscription Satelite: No Make No Life September 2020

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast universe! I am back with a new box!


No Make No Life September 2020


New new box! New new box! Yes, I have a new subscription to talk about and it is called No Make No Life and it’s from Japan. It’s a Japanese and Korean Beauty box subscription that has a variety of skin care and make up and you get from eight to nine products every month. I know it’s weird to see that it’s next month’s box because it does have a small magazine talking about the items that appear in the box and it does what magazines do where you have next month’s issue for this month. This subscription is $35, and you pay $10 for DHL Express shipping on top of that. I know it sounds pricey but hear me out! I almost subscribed to Boxy Premium but felt that I get the same brands of items in my Base Box and same with Boxy Lux but didn’t want to feel that I won’t get my Base Box every fourth month. I do like the idea of getting some luxury items but again they are brands that still appear in all three tiers. Goes the same with Glam Bag Ultimate except the items are nothing really to brag about and sometimes the leftovers do end up in the Add-Ons if they’re not given out. So, I saw all the advertisements on Facebook for this box alongside Tokyo Treat which they are the company behind this one and since Tobi and Rayne have done and may still be doing Boxu which is a Japanese snacks subscription why not this one? I have been enjoying Korean beauty brands like Tony Moley for example but want to try out Japanese beauty stuff too since the girls at Beauty News have gone to Japan and got a few beauty products to try. This month’s box is themed around BTS who is a popular boyband in Korea and if you haven’t heard them, Steve Ayoki has collaborated with them and you can hear their song during his set at Electric Daisy Carnival from Las Vegas last year. There are variants on items so I will talk about them and now!


BT21 Rose Oil Multi-Purpose Cream: First up is a rose oil cream from BT21. This is so heavily scented, but it does feel good on the skin. This item can be used for face, body, and hair and the rose oil helps moisturize the skin. Plus, it features one of the BT21 characters based on the BTS members.

Petit Recipe 2 Color Juicy Gloss: Next up is an item by Petit Recipe which is a brand from Japan and it’s a 2-color gloss that comes in a bottle like package. This gloss is a two color one that also contains pearl for extra glam. You could either get vanilla, grape, cherry, or blood orange. I think I got blood orange for mine and I wonder why Japan always has the cutest packaging ever? Even their snacks are wrapped in cute packaging.

Chupa Chups Hand Cream in Strawberry Cream: I remembered Chupa Chups existing when I was in grade school and remembered my brother having those lollipop spinners that they sold with the lollipops at some toy stores if you know what I mean? I did remember getting a pack of the ice cream flavored lollipops from this brand and surprising enough they are no longer in the states unless you go to Britain since they came from there originally. This hand cream is inspired by the scent of these lollipops and it’s not sticky and made with shea butter which you could have gotten either mango, cherry, strawberry cream, peach, mandarin orange, musket grape, or pink grapefruit. I got mine in strawberry cream and didn’t smell like it. Wait, it does now, and it smells good. My hands have been really dry due to the hand washing due to the pandemic.

Overaction Rabbit Lip Cream or Lipstick: Next has an interesting fact! Apparently, there was a character known as the Overaction Rabbit that is very popular with a messenger like app in Korea and it has been loved by Korean celebrities. These lipsticks and lip creams help moisturize the lips and you could have gotten either one. I did get the lip cream by the looks of it in grape because I smelled the flavor and it smells really good. Funny enough is that this had the packaging you tend to get on a rack at a store, kind of like how you sometimes find a single Lip Smacker at CVS or Target as an example.

Beauty Present Heart Shape Make Up: Next is something I wanted to open, and it was so cute, and they are heart shaped make up sponges! When I saw these in my box I was wondering what they were and saw the magazine and they were correct and these are supposed to make your make up application easy where the points are used for the smaller areas and the round edges are for the bigger parts of your face. Also, you can cut these in half if you want a smaller blender which is really smart. These would be perfect for travel honestly and I am not sure if you can wet these or not, but I will definitely come back during the Review Round Up and give you my review on these.

Crayon Royal Nail Stickers: There is nothing much about these, but they are just nail stickers you can stick on after polish.

The Seam Single Eye Shadow: Next is an eye shadow from Seam Cosmetics. I know the spelling is different but if I spelled it like they did then it would be auto-corrected to Same. This was a collaboration in Korean pop idol group 17 to make these shimmer shadows because they use, they use shadows from this brand. There are variations that you could have gotten but it doesn’t say the color but glad to try this out and hoping it does pop on my shadow bases since it says it has a silicon coating to help with that.

Make for Me Sheet Mask: Final item in the box is a sheet mask! You know I love these things and I tend to use them twice a week as of Monday to get my skin ready for the week ahead and on Friday to relax after a long week. This is a moisturizing mask with an orange scent and K Pop celebrities would approve the rainbow packaging. I will have to try this out and let you all know in the Review Round Up as well.


That is, its guys for this post! So far, I have enjoyed this box. I was also surprised how fast it arrived since it said it would ship two to five days after your payment is made. I think this is better than Allure because I get items from brands, I haven’t discovered yet or some items I have known about since Tony Moley does appear in this box. Plus, you get to have a few beauty tools on top of it. I am really excited about this box so far and will see what the next one holds since Halloween is in October and wonder if they do any Halloween themed things. Let’s see next month!

The Tag Quadrant: THe Make Up Marvels Tag!

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with another Beauty Tag!


Make Up Marvels Tag!


I saw Teresa is Dead do this one and felt like doing it and it is the Make Up Marvels Tag! I love make up and I do have some things I get from Ulta or even from my subscriptions that I feel that are really good and have been working out for me and when I saw this tag I felt like it was something I want to do and I do have some things I want to talk about. First a disclaimer!


Disclaimer: This tag is based on make up experiences that the lead writer of this site has! Please respect her thoughts based on her experiences on the products that are mentioned in this tag. Thank you!


Lady Prime: a primer that actually works I give it to two of them and they are the E. L. F. Pore less Putty Primer and the NYX Hydro Touch! Why? Because these two are my favorite and they have been working out the most for my dry as heck skin! Even though I haven’t repurchased my beloved Hydro Touch in months but it has been keeping my skin from drying out like crazy even before the foundation gong on, it just keeps the moisture in even after taking my make up off after a long day of work alongside the E. L. F. one. The pore less Putty was all thanks to getting it in the Allure Beauty Box which I unsubscribed from last November because I can just get this at Target and did last time with the actual purchase and have been loving it. This is in a medium size pot and it does come out creamy on the skin and with a good moisturizer underneath it does stay moist on the skin. I can see why someone said it’s (Insert Their Name) Approved!

Ripe & Hype: Make Up that is worth the hype! Oh man, I know I did this with the drugstore tag recently but if I was being honest here, I would have to give it to the MorphexJames Charles Pallet! I know I said I didn’t like Morphe but mainly for their brushes and when I saw this on sale on Ulta’s website I looked at it and thought it was the Tarte Tartiste Pro Remix over again but it wasn’t when I compared it to the shades of both and purchased this one. I got it and man they were not kidding about the 35 shade pallets being huge as heck! I can see why, and this does remind me of the color wheel and an artist paint pallet since this is the Artistry Pallet. I did try the green shades and did an analogous look with this and that is what it’s meant for which you use the shades in a particular color family and go to the lightest which I did by using Social Blade on my lid, Daddy as my definer, Guac in my crease, and Bee in my brow to give the yellow touch and blended them together. I will keep using this pallet and I think this will be my only Morphe pallet since I prefer the color pallets I can play with as well.

The Late Bloomer: the product you was late to try but wished you tried it sooner! I give it to the Naked Eye Shadow Pallets from Urban Decay. It took me a few years in my somewhat YouTube Career and Blogging Career to collect these pallets and sad that the original and Naked 2 have been discontinued and knowing Naked 3 is to follow suit that I must get before it goes bye for real. I have a feeling the reason why they are discontinuing the originals is to make way for the newer ones like the Ultraviolet for example. Again, I feel like I was late to the game with these even though they have lost their popularity to the brand I mentioned above and a few others, but I didn’t care. I love these pallets and will keep using them when I’m in the mood.

Tentative Tangles: a pallet you’ve been on the fence on and now a favorite! Hush! So many of my pallets but I would give this one to the Tarte Toasted Pallet! I purchased this during 21 Days of Beauty which I was not going to, but the sale price was really good and did. I can see this one is a good one because it is an expanded version of the Naked Heat and does give you more toasty shades to play with and it fits with the fiery shades you would expect. I need to start using this more since I haven’t really touched it for a while.

Game Changer: a product that has changed how you do your make up or changed your routine? I give it to the Juno & Co. Make Up Sponges, the Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit, and mascara primers! First, the Juno sponges have helped me with blending my make up very well even with the foundations that have a really dewy formula. The Billion Dollar Brow Kit has been a big game changer in my brow routine. I tend to just use a clear brow gel and a pencil to keep my brows in place and this has been doing the same thing. While the mascara primers have been keeping my lashes from having flakes from any mascara and the flakes tend to bother my eyes too. Glad I got to start using the lash primers since my eyes do water due to allergies, especially with how we have so much pollen in the air.

Beauty Lash: a mascara that curls to the top! I know that is not the exact words but the mascara I would give this to is the Lash Princess mascara from Essence! I got into this mascara due to my favorite personalities on YouTube. All thanks to hearing about this one I had to get it and fell in love with it when I first purchased it on Ulta. I have been using the waterproof one from them for work as well.

Shine & Dine: a shiny product that doesn’t look like fly paper! Hmmm! I give it to the Space Case Shadow in Ultimate Space Gasm. I know this is a weird name, but this shadow is amazing! If you want a single shadow look without the thought is any of the Space Case ones. This brand is amazing, and their shadows are Colour Pop quality but on the dryer side. I would say try them out if you have a chance. While the shade I mentioned is very glittery and easy to blend on the eyes on top of a white eye base and you can travel easily with these in a make-up bag.

Fancy Cake: a powder that sets without looking like a crepe on your face! The Becca Hydro Mist Powder and the E. L. F. Setting Powder. These two are amazing in setting foundation. The Hydro mist was from a BoxyCharm last year and it is very dewy, and it is very refreshing! While the E. L. F. one is translucent and very pressed and easy to set my makeup. With the Wet N Wild Photo Focus Dewy Foundation gives a really nice set to it and doesn’t make it feel heavy. Now I want to see how well the Hydro Mist powder would set it. Still I enjoy these powders even though they are in different price ranges from each other. Becca is around the $30 range while E. L. F. is around $6. Good products for their prices.


This was a fun tag guy! I am glad to do this one and hope you enjoyed it. I am still reading a ton of books so don’t worry I will get to reviewing another book soon and I am now waiting on my subscriptions to get to me, I am also planning to do my Sunu Band review since I can’t test it at a convention due to how they have been pushed to 2021 and promised to review it for a while now. Stay tuned everyone!

The Tag Quadrant: The Drugstore Make Up Tag!

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with another tag video!

Drugstore Make Up Tag

Today I will be doing the Drugstore Make Up Tag. As you know mys tart with make up happened to be drugstore and have been using products from there up to today. I seen Jessica Braun do this tag and she added some questions so I will be doing her version of this tag, let’s get to it!


If you were able to use one drugstore brand or affordable brand what would it be? I will give this to Wet N Wild because it was the very first make up brand I’ve ever used and have been loving for many years. I know there has been some controversy around its Cruelty Free status due to selling in a Chinese drugstore but I still have enjoyed the products. I have been loving their dewy foundation the most now because it feels comfortable on my skin.

What is the most under rated affordable brand? I have to give it to Jordana is the brand I would say it’s under rated. It is always sold at Walgreens which I have seen some people say they have been taken out of some locations which they did that with my all time favorite nail polish brand, Sinful Colors, in my area. I have seen people rave about their eyeliner and I did get their purple one a while back before moving out and did love their lip products I have tried. I know you can still get them online which is a good thing.

What is the most over rated drugstore brand? I give it to Morphe! I feel like with all of the influencers promoting it and despite the drama of them dropping Jeffree Starr they are still over rated. I admit I did buy James Charles’ pallet because it was on sale and haven’t tried out the eye shadows and I do like a more of an artist’s pallet to play with like the Tarte Tartiste Pro ReMix pallet. The brushes on the other hand aren’t that great either since they are basically Crown brushes but labeled Morphe and I do have the vegan brush set and find them just okay when I can get better brushes at the drugstore with better quality like E. L. F. And I need to say this from pure honesty and that is if you’re an influencer and that gets PR try the product before saying it’s really good because I have seen Jaqueline Hill say the foundations, concealers, and powders really amazing but and this is a big one at that, she turned around and said she has not used the Morphe concealer but Tarte Shade Tape. Please don’t fool your followers. Heck, I was on camera to say that the Coastal Scents concealer quad was hard to blend for all to see!

What is one drugstore product under $5 you’ve liked? Oh man, this is hard! I would give it to Essence Lash Princess mascara. I have been loving this mascara for a while and even have the waterproof one for work so it would stay on during the day or on a bad day if I need that cry at home. This has been a great range of mascara that I have tried in many years and can see why it has been a favorite for a lot of people too.

What is a drugstore hidden gem no one talks about? I want to give this to the Revlon Lip Cushion Lip Tints! I had to think about it but these have been mentioned in Allure but hardly anyone on YouTube has mentioned them. I loved these for a while and my favorite shade has always been Crimson Feels due to how it is that classic brick red shade I know and look good in.

What is your favorite drugstore foundation? I give it to the Wet N Wild Photo Focus Dewy foundation! I know I just touched this but it is so good! I like how it is so comfortable on the skin and not so drying at all. So many people did not like the smell of the original one but you hardly smell this one which is good. I will keep on purchasing this since Buff Bisque is always my shade and sometimes it does sell out so I buy two just in case!

What are some products you buy at the drugstore more than high end? I would have to say eye shadow and lip products! Even though I have been getting my eye shadow fix from subscription boxes every month but I always get an eye shadow pallet or lip product a lot more on the drugstore side because their quality has been kicking it and I don’t feel so guilty spending so much on one pallet. I think the last shadow pallet I purchased that was full price was the Nude Mood pallet from COlour Pop. While lip products, on the other hand, I feel like I have been getting less of because of the subscriptions and have so many of so I slowed down on that. The last one I did get was another Crimson Feels which I finished up pretty fast.

What is one brand that is over priced? Even though I agree with Physician’s Formula being over priced but I have to say NYX is getting really high in price. I remembered this brand being so affordable at Ulta and then when it started being more accessible at CVS, Target, and now Walgreens and now we have the actual stores it has gone up in price and I remembered Jen Luv’s Reviews mentioned how it feels like their products are being raised in price without any reason. For instance, I remembered the Hydro Touch primer being around $13 at Ulta and now it’s around $16 I think and I am so surprised at that price. Heck, now they have a $32 shadow pallet and I am wondering who made the decision on these price hikes? The world will never know.

What is your favorite drugstore dupe? I give it to the NYX Slide On Eye Pencil! I feel that these are a dupe for Urban Decay’s Glide On Eye Pencils even though I have three of those due to 21 Days of Beauty. The NYX ones have been a fan favorite and I have loved these pencils for years and even have one in my work make up kit when I do teal shadow looks. I love how these glide on my eye lines and there are pretty good color options to choose from without breaking the bank. And another item would be the NYX Eye Base which is a good dupe for the Mac Paint Pot. I do love the Paint Pots but I always fall back to the NYX eye base because it does keep my shadows on very well throughout the day and it’s easy to blend on the eyes too.

What is the best drugstore shadow formula? I give this to the Coastal Scents single shadows. Why? Because not only being a bit under rated but at the same time they are so good! I can just buy these and stick them into a Z Pallet and just go on my merry way. I use these for work a lot because it’s so easy to find shadows appropriate for work that would go with any of my color schemes for solid and sometimes printed clothing. I even have one of their pallets with these shadows which is the pink pallet and haven’t touched it yet though. These are not too expensive either, they were around the $1.99 mark but they did have a price raise to $3 and they do go on sale a lot during the year.

What is the worst eye shadow formula? I think I have to give it to Revlon and the ones that came to mind were those shadow pallets that were named after the different elements of art like Advant Gard, Graffiti, and so on and those were okay. I did also remembered getting a shadow quad from them but what I didn’t like was how the packaging was so cheap and broke so easily! I am wondering if they improved the formula over time because their lip products are amazing but shadows aren’t the greatest!

What is one make up brand you loved before but no longer love? I have to say Maybelline and L’Oreal. I feel that these two brands were my favorites and I tend to get a lot of their items and now I only buy a few of them especially on sale. I think the last L’Oreal product I bought was the Voluminous Butterfly mascara because I do enjoy that mascara. I think the reason why I rarely buy from this brand is because they discontinued my most favorite mascara and that was the Miss Manga. I am still mad about that! While Maybelline, I really only get mascaras from them too because I already get my favorite lip products from other brands more than these guys. I think the last lip product was the Lip Ink liquid lipstick and I thank Allure for that one but I rarely buy items from these two brands.

Drugstore product you didn’t expect you love? I would have to give it to the E. L. F. Primer Infused Blushes! The thing is that usually you would have hits and misses from E. L. F. but these blushes have been one of my favorites. I only have two colors and they are Always Rosey from the matte line and Always Lucky from the luminous line. These go on sheer but really easy to build up which you need to watch out for that because it can get intense really easily due to how pigmented these are. I have been using Always Rosy for work every day and hoping to keep on purchasing it!

Affordable Eye Shadow Pallet You’ve Been Enjoying Now: I have been rarely buying any eye shadow pallets at the drugstore like I used to due to getting so many pallets in my subscriptions so I can’t really say.

What has been a brand that’s been stepping up? I am agreeing with Jessica on this and this is one of her questions and that is Cover Girl. Ever since they’ve announced their Cruelty Free Status years ago everyone has been buying them more, heck even I have been buying them a little more especially when I got my all time favorite concealer again, Invisible Lift in light. They have done so many things in the past and they have grown ever since their new status and hoping they keep on going.

Best new release or line at the drugstore? I give it to the Wet N Wild X My Melody and Kuromie Collection! They have made a lot of awesome collections in the past but this take the cake! Sanrio has been around for many decades and so many brands have partnered with them until now with Wet N Wild. I did buy the collection myself and waiting for it to arrive and basically it’s ten items and you get a makeup bag, two shadow pallets, two brushes, and some lip stuff and a face pallet. You can get them separately on the website and on Sanrio’s website too which is really amazing because I remembered there were their own make up items but getting it with Wet N Wild makes it better.

What is one brand that is dying out? I am not only agreeing on Revlon but also Almay. Revlon, I do love the lip tints they released and of course the Super Lustrous Lip sticks but they haven’t really been coming out with anything mind blowing. I know they are trying to fit with the newer generation by bringing new face items, new lip products, and other things except they are still going backwards in a way to cater to the older crowd. I am not saying I am super old but old enough to remember how they used to release so many new items like the other brands until now they aren’t doing it so much. While Almay, it’s like everyone passes by without a glance. When I first got into face make up I did use to use their Clean Complexion line all the time but when I noticed my skin was reacting weird to their products I had to change it up and went with other brands when it came to foundation, powder, and concealer. The other reason why they feel like they’re dying out with me is that they do just cater to four skin shades and they are light, light medium, medium, and deep. Ever since Fenty Beauty came out with their huge range of foundation shades a lot of brands followed suit like Wet N Wild, Becca, Maybelline, and so many other brands because it feels like with how brands should release their shade ranges it has to be inclusive because nobody has the same skin shade.What is a product you’ve been loving for years? I am giving it to the Maybelline Colossal Cat Eye Mascara! I have been buying this over and over and glad it’s still available! I prefer this over the Feline Noir mascara from L’Oreal because this one actually makes my lashes curl while the Feline Noir one just makes them stiff.


Well guys that is it! Some of the questions I had to think while others were pretty easy. I do love drugstore make up and can’t get enough of a few products while most of the time it’s face make up I get due to my subscriptions always giving me something new. I will be doing another tag that I saw Teresa Is Dead featured on her channel so stay tuned!

Subscription Satelite: Ipsy Glam Bag July 2020

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with the last subscription post!


Ipsy Glam Bag July 2020

it’s time for my Ipsy Glam Bag and it was the last to arrive. Even though I didn’t get any add-ons this month but didn’t get shipped until after my GB Plus did. This bag is $12 a month and you get sample sizes of brands ranging from drugstore, indie, prestige, and luxury. You also get a makeup bag like with GB Plus! Let’s see what I got this month!

Ciate London Hempz Citron & Quartz Body Lotion: First is another item from Hempz and it’s also another body lotion but I will be using this for my hands. I’m happy to get another one of these but the issue I have is that towards the end it gets harder to squeeze with how thick the product is. Not only this has the usual hemp seed oil that helps with hydration but it also has citrus oils  and extracts to help protect the skin from aging and apparently it’s good for applying after you shave your legs. I have to try that since I tend to use our blades from Dollar Shave Club and yes the shave butter is really cooling but I still have my dry patches. This also has quartz crystal particles to light up the skin with some shimmer. I hope it is not too harsh since my skin has something that is glitter. I hope it doesn’t break me out!
Luxie 205 Tapered Blending Brush: Next up is another brush from Luxie and it’s their tapered blending brush. I do love their brushes and have gotten a few sets from them over time and I recommend these over Morphe due to how well they do the job. I will be using this to apply shadows or blend them after I apply my shadow look. It is so soft and it does fit my eye lid very well. Let’s see how this goes!
Space Case Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Space Food: Another eye shadow from these guys and this time it’s called Space Food. This is a shimmery silver and still has the same soft formula I know and love. I can’t wait to wear this on my eyes with a silver liner! I highly recommend this brand too!
The Balm Cosmetics Will Powdered Blush in Worth the Wait: Another product from the Balm and this time it’s a blush. There are times where I rarely get blushes in this bag. I mention on my profile I love blush and bronzer and it gets ignored sometimes. I understand so many items so little time. I am glad to get this in my bag this month but the thing is I wish they didn’t put it in smaller books because it’s hard to get a face brush in any face related samples. It’s best to do it with shadows but not face items. Please Balm Cosmetics put it in a compact like how Ofra does it for their samples for Ipsy. Anyways, this is a natural tone blush that is supposed to help wake up the skin with a trio of plant extracts and not made with any harmful ingredients. Also, it’s very easy to blend. I will have to try this out since I have tried the blushes in the Rock 1 and 2 pallets I have in my makeup collection and have enjoyed what I’ve tried so far.
Ciate London Watermelon Burst Hydrating Lip Oil: Finally my choice product is a lip oil from Ciate London! I have been into lip oils because my lips do get dry even while teaching or not being able to re-apply my lip product either after a nap or after eating. I was surprised that this came in a small tube but not hating it though. Apparently watermelon extract is also supposed to be good for hydration on the lips. I have seen a lot of watermelon skin care from different brands and glad to try this out from Ciate since I have been a fan of their products for a few years now.

Well guys that is it for this month’s Glam Bag! I wish the Balm would give bigger compacts for their samples when it comes to face products because there are times where I use a big blush brush myself. I may get the item full size if I do enjoy it. I can’t wait to try out the eye shadow I got from Space Case this time since I have enjoyed their products for years as well. I will have to see how the Hempz lotion will go since my skin can get a little sensitive on the body to some sparkle. Let’s see what happens in the Review Round Up next month! Also, can’t wait to see what my birthday month holds for all my subscriptions!

Hempz Body Lotion:
Luxie Beauty Tapered Blending Brush:
Space Case Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Space Food:
The Balm COsmetics Blush:
Ciate London Watermelon Burst Lip Oil:

Subscription Satelite: BoxyCharm July 2020

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe! I am back with a new post!

BoxyCharm July 2020!

My BoxyCharm arrived and it arrived earlier like my Glam Bag Plus! I was surprised it also arrived on a Sunday again since FedEx delivered this while I was having brunch. I am not complaining since I’m happy to get this earlier even before my Choice Day on Tuesday. This box is $25 a month and you get five full size items from prestige and luxury brands. Let’s see what they sent me this month.
Skin Club Vitamin C Booster: First is my choice item for this month and it’s from Skin Club. It was a hard choice this month because there were two other serums, one was for lashes and the other was from Skin 111 but it was pollution protection so I decided on this one. This is the Vitamin C Booster Serum and it is supposed to help brighten the skin and fight against aging and also help protect against UV Rays. This is so important especially with how hot it gets here and everyone is social distancing at the beach now that getting that UV force on your skin can be harsh. I’m glad to get this and try this out. This retails for $49.95!
Hourglass Arch Brow Micro Sculpting Pencil: Next is something from Hourglass and it’s my first time trying them. I remembered one of their highlighters was on choice but didn’t choose them since my curiosity was not peaked into trying their formula out. I guess I don’t get too interested in luxury brands like most people but let’s see what this pencil is all about. This claims to create super defined brows with the super fine tip to make it look like you got micro bladed without the blade. I have to see how this goes since I do use brow products to keep my brows in place, especially towards the front where it can be bushy even when I maintain them but it’s good to get a brow pencil time to time. I thought it was an eyeliner but glad to get this instead. This retails for $28.
Pur Cosmetics Festival 2.0 Eye Pallet: I remembered getting the first one and glad to get the sequel! Like the last one, except that one had more mattes, this one has shimmer but more shimmer. This pallet has twelve shades like the last one from what I remembered and glad to get this one since I didn’t get a pallet last month. This retails for $36.
Hank & Henry Lip Love Lux Lipstick: Another item from Hank & Henry and this time it’s a lipstick. This lipstick is coated in a shimmery coating and it dissolves as you apply it. It is also stored in a ruby red container and it leaves a satin look or a moisturized sheen on your lips. This retails for $17.
Lavish Quick Dry Color Switch Cleaner: Final item is from Lavish and it’s their ever-so-famous Color Switch. When I saw this in my box I thought BoxyCharm Played a joke and sent me an empty tin but opened it and saw this and scanned the card to find out what it is. This is supposed to help you clean powder shadows off your brushes and it retails for $20.

That is it for this box! I’m actually happy about this one. I feel that they did this one better than the last since I mentioned how I felt that they threw my box together and sent it to me. I did tell them about how the Purlisse CC Cream was in my wrong shade and they apologized and gave me charms for it. They also explained that the shade chooser based on profile is still new to them with complexion products and to me that they should have gotten it down since they sent the foundation and concealer cards months ago. Glad that was resolved. Anyways, I will have to see how the pallet fairs since I did like the last one from last year and this one is the new one that they made. I have to see if they have a shade description for all the shades in this one and see how different it is. I am glad to get a new brow pencil to try out since I am using my Billion Dollar Brows Kit still and of course glad to try a new item from Hank & Henry and they have not gotten back to me about the Living Color pallet. I may have to find out some other way. And of course glad to try the color Switch since I do use a lot of powder shadows and will see how well it cleans off my brushes as I use them. I can’t wait to see what is up for choice this Tuesday and hoping its better because I felt with choice this time for July it was meh! I love skin care but I remembered there was more variety to choose from and I understand that they didn’t have much due to the pandemic but hoping its better this time. Also, I can’t wait to see what I get in my box in August!

That is it for this post! Glad that my box was better this month since the items were ones that I would use. Let’s see what August brings since it is my birthday month again. I am waiting for my Ipsy to arrive so it should be here this week. Until next time!

Clean Skin Club Vitamin C Brightening Booster
HourGlass Arch Brow Micro Sculpting Pencil
Pur Cosmetics Festival 2.0
Note: Using the BoxyCharm link because the website has the new Raw Beauty Kristy Collab going on.
Hank & Henry Lips Page
Lavish Quick Dry Color Switch Cleaner