Beauty Quadrant: Best Pallets From Ten Brands

Hello to all of you beautiful nerds and welcome back from traveling the vast nerd universe. I am back with another post!

Best Pallets from Ten Brands!

So, I was inspired by 90s Love Child on YouTube to do this since I have so many pallets and have tried so many out, I think it’s time to do this post. So, she picks the best pallets, what she things is the best, from ten different brands out there. I do have a few and I will give you some runners-up as well. Let’s see what I picked! But first!

Disclaimer: This post is about pallets I think they are the best from ten different brands I pick. Please understand and respect why I enjoy them and why I think they are the best!

Ace Vintage Dawn: I decided to not put the second word because it’s really hard for me to spell but the first pallet is the Vintage Dawn pallet from Ace. This was the very first pallet I have ever received from these guys and glad to use it. I haven’t tried out anything else since I may be cheating with this but I find this to be a pretty versatile pallet with what you can use. I do like the formula and have used some of the blues and some green and browns to pull off a pretty cohesive look and glad to try this out.

Huda Beauty Smoke Obsessions Pallet: Next up is a nine-pan pallet from Huda Beauty. I have a few of these but the one I prefer the most is the Smoke Obsessions one. I love me a smokey eye and this does pull that natural smoky eye especially when I have to do a neutral eye for work. This pallet is very pigmented and easy to use and glad to have something like this for something simple.

Jeffree Star Blue Blood: I know not everyone likes Jeffree Star but I have to say is that I do love his Blue Blood pallet. I do have Blood Money and did get Cremated and Jaw Breaker but I have enjoyed this one more over Cremated and Jaw Breaker was nice so far but if I want to just do a blue eye with a few neutrals in between, like Celebrity Skin, I can just pull this one out. Plus, the shadows are not as soft as Cremated. I am still mad about hitting pan on Angel of Death! Still, I find this is his best pallet! I bet you’re wondering, how about Blood Lust? I looked at the color story and it’s Naked 3 and Ultraviolet combined! Don’t need it since I have those pallets. Speaking of which!

Urban Decay Naked Heat: It’s hard to choose between Honey and Heat but I lean more towards Heat because I have way too much fun with this pallet. I know this one needs an orange but I do enjoy having a red pallet with some browns to help tone down the intensity and give off a natural blend. I almost used this, alongside Blue Blood, for my Shoto Todoroki look but used a different pallet I will be mentioning here. I love this pallet and glad to get this and now have a back up of when I hit pan since some shades feel I am about to do that due to how much I have used it.

Coastal Scents Revealed Smoky: Even though I am a fan of the Naked Smoky from UD but the Revealed Smoky from Coastal Scents has my heart due to it being still available. Yes, Naked Smoky was discontinued due to it not being able to sale like its predecessors. Besides it still being available, it also has ten more shades. You not only get ten shades but twenty shades. You can make a lot of looks with this kind of pallet and it fits with the smoky theme I enjoy when it comes to most looks. Plus, it’s very affordable.

Morphe James Charles Artistry: I know I don’t like Morphe much but I am admitting that I only like one pallet from them and it’s the only one I think is the best. Even though people say the Jacklyn Hill one is the best but due to formula changes behind everyone’s backs I never bought it, even before the formula change. This brand is mostly over hyped and not my cup of tea even in the brush department. I do admit the only pallet I have liked is the James Charles one. This was on sale on Ulta and decided to pick it up. I wished I went for the mini because this one is huge for the thirty-five shades you get in this thing. Ulta has up to 52 shades in one set and their pallets don’t get this big unless it takes over a case. Richard was even surprised with its size when he tried helping me with looking for something. Anyways, this pallet has a variety of shades to play with that goes along with the color wheel. I can do many analogous looks with this thing and they are really pigmented. I haven’t brought it out due to my sty and blepharitis situation last month but may do it again soon.

Colour Pop Kathleen Lights Dream Street Pallet: I am including this one because I have enjoyed it a lot and find the blue shades fun to play with. I can do a lot of looks with the Dream Street pallet and can pair it with the Zodiac pallet that Kathleen has done with them too but this is one that I play with on its own the most.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar: I’m really sad that this one was discontinued but has been a favorite of mine ever since I got into Too Faced. The Chocolate Bar is always a classic and one that I always return to if I want to do a look. Yes, I do enjoy the Bon Bons pallet but this has been my number one choice out of the Chocolate Bar Collection. I don’t know why this, the Semi-Sweet, and the Bon Bons were discontinued but I hope they do return with newer packaging and probably more chocolate added, I am glad to get back ups of this alongside the sister pallets. Heck, I remembered doing a look with the Semi-Sweet for Valentine’s and a co-worker even liked it due to how much I can work with these pallets and they will still be a favorite, especially the original!

MakeUp Revolution Emily Noel the Wants: I decided to include this one because it is a very classy pallet and I love Emily Noel and how well this pallet was created with MakeUp Revolution. Even though the pallets from this brand can be hits and misses, I have two of the chocolate ones and a few others but this one always gets my heart. It shouts Emily and things from her life in school all the way down to her home life and the colors match her aesthetic on top of it. I also remembered how Kiki Chanel and Tati were a bit of a fight due to how Tati said this was a bad pallet due to how it wasn’t working for her but Kiki proved her wrong with doing the same look and it was pigmented. This is my thought and that is not all pallets are able to be applied with a finger. Brushes and fingers can apply shadows differently and of course when I use my beloved brushes, they do come out very well and yes Tati may have worked with makeup for most of her life but fingers aren’t always the best applicator. I do love this pallet and will use it again at some point.

Nomad Cosmetics Belgium Underground Pallet: Final entry in this list is from Nomad Cosmetics and it’s their Belgium Underground Pallet. Trust me, I had a hard time choosing my final pallet but then Nomad crossed my mind. I almost put Tuscany on this but I have to give it to their Belgium pallet because I used it a little bit more. It’s different from what I’ve gotten and this was a pallet I got through my Glam Bag Plus and have enjoyed it! The color story is different and it’s fun to go a bit more grunge with this pallet and you do have a few shades that are out there but it does fit the punk scene with a little history. If you have not checked out Nomad and curious about it, I would say watch our video on them on the YouTube Channel and then check them out. The shadows are really pigmented and worth the price.

Now that the list is done, here are some runner up pallets:

Urban Decay Naked Honey

Nomad Cosmetics Tuscany Pallet

Eleman Inferno

BH Cosmetics Aurora Lights

So, that completes this post! Stay tuned for my next one that is the Bests & Worsts of 2020!