New Haul of 2015!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! I am back for a bit since I’ve been busy in Daytona and now on break until I go back for more stuff. I know I was going to do something on a plushie maker but having a itty bit thing to be fixed before I do it, so in the mean time I am bringing a haul for you all!


Not only I have beauty stuff, I also have some stuff from Hot Topic to mention!


Hot Topic: So, Hot Cash ended last month, well the last week of January and well I didn’t use all my coupons this year. I ended up with four, which was pretty funny! December was when they gave them out and the first one was when I got my newer Rise Against shirt and Harley Quin robe, I know what you’re thinking, Hot Topic carries robes now? Sort of since of course it’s winter and this thing was a perfect release for the cold and man it’s been cold in Florida, especially this week with Valentine’s Day! Back to it, the With the total from that purchase got me two Hot Cash coupons and then the other two was the Monday after that when we all went as a group and got the Kiki’s Delivery Service throw blanket because the blankets in the dorm I was staying at were thin and not warm enough and this thing was the definition of warm! It was also the last one that day and snatched it before anyone gets it! It’s of the cat Geegee from the movie and a friend of mine found a little beanie with cats and snowflakes on it and it says “Meow!” It was so cute! Cute as my Hash Tag Meow one from WalMart. Then I mentioned to the guy that he forgot about my HT One points and made it up to me to give me a second Hot Cash coupon with the first and then had four! I gave one to Gondras since he needed more shirts to wear besides the ones I got him for Christmas and in the past because he loves them so much and he ended up getting three Doctor Who ones and one of Firefly, which was the first show Nathan Filian did before Castle! What I did get with the two I used were the coffee mugs of Attack On Titan and Deadpool!I haven’t gotten anything more in Deadpool for ages since I get Gondras shirts of Deadpool and of course we have the game and when I heard the Sanford location had this mug along with the AOT one, called Sanford because Daytona’s location sold out of them, I wanted it! If only the boxes that they came in didn’t have that easy to slide out thing because I wouldn’t mind having the cast of Attack On Titan sign it at Omni! With the second one, I did get the newer Avengers shirt for Age of Ultron, which the guy working that day let me buy it before anyone else did along with a Guardians of the Galaxy shirt of the members animated! Loving it! Besides Hot Cash, during the time you spend it you got coupons for “Get $10 off of a $40” purchase and that started the end of January and went through last Sunday and I used one of them, which I don’t know what happened to the other, oh well! Anyuway, I had a hard time deciding until I was glad to get what I got! The thing was when Gondras visited me last, he told me that there were jackets based on the AOT ranger jackets  minus the patches and I decided to see if they fit me in the XL but it didn’t! It was tight around the shoulders and I have linebacker shoulders! Made me sad! Anyone know anyone who can make me one in my measurements? Just saying! I was happy to find out that they had the messenger bag and you know me with these things, got it! I had to find something else to get to meet that amount on the coupon and almost got another item of AOT until I remembered Gondras mentioned that Hot Topic started making stuff based on Harley Quin and perfumes based on her and the Joker, which I picked up a bottle! I am obsessed with it! It is strong at first but when it goes through the day it gets sweeter and sweeter, it makes me smell it like crazy! I think I found my cat nip! What made me puzzled is that they were starting Hot Cash giveaway again! The girl told me they won’t start til April and now will get a call about it since they do courtesy calls now. Start racking up the Hot Cash if you can!


Other Things: Some other things I did get while in Daytona before I got back to Orlando include two things from Mac! I have started getting into it a bit more but getting it a little at a time since it is expensive. I started with the Cream Cup lipstick back in December all thanks to so many YouTubers talking about it and decided to try it out! I did pick up another YouTuber pick and was lucky to get it since it was the last one and it’s the lipstick in Cream In Your Coffee! It’s more of a brown nude versus Cream Cup being a pink one and these babies are very creamy! I think this has been a very popular one at the counter due to it being the last one when they just got a new shipment of it in when I went and glad I snatched it in time! I am also using it and loving it! Then the other thing is the blush in Gleeful! I started with Danty as my first blush by Mac after hearing Coffee Break with Dani talked about it on her channel and wanted to see how they were like and after getting it, I love it! When I was told that rose colored blushes are also perfect for my skin tone I decided to check and see if they sold a rosy tone and they did and that was Gleeful! I haven’t used it yet but will be! Other items I did pick up include some stuff for my professional wardrobe such as a pair of pearl earrings and a necklace from Claire’s because of their $5 sale on jewelry and did get a top from JCPenny as a nice start to it! Yes, Mari Blue Cat is growing up!


Ulta: Now onto the fun part! Yesterday I went to Ulta after a job fair because I not only get the favorite “$3.50 off of a purchase of $10 or more” but got a coupon for a deluxe size of the new Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash mascara and was like, “Yes please!” Not only I got my paws on that I did get the full size of the Marc Anthony Argon Shine hair spray (I know the name is different but too long!) from Ipsy. It was funny the girl thought I wanted the small size, which I shown her what kind it was, and told me that they didn’t have the small only the big one and I told her that’s what I wanted. This is one reason subscription boxes, especially Ipsy, come in handy when it comes to trying products and then buying them in stores if they get carried there. I will see if the Waterford location, which I where I went to due to the Florida Mall location closed down, carry Jay Cat stuff next since I do like the Wonder lip paints and did redeem my points for one and may have to try other products.


Besides the hairspray, I did get a few other items and they were drugstore items and one of them is something I kind of was not on the bandwagon until now and that is the Maybelline Rocket Mascara! I have tried mascaras from Rimmel, Jordana, L’Oreal of course with the Miss Manga, ELF, LA Color, but not Maybelline. When I kept on hearing so many YouTubers rave about it, I had to try it out for myself and got it in the black color, Blackest Black I believe. The packaging is interesting when you get it, which the brush is not in the tube. I was afraid that the mascara was dried out if there was nothing to seal it until I opened it when I got home and saw the cap that was used to keep it fresh and not dry, I was relieved and put its brush in and it looked like a rocket! I can kind of see why they did that due to how long it would be in the original packaging and Maybelline wanted to keep it simple, very clever guys! The next product was something I wanted to find in Maybelline but couldn’t find it until I went to L’Oreal and it’s a gel liner in black! Normally I use black liquid liner and lately I have been using the black liner that ELF placed in their Disney Villain books but slight problem with that is they run! When I put it on Monday, Gondras saw a streak run down to my cheek and he thought it was because I was laughing too hard to the latest thing he shown me and he had to help me out to get it off. Another problem is that it transfers if you aren’t careful when putting it on, so to not face this again I decided to toss this with the other two and just stick with liquid liner from someone else or gel liner and decided gel liner! I went with the Carbon Black one by L’OReal because Maybelline ran out and it was popular at Ulta, so dropped by L’Oreal because I love their blue one and may have to get the purple one since it is so easy to use with my liner brush! The last item is the new NYX color mascara in blue! I heard about these from a YouTuber while watching a new Ulta haul and decided to check it out! I never tried NYX’s mascara but I do love their many tons of products like the eye shadows, liners, lip stuff, but never tried the mascara and this is an interesting twist! So glad they decide to release these for a year round thing since colored mascaras are a Halloween thing and I believe they were around in the ‘90s. Welcome back to the scene!


WalMart: Last stop is WalMart because I had to get more printer paper! I print a lot of stuff and my resume took a good portion of the rest of my paper along with the coupons from Ulta. I did pick up three make up items and wasn’t expecting to, one was one I needed and that was the Rimmel Shine Top Coat! When I painted my nails Saturday, I didn’t know my Sinful Top Shine dried out on the brush and became goopy and was hard to brush on! I tossed that out along with the old Quick Dry after buying my new bottle and kind of kicked myself for not getting the Top Shine while at Walgreens that day. I was hoping to go back but then I heard Rimmel made a good one and it dries in 60 seconds and decided to see if I can find it and I did! Great thing about it, I reapplied the Ruby Ruby nail polish since it was chipping already by last night, I used the top coat and you can hardly feel the glitter! It pretty much seals it in and does dry pretty fast! This has become my newest, fave top coats! I will still get the base and the quick dry from Sinful because those still are my faves!


Another product I got from Rimmel is something I wasn’t expecting to get because I was trying to find the new Provocalips lip glosses that Eleventh Gorgeous talked about but I did get the newer mascara they made and that is the Rockin Curves from the Scandaleyes collection! I own the Glam Rock one and loved how great my lashes felt with it on and funny thing was I wanted to find this one until my dad read the “Broken Heart Brush” part on the packaging and went, “Wait a minute, you said Broken Heart Brush? Is “New” on the package?” He double checked and told me it did and grabbed it! I was glad to find it after hearing about it on YouTube! This will be interesting to try out with how well the Glam Rock mascara worked well. I think I got this one in Extreme Black since it only comes in this shade and just Black. I don’t know why I’m in a mascara craze! And the last item is another thing I didn’t get on the bandwagon until now and it’s the CoverGirl Lip Lava in Live Love Lava! I heard about these from Color Swept Beauty and then Eleventh Gorgeous talked about them and had to try them! I did almost get one for my professional make up bag for when I go to have an interview or working or other things like job fairs but the reds didn’t suit it according to someone who used to be a make up artist before she got her eye condition, I did get Rimmel’s Captivating for that. Anyways, I did still have an interest in these and like how they were described and apparently they were almost sold out due to popularity! I was happy to get this one to try it out and didn’t want to stick to just the pinks or purples this time around. The nude one and gold one did sound interesting but the kitty ears gravitated towards Lip Love Lava and it’s a nice red to start with! CoverGirl should make more of these and more for the Colorlicious collection later on!


Ipsy Me: Last item of this haul just arrived yesterday and that is an Ipsy Me offer I picked up last week and it’s from Pacifica and it’s their Solar Color Mineral Pallet! Another great thing about Ipsy is you get e-mails every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday now, it was every Tuesday and then switched to every Tuesday and Thursday and now it’s three days and that different make up companies that were featured in Ipsy over time give deals through Ipsy to have Ipsters get them at a lower price. If you remembered a few posts back, I got the Ofra Cosmetics shadow book through the Ipsy Me offer and man it was worth it since that thing is usually $80 on Ofra’s site and got that for $60 less and forgot to mention, like the Ipsy bags you do get free shipping with the order. I would suggest joining if you want to get make up discounted! This thing by Pacifica was $20 as well and it is a nice product for that price since it normally runs $35 on their website and you can’t beat that! This pallet features one of the products that was given to all Ipsters last month and that was the Coconut Mineral eye shadows, which I did use mine once and liked how it felt and did still like their Gunmetal liner pencil I got from them in my Ipsy bag and glad to get this to expand on my curiosity with Pacifica!


This pallet includes six of the Coconut Mineral eye shadows, which you can only get in pallets according to the Pacifica page that was on Ipsy last month for these things, and it does come with the shade I got in my bag, Treasure, along with Neptune, Sandalwood, Coral, Mermaid Aqua, and Glow. It also comes with a blush, a bronzer, and three highlighters. I  am slowly getting into highlighters, especially with using the Mana Kadar highlighter I got in last month’s bag and did like the one that came in my Beauty Treasures set from Ulta, I’m slowly getting into it. I may not use the bronzer, might use it as a blush instead to have a brownish  peach tone like my Pin Up blush by Hard Candy (it does look a bit deep peach almost by what my eyes can see) and the shadows are natural and pigmented! If you’re into going for more natural looks and don’t want to splurge on a Naked pallet and/or want something more natural less chemical-like, I would say get this, especially where you can smell the coconut oil in these because these are the coconut infused products they carry! It is also a nice start to your collection and great for that person you know who are looking for the more natural stuff and this really got me, especially with the blush and eye shadow! This is also pretty nice to travel with if need be since it’s in a nice book pallet. I did notice a nail polish deal yesterday but with all the nail polishes I own and glad to come home to, I don’t need any more for now! I still want to finish some of the products I do own and so far so good finishing what I was able to. Anyways, if you want to join Ipsy and want to see all the offers you can get, head over to! I did leave my referral link in my December Ipsy and BoxyCharm Time to help this little kitten out in replenishing her points!


Well, that’s it! I am going to try and do the plushie maker post soon and of course waiting on Ipsy and BoxyCharm to arrive, according to the Ipsy Twitter, they just started shipping! And an update on Omni Expo, just filled out the forms for press and me, Gondras, and Nerdy Shirts are waiting on updates about that! So, that’s it!

Ipsy Time: December 2014 Plus BoxyCharm!

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It’s time for another Ipsy Time! I also have a BoxyCharm for you guys! A heads up, even though I see a lot of box battles for box subscriptions but I won’t be doing that, I will be saying if I like one or the other and why, probably at the end. But this month’s boxes were close! Let’s see what I got!


Ipsy December 2014!


Theme: You Are a Mighty Heroine (?)


Okay, I heard different names for this month’s bag but it deals with the idea of “Thanks to You!” because of how 2014 is ending and it’s another year for Ipsy since it started back in 2011. I do enjoy the subscription despite August being an okay month and liked it the same since I wasn’t only born back then but it was my first bag of my subscription. I will continue with it even if there are some things are meh and some things that are awesome!


The Bag: The bag is a black satin bag with a keychain charm on the zipper with the Ipsy name. Some people said that they should’ve done more with the bag like with last month’s but I like it! I think it fits due to the idea of satin bows and other things for Christmas!


NYX Cosmetics: Butter Balm in Red Velvet! The first item I got was something I already use and that is the NYX butter balm line and glad they sent subscribers this since it is winter and lips do get chapped like no other, it is a good time to send Ipsters this and it does have a light color to it on top of it! I am glad that they sent me Red Velvet in this because I almost bought Red Velvet while looking through the section at Ulta near me and didn’t since I got Marshmallow and another one. Some people complained about how some of the nudes are not as great and that is because this is a very lightweight lip tint and they do provide moisture. I do recommend this product a lot and glad to get this one!


Tart: Lights Camera Lashes Deluxe Mascara! Another product that everyone received is the deluxe size of the Tart Lights Camera Lashes mascara! I always heard about this mascara all over the place on YouTube and never been curious until I found out that Ipsy was giving this sample to everyone I squeed very loud in my dorm room at the time! I am glad to get this because I know I can pick this size up at Ulta for half the price of the full size and not worry about it and also try it out if I like it if I want to get this size or the full size on a purchase whim! I will be getting another since I’m trading one of my items from BoxyCharm, which I will be mentioning later.


Pixie by Petra: Pixie Dust! An item that I am not too happy about and that is the Pixie Dust by Pixie! I heard of Pixie and almost got something from them in Target, if I got that brand correct. Anyways, this is an item that came this month and it is their Pixie Dust and not too happy about it because I think it dried up. I know it is susuppos to be a top coat for shadow but no glitter came out on the applicator or the little vial part! I even had Gondras see if anything was swatched and nothing! I did contact Ipsy for a replacement.


Beauty Without Cruelty: Facial Wash for Normal to Oily Skin! Another product that was not to my satisfaction and that is the BWC facial wash for normal to oily skin and you know me, Mari Blue Cat has sensitive skin! I wish there were items that came for my skin type in this service and glad I gave this to my mom since I didn’t want to put it to the test when my Stridex pads are Aloe ones but for my skin type. Sorry BWC, you were sent to someone special this holiday!


Crown: Infinity Eye and Crease Brush! An item I noticed that was put in Ipsy before and it is by the company called Crown Brush and glad to get this so I can see what people raved about! It is a small brush and it has a good size set of bristles for my eyes and glad to know that this can fit for my shadow application! It is also great timing since I notice the double ended brush I own is a bit wobbly on one end and it is the side I normally use the lid color on. This is a nice addition to my brush collection!


That is my Ipsy bag. It is okay this month, not too bad of a selection and I do like the bag! It is also pretty deep of one! Nice for travel! And if you’re wondering, it is $10 a month and you get 4-5 samples, full to deluxe and it tends to be pretty good brands from drugstore to highend and even ones you haven’t heard of before. If you’re interested in signing up, here is my referrel link to check out:  link anywhere




Now onto BoxyCharm! This is a subscription I kept on hearing throughout YouTube, Eleventh Gorgeous even has it and also Danielle LaPook has it and like a curious kitty, I decided to take a look and sign up! I got my first box this past Thursday, which was funny to see it since my tracking said Friday and got it when I came home for Holiday Break! This subscription is ten bucks more and if you live in Florida like I do, you get some tax added but shipping is free. What did I get?


Lina Lashes: Mink Lashes! This is the item I’m trading for another Tart Lights Camera Lashes for since I don’t wear lashes! I will tell you why! If You seen my pics with any of the guests I interviewed at Omni and Metro or seen my interview videos, especially with me as Lucy during my John Swasey interview, those are my actual lashes, even with the Miss Manga mascara as Lucy! My lashes are naturally long and I apply mascara to them and they become like doll lashes when they curl! Even with the CK One and Be a Bombshell ones they look nice! So, I don’t wear lashes! These things are made with mink hair, which they get from minks without harm to any of them, I guess they brush the hairs off or wait for them to shed to gather the hairs. I did feel the lashes to see how soft they were and they are as soft as a mink comforter I had a few years back. I think I have it in my attic somewhere but these things are soft like my Kiki’s Delivery Service throw blanket too! I know the person that is swapping for these will love them and she can use them more than once! They are normally $30 retail, I don’t want them to go to waste!


Thirsty for Hair Syrum! I think this is an item by a company called NLA or something like that, I think it was New York Hair or something….anyways, this is a hair syrum which I am glad to get and just in time too! I got highlights in my hair a weekend ago before the break at a beauty academy that students get taken to once a month! My hair is fine and got a bit fried, so glad this came in my box instead of the shampoo since my hair needs the added moisture! This is an interesting product because it can cost between $7 to $12 depending on the size. I may have to get this since I tend to use a lot of things for frizz and now a bit of added damage!


Be a Bombshell: Lip Stain/Lip Stick! I tried Be a Bombshell before and of course it was through their mascara and I love it! When I heard they were giving Charmers some lip products, I was happy! I am glad that I get to try this brand through subscriptions and glad to get this lip item. It looks like a lip gloss but it feels like one of those liquid lipsticks and I like how it feels. It doesn’t feel really sticky like most of the ones I tried from Wet N Wild, well it was the only company I did get one from, but it did go on smooth as the HD Lip Laquer from Rimmel I still have! Can’t wait to review this when they put up the December brands on the shop tab.


Travel Blush Brush! I am glad to get this in BoxyCharm as well and that is a travel, full size brush from another brand I don’t know the name of but this will come in handy! Great thing is that this is very compact and it is like a lip brush I own which the brush head gets raised but instead of pushing it up from one end, there is a dial and you twist it up! I hope to use this for my mini blushes, like the Coastal Sense duo I own still from Ipsty and the small blush sample I got through the Ulta beauty bag.


Coastal Sense: Revealed Eye Shadow Pallet! Another item that I was excited about and that is the Coastal Sense Revealed pallet! This is also full sized and when I heard through videos about this I was super excited since I never received full pallets like this. I did trade for a full size of a Micah Beauty eye shadow and did receive a full size of the Star Looks Gem Pencil through Ipsy but this is a major bonus! This comes with twenty eye shadows and they are nude colors. They are matte and I did hear shimmer ones too and it is another good way of getting into Coastal Sense. This was another reason why I got into BoxyCharm is because of sull size products of some of the brands and did hear that Eleventh Gorgeous, I think one of the girls or both, got one of the Coastal Sense pallets full size as well. I think it was the same month for the full size of the Harvey Prince Hello! Anyways, I am so glad to try this out since I do love the blush duo and gives me an idea of what else Coastal Sense has to offer!


My Thoughts: Out of the things I got this month between the two, I would have to say it was a Hit or Miss with Ipsy this month because of how the Pixie Dust was dried out and can’t get any glitter out. I did give my mom the facial wash and do love how I got the Red Velvet butter balm and the Tart mascara, all in all, it was Hit and then a Miss! While BoxyCharm did give me a bit of a miss with the lashes because my lashes are natural and I don’t wear any fake ones. Need to ask, why do most of make up gurus and lovers have to wear fake ones? Just comment below. Anyways, I am glad to find someone through Ipsy to trade with and do love the shadow pallet since I get to try more Coastal Sense, the lip product from Be a Bombshell, the hair syrum, and brush. Also glad that I got a new eye brush from Ipsy! So yeah, can’t say who I liked more, they were both equal in my book! I can’t wait what 2015 has to offer for Ipsy and BoxyCharm!


Well, that’s it! Next time I will be bringing a haul from City Color Cosmetics! Stay Tuned!

For the Ipsy Noobs!

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! September has just started and you know what that means! Another Ipsy bag is about to be constructed for us Ipsy subscribers!


As you know I have been posting, well posted what I got in my August bag and my impressions since it was my first bag ever since I got off the waiting list at the end of July. I have been noticing in videos and on the comment boards on the site that a lot of people didn’t like it, even one subscriber tossed their items before using them, one person cancelled due to waiting, etc. Plus, I also notice on the boards how people have been not skipping the wait when we were trying to help. So, that is why I’m going to help you guys that are reading and on the wait or not for Ipsy and please don’t get offended when I mention anything or suggest because as an Ipster I care!


  • Please READ the FAQs! Like many subscription services and other websites, hell even Ulta gets me reading on their page since I was wondering about birthday perks last month, it is always important to read the FAQ page to know what you’re in for! Ipsy has a lot of subscribers subscribing almost every day and it is important to know what you’re getting into before you give them your money each month and of course, I want to say this is that you should read it more than once! First time for the first glance and knowing what it is and the next time in case you have questions about when your bag arrives, how to earn points, etc. Also, the FAQ page can help you get off the wait list a lot faster as well! So, before you want to post a question that we have been hearing on the board, please please PLEASE be kind and read the FAQ page. We read everything everyday!
  • Products Fit Themes! One thing that kind of made me irk throughout video viewings and comments is that people complained about the sizes of the products and the bag itself! I know that Ipsy does do deluxe and full size products but last month’s theme dealt with Back to School since most states are back in the classroom and they wanted to make the bag cute and the products give off a travel friendly size and I like that idea! It would’ve been handy during the summer since I was in Tampa during July, but with the August bag it made more sense with the theme since it’s not easy carrying an entire pallet of make up in your bag! I also seen how people talked about the eye shadow being nude as well, I can see why since a lot of teens and adults do like wearing more nude stuff at work and school! I can see where they were coming from, especially with the blush size and the lip balms. So, that is my next point, the products fit with the theme and I like the idea since it gives you an idea of what kinds of products you may get especially with the Glam Room opens up to view what you’re getting. Also a great thing is that they give you sneak peeks of the products you’re getting to go with that theme on top of it, which brings me to my next point!
  • Products Vary In Everyone’s Bag! I was going to put two points together but it’s easier to separate the two for explanation purposes! Anyways! I know that Ipsy gives sneak peeks of a lot of items that will be placed in bags but not everyone gets the same products since every bag contains 4-6 products every month! I know we all want all the products but Ipsy chooses them based on your quiz and reviews you made on the products since they provide that space to see if you want similar products in future bags. On top of that, not everyone gets the same products in every bag. Good example! Eleventh Gorgeous (Love you guys!) get different products in their bags each month! I even saw other videos that people got the primer in their bags or the dry shampoo or the blush sample, etc. So not always the same bag and if it was the same then it will be boring for everyone! I did notice a comment that someone wished subscribers should choose their products, I disagree a bit because having free reign on your subscription can be chaotic and the only way of telling Ipsy what you want is through reviews, Facebook posts since they read there, and of course, your quiz since you can retake it but it takes a while for them to read due to the amount of subscriptions they have to read. A question is what if you don’t like something?
  • YOU CAN SWAP ITEMS! Why the all caps? I notice way too many videos and posts saying that “We don’t like our items we received!” Like many trading card players, you can trade your items on the Ipsy website in the forum for other items that came in the bags or other items that aren’t in Ipsy since I saw someone post Sally Hansen items by what I saw. Swapping the items can let you get something you wanted but didn’t get in the bag with someone else who has the same problem. Like above, items vary and not everyone will be satisfied with everything. If I knew someone wanted to swap for the dry shampoo, my face would’ve been saved from the Paula’s Choice moisturizer, just saying. Anyways, it also keeps people from wasting products that they don’t want. Trust me, seeing people that hate their products and tossing them without a swap sucks! Especially when it comes to high end products that are pretty awesome since you can try Urban Decay and want to buy it later or if you wanted the eyeliner pencil and got the mascara, you can swap it with a person who has it. Swapping is good guys! Consider it in the future!
  • You can get off the wait list quicker! I had to mention this since so many people subscribe and are on the wait list for months and don’t want to be on there much. I was on the wait list in July since I joined in May or June, so had to wait but then I saw the get off the list quickly e-mail and followed the steps and I’m off! I did mention the FAQ page does mention how to get off a lot faster and should read them and doing the directions by subscribing to the Facebook page, Twitter page, and their YouTube, it will get you on the subscription list. If you don’t have any of those accounts and don’t want it in the first place? Well, I would say sign up since I did it for Twitter despite I didn’t want to join, but it feels good to be a subscriber guys! Not gonna lie! I say get over it and sign up if you want a bag of beauty items a month. It’s worth the hassle.
  • You don’t get the bag the same month you sign up! So many people post this question, “When will I get the Ipsy bag if I am off the wait list or just signed up and wasn’t on the wait list?” Guys, you don’t get the first Ipsy bag the same month you signed up or got off the list after the first week, as in if you got off the list before the first of the coming month then you get the next month’s bag! Example, when I got off the list, it was too late for me to get the July bag but was happy to find out I was getting the August one. Yeah, it sucks that you didn’t get the previous one but look at it this way, new month means new items and you get to try awesome items and swap for anything. And to get a further explanation on the not getting the same month, this is like a magazine subscription so once the items are prepped and sent out, it’s sent to the people who are signed up for that months bag.
  • Contact Ipsy Care if it’s late or something’s missing! A lot of people come onto the board and say they haven’t gotten their bag yet. Like what the first tip said, FAQs are their friends and it will give you how to contact Ipsy in case something goes wrong or your bag’s late. We live in the age of e-mail, so use it! Once Ipsy contacts you, they will send replacements for your missing and broken items. And head’s up, if you run into the late or broken items problem, Ipsy DOESN’T read any of the comments on the boards when you post about this, you must contact Ipsy directly! Even other ipsters have to tell so many noobs about that!
  • Don’t Get Offended When We’re Trying to Help! I found it a bit stupid that someone thought that people were being rude when we were helping them. Okay guys, here’s the thing, we’re not being rude, we are helping you so your experience with receiving these bags is a good one! As inb, people who have been subscribers for years know what’s it like to be a subscriber and how not everything is perfect and want to help you out if you’re on the waiting list and trying to point you in the right direction. So, please don’t take offense when we are doing that. Knowing a lot of people who have Birchbox, Boxy Charm, Fortune Cookie Soap Box, and many other subscriptions go through the same problems and a lot of other subscribers tell them the same thing when it comes to helping them. So understand that we’re helping not offending!
  • Points Will Take time to add up! Reason why I would say this is that it’s hard to rack up points with this subscription and knowing me it will take forever to meet a prize point but hey, think of it this way, it shows how patient you are! Also, this, like many beauty gurus, let you have a chance of reviewing products each month. Yeah, it is only ten points but once you get friends in on it through your referral link if they click on it, you get a lot more!


Well, that’s it for this post! If you have any more questions, you may comment here or contact Ipsy Care since they are there for you when need be. Plus, as said before, if you don’t like anything, just swap and don’t waste your products, understand these are samples and not the real thing!


What is next? So waiting on September’s bag and waiting for MythiCon to arrive! Til next time!

Collective Haul: Target, Walgreens, and Cosplay

Hello everyone and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! It feels good to say that and also glad to move the blog to somewhere else! I thought Word Press would be better since it would be easier to read the posts I put up and the psting form is easier to work with than what Blogger has been doing. So, let’s see! Since I’ve been busy with classes, it was hard getting around to posting a haul post since I have been getting new products and a few of them are cosplay, so why not do a collective based on the cosplay items and make up I did get! Let’s go!

First is Target! I love going to Target because not only the staff is friendly and helpful, but they tend to have more products and lower prices since it feels like WalMart is rising their prices a little and of course they don’t tend to carry everything. Target doesn’t carry most of the stuff that WalMart does and same with Walgreens but I still like going there since I can find a lot of stuff. Some of the stuff I did got in the past couple of weeks include more of the Herbal Essences Honey I’m Strong shampoo and conditioner! I had to get more because while I carried my last two bottles, I didn’t know I had the shampoo bottle open in the bag I carried all my wet stuff in and it leaked and had less shampoo and ran out before the conditioner, so I got more and this time it is a bigger bottle which I do love! I love the scent of honey and hebs and it smells so good! It is like It’s Raining Men with herbs! I did get something that’s new for my makeup regiment and that is the Almay Clear Complexion Concealer Plus Treatment stick! I know I was using Maybelline’s Dark Spot Correcting Concealer but people I know thought it was too dark and it gets mixed as foundation and I tend to put too much and I do admit it gets a little greasy and it is hard to tell when I run out since it is a cream type thing. It also made my face itcy a little and didn’t clear the dark spots and blemishes I had as fast as this! I did some research on Almay’s site to see if they had something similar and this was it! It is better and different because it comes with a gel that you put on first on the spots that need it and then you put the concealer on the other end on top of the gel and blend a little. Then I put my actual concealer from the same line but compact form on top and blend even more, it helps this way since even though the concealer end looks like a powder but it warms to your skin when you put it on. Knowing me, this will be on my faves post next! Then I got three new lip products as well! Two of them are Cover Girl and the other Maybelline! First Cover Girl, I haven’t gotten anything lately from them and I heard good things about the TMega Twist Balm Tint, something like that, but I heard good things about these through favorite videos and wanted to try them out. At first I wanted to get Berry Twist but they sold out! Apparently these are popular especially Berry Twist. I know I should’ve gone to the Cover Girl section during my Walgreens run but didn’t! There is always next time, I did get the Plum Twist though since I wear plum colors time to time and well the disappointing thing is that these aren’t flavored or smell like their fruit colors, I wish they did! But I do like the idea of it being a balm tint! One thing I did get that I wanted for a long time and that is the Strawberry Splash gloss from their Fruit Spritzer line! I love strawberries and was happy that they have a strawberry gloss in this line and do like their Chocolate Mint one they made but the flavor of that one is way too strong to me, I do use it with my Double Choc lip tint from Lush, but the Strawberry one smells like if you are eating candy and it feels great! Another thing from Target I did get was the LipSmackers SPF 24 party pack! I am still trying to find the one for Paul Frank and can’t find it anywhere! If anyone has seen this thing, please comment below! I am open to comments! Anyways, this pack started coming out in time for summer since we tend to get suntan lotions and people are always saying use sunscreen and these balms have sunscreen which is good. You tend to get this on the site but now they are coming to Targets now and it is great timing! These do have the sunscreen smell but it is light in some and others a little heavy, but the smells that do come in this do stick out like the watermelon as an example, I believe there is one with strawberry kiwi and so many others! I may have to start using these since Florida is known for heat! Forgot to mention the Maybelline lip product! I finally got my paws on the Color Whispers lipsticks, well one, which is known as Pink Possibilities! Kind of like Purple Possibilities from their old cream eye shadow line but this is pink this time around. I heard so many good things about these things, especially with 11th Gorgeous who had a LipStick Haul they made. I had to get one after watching the commercials since they are lightweight and not so sticky, even when I tried it on and see how it was and boy does it feel light! I actually like this better than the Color Sensational lipstick in Sugared Honey since that one is heavy but Pink Possibilities is more lightweight. And the last thing I got was a new concealer brush because I was using the little pad that came with the Almay compact but there was a hole and decided to go with a brush. At first I wanted to go to ELF cosmetics because I heard so many good things about their concealer brushes since I already had the eye shadow one for times when I do a monolid look and do the lid colors with the quad compacts, but the lady pointed me to their brush section and a salon worker pointed this double ended one that was around $7 and it is doubled ended, one for the face that looks like a bbq sauce brush but it works pretty well and very soft! The other end is great for the eye area, which I do put the powder around it and it helps to get the tiny areas of my face and I did have a scab from when my fiance scrubbed some of the 24 Hour Tattoo shadow I was wearing one day and boy it hurt and had to hide it, don’tt worry it healed due to my skin treatment and the concealer stick I’ve been using. So, that is for Target!

Walgreens: I haven’t been to Walgreens in a long time and needed a ffew things and as said didn’t stop by Cover Girl which I should’ve but did need some other things. First, had to get more witch hazel which is really great! I love using this and helps getting the blemis spots that are left over from anything that is on my face and it may be a little drying, but I do have my container of Celestial. Then I got more round cotton pads to help use the witch hazel a lot easier. I use cotton balls with the rubbing alcohol and then the witch hazel with the pads since it would help attack the marks easier. Then got more baby wipes for my make up cleaning and I got something really nice and it the ones with the scent of green tea and cucumber! I tend to get my deodorant in this scent but this would be a nice little change and it is my fave scent. I did run by the Wet N Wild section for curiosity to see what is new, didn’t find much but they did do a Buy something for $1. 99 and theng et one half off, I got two nail polishes and they are in Wet Cement, a dark gray, and On a Trip, which is a purple that I never thought of getting until now. I should’ve gotten more items but thought these would be good enough for now, but WNW is still cheap no matter what Walgreens you go to!

Cosplay, I have been working on two cosplays lately for the summer convention season, one original the other not! First my Pokemon character, Rusty!

Rusty, my Pokemon Character: This character was another one I wanted to do and his backstory from my pokemon fics are that he used to be on Team Aqua but he betrayed them and got hurt and ended up being transported by his Starmie to the Sinnoh region and was dropped off and never saw his Starmie for a while. A Raichu finds him and becomes his Pokemon. He does lose his memories about Aqua and gets them back, I am going to plan on doing one based on “What if” and probably show what if he was on Magma and may change characters and do the sequel but a newer syndicate way. Anyways, so I am doing his Pokemon Ranger outfit but my own twist. I asked for descriptions about the costumes they wear, they sounded vvery bulky and complicated in how the creator made them and I don’t know why, after doing Ike, one of my other characters, I felt as though my design in costumes for Pokemon are easier since I can get the parts at Good Will or Plato’s Closet, even Ebay! So, here goes. I decided to do a red and black version and got the goggles off of Ebay along with the wig, which is a dark ash blond; I had a hard time finding the right length and a straight one and didn’t want to spend so much but I found one with Cosplay DNA and it was perfect and my parents didn’t recognize me! I am going to use my old Ginji gloves since they do wear gloves and despite the metal plates, it would give off a nice look and will use my black shorts with it and flip flops. A friend of mine is making the scarf, she did teach me how to knit a little but the yarn kept fraying and she decided to finish it, she is also making the ranger pin, and Raichu, which I helped her during a JoAnn’s run with getting supplies. I did get the bandana and a red shirt from Michael’s arts and crafts! And finding the bandanas and shirts were easy! I wanted to get a bandana with red nautical stars but they didn’t have one so went with a plain black one. I went to a Slavation Army for the black vest and it was perfect! So, all I have to do is wait for the rest of the stuff to be made.

Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail: I did mention in my Fairy Tail review back on Blogger that I was going to be cosplaying as her for Metro and MythiCon this year since Cheramie is at MythiCon and we are doing Fairy Tail for the Blind Experience. My update is that I did get the skirt at Plato’s Closet. I remembered getting the skirt for my Anri costume from there and it was the only place that had clothes that fit, well the one closer to downtown, and I did find one that fit me in XL! I am so glad that it fits and I should go to that one more often for any skirts that would fit me. Then the boots! I had such a hard time with these because everyone on Ebay sold any boots in Medium and I am a Wide! I almost went with Hot Topic but was afraid they would be Medium and don’t want to go through another fitting fiasco with them. I did find the only Wide pair but in 12 and it did cost me a little over $50 due to shipping but it was worth it and they fit perfectly despite the size! They are also heels and boy my feet will be hurting since I am doing press for Metro, I will invest in the Dr. Scholl’s for her in-steps before then. All I need is the wig and the top that my friend is making for me since the creator of Fairy Tail is pretty elaborate.

Well, that is it for this edition of the haul! If anyone has seen the Paul Frank party pack from LipSmackers, please comment below! Next up is my faves of March and April! So, stay tuned!