People We Have Interviewed

We have interviewed many guests that appear at conventions over the years! Whether it’s from the net or voice acting, we have gotten to learn a lot about their work! Here is who we have interviewed and you can watch them on the Nerdy Shique Universe YouTube Channel and read ones here on Word Press!

Brittney Karbowski: Soul Eater, Kiba, Fairy Tail
Scott McNeil: Beast Wars, InuYasha
The Main Three of Team FourStar: Takahata101, KaiserNekko, and Menimpataur
Chris Patton: FullMetal Alchemist, Air Gear, Pretear
Chris Sabat: FullMetal Alchemist, Fairy Tail
Carrie Savage: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Vampire Knight, Disgaea 4
Matthew Mercer: Attack on Titan, Tales of Xilia, Resident Evil
Kyle Hebert: Naruto, Attack on Titan
Troy Baker: Saints Row, Avengers Assemble, Soul Eater
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn: Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, .hack//SIGN, Naruto
Richard Epcar: Lupin III, Digimon, Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Dante Basco: Avatar the Last Air Bender, Hook, American Dragon Jake Long
John Swasey: DNAngel, Soul Eater
Dameon Clarke: FullMetal Alchemist, Castle, Supernatural
Eric Stuart: Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh
Bryce Papenbrook: Attack On Titan, Sword Art Online
Mike McFarland: Fruits Basket, FullMetal Alchemist
Trina Nishimura: Attack On Titan, FMA: Brotherhood, Eva 2.22
Lauren Landa: Tales of Xilia, Attack On Titan, Blaze Blue
Josh Grelle: Attack On Titan, Snow White With the Red Hair, Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple
Riddle: Heroes of Cosplay
Todd Habercorn: Fiary Tail, Soul Eater, Snow White With the Red Hair
Joshua Seth: Digimon, Akira

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